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Benq 28 May 2022 10+ Comments Open

1. BenQ Projector HT1070 Brilliant Fast Action

BenQ Projector HT1070 Brilliant Fast Action

Sport Mode for Brilliant Audiovisual Experience, Enhance the Live Experience when watching Sport Games on ESPN, FOX Sport, Enjoy 100" Big Screen in only 2.5m is a solution sports project. Home Theater Project: Native HD, Up to 2000 Lumens Brilliant Color With 6XRGB Color Wheel. CinemaMasterAudio with 10w Speaker and a variety of connection options, including MHL, HDMI, VGA, AV, and TV, are included in the home cinema 3D project. F=2.592.87 is a number. The green lamp system has a lifespan of 6500 hours and a watt. There is a mode called Standby Mode. The brand is reliable. Ben Q is the best-selling projector brand in the world with a one year warranty. The brand is reliable. Ben Q is the best-selling projector brand in the world with a one year warranty.

Brand: Benq

👤The picture is bright enough to still watch, no rainbow effect or black levels, but only used a few times. It's hard to find much information on the ht1070, but if you look up benq w1090 it's the same thing. It was the model number when it first came out, not sure why it has changed. The optoma 142x was between this and it. I went with the benq ht1070 because it's newer and the optoma is an older projector. The optomas seem like great projectors, but the specifications on paper seem to be over-optimistic after seeing the tests. The benq ht1070 is the same as the ht2050 but with a less contrast ratio and glass lens. It is bright and has great colors, so don't let the 2000 lumens fool you. The optoma has 3000 lumens. It is not a true lumen count because it has white in the color wheel. The ht1070 has a 6x speed color wheel which makes it hard to see the rainbow effect compared to the optoma at 2x speed. If you mount the projector screen centered with the projector, you don't need the lens shift and all the adjustment in the ceiling mounts, the h2050 is not worth the big price jump. I have a projector on the 11 foot ceiling that I can use to throw a 110" screen, and also use the zoom to get a bigger image from the same distance. Everyone complains about the fan noise but I don't even notice it, I also have the sound running through my reciever, so I can't comment on the sound of the onboard speaker. The optoma needs more space to throw the same size image. For the price of this and getting a big screen tv, it's a no-brainer. The image quality is the same as my 55" TV.

👤A great picture. It's bright enough to be projected on a dark grey wall and looks amazing on a 100" screen. A backlit remote is a plus. I've never seen a better 3D. You don't have a lot of wiggle room with projector placement. If you plan on mounting a wall in a room with low ceilings, you may find it in your field of view or above your head. This is a reasonable trade-off for the stunning picture. The fan is audible on normal lamp mode but it's bright enough to always run in economy in a darkened room.

👤I am really happy I bought this. This is probably too late to help anyone else as this has been discontinued and the HT1070A is out. I was also looking at the HT2050, which was discontinued for the new HT2050A, but this one was only $500, and the specifications are close enough for my purposes. I'm completely satisfied with the brightness, not the color accuracy. The Viewsonic projector couldn't compete with the ambient light. The projector is visible with a large florescent shining near it or the daylight pouring through the window-wells. It is very quiet. The speaker is very nice. I wasn't planning on using it, but right now it's hard to beat the convenience, rather than wiring in the crappy stereo I have down there. The speaker's sound isn't great. It's a bit hollow but for workouts, who cares. The remote is backlit. I am disappointed that the projector doesn't supportPIP even though the remote has a button for it. The wheels are easy to use.

2. BenQ HT2150ST Theater Projector Gaming

BenQ HT2150ST Theater Projector Gaming

Only 1 second is needed to connect to the transmitter. BKM300 Wireless TV headphones fit over your ears. The earcups are soft and comfortable for long listening. The Native1080p Full HD image quality with 2200 ANSI Lumens, 15, 000:1 contrast ratio, 6xRGB color wheel delivers rich colors and crisp details that are calibrated for movies and gaming. Video games on the big screen allow you to project 100 inch screen from just 3 feet. It can be up to 300 inches. A low inPUT LAG. The specialized low input lag and unique game modes ensure a smooth and comprehensive gaming experience. Their us-based customer service team is here when you need it, so you can rest easy. The Best Projectors for gaming are the award winning project. Flexible installation. The keystone correction is a vertical one. 2x. zoom allows easy installation 98% of the world's cinemas and 100% of digital IMAX theaters use the same technology. BenQ projector has a longer lasting, slimmer design.

Brand: Benq

👤This is a review of a product. I felt the need to specify as I saw that Amazon combined many models into the same review pool. I have only had the projector for a couple days so this is a honeymoon-phase review and I will try to remember to update it later on. I will compare the 2150ST to the Optoma GT1080 in this review. Let's get to the review. The projector's picture quality is remarkable. My evaluation of electronics is especially stringent and I am critical of anything I purchase. The BenQ has better colors, equal or better black levels, and less rainbow effect, compared to the Optoma GT1080. The rainbow effect is a concern for many people, but it is not present on the BenQ. It didn't bother me at all, but I feel spoiled now that I've used the BenQ. I can only observe the RBE by putting up a high contrast scene like the grid test pattern and darting my eyes across the image. It takes a few passes with my eyes to find it. The black levels are just as dark as my TV. The Sony TV has a Black level of about 0.020 cd/m2 and was reviewed on The W800B is the W700B. The projector is being used on a green wall. Black levels would be improved by a darker wall. The Optoma has a 2X speed, non-RGBRGB color wheel, but the Sony TV has a 4X/6X speed, non-RGBRGB color wheel. Focus uniformity is the final point of comparison in this category. The BenQ took the win. When the middle of the screen was used to adjust focus, the Optoma had blurry corners as well as a bright top right corner. I had to find a middle ground between the top-right corner focus and the center picture focus. The Ben Q immediately provided perfect focus. The picture quality on this projector is amazing. The section is meant to address the ease of operation, the operational capabilities, and the things that may be easily overlooked by potential projector buyers. The BenQ has more options in the menus than the Optoma. Both of them have the usual gamut of color, contrast, and gamma settings. The Ben Q has a lot of settings for the person who really wants to tinker with the projector. The color correction option adjusts the image based on the color of the surface you are projecting upon. I will post a picture of the things you use frequently on the remote. At least one of the buttons is a dummy for this model, as far as I can tell. The remote has a red light. Backlit remotes are the same as the old days. The Optoma's remote had a blue backlight, but the brightness of this remote is more usable. The GT1080 and the BenQ both have a slightly longer requirement for projection distance than the other. If you want more detail, you can look up the specific values for yourself. The BenQ has a 1.2X zoom, which makes it slightly more forgiving when it comes to placement. The GT1080 does not have a Serial port and a VGA port. There is a value. The projector was released a few months ago. It's at full price of $1,000. I paid a good price for the quality I received. The Optoma left me underwhelmed, it lacked a bit of color, and I decided to purchase the BenQ instead, because of the issues I mentioned earlier. The Optoma is $400 cheaper than the BenQ, so the BenQ should provide better overall quality. The GT1080 is not a bad projector, I know my words may make it seem like it is, but this is an objective, critical review, there are no participation ribbons being given. Even though the Optoma is cheaper, I think the BenQ has a better value. I'll keep it short and sweet. There is no lag. I would say it is comparable to my Sony TV. The difference is that input lag and response time are not the same thing. 70% of the time when someone says "response time" they actually mean input lag. When you hit a button on the controller to make your character do something, there is a delay before your character on screen actually executes that command, which makes the controller seem out of sync. Most people can't notice anything less than 30ms, while some people can notice anything over 10 or 20ms using a controller, although at that point it isn't really a problem even though it can be noticed. The response time is related to how quickly the screen's color can change. The response time will be less than 5ms. A slower response time will cause your display to be blurry. Think of it like in a movie or show where the character takes drugs and everything looks flowy when they move or like they have a trail following them. That example gets the point across. The projector uses Digital Light Processing (DLP) to create its image, which is impossible with ghosting or blurring, as I have learned through numerous articles. I don't see any response time symptoms. Think of it as posing for a picture with a response time of 0ms. The Optoma and BenQ were well packaged. The BenQ is even more-so. The remote for the BenQ has a nice feel to it. The speakers on the projectors are built in. I can't comment on their abilities, but they are there. I don't use the built-in speakers because they're not a good choice if you're buying a decent projector. They have their place. It's comforting to know that I can bring the projector over to a friend's house or outside and have a movie theater-like experience, especially with the short-throw nature that makes it easier to find. The black level could be better if I had to pick out some negatives. It's not a black like the high-end TVs, but it's as good as the high-end TVs. Being a techie, it's not something that affects my viewing environment in any significant way, however, being a piece of technology that runs hot, it's something that makes me cringe. I still don't like the high heat of traditional projector lamp technology. These are the only things that could be improved on this projector. I don't think you will find anything better at this price point. I will include any new issues that I encounter when I update this review later on. The Optoma GT1080 is a good projector, but it is only a tier or two above the BenQ, so if you are looking for a projector, get the BenQ. I bought the Optoma GT1080 and the BenQ HT2150ST with my own money. I did not receive any compensation for the review of these projectors. I am a college student with high standards and the desire to give credit where credit is due and call out any downfalls so that they can hopefully be improved upon in the future. I hope this is comprehensive enough for anyone looking to purchase this projector, as I was one of the first to review it. Thank you for reading!

3. BenQ TH685i Projector Powered Android

BenQ TH685i Projector Powered Android

The units were purchased after 3/16/2018. The ready for 4K is 3500 ANSI lumen of brightness, w/4K compatibility, and 100 inch images from less than 2.5m away. LumiExpert defeats eye strain during extended play with its fine-tune audio and images. The performance is good. Huge, bright, sharp images and equalized audio are compatible with major consoles. Thousands of the latest apps, movies, shows, live sports, games, music, and more are available in the Play store. USER-FRIENDLY: You can cast with both. No app was required. The remote controls both the projector and TV. Their US-based customer service team is here when you need it. Also, note: You can connect to an HDMI cable if you use the laptop browser. This device doesn't have access to Netflix.

Brand: Benq

👤Any living space can be upgraded. I just bought a console for our bedroom from the best gaming PC setup money can buy and it feels pretty bad, but 4k HDR content looks amazing for movie watching and the gaming experience is pretty good. I think the lack of power on the consoles is more of a problem than the projector's capabilities since it is as capable as a high end TV for gaming. I could recommend either way for the money. If you find sound to be more important for the experience than a good picture, I highly recommend the HW-Q950A. I had only a 3.1 channel Soundbar at the time I purchased this projector, but it's a 11.1.4 Dolby Atmos wireless surround sound system that really helps put you right in the middle of the scene or battle, and it's changed my bedroom entertainment experience. The sound bar has two inputs to expand on the connection.

👤The projector works well. I have had no issues with it. I would probably go for the 715 because it doesn't support the streaming service. I don't use the included one because it doesn't support the streaming service. The dongle works fine. The projector has a keystone adjustment. The projector head has to be on the screen. There are a lot of other adjustments. The sound from the projector is good. I use an external speaker for more bass.

👤The projector has pros and cons. The picture is bright, clear, and beautiful and looks almost as good as any TV (to me anyway), but the big disadvantage for me is there is only one HDMI port which I overlooked when purchasing this one. I would have liked to have gotten the TH685 which has two HDMI ports. I don't have to rely on the speakers on the projector because I don't have to figure out how to get my soundbar connected to this. Don't get me wrong, the speakers on the projector are good. I would prefer to have my soundbar provide the sound. There are a couple of things to think about when choosing which one to put in your house.

👤Just buy it. I like it. I watched the video in my review and it did not do justice to the projector. It is not blurry. The picture is clear in person.

👤The projector was working great and then 3 white dots appeared on the screen. I tried to see if it was dust because I have extra soft camera cloths. It wasn't. There is an issue with the picture. After that, it flickers to a pink screen over and over again during the middle of watching.

👤The picture quality is good and the brightness is great to be able to use it during the day. The gaming performance with 120hz is awesome. This thing and my Series X are perfect! I did some PC gaming with an RTX3080 and it was absolutely amazing, super smooth and the same latency as a nice TV, which is crazy. This is a different experience than gaming on a TV, partly due to the huge screen size, but overall I would recommend this projector to anyone who wants a smooth gaming experience with a huge screen size.

4. BenQ Projector Beautiful Wireless Warranty

BenQ Projector Beautiful Wireless Warranty

Also, note: You can connect to an HDMI cable if you use the laptop browser. This device doesn't have access to Netflix. The 2500 ANSI Lumens powered by the DMD ECD are good for viewing in bright lit rooms. True 4K 3840 2160 or 8.3 millionPixels give incredible clarity. Not double HD or 2K. The projection size is 100” at 8.7” projection distance and up to 123” at the projection size. The built-in rulers can be used to project screen size. Installation guide with instructions for easy set up. The movie is called Night. The 98% DCI-P3 super wide color gamut and HDR- PRO technology deliver vibrant color performance. Pick the mode for your movie night. You can easily stream content on the TV. The best product award of the next two decades is the EISA. BenQ's 3-year warranty is the industry's leading warranty and it gives you peace of mind that their US-based customer service team is available when you need it. 98% of the world's cinemas and 100% of digital IMAX theaters use the same technology. The V7050i projector will give you a sharper and longer lasting image. Also, note: This device does not have access to Netflix. You should only use your laptop's chrome browser to view the content from netflix.

Brand: Benq

👤Ben V7050i short throw projector was reviewed by me. Let me describe myself first. I'm approaching this review as a film lover lens. I don't play a game. Ben Q has 3 projectors that I have purchased. The product is high quality and the colors are amazing. This is my second 4K. The projector is simple. If I compare it to V7050i, it blows it away with its brightness, detail, and presentation. It should be for the price. This projector is small. I have a small room and my 92 inch screen stand is in it. I had some issues installing it. I am in the basement so the floor is not completely flat, so I underestimated the room size. That can cause a lot of problems when you install. If you have an ideal room, this should take no more than 10 minutes. My fault was all the installation issues. The Ben Q calculator can be used to help with installation. You get a machine and two remotes. I received it in perfect condition. I buy it through Amazon because it has no interest. Another loan is sarcasm. I have no regrets. If you want more reviews to check out, I will recommend you to check out Chris Mejestic and the projector screen. Back to review. This machine is a dream for people with limited space. I thought the instructions were easy to understand, but I had never thrown a short throw before. The picture is perfect when everything is done. I enjoy the film making mode. Everyone is different. You can change settings manually. The colors are vibrant and the detail is amazing. I thought I had it good with the 4k machine, but it doesn't. It should cost twice as much. The brightness is good. This does a great job with presentation, even though my basement has ambient light. This is where it shines when the room is completely dark. lag time might be a disappointment for some people. This is about movies and it does not fail to impress me. The colors pop out. The 3D is amazing. The levels are black. I wouldn't notice unless I read reviews about it. Black and white films have them. I wouldn't have notice unless I watched or read reviews on the product. The sound is ok. If you are going to buy this, you should get yourself a decent sound bar. The streaming devices are connected to my Rocku. You have 20,000 hours of life because it is a laser projector. I like that it has a cover over the lens when you turn it on and off. This machine is made to the highest quality standards. This is not much above average on size and weight. Quality and presentation are not included. The machine is for movie watchers. You get what you pay for with this item. If you want more for your money, you can get the HT3550. The Ben Q V7050i is the best presentation and movie experience you can get. I want to say that I am very happy with this projector. I have been enjoying my films in 4k. The streaming looks great. Do your homework on what you want. This machine was the one that I wanted. It does not project too much heat or sound and is great for small rooms or apartments. It's ok, but the price, the gaming time, the sound, and the black levels with black in whites are weaknesses. I hope this helps you.

5. BenQ TK800M Projector Lighting Accurate

BenQ TK800M Projector Lighting Accurate

There are 2 HDMI, 1 MHL, and a wireless HDMI enabled accessory. The 4K projection technology has 8.3 million distinct pixels and it has stunning clarity and crisply defined details. Not like other manufacturers. DLP Technology provides a better image resolution and quality without the "jaggier" and more pixelated compared to other technologies. Play games in 4K! You can play your favorite console games in 4K. Lower input lag on this projector makes it fun to play video games. A high Native contrast ratio ensures that the image quality is sharp and has the best Black levels in its class. OutSTANDING ASSETS: This projector is a great addition to the living room to watch sports. There is a crystal clear image. The glass 4k-optimized lens array has greater light penetration and increases image clarity. The components included are: Remote, Power Cord, User Manual, Quick Start Guide.

Brand: Benq

👤It worked great from October 10th to November 24th. I tried to reach out to Amazon but they said that my return date had been passed. The return date was thought to be 90 days. I felt that Amazon should have replaced it because they put me in contact with Benq support. I reported the problem to Amazon before 90 days. Benq didn't answer the phone with Amazon. I started the first email with Benq on Nov 24th, after trying to call them for hours and never getting a response. I received another after several of my emails to them. They can replace it by filling out forms. I filled out the forms and they were sent to me. Five emails and nothing since. Benq support is not good or this product has more problems. I am starting to see hints of blue on some shows that are similar to a bleed on people's faces. The last email was sent on Jan 17 2020. Nothing yet.

👤My experience with the projector was not good. It turned out to be a failure after a second chance. I returned my first Benq tk800m because I thought it was a problem that had been there before. The second Benq bought it on Amazon. I noticed the same issue after a few days of use. At first, it wasn't that bad. With time, it became more visible. The white dots and spots on the dark images are when they are more visible. The dots are shown outside the focus area, but should not be projected. The projector upside down can cause a huge light spill at the bottom of the screen which can ruin the experience. Some of the dots are more visible when focused in. If anyone is interested in seeing if the same issue is present with their projector, they can go to YouTube and watch a video that shows a dark screen, and then look at the image to see if any white spots appear. The image is modest at best. The colors are not bright. I was unable to see anything in the game when it was dark. The only time you can get a decent image is when this projector is used. Sorry Benq, no more Benq for me!

6. BenQ HT2050A Theater Projector Keystone

BenQ HT2050A Theater Projector Keystone

A FULL HD projector has a brightness of 2, 200 Lumens, a native contrast of 1 and a color wheel. And. Isfccc certified for calibrating for viewing. High response rate. The low input lag of 16ms and unique game modes ensure a smooth and comprehensive gaming experience. Flexibility in communication. You can connect to a cable box or a gaming PC. 2x HDMI, audio-out, 3D sync port, 12V triggering, and USB power are included. Installation of thicker space with 60"-180" screens is easy. The throw ratio is 1. 15-1 6 feet. Installation of thicker space with 60"-180" screens is easy. The throw ratio is 1. 15-1 6 feet.

Brand: Amazon Renewed

👤The picture quality in the dark room is amazing. The lit room has a bright sub-satisfactory. Major red artifacts can be seen in dark scenes when using bright mode. Fan noise is acceptable. It is easy to setup. I paid less than $600 for mine. The price seems to have doubled. If I were shopping right now, I would probably go with the more affordable Epson rather than the more expensive BenQ.

👤I have a media room. It has one window that I use a curtain for and my room is very dark. The projector is amazing. The picture quality is wonderful and the audio is great. If you have to wait to run surround sound or a sound bar, sound will do just fine.

👤I bought certified renewed and everything looked fine, but I couldn't get any remotes to communicate with the projector, so I couldn't use the projector. I tried to fix the issue on BenQ's site, but it didn't work. I think the IR receiver is faulty. I am going to buy a new one of the same model that I refurbished, so I am sending it back. I have had bad luck with my projector search.

👤I love this projector. It's perfect for PS3 gaming. Digital keystoning and lens shift are used by people with difficult living rooms. Not the best for high ambient light conditions.

👤I love my 3rd BenQ. I don't know what's better at this price point.

7. BenQ HT2550 Projector Audiovisual Enhancer

BenQ HT2550 Projector Audiovisual Enhancer

The true 4K UHD resolution is 8.3 million distinct pixels and it has stunning clarity and crisply defined details. BenQ exclusive Auto HDR color rendition and cinema-specific technology are included in projector-optimized HDR. The technology accurately reproduces over 98% of the color gamut for authentic cinema experiences. Installation is quick and easy with the smallest and lightest 4K projector. The units were purchased after 3/16/2018. The units were purchased after 3/16/2018.

Brand: Benq

👤I was excited to see what BenQ's budget projector had to offer, especially since it was a great price. This projector is a fantastic one. Despite being 2200 lumens, it has good color accuracy, 3D, and good brightness. The projector has great color accuracy. This is noticeable with the content. I can assure you that no projector will blow you away with high-end content like a high-end TV. It would not work in "Auto" mode for me, but the HT2550 did a pretty good job handling HDR once the feature is turned on. The Optoma UHD60 had low brightness and low color accuracy, but it was better than the HDR performance. Before I talk about this projector's sharpness, I want to make sure I clear up some information. The chips used in 4K projectors have 8 million actual transistors. Budget 4K projectors such as the BenQ HT2550, Optoma UHD60 and several others have chips with less native pixels but they use a different technology to produce an image that meets 4K standards. There are different types of projectors. Native 4k Projectors, Certified 4K projectors, and faux K projectors are available. The BenQ is a certified 4K projector. The projector does not have 8 million transistors, but it still displays a picture that is sharp enough to meet 4K standards. I was unable to tell the difference between the two when I saw them next to each other, but I put my face a few inches away from the screen. A 4K image can be displayed with the use of a "Faux-K" projector. The result is not enough to meet 4K standards so they can't market them as 4K projectors. The projector can accept a 4K signal. This is an example of it. This isn't to take away anything from the Epson. The projector has excellent contrast and color accuracy. It is not as sharp as the Optoma or the BenQ. There is no point in arguing about native and 4K. If the box and/or body has a 4K Badge on it, it will produce an image that meets 4K standards. Some do it better than others. The BenQ has a nice and sharp image. The Optoma UHD60 is a bit sharper than the HT2550 because it uses a smaller chip. This is difficult to see unless you have both projectors sitting side-by-side, but this is likely due to the larger DLP chip in the Optoma. The Optoma has a larger chip than the BenQ and it produces sharper images. It is difficult to determine from the video, but I noticed it. The BenQ image is still sharp enough to meet 4K standards, but the advantages in color accuracy may be more important than sharpness. This is a good projector. It's certainly not perfect. There is a border of light around the projected image since all of the chips are not being used. It is common on the projectors. It's very noticeable on the HT2550. The border is so large that it makes it stand out more on this projector. It was visible on the wall around my screen, but its size will depend on your projected screen size. If you have it ceiling mounted, it shows a small amount of light leaking from the ceiling a few inches away from the projector. This projector is great for money. If you have a large screen, you may not notice the light border issue. I think it is a great buy and worth checking out. The light border issue is not as sharp as the Optoma UHD60 No lens shift.

8. BenQ HT1075 1080p Theater Projector

BenQ HT1075 1080p Theater Projector

40-inches from 3.85 feet; 235-inches from 22.5 feet. The brightness is 2,200 Lumens. The contrast ratio was 10,000:1. Yes. The lamp life is up to 5000 hours and the warranty is for 1 year. There are 2 HDMI, 1 MHL, and a wireless HDMI enabled accessory. There are 2 HDMI, 1 MHL, and a wireless HDMI enabled accessory.

Brand: Benq

👤I bought this projector despite the reviews. It was the number one home theater projector, and I had to try it out. I paid $700 for it. I decided to go for the 1075 because I didn't want to spend the extra money on the 2050. The heating issues may have affected a small percentage of people, but they are more likely to report in reviews than people who are still satisfied a year later. Maybe I'm exaggerating. I got a projector. The heat issue was brought up by me when I called BenQ. The guy knew what I was talking about and he told me that they fixed the slow fan issue in the production line. The manufactured date of mine is October 2015, which would put it past the "red zone" of most of the complaints of overheating. I am blown away by the picture, with out-of-the-box settings, even in eco mode, even in a very bright room with just the shades drawn. I returned an Acer 6510bd because it started projecting sparks on the screen, which I have read is indicative of issues with the chip. I shipped it back because I didn't want to keep it beyond the return window. It was a great projector, very nice image for the price, and not loud. It is said to be 3000 light years away. It looked washed out in any light, even though it offered a nice image in total darkness. The 1075 is better. It was sharp, crisp, and bright. I had to write this review immediately because I was so impressed, but I may be jumping the gun. I can't wait to see what it looks like in the dark. I will update this as I progress in my ownership of the projector, because the reviews helped me make my decision. If there are heat issues, I will report them. There was an update on April 16th. It was owned for about 10 months. There are no overheating issues to speak of. Still going strong. Still impressed with it. This is the only television I own. It is on at least 2 hours a day. Most days are 3-4. Some days are all day. It is a little loud, but not much that I notice when watching. I like the lense shift feature. Being able to center horizontally and use the lense shift for vertical has been a blessing. I use it with a firestick, computer, and cable box. It makes sense to go with the newer 2050 because of the current price difference. The difference was much larger when I made the purchase. Still, a 5 star review. There was an update on 7/28/17. I have had a projector for a year. There were no overheating issues. There were no issues at all. Still loves it. It's still a great purchase. People are impressed when they see something. It makes sense to go for the newest model if you want to save money, but I believe there is one even newer than the 2050 now.

9. LG PF50KA Portable Theater Projector

LG PF50KA Portable Theater Projector

The projector and PC should be on the same network. The network on the PC should be configured with Windows 7, Windows 8.1, or Windows 10. The power consumption is 65 watts. The power consumption is 65 watts.

Brand: Lg

👤I tried six of the top-rated full HD, battery-powered, portable projectors and found this one to be the best. This portable projector has the best picture, most intuitive on-screen menu, and a true 2.5 hour battery life. You can get an additional 2.5 hours of projection time if you plug in the LG PFC50KA into a portable, rechargeable battery. There was an update on 5.23.19. One reviewer noted problems with focus, but I have not. Caution #1: When comparing projectors, do not confuse brightness specifications in the product title or spec section with the actual brightness of the projector. ANSI is the name of the language. The American Nation Standards Institute. If the spec says "lumens" or "LED", you are reading advertising, not a real measure of brightness. The 600 ANSI lumens is the measurement of the LG PFC50KA. That is as bright as a portable projector. You need to know the ANSI lumens of each projector to compare apples-to-apples. It's important to check the native resolution of the projector when comparing it. There is a lot of advertising fluff that contains abbreviations. Most modern projectors can play video files that were filmed at different resolutions, but they will not be as fidelity as the projector's graphics processor and lamp capacity are. You can watch a 4K movie on your HD TV, but it won't show up in 4K. You need a 4K TV to show a movie. The Full HD resolution of the LG PFC50KA is 1920 x1080, which is considered to be a native resolution by industry standards. It will show a movie in 4K at Full HD. You should always check the native resolution of your projector to make sure it is capable of displaying the maximum definition.

👤This is the best projector on the market right now, and the only one that displays high definition. It turns on and off quicker than most other projectors and is quieter than others in this price range. It is a good product that is fun to use for gaming and movies. I use mine for a 120 inch screen on an off-white wall and it still looks great. The full resolution has a low input lag for gaming, a vertical keystone, and a small and portable remote that can be turned on and off quickly. There is no zoom feature if you are mounting it, find out where it needs to go before you screw it in. It can play movies and photos directly from ausb stick and has a heavy delay. I have an Amazon Fire TV Stick and a Nintendo Switch, so I can't comment on those features.

👤This is my first time using a projector. I bought a new Wowoto H9 after returning it because of a critical focus issue, and then bought a new one on a flash sale. I received it about 10 days ago and I am very happy with it. There were no issues with the focus on this one. It is very important and updated on the 4th week. You can change the display option. My mistake. Pro 1. It is a major pro. The image quality is important. It is better to have 720p than it is to have 1080p. The 720p screen is easy to spot but the1080p screen is not visible in close inspection. It's really good. In low light settings, the image is still very bright even when the sun is not shining. It is not so good when the sun is setting at 4pm to 7pm. A complete dark room setting at night is the best for this projector because a full light on room is not working. 2. There is a smart TV capability. On the go, you can get both Hulu and Netflix. There are easy to navigate movies and dramas from the company. 3. The battery can be used. I think I can carry the projector to another room for movies or outside, even though I haven't moved it from its set position yet. Not a pocket sized projector, but still very much carry-able in your backpack or small designated carriers. 4. There is a wireless connection. It works well with my headphones. There is no hassle. I haven't tested other connections like phones, but there are many more available via wireless. Con 1. No longer is a Con. You can adjust the display. Ignore this section. 2 has been updated. On the go, Amazon Prime video is not available. The pre-installed internet browser works well, but it doesn't support Amazon Prime video streaming. You can probably watch Amazon Prime videos with the Amazon fire stick. I haven't tried it yet, but it should work. 3. It could get better. It seemed complicated at first but I got used to it. There are too many buttons. The whole menu navigation experience feels less crisp because the buttons feel dull. Durability looks good. 4. No zooming in or out. I knew about this before I bought it, but I would prefer to have the feature. Okay 1. The fan noise level is ok. It is barely noticeable when there is sound. It is noticeable when there is no sound. Even though my projector is next to me, it did not bother me for 8 hours straight use. The noise from the fan is not noticed. When there is no sound, you can hear the fan running on headphones. Not a big problem for me. 2. The sound quality from this projector is good. It gets loud with Nintendo Switch, but it depends on what source you are playing. If I put the projector over 50% loudness, I lower it to 40% in less than 10 minutes because it hurts my ears. There was nothing special but a clear sound. Left right recognition is not great. Bass isn't really there. I didn't think it would be. The sound quality is okay for a small projector. It is definitely acceptable. The internal speaker won't work for multi channel audio. The internal speaker of the movie theater was jammed. Very unclear and foggy. I think it's due to the amplified bass signals the input source is sending out. Everything else has worked just fine so far. 3. The TV interface is built in. It's alright. It's very fast to go through the menus. The operation software has never been slow or draggy and the click response time is very short. Menus are easy to navigate. It's fast enough to change through different sources. It takes 3 seconds to change from port to port. Have not noticed any lag in the software interface. The menu orders can be changed. You can put the first, second, third, and fourth channels of Youtube. The remote control has a short key button. There are too many buttons on the remote control and the buttons feel rubbery and hard. The fast interface feels slower due to the fact that it doesn't feel like remote control. I could give this projector 4 stars for not having the display customization. It's true. You can adjust display attributes all you want, but you decided to give it a 5 stars because of the flash sale. The preset modes are good, except for the two expert modes for different room situations which are useless. The remote control feels cheap but it's not like they don't work. Just lack some authority. I am glad I bought this projector because it is better than the Wowoto H9. I read someone's comment and realized I could adjust the following: Contrast, Brightness, H Sharpness, V Sharpness, Color, Tint, Color temperature, Dynamic Contrast, Super Resolution, Color Gamut, Edge Enhancer, Color Filter, White Balance, Color Mnagement System. Wow.

10. BenQ MH733 Business Projector Enjoyment

BenQ MH733 Business Projector Enjoyment

Smart Eco Mode saves lamp power up to 70%. 4,000 Lumens, Full HD, 16,000:1 contrast ratio, and a 16:9 aspect ratio make up the SuperB image quality. When you switch between different input signals, the projected image will change in brightness. If you want the best display picture results, you should use an input signal which outputs at the projector's native resolution. If you prefer images with that quality, select On. The setup can be done with 1.3x zoom, 100”@ 2.5m-3.3m, 2D keystone, and Corner Fit Correction. The lamp save mode has a long lamp life. Network control. Installation distance up to 50ft is possible with Crestron, AMX and PJ-Link. The presentation solutions include ausb reader, qcast APP compatibility, network projection and optionalusb wireless dongles. The normal power consumption is320W.

Brand: Benq

👤The BenQ MH733 does not do as well as my 3-year-old projector. Even though it is 1000 lumens less bright, the Epson is still as bright as ever. The color of the Benq's reds is more brown than my older one, and the color in general doesn't seem as smooth. So... I returned the Benq and bought an EpsonEX 9220 to compare. The colors still look great despite the fact that it is noticably brighter. Even though the Benq has a few more features than theEpson, theEpson looks better in brighter ambient light conditions and is the clear winner in picture quality.

👤I bought a projector to replace our tv in our home. The main living area has a lot of light in it. It was easy to set up and learn about the projector. The horizontal and vertical keystones can be used to position it in the corner of the room. I am in love with the settings and quality of the picture. We had an issue on the 3rd day. The media source was the reason for that. We have wanted a top notch projector for a long time, and I'm surprised it's easy to use. We needed a projector with over 3000 lumens for our bright room that doesn't have any shades, blinds, or curtains, so I broke down and bought this. Works very well!

👤I have always been very satisfied with BenQ. It worked for 30 days and then lines started showing up. I went to look at the return. I am stuck with a lemon because it was past the 30 day return policy. If the customer service team reads this and offers to upgrade me or send me a new projector, this review will not change.

👤This projector is awesome! Even though it's a presentation projector, it was bought for home theater. I've owned several HD projectors and this one is by far the best. The picture quality is excellent. I returned the hc1450 because it was twice the price, louder, and not as bright as I had expected. I am happy with this one. I needed a new screen because the size on the most zoomed out setting is very wide. You can have a large image in a short distance. I used to get 100" on the most narrow setting, but this one is 120". I'm not sure you can beat this projector. I'm not willing to pay more than 3 grand for a movie that I wish was 4K. For one.

👤I bought this for use in our conference room because of its ability to output audio to an external amplifier. I ordered another one because my coworkers were happy with the quality. In a room with no natural light, it looks great, but in a room with a well lit room, it looks terrible. The built-in speaker doesn't have the best sound quality, but that is expected with an internal speaker. If sound quality is a concern, I would suggest using an external amplifier and speakers. This is a good option for a home theater projector. If you're looking for good brightness and resolution, this is the projector for you.

11. BenQ HT2050A Theater Projector Keystone

BenQ HT2050A Theater Projector Keystone

The movie is very high in movie quality. The projector has a high native contrast ratio and brightness of 2,200 Lumens. It's rec. The color accuracy calibration is 709. High response rate. The low input lag of 16ms and unique game modes ensure a smooth gaming experience. Wow your friends. You can project a 100 inch screen from 8 feet away. Projects up to 300 inches. Flexibility in communication. It supports most media players, gaming consoles, PCs, Macs, and mobile devices. Projector Central won an award for Best Projector for the Money. 98% of the world's cinemas and 100% of Digital IMAX theaters use the same technology. BenQ's projector has a longer lasting, slimmer design and sharper image. Video Compatibility - NTSC, PAL, SECAM, and 3D Compatibility: Up to 720p. Video Compatibility - NTSC, PAL, SECAM, and 3D Compatibility: Up to 720p.

Brand: Benq

👤The projector here is a total beginner and the screen size is 150", but the pictures are on a flat gray wall and the home is a week old. When I put the projector up, it was like I'd found the holy grail. I am returning the 120" silver screen that I bought. The keystone adjustment projector worked well. I mounted the projector in the corner because the keystone adjustment worked well, but I realized that the light was not projected in the center of the screen. The right side of the screen area had nothing on it. I centered the wall mount because it bothered the hell out of me. The pictures show my son playing the ps4 and some of the stuff on the internet lost in space. My kids have been living in this room since the moment this thing was hooked up. I went with benq for low lag video games because there are very comparable epson projectors out there. I warned my friends with epsons that there are times when video games lag on the projector. There is no lag with this benq. I absolutely love this purchase and my new home theater room has already compelled three other people to buy a projector.

👤I'm trying to give a good bit of detail to help others make a decision, but hopefully it will be worth the read. If you already know what you're looking for in a projector and want to know the pros and cons of this one, skip to the bullets at the end. If you want to learn how to pick a projector based on what I learned, read on. I'm not a videophile, and so I can't comment on things like picture quality, etc with anything more than my opinion, which I will provide, and this is my first attempt at projectors, which I spent a fair amount of money on. I decided to use a projector instead of a big screen TV because I wanted a very large screen and I wanted to keep the TV that was 70" A projector is the obvious choice, it provides a very large screen for anywhere from half the price of a TV at the low end of the scale to a high-end 80" TV, and it's portable, especially coma. The projector was the next problem. I wanted it to be usable in bright light, good picture quality, and not have issues like rainbow effect, but I didn't want to take the risk. If you don't need 4K, there's not enough difference in quality to justify the extra cost of a 4K projector. I was worried about the screen size and viewing distance, but sitting 10' away from a 95" screen it looks great, and even 720p looks fine. Again, I'm not a fan of video games. There is a picture in the bullets. I debated brightness/lumens a lot. I learned that the brighter projector models often achieve their brightness by using a clear window in the color wheel to let more light through, since white light is getting through instead of light filters to a certain color. The downside to this is that it tends to wash out colors, and most reviews I read indicated that once you adjusted the colors to make them look right, these projectors were the same, if not worse, brightness compared to the "normal" models. If you absolutely need that extra brightness and don't mind things being washed out, then they're useful. If you plan on needing it in a few years, you're probably better off buying a cheaper HD projector now and buying a 4K projector then, when they're better and cheaper. It's best to pick some projectors you're interested in, then check reviews to see what their output really is after calibration, not to mention just because the stated lumens is often exaggerated and can't be used to compare. projectorcentral dot com is a really good site for this and I used it a lot. I spent a lot of time trying to figure out which way to go to get a good screen size with limited placement options. I was going to go with UST because it seemed to be the easiest option to place a large screen by the wall. I decided against it because of the limited options and the fact that they tend to cost more. I was trying to find a projector that would give me the screen sizes I was looking for, either a couple feet away or 10' away. Again, there were very few choices. Most are designed to be placed from the screen. This limitation was the main reason I chose the BenQ, as it was really this one and one other that would ultimately achieve the desired screen sizes at the distance I needed to mount it, and I went with this one, I think, because the review of it showed it as being slightly The screen-size dot info and projectorscreen dot com are two very useful sites for figuring out your throw and screen size. ViewSonic seems to be pretty good, especially considering they are some of the cheapest options, though I decided against them, mainly because the warranty seems questionable, especially for lack of DLP rainbow. If money isn't an issue, those are going to be your best. A high-speed color wheel is one thing you want to look for on the topic of the rainbow effect. The projector has a 6x wheel, which means it spins much faster than a standard wheel, so it reduces rainbow effects, often to the point they become invisible to most, if not all, people. One of the big issues is mentioned. The vertical lens shift is what I wanted to expand on. I read about the limitations, but didn't understand them. The bottom of the picture is straight across from the lens. If you add lens shit with the knob, it will raise the image so the bottom of the thing is above where it was. I suppose it could be useful if you could move the image higher without raising the projector, but I think it would be more useful for most people to be able to lower the image. Think about it. The projector is usually mounted to the ceiling or high up on a wall, but it can be placed on a shelf. If it's on a shelf, the bottom of the screen is going to be a good 42 to 48" high, and you won't have room to raise it before it hits the floor. If it's mounted high by the ceiling, the lens shift will lower the screen. I have a problem with my projector being mounted on the wall as close to the ceiling as I can possibly get it, and the top of the screen being the bottom in the context of lens shift. Since I can only make the bottom go so low, the screen size is limited. If the lens shift allowed for adjustment the other way, I could have a larger screen. It seems like a big oversight and poor engineering to me. It's not the best projector, but it's better than some that claim more lumens, and it has a color wheel instead of the standard one. It's not very good in real bright light, but with a small amount of sunlight it's watchable in the middle of a bright day, and in a moderately dim environment. It's not going to be as bright or good as a TV, but I think the large size makes up for that, especially considering the price. I love watching movies on it, and even TV is brought to a whole new level. The picture quality is good from a layman's point of view. Everything is very sharp, colors look great, and even cast onto a white wall, which makes for a very clean look. It's cheap and bulb replacements are reasonable. BenQ seems to have a good combination of relatively low serious complaints and a good warranty, which is unlike ViewSonic and Epson. I have not seen a rainbow effect after viewing different material. There was no input lag. I haven't noticed any issues with any of the games I've played. There is a According to a professional review, Backlit remote + Smart Eco mode operates as a sort of dynamic contrast/iris, which sounds like it would be great. I keep it in eco mode 99% of the time to make it last longer. There is noise. It's not loud, but not quiet. It's definitely noticeable all the time, and sometimes worse than others. There is a gray border around the screen. This is common but is going away with newer projectors. It's only a small problem, and I rarely notice it, but the bigger problem comes into play when trying to use keystone. It's always recommended not to use it, but I tried to get the screen closer to the ceiling, so I could make it bigger, but when it modifies the image by bending it into a trapezoid so it's rectangular on the wall, the border is trapezoidal. There is no power zoom or focus. I know this is only found in expensive projectors, but it would be nice if it became a more common feature. It doesn't seem like it would cost much to implement. I would have paid an extra $100 for the projector with this feature. There is no sleep mode. This one is very frustrating and unforgivable. I don't know if it's a new feature or if it's been around for a long time, but if you want to do everything you can to minimize the amount of time the lamp is used, you'd think it would have this very basic feature. The omission of this is ridiculous, and one of many stupid decisions made by the software/firmware team. Eco Blank mode blanks the screen to save lamp life when taking a break from viewing without requiring the projector to be completely off, which is great, in theory, but it shows a message at the bottom of the screen showing that it's in Eco Blank mode. It makes me wonder how effective it is since the lamp is still on in order to project that message, but I'm sure you don't forget it's still on. It should show it for 15 or 30 seconds every 5 minutes. It's unlikely you'll forget the projector is on unless it's positioned at least 10' away. You can't change the lamp mode for a few minutes after you power the projector on. I didn't see any mention of this in the manual, it should be mentioned in the menu, so you can see what's going on when you try to change it. I thought it was malfunctioning. You have to go through the menu each time you want to change the lamp mode, because there's no button on the remote. - Once the projector shuts down, you have to wait for it to completely finish before you can turn it on, because the fans will run for a short time after it stops working. It should be able to power up at any time during the shutdown. Many of the cons are nitpicks, but they're really quite ridiculous things that I can't comprehend why they are the way they are, and they could probably be fixed through an update. This projector would be a 4-star projector if not for the stupid design decisions and lens shift limitation. It would be 5-stars with those improvements and a reduction in noise. It would be 5-stars if it had all that and power zoom/focus. If you're not looking for something in this specific throw category, you could probably do better with a longer or shorter projector. I love watching things with this projector, but I don't like it because of the various issues. BenQ can do better, and while they should be proud of the hardware design for the most part, they should really have spent more time on the fans and thinking through the lens shift, and the software/firmware team should just be fired.


What is the best product for benq home theater projector?

Benq home theater projector products from Benq. In this article about benq home theater projector you can see why people choose the product. Benq and Benq are also good brands to look for when you are finding benq home theater projector.

What are the best brands for benq home theater projector?

Benq, Benq and Benq are some of the best brands that chosen by people for benq home theater projector. Find the detail in this article. Benq, Benq and Amazon Renewed are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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