Best Benq Ht2050a 1080p Home Theater Projector

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1. BenQ EH600 Compatibility Presentations Convenient

BenQ EH600 Compatibility Presentations Convenient

Please install the dedicated BenQ "Apps Manager" to watch Netflix because it is not available on this device. Wireless mirror is a simple and easy presentation that can be done on multiple platforms with step-by-step instructions on the projector screen. The EH600 comes with built-in business apps that can be used for video calls, remote access of the projector, and FireFox browser. IT administrators can update the firmware on the EH600 over the air whenever a new one is available. If you want to present your computer with multiple formats, you can use ausb drive instead of plugging in your computer. It will be able to read all your files, even if they are in different formats. Full HD resolution and lighting. High brightness and ultra-sharp clarity are offered by the EH600. The Best of 2019: Projector Central. The projector, power cord, and components were included.

Brand: Benq

👤The picture, quality, and size of the device are amazing. It has been a good projector so far.

👤It is working well for two years now at work. There is not enough light for presentations in a half lit room.

👤It was purchased for work. Have not used it much due to the flu.

👤BenQ has accomplished it. The first easy to use wireless projector has been created. Until the BenQ EH600 came along, wireless meeting room projectors used to require the use of a dongle or an app on the presentation's computer. They were too complicated for most users and required a lot of support. BenQ built a computer that was made out of Android. When powered on, the projector automatically displays a splash screen/launcher with easy to follow instructions to connect any laptop computer, PC or Mac, any tablet or smartphone, and any mobile device. We were amazed at how easy it was to use the BenQ EH600. BenQ was able to make the wireless connection process simpler. There are several productivity apps pre-installed on the BenQ EH600. Users can present spreadsheets, PowerPoint and Word documents, display PDF files, show videos, pictures and play music files without the need for an external computer. Users can use the WPS Office app to create and edit documents on the projector. FireFox is a browser for PC-free web access. A tool to use during a meeting. screen sharing for remote meetings and video conferencing is enabled by Blizz. TeamViewer is a remote support app. The BenQ Smart Control app can be used for navigation on a projector. A wireless keyboard and mouse can be used. Additional apps can be installed. Simply find the app you want to install, download and save it to a flash drive, and connect it to the projector. Caution is needed to avoid apps that may have a problem. The original software publisher has a direct link to the APK files. Users can use the built-in file manager on the projector to navigate to their presentation if they plug in a flash drive to one of the 2 ports on the back of the projector. Most file formats and file sizes are supported by the BenQ. The projector can be connected to a document camera with ausb port for PC-free video conferencing and other applications. Users can upgrade their BenQ EH600's features by clicking on a button on the remote, which will allow them to get the latest features and updates. The BenQ EH600 is a milestone in the projection industry. It is the best projector in its category. The EH600 is hard to beat because of its amazing image quality and ease of use. There is a I think that some day all projectors will be built this way. There is only one choice today, the BenQ EH600. We have never owned a better projector for a meeting room.

👤The first business projector based on the Android operating system was launched by BenQ. It provides businesses with unparalleled convenience and efficiency through wireless capabilities, built-in business applications, and over-the-air firmware updates, so IT administrators can easily install updates from anywhere whenever a new version is available. It also includes a wireless display and mirroring feature on various platforms for easy and efficient use in any business setting. As an end user or as an IT admin, I find the EH600 to be the fastest way to add a meeting room display to project team collaboration for Office365 applications in Word, excel, and PowerPoint, and this smart or wireless projector provides that convenience like never before. I can easily set up the EH600 in small rooms in ad hoc situations. The wireless solution eliminates cable clutter and the need to find the right accessory for any device saving me precious time to set it up. The TeamViewer application allows me to remotely access the projector to provide easy transitions between our IT team members, as well as help with a problem by IT support. If I use a projector to help deliver my lectures, I will probably be spending a lot of time turning it off. I don't have to wait for the projector to warm up or cool down if I use a traditional lamp projector. This is dependent on efficiency and productivity. IT admins like me will always purchase valuable Hi-Tech items by considering reliability and maintenance, and the EH600 is a great example. This smart projector has 15,000 hours of lamp life and may not need any serious maintenance during its lifetime. Smart Eco mode adjusts the brightness based on the content being projected saving up to 70% of the lamp's power. Traditional or conventional projectors require their bulbs to be replaced in a good amount over their lifetime which can add up to costs. It's worse if a bulb gets broken in the middle of a presentation or an important meeting and you don't have one on hand to replace it. I think that the EH600 offer more convenience, reliability, and longevity than the traditional or conventional projectors. The projection screen on your device can be instantly mirrored on your phone, tablets, PCs and laptops regardless of the operating system. It eliminates cable clutter, facilitates immediate and convenient business collaboration for improved teamwork and meeting productivity, and uses the included wireless dongle for wireless internet. There is a The Ben Q Smart Control app can turn your phone into a remote control for the projector for a smooth meeting and finish your tasks on the spot. There is a The EH600 supports a wide range of file formats. Users can easily project images or documents with ausb type a port It creates high- performance visuals with crisp imagery by offering a brightness level of 3,500 lumens and Full HD native resolution and will also self-adjust the projected picture based on the color of the background wall to ensure accuracy in the projected image. The cons are: The projector's fan can be loud, but not enough for the speakers to cover the noise.

2. BenQ Projector 1280x800 Certified Refurbished

BenQ Projector 1280x800 Certified Refurbished

The resolution is WXGA. 3,200 ANSI Lumens. Up to 10,000 hours of lamp life. The short throw lens design was created. The short throw lens design was created.

Brand: Amazon Renewed

👤It takes a few minutes to reach its potential.

3. BenQ GV30 Projector Projection Chromecast

BenQ GV30 Projector Projection Chromecast

The free 100'' projector screen is included in the package to make sure the customers can enjoy it immediately after receiving the projector. XOPPOX has high attention on the customer's 100% satisfaction, they provide 90 days refund or replacement service, 1-year warranty, LIFETIME technical support. Don't hesitate to contact them if you need help. There is a big and clear picture with a resolution of 720p. The speaker has extra bass (4Wx2 midrange tweeters & BW woofers) and is a channel speaker. It's easy to set up aTILE project. The 135 degree projection angle can be adjusted. There are picture changes and picture colors. The picture modes are powered by CinematicColor. The color gamut is 709 wide. There are two types of entertainment: wireless and inverse. There is an embedded version of the Chromecast wireless casting device. The portable projector has a carrying bag and drop-proof for active lifestyles. Please install the dedicated BenQ "Apps Manager" to watch Netflix because it is not available on this device.

Brand: Benq

👤My family plans to buy a projector that is reliable, has a bigger screen, is easy to carry on, and is space wise. The BENQGV30 is the ideal projector for us. I have been using the innovative BENQ GV30 for a while. Here are the reasons why we chose it. 1. The projector is stylish. We love the shape and design. It sits on a magnetic stand that keeps it from rolling away and allows you to adjust the image height. 2. The projection angle with auto focus is 135 degrees. The projector can reliably and efficiently adjust to find the best viewing angle most of the time, thanks to the effective auto focus and keystone. This makes it easy to see a multi-angel projection. We can project video on the ceiling and watch it on the bed. That is really cool. 3. The GV30 includes a Wireless projection for multiple OS and devices. The devices include the phone, browser, and device. It can also be heard on the radio. That is very convenient. 4. The audio quality and volume of the GV30 is impressive. It has a built-in speaker and can be used as a speaker. The clear sound profile means that your content can be heard even at low volumes and that extra bass adds weight to more intense scenes. You can connect the external speaker to the internet. We connect our speaker to the internet. It is easy-peasy! 5. The projector is portable thanks to the GV30. You can carry it from room to room. This projector will be used for our son's Halloween party. Our neighbors will be jealous. We enjoy using this projector. The kid has a good time with his friends. There is a If you are looking for a portable projector, we recommend BENQ.

👤I love this projector. The only thing that is missing is the internet service. It was an easy fix if we put our own fire stick in. It will warn you when 20% of the battery is left, but it doesn't seem very accurate because it will still last a long time after that. When people come over, they always ask us to send them the link to purchase, and we get tons of praise. Highly recommended!

👤The unit is plug and play, just replace the stick with a Firestick. You will need to use two remote controls, one for the projector and the other for the firestick. The picture adjusts to any angle. It's clear on dark environments but not bright on lighted environments. Very happy with the purchase.

👤It was easy to use. The design is beautiful. A great picture. The value is great. Exactly what I wanted for family movies. Ultra portable. The viewing angles are great.

👤Wow! It took a while to be delivered and set up but it is worth it. The design, clarity, brightness, auto focus, keystone correction, and portability are some features that I really like about this device. I bought this instead of the overpriced and useless samsung freestyle because it has great unbiased reviews and is cheaper. I will buy a screen projector to improve the picture quality during the day.

4. BenQ HT2050A Theater Projector Keystone

BenQ HT2050A Theater Projector Keystone

The movie is very high in movie quality. The projector has a high native contrast ratio and brightness of 2,200 Lumens. It's rec. The color accuracy calibration is 709. High response rate. The low input lag of 16ms and unique game modes ensure a smooth gaming experience. Wow your friends. You can project a 100 inch screen from 8 feet away. Projects up to 300 inches. Flexibility in communication. It supports most media players, gaming consoles, PCs, Macs, and mobile devices. Projector Central won an award for Best Projector for the Money. 98% of the world's cinemas and 100% of Digital IMAX theaters use the same technology. BenQ's projector has a longer lasting, slimmer design and sharper image. Video Compatibility - NTSC, PAL, SECAM, and 3D Compatibility: Up to 720p. Video Compatibility - NTSC, PAL, SECAM, and 3D Compatibility: Up to 720p.

Brand: Benq

👤The projector here is a total beginner and the screen size is 150", but the pictures are on a flat gray wall and the home is a week old. When I put the projector up, it was like I'd found the holy grail. I am returning the 120" silver screen that I bought. The keystone adjustment projector worked well. I mounted the projector in the corner because the keystone adjustment worked well, but I realized that the light was not projected in the center of the screen. The right side of the screen area had nothing on it. I centered the wall mount because it bothered the hell out of me. The pictures show my son playing the ps4 and some of the stuff on the internet lost in space. My kids have been living in this room since the moment this thing was hooked up. I went with benq for low lag video games because there are very comparable epson projectors out there. I warned my friends with epsons that there are times when video games lag on the projector. There is no lag with this benq. I absolutely love this purchase and my new home theater room has already compelled three other people to buy a projector.

👤I'm trying to give a good bit of detail to help others make a decision, but hopefully it will be worth the read. If you already know what you're looking for in a projector and want to know the pros and cons of this one, skip to the bullets at the end. If you want to learn how to pick a projector based on what I learned, read on. I'm not a videophile, and so I can't comment on things like picture quality, etc with anything more than my opinion, which I will provide, and this is my first attempt at projectors, which I spent a fair amount of money on. I decided to use a projector instead of a big screen TV because I wanted a very large screen and I wanted to keep the TV that was 70" A projector is the obvious choice, it provides a very large screen for anywhere from half the price of a TV at the low end of the scale to a high-end 80" TV, and it's portable, especially coma. The projector was the next problem. I wanted it to be usable in bright light, good picture quality, and not have issues like rainbow effect, but I didn't want to take the risk. If you don't need 4K, there's not enough difference in quality to justify the extra cost of a 4K projector. I was worried about the screen size and viewing distance, but sitting 10' away from a 95" screen it looks great, and even 720p looks fine. Again, I'm not a fan of video games. There is a picture in the bullets. I debated brightness/lumens a lot. I learned that the brighter projector models often achieve their brightness by using a clear window in the color wheel to let more light through, since white light is getting through instead of light filters to a certain color. The downside to this is that it tends to wash out colors, and most reviews I read indicated that once you adjusted the colors to make them look right, these projectors were the same, if not worse, brightness compared to the "normal" models. If you absolutely need that extra brightness and don't mind things being washed out, then they're useful. If you plan on needing it in a few years, you're probably better off buying a cheaper HD projector now and buying a 4K projector then, when they're better and cheaper. It's best to pick some projectors you're interested in, then check reviews to see what their output really is after calibration, not to mention just because the stated lumens is often exaggerated and can't be used to compare. projectorcentral dot com is a really good site for this and I used it a lot. I spent a lot of time trying to figure out which way to go to get a good screen size with limited placement options. I was going to go with UST because it seemed to be the easiest option to place a large screen by the wall. I decided against it because of the limited options and the fact that they tend to cost more. I was trying to find a projector that would give me the screen sizes I was looking for, either a couple feet away or 10' away. Again, there were very few choices. Most are designed to be placed from the screen. This limitation was the main reason I chose the BenQ, as it was really this one and one other that would ultimately achieve the desired screen sizes at the distance I needed to mount it, and I went with this one, I think, because the review of it showed it as being slightly The screen-size dot info and projectorscreen dot com are two very useful sites for figuring out your throw and screen size. ViewSonic seems to be pretty good, especially considering they are some of the cheapest options, though I decided against them, mainly because the warranty seems questionable, especially for lack of DLP rainbow. If money isn't an issue, those are going to be your best. A high-speed color wheel is one thing you want to look for on the topic of the rainbow effect. The projector has a 6x wheel, which means it spins much faster than a standard wheel, so it reduces rainbow effects, often to the point they become invisible to most, if not all, people. One of the big issues is mentioned. The vertical lens shift is what I wanted to expand on. I read about the limitations, but didn't understand them. The bottom of the picture is straight across from the lens. If you add lens shit with the knob, it will raise the image so the bottom of the thing is above where it was. I suppose it could be useful if you could move the image higher without raising the projector, but I think it would be more useful for most people to be able to lower the image. Think about it. The projector is usually mounted to the ceiling or high up on a wall, but it can be placed on a shelf. If it's on a shelf, the bottom of the screen is going to be a good 42 to 48" high, and you won't have room to raise it before it hits the floor. If it's mounted high by the ceiling, the lens shift will lower the screen. I have a problem with my projector being mounted on the wall as close to the ceiling as I can possibly get it, and the top of the screen being the bottom in the context of lens shift. Since I can only make the bottom go so low, the screen size is limited. If the lens shift allowed for adjustment the other way, I could have a larger screen. It seems like a big oversight and poor engineering to me. It's not the best projector, but it's better than some that claim more lumens, and it has a color wheel instead of the standard one. It's not very good in real bright light, but with a small amount of sunlight it's watchable in the middle of a bright day, and in a moderately dim environment. It's not going to be as bright or good as a TV, but I think the large size makes up for that, especially considering the price. I love watching movies on it, and even TV is brought to a whole new level. The picture quality is good from a layman's point of view. Everything is very sharp, colors look great, and even cast onto a white wall, which makes for a very clean look. It's cheap and bulb replacements are reasonable. BenQ seems to have a good combination of relatively low serious complaints and a good warranty, which is unlike ViewSonic and Epson. I have not seen a rainbow effect after viewing different material. There was no input lag. I haven't noticed any issues with any of the games I've played. There is a According to a professional review, Backlit remote + Smart Eco mode operates as a sort of dynamic contrast/iris, which sounds like it would be great. I keep it in eco mode 99% of the time to make it last longer. There is noise. It's not loud, but not quiet. It's definitely noticeable all the time, and sometimes worse than others. There is a gray border around the screen. This is common but is going away with newer projectors. It's only a small problem, and I rarely notice it, but the bigger problem comes into play when trying to use keystone. It's always recommended not to use it, but I tried to get the screen closer to the ceiling, so I could make it bigger, but when it modifies the image by bending it into a trapezoid so it's rectangular on the wall, the border is trapezoidal. There is no power zoom or focus. I know this is only found in expensive projectors, but it would be nice if it became a more common feature. It doesn't seem like it would cost much to implement. I would have paid an extra $100 for the projector with this feature. There is no sleep mode. This one is very frustrating and unforgivable. I don't know if it's a new feature or if it's been around for a long time, but if you want to do everything you can to minimize the amount of time the lamp is used, you'd think it would have this very basic feature. The omission of this is ridiculous, and one of many stupid decisions made by the software/firmware team. Eco Blank mode blanks the screen to save lamp life when taking a break from viewing without requiring the projector to be completely off, which is great, in theory, but it shows a message at the bottom of the screen showing that it's in Eco Blank mode. It makes me wonder how effective it is since the lamp is still on in order to project that message, but I'm sure you don't forget it's still on. It should show it for 15 or 30 seconds every 5 minutes. It's unlikely you'll forget the projector is on unless it's positioned at least 10' away. You can't change the lamp mode for a few minutes after you power the projector on. I didn't see any mention of this in the manual, it should be mentioned in the menu, so you can see what's going on when you try to change it. I thought it was malfunctioning. You have to go through the menu each time you want to change the lamp mode, because there's no button on the remote. - Once the projector shuts down, you have to wait for it to completely finish before you can turn it on, because the fans will run for a short time after it stops working. It should be able to power up at any time during the shutdown. Many of the cons are nitpicks, but they're really quite ridiculous things that I can't comprehend why they are the way they are, and they could probably be fixed through an update. This projector would be a 4-star projector if not for the stupid design decisions and lens shift limitation. It would be 5-stars with those improvements and a reduction in noise. It would be 5-stars if it had all that and power zoom/focus. If you're not looking for something in this specific throw category, you could probably do better with a longer or shorter projector. I love watching things with this projector, but I don't like it because of the various issues. BenQ can do better, and while they should be proud of the hardware design for the most part, they should really have spent more time on the fans and thinking through the lens shift, and the software/firmware team should just be fired.

5. BenQ HT3550 Projector Accurate Enhanced

BenQ HT3550 Projector Accurate Enhanced

Audio and Video in the zone 2 3840 2160 or 8.3 million IndividualPixels give incredible clarity and crisply defined details. Not like other manufacturers. The latest form of projector technology is Cinematic Color Technology, which gives you larger visible spectrum than you can get with rec. 709 It is designed to give you a cinema experience without having to go to the cinema to see it. The right level of light penetration is what makes 10-ELEMENT LENS ARAY. Installation flexibility is achieved through a vertical lens shift and short throw. 100” is enabled by a 3x big zoom lens. 2ft to be set up. The Best of Awards - HometheaterHiFI 2019: Highly Recommended. BenQ's 3-year warranty is the industry's leading warranty and it gives you peace of mind that their US-based customer service team is here when you need it.

Brand: Benq

👤Settling in is PROLOGUE. The W1070 was released six years ago. The W1070 was a first-of-its-kind projector that combined the right ingredients in the right price-package that allowed it to punch well above its weight. It was the first projector to be available for under $1,000 and it did not skimp on performance. It became one of the best selling home theater projectors of all-time because of the combination of brightness, resolution, sharpness, color accuracy, and a great 3D feature-set at a price below $1,000. Wait. Isn't this a review for the HT3550? I will get to that. The context of the W1070 is similar to the emerging 4K projector market. In this review, I want to give you an idea of how your average pro-sumer has experienced this projector, especially in a large-format dedicated theater space. My setup consists of a theater built under my garage. I have a large screen with a large gain that is transparent. I don't over exaggerate when I say that the HT3550 is a silver bullet category killer. The W1070 was with the affordable 4K market. You don't have to compromise in black levels or placement flexibility when you are moving up from solid performers like the W1070 and HT2050. Enough information. Let's dig in! There are specifications and hardware. The projector is capable of producing a resolution of 3840x2160. This is achieved by shifting a native DMD 480 times per second to create 8.3 million unique images on the screen. The XPR technology allows it to achieve the HDMI 2.0a spec of 4K HDR at 60 frames per second in both of its inputs. This allows it to be compatible with the PS4 and the Xbox One X. It supports 4K60 when connected to a PC. BenQ is introducing a new implementation. I will say that this seems to be a happy marriage of hardware and software. Helping out on the hardware side is an all new 10-element glass lens array, dynamic iris, and with the new TI DMD chip; no more gray border. The result is an impressive image which I will discuss more in my review of the performance of the HT3550. BenQ is one of the first projectors to support HLG. HLG is a new standard for broadcasting high definition over the internet. The first to adopt the standard are the broadcasters. There are 5 standard SDR modes and 1 hidden HDR10 mode in the HT3550. The mode is bright. It is washed out in green and useless unless you are projecting data in a brightly lit conference room. At the expense of color accuracy, the tv has a higher color saturation and brightness. This mode allowed me to watch NBA games and TV on my DVR. Cinema is my favorite mode. It provides the best brightness, color accuracy, and detail for the most types of content with Brilliant Color set to On. Digital Cinema is a type of cinema that uses the "Wide Color Mode" set to On. In the "DCI-P3" section, there will be more on this later. This mode is based on Cinema and Digital Cinema. Other modes can be imported into this mode. When the content of the HDR is detected, this mode is automatically engaged. It is very good out of the box, even though you can modify it to your liking. Changes you make will be saved and engaged. Very nice. The sound profile of the HT3550 is very pleasant. Consistency and deep. No buzzing at start up or engaging in a discussion. It's mounted right above my head and it sounds like moving air. The dynamic iris on the HT3550 was the most striking item on the spec-list. I don't know if there is a dynamic iris in any projector at this price point, but they are usually only found in projectors that cost over $2,000. I will talk about this feature later. The DCI-P3 color space and Rec709 coverage are both impressive. The only thing that has ever been done by a 4K projector is the coverage of the DCI-P3. Most other.47” 4K DLP projectors last year tested in the 60%s. This great coverage can be achieved with a setting called "Wide Color Mode" which acts as a color filter in the optical assembly. You can hear a click. It engages for the first time. The color is amazing with the color filter in place. There is a catch. The mode reduces light output. The image in this mode will be around 800 to 900 lumens. This mode should only be used in a dark room. An upgrade from last year's models is smooth. Medium was the right amount to smooth the motion while watching basketball. To anyone who enjoys this feature on movies. It's a good thing. The multi-use audio feature set from BenQ addresses a broader target audience. 3.5mm and an optical out for audio is what we now have. The portable entertainment features have been expanded even further with the addition of a built in media player which can play almost anything you throw at it. You can use the dedicated power port to run a dedicated Fire TV or Roku Streaming Stick in either of the HDMI ports. This one impacts so much that it's big. BenQ has moved away from having multiple less powerful chips on the HT2530 to sharing the processing load from 4K, HD, and 3D. The processing power has been reduced to 1-2 SOCs. This upgrade will lead to a number of benefits for the end- user. I noticed the HT3550 was 15 seconds faster on a cold boot than theTK800 I was going to upgrade from. In real life, 15 seconds seems like an eternity and is ready for some time. The HT2550 and the TK800 have vastly improved compared to the source switch, handshaking, Picture Modes, 3D detection, menu snappiness and more. There are no system functions that are not affected by this processor improvement. Theusbware updates leads to user up-gardeware! The multiple processor chip setup of last year's models led to the firmware not being able to be upgraded by the end- user. Early users of the W1070 can jump in with confidence because BenQ has a very good post launch support of their projectors. I feel like 4K was made for projectors. The resolution and immersion can be appreciated in ways that TVs can't. The extra resolution of the HT3550 is handled nicely, but it shines in the implementation of the HDR. I have to say that I am very impressed with BenQ's new implementation of theHDR-Pro. The software, lens array, and dynamic iris all work together to increase the overall image quality by a large margin. The highlights and shadows show more details than the overall image shows. The content in 4K is very bright. I had a great image with great contrast and black levels on my 160” screen, even though I turned the HDR brightness setting to +2. The admission that my fussing with content from title to title was minimal is the best compliment that I can give this projector. My wife doesn't like what I fiddle with. There were a few scenes where the tone mapping in the red spectrum went a bit too far. The area with the most apparent improvement is the contrast and black levels. The projector uses an updated.47” 4K DLP DMD which fixes the grey border. The grey border on last year's models was not noticeable to me in every day use but it could be argued that the extra light bouncing around only served to reduce the contrast and raise the gray point. The grey border should not have been a thing. Black levels have gone from "Meh" to "GREAT" with the addition of a new DMD, a dynamic iris, and a new lens array. For this price point. The perception of last year's.47” DLP 4K projectors was crippled by this hurdle. The implementation of the dynamic iris is impressive. My subjective pass/fail rating on dynamic iris implementations is simple. Does the image look better when it's on? Can you tell if it's acting in the image? If the answer is yes or no, we will get the pass or fail. The pass is called the HT3550. What degree? There is a need for a further discussion. Context is something we love. Here are my impressions of a projector that I owned, the Epson 4000, which was a 4K capable projector. I found that the dynamic iris led to a dimmer image and the actuation on dim scenes was slightly delayed. I was pulled out of the movie by this. It didn't make the image look better and I noticed when it would disengage. I have a big screen so I can use all of it. I left the feature on the 400 off most of the time. I don't notice any dim delay with it on. BenQ has gone above and beyond with this dynamic iris implementation with dynamic tone mapping that adjusts the tone on screen depending on the iris. This leads to higher perceived brightness and better black levels. Light leakage is very good for this size. The 'ceiling halo' that's so prevalent in projectors has been completely cured in the BenQ HT3550, thanks to a simple black piece of plastic placed in front of the lens that dually serves as a handsome placard for their '4K' branding. Control of light leaking on front is a boon for contrast. BenQ has been known for their out of box color. It looks good if you unbox it and turn it on. This was the case on the TK800, HT2550, and W1070. If you have ever read one of my reviews, I always start with a mix of brightness, contrast, and sharpness plus or minus 5 points on the settings scale, and adjustments to color temperature to get that just right. What can I say? I am a tinkerer. The best out-of-the-box color I have seen is provided by the HT3550, and there is a reason I didn't lead with My preferred settings. They are out of the box settings. My settings are the same as they were when I opened the box. I have tried to break them down and change them. For most content and environments, just enjoy it in Cinema mode. BenQ gives a factory Calibration Report in an envelope. It was a nice touch to say hey. We care about color. It shows. The HT3550 claims 2000 lumens, 200 less than the previous one. In my testing, the HT3550 seems brighter than the HT2550. I think the color brightness is better. The perceived brightness is spot on to my eye for this screen size in the default Cinema Mode, and I felt the HT2550 was just bright enough for my 160” screen. It is also fantastic. 3D content handling and performance is vastly improved. The projector will switch to 3D mode when a 3D Blu Ray is played. Nothing needs to be done by the user. I watched a movie from the high definition screen. I sat in the first row. My glasses were all on the screen. It was very realistic. The image was bright enough for my screen. I tested my own library of titles with my Shield. I only had to change the Shield's resolution to1080p and the projector 3D mode to make it look like it was from the SBS. Everything I threw at it was picked up. 3D is done at 120hz for those that care. The W1070 did 3D at a slower rate than the W1070, but I could not see a difference in motion handling. I am a casual game player. It is a blast to play on the HT3550. Over the last generation of BenQ's, input lag has not improved. This is being pinned at 50-60ms which equates to two frames of the game. I have two eyeballs and two thumbs, but I am not equipped to measure. The bio-inputs tell me that the input lag is not noticeable to me and that it is a blast to play on. I know that pro-gamers care about 50ms of input lag and if that amount of lag is not acceptable, I know the Optoma projectors and the HT2050 and 2050a can achieve input lag close to single digits. I created a custom resolution on my PC and the HT3550 was able to handle it with ease. Mouse movements were fluid and you would expect that with a high refresh rate monitor. I notice the input lag on PC more than the Xbox since I am used to my Gsync monitor and my mouse movements are not that bad. I had fun playing League of Legends on the big screen. The placement is important. I want to address this in a good section. If and where a projector makes sense in your space is determined by the combination of throw, zoom, and offset. Throw ratio is the measurement that tells us how large the projected image is. The zoom of the projector allows you to project different image sizes from the same lens location, which is why this spec is always a range. The range is related to the zoom. The calculation of the throw ratio is easy. The throw ratio is 1.13-1.47. The example is a 100” diagonal 16:9 screen. To determine the minimum distance from the screen to the projector lens, you divide the width of the screen by the number in the throw ratio. The product is about 8 feet tall. The maximum distance the lens can be at to project a 100” image is determined by the larger number in the throw ratio. The product is either 10 or 128 inches in length. The range of the lens is from 8'2” to 10'8" for this projector to place a 100” image on the screen. If you are starting from scratch, the offset is the most important measurement. The user is told how much of the projected image is above or below the projector's lens. It's not ideal for a lens to be dead center in an image in a ceiling or table mounted location. The lens is completely below the projected image if the projector has an offset of 100% or more. The calculation is straight forward and simple. The 100” image example is a throw ratio example. The starting offset is 105%. The entire image will be below the lens with a screen-to-lens distance of 5% of the image's height. A 100” screen has a heigh of 49. The default lens position is 2.5” above a squarely placed image, with a 100” image and a 105% offset. The lens shift adds another variable to placement. The lens shift on the HT3550 is 5%. The image above is affected by this. There is a dial on the projector that can change the offset. The image can be adjusted without resorting to digital keystone. The range for the lens on the HT3550 is 0”-5” above the projected image. The additional distance from the lens to the ceiling needs to be calculated to determine where the top of the screen needs to be. The lens is placed from the ceiling. The top of the 100” screen can be anywhere from 7”-12” from the ceiling with a mount that places the center of the lens 7” from the ceiling. I just explained it, but it is much simpler. Some projectors have worse range. The placement flexibility afforded by a manufacturer like Epson is something that you will find in the HT3550. The addition of a small amount of lens shift is welcome, but it was not included in the two models. The throw ratio, offset, and lens shift are all the same for owners of the W1070 and HT2050. This is a direct upgrade path that does not have to change mounting location or screen size. An easy swap. The piece of kit is truly impressive. I think we all wanted last year's 4K crop to be, so it is the projector. There were high expectations for the HT3550. The W1070 was 6 years ago, and I believe that this is the silver bullet for 4K projectors. I don't know of anything else in the market that would compete with this projector at its price point. If you're looking for a projector that costs under $2,000, the HT3550 should be on your list. In classic Pro/Meh fashion, here is my breakdown: Pros - Good blacks and contrast. The letterbox is dark. Black levels are good. The grey border is over! Dynamic iris! The lens shift is very good out of the box, the 4K image is sharp, the color is very good, and the 3D is handled well. 3D and ambient light spaces could benefit. The fan noise is better. The feature set with HLG and CFI MEH is well rounded and has an average input lag. The user interface is outdated.

6. Native Projector Bluetooth XOPPOX Outdoor

Native Projector Bluetooth XOPPOX Outdoor

The XOOPOX 902 projector has a true 1920*1080 NATIVE resolution and up to 9000:1 contrast ratio. The upgraded light path design makes the image brighter and clearer than ordinary projectors. It used the color management engine to adjust the color of each frame, restore more details and colors, and give you an immersive visual impact. This wireless projector is equipped with the newest sync technology, which supports wired and wireless connections. It's easy to connect with your phone via wi-fi, no cable is required. You can connect your phone to the charging cord. No need for a HDMI adapter anymore, just enlarge your happiness on the big screen. Professional sound quality adjustment and volume stabilization design are offered by the 2*5W speakers and the Bluetooth 5.0. This projector has built-in high fidelity 2*5W speakers to make the sound more stereo and better restore the details of the video sound. You can connect the audio device to the built-in chip according to your requirements. This projector has many interface of HDMI, Micro-SD, and Micro-Avid, which can be used to connect to computers, laptops, and other electronic devices. It's great for home theater, but also great for outdoor movie night, yard BBQ party, cheer for sports games, family camping, and so on. Recommend to use in a dark environment. The free 100'' projector screen is included in the package to make sure the customers can enjoy it immediately after receiving the projector. XOPPOX has high attention on the customer's 100% satisfaction, they provide 90 days refund or replacement service, 1-year warranty, LIFETIME technical support. Don't hesitate to contact them if you need help. The free 100'' projector screen is included in the package to make sure the customers can enjoy it immediately after receiving the projector. XOPPOX has high attention on the customer's 100% satisfaction, they provide 90 days refund or replacement service, 1-year warranty, LIFETIME technical support. Don't hesitate to contact them if you need help.

Brand: Xoppox

👤No recomienda el proyECTOR. No te sirve, quieres ver pelculas. Tiene lag. Problemas con el refresco. The imagen se ve escalonada. voy a devolver La descripcin is engaosa. No malgasten.

👤The screen is mirrored. The internet has a hmi connection. It works well.

👤Es pequeo. Fcil de transportar. Es un poco difcil configurar. Fotos proyectada es pequea. Lleg. The pantalla para proyectar is en tela delgada. Cuando lo utilice Ampliare mis comentarios. La compra was a satire. Muchas gracias.

👤It is a nice projector, it is compatible with a lot of electronics, and the size is large so you can take it to many places.

👤Lves dos dias con el proyector, estoy, y funciona, y facil de configurar. Le pongan un roku o un fire stick para puedan ver las pels, de las plataformas. hay mucho del polvo.

👤The quality is very good.

👤This isn't a projector that is wireless. Trying to figure out where to plug it in is very upsetting.

7. BenQ TK700STi Gaming Projector Keystone

BenQ TK700STi Gaming Projector Keystone

The brand is reliable. Ben Q is the best-selling projector brand in the world with a one year warranty. The 4K high resolution has 3000 lux of brightness; 100 inch images from 2m away; and a stunning color. 709 16ms@4K/60Hz low input lag, game mode and sound mode to fine- tune audio and images. The performance is good. Huge, bright, sharp images and equalized audio are compatible with major consoles. Easy set-up includes 1.2x zoom flexible throw distances, 2D auto vertical keystone, and picture rotation adjustment. Thousands of the latest apps, movies, shows, live sports, games, music, and more are available in the Play store. USER-FRIENDLY: You can cast with both. No app was required. The remote controls both the projector and TV. Their US-based customer service team is here when you need it. Also, note: You can connect to an HDMI cable if you use the laptop browser. This device doesn't have access to Netflix.

Brand: Benq

👤This beat out my old projector. There is a My old projector was a high definition one and it was great for gaming. When I can feel the delay, it's a let down when I play a lot of fighting games. I bought a 4K projector from Optoma and it was ok but not for gaming, I waited and finally saw this model, I decided to try it out and it is well worth it! I have a PS5 and a PC and it has been great. I recommend the Ben QK700STi if you are looking for a 4K gaming projector. If you don't need the 4k then I would recommend the BenQ. You can get a big image from about 3-6 feet with the short throw BenQ projectors. Well done BenQ! If I get the chance, I will post videos showing the Ps5 being used with the TK700STi.

👤If you intend to use it for 3d blu rays, do not buy this projector. 3d blu rays do not work. After setting up and throwing the shipping supplies away, I discovered this and am stuck with customer support. There is an issue with the new 4k TI chips they used, and as of now the only response anyone can get is "it should be resolved soon".

👤The return policy is something you should consider if you really want this project.

👤It's heaven for PC gaming and movies. Below is a long version. I use this projector for PC gaming and as a home theater for steaming movies and shows, but right now, primarily the latter, but I hope to change this soon because of my schedule. The picture quality on this thing is top notch, so let's get that out of the way. The frame rates at resolutions that are competitive with high end PC gaming monitors give you a lot to love about this monitor. At 100 inches. The price for performance on how this thing works as a gaming monitor is pretty amazing. The picture quality at the size you can easily get out of this thing is better than the 80ish inch TV. This thing compares favorably in terms of brightness, resolution and color with all but the highest end TVs for a fraction of the price. This thing is amazing. I don't have this set up in a completely blacked out room, and I would say that the issues I have with natural lighting while using the projector during the day are the same as the issues I have with a TV in a similarly lit room. If that is a concern, consider a window blackout solution. I highly recommend a dedicated screen for this beast. It is silly to debase the amazing picture quality of this machine by projecting it onto a wall. Sometimes the projector gets confused with input devices, and I need to power cycle one or the other to use the projector as a computer monitor. It is not a big deal, and the couple of times it has happened it has been when I am messing around with display settings. It may be on my computer. The remote that comes with the projector is mixed. The remote that comes with the projector is not the most responsive, and the smart TV function that comes with the projector is pretty good. The key seems to be a slow, deliberate button pressing. This is not a big deal in itself; the remote is not very good at adjusting projector settings and the onboard speaker is not going to win any awards. The seamless integration with the remote is a nice touch, but it isn't perfect. I found that a 4K fire stick was more responsive than a streaming device, and that you can pop a fire stick into the same HDMI slot and power source. I like the Amazon one better than the one I have right now, but I am doing that right now. I will see if I can figure out how to power the projector through the Amazon remote when I am brave, but it hasn't bothered me yet. This is more of an option than a real complaint, and the fact that the projector comes with an organic smart TV function should be seen as a bonus, especially at this price point. I recommend a sound system that matches the quality of the picture on this projector to do the experience justice. It was a challenge to find a sound bar that worked with the set up. I recommend something with a wide variety of input format compatibility, but it's the eARC/HDMI function that's the key at the end of the day. After fighting a Klipsch Cinema 600 for 2 weeks with missed results, my initial review was pretty heated, but it turned out it was the soundbar, and the problems and solutions to them when they worked were way weird. I went with the HW-Q800, which was easy to set up, and it worked great, and it sounded great. I edited my review to make sure that I didn't ruin someone's day, and to correct my mistake of thinking that the issue was on the projector. This projector is the bottom line. It is amazing. The price per performance on a projector that delivers most of the functions you would expect out of a high end gaming monitor at up to 120 inches is just. It was plain. Dumb. In the best way possible. If you have a stereotypical man cave game room and you want to add a screen that is just big and beautiful for both a quality gaming and home theater experience, look no further. Next to a top of the line TV that could perform in gaming at the same level, you might say that the OLED looked better. For 83 inches, you will pay more than 4 times the price of the projector, which is my reason for buying a projector for the first time. The projector offered 85% of the experience I wanted from a TV at 25% of the price. I feel that the projector matches or wins in all categories against any comparable TV.

8. BenQ HT5550 True Theater Projector

BenQ HT5550 True Theater Projector

Also, note: You can connect to an HDMI cable if you use the laptop browser. This device doesn't have access to Netflix. True 4K Ultra HD resolution is 8.3 millionPixels and gives an amazing 3840x2160 image quality. Make sure you get all of your 4K data. BenQ CinematicColor technology delivers richer, vivider colors via out-of-the-box DCI-P3/Rec.709 color accuracy that is second to none. The details of the image are provided by Benq. Dynamic iris for a contrast ratio of 100,000:1 creates superior 4K content experience. Installation flexibility through 2D LENS SHIFT and 1.6 ZOOM. Dustproofed lens hood can easily suit diverse professional AV rooms. The movie modifications are designed to give a cinematic experience with a film-like texture and color space.

Brand: Benq

👤Half of the picture looked good. There were white vertical bars on the left half. They showed up without any help from the projector. I found the chip was failing when I searched. This was factory refurbished. I'm not sure how they could miss these lines. I only have one BenQ monitor for gaming. It started flickering after a year. I still use it. It's annoying. I will probably buy the same projector again in a few months because it has a huge adjustment range for mounting. It was difficult to get a full sense of how great the image was.

👤The projector is great. I had a tv in my media room and saw my brother in law. I knew I had to get one. The picture coming from the projector is amazing. You will not be disappointed. Well packaged.

👤I was not sure if I wanted to purchase this projector. The Benq seemed to fit my needs. My distance throw led to the BenQ 5550. Wow! Positive reviews were right every time. Right out of the box, an amazing image! I have a lot of tvs and even OLEDs, so image quality is important. A projector will never match an QLED. This is a great image. You need a dark room to get the most out of this unit. My image is on a wall. I did not buy a screen to see the quality. A few minor changes and I find myself pausing in my head while watching and looking at the image. I use Final Cut Pro to make and edit my own music videos. I am impressed! I have a lot of streaming boxes. Apple TV 4K, etc. I am a gear nerd. I look for the best. If you are buying a 4K projector, I suggest doing a little research. If you want a great image, you should use your HDMI cables. Would you buy an expensive car, and spray the finish yourself, if you knew that a regular HDMI should work? No. Same here. You don't have to spend $300 on fancy cables at Best Buy. I suggest you look at Amazon for optical HDMI cables for your projector run. It's worth the extra $20-40 for a perfect image. If you are using an Apple 4K Tv box, you can find the best settings on the internet. This was critical in making the correct image. I was surprised to see that you turned off the high dynamic range and turned on the OTHET settings to get the full images. It sounds crazy, but watch the video. You can apply it to other boxes as well. You feel protected when you buy a large purchase on Amazon. They have your back. I went for a slightly used unit, with full warranty and 6 hours on the bulb, because I am not rich. The unit arrived early. Impressive! There was a note inside the box when I opened it. You get a little nervous when you see this. The demo unit that I bought was sold the same day as mine, according to the seller. He gave me a brand new projector for the same used price. That is a difference of $400 or more. I was blown away by this. He didn't have to say my unit was unavailable and give me my money back. Wow... Wow! David is the owner of the theater. You care about your business and customers. He spent the time to send me a response again after I messaged him with a thank you note. It is the kind of stuff that you don't see anymore, it makes you feel more secure using Amazon and it is also a way to resell certain items. If you are on the fence about purchasing this item, and I know it is a larger ticket item from many people, just buy it. If you don't like it, you can always send it back. I would be very careful with your throw distance. I have a large living room and this is what it works for. If your throat distance is less than 10 or 12 feet, I would look at the BenQ HT-3550 that is designed for a smaller throat distance to get you a larger screen. The insides of the two projectors are the same. There were some minor changes to the larger unit. Unless you are a super image nerd, you won't notice the difference. If you read all the reviews, you will know that the BenQ projectors are the best in class. You will probably not return it once you see the image. I could have put all the technical stuff here, but it would be redundant. Chris has an amazing quality 4K image. ...! Hope this helps!

9. BenQ TK800M Projector Lighting Accurate

BenQ TK800M Projector Lighting Accurate

There are 2 HDMI, 1 MHL, and a wireless HDMI enabled accessory. The 4K projection technology has 8.3 million distinct pixels and it has stunning clarity and crisply defined details. Not like other manufacturers. DLP Technology provides a better image resolution and quality without the "jaggier" and more pixelated compared to other technologies. Play games in 4K! You can play your favorite console games in 4K. Lower input lag on this projector makes it fun to play video games. A high Native contrast ratio ensures that the image quality is sharp and has the best Black levels in its class. OutSTANDING ASSETS: This projector is a great addition to the living room to watch sports. There is a crystal clear image. The glass 4k-optimized lens array has greater light penetration and increases image clarity. The components included are: Remote, Power Cord, User Manual, Quick Start Guide.

Brand: Benq

👤It worked great from October 10th to November 24th. I tried to reach out to Amazon but they said that my return date had been passed. The return date was thought to be 90 days. I felt that Amazon should have replaced it because they put me in contact with Benq support. I reported the problem to Amazon before 90 days. Benq didn't answer the phone with Amazon. I started the first email with Benq on Nov 24th, after trying to call them for hours and never getting a response. I received another after several of my emails to them. They can replace it by filling out forms. I filled out the forms and they were sent to me. Five emails and nothing since. Benq support is not good or this product has more problems. I am starting to see hints of blue on some shows that are similar to a bleed on people's faces. The last email was sent on Jan 17 2020. Nothing yet.

👤My experience with the projector was not good. It turned out to be a failure after a second chance. I returned my first Benq tk800m because I thought it was a problem that had been there before. The second Benq bought it on Amazon. I noticed the same issue after a few days of use. At first, it wasn't that bad. With time, it became more visible. The white dots and spots on the dark images are when they are more visible. The dots are shown outside the focus area, but should not be projected. The projector upside down can cause a huge light spill at the bottom of the screen which can ruin the experience. Some of the dots are more visible when focused in. If anyone is interested in seeing if the same issue is present with their projector, they can go to YouTube and watch a video that shows a dark screen, and then look at the image to see if any white spots appear. The image is modest at best. The colors are not bright. I was unable to see anything in the game when it was dark. The only time you can get a decent image is when this projector is used. Sorry Benq, no more Benq for me!

10. BenQ TH585 Entertainment Projector Enjoyment

BenQ TH585 Entertainment Projector Enjoyment

98% of the world's cinemas and 100% of digital IMAX theaters use the same technology. BenQ projector has a longer lasting, slimmer design. The resolution is Full HD with a 10, 000 contrast ratio for ultimate gaming experiences. Ultra-smooth gaming experiences are ensured by 16ms low input lag and microsecond DMD fast response. The power supply has a maximum output of 100 120. The typical power consumption is Max 340W, Normal , Eco 206W. 5W max. At 100 240VAC. Taking video games to the big screen is a new idea. The short throw projection can produce 100" images from just 3 meters. The built-in speaker is loud enough for games, movies, and TV. BenQ's 3-year warranty is the industry's leading warranty and it gives you peace of mind that their US-based customer service team is here when you need it. 15,000 hours lamp life is extended for intense gaming until next-gen consoles arrive.

Brand: Benq

👤We use a projector in a small theater room. The picture is bright and crisp. The audio output is the biggest downside. We tried to use a jack with speakers. The audio output is not as good as a cell phone speaker with both the projector volume and external speakers set to max. Our external speakers are sufficient when attached to any other device, so this must be a problem with the projector software or hardware. I wish we had known about the flaw before buying our projector, as I can't believe BenQ released something with such a serious flaw. Tech support suggested that we buy more hardware to make up for their oversight. If you want to hear your movies/ games, this projector should not be considered a stand-alone piece of equipment.

👤Excellent projector. I am happy we didn't go for the more expensive models because this one is amazing. The picture is clear. It is as bright as the TV at night time when it is projected onto a 100 inch Elite screen. It is bright enough that we can see it during the day and with all of the lights on in the room. The picture isn't as bright as it could be, but it's plenty bright enough to watch and enjoy. I was very worried about the rainbow effect and the DLP projector when I first looked at it. We are using it in a room with some windows and it has a higher brightness rating. If the rainbow thing was an issue, I could just send it back. No one in our family has ever seen a movie with rainbow effects. The Optoma HD143X had a lot of good reviews and was the same price point. I liked the brand name and the fan was rated as quieter. I don't know what the Optoma's fan is like, but it is incredibly quiet. We don't have the fan mounted on the ceiling yet, so we are sitting next to it, and you can't hear it. I think it looks better than the Optoma one. The speakers on this one are very quiet. You can't hear it even at full volume. They are almost as quiet as the fan. We have a separate speaker system so that wasn't one of the things we were looking for. It can project from behind a screen. We don't plan on using this, but it was a cool feature I didn't know it could do. When we mount it on the ceiling, it can project upside down. It shows a picture when one of the inputs is turned on. This was a nice feature because we have several items hooked up to it and the projector just switches inputs on its own to whichever one we turn on. The screen size is adjusted to match what is being shown. The zoom is helpful. If the projector is within a foot or so of the sweet spot for the 100 inch screen, you can zoom in to make the picture bigger or smaller. It doesn't change the focus or the picture quality. The size of the picture changes. That will be helpful for mounting it because we won't be able to get it down to the inch. The zoom can make up for that. The eco bulb mode is bright. It has been great, we just leave it on the eco mode and savesay There is no lens cover. I didn't want one. Did I mention the quality of the picture? It is amazing. I don't like video, but at night on a decent screen, this thing really looks like a regular TV. I'm sure the more expensive projectors are better, but I don't see how they could justify the huge price difference to me.

11. BenQ X1300i 1080p Gaming Projector

BenQ X1300i 1080p Gaming Projector

Also, note: You can connect to an HDMI cable if you use the laptop browser. This device doesn't have access to Netflix. The 4K ready version has 3000 ANSI lumens of brightness, is compatible with 4K, and has 100 inch images from 2.5m away. Game Modes are used to fine-tune audio and images at the same time. The input lag is low. The performance is good. Huge, bright, sharp images and equalized audio are compatible with major consoles. Thousands of the latest apps, movies, shows, live sports, games, music, and more are available in the Play store. The color of the vent. The auto color calibration gives superior brightness, contrast, and saturation for a long time. Their US-based customer service team is here when you need it. Also, note: You can connect to an HDMI cable if you use the laptop browser. This device doesn't have access to Netflix.

Brand: Benq

👤The picture runs on a light source. It lasts longer and is less maintenance. The highlight is lag. It is so low that any game player would appreciate it. The BenQ projector is perfect for family use and is designed with gaming in mind. Movie night just got upgraded.

👤Really enjoying this projector. The 120" screen has a great picture quality. It can be used for gaming and movies. It works best at night or in a dark room. I know I can't expect much from the projector's speakers. They are slightly above average, but still aren't enough for much. I bought a projector and a sound system. I'm really happy with my setup. I still give this a 5-star for image quality, features, and style/form factor, which I love compared to the typical rectangular projector.

👤I have had many projectors over the years, and this is one of the best. I've been looking at a projector for a while. This projector is designed for gaming, and it is half the price of the other projectors I was looking at. I have also watched a lot of movies on it. I recommend using a white screen with it, as a dark screen makes it look washed out.

👤The picture quality is great. You need to use another device with the tv if you want to watch netflix. The speaker is weak.

👤If you're into gaming, this projector is the real deal. You won't find games that are hard to play on projectors because of input delay here. The projector is responsive even when I tested some of the most demanding action games. Even if you have a less than ideal set up, picture quality will be pretty sharp even in rooms that aren't pitch black. It also comes with a streaming stick, which was a nice bonus, as it allowed you to access things like YouTube, Netflix, and other internet services without having to plug in any other hardware. The quality of this projector is topnotch and it's a great investment for your home entertainment center.

👤Some truly cinematic gaming can be seen in the colors that pop. I've been playing a lot of Cyberpunk and Overwatch.

👤The image quality is excellent when set up properly, and it can go pretty bright, which makes it usable even during the day. There are a few things that can't be done with it, such as using a separate dongle for Android TV, which cannot be used to cast Netflix. Since it is not part of the projector, I am not sure if it qualifies as a "Google-certified Android projector". We are using a separate device for streaming, but it's a shame. - The speakers are not great. If the projector is behind or above you, it does not work well. It is expected to get a better sound system at this price point. The bright mode is not color accurate in the living room. It's a pretty good experience, but it can be a little annoying at times.


What is the best product for benq ht2050a 1080p home theater projector?

Benq ht2050a 1080p home theater projector products from Benq. In this article about benq ht2050a 1080p home theater projector you can see why people choose the product. Amazon Renewed and Benq are also good brands to look for when you are finding benq ht2050a 1080p home theater projector.

What are the best brands for benq ht2050a 1080p home theater projector?

Benq, Amazon Renewed and Benq are some of the best brands that chosen by people for benq ht2050a 1080p home theater projector. Find the detail in this article. Benq, Benq and Xoppox are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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