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1. BIC AMERICA RTR 1530 Standing RTR1530

BIC AMERICA RTR 1530 Standing RTR1530

The midrange is 4 feet wide. The finish is black. The construction has a vent. 10 Watts to 325 Watts per channel is recommended. The Heavy Duty 15 Woofer is in the 3-Way Tower.

Brand: Bic

👤I wanted to go to Vegas but couldn't afford it. I was hesitant when I found these, but decided to try them anyways. I thought I would give a 1-2 star review. I was wrong. These things sound good. Better mids and highs than you think. Did I mention the BASS? They hit hard, like you would expect from a 15" woofer. I read that someone said the base drops off under 50HZ. I'm getting a clean bass in the low 30'sHZ range. I like the shape of the grill at the bottom that allows you to see the ports with the grill on. The ports won't eat my hot wheels.

👤These are large so they have a good deal of sound, even at low volume, which is not something I would use in apartments or attached houses/condos. Even at low volume, they will fill your space with sound. High quality audio will sound great. I get great fidelity out of both digital and vinyl music. These speakers are not miracle speakers and you will get what you put in. Audiophiles have better fidelity with music played at a lower volume. Unless the music is blasted at which time the bass out sounds the mid and highs, the bass falls off and the highs are muffled. The bass is very strong but contained and somewhat regulatable with your amplifier. The individual bass end instruments can be heard. These speakers are very efficient. These are large and heavy. Before you order, make sure you want them. It will cost over $300 to ship back.

👤These are constructed of particle board covered with veneer, not the 1/3 MDF advertised. Very light weight with a lot of resonance. The bass is lacking and the listening experience is loud. A few test tracks show bass peaks between 50 and 80 hz, and they struggle to produce musical bass below 50hz. My speakers and Klipsh sub sound better together. These speakers are great for a man cave, just pair them with a good sub.

👤The speaker is large. I was worried about finding a replacement for my floor speakers that are almost 40 years old because they sounded amazing and had some really good bass, good speakers. These speakers are exactly what I 888-276-5932 888-276-5932s were supposed to be. You can't beat it for money. I own a pretty powerful stereo setup. It handles everything well. I was skeptical, but I'm glad I finally did. I'm very happy with the speakers. The air portals are blowing some air. Great purchase!

👤I have purchased 2 of these speaker systems over the last 7 years. I use them every day and they sound great. They are one of the few speaker systems that specify their performance and they sound great. The cabinets could be made from more exotic materials, but they are acceptable. I can't think of a better purchase.

👤I am old school and love the older speakers, but I bought a new set of sx speakers and they sound great, I have been able to turn it up past half on the volume. That is a bunch of old school power.

2. Klipsch Pack R 610F Floorstanding Speaker

Klipsch Pack R 610F Floorstanding Speaker

2 Pack R-610F Floorstanding Home Speaker - Grille - 2 Feet, 4 Screws, Quick Setup Guide - Warrant Tractrix horn technology is exclusive to Klipsch and ensures that the R-610F high frequencies are aimed at the listener and not at the sound source. This technology gives you clarity, dynamics, and detail. The Linear Travel Suspension (LTS) has an aluminum tweeter that reduces distortion. Kapton is an extremely light and rigid material that is used in the tweeter suspension to improve resolution and detail. Klipsch speakers have a hallmark of LTS tweeters. The injection molded Graphite (IMG) woofer cones are extremely rigid and light, and provide a remarkable low frequency response. The speaker efficiency is the highest in its class when it is coupled with the Tractrix Horn-Loaded LTS Tweeter. The rear Tractrix port is perfectly matched to the cabinet and the lowest frequencies, creating ideal air flow with minimal distortion or turbulence.

Brand: Klipsch

👤The speakers are a nice addition to my home audio/video system. The sound is adequate for an entry level speaker. They are used as an accompaniment to my main speakers. They give added depth. The finishing touches are what I don't care about. It was a little too dull. It could have been more vibrant. The plastic support feet that lift the floor seem to be an unimportant part. The edges could have used a rounded effect. These things may seem small to some. I always believed that Klipsch was different from others because of their attention to detail. All-in-all they do suffice. I could have returned them, so why am I complaining? I wanted to let someone know my thoughts.

👤The sweet of the floor standing speakers were replaced with these. For about a month now. Excellent sound, deep bass, warm mid, very tinny highs. I can hear the instrument crystal clear when I am using a top of the line Denon avr to drive them. I had to turn off my subs to reduce the base. I don't recommend cinema as they can become too boomy for the movie action scenes. I use Fluance and MartinLogan subs for my movie theatre. The Klipsch needs to be mounted on the included base stand in order to get the best performance. I got a brand new pair for $250. Highly recommended.

👤The speakers are no exception and you get what you pay for. They are a pretty good deal, but don't expect them to compete with speakers costing $500 or more. I got these because of their 95db efficiency. The speakers are shaped like V's. The bass and treble were boosted. There is a hollow midrange. The speakers are better than the previous generations. If you buy these, pair them with a warm amplifier to push the midrange forward and roll off the highs. The speakers should be pointed into the room. The highs will kill you if you point them at the listening position. I use these with a tube amplifier that has KT66 tubes. The highs and ups of my amplifier. The combo gives a warm sound. If you're looking for a giant killer around this price, take a look at Tekton Speakers.

👤I wanted to replace my television speakers. They do the trick and are a no-brainer at $259/pair. I connected them to the Sony receiver with 16 gauge speaker wire and banana plugs. The audio is better than the old tv speakers.

👤It was easy and smooth. I own a pair of USA made Heresy 3s and needed a couple of towers for the basement to fit a 15” sub. Love it. The price is amazing and they sing. The winner.

👤I like the structure of the speakers. The weight shows the performance of the speakers. The wood has a magnetic cover. I like to display the speakers in a different way. I use them for a lot of things. I own the R-610F, the R- 400C, the R-120 SW, and a pair of R-41SA. The Denon 960H is a 2020 model.

3. Sony SSCS3 Floor Standing Speaker Single

Sony SSCS3 Floor Standing Speaker Single

The floor standing speaker with Hi-Res Audio is perfect for your home theater or music listening setup. A speaker with a three-way coaxial, four-driver speaker system will amplify your audio experience. The complete range of Sony speakers, including 2 tower speakers, 1 center channel speaker, 2 bookshelf speakers, and 2 SSCSE Dolby Atmos enabled speakers, are perfect for a 5.1.2 home theater setup. 34 in. The super tweeter and 1” tweeter reproduce high frequencies. Deep, stable bass and detailed mid-range sounds are delivered by dual 5.12” woofers. The componentry creates a clear sound. The maximum input power is 145 W. One speaker per carton.

Brand: Sony

👤I like and can tell the difference between good and bad audio components, even though I am not a techie. I have a couple of very expensive home theater setups that use power conditioners and Sony ES components with ridiculous costing and speaker wiring out to Polk LSi speakers and Polk subs. The setup on my desktop is very modest, using a V2 50x50 amplifier and a P1 tube pre-amp with upgraded tubes. All are connected with 12ga twisted pair speaker wiring. I use my laptop to stream audio via the internet. An inexpensive but clean setup. I've been using my LSi7 $800/pair bookshelf speakers and BIC F12 sub for a while. Maybe overkill for a desktop setup. These Sony 3 ways are on sale for $73/pair. They have good reviews. I wanted to get my LSi7's back to their surround positions so I decided to try them out. I was not excited because I was expecting a change in sound. It is a desktop setup for listening at lower volume levels, so I didn't want to spend a lot. Let me tell you something. My Polk LSi7's sound better than the Sony SSCS5 speakers. A better soundstage and better separation make this more detailed. How can this be? For $73.00 for a pair. Come on. I can't believe how good these are. I am listening to an album. I am amazed and flabbergasted. I think I will be doing my critical listening at my computer. I need to see a therapist.

👤I bought these on Amazon for $118. How good could a pair of speakers be? Let me tell you something. It comes to mind. I've been listening to music for 40 years. My method for buying speakers has always been to listen to the best speakers available, ones that I couldn't possibly afford, then work my way down into speakers that are within my budget, but sound as close as possible to my "dream" speakers. These speakers are solid, well-made, and have an incredibly warm and accurate sound. They can easily compete with speakers up to the $500 price range, well compete is not the word, but blow the doors off speakers in that price range is more like it. If you had no idea what speakers you were listening to in a side-by-side comparison, you may find yourself choosing the cheaper ones. That's correct! I said it! It had to be said. I don't know what Sony did to these little buggers, but they are magnificent. The price has gone up one week later and is not just on Amazon. They jumped $30 over night, but are they still worth it? I would pay double after hearing them. I am using them as main speakers in a two-channel scenario, not as surrounds. They are not even "broken in" yet. If you're looking for bookshelf-sized speakers, look no more. Don't let the low price fool you. Cheers!

👤I have experience with speakers in all ranges and have a lot of knowledge about how audio works. There are a few common issues that put me off as a listener, which these speakers have done a great job of avoiding. The speakers under $500 are usually not good because they don't mix well with the loudspeaker in the cabinet and sound like another miss-matched speaker placed on top of your much better mid/low range speakers. They are loud and sound like they are making noise. The sound quality is reduced when the dust protection panel is on. The bass lacks a proper tone. The bass is weak. Bass has a good tone, but relies too much on the addition of speakers that produce lower quality lows/mids. Audio suffers greatly when not placed in the absolute most optimal position, which restricts placement or quality, because of 3-way crossover. I expected to hear at least one of the common problems, even with the good reviews and research. I am blown away by how well these speakers handle these issues. Up close, far away, with a sub, without, placed properly or improperly, used with other speakers or alone, these two mini-monsters absolutely crush all of these issues and sound good while doing it. I'm very critical of audio and I'd have to be prepared to spend 600 dollars on an upgrade if it was worth it. I have these connected to an amplifier and are in a large room with it. I think 6 off the rip. These go above and beyond just making a few right decisions, and are perfect for this size speaker in a home theater. These had all the good design choices. I would highly recommend these if your amplifier can do 6 Ohms. The volume and atmospheric resonance in these are comparable to 8 Ohm 350 watt speakers, so 100 watt is something my power bill is happy to adopt. I'm not worried about ripping them apart because these barely break a sweat, producing a loud, high quality, detailed sound. I will be using these for music at house parties as well as for movies and gaming and so far I've tested them for all three and have yet to be disappointed. I don't recommend these speakers as side speakers as they are too much in your face. Side and rear are different ball games. You could definitely order 6 of these and use them as surround, front, and rear speakers; you just need to equalize them properly. I'm proud to say I own these and I'm even more proud to tell people what I spent on them. These aren't just good for how much they are, they're also great. Unless you're willing to spend a lot of money, there's little-to-no audible difference between these and other very high end speakers and I recommend getting these speakers if you need bookshelf sized speakers. If we completely ignore price and consider 10 the best sound, we will get a final verdict of 8.5/10. If I factor in price and give in to my bass-head type personality, I'll be happy. 98% of the world would consider perfect audio to be a perfect SOB, so 10/10 for anyone who isn't the pickiest SOB in the world. The bass on these are very good and I am talking about what you would expect from a Home Theater speaker. Unless you want to get those huge cabinet speakers that you see in theaters, you are never going to get a sub bass out of a front channel speaker. You aren't meant to, and for good reason. They handle bass incredibly well and do not need a sub to hear it. Please don't think these can replace a speaker. They're called sub- "woofers" because they push air so hard. That's not bass, it's an artificial effect. It's been 2 years and still going strong. Everyone who hears how good this system sounds is blown away, even though I know a lot about the best ways to setup and get the most out of my speakers. Everyone is encouraged to get a setup after hearing how good it is. These compliment my center channel and other speakers as well. I mix these with other speakers and it works. I've been pushing these configurations hard on a weekly basis. I think they work no matter what I do. I am happy to say that the room I have has no tendency to pick up dust, as I haven't had to clean it in a long time. There are a lot of things there. I don't think people understand how rare it is to find a speaker like this in this price range, so I wish I could give these more stars. Hats off to the engineers in Japan that designed this, you guys deserve a pay raise.

4. Klipsch R 625FA Dolby Floorstanding Speakers

Klipsch R 625FA Dolby Floorstanding Speakers

The built-in channel is for Dolby Atmos. The main channel has a copper Spun Magnetically Shielded IMG Woofers. Bass-Reflex via Rear-Firing Tractrix ports. There are dual 1" aluminum diaphragm compression shavers. Square Tractrix Horn. The sensitivity is 96 dB with 2 83V/1M and power handling. It was Hz.

Brand: Klipsch

👤There is proof in the hearing. I love the fact that the R-625FAs can enunciat high frequencies. At times instruments such as cymbals and triangles seem to be present. Woodwinds and brass instruments are very good. When I play Artie Shaw's clarinet pieces, it seems like he's in the room. I was surprised by the weight of the speakers. When I ordered them, I didn't bother to check on this. When installing them, it's better to have a hand truck.

👤Love them. The speakers are fired to deliver the sound. The sound bounces off the ceiling. You are completely immersed. The heart of the experience is the sound system. I bought mine from Amazon and they arrived perfect. I can not tell the difference. A few bucks were saved. If you crank it, it will blow your ears off. Very happy with them.

👤I got the whole set of 10 matching speakers. People are blown away by me. The corner was smashed on the bottom of my speaker as they arrived. Be careful to check your speaker when it arrives from a carrier other than the one you choose.

👤I received one speaker on the date and the second on Monday. I set this up quickly and enjoy listening to them. I have a Onkyo 7.1 which is great and I will watch a DVD to compare the sound.

👤I have owned speakers from Klipsch before and these are no different. They are outstanding. The sound quality is great. The surround sound on my first Atmos speakers is excellent. I would recommend them to everyone. You will not be disappointed if you buy the Klipsch speaker.

👤If you like the sound of Klipsch, you will be fine. The speakers have built in speakers that give you a different sound. The room filled with sound. They could make more on the bottom end.

👤The seller was great to deal with and the product was in perfect condition when I got it. I would purchase from this seller again.

👤I was looking for atmos speekers.

5. Monster Soundbar Bluetooth Multicolor Connection

Monster Soundbar Bluetooth Multicolor Connection

It's easy to connect. Their speakers can be used to connect to your TV, PC or laptop. Powerful 30W speakers. The speaker system provides a sound that fills the room. Light illuminates your space and enhances your home theater. You can use the buttons on the sound bar to adjust the volume, play music or switch mode. Different colors of indicators mean different modes. You can stream your favorite music from your phone, tablet, or other device. Sits below the TV or securely mounts on the wall.

Brand: Monster

👤It looks cool. It was too quiet and my tv speakers sounded better since it looked cool with the lights.

👤The price is good and it looks cool. It works well, but it doesn't get as loud as I would like it to.

👤If you have a sleek TV it is almost necessary to have a separate sound system. TVs are thin with no room for large speakers. The speakers are usually on the back. The Monster Soundbar has a low-profile and comes with a remote control that can be used to power on, volume, play, pause, switch between lighting colors and modes, inputs and Bluetooth. The unit has some control built into it. The sounbar can be placed under the TV or on the wall. It could connect via the AUX port. The Monster Soundbar has several color options and mode selections. You could pick a color or pick a wave. The remote has controllable dimmer settings. The sound of my TV is better than that of the soundbar. I was expecting a Monster sound bar with a name like Monster to create a better audio experience than the tiny speakers on the back of the TV. I have a portable speaker with a bigger sound and a better bass than this one. There are similar priced units with better sound. Some of them have a separate sub, or have a HDMI port for music from an external drive. The Monster Soundbar is mostly for TVs. It is too wide to fit on many desks and it worked better as a PC speaker. Sound and lighting should be more important than they are.

👤I wanted to put it over my monitor. The sound from the speakers was very good. The stereo is great because of the wide separation. This is not very useful for use with a TV in a small room. If my PC is off, I loved the convenience of using a phone or iPod with my computer. It's easy to pair. I had to provide my own cable at a small price, and it was almost as good as the one that BT provides. The sound is clear and loud enough for me to sit at my computer desk. Not a lot of Bass. 2 screws and anchors are provided for the mounting. It can sit under a TV. If you don't try for a tight screw to the soundbar back, it will lean down a bit. If mounted to the wall like I did, it will aim the sound down a bit. The lighting is bright, multicolored, and can be set with the remote control from off to on in many patterns and color schemes. I provided my own batteries for the remote, which will control the inputs and play. A small wall wart provides Soundbar power. The instructions are very good. I love the improvement over my monitor speakers. I recommend this Monster Store Soundbar: Home Theater with Multicolor Led Lights, 30W Speakers, Remote Control, and Optical AUX Connection. It's ideal for close up use with my PC. I hope you find the information helpful.

6. Audio Pro Bluetooth Wireless Standing

Audio Pro Bluetooth Wireless Standing

You can adjust your sound bar through the remote control, and there are multiple settings and multiple choices. They offer pre-sales and after-sales services. If you have a question, you can contact them to find a solution. The ultimate TV sound. The stereo pair will give you a full-bodied TV sound that surpasses the one of the soundbars. It will give you an open and spacious sound stage for your TV-sound, as well as delivering the music for your party as well as your everyday listening. You can add a virtual surround effect to your speakers with the app. It is not possible to add additional speakers. You can connect your TV with the ARC for easy control. Misplacing multiple remotes can be a hassle. Multiroom streaming is a way to use sound and people in a room. Group and play. Play all at once. Or not. You can. Audio Pro remote is made of aluminum. Able to handle wear, pressure, and damage. You can choose between wireless or beaded technology. The apt-X Low Latency codec is used in the standard version of the Bluetooth standard. 3.5mm aux in, internet streaming, and ar.

Brand: Audio Pro

👤Good for the movie.

👤Design und Gre ist super. A top with AirPlay! Multiroom Audio innerhalb, Audiopro Familie und Rest problemlos ber die App. Fr Musik ist die knnen. Einstellungen gehen ber die App, virtuell surround ist mglich. Im Sommer ist die Bhne etwas. Egal, todchic und damit akzeptiert. Design ber alles. Top! Fun am Fernseher. Im Klassik ist das anlsung und Klarheit, aber trotzdem. Bass...haut die Socken weg. Subwoofer? Weder ist sprbar. Nicht was da raus, fr die Gre. In der Preisklasse, ja sonst die Magnat 5A, aber weniger Ausstattung und dagegen. Fernbedienung aus der Alublock mal. Lautstrke ist ausreichend. Fr 2x75W ist so erwarten. The absolute Empfehlung meinerseits. Begeisterung pur.

7. Jamo Studio Floorstanding Speaker Black

Jamo Studio Floorstanding Speaker Black

The technology is called Waveguide acoustic technology. Aluminized polyfiber woofers. A patent-pending fastening system. The soft dome tweeter is 25mm.

Brand: Klipsch

👤I like the magnetic grilles. I bought these based on the reviews, so the sound isn't bad. I don't think you're going to find another pair of tower speakers that sound like this at this price point. Let me know if you do. The dolby atmos speakers have to be on top of the bottom hook ups in the rear. None of my speakers would work through the top hook ups because of this fact. I think they must ground themselves in the top of the speakers. You can build a wire to get by this. I decided to leave them the same as they are for the living room. I moved the Polk Audio towers to the music room because I wanted to jump off of them in the living room. These are half the size of those and they sound similar. They're not going to be as good as I paid for them. All in all a good deal. They put out the sound. It will take more than a few days to say if they are worth it or not. So far, so good. I put some pictures up. You can see what's going on. Let me know if this helps you out by the thumbs up button. Be kind.

👤The LaScala is too far out of my price range to be my dream speaker. I was looking for a cheaper solution, but most of the lower end Klipsch were out of my range. As I was looking at options, I came across the Jamo S809 and after reading reviews and listening to Audiophile reviews, I decided to buy it because they were on sale for less than half their list price and the price of one Klipsch speaker of the same style. The box was beat to hell when it arrived. The speakers had only minor edge damage. I replaced the Klipsch R-15 bookshelf speakers with a Polk subwoofer for the 15 x 30 foot room because they sounded too small. I put them up to the stereo receiver and began to break them in so they would play everything from classical to heavy metal. The highs were a bit harsh at first but as they broke in they mellowed out and now they sound great, I can't hear the same music in my family room system. Even though they don't need the POLK subs, I kept it in the system for those songs that really like the extra base. I am very satisfied with the speakers and would recommend them to anyone who wants a lot of sound for very little money.

👤The delivered package was badly opened and I was not happy. I think it added more dents to the speakers, but they still function. They are on trial and I notice a slight "SHHHH" sound in the background that could be from a bad home studio recording. I like them a lot. They are the same height as the 21 y.o. pair of Cornet. The speakers work well with a 100w per channel receiver. My room is small and it's great. I used a 16 avg wire. They seem weak on the bass, it might be because they are out of phase. As soon as I have a new receiver, I will correct that. I can't ask for a better price for medium range speakers, but they're covered with glue and vinyle, not veneer, and it's not veneer, so I can't complain. They are around 10 kilo each and are still beautiful and elegant. Rome was not made in one day so I am just waiting for a new receiver and pushing them a little bit further. You can add heights for a virtual sound. It gives my living room a great look. Absolutely. It is a very good purchase.

8. Klipsch RP 500SA Reference Premiere Speakers

Klipsch RP 500SA Reference Premiere Speakers

The main channel hasNominal Impedance of 8 Ohms compatible. The titanium lts have hybrid tractrix horns. 5.25" Spun copper cerametallic speakers. There is a switchable setting for surround sound. Keyhole mounting for sound. Premium scratch resistant finish. 75.0 watt output.

Brand: Klipsch

👤I love that these speakers have the great Klipsch reference premiere sound, which can be used as upfiring speakers or as a full range height speaker. The only problem I have is the value. There is little competition in the realm of mounting bookshelf speakers as front height speakers looks a little weird. I was able to get 2 sets of 2 sets of 2 sets of 2 sets of 2 sets of 2 sets of 2 sets of 2 sets of 2 sets of 2 sets of 2 sets of 2 sets of 2 sets of 2 sets of 2 sets of 2 sets of 2 sets of 2 sets These are more expensive than the other speakers because they are larger and have more output, and I paid $500 for a pair on Amazon and NFM. The best full range speaker for $250 a pair is the RP500M. My ceiling is vaulted so upfiring atmos is not an option, so I have the RP500M's as front heights. There are a few things on the RP-500M's that made me bite the bullet and get them. If I ever move, I'll be able to use the option for upfiring atmos and they will fit and look great on my RP-8000f's. I would recommend these over the Sony speakers if they were less expensive, but they are 5 times better. No. I wanted to purchase these because they fit in my Klipsch setup and sound better. I run these above my front speakers to keep the height channels clear and audible. I think the less powerful RP-140SA's would be drowned out quickly. If you want a klipsh setup, this is the way to go and you wont be let down, but the value for money is not as good as my other speakers.

👤I bought a few pairs of these to replace some Lipch for one of my AURO 3D Home TheATERS. The change in heights is significant. The sound of birds flying by, rain, and explosion is very similar to life. These should be considered if you are serious about home theater.

👤Excellent sound quality matches the rest of my rp series. The overhead atmos effect was not accomplished by it. On top of the floor speakers, on top of the media center furniture, and even on top of the floor speaker without success, my listening spot is almost 10 feet away. The atmos soundtrack effect felt to me to be coming from the front. There is a Since I don't have enough room between my projector screen and the walls/ceiling to fit a front height speaker, I had to use front height speakers. It is a perfect match for my rp-250's, there is a picture where it shows my reduced space with screen rolled down, beneath that screen is a 49” tv, which I will be updating for a 65 in. I hooked these speakers to the Onkyo receiver and set it to atmos option. I was trying to like them, but they have no overhead sound effect for me. I will return these speakers since they aren't an option since I'm a renter, but I will look for smaller front height speakers that are adequate for my space, or just keep it nice and tight with 5.1.

9. Klipsch Reference Standing Subwoofer Bookshelf

Klipsch Reference Standing Subwoofer Bookshelf

The Tractrix Horn is 90 x 90 square. There is a kit included. The Klipsch R-12 SW is a 1200 watt all-digital powered Subwoofer. Two-Way Center Channel Speaker, black. There is a built-in elevation channel for Dolby Atmos. The main channel has a copper Spun Magnetically Shielded IMG Woofers. 40” x 9.4” x 17.3” is the dimensions of the Square Tractrix Horn. Subwoofer features. The amplifier delivers 400 watt of dynamic power and is equally impressive with music and movies. The dimensions of the cabinet are 16 H x 14 W x 18 D. The center speaker has a 1" aluminum LTS tweeter. Square Tractrix Horn has a dual 5.25" Spun-Copper IMG Woofers and a closed back design for flexible placement. The bookshelf speaker has a 1" aluminum LTS tweeters. Square Tractrix Horns come in a variety of sizes and are available with a strong, flexible magnetic grille. Klipsch is an authorized partner. The Klipsch USA warranty is limited to five years.

Brand: Klipsch

👤I was surprised to see the label, but when I looked it up, it was clear that this is a kit sold by Costco.

👤I have been an audio head for as long as I can remember and I have always wanted a great set of speakers for my home entertainment system, but was discouraged by the price. I recently purchased a Denon 3700 receiver and was looking to purchase a new set of surround speakers that would work with the new feature of Dolby Atmos. I was shopping for speakers at a store and was overwhelmed by the prices. I did my shopping online. The fine print said it was not a matched set. Did not matter. All appearances match. The speakers work well together. The speakers on the front floor are clean. I was previously running Polk speakers. My wife, who does not like loud surround sound sounds, has been wanting to watch different movies since setting these up. Shoot em up, explosion type movies! Couldn't be happier. And for the price? It could not be better. I am here to tell you to order these now and you won't be discouraged because your ears have been waiting for relief. They are amazing! Too bad my neighbors don't agree with me. Ha! Cheers!

👤The price for good speakers is great. The floor tower speakers cost more than the entire set. They sound great. They make a nice sounding home theater system.

👤These speakers are amazing. The value you get as a package can't be beat. After setup, we are hearing music we have never heard before. The performance of the atmos is amazing. Sound doesn't come from a direction, but rather fills the air. When watching television or movies that are made in the USA, it is truly an expierience. The bass is amazing! It's powerful and deep. I had to dial down for my small playing area. If you are thinking of these speakers, stop thinking because they are the ones you need and will enjoy for a long time.

👤I'm surprised that this is not the same set. I thought maybe a mistake was made at first, but then I looked at the item pictures and realized that this set was sold differently than it was advertised. The speakers are black with a wood grain. The sub has a plastic surface. I have attached some pictures. Make sure this is what you want before you buy. I have faith in the world that these bad boys will sound awesome, but I was so disappointed by the mismatch that I wanted to share with others so they knew what they were getting into.

👤If you need a large speaker setup, these are some of the better looking ones, with the copper-spun elements. CLARITY is the strongest attribute. The speakers are silent if a part of the film is supposed to be silent. There have been a few times where I have figured out what someone is saying, due to the clarity of the speakers. The bass is somewhat underwhelming. I was hoping for a punch from the sub. I wanted a Steve Harris. This is a 5.1 system. The effect of the films mixed with Dolby Atmos is limited, and it is like you might not have it. Buying more surround speakers for a 7.1 set up would be better for me.

10. Sony 4 Driver Floor Standing Speaker System

Sony 4 Driver Floor Standing Speaker System

A/B/C - DVD: 012345678 You can use it to create an amazing audio experience in your own home. The features include a main tweeter of 1 inch, a 34" super tweeter, and a 6 Ohm speaker impedance. The speaker design and cabinet design have rich acoustics. High-res audio is used for sound reproduction. There is a bundle included. The Sony SSCS3 Stereo Floor- Standing Speaker Pair is a bundle.

Brand: Sony

👤I don't write many reviews for Sony and the other mega-corporations, they seem to be doing well without any help from me. I was looking for a pair of passive floor-standing speakers when I came to Amazon, but I also wanted a pair of Klipsch 2-ways or whatever I could afford, so I looked for 3-way speakers first, then I settled for a pair of Klipsch 2-ways for I didn't expect to find any 3-ways for that money. I was not very fond of these Sonys at first. I have had more video equipment from Sony than any other company, and I am a fan of their cameras. But speakers? No. Definitely not. For some reason, Sony didn't crack the speaker market. They seem to have been making mass-produced mediocre speakers for the department store market. They sucked. These were cheap and the reviews were good. The 40k speakers that Sony produced in the year of 2014) were some of the best I've ever heard. They came out with these after they renewed to audio. I was looking for a pair of good speakers for under 1200, not a pair of "OK" speakers. I was hesitant at first. I connected them to my 140w/ch Marantz 2 channel power amplifier through a vacuum tube preamplifier. These are great speakers. They go all the way up with my black Marantz. I hear parts of the mix that I have never heard before. These speakers sound excellent, because of the clean layer of sound they provide. For more than double the price, as good or better than speakers. Sony, you did it again. It doesn't seem like anyone knows, but you broke out of the department store with your speakers, and they are the best deal I've gotten on new equipment in a while.

👤Sony has made great speakers before. I gave my daughter the speakers that I bought 15 years ago because she loves them and they were good. I have a pair of small bookshelf ones for my new apartment, but my soundbar was not up to par when playing my external hard drive. I was torn between these and similar Polk speakers. I bought these slim ones because they fit nicely in my place and wouldn't cause the house to fall down. These are crisp and have little punches of bass, but nothing to brag about. The highs are clean and the sound is good. Movies are really good. I have nothing bad to say about these speakers and would recommend them to anyone. I have converted my mp3's to the highest quality 320 mbps because of my particular sound for my music. Rock on.

👤I bought a bundle with 2 front towers and a speaker. I have to buy another center channel to pair with the tower speakers because I end up using them as back sorround. I almost returned them because they are too small for my living room, but I found it cheaper than buying back sorround speakers. The sounds are great for a small room. The sounds are clean and crisp. I found that they sound better with speakers with a separate active sub set to a low volume to help with the bass. The bundle speakers from Sony are very good for the price.

11. JBL 2 5 Way Woofers Alluminum Standing

JBL 2 5 Way Woofers Alluminum Standing

Hardware, audio cables, and cable are included. Two-tone design for wood. High-definition image engineering by JBL.

Brand: Jbl

👤I've toured with R&R bands for decades and I'm familiar with the product of JBL. If you want something that can absolutely rattle the windows and piss off neighbors with the sheer volume they can produce, these speakers are for you. I have them hooked up to my TV and they sound great. They shine when watching movies on streaming services like Amazon and Netflix as they have great sound.

👤It has a lot of bass, and it's cheap. You won't be disappointed. It could look better.

👤The bass is a little heavy. The speaker wire did not come with a small stand as shown on the box.


What is the best product for floor standing speakers home theater?

Floor standing speakers home theater products from Bic. In this article about floor standing speakers home theater you can see why people choose the product. Klipsch and Sony are also good brands to look for when you are finding floor standing speakers home theater.

What are the best brands for floor standing speakers home theater?

Bic, Klipsch and Sony are some of the best brands that chosen by people for floor standing speakers home theater. Find the detail in this article. Monster, Audio Pro and Jbl are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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