Best Flush Mount Speakers for Home Theater

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1. Pyle Connections Changeable Polypropylene PDICBT266

Pyle Connections Changeable Polypropylene PDICBT266

Bluetooth is a built-in wireless music streaming service. You can barely see the floor or shelf space in your home from the speakers. Changeable grills include a pair of round and square speaker grills. Match existing flush mounted designs in your home or workplace for a clean look and wide-range sound performance. It's perfect sound wherever you need it. The Pyle 2-way in-ceiling or in-wall speaker system can be used for existing home theater systems and custom applications. For in home use, office, professional, or custom audio applications on any flat surface, a compact flush mount design is ideal. Easy to install - includes a cut-out size template, quick connect spring- loaded speaker terminals, and spring loaded fixing clips, and a speaker connection wire.

Brand: Pyle

👤If you want to use these with firestick, there is no way to turn them down. I contacted the manufacturer to see what I could buy to solve the issue, and was told that they have something in their warehouse and that they have an 800 number. They know of no device that can control volume and they have no solutions, so I called them and asked what I could buy. They told me that there was nothing they could do to control it. I installed 2 sets so I can't do anything about it now. Terrible customer service. I am not sure if audio can solve the problem, but I am guessing it can. I was impressed with their response to being insulted.

👤I've read the reviews. No volume control, no on off switch, all that. I decided on these for a number of reasons. It's better than what I had before. My phone is my stereo, and I can control the volume with that, the amplifier is plugged into a power strip and has an on off switch, I'm 61 and don't need massive bass and volume, yet the system is adequate for the volume I'm used to. Anyone can install these if they know how to read. I'm happy with my purchase, and have only one complaint. The screwdriver that was used to put the speaker wire in the amplifier is useless. Since I'm a cabinetmaker and have a lot of tools, it's not worth mentioning. My music and movies are better now. The price is outstanding.

👤I wanted to play quiet music at my salon. I don't play them very loud and I don't care about sound quality. They are not that great. They still have no base even after adjusting the sound from my device. The sound is very cheap. They don't stay connected all the time. I have to plug in again. Listening to prime music can cause static sounds. Not impressed at all. I think I'll return them, but it's a pain to take them all down out of the drop ceiling. I am so frustrated!

👤I wanted to replace the outdated black RV speakers with something that was slicker looking, so I removed the outdated ones from my travel trailer. They are definitely better looking but the template they give you to trace the hole is not the right size so you end up having to shave the whole tooth bigger to make it fit, I haven't been able to power them up yet so I can't attest to their sound quality. The description leads you to believe that they are small. I was expecting them to be slightly larger than the speakers I was replacing, but they are almost double the size, so be careful not to cut the hole where the supports are.

👤I have installed these speakers in my bathroom and living room. They are easy to install and set up. I think the sound is good, but it might be too tinny for an audio engineer. Even when I'm on another floor, they have a good range and will stay connected. The ability to change the name and password is the only improvement. It's important when you have more than one set.

2. Theater Solutions TSLCR5 Speaker Surround

Theater Solutions TSLCR5 Speaker Surround

Theater Solutions TSLCR5 center in wall speaker has a recommended power of 200 watt, efficiency is 92dB, and a Frequency Response of 30-20 kHz. 25" Woven fiber Cone woofers with Butyl rubber surround, fully shielded, pivoted pei dome tweeter, second order 12dB per octave. The knockout, spring loaded wire terminals, paint-able frame and grill, low profile housing, and wall locking mounting system are unique. The cut out is 16. Overall, it is 17. The mounting depth is 3. It was designed and engineered in the USA. The price is for 1 in Wall speaker and it is used for home entertainment, surround sound, home theater, center channels, offices or commercial. The type of post is 5-way binding post. The included components are Flush Mount Passive Speakers with Removeable Grills.

Brand: Theater Solutions

👤I wanted to add a black center speaker to the TV cabinet in my living room, but my wife doesn't like black and I didn't find a high quality shelf.

👤It was a serious bang for the buck. I've been installing pro audio and doing touring grade sound production, so I'm picky about audio quality. I decided to buy this center channel along with four of the 8 for the rest of the room to see how they stacked up to others I've heard, after reading other reviews on these, especially considering the low price. Let me tell you that it's hard to not be impressed. They are made well and sound great. It's a great deal for the price, especially if you want an amazing home theater on a budget. Unless you've done this before, I highly recommend getting a pro to install them. No, watching videos on the internet and thinking you are a pro does not count. You need to know where your studs are, where other wiring is, and what you might run into. I used a 2x4 to make them fit, so you'll need tools to do that. I can't wait to get the other four because they look and sound great. I'm going to finish my 7.2 with two subs and two ceiling speakers from Theater Solutions, and I'm going to take a look at the photos of how it turned out.

👤The speaker with a logo has a sound that is hundreds less than the same one. Save money and get great sound for a small amount. I'm never going to go to a theater again if I have a dennon 5.1 receiver and monoprice 12 sub.

👤I bought two sets of these to use in my home theatre. I was amazed by how good these are. When I opened up the packaging, I was happy with the quality of the way these were built. The only piece that was cheap was the clips that held it in place, and only needed to be adjusted once. I thought that was okay. A friend of mine used to do high-end theatre systems in the Florida Keys. He couldn't believe the sound he was hearing when we turned them. I'm thinking of skipping my sub and going to the bathroom. My friend used to pay hundreds of dollars for sound like that. Definitely recommend these. I'm thinking of replacing my 13 year old living room speakers with these.

👤I've been listening to music for over 40 years. I have designed and installed dozens of home theaters for friends and customers. I ordered the TSLCR5 center channel, the Polk Audio E200 Sub, and the Denon AVRE200. This is pretty hot for a basic home theater sound system. My friend isn't a fan of high end audio equipment so this 5.1 system met his needs. The speakers sound very nice and you should get em! The Denon receiver has three HDMI inputs and is in the 90's. It's great. I upgraded to another Denon in 2001 after buying my first high end Denon in 1990. The Denon is a work of art.

3. Pyle Bluetooth Connections Polypropylene PDICBT852RD

Pyle Bluetooth Connections Polypropylene PDICBT852RD

Bluetooth is built in the same way as a Bose sound system, but with the added benefit of wireless music streaming from all of your favorite devices. Speaker grills are stain resistant. For a clean look and wide range sound performance, use existing flush mounted designs. The perfect sound wherever you need it, it's in the Pyle 2 way in ceiling or in wall speaker system. For in home use, office, professional, or custom audio applications on any flat surface, a compact flush mount design is a good choice. Easy to install includes a cut out size template and quick connect spring loaded speaker terminals with spring loaded fixing clips for simple, easy, no hassle installation with included speaker connection wire, bluetooth controller and power supply. In the wall. The ceiling system was built for wireless music streaming. The Cone with the Rubber Edge Cut Out Size is Environmentally Friendly and has a Construction Sensitivity of 89dB.

Brand: Pyle

👤Great pair of speakers! They rock my medium size bathroom, it's clear up to 100%. I didn't have high hopes of getting much bass out of them, but once mounted in the ceiling with some fiberglass insulation over them, I was pretty impressed! The speakers will not blow the windows out of your house, but the clarity is there with some decent bass and that's all I care about! * There is an update. I bought another set after I was so happy with the first one. The controller went bad 13 months after I got it. He wanted me to buy the controller. You should look at some other better products that have a better warranty. * One speaker froze up and the cone wouldn't move. Like I said before... Trash!

👤I bought this product on prime day because of the great reviews. This is a terrible product. The blue tooth signal for the speakers that I just installed can't be found and the music that plays is very choppy. I thought it was due to my internet connection. I called the company to see if they could help me or send me a new box, but they said they couldn't help me or send me a new box. The product is not worth the money. I am stuck with horrible quality speakers because I can't return them.

👤I saw a top 10 ceiling mounted speaker article and bought these. They were out of stock in the UK and I needed them quickly as I am having the kitchen refurbished and it was a great opportunity to put some speakers mounted into the ceiling and on top of that, being bluetooth, it was just what I needed. I bought them on Amazon US when they arrived in the UK. I knew that there would be issues with the plugs but I had a variety of low and high power points that I could use. They arrived before the expected date. The grill extends well beyond the cones, so they look huge at first glance. There is a template on the box lid to cut out for mounting in the ceiling, and there is a brief instruction sheet. The wire block is connected into the amplifier with a tiny screwdriver. All is good so far. I wired it up for a test before I gave it to the installer, but it didn't go as planned. I connected my device to the internet and set it to play music. It was a bass number with some mixed vocals and I was more than underwhelmed, but the sound wasn't good and it was unbearable. This is the same music that I was playing on my TV sound bar. The bass was almost non-existent and the high end was so tinny I had to turn it off. I tried a lot of different things. The sound was not good in all cases. It was really bad for 250w in each speaker and a large cone for high end bass. The effect was that I thought of nails on a blackboard. They are not suitable for a large room or anyone that is used to good sound systems. I am returning after being really disappointed. I will not be trusting any top ten lists if I find something that works. If you love your music and want an impressive sound solution, I wouldn't buy this product.

4. Pyle Connections Changeable Polypropylene PDICBT286

Pyle Connections Changeable Polypropylene PDICBT286

Bluetooth is a built-in wireless music streaming service that allows you to stream music from all your favorite devices without having to use a floor or shelf space. Changeable grill is a pair of round and square stain resistant speaker grills for you to choose from to match existing flush mounted designs in your home or workplace for a clean look. This Pyle 2-way in-ceiling or in-wall speaker system is perfect for existing home theater systems and custom applications. For in home use, office, professional, or custom audio applications on any flat surface, a compact flush mount design is ideal. Easy to install - includes a cut-out size template, quick connect spring- loaded speaker terminals, and spring loaded fixing clips, and a speaker connection wire.

Brand: Pyle

👤This setup was purchased to mount in the ceiling of my porch. The speakers are sound great and were installed a few days ago. There is an issue. The size of the receiver/amplifier is small. Its not very powerful. I want my neighbors to be angry with me, but with great clarity of sound. I didn't think it pushed enough power to the speakers. I bought a 200W home receiver and connected it. Not enough power to blow the speakers, but certainly enough to provide good sound and at a volume way more than I will ever need. The speakers are waterproof and should last for a long time outside. I think the price for the speakers is worth it. If you don't worry about cranking it up loud, you will be fine with what comes in the box. I'm not an expert. I would be surprised if the box contained an amplifier that was 25W.

👤40 of them are in our house. If you spend 60 bucks, you can get the Pyle 4chan amplifier, which works better and has a remote, instead of the cheap blue tooth one that comes with it. The speaker grills are easy to install and the speakers are great.

👤There is nothing but trouble. After installation, the speakers sounded great for about 5 minutes, but they wouldn't connect to devices. Amazon sent a replacement after attempting to contact Pyle. The replacement did not work after about 6 weeks. When we turn on the power, we hear the speakers chime, but they won't connect to our devices. The box is not worth much. Why is Pyle hard to contact?

👤It's worth the cost because you can run speakers like this into a bathroom and a closet without having to run cables to an amplifier. I installed this on the first floor of a 2 story building with no crawl space, but ran the speaker cables to each speaker after the holes where cut were a breeze. To get power to them, I had to fish the speaker cable through a jbox to make sure it was still accessible, and had them come out of the new outlet I installed to have the power and box be as hidden as possible. Being small and not having a dedicated amplifier shakes the floor in the second story. The real winner here is just the sync to the Pyle adapter. The first one I received didn't work, so I had to buy 2 more.

👤The speakers have been installed. The installation was easy. The sound is not loud enough to blow your eardrums, but it is clear enough in my living room. It was very easy to connect to my phone. I installed 3 of them. They all have the same name. I purchase wireless outlet controls to cut power. There is a small hiss when they are on. When I shut off the ones I am not using, it helps me figure out which one I am connecting to.

5. Pyle Bluetooth Polypropylene Amplifier PDIC4CBTL4B

Pyle Bluetooth Polypropylene Amplifier PDIC4CBTL4B

Bluetooth is a built-in wireless music streaming service. You can barely see the floor or shelf space in your home from the speakers. BUILT- IN LED LIGHTS are great for home theaters or decorated ceilings, they feature built in LEDs and are 650 watt in each speaker. ALUMINUM FRAME - High quality lightweight aluminum housing, stain-resistant grill covers, and ABS construction provides an extra line of safety and heat-resistance with a 4CHANNEL SOUND PROCESSING digital amplifier. For in home use, office, professional, or custom audio applications on any flat surface, a compact flush mount design is ideal. Easy to install - includes a cut-out size template, quick connect spring- loaded speaker terminals, and spring loaded fixing clips, and a speaker connection wire.

Brand: Pyle

👤I had these for 6 hours before writing this review. The led's are bright and sound good. It is not easy to safely wire these. Unless you want to deal with small gage wires to hard wire, you have to install an outlet for the amplifier/bluetooth receiver. Each light has its own driver. The power wires for each driver are only 3 feet long. It's ridiculous that you have to connect 14 gauge house wires to two tiny short wires, which means that you might have to install two more electrical boxes to safely connect these. The power wires are blue and brown. I found a similar problem with the colors on the internet, apparently blue and brown were hot. There are short outlet wires on the led drivers. The wiring up of these in a 120 degree attic was not pleasant, but it worked out in the end.

👤I would like to say that I am a fan of Pyle products. Save your money. The product is not worth it. It's tempting to have a unit that is both a light and a speaker. Two of the four speakers were blown out of the box immediately after powerup, and the retaining clips on two of the units were detective. The two remains units that worked are awesome. 50% out of the box is a huge disqualifier for me.

👤I like the idea of lighting and sound from one unit, it's less installation hassle. Wrong. They are difficult to install. Light gauge wires and power wires from drivers. I put a junction box in the ceiling for each light. Two of the speakers had wires that were short. I thought they would be the same length. I had power for the blue tooth controller in the server cabinet I was running to. It plugs into the wall for a power source. Everything works well. I have a switch that I use for lighting power and a switch that I use for wall switches, so I never touch the switch. I haven't had the issues that others are having. I can connect through my phone or computer. The fluorescent lights in the ceiling are not as bright as the lights in my office. I installed near the corners of the office. The desk top lights are great, but a little dim for paperwork. There are two more lights that would be perfect. The sound works well, volume is adjusted easily from phone, desk top. The bass is very weak and I would have liked a better response, but the speakers are only four feet high, so maybe an eight foot version would be better? I'm happy with the over all speaker/ lighting combo, but it could be better if the sound matched the reputation of the company. Good idea and innovation, but not perfect. A second set of lighting was ordered to correct the lighting deficiency in the larger office. The second purchase was a disaster. I received someone else's mistake. This product was shipped out by Amazon. Wow! My second purchase would indicate that I need to get a few returns on this item.

6. Herdio Ceiling Bluetooth Bathroom Speakers

Herdio Ceiling Bluetooth Bathroom Speakers

PERFORMANCE: There are a lot of popular products in households around the world. Consumers continue to choose products from Magnavox because of the values it stands for; quality and high performance at a smart price. The HOST speaker and SUB speaker will automatically link with each other within 6 seconds after you turn on both, simple and easy to use. The 100ft range has more stable and instant pairing compared to 4.2 and lower, and a strong connection up to 100 ft away from your device. The flush mount design is easy to install in the wall, in the ceiling, or on any flat surface. The total speakers diameter is 8.46 inches and the cut out diameter is 7.3. TheSpeakers Depth is 4.33 Inches (11 CM). Speaker Connection Wires x 4,Bluetooth Amplifier Box x 2,Power adapater x 2 are in the box.

Brand: Herdio

👤Good design. If you buy more than one set for each room, all music will be in the same place. A hissing sound comes out when the speaker stays on when no turn is made. It doesn't sleep in sleep mode. Not for ceilings...

👤Even if your source is close to the receiver, it can lose it's connection. Could be my phone. Still, would recommend. The sound quality is great.

👤I have asked many times. I ordered two sets of them. I only received one and they didn't work. You only sent the speakers and did not include the amplifier/transmitter unit with them, which makes them useless. Please send the amplifier for them.

👤The enable function is awesome. I had an amplifier and a lot of wiring. The sound quality is great, I use it in my store.

👤Son excelente ya, poner 2 cornetas en un ambiente y 2 cornetas en otro ambiente.

👤I was not able to separate the Amps because they did not come with the TWS switch. The speakers sounded good on testing. I returned it.

👤J'ai reu un haut-parleur et pour le retour du coli.

👤Ottimo rapporto qualit. La connessione rapida, il suono ottimo.

👤Amplificador, son de buen, sin usar ningn.

👤Abonnement de son médiocre. Je retourne.

7. Pyle Ceiling Enclosed Speaker Speakers

Pyle Ceiling Enclosed Speaker Speakers

There is an impairment of up to 8 million. The home sound system has a voice coil of 1 inch. Can be used with a regular home audio receiver. It was made to produce powerful, rich sound and quiet background music. The full range of audio is available. The speakers have a 50hz-20khz frequency response, 8" long throw woofers, 1" titanium dome tweeters, and a vented design for deep bass. Use as a home surround system. The speakers have a power handling of 400 watt peak that will produce high sound resonance. It has a great impedance and is great for listening to music and watching movies. The ceiling/wall mount speaker has a compact flush mount design that is easy to install. Any flat surface can be used for audio applications. There is a white look. The in-wall speakers / in-ceiling speaker system has a grill cover with a white finish to match existing flush mounted designs at home or workplace for a clean look.

Brand: Pyle

👤The speakers are behind the wall and will not fit in a standard 2 X 4 wall. The size stated is incorrect. The speakers in the box do not match the picture on the website. The front panel has a plastic one piece design. The only metal in this design is magnets. Without a way to change the angle of the tweeter, it will give you very limited range off center. The first order is the one that the tweeter has. The natural roll off of the woofer is what makes it work for a crossover effect. The impedance is stated as 4 -8 because the speakers represent a load in the region. The sound quality is ok because of the small box enclosure. If you blow a speaker, you will not be able to get any parts. I tried. You will have to buy another pair or upgrade to another vendor.

👤The speakers are advertised as being 4 inches deep, but I found out before I cut the four large holes that they are 4 inches deep. If you plan on mounting these speakers in a standard wall plan you should consider removing the enclosure. I don't know what to say.

👤I was skeptical, but I was pleasantly surprised. I'm happy with the purchase. We are moving into a new house and I bought some sets to put in it. Inexpensive speakers that sound good! They have a decent range for a cheap speaker and are loud. I use only one speaker per room because I am cheap. They sound good in this configuration. The speakers I put in my last house cost more but these are at least as good. The build quality was better, but the sound of these was better than the old ones. Be careful when mounting these. If you don't follow these directions, you will probably break every mount and be angry at your speakers, so you should have no problems with mounting. 3a There is an option for it. I recommend getting some small washers that fit the screw. If you're worried about how these look, you can paint your washer black. Unless you study the ceiling carefully, you don't notice the silver washers, which I made myself from an old piece of metal I had laying around. 1b. Pack the speakers. 2. I'm calling it a driver from here to avoid confusion, so get your favorite electric drill or screwdriver. 3b. Put a washer on the screw after removing the screws one at a time. 4. Start threading the screw in with your driver by placing the white flip out clamp in it's spot. After it is started, make sure the flip out is in the right position so that it can easily be pulled into the track. Continue tightening the screw and watch the clamp carefully so that it does not bind on any edges, if it does, stop tightening at once and back up, or it will snap the brittle plastic. The screw might have to be spun back and forth to start. It was able to make it all the way once it started. 5. If you reverse your driver after the clamp has been brought down the track, it will allow it to travel back up the track. As soon as it clears the edge, stop. If you want to make sure the screw doesn't bind when you first swing it in place, you have to tighten the screw. The screw should be loosened once the clamp has traveled down and up a couple of times. If you did it right, the speaker will not flop in the way when you tilt it, and there will be a small amount of tension on it. 6. All the mounts should be repeated each step. You can either do one speaker at a time or unbox them all and get it over with. I mounted it in the ceiling after doing each one. 7. Attach speaker wires, push speaker into place, and tighten the screw that swings the clamp after you cut your holes using the template. There are 8. Don't tighten the screw! The mount point will be useless if you over tighten it. If you didn't install washers, you can pull the screw through the opening, which means that the clamp doesn't work. It was easier for me to use washers and set my drill to a very light clutch setting. The speaker is going to be pulled up to the ceiling with just enough snug. I would buy them again. If you found this review helpful, please mark it as helpful by clicking "Yes" below. There is a method for this.

8. Pyle Ceiling Connections Polypropylene PDIC1651RD

Pyle Ceiling Connections Polypropylene PDIC1651RD

The Pyle 2-way in-ceiling or in-wall speaker system is perfect for existing home theater systems and can be used without a floor or shelf. It is easy to install, with a cut-out size template and quick connect spring-loaded speaker terminals, in any room, delivering a full rich sound withoutcluttering floor space. Speaker grills are stain resistant. Match existing flush mounted designs in your home or workplace for a clean look and wide-range sound performance. For in home use, office, professional, or custom audio applications on any flat surface, a compact flush mount design is ideal. Pair of 5.25'' reinforced polypropylene cones with suspension cloth is high quality. A high compliance item. Enjoy a more consistent sound field with full range stereo surround sound reproduction.

Brand: Pyle

👤You need to be able to plug these into a wall outlet. The feature will not work if you don't have a way to do it in the ceiling. The sound quality is decent and the ceiling looks great.

👤These speakers can't be beat for money. They are easy to hide and install. The sound quality is a little bit light, but that should be expected since they are a smaller speaker. I will buy the 7th channel speakers again.

👤I installed these in our home, which we own and build. The sound is great and it was easy to install.

👤The speakers are rated at 16ohms. These speakers are not good for a basic receiver, they killed my onkyo receiver. Only 2 years old!

👤The speakers are great for the price. The old speakers in the ceiling had seen better days. I had to cut the holes bigger but they were easy to install. Look good and sound great!

👤Installation is easy and the sound is great.

👤This is a good sound quality for speakers. I've installed 4 pairs in the office ceilings and they sounded great.

👤These are not meant to be used for heart stopping audio quality. They do a great job for back ground music.

👤I put them in my office. They come with a simple to use template, and once you have cut your hole in the drywall, the swivel mount things just click into place as you tighten the speakers to pull against the wall. All the installation screws are hidden when you snap on the screens. They are finished and are very discreet. The wire clippy things made it easy to hook them up to my amplifier. It's nice to have surround sound.

👤The speakers arrived quickly with no issues. They were installed in a small room. It is easy to install and do the job for a vocal microphone. The sound for music is not great but adequate for the price.

👤The ceiling in the basement is suspended. I had to watch a movie on how to remove the grill without damaging it.

👤These speakers were bought from Amazon. Existing speakers that were not flush wall mount were being replaced. Customer reviews of this product were positive. The speakers were well priced. Installation guide was very easy to follow. The speakers look great on the wall. The delivery time on Amazon was fast.

👤I ordered a speaker after reading reviews. I didn't take a chance. The sound is too loud. I replace cheap speakers with better ones... I wanted to hear the result. The room was 12 feet x 14 feet and had few furniture. I will return these speakers soon.

9. Pyle Ceiling Connections Polypropylene PDIC1661RD

Pyle Ceiling Connections Polypropylene PDIC1661RD

This speaker system is perfect for existing home theater systems and can be used in any room in the house. Easy to install, includes a cut-out size template and quick connect spring-loaded speaker terminals for simple, easy, no hassle installation, in any room, delivering a full rich sound withoutcluttering floor space. Speaker grills are stain resistant. Match existing flush mounted designs in your home or workplace to achieve a clean look and wide-range sound performance. The flush mount design can be used for in-wall, in-ceiling, or pre-cut speaker openings. A pair of reinforced polypropylene cones with suspension cloth is high quality. A high compliance item. Enjoy a more consistent sound field with full range stereo surround sound reproduction.

Brand: Pyle

👤I wired the ceiling with speaker wire from my receiver while I was in the kitchen remodeling. I took the opportunity to install these since the ceiling was being renovated. These speakers were perfect for the job. I cut out the template, used a saw to cut the circle, and screwed down the speaker. These things are solid and heavy, which is a good thing. The ceiling is mounted directly to the wall. $50 is a great value for the pair.

👤The speakers are connected to a projector. When we install a different projector, there is no sound coming from them. We will use a laptop computer to see if it is a powered issue or projector issue, but I am very disappointed that we haven't heard anything back from the company. The speakers are connected to a projector. When we install a different projector, there is no sound coming from them. We will use a laptop computer to see if it is a powered issue or projector issue, but I am very disappointed that we haven't heard anything back from the company.

👤These are doing a great job so far. The speakers fit perfectly after I cut out the drywall with a saw. The sound on the speakers is great, I'm using the in-wall amplifier. I wired them up when I first got them and they sounded tinny. The bass came out when they were installed in the wall and they have a great sound that fills the room 25'x15'.

👤I had a party coming up and I did not want speaker cables hanging. I bought 8 of these speakers for 200 bucks and I get good quality music at an average to above average volume, but I can't blast them bc they sound distorted, but I can crank the bass up to 45% and have good quality music. I expected them to be exactly what I was expecting and would recommend them to anyone who wants affordable speakers. I bought an 80 dollar amplifier and it runs all 8 speakers with no issues, and I almost did it. I just bought them.

👤I wanted to bring inexpensive musical elegance into every corner of my house, so I searched for simple in-ceiling mounted speakers. They are one of the least expensive and easiest to stall options. I ordered sets for every room of my house after I became enamored with their benefits. Highs and lows can be brought up with equalization. These are a great buy if you get the results that I did.

👤Great product! I am very pleased with the combination of the Pyle Receiver Wall Mount with In-Wall Audio Control Receiver with Built-in Amplifier and the Speaker Terminal Block. I would suggest building a speaker box with insulation that would help with sound loss. I got a fully operational ceiling speaker system for just over $100. It would be a good idea.

👤I was not sure how good they would be because the price was so low, but there were a lot of good reviews. I ordered 5 pairs because my home was pre wired for sound. They were great! Installation was simple and loud for us. Definitely recommend them.

10. Monster Soundbar Bluetooth Multicolor Connection

Monster Soundbar Bluetooth Multicolor Connection

It's easy to connect. Their speakers can be used to connect to your TV, PC or laptop. Powerful 30W speakers. The speaker system provides a sound that fills the room. Light illuminates your space and enhances your home theater. You can use the buttons on the sound bar to adjust the volume, play music or switch mode. Different colors of indicators mean different modes. You can stream your favorite music from your phone, tablet, or other device. Sits below the TV or securely mounts on the wall.

Brand: Monster

👤It looks cool. It was too quiet and my tv speakers sounded better since it looked cool with the lights.

👤The price is good and it looks cool. It works well, but it doesn't get as loud as I would like it to.

👤If you have a sleek TV it is almost necessary to have a separate sound system. TVs are thin with no room for large speakers. The speakers are usually on the back. The Monster Soundbar has a low-profile and comes with a remote control that can be used to power on, volume, play, pause, switch between lighting colors and modes, inputs and Bluetooth. The unit has some control built into it. The sounbar can be placed under the TV or on the wall. It could connect via the AUX port. The Monster Soundbar has several color options and mode selections. You could pick a color or pick a wave. The remote has controllable dimmer settings. The sound of my TV is better than that of the soundbar. I was expecting a Monster sound bar with a name like Monster to create a better audio experience than the tiny speakers on the back of the TV. I have a portable speaker with a bigger sound and a better bass than this one. There are similar priced units with better sound. Some of them have a separate sub, or have a HDMI port for music from an external drive. The Monster Soundbar is mostly for TVs. It is too wide to fit on many desks and it worked better as a PC speaker. Sound and lighting should be more important than they are.

👤I wanted to put it over my monitor. The sound from the speakers was very good. The stereo is great because of the wide separation. This is not very useful for use with a TV in a small room. If my PC is off, I loved the convenience of using a phone or iPod with my computer. It's easy to pair. I had to provide my own cable at a small price, and it was almost as good as the one that BT provides. The sound is clear and loud enough for me to sit at my computer desk. Not a lot of Bass. 2 screws and anchors are provided for the mounting. It can sit under a TV. If you don't try for a tight screw to the soundbar back, it will lean down a bit. If mounted to the wall like I did, it will aim the sound down a bit. The lighting is bright, multicolored, and can be set with the remote control from off to on in many patterns and color schemes. I provided my own batteries for the remote, which will control the inputs and play. A small wall wart provides Soundbar power. The instructions are very good. I love the improvement over my monitor speakers. I recommend this Monster Store Soundbar: Home Theater with Multicolor Led Lights, 30W Speakers, Remote Control, and Optical AUX Connection. It's ideal for close up use with my PC. I hope you find the information helpful.

11. 2 Way Wall Ceiling Speaker System

2 Way Wall Ceiling Speaker System

Improve your home. The 300W 2-way wall mount speaker system is what you need to listen to high-quality audio at home, office, studio and even commercial spaces. There are two way inwall speakers and a template for mounting them. The power of 300-WATT PEAK. The new white high performance stereo sound speakers kit have a peak power of 300 watt. The speaker has a Frequency Response of 35Hz-20kHz with 8 ohms impedance and is equipped with easy connect /Disconnect speaker terminals. The sound is apocalyptic. The speaker system has a 1.0” silk dome and 8” poly cone full range mid-bass type. It has mounting hardware for easy installation. ABLE CONTROL. The dual 8 in ceiling speakers have a treble control switch that helps deliver a more full, rich sound. The total speaker diameter is 10.06” with a cutout of 9.42” and a speaker depth of 3.82”. The set of 2 mountable 8 inch ceiling speakers are made from environment-friendly materials. The mount is designed to be mounted on walls or ceilings. It's perfect for custom installations. The Cone Full Range Mid-bass Speaker has a Sensitivity of 88Db. The cut-out dimensions were 4.13'' x 11.02''. The net weight is 1.5Kg.

Brand: Pyle

👤I bought the speakers in 2 groups, but didn't buy enough. The first set was okay. They looked like the picture and seemed to have been built well. Things went south when I ordered 2 more. The next set was completely different. They don't look at the picture the same. The person who was using the tweeter was not the same person. Different components and less components are used in the redesign of the crossover. The mounting ears of the originals had small springs to help push them up while you were mounting them, and to make it easier to remove them. They were made of plastic. The flimsy ones will break if you don't tighten them. There is a switch. The setting markings were painted white so you could see them from a distance. There were new ones with engraved markings and no white paint fill. It's hard to see. One of them had a small wire that was attached to the cone in the wrong place. They left it so it would vibrate when the speaker played because they missed the hole and attaching the wire. I received a replacement from Amazon very quickly. One of the speakers in the new set had black paint on it. I was not happy with the quality and the control. 2 of the speakers had defects. The speakers were protected by Styrofoam in the first set of boxes. Very well packed. The retail style boxes are thinner. My guess is that there was an initiative to save money and that Pyle cut a lot of the quality to meet it. I wish I had ordered more. If I were to buy them again, I would order twice as many as I needed and send the bad ones back. I would be sure to have enough good ones. The degraded quality of the currently produced speaker made me give 3 stars. If you can get the older ones, they would be a 5 star.

👤I have been listening to audio for a long time. The best 6x9's were the best, but nothing else was better than the best MTX and Fosgate. I pulled my old amplifier out of the closet and made a man cave garage with a 160 inch projector screen, and what the heck I bought these thinking. I have these things wired to a 2 channel ppi-a600 for guitar/vocal stuff, and they sound better than the home speakers I have. They install in seconds once you get the holes cut, and take 10 minutes to cut 2 holes in the wall, then you turn the screws. I have spent more than most peoples student loans on audio in my life, and these are the best mid range/high range speakers I have ever owned.

👤The speakers were delivered with two speakers pointing down. They're supposed to be directionally adjusted. They wanted me to be proactive and send the speakers to be fixed at my expense after I called customer support. I will have 2 big holes in my wall and I will lose my use of my speakers when I buy a new pair in November, because I will have to wait for my speakers to be repaired. I paid for new speakers and I want what I paid for. Amazon customer service will send me replacements. I won't be purchasing any more from them.


What is the best product for flush mount speakers for home theater?

Flush mount speakers for home theater products from Pyle. In this article about flush mount speakers for home theater you can see why people choose the product. Theater Solutions and Herdio are also good brands to look for when you are finding flush mount speakers for home theater.

What are the best brands for flush mount speakers for home theater?

Pyle, Theater Solutions and Herdio are some of the best brands that chosen by people for flush mount speakers for home theater. Find the detail in this article.

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