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1. Pyle Bluetooth Polypropylene Amplifier PDIC4CBTL4B

Pyle Bluetooth Polypropylene Amplifier PDIC4CBTL4B

Bluetooth is a built-in wireless music streaming service. You can barely see the floor or shelf space in your home from the speakers. BUILT- IN LED LIGHTS are great for home theaters or decorated ceilings, they feature built in LEDs and are 650 watt in each speaker. ALUMINUM FRAME - High quality lightweight aluminum housing, stain-resistant grill covers, and ABS construction provides an extra line of safety and heat-resistance with a 4CHANNEL SOUND PROCESSING digital amplifier. For in home use, office, professional, or custom audio applications on any flat surface, a compact flush mount design is ideal. Easy to install - includes a cut-out size template, quick connect spring- loaded speaker terminals, and spring loaded fixing clips, and a speaker connection wire.

Brand: Pyle

👤I had these for 6 hours before writing this review. The led's are bright and sound good. It is not easy to safely wire these. Unless you want to deal with small gage wires to hard wire, you have to install an outlet for the amplifier/bluetooth receiver. Each light has its own driver. The power wires for each driver are only 3 feet long. It's ridiculous that you have to connect 14 gauge house wires to two tiny short wires, which means that you might have to install two more electrical boxes to safely connect these. The power wires are blue and brown. I found a similar problem with the colors on the internet, apparently blue and brown were hot. There are short outlet wires on the led drivers. The wiring up of these in a 120 degree attic was not pleasant, but it worked out in the end.

👤I would like to say that I am a fan of Pyle products. Save your money. The product is not worth it. It's tempting to have a unit that is both a light and a speaker. Two of the four speakers were blown out of the box immediately after powerup, and the retaining clips on two of the units were detective. The two remains units that worked are awesome. 50% out of the box is a huge disqualifier for me.

👤I like the idea of lighting and sound from one unit, it's less installation hassle. Wrong. They are difficult to install. Light gauge wires and power wires from drivers. I put a junction box in the ceiling for each light. Two of the speakers had wires that were short. I thought they would be the same length. I had power for the blue tooth controller in the server cabinet I was running to. It plugs into the wall for a power source. Everything works well. I have a switch that I use for lighting power and a switch that I use for wall switches, so I never touch the switch. I haven't had the issues that others are having. I can connect through my phone or computer. The fluorescent lights in the ceiling are not as bright as the lights in my office. I installed near the corners of the office. The desk top lights are great, but a little dim for paperwork. There are two more lights that would be perfect. The sound works well, volume is adjusted easily from phone, desk top. The bass is very weak and I would have liked a better response, but the speakers are only four feet high, so maybe an eight foot version would be better? I'm happy with the over all speaker/ lighting combo, but it could be better if the sound matched the reputation of the company. Good idea and innovation, but not perfect. A second set of lighting was ordered to correct the lighting deficiency in the larger office. The second purchase was a disaster. I received someone else's mistake. This product was shipped out by Amazon. Wow! My second purchase would indicate that I need to get a few returns on this item.

2. Herdio 600Watts Bluetooth Speakers Speakers)

Herdio 600Watts Bluetooth Speakers Speakers%EF%BC%89

You can stream and enjoy your music from any mobile device. The Wireless Bluetooth Serise connection is related. TWS function lets you pair 4 speakers for a powerful true stereo surround sound, theHOST speaker and SUB speaker will automatically link with each other within 6 seconds after you turn on both, simple and easy to use. Two pairs of flush mount design 4 speakers for simple and easy in-wall / in-ceiling installation. The product has a cutout of 8.07 Inches (20.5CM) in diameter x 4.92 Inches (12CM) in depth and changeable round grills. The high decibel sound is related to high durability. Simply drive power from your home audio receiver or amplifier to your speakers, they can be used for bathroom, kitchen, or custom audio applications on any flat surface. It is easy to install with a cut-out size template, quick connect spring- loaded speaker terminals, and included speaker connection wire and power supply. The box has 6.5" speakers, Speaker Connection Wires, 4,Bluetooth Amplifier Box, and a power adapater.

Brand: Herdio

👤I reside in Panama City, Panama. It is a nightmare to return purchases in the U.S. I purchase these speakers on November 24th in the U.S. On December 4th, it was received in Panama. On December 21st, a person tried to install one of theAMPs, but they weren't working. As soon as you connect to the power source, they start to spark. Only two speakers work with theAMP, the other is sitting in my ceiling as decorations, because theAMP doesn't work at all. My second nightmare began when I called customer service. Couldn't talk on the phone. I chose to use their system. I had to return the entire package due to the high value item after almost two (2) of begging and pleading to have them just send me a newAMP. I explained that I didn't need to return all the items to the U.S. because it would cost me more than I paid for them. It would cost almost the same to return all the items as it did to receive them. Via FedEx. All that was explained in the chat. I was told to check the manufacture sight for a replacement. The chat was mysteriously stopped after all this. The nightmare began again when the new agent started a new chat. Due to its high cost value, you need to return the items. You mean high cost value. The cost is 276.00. I'm asking for a small, lightweight, and small newAMP that weighs less than ten ounces and is 7 inches in length. They want me to return a 20 pound Box of items. It will cost me more than $200k to return it from overseas. The new items were received from the Mi MBE Mail Box in Miami to Panama. I will not buy any more electronic devices from Amazon. If you reside overseas and have the same mailing system, I suggest you not to purchase electronic items from Amazon. Unless they have an easy way to return their items. I hope the review helps... This was the worst item I have bought from Amazon.

👤I would love to give a good review. One speaker would have been rough if it wasn't static. All 4 speakers can play with this bridged system. One set of speakers cancels out and allows two speakers to play at the same time. They sound good.

👤The ceiling is half an inch. I had to put a support between the studs. I covered the speakers with a plastic pan in my attic.

👤Presenta un buen sonido, nitidez en el sonido, incluidos los bajos, para emparejar los 4 speakers.

👤Arrivé, des emballages intérieurs. It was déj déj. Donc probablement déj renvoyés car, pourtant revendu, tel quel suivant... A ce prix, on est en droit de recevoir quelque chose...

3. Polk Audio Ceiling Speakers Placement

Polk Audio Ceiling Speakers Placement

The overhead speakers that elevate the sound quality are timbre-matched. Adding a home theater set up or building your own Polk collection is a good way to improve your sound. Experience more balance and life-like sound with an 8" Dynamic Balance woofer and a 1" aimable tweeter. Wide dispersion is created by mineral-filled cone and strong driver baskets. The rubber seal drives are a key feature for use in a bathroom, kitchen, and closet. In 3 simple steps, you can get these speakers out of the box and into the ceiling. If you want to make the grilles disappear, leave the paintable aluminum grilles as is or spray paint them. One of the most trusted names in home audio speakers and entertainment systems is Polk. They bring out the best in technology so you can relax and listen.

Brand: Polk Audio

👤They live up to the hype. I have realistic expectations for outdoor wall-mounted speakers. I wanted to mount these on my patio, so I bought them. These sound nice for speakers in a non-ideal location. Good bass and smooth midrange. After a day of playing at a loud volume, they broke in and sounded a bit better. It was still a surprise for me. Give them a good crank and let them play for a day or two before you evaluate them. I don't understand why you would use a spring-clip speaker input. Simple spades would be better. I like to solder in a ceiling or wall. If you don't connect more often, spring clips are useless. The stupid spring clip terminals have a Minus 1 star.

👤Over the last 10 years, we've been cranking out music and movies. I have 5 of these mounted in the ceiling. I installed them in 2007.

👤I bought six of these speakers and a Polk Audio 255C-RT center channel speaker to switch my surround sound set up from traditional floor/shelve speakers to in-ceiling. They were bought based on reading reviews and not wanting to pay more for Bose. The speakers sound like a dream. Once you plot out where to find them, it's very easy to install. I was able to do a self install project because of the attic space above my great room, which I was able to use to make sure there were no obstructions in my preferred locations. It turned out well. These speakers are excellent.

👤We had pre-wired the house for speakers. The builder over charged us to install cheap speakers. I love the sound of the Polk bookshelf speakers. Very clear highs. I bought these first so I could listen to them. Polk puts quality in their speakers big and small. They were easy to install and sound great. A decent amount of bass from a small speaker and perfect highs and mids. I am very happy with this purchase and recommend it.

👤They were installed in the kitchen. They were easy to install and had good construction. It is a nice feature. These speakers can't reproduce the sound quality of bookshelf speakers or freestanding monitors, but that's not what they are for. It's not a sub, so low end frequencies are missing. It's great for casual audio solutions. The speakers can be used to listen to music in the kitchen, bathroom, or garage. You'll need to spend a lot more to get speakers up to that task, so I wouldn't suggest installing them in a home theater setup.

👤I used the Yamaha to power it so I could listen to music in the kitchen. It sounds muddy. I connected it to the old Denon 3805 receiver because of something that was wrong with the receiver zone 2. It still sounds terrible even with the help of a graphic equalizer. The Z130 computer speaker sounds better. When I bought this speaker, I didn't know it was a decade old. Don't buy it for ATMOS. The dispersion is weak and you have to be under the speaker. It is not possible to meet the recommended 45 degrees.

4. Acoustic Audio CS IC83 Ceiling Speaker

Acoustic Audio CS IC83 Ceiling Speaker

The ceiling speakers have a recommended power of 20-350 watt per speaker and a 40Hz-20 kHz Frequency Response. Poly mica midranges, 13mm soft dome tweeters, 3-way passive crossovers, and high rigidity polypropylene cones are included. The speaker wire terminals are designed and engineered in the USA, with mounting depth of 3.78" and a cut out of 9.49". Home theater, multiple room systems, industrial sound, outdoor entertainment areas, decks, patios, pools are all used for in wall or ceiling. The price is for 2 pair and 4 in ceiling speakers.

Brand: Acoustic Audio By Goldwood

👤It's not a discotheque. We just purchased a 1980's house with a 1980's stereo, cassette sound system and speakers throughout the ceilings and are simply bringing it up to todays technology. I bought a zone switch with an Amp, and a computer with a sound card, so we can listen to music. The search for good speakers was the hardest part. Wow! I wasn't expecting that kind of sound. I'll be returning the tower speakers I bought to replace the ones in the study because I was so impressed with the sound. The bass is very rich and deep and it really sounds amazing, it comes from the rest of the speakers in the house. The template was easy to use and the directions were a little more complicated, but it was worth the effort. Look for a good deal on two more.

👤I installed 4 of these speakers in the basement for a project that would provide zoned audio. I was looking for a cheap speaker. I don't know what's going on with this company, but these speakers are amazing for the money, and I'm blown away that they can produce them so cheaply and sell them for the price offered. It is ok to get a speaker at this price point, but not great. Not these. They give a big bang for the buck. The sound is balanced and the bass is deep. Did I mention they scream? Excellent efficiency here. I don't write reviews, but for me to be sitting on the bathroom floor of my basement in the middle of the night and writing a review really says something. I have owned speakers from many brands. I will not tell you that these are as good as those, but I can tell you that they are close, but for a lot less money. I would have roughed-in a few more. I will be buying a set for our bedroom. Installation was similar to other in-ceilings I have installed, but the brackets were a little more difficult to install. I would like to see a grill-removal tool included. I saved one from another set of speakers. I am in love with these things. They have only been installed for a few days. I will update this review if there is anything new. The company that manufactured and imported these did a great job. A diamond is in the rough. Buy them and you won't regret it. You can do worse things for more money.

👤The speaker label shows 1400 watt, which is not true, and the speaker's average sound is 350 watt, which is not true. I used them in my bathroom ceiling and bedroom with a volume control switch that I thought would help out, but it didn't.

👤They went out of their way to help us with a shipping mixup on our end and made sure that we were completely satisfied with the package. Thank you so much!

👤These work well as ceiling speakers. The grilles were painted with spray paint. I might try to put a baffle above them in the future, but they are currently suspended in ceiling tile.

5. Acoustic Audio HD516 Ceiling Surround

Acoustic Audio HD516 Ceiling Surround

The box has 1x in-wall audio receiver, 1XAC adapter, and 2X screws. The ceiling speakers have 2 x speaker wire. Goldwood HD516 is a six piece home speaker set with 2 wall speakers and 2 ceiling speakers. Butyl rubber surrounds, round cut out 7.125", overall 9.125", depth 3.25", and low profile housings. The cut out is 19.25" X 7.5" and the depth is 3.25". HDS10 wall passive Sub speaker, 200-300 watt, 26hz-200hz, 10" Woofer, cut out is 10.625" X 10.625", overall is12" X12", depth is 3.75" This listing is for a complete 6 piece wall and ceiling speaker set.

Brand: Acoustic Audio By Goldwood

👤5 speakers and a sub for this price is garbage. I did what most online buyers do and read reviews. Some people love the product and others don't. I thought I could always return them. I was skeptical due to the fact that most of the speakers I've seen were at least $800. I inspected the quality and build of each speaker after receiving the package. I was impressed by the center speaker that I tested. I knew the surround sound system would be decent. Most people recommend thicket gage speaker wire and a sub. I ran the speaker wire out of the basement. I ordered a Polk audio sub. I'm glad I did. The bass needed to complete this package is not provided by the subwoofer that comes with the set. Everything was great except for that. The Denon 5.2 surround sound receiver is in my basement.

👤The speakers are easy to install and a good value. It was a hassle to find a compatible amplifier for the passive subwoofer, so I deducted one star. I wish they would just include it or sell it as an add on. I couldn't buy it at the store. It works great once I found a functional amplifier. The look and sound of the home theater is very nice.

👤The quality of the materials and components are superb, the speakers are easy to install, and they sound amazing in a home theater room I made for a customer. The only two problems were that the speaker wasn't a lot punch on the wall and I'm going to have to put a vent on the front. I put a bit of crazy glue on that sucker and it did the job, but unfortunately you need to make sure you don't mess with it because that sucker will be stuck for good.

👤I figured out that the install was smooth once I realized that the system needed a sub-woofer amplifier. The company sells one for $100 on Amazon. This is better than I anticipated. The speaker cover is knocked off when the sub knocks it off.

👤I just finished my basement and decided to use in-wall speakers. Why not? I had access to the frame work and the speaker wire, so it was a no-brainer. The speakers are a great price compared to other units. The only problem was figuring out a way to prevent the sub from shaking the wall. I had to buy a separate amplifier, but it was worth it. Problem #1 was solved. Problem #2 was a little tricky but luckily with the help of my contractor, he suggested building an enclosure to be installed inside the wall as well. He looked at other 300W active subs and built his enclosure using an internal volume of 1.56cu-ft. If you want to do the same, remember that number. The install was a piece of cake, with the exception of the sub enclosure. I recommend either using heavy insulation around the sub or building an internal enclosure. I can only imagine how bad your walls will be. The speakers are being used to amplify the sound of the receiver. I'm not an audio engineer, so I have nothing to compare the sound quality to, but many people who have come over to check out the basement have said good things about the sound.

6. Pyle Bluetooth Connections Polypropylene PDICBT852RD

Pyle Bluetooth Connections Polypropylene PDICBT852RD

Bluetooth is built in the same way as a Bose sound system, but with the added benefit of wireless music streaming from all of your favorite devices. Speaker grills are stain resistant. For a clean look and wide range sound performance, use existing flush mounted designs. The perfect sound wherever you need it, it's in the Pyle 2 way in ceiling or in wall speaker system. For in home use, office, professional, or custom audio applications on any flat surface, a compact flush mount design is a good choice. Easy to install includes a cut out size template and quick connect spring loaded speaker terminals with spring loaded fixing clips for simple, easy, no hassle installation with included speaker connection wire, bluetooth controller and power supply. In the wall. The ceiling system was built for wireless music streaming. The Cone with the Rubber Edge Cut Out Size is Environmentally Friendly and has a Construction Sensitivity of 89dB.

Brand: Pyle

👤Great pair of speakers! They rock my medium size bathroom, it's clear up to 100%. I didn't have high hopes of getting much bass out of them, but once mounted in the ceiling with some fiberglass insulation over them, I was pretty impressed! The speakers will not blow the windows out of your house, but the clarity is there with some decent bass and that's all I care about! * There is an update. I bought another set after I was so happy with the first one. The controller went bad 13 months after I got it. He wanted me to buy the controller. You should look at some other better products that have a better warranty. * One speaker froze up and the cone wouldn't move. Like I said before... Trash!

👤I bought this product on prime day because of the great reviews. This is a terrible product. The blue tooth signal for the speakers that I just installed can't be found and the music that plays is very choppy. I thought it was due to my internet connection. I called the company to see if they could help me or send me a new box, but they said they couldn't help me or send me a new box. The product is not worth the money. I am stuck with horrible quality speakers because I can't return them.

👤I saw a top 10 ceiling mounted speaker article and bought these. They were out of stock in the UK and I needed them quickly as I am having the kitchen refurbished and it was a great opportunity to put some speakers mounted into the ceiling and on top of that, being bluetooth, it was just what I needed. I bought them on Amazon US when they arrived in the UK. I knew that there would be issues with the plugs but I had a variety of low and high power points that I could use. They arrived before the expected date. The grill extends well beyond the cones, so they look huge at first glance. There is a template on the box lid to cut out for mounting in the ceiling, and there is a brief instruction sheet. The wire block is connected into the amplifier with a tiny screwdriver. All is good so far. I wired it up for a test before I gave it to the installer, but it didn't go as planned. I connected my device to the internet and set it to play music. It was a bass number with some mixed vocals and I was more than underwhelmed, but the sound wasn't good and it was unbearable. This is the same music that I was playing on my TV sound bar. The bass was almost non-existent and the high end was so tinny I had to turn it off. I tried a lot of different things. The sound was not good in all cases. It was really bad for 250w in each speaker and a large cone for high end bass. The effect was that I thought of nails on a blackboard. They are not suitable for a large room or anyone that is used to good sound systems. I am returning after being really disappointed. I will not be trusting any top ten lists if I find something that works. If you love your music and want an impressive sound solution, I wouldn't buy this product.

7. Pyle Ceiling Connections Polypropylene PDIC1661RD

Pyle Ceiling Connections Polypropylene PDIC1661RD

This speaker system is perfect for existing home theater systems and can be used in any room in the house. Easy to install, includes a cut-out size template and quick connect spring-loaded speaker terminals for simple, easy, no hassle installation, in any room, delivering a full rich sound withoutcluttering floor space. Speaker grills are stain resistant. Match existing flush mounted designs in your home or workplace to achieve a clean look and wide-range sound performance. The flush mount design can be used for in-wall, in-ceiling, or pre-cut speaker openings. A pair of reinforced polypropylene cones with suspension cloth is high quality. A high compliance item. Enjoy a more consistent sound field with full range stereo surround sound reproduction.

Brand: Pyle

👤I wired the ceiling with speaker wire from my receiver while I was in the kitchen remodeling. I took the opportunity to install these since the ceiling was being renovated. These speakers were perfect for the job. I cut out the template, used a saw to cut the circle, and screwed down the speaker. These things are solid and heavy, which is a good thing. The ceiling is mounted directly to the wall. $50 is a great value for the pair.

👤The speakers are connected to a projector. When we install a different projector, there is no sound coming from them. We will use a laptop computer to see if it is a powered issue or projector issue, but I am very disappointed that we haven't heard anything back from the company. The speakers are connected to a projector. When we install a different projector, there is no sound coming from them. We will use a laptop computer to see if it is a powered issue or projector issue, but I am very disappointed that we haven't heard anything back from the company.

👤These are doing a great job so far. The speakers fit perfectly after I cut out the drywall with a saw. The sound on the speakers is great, I'm using the in-wall amplifier. I wired them up when I first got them and they sounded tinny. The bass came out when they were installed in the wall and they have a great sound that fills the room 25'x15'.

👤I had a party coming up and I did not want speaker cables hanging. I bought 8 of these speakers for 200 bucks and I get good quality music at an average to above average volume, but I can't blast them bc they sound distorted, but I can crank the bass up to 45% and have good quality music. I expected them to be exactly what I was expecting and would recommend them to anyone who wants affordable speakers. I bought an 80 dollar amplifier and it runs all 8 speakers with no issues, and I almost did it. I just bought them.

👤I wanted to bring inexpensive musical elegance into every corner of my house, so I searched for simple in-ceiling mounted speakers. They are one of the least expensive and easiest to stall options. I ordered sets for every room of my house after I became enamored with their benefits. Highs and lows can be brought up with equalization. These are a great buy if you get the results that I did.

👤Great product! I am very pleased with the combination of the Pyle Receiver Wall Mount with In-Wall Audio Control Receiver with Built-in Amplifier and the Speaker Terminal Block. I would suggest building a speaker box with insulation that would help with sound loss. I got a fully operational ceiling speaker system for just over $100. It would be a good idea.

👤I was not sure how good they would be because the price was so low, but there were a lot of good reviews. I ordered 5 pairs because my home was pre wired for sound. They were great! Installation was simple and loud for us. Definitely recommend them.

8. Pyle Connections Changeable Polypropylene PDIC16106

Pyle Connections Changeable Polypropylene PDIC16106

The Pyle 2-way in-ceiling or in-wall speaker system is perfect for existing home theater systems and can be used without a floor or shelf. It is easy to install, with a cut-out size template and quick connect spring-loaded speaker terminals, in any room, delivering a full rich sound withoutcluttering floor space. Changeable grills include a pair of round and square speaker grills. Match existing flush mounted designs in your home or workplace for a clean look and wide-range sound performance. For in home use, office, professional, or custom audio applications on any flat surface, a compact flush mount design is ideal. A pair of 10'' reinforced polypropylene cones with suspension cloth is high quality. A high compliance item. Enjoy a more consistent sound field with full range stereo surround sound reproduction.

Brand: Pyle

👤Everything is great. You can read other reviews. Square Speaker Grills were not included in my package. Not sure why. I want to let everyone know that I did not need them. There are two more The cutout size is actually 11. I'm not sure how they got 10.5", but I measured the template and it's exactly 11". I already had pre-cut holes in my ceiling. I just opened wider and did not expect this.

👤The speakers are not the highest quality out there, but for the money, I will not complain, I bought 3 of them with supposed cosmetic flaws, and 4 of them are in my ceiling. I will be adding the last pair to my surround sound system.

👤These speakers are easy to install. They sound terrible. I am not an audio engineer but these are terrible. I was going to use them for a second zone when I was cleaning the house. I told them to forget the second one. Don't waste your money. Everything I have touched is garbage. They just sound bad.

👤They weren't good for wood ceiling panels.

👤Installation took time. Maybe that's just me.

👤The speakers were in a damaged box. The speaker's back cover fell off when I took it out. Listening to the speakers was not good. They are going back.

👤These are awesome! I put them under my deck as ceiling speakers. These are going to be great for summer, having friends over for drinks. I use an Apple Airplay to change music on my phone. Highly recommended.

👤The sound is pretty good, they were installed in a garage ceiling. I think we will add a sub. They are as advertised. Will update if things change.

👤The speakers are large and have good sound quality. I was skeptical but so far it has been good.

9. Acoustic Audio HD728 Ceiling Surround

Acoustic Audio HD728 Ceiling Surround

Not all TV's have an Audio-out jack. The transmitter may need to be connected to a cable or satellite box. A 9 piece home speaker set includes 4 wall speakers and 2 ceiling speakers. Butyl rubber surrounds, round cut out, and low profile housings. The cut out is 19.25" X 7.5" and the depth is 3.25". 2 HDS10 wall passive Sub speakers, 200-300w each, 26hz-200hz, 10" Woofers, cut out is 10.625" X 10.625", overall is 12 X12", depth is 3.75", these passive subs require a Ws 1005 Sub amplifier This listing is for a complete 9 piece wall and ceiling speaker set.

Brand: Acoustic Audio By Goldwood

👤Each of the subs will need an independent amplifier to provide power to them. If you have an audiovisual receiver that can provide Pre Amp Outs, you can connect your speakers to an external amplifier. We put in a pair of front speakers along with a pair of back speakers. Behind our listening area, we installed 2 rear speakers, 1 sub, and one round in the ceiling. The other round was above the other seating area. We were able to verify the ceiling speakers were working and generate tones using the AV receiver YAPO because we didn't hook up the subs to the audiovisual system. I wouldn't purchase this product. The system looks complete and the seller says that only 2 Amp products will work and make it work. The use of passive subs would be a problem with this speaker package. Pre Outs are only available for active subs in the majority of the receivers you will see. I bought a Rockville amplifier that I thought would provide enough power for both subs. After reading previous reviews and questions about other buyers concern for the amplifier for the subs, I was not able to verify if other users were able to use other Amps besides what the seller recommended. I waited until our living room was renovated to install the speakers and wires for our audiovisual system, so I am out of the return period. I left questions for other buyers and their reviews, so I was not able to get a reply or support for this product. It turns out that a purchase was made under good intentions. It is very embarrassing to show friends and family what you have purchased and only able to enjoy tones from all speakers and have no subs as they remain in the wall as "Display Only". The money, time, and research spent before purchasing was not what you were expecting. My recommendation is that if you want a 5.2 or 7.2 speaker configuration for your home theater, you should not buy from this seller and build your own. This purchase is not meant for you unless you know how to use passive and active speakers. The seller will want you to purchase their own Amps for each sub, no matter what speaker system you buy. You can find 2 front speakers, 2 matching rear speakers, 2 additional wall or ceiling speakers, and 2 active subs that can be hooked from your audio equipment. The tech support you expect is poor. The reviews from other buyers are more than 3 years old. I don't think this was an honest purchase, so I can't give an honest review. If you understand passive and active subs, the product may fit your needs. This purchase was not for me. I probably wasted money on the external amplifier I bought because it wasn't recommended by the seller. The seller told me that the only amplifier that will work for this speaker set is the WS105. The Pre Outs from your receiver are used to connect your subs to the outs of the amplifier. Let me know if other people are able to do this work. Before buying, please do more research. Just finished hooking up the 5 man speakers to a Yamaha and the Rockville RPA 9 Amps and the Pre Outs of the Sub 1 and Sub 2 to the input of the Yamaha. The performance was so good that the sub woofers ran out of Rockville, Stereo, Low Pass and turned the system on. I felt like I was on stage when they were so loud. I would buy it.

10. Pyle Ceiling Speakers Stereo Theater

Pyle Ceiling Speakers Stereo Theater

In-wall or in-ceiling flush mounts are the two ways to install the pair of 8.0” full range stereo sound speaker. It has clips that are spring loaded for easy installation. The flower mount is designed. A pair of flush mount design midbass speakers are easy to install. The product has a cutout that is 9.4'' in diameter and 3.6'' in depth. The speaker system has a 1/2'' polymer tweeter and Frequency Response. The speaker has an impedance rating of 8 and has 250 watt power handling capability. There are 250 Watspeeks. The speaker system was carefully combined to reproduce sound clearly. It can extend the life of the product by securing sound performance speakers. The electronic crossover network. The speakers are built in with an electronic network and 89dB sensitivity that make them a class of their own. The product has changeable round and square grills.

Brand: Pyle

👤The speaker pictures on the website look good, but they don't show the flaws of the product. The plastic grill is easy to bend and vibrate. The grill is cheap and I won't put it in my house. The speaker is very high pitch and overwhelms any balance of the music in the middle and lower range, at the beginning it is sharp but after 10 min you will have a headaches. I have attached pictures of the speakers, as well as a look at the plastic grill bending, the not nice looking hole pattern, and a resister crossover.

👤Installation was easy. The circle was drawn after finding a location between the joists. I used a knife to start a hole, then used a small saw to cut the speaker's hole, just follow the line and be patient. I had my spouse with the vacuum cleaner hose so that I wouldn't blow the dust around. I put the speaker into the hole to make sure it was snug, and then I used a knife to make the speaker fit. I screwed the speaker in place with a No.2Phillips, after I connected the wires to the speaker. The speaker was cleaned with a moist cloth and plastic around it because of the dust in my hand. The plastic grilles are in place. I turned on the receiver and heard a loud sound with good bass and good treble. The voice was clear. The sound was filling, but lacked bass for my taste, because the speaker is not installed in a well designed speaker enclosure, but in the ceiling with an attic. The speaker grill vibrated with the beat of the music, so I put a small piece of foam between the grill and the tweeter. It did not affect the high frequencies. The glue for the grills was not mine. I liked the speaker's sound and I think it's a great value.

👤Nice speaker. I bought these for a full range replacement in a nutone home sound system. I would just remove the speaker from the ceiling mount and put it in the speaker box. Wrong. My bad that I didn't check with the seller first. The speaker and ceiling mount are in one piece. I am sure they voided any warranty they may have had by hand trimming off the ceiling mount. After a few hours of careful cutting, it all worked out. All worth it. It's hard to find a 10 inch speaker. Happy.

👤After convincing my wife that I am building a TV room for the family, I had to get components which I could afford and feel happy about. My family has an opportunity to listen to Atmos content in my home theater, thanks to this pair of Pyle 8inch speakers. Our TV room is where I mean. I highly recommend this product for those husbands. Families want an affordable product to launch their surround sound lifestyle. Pros. Good quality entry level speakers. There are cons. The latches may come off if you tighten the screws. Take your time.

11. Pyle Bluetooth Connections Polypropylene PDICBT652RD

Pyle Bluetooth Connections Polypropylene PDICBT652RD

Bluetooth is a built-in wireless music streaming service. You can barely see the floor or shelf space in your home from the speakers. Speaker grills are stain resistant. Match existing flush mounted designs in your home or workplace for a clean look and wide-range sound performance. It's perfect sound wherever you need it. The Pyle 2-way in-ceiling or in-wall speaker system is great for existing home theater systems and custom applications. For in home use, office, professional, or custom audio applications on any flat surface, a compact flush mount design is ideal. Easy to install - includes a cut-out size template, quick connect spring- loaded speaker terminals, and spring loaded fixing clips, and a speaker connection wire.

Brand: Pyle

👤I love music, I play music while I shower, I wash my car, and I play music when I clean the house. I had high hopes when I saw these. My plan was to install a soundbar in my garage, but these looked cleaner and subtle than I had thought. I never associated the brand with high quality products. I figured I'd roll the dice and give these a shot. The rubber surround on the speakers is supple and responsive, which is not bad for build quality. The plastic housing is sturdy. One of the supplied speaker wires was way shorter than the other. Quality control might have missed this. The instructions had a lot of errors. I know how to install. The power brick/bluetooth receiver was very light. The box contains everything you need. I used a power drill to get the job done quicker. Silicone was applied to the speaker's inner side before it was put in place. You're probably wondering how they sound. Great. I put everything in the box and then put it on the floor of the garage to see if it worked. There's a huge difference in sound quality once you put them in place. You get a good bass and a decent treble. It's a great setup. The surround sound feel was given by having it installed in the garage. This is a great deal for the money. I would definitely look into other products from the same company. This is what I don't like about this product. There is no switch for on or off. The unit is on unless you physically remove it from the outlet. I plan on purchasing a smart plug that will allow me to turn off the unit when I'm not using it, because the outlet is on the ceiling, which is why this is kind of inconvenient for me. Give these speakers a try. Not a bad choice.

👤The sound quality is great. I feel like there's enough bass. It can be an issue if you connect. Sometimes my phone says it's connected, but there's no sound from the speakers. The problem was the same with other phones. I had to unpair my phone after I unplugged the speakers. I got my phone back and it worked. Since I put them in a week ago, this has happened 3 times. It's kind of annoying but not a deal breaker. These speakers are still recommended by me. The speakers won't connect anymore. They used to make a sound when connected. When I try to adjust the volume on the phone, nothing happens. Another case of good fortune to be true. I will return if they don't correct themselves.

👤The speakers sound terrible. The speakers in my car are 10 years old. Worst ever. The manufacturer hasn't responded to the email yet, but the speaker still rattles from the first day. Even though I sent them an email to contact them, they never responded so their customer service is worse than a poorly manufactured speaker.


What is the best product for flush mount speakers home theater system?

Flush mount speakers home theater system products from Pyle. In this article about flush mount speakers home theater system you can see why people choose the product. Herdio and Polk Audio are also good brands to look for when you are finding flush mount speakers home theater system.

What are the best brands for flush mount speakers home theater system?

Pyle, Herdio and Polk Audio are some of the best brands that chosen by people for flush mount speakers home theater system. Find the detail in this article. Acoustic Audio By Goldwood, Acoustic Audio By Goldwood and Acoustic Audio By Goldwood are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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