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1. Projector CiBest Portable Supported Compatible

Projector CiBest Portable Supported Compatible

There is a movie experience. The CiBest home video projector is 80% brighter than other mini projectors. You may enjoy the time with your family or friends at home or outside with the support up to 2000:1 contrast ratio. The projection image can be softer with the diffuse reflection technology. You can connect to multiple devices. Works with TV stick, PC, laptops, tablets, Blue-ray DVD player, TF card, PS4/XBOX/WII, media players (music, pictures, video, TXT), headphones. You can connect it to your iPad, iPhone, and other devices. It's not a good idea for business presentations. STEREO SPEAKERS AND A big screen. It has a size from 30 to 200 and a distance from 2.62ft to 14.8ft. The optimal image size is between 60 and 80 inches. The built-in speakers have amazing sound effects. You can use the 3.5mm audio output to connect your home theater system. The design is portable. The CiBest mini projector is small and convenient to carry. The projector has a cooling system that cuts the fan noise by half and makes it a quieter place to watch a movie. Manual keystone correction can be used to meet your demands. There is a 2-month money-back guarantee and a lifetime warranty. If you have a question, please contact their customer support team. They will try to find a solution for you. There is a 2-month money-back guarantee and a lifetime warranty. If you have a question, please contact their customer support team. They will try to find a solution for you.

Brand: Cibest

👤This is a small unit. If you want to see it in action, check out my video review. I didn't cover every feature, but it's pretty straightforward for most of the time. The picture seems to project in high def, and it has a reasonable sound for being a small unit. I didn't cover the ability to plug in an SD card or other memory device in the video, which makes it great for a slideshow display at weddings or other events. This is a quality product for a relatively low price, and I only have one complaint: the power cord is a little short. Ps. It comes with an HDMI cable and some other cards.

👤I bought a mini projector for more than $100 a few weeks ago and I was very impressed with it. I was asked if I could find a cheaper projector for my sister in law. Being the tech guy of the family, I did a price and spec comparison and ended up with a CiBest Mini Projector. We were blown away by how good this is. The packaging was good. The projector is protected by air cushions. It had a remote, power cord, and video cable. It is very similar to the projector I got. It has a mini sd card slot, audio out, vga, HDMI, and 2usb ports. If you want to watch anything you want, you can use a Chromecast device, powered by the port on the phone, or a stick from a streaming service. The setup was easy to figure out without reading the manual. The projector can be mounted onto a tripod by using the height/tilt adjustment. I mounted this on a tripod and tested it on the wall. The quality of the picture is outstanding. The video was amazing even without a projector screen. We had a good time watching movies while lying on the bed, as I tried to project against the ceiling. 50,000 hours of light life is promised by this mini projector. 5 years of continuous playtime! If this projector lasts at least 2 years of regular use, that's more than your money is worth. I'm amazed at how technology has made entertainment cheaper and better. This product is a good example of technology at a low cost. Everything is excellent, can't find anything to complain about. Highly recommended.

👤The resolution is 800x480. I searched the product description and reviews for 20 minutes and never found the Native resolution of this thing. It's a shame how all the projectors are listed as capable of high definition, but then bury their actual resolution in the description, just don't mention it at all. This was very impressive for the cost. I paid 60 dollars for it. I could blow this up to a 80" screen before it started getting blurry, because the low resolution wasn't that bad in actual usage. The internal speakers were good, not going to blow your mind, but for a quick casual setup they are adequate and much better than what I expected at this price point. The image is bright, but the saturation of the color is not good. I noticed that the more expensive projectors were sometimes claiming lower numbers than they actually were. I'm sure these numbers are inflated to some extent for these cheepie projectors, but it's also related to color production. The projector rating is based on how much white light they can produce and not on the color of the light. I can't tell you much more than that because this is my first time ever buying a projector and I am researching them. It is impressive for the money. I like that it can be mounted on a tripod and has a quiet fan.

2. Kodak Ultra Portable Projector Built

Kodak Ultra Portable Projector Built

The Hollywood standard has an advanced optical engine that has superior brightness, color accuracy and picture quality. The smallest and lightest projector in the world slips. It's convenient into your handbag, briefcase or back pocket. The onboard media player has room- filling built-in speakers, 3.5mm input and a MicroSD card slot. Please check with your device's manufacturer if the device is compatible with HDMI. Plug. A project. Play. There are no complicated buttons or menu screens when you connect to your favorite PC or Mac. GAMING GRADE COLOR is capable of displaying 16.7 million colors. GAMING GRADE COLOR is capable of displaying 16.7 million colors.

Brand: Kodak

👤The product was not advertised. The description says it's high definition. There is a projector. It's not even HD ready. The image is less than old school CRTs. False advertising! Should be removed from sale or description. Not just a lie, but a complete lie!

👤I use the Kodak Ultra Mini portable projector to project photos onto my table so I can see each and every color. I use a tripod to help me with this, make sure it has the right size mounting screw and two sizes. The darker the room, the better to see the picture. The main reason I bought this mini projector is because it projects a very small picture which I can trace onto watercolor paper, most of the other mini projectors can't do that. I am happy with this purchase and recommend it.

👤We bought this to use with our iPad. It doesn't recognize either device, but is compatible in the description. I bought a cord to connect the Apple devices to the projector, but can't get it to work. When you save movies from your Apple account to a flash drive, it doesn't recognize the Apple file format. I am trying to format the files for the projector. It isn't enabled by either of those technologies. I reached out to Kodak, but they haven't contacted me back. It isn't a device that should promote itself as compatible with iPad/iPhone. The directions and support from Kodak are not good. It has been useless for us.

👤Love the smallness. The kit had a different cord attachment. The projector wouldn't restart after 10 minutes of use. The powerpoint program was 25 slides. I wouldn't recommend this product for presentations or video content. It seems to heat up and close down.

👤The small size is what I needed. I project an image so I can trace it on a material. Similar to cookie designer. The projector gives a clear and crisp image when I trace the images. I had to buy an accessory for my iPad. The projector does not warn you when it is about to die, so I was drawing when it shut off. I might need to keep it plugged in. I don't need to move it or travel with it.

👤I like its shape, color, size and light weight. There are some problems. The images are not clear when the room is not really dark. The images are darker when it is dark. It needs a person to be connected with the phone. It can be connected with my MacBook Pro using the HDMI cable that came with it, but it requires some setting on the Mac side. I still like it. I think it is a good deal.

👤This is a good product. I have a laptop and I am watching a movie on it. The battery lasts 2 hours from a full charge even if it is plugged in. It doesn't project right away when it's plugged into your phone. I had to change the display on my phone but it wouldn't change the display on the projector, even though I had disconnected and reconnected my phone. I had to power off and on the projector, disconnected and reconnected a few times, and finally it changed. I don't know if the same thing happens on other smart phones as well as the iPhone X.

3. Projector PVO Portable Cartoon Interfaces

Projector PVO Portable Cartoon Interfaces

There is a gift for children. The Mini projector is a must have for children to watch cartoons and videos. It can project a maximum of 150 inches when viewed from a distance. Children's eyes can be protected from mobile phones and tablets. The mini video projector is small and portable, and can be carried in a pocket or bag. Children can hold it. You can watch movies, videos and games wherever you go, no matter where you are. The natural resolution has increased to 800*480 with the upgraded YG300Pro. The picture is more comfortable if the brightness and color saturation of the projected picture is improved. A small projector has multiple ports, including HDMI, audio, Micro SD, and TF. It can be easily connected to multiple media devices, such as TV boxes, laptops, desktop computers, digital cameras, HDMI-enabled devices to play video, TV series, photos sharing and games. No internet, no phone. Please contact their customer service if you can't connect. The power bank supply is listed. The mini portable projector is powered by a power adapter that does not have a built-in battery, but it can be powered by a mobile phone, car, or power pack that supports 5V/ 2.5A. The power bank supply is listed. The mini portable projector is powered by a power adapter that does not have a built-in battery, but it can be powered by a mobile phone, car, or power pack that supports 5V/ 2.5A.

Brand: Pvo

👤I needed a mini projector to put up a webpage from my laptop or iPad that interacts with a laser and a camera phone, but I didn't want to spend a lot. I found a projector that had a lot of value packed into it. Now that I have a projector, here's what I found. It powers from my powerbank. Just plugged it in. How cool is that? Time for some videos with the family. 1. It's small and light. It is easy to carry a backpack for overnighters. 2. When powered from a wall outlet, the brightness is much brighter. Maybe 50% brighter. I would recommend using the wall outlet as much as possible. The brighter the picture is, the smaller it will be. I was able to get a focused picture of 1.5 foot by 2 feet, the closest I could get to a wall. The brightness surprised me. 3. The projector has a small speaker on the back that can make a loud noise. It's not a Bose stereo system, but it does the job without an external speaker, and there is a jack for a headphones. The included remote control can be used to adjust the volume. 4. The projector doesn't have up and down arrows, just left and right, so the remote control is required for many menu options. The remote is not included with the product so you will need 2 batteries. 5. There is a screw mount on the projector for a tripod. Pick up a cheap tripod to make it easy to adjust the angle of projection. There is no keystone adjustment. 5. I was able to use my Apple TV, Apple TV Stick, and Chromecast through the HDMI port. Just plugged them in again and switched the source to high definition. Looks and sounds great. I was able to use the Apple TV or the Chromecast to cast my screens to the projector. Convenient! 6. The picture quality and brightness are not comparable to a projector. The edges of the projected screen were noticeably darker and fuzzier than the middle, but there was nothing to stop the viewer from enjoying the experience. This little guy has been really useful for me. The value and features of this projector are unbeatable. It works great, but if the kids drop it, you're only out a fraction of the cost of typical projectors. I highly recommend!

👤It was a great projector at first. The picture was clear at night and it was enjoyable to watch movies in our bedroom. It all went wrong after the return date. The projector is not well sealed and we saw big dirty spots on the lens about 4 weeks in, they have just gotten larger. The color began to go out. The picture in the circle turned blue and yellow. It died in 4 months. I wouldn't recommend this product. It's not well made. The protection plan will go wrong after 30 days if you don't get it. It will be necessary to take it apart to clean the lens. I am looking for a projector that will work in my room.

4. Projector GROVIEW Supported Portable Compatible

Projector GROVIEW Supported Portable Compatible

This video projector has 6000 lux. A native resolution of 1920*1080 and a contrast ratio of 6000:1 are included. The projector provides high definition images. Combining an innovative high light transmittance glassed lens ensures to bring you a ultimate outdoor home theater movie fun. The projector screen is included. A 100" portable projector screen is included in the package. Their portable projector has a viewing size from 72” to 240” with a projection distance between 6.8ft and 22ft. It is recommended to use the movies in the evening. This portable mini projector has built-in stereo speakers with an SRS sound system, which will give you the best sound experience. You can connect your speakers to the internet at any time. MULTIMEDIA PORTABLE MOVIE PROJECTOR The GROVIEW Mini Video Projector is compatible with TV Box, ChromeBook, PCs, Laptops, Tablets, Blue-ray DVD player, and other media players. The movie projector uses upgraded noise reduction technology which makes you concentrate on enjoying your movies. Their docking are manufactured under strict quality standards. If you are not completely satisfied with the mini projector, please contact them and they will be able to solve your problem. They offer a free replacement policy and a 2 year customer service. The movie projector uses upgraded noise reduction technology which makes you concentrate on enjoying your movies. Their docking are manufactured under strict quality standards. If you are not completely satisfied with the mini projector, please contact them and they will be able to solve your problem. They offer a free replacement policy and a 2 year customer service.

Brand: Groview

👤This projector is great. It takes a little practice to get the picture right, but once you do it is great! The sound of the portable Bose speaker was clear and nice. The projector sound is good, but if you're outside with nature sounds, you'll want a loud speaker or sound bar. The picture was better than expected. It is definitely a keeper and I love it!

👤The projector had a feature that I liked. I have a soundbar that does not have aux or avi connections. After trying it out, I noticed that it took away the quality of sound from my soundbar. When the projector had the setting to surround sound on, it would give me un-synced audio. The minimum keystone adjustments were something I disliked. The image in the middle was superb, you only have to focus your image and tilt up and down. The corners are always blurry and it's impossible to remove them with limited controls. I bought this for gaming and movies, but I ended up having my gaming console switched back to my computer monitor because of poor visibility and image quality. The description says 6000 lumens, but it's not true. The epson projector is a high end projector. The only reason I would buy this product again is for kids. If you're trying to buy a new tv. I would save for a better projector.

👤I used to have a BenQ projector. It was over $1,000. That was maybe 2006 or so. It is likely to put out the same contrast and brightness. There is a lot for the dollar here. There are two things that annoy me. They say it supports 1080P. That's not true. The resolution is only 720P. If you feed it, it will support 1080P. You don't see the high definition on your screen. The tilt feature distorts the imager so you'll need to place it on a tripod and have it flat to broadcast on your screen for the best image. Otherwise, neat little thing.

👤I am not a techie. This was easy to use. The instruction manual is very clear on what to buy and how to use it. I didn't have the right attachment to use my phone with this projector, but reading the manual told what I should purchase. I hooked my firestick up to it and it worked right away. Some people complained that the screen was fake, but ours wasn't. It had a few folds, but nothing crazy. We put it on the wall. You can put the screen on the bare wall. I love this projector.

👤It was a great bang for your buck product. In low light situations, picture quality is pretty good. I have only projected on my cream colored wall, so I think that will make it even better. It takes a little time to get it focused, depending on the angle of your projector and distance. The feature is great, but sometimes lags. I plugged in an aux cable to fix the issue. Couldn't imagine spending a lot of money on a better projector.

5. QKX 7500Lumens Compatible Smartphone Entertainments

QKX 7500Lumens Compatible Smartphone Entertainments

The resolution of the movie projector has been upgraded to1080P HD support. The projector gives you the exclusive home theater experience with max 200” display, clearer and sharper image. A small body with a great performance. The package includes an extra 100” projector screen to give their customers the best visual feast. With this portable projector screen, you can build your home theater anywhere you want, and have more fun with it. The icing on the cake is definitely it. The mini projector has lots of ports to support you to connect other devices. It's compatible with a lot of things. Waiting for you to unlocked more ways to play. The built-in dual speakers offer an excellent audio experience. You can share this moment with someone you care about by connecting an external speaker. Protect your eyes with a longer lamp life. The projector lamp life Max support is 50, 000 hours with the five layer display. The light source can protect you and your family. It is the best choice for home theater entertainment. Protect your eyes with a longer lamp life. The projector lamp life Max support is 50, 000 hours with the five layer display. The light source can protect you and your family. It is the best choice for home theater entertainment.

Brand: Qkx

👤I have always wanted a projector, but didn't know much about them, and I'm so impressed that I found this one. I love this projector. I convinced my fiancée to put it in our bedroom, and it has been the best. You can't go wrong with this. The picture is clear and works with our fire stick. A total game change. It arrived to the house within 2 days. We didn't put ours up because we wanted to put it on the garage for movie nights.

👤The order and projector were in the Amazon fashion. The value is great. I was frustrated with my experience trying to upgrade the product and the entire company experience behind it. I am a tech head. When buying new tech, I always update to the latest software and if you ever need support, this is the first question they usually ask. This company is very strange. The printed instruction book has no mention of the company's website at all, so if you need it, you can go to Due to the number of available different languages, and the different ways to install it, it is highly suggested to contact our customer service team, and we will send you the correct file and help you to get it installed step by step. The installation is simple as best as I can tell, but a drop-down picker for the language can be found on a webpage. If you want to upgrade it from the menu, download the file to the stick and choose from the options. I was hoping they would email me the file, but they didn't. Can you tell me the problem with the projector? The company acts like this is the 1990's from the odd website to the gatekeeper of firmware. 1st There is no way for me to tie my registration to my support in the query because the website asks for my order number. The company is stuck in the 1990's. If you're not selling anything on that site, then you should use a better platform and not use OpenCart, it's not worth the trouble. The product pages at Amazon have a broken page. You don't really want to have a real digital business if you put zero effort into keeping the site working. It's like walking into a store that's filthy and looks like it's been vandalised, but the value for the projector is great to be 100% fair, but be aware this is likely cheap china, plastic inferior quality tech being imported via alibaba dot com and sold by Like me, you should consider this purchase to be a disposable one because you get what you pay for. Good luck with the rest and use and enjoy it while it lasts. I was fair and gave 4 stars, but be aware.

👤Over the years, I have used a few projectors with friends and family. This one has an upgrade in the audio. I usually have to connect a speaker output to increase the projector's volume because of the white noise from the projector's operation. It was quieter and had more punch in the audio. The first projector I received had a tilt button that was not functional. The handbook states that the customer service understood the problem and sent in a replacement device. It was a pleasant experience since there wasn't much back and forth. The company explained that the first one could have been caused by damage during transit. The picture quality is sharp and does not show any colors bleeding through. I was able to project on a wall and did not see any degradation in performance. They provide a screen with hooks, but I am going to get a free standing screen. The free standing screen allows the picture to be seen on both sides of the screen, which makes for an interesting movie experience. I was able to use my phone to cast videos and movies from my home computer. The buttons on the device are well placed and the menus are mostly 1 step solutions.

6. Nic Pow Projector Portable Correction

Nic Pow Projector Portable Correction

Home theater movie projector has 1920*1080 native resolution, 8000:1 contrast ratio, and upgraded configuration. They recommend you connect via a laptop, fire tv stick, Roku or Chrome cast to get a better experience when watching movies on Prime video. The Stone Correction and the Zoom function are included. This home video projector has 40 keystone correction and will give you a perfect display effect with the design of the gathering ring. The zoom function of the projector is reduced, but it is still convenient to adjust the screen with the remote control. It's ideal for home video in the backyard, hosting parties and movie nights while traveling. The overhead projector has Hifi stereo speakers with an advanced cooling system. The lamp life can be extended to 100,000 hours with the updated silent cooling system. The projector maintains the best performance during long-term operation when noise reduction processing is carried out. The max 300" support and multiMEDIA portABLE movie projector provides a watching size from 50" to 300" and the best view screen size is 80"-100", 7 to 10 feet away. The phone projector has a number of ports, including 2*HDMI ports, 2*USB ports, a VGA port, and a AV port. The Home projector is suitable for home movie entertainment, backyard games, yoga, and party usage. You will get an extended 2 months to return and 24 months promise if you register your product and Activate Warranty after you receive your video projector. If you have a problem, please contact them. The Home projector is suitable for home movie entertainment, backyard games, yoga, and party usage. You will get an extended 2 months to return and 24 months promise if you register your product and Activate Warranty after you receive your video projector. If you have a problem, please contact them.

Brand: Nic Pow

👤This was originally purchased for presentations on the PC. The colors and details of the graphics are good. I decided to use the projector in the backyard for some early fall movies. We used a thin movie sheet to test it out. The projector illuminated so well that you could see the wall stud behind it. We are going to pick up a portable screen that isn't transparent. We put out a movie on a stick and played it from the projector interface. A projector stand and powered speaker are also on the list.

👤I put up a projector and screen for outdoor movies many years ago. I replaced the 5 year old projector with this one. I can't believe how good it is. Two of the pictures I included are outside in the day, and the picture was very clear and watchable, even though the screen is shaded. WOW was this something after dusk? The color balance is better than my old projector after I upgraded to full1080p. It's hard to believe you can get a projector for so little.

👤I don't get anything for free, but I buy everything I review. I'm all about the best bang for the buck, the best value, the best build quality, and the features that I need, and that's what I'm looking for, a really good build quality, and it's going to be cheap. The first picture is a picture of a screen on a console. When you look at all four corners and in the middle of the screen, you want to know how good the projector is. As long as you don't use keystone, this one is very clear and focused. Correcting the horizontal angle compromises the clarity on the corners of the screen and I don't mean just a little bit. It would be unreadable at that point. I took a video, a picture, and a picture to show you what it looks like in a fully lit room during the day, and I also took a video to show you what it looks like on the internet. If you need to use the keystone, don't get the projector, and I didn't include a picture of it. Is this projector for you? You need to ask yourself if you can mount it where you won't have to use the keystone, and if you want the projector to point straight ahead. You will be disappointed if you don't get a software based keystone. Some people say it's blurry and other people say it's clear, but with a lot of these cheap projectors with the software based keystone, you'll notice that. If you have a projector that is really low the picture will be low, if you have a projector that is high the picture will be high. Are you okay with a washed out screen during the day, or is it for kids who love the big screen, or is it for kids who don't care at all? It's not as loud as a laptop fan. I've never seen a projector with good audio, even my BenQ has poor audio, but it does have an audio out connection. I have it pointing at a white wall. It's not very bright but it's pretty impressive to be $90 and it has two HDMI inputs. There are two wheels on top for focus and keystone. The keystone is the major part of the Make it or Break it plan and I only mentioned it a lot in this review. I lost the wow factor a long time ago because I've had a projector for 8 years. It's amazing to have a 120 inch screen for less than $100. Most people don't know that the 120in screen is the size of 4 60" TVs. The projector is doing a great job and I have been able to adjust the audio sound to make it better.

7. Upgrade 3500Lumens Projector Supported Smartphone

Upgrade 3500Lumens Projector Supported Smartphone

The power bank supply is listed. The mini portable projector is powered by a power adapter that does not have a built-in battery, but it can be powered by a mobile phone, car, or power pack that supports 5V/ 2.5A. It's important to watch movies. 1. You can buy a projector to use outside on clear nights to break up the monotony of watching TV. 2. It has a speaker that is made into the projector and is quiet enough for indoors, but it can be connected to external speakers using the ear phones connection on the side. 3. It's perfect for use in the living room or the back yard. You are able to use your TV Sticker to display what you are watching on your phone, YouTube or straight up movies. 2. It's easy to adjust the contrast and connect multiple devices to it. It can be connected to your phone, PS3 or Wii to play games. Gets an A+ for value. If you are into HD and top quality, you may want to spend more money on a projector. It's not the best projector for sports. Unless you have a 4,000 sq foot home with a movie theater room, you should just buy this. It's great! It's easy to operate. Light is on and off in the photos. The display is over 180 inches. This projector has a projection distance between 4.9ft and 16.4ft and a watching size from 32” to 176” The recommended viewing distance is about 6.5 feet. The lowest price in the first month of this new arrival is $ 56. They offer a 3-year 100% Money Back Guarantee and professional customer service. If you have a problem, please contact their customer service.

Brand: Projector

👤I was excited about the projector that got good reviews. This is a good projector. Here's the negative: 1. It is not very bright. If you need to operate in a semi- or well-lit environment, this projector is not for you. 2. It can't zoom. If you need a specific size of projection, you need to position it at a certain distance from the screen. 3. The focus depth range is not big. You can find distances with no focus. 4. keystone correction is small. If you are not close to a couple degrees of straight on your projection area, you will see distortion. The projector isn't for me at the end of the day. They tried to bribe me with a $30 Amazon gift card to change my review after reading it. Beware!

👤I have a projector that I use for my Halloween projections, which I display in a window overlooking our neighborhood. I set up the projector and began projecting, but within 5 minutes a dark spot appeared in the center and spread quickly. If the bulb becomes overheated, turn it off for 3 hours, then try again. I did it anyway and it happened even though it was 3 hours too late. Within 5 minutes. I reached out to the manufacturer, but they didn't reply. I returned the product for a full refund. Would not recommend this product.

👤My sister recommended this brand to me and I bought it. My sister bought the same a month ago and it worked great. She said that it would change your life. It did not fail to impress. Everything was described. I knew what I needed to do to connect my speaker to my computer. It was easy to set up. It has the ability to support a variety of devices. The compatibility is easy. I bought a VGA conversion for $25 to connect different devices. Within minutes, I connected my speakers to my tv. The set up took a long time to complete.

👤The price point and value is 5/5, the quality is 4.55 and the recommendation is 5/5. I can play holiday videos on my porch. The video is bright and HD, but clear for being that way. It is easy to hook this up and play video games outside by adding a device for casting or hooking up directly via HDMI. It has a speaker built in, but it isn't that great of an output at 2 watt. The audio can be played anywhere I want it to be played. The interface and navigation of the projector are easy to use. The 3 year warranty allows me to test the claim on the bulb's longevity. I am surprised and pleased with the quality and would recommend it.

👤It was easy to set up and make for a fun movie night. I was able to project the video onto the wall because it was clear. The projection size that this little machine can output is amazing. A movie is being watched in a small size. It's very portable because of its zie. I'm looking forward to doing some backyard movie nights once summer comes around again. I was able to connect this to my laptop and firestick, so I had lots of shoe options. This purchase was very sastified.

8. Projector SHIMOR C9 Supported Compatible

Projector SHIMOR C9 Supported Compatible

The FCC certification is for the Bloomidea HD projector. The products have a one-year warranty. The product can be replaced if there is a problem. If you have a question about the product or its use, you can contact them through their after-sales service, and they will be able to help you. The projector has a high brightness rating of 7500L, supported by a high resolution, Aspect ratio is 4:9 and the contrast ratio is 5000:1, it brings you a 35% brighter images than similar projectors in the market. To meet their customer's new needs, video projector packed with 100" portable projector screen was included. You can watch the movies with your family in the yard. Their portable projector is compatible with TV Box, Amazon Fire Stick TV, Chromecast, PC, laptop, Tablet, External Speakers, Playstation, XBOX, DVD player, Card reader, and Media players. The SHIMOR C9 Movie projector provide powerful sound to let you enjoy the movie night with your family. Home theater, indoor and outdoor movies and video games can be seen with the LED projector. It is recommended to use in dark environments. Not recommended for word, excel.

Brand: Shimor

👤I randomly bought a mini projector for our basement entertainment project. I installed and set it up as soon as it arrived at our doorsteps. This projector is a budget projector, so not much to say about it, but build quality is solid, it doesn't feel cheap, and video color is good. I watch videos from the internet. It looks pretty good, even my 10 year old knows how to use it without reading the user manual, no need to switch video source cables anymore. Yes, size does matter. This unit is small enough for me to keep next to our gaming system. I should have read more carefully before buying it. It's not an issue, but video color seems a bit yellowish to my liking, but I can live with it. My kids can't tell the difference. The projector showing angle can be raised with the help of a base stand or height adjustment. It's a decent projector for basic needs. If you are looking for 4k videos output, this projector is not for you.

👤Excellent value. Our favorite family used to go to the movie theater, but due to the virus we have not been to the movies in almost a year. This was the best value I could find for features, and the fact that it had its own projection screen was the deciding factor. The protectors have come along way, I haven't used them in years. I was amazed that it did not interrupt the sound from the movie. It is wide and versatile. Luckily, I had an adapter that worked perfectly for my phone, and I was able to stream from it. We are able to stream our favorite applications with ease. The picture quality is amazing. Totally exceeded my expectations. My husband was able to set it up in less than five minutes. The machine is designed to last. I am very happy with this purchase. It's not necessary to spend hundreds of dollars to take your family to the movies anymore. Not me!

👤I have a projector in my basement for movies and sports. I wanted to be able to watch movies outside, but I didn't want to risk the projector outside, so I picked up this one from Shimori. It throws a nice picture even though it is not as bright as the Epson, and it comes with a screen. The projector is 15 times cheaper than the one from the Epson. It has a simple focus control wheel and keystone wheel on the lens, which is all you need to set it up and start showing movies. A perfect picture is not what you are after with this price point. The projector will get you going quickly so the kids don't have to wait around for you to finish the movie. Surprisingly, it has 2 ports. I put my stick on the table in the back yard, hung the screen on the swingset, and had a movie night. The speakers are loud enough for outside use and the picture is sharp. The'music' setting seems to push up the bass in movies, so I recommend it. I was very happy with the package and the projector. It's lightweight makes it great for travel. We will see how it holds up. I will update if there are any issues.

9. Projector Supported Compatible Computer Entertainment

Projector Supported Compatible Computer Entertainment

The latest upgraded video projector has a native resolution of 720P and a 3000:1 contrast ratio, which could offer an accurate andvivid video quality. It's ideal for projecting games and graphics. The mini projector has upgraded lighting that provides 60 percent more brightness. The light source has a lower energy than conventional bulbs. This projector is brighter than other 3800lux led projectors. The big screen size experience has a watching size from 40” to 210” with a projection distance between 5ft and 15ft. The recommended viewing distance is 6.5 feet. A portable projector with a weight of only 2.86lb and a portable size of 8.66 inches makes it easier to take to anywhere. A powerful speaker can give you a clear sound. The smart projector has multiple interface such as HDMI,USB,AV,VGA and headphones to meet your needs. Within 24 hours, they will get back to you. The smart projector has multiple interface such as HDMI,USB,AV,VGA and headphones to meet your needs. Within 24 hours, they will get back to you.

Brand: Poner Saund

👤I need something more portable and that works. This is what you are looking for, and I don't see how it could be so affordable. I would like to get the cons out of the way so that I can focus on the good stuff. The unit needs to be placed in a certain location. It has a nice adjustment that works well next to the lens focus. I wouldn't expect horizontal keystone to include it, it doesn't exist and it's for $100. There is no documentation as to what formats you can play. It plays 24bit flac which was a bit surprising, but my mp4 files didn't play. Most of us are using HDMI anyway. Here is where it gets better. It scales perfectly, even though it seems that it is 720p, but the computer recognizes it as 60Hz. The picture is crisp but dim. This is usually the case, and I recommend using it without windows. In the video I post, you can see a scene in the first few minutes of a baby driver in a lit room, and it is not bad at all. The projector is 5 feet away from the image. Sound quality is usually not a focus in projectors, but this one hits something well. Volume. It gets loud enough to watch a football game, but I would still recommend external audio for clarity. The fan is not too loud. It doesn't get as hot and the image is instantly bright, no warm up time, no excessive heat, and therefore less fan noise. Now for the remote. Another reviewer complained about this. I am also black. It works with the unit, and I think it is a generic remote. It still works as intended, so I wouldn't worry about it. If you don't have small fingers, I recommend keeping the remote on hand because the buttons on the unit are too cramped. If you are looking for a projector that won't break the bank but hits every box within a projector within a $100-$500 budget, then this is a great unit to go with. Do not use the sound of a surround sound on the unit. Stereo sounds better. The standard is much more clear than the muddy one.

👤This projector was very disappointing. I bought two because it said it worked with phones. It doesn't. Nothing works under the sun. No phone can be connected to it at all.

👤I have a big write wall and I think it is a good idea to play the projector on it. It is easy to set up a projector. You can play video with a memory card orusb drive. I use it to connect my laptop to the projector. I like the video quality and sound so much that I'm giving it as a Christmas gift. I can use it with my wii and have a big screen for gaming.

👤This is a really good value. The projector is light, bright, easy to hook up, and less than $120. You just move it back to make it bigger. We need 15 feet to fill the screen. The keystone adjustment on this projector is manual. The picture is wobbled by a mirror to get the shape back. The picture gets out of focus at the bottom for a projector below the centerline of the screen. If you have adjusted the keystone, you can't adjust the focus to get the whole picture in focus. We live with a slightly altered picture shape. If you don't have a sound bar or amplifier, the built in speaker is loud enough to get by. If needed, it is stand alone. There is no side-to-side adjust for the elevation adjustment. A great value as a whole. If the keystone actually worked.

10. Projector POYANK Wireless Compatible Supported

Projector POYANK Wireless Compatible Supported

The bottom of the projector can be used to mount the projector onto a tripod. You can test it on the wall by mounting it on a tripod. The video was amazing, even without a projector screen, but the image quality is outstanding. You can play video games with your family and enjoy the happiness movie night with their upgraded 7500 Lumens video projector in your home theater. Their 5 layer display can assure you to get a fidelity projection color and effect as they can adjust the brightness and contrast ratio of each color channel. You can enjoy the real home theater stereo sound with their dual built-in speaker. You can enjoy the sound effects in your home. You can connect your own home theater speaker to their projector with their 3.5mm headphone jack. You can use the projector port to connect your laptop, Blue-Ray DVD player, TV Stick, ROKU, PS4 and other devices. How long can their projector be used? The diffuse display technology can be used to protect your family's eye from the direct light source, and the LCD display can be used to protect the lamp. If you use their projector for eight hours a day, you can use it for 10 years.

Brand: Poyank

👤I was looking for an inexpensive projector for my son to use. We cut the cable so he could use his Playstation for games and shows. He wanted to get something larger than the 32" tv he had. I wanted to see if this projector could produce a large screen. It's working out well for him. The projector has built-in Airplay. You can use this technology to send your phone screen to the projector. I'm not sure if my son will ever use it as he just plugs in the HDMI cable from the Playstation. I wanted to see if I could watch the US Open on my app. The instructions for setting up the projector's internet connection are easy to understand. You have to use your phone to join the internet. It was on the screen for me. You plug in the information on the web page after you do that. The projector can be accessed by other devices. The setup took about 5 minutes and I was able to send my screen to the projector. The movie shows me sending the match from my iPad to the projector. I'm in the media room. I'm throwing the image from about 15 feet away. The built-in speakers are making sound. The price is carefully packaged and includes an audio cable and a free case, but you probably won't. The Not so Good is the keystone adjustment, which means you don't have a lot of control on focus. The remote can be helpful when setting it up, but built-in speakers don't sound great, so you're probably going to use something else. My 5-star rating is based on features and the quality of the unit. I have not seen a projector that supports the internet. This is not a projector to use in the media room. This is a projector that you could use for a variety of purposes, from projecting on the side of the house or a sheet for a fun movie night outside, to gaming or watching their stuff. You need to get a speaker for the sound. I would consider buying it again if there were more uses for it.

👤It is easy to set up the machine. You need to connect to the projector and the internet. It was easy. It is the best I have ever used. The picture has a sound effect. It is good to use at home and work because it is easy to use. I love it!

👤It's a gr8 led projector and real value for money. There is a Looking at negative feedback from customers, was little skeptical to purchase but still looking at price point for WI-FI enabled projector, decided to purchase and now very happy with the performance. Would like to recommend it to others. I was able to setup the projector on my A9 Pro with ease. You can attach your charging cord from your mobile device to projector and use it to do screen share from your phone, it worked without internet. The computer C port to projector is not compatible, but the computer HDMI is good enough. On screen, slow/fast forward, auto next all functions. Audio files and Photos were played on the directusb drive. The picture size is large enough for a distant projector. The picture colors and adjustment are very good. The projector comes with a nice packing, HDMI cable, video cable and power cord, and it has good sound quality and no need for external speaker when using it in-house. The projector is very small, easy to handle, and has a picture of the pen next to it. It's a real value for money, just go for it.

11. Projector Supported Speaker Theater Compatible

Projector Supported Speaker Theater Compatible

The 6500Lumeus is more realistic than other products. 99% mini projectors are brighter. The native resolution of their mini portable projector is 1920 x1080P, and the screen display is clearer and more vivid. There are more accessories that are eco-friendly. The product is made from high eco-friendly materials. You can meet your family needs by watching movies, taking classes online, or letting your children watch educational videos. This is an innovation of traditional projectors, built-in stereo speakers, adjust the trapezoid and focus to get a true projection size of 130 inches, bringing an excellent audience experience. The outdoor projector is suitable for indoor use. A movie projector can create 130-inch real high-definition images. You can enjoy the large image size and full sound with the built-in independent Hi-fi speaker on the body. A portable projector. You can connect the projector to external speakers, headphones or other audio equipment to make it your own. HD, Av cable connection is included in the projector. The projector can be connected to TV, PC, laptop, tablet, switch or other devices for easy and convenient viewing. The FCC certification is for the Bloomidea HD projector. The products have a one-year warranty. The product can be replaced if there is a problem. If you have a question about the product or its use, you can contact them through their after-sales service, and they will be able to help you. The FCC certification is for the Bloomidea HD projector. The products have a one-year warranty. The product can be replaced if there is a problem. If you have a question about the product or its use, you can contact them through their after-sales service, and they will be able to help you.

Brand: Bloomidea

👤If your sound isn't working when you plug in your Firestick, follow the steps below. You have to change the settings on your firestick before you can use the projector. We took over two hours to figure it out.

👤Once set up, this monitor worked well. We wanted to upgrade our projector. I was drawn to the fact that this projector is a bit more compact. The picture quality is better than my previous projector. It took a minute to get the picture on the screen. This projector is not compatible with the internet. There are lots of ports on the side of the projector. I was able to connect my roku to a speaker. We sat in the yard on the blanket and watched the movie. Everything worked well and there were no issues.

👤I bought a new projector for my business, but I wanted to get a spare for my son's room. The projector fit the bill. It was easy to setup. The picture was bright and colorful. The projector I use is a little brighter, but it was still really good. The projector off-gases a hot metallic/plastic smell while in use and the protective coating on the top was difficult to remove. If it does, I will update my review. This is a projector that can be used for a game room, kid's room, or backyard.

👤I bought this projector because of the low price. I am very happy with it so far. The performance of the projector is better than I expected and it is my first experience with it. If you are looking for a projector that will work in a bright room, it won't, but projectors that cost less than $100 will. The picture is clear. The price is really low and I wish it had something. If you plug the fan into an external speaker, it won't be considered loud if you watch something at low volume. The photos were taken in a room with windows facing south and west. The curtains were closed. I think the performance is better than it should be. It is great when the sun is down and the lights are not on. One night, I pointed it at the empty house next to me, and it was usable. The vacant house is over 25 feet away, which is outside of the description for distance. I plan to use this to watch a movie outside with my family and friends.

👤I bought this on sale for 62USD, down from 80. I looked around before buying. I was looking for the numbers in the ranges, and this one had them all. The display has a resolution of1080p, a contrast ratio of 6000:1, and an image brightness of 6500. It is bright enough to see in a room with lights on, but not as bright in the dark. I use it in the bedroom to watch streaming services and it works well for me. The coloring was off when I first plugged it in. I was able to get a decent colored picture after a lot of adjusting the settings. If you are looking to purchase a solid projector under 100$, I would recommend this item.


What is the best product for gpx mini home theater projector?

Gpx mini home theater projector products from Cibest. In this article about gpx mini home theater projector you can see why people choose the product. Kodak and Pvo are also good brands to look for when you are finding gpx mini home theater projector.

What are the best brands for gpx mini home theater projector?

Cibest, Kodak and Pvo are some of the best brands that chosen by people for gpx mini home theater projector. Find the detail in this article. Groview, Qkx and Nic Pow are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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