Best Home Theater 3d Glasses

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1. BOBLOV Shutter DLP Link Compatible Projector

BOBLOV Shutter DLP Link Compatible Projector

There is quick compatibility with the projector. The Active Shutter 3D glasses use async method that works with all dlp-link projectors. Can't work with TVs and can't be compatible with Sony Projectors. Outstanding features. The dlp link 3d glasses have the newest active shutter technology, which is fast, high definition, no ghosting images, and delivers a great 3D viewing experience for you. The left and right eye rotation is done. If you don't see the effect of 3D, you can flip the left and right eye views with the "Power Button", it's very convenient. The long lasting battery. The active 3d dlp glasses has a built-in high capacity battery that can be used for up to 180 days and can be used for 45 hours after fully charged. The JX-30 active shutter DLP-Link 3d glasses is lightweight and portable to take, also can be worn very comfortably in front of regular glasses, for a long time.

Brand: Boblov

👤I bought two of these because of the high reviews, but the bottom line is that a good 3D image wasn't happening with either of the two glasses shipped. There was a flicker that was not a 3d effect. I bought a pair of the 'Ultra-Clear HD' that said 'Ultimate 3d Heaven' on the box, and I was reassured that it was my player or projector. This issue may be due to the fact that they did not tune in to a BenQ projectoer. The field of vision was not as good as it could have been, and the Boblov glasses were more uncomfortable, pinching a bit at the top of the nose. I recommend the Ultra-Clear HD glasses for the BenQ projector, although it's a shame that it's difficult to figure out what works best with your equipment. If these had worked out, I would pay a few extra dollars for a better field of vision and comfort. My setup includes a 120 projector screen, a BenQ HT3550, and a PS4 or Sony UBP-X700 for playing the disks.

👤One RetroDepht lightweight glasses was tested on a BenQ TK850 with a 100” grey Elitescreen. It is the most convenient shape for people to wear glasses under. The button can be used to change the image. It was always in sync with the movies. The image is very clear. 2nd place of glasses compared. It has a red tint that is almost unnoticeable. It takes 2nd place in the clear image category because it has no frame and very clear borders. The glasses are lightweight and comfortable, and for its big frame. It was always in sync with the movies. The clearest image of the glasses. The frame hides the environment and keeps you focused on the screen. If your projector can't invert the image through it's settings, then you're screwed. People with big frames might have a hard time fitting their glasses under the model. The button to inverted the image is a plus, but the nose piece is not placed properly, and the frame is plastic, which hurts my nose after around 15 minutes of use. Lost syncs with the movie a lot, mostly on scenes with extreme camera moves. Boblov takes 3rd place, clear enough, but has an unusual tint at the top and bottom of the frame. The frame of the screen is small, so you need to move your head rather than your eyes when watching. People who use glasses beneath might not be helped by this.

👤The simplicity of the glasses was what I liked the most. You had to charge the glasses for 3 hours in the morning and then the other pair around noon, and just forget about them. Allow them to charge until the red dot disappears. It was not noted nor listed, but both of these glasses came with a softshell case which was very nice and adds to the quality. They packed a lot into the boxes. They came with a soft shell case, a soft bag, a microusb cable for charging, and a manual which was very helpful because I have never used a pair of 3D glasses. I was blown away by the quality of the picture and the perception of the 3D graphics on the projector that we saw while we watched the movie. I was very happy that these glasses worked out of the box as advertised, and I was really impressed with how they added to the experience. I was not aware of this brand, but I am glad that I bought them and they worked out great. I would recommend this brand to anyone, even if they didn't see the movie, because I saw 3D glasses in my living room.

2. Technology Polarized Glasses Movies Cinema

Technology Polarized Glasses Movies Cinema

Make sure that your TV is compatible with other electronics. 3D motion pictures with RealD technology can be viewed on all passive 3D screens. Sony, Panasonic, and JVC are some of the companies that are passive. If you don't like sharing glasses with strangers, use these at home for your TV, theater or cinema. The glasses are made of high quality material. 3D glasses with a black frame. The most common 3D technology on the market is RealD.

Brand: Izgut Ltd.

👤I thought I could use them with my 3D projector and 3D screen, but I couldn't see any of the 3D I colored in. I will use permanant marker to try it. Please read about them before you run. They were the perfect size for all of us and light weight, and they were very comfortable to wear. Please read about the product before purchasing it.

👤I can't use it with my tv. I had to return it.

👤Was wondering why so many people said they didn't work. It's easy. These glasses are not 3D. They are cheap sunglasses. I'm going to report this seller for fraud. You can easily see that the lens are not circular. I suggest anyone who received this fake garbage to report the fraud.

👤I ordered these in March, but we never tried them out until the last weekend, and they did nothing for the movie. Bad advertising is disappointing. People, please watch what you buy.

👤The display we had was not the correct type. We guessed the wrong type of lens for 3D. These are for the less popular display type.

👤They fit adults and a young child.

👤It was in perfect condition when it arrived. They work well with our TV. It's a good fit for everyone.

👤These don't work on my phone. I spent my money and then sold mine.

3. Hi SHOCK Diamond Projector Powerlite Rechargeable

Hi SHOCK Diamond Projector Powerlite Rechargeable

There are 4 glasses bags and a retail package. The viewer can switch to 2D-replay anytime during 3D-replay by pressing a key. Everyone in a family can enjoy a 3D movie without being restricted to a preference for 2D or 3D. You can experience an ultimate full screen gaming experience with your 3D-glasses on. In 2D- games, players see their game on one half of the screen. Both players can see the game at the same time on a full screen with just one click. The Simul View allows a parallel replay of 2 independent contents. A viewer watches a show while another uses the internet at the same time. The associated content is on a full screen. Quality and safety are related. It is important to note that inferior 3D glasses can result in negative features or impair your well-being. It is designed for optimal lens coverage. The glasses are so comfortable that you almost don't feel them on your skin. The weight of the glasses makes them light. The SOFT COAT surface is dust-rejecting.

Brand: Hi-shock

👤The "Black Heaven" 3D glasses were reviewed by me. My first pair of glasses were used with my projector. My first pair worked well. I wanted to see if I could find another pair that wasn't as dark. The "Black Heaven" are the same color as my other pair. I will not say I'm disappointed. The nature of 3D is that. If you don't have a pair of 3D glasses, or are in the market for a second pair, these will fit the bill. They are light, fast and have no issues with me. I will definitely look for the Hi-SHOCK brand when I get more glasses.

👤I compared this with my glasses and they were not as bright or clear. I bought another set of old stock after finding it on the store.

👤It works well and is very comfortable.

👤Very nice glasses. It was better than the ones that came with my 3D TV. I will be buying more.

👤Don't buy! The indicator light irritates your left eye when you watch a movie. Blue. The entire time, once per three seconds. The light comes out of the plastic joints right by the lense even with tape over it. So. It was a sad moment. Sending these back was very disappointing.

👤I don't have any issues with these 3D glasses when they are connected. The first issue is that they are flimsy, but that is not a big deal, just don't wrestle with them. Getting them to connect to the projector is the bigger issue. The button doesn't work if you unplugged them. No light comes on. They are fully charged at this time. When you plug them in, you have to hold the button in. The button won't work if you let go. You have to plug them in. Plug them in and hold the button down until they connect. There is only one way. They work fine once they connect. This is the same for both pairs.

👤These glasses were purchased for me. These glasses work great with my first 3D projector. The image is bright. The glasses are comfortable. It was easy to pair. I was confused about whether or not the pair I ordered from Amazon came with a hard case. The customer service from Hi-Shock was top notch. Very helpful and quick to reply. Highly recommended all around.

👤Ich ist die Brille in 3D. Die Brille ist besseren. The original 3D Brille ( Panasonic TY-ER3D6 ME) is the subject of Tragekomfort. Leider ist die max. Helligkeit, Ghosting, Flimmern, Farben, and Plastizitt ist erkennbar. Fr den Test ist die selben Szenen abwechselnd. Brille betetracht. Ich hatte beide Brillen, die bei dem Kopf um schnell whrend.

👤I received the hi shock oxid diamond 3D glasses recently and they complement my older UN55JU6500 4k TV. I prefer these glasses over the original ones. I noticed that the HI SHOCKS have a better refresh rate than I do. When I sit on my couch and the light comes in through my windows, my glasses will flicker, but the hi shock doesn't do that! They were easy to pair, just hold the power button down for 3 seconds. The 3d glasses are connected on my TV. I am very happy with my purchase. I might buy a new pair soon. Highly recommended! A perfect 3D image is given by great quality. The only complaint I have is that the cable is specific. I have never seen a cable port like this before.

4. ZYZH Polarized Panasonic Watching Circular

ZYZH Polarized Panasonic Watching Circular

There are five For 3D TV from the same brand as the UE 48H6200AK. The name is UE40F6320AK. UE46F6320AK UE65H6400AK, UE40H6410SU, UE40H6500ST UE55H6000ST, UE55H7000ST, and UE55H8500ST are all used. These are not compatible with active shutter TVs and projector. Get 4 glasses bags for free. It's almost right for all heads. It works with all passive 3D Televisions and RealD Matched. There are 4 glasses bags and a retail package.

Brand: Zyzh

👤I was very excited to get these in. When I opened the box, I found all the pairs were crammed into two small boxes. I was shocked and upset when I put the glasses on because they looked cloudy. I help them up to the light and they look like they have been handled by a 2 year old. Some of the pairs of glasses will not come off when I try to clean them with eye glass cleaner and eye glass rag. I wonder if these wee were used and then returned. I was going to have a 3D movie night this weekend, but it will now be canceled.

👤There is enough for everyone in the house with these glasses. I did not have to buy individual glasses for each person. 3D movies are nice for when we want to see something. They're kind of a one size fits most, so anyone can wear them. They may be big on the little ones. Each pair has a bag to keep them clean and protected. Instead of going in a single bag, they couldbump against each other. The lens seem solid, not flimsy like some others. These were perfect for when I needed something.

👤You should base your purchase decision on the customer rating of these glasses. These will not impress you.

👤It's ok, but cheap items.

👤Excellent! It was exactly as promised, thank you so much. God bless you all. Ryan D Downs is a person.

👤Don't buy these fake plastic glasses because you'll waste time and money.

👤I wanted to buy this for a long time. My projector only had 2 glasses. I wanted more for my family member. These are single size and have their own bag. My son likes it. My others are good for kids and not heavy. The quality of my glasses is not as good as my other ones, but they are still good for the price.

5. Blue Handcart Pairs Cardboard Glasses

Blue Handcart Pairs Cardboard Glasses

These are multimedia paper card glasses that you can carry with you wherever you go. Internet images need ANAGLYPH glasses to be used for DVD movies.

Brand: Blue Handcart

👤The 3D glasses are junk. The glasses I bought for the movie party were 3D. We were even more disappointed that the 3D glasses didn't work at all, after waiting so long for the movie to start. 3D glasses were uncomfortable and didn't work like they were supposed to. I would like a complete and full refund on the "So Called" 3D glasses if I spent my money on "Complete Useless Junk".

👤It works for 3D, but the white square cancels out the effect and thelens are small. It works better if you push them close to your face, but you can't do that for a whole movie.

👤They do what they're supposed to do and I like the cyan instead of the blue. They are mostly made of cardboard, so I have reservations about giving them 5-stars. They aren't a good substitute for a pair of more "normal" plastic frames. They are really fine, other than that.

👤They were ordered to watch 3d polar express. They didn't work for anyone in the house. The tv color was not good. Cut a pair in half and put them together. It helped a bit, but the colors were off and it still didn't work perfectly. I'm only out $7.

👤My kids requested 3D glasses after watching a DVD that had 3D capabilities. We tried them out because they were affordable. The kids said the actor jumped right toward them.

👤These work well. I was pleasantly surprised when the cheaper glasses worked better than the more expensive ones. Definitely recommend.

👤How can anyone make a mistake with 3D glasses? They simply don't work. They do not give a 3D effect. They're useless.

👤I wore them for a short time and I was very dizzy after taking them off. The eye squares are too close together.

6. BIAL Red Blue Glasses Anaglyph Game Extra

BIAL Red Blue Glasses Anaglyph Game Extra

Internet images need ANAGLYPH glasses to be used for DVD movies. Brand new glasses. The frame is made of black plastic. It is stylish and durable. It's suitable for watching movies in stereo such as The Adventures of Shark Boy and Lava Girl in 3D. It can be used to view 3D print, magazines, comic books, TV,Anaglyph photos, and publications on the internet. The packing included:1 x 3D Vision Myopia General Glasses, case, and BIAL glasses cloth.

Brand: Bial

👤The blue lens is working perfectly, but the red one isn't. I had a phone and 3 other screens. I thought mine was faulty, but after looking at other reviews, they had the same problem.

👤I go to the APOD website often. They publish a picture of something in 3D. Without the right glasses, the pictures are blurry. Well... It was kind of ugly. Dislike: Nothing. I need glasses. This product is over my glasses. It was in a nice case. The microfiber lens cloth was in the case. All good. There is a helicopter on the surface of Mars. There are lava falls on Mars. A boulder field on Mars is very familiar. The surface of Pluto is not normal. There are pictures of the surface of comets and asteroids that are out of this world. The glasses paid for themselves after being received.

👤You can't argue with the price. The glasses do what they are supposed to do. You don't need glass batteries or a 3d tv or monitor, just use a video editing program and change the video settings. What is the downside? You are saving a lot of money, so what's the point? Many movie scenes will be washed out. Everything will look greyish once you remove the red and green colors from the movie. Is this a big issue? For the price? Absolutely not. Most 3d movies are a visual spectacle. You may find it hard to watch your favorite movies. Your movies will not be full on black and white, but you will probably notice the difference to a regular movie. I was pleasantly surprised and can recommend these glasses to 3d enthusiasts. Ps. Don't expect objects to come out of the screen at you if you are new to 3d. 3d refers to the look of your display or monitor, and it's usually something you could reach into. I am a huge fan of it, but it is not a good one. For people who don't like this type of 3d, there is an easy way to take it for a test run and see if it works for you.

👤These were bought to try out 3D anaglyph glasses. The reviews here state that the red is intense. The picture is washed out and dark, but 3D is rendered well. I tested the glasses and saw that reds were masked out and that yellow and tan were washed out. The poor picture is explained by that. Don't waste your money. The review states that the red lens is not so intense and that the colors look natural.

👤The plastic is precisely-made with no distortion. The frame-fit is tight going on to my head, but once in place the frame assumes a perfect secure fit. The front of the frame was designed to fit over my glasses. There were no unwanted contacts or increased pressure. I use one of the 3D modes of Gaia Sky. Works well for that.

👤I can finally see what we were never meant to see with these glasses. Human eyes are trained to look at patterns and greens in the "natural" world. I am no longer limited by normal human eyes. I can now see the deepest reds. I will no longer be able to see the "third" dimensions. I am drifting down the river of Total Knowledge, so don't weep for me if I go.

7. Active Shutter Glasses Rechargeable Compatible

Active Shutter Glasses Rechargeable Compatible

3D TVs of Sony/Samsung/ Panasonic, and RF Projectors, can be supported. Button battery supports 60 hours of continuous working time. High-tech light-speed LCD shutter technology, high quality 3D solution, and high transmission lens with brighter 3D video image, are some of the things. The Panasonic 3D TV model that is compatible is TX-40AS640B. TX-65CX700B, TX-50CX802B, TX-55CX802B, TX-65CX802B, etc... There are four KDL-55W805B is for Sony 3D TV. KDL-43W805C KDL-43W807C KDL 43W809C KDL-50W807C KDL-50W809C. KDL-75W855C KDL-55W807C KD-55X8507C KD-55X8509C KD-65X8505C KD-65X8509C KD-75X8505C KD-55S8005C KD-65S8005C KD-55S8505C KD-65S9005B KD-75S9005B KD-55X9005B KD-65X9005B KD-85X9500B KD-55X9305C KD-75X9405C. There are five For 3D TV from the same brand as the UE 48H6200AK. The name is UE40F6320AK. UE46F6320AK UE65H6400AK, UE40H6410SU, UE40H6500ST UE55H6000ST, UE55H7000ST, and UE55H8500ST are all used.

Brand: Sintron

👤I decided to buy a pair of these after seeing and reading about them on Amazon, as I love watching 3D movies on my 65" SAMSUNG 3D and can never have enough glasses. I already own a bunch of other Active 3D glassed from other companies. None of the brands were perfect but some were better than others. I ordered the Sintron ones because the price was very good and it came as a 2 pack for the price of what would cost for one pair from the other companies I mentioned. I was excited to try them and the first thing I noticed was that they came in a sturdy box which is a plus. I was excited when I took out the glasses, but they were a little smaller than I expected. As long as they work well, I could overlook this. They were fully charged in no time after I charged them with theusb cord that came with them. The test of viewing is important. You have to pair them with your tv the first time you use them. You just put in your 3D movie and hold the power button down on the glasses for a few seconds and they will work with your tv. I was impressed by the clarity and brightness of the 3D image shown. The clarity and brightness of the 3D images were the same as the other glasses I own. I can't imagine using other Active 3D glasses to get a better picture. Unfortunately, the only flaw is a major one. The plastic on these glasses is very flimsy and doesn't sit on your face snug, unlike my other brands, and the nose piece is small like it was made for children. If you look down or move your head quickly, the glasses will fall off your face. There is no way to change the nose piece of my glasses. If you have a large nose, it will be more of a problem for me because I have a small nose. A great pair of 3D glasses are ruined by this. These glasses are perfect for children. They are good for adults because of all the other positives, but be aware of the flaw. Some 3D glasses give a slight blue tint to the picture, but bright clear 3D images with a natural color tone don't. It takes a long time between needed charges. A sturdy case, a cleaning cloth, and an usb charging point are included. The price for 2 pairs of CONS Flimsy and on the small nose piece is very good. If you look down or move your head quickly, you can fall off your face. I think these glasses are on par with the E Dimentional glasses I own which I consider to be the best Active 3D glasses. I give the slight edge to the E Dimentional ones because they are more sturdy and fit on your face better than the Sintron glasses.

👤I was able to link my projector television to produce stunning 3D. They don't fit over my regular glasses, but they are fine for a 2.5 hour movie.

8. Artibetter Glasses Cinema Viewing Without

Artibetter Glasses Cinema Viewing Without

A red glasses clip is not harmful to eyes. The effects on the computer and large screen TV are very good. You can stay at home and watch it. You can see 3D movies and play a game in 3D. It's the best gift for people who have a form of vision impairment. The glass frame is not included.

Brand: Artibetter

👤The rubber tips on the glasses hold them up if needed. I am responsible for not checking the measurement because I thought these would be wider. I can't say if they're good for 3D because I bought them to fart around in. I'm going to get stoned and pretend that these glasses are great outdoors.

👤The clips have rubber tips so they are less likely to scratch the glasses. It is best to use with a pair of wrap-around glasses rather than flatter glasses because degree of curvature in lens holder cannot be adjusted.

👤I watched a movie in 3D. The color was terrible. Like watching a movie. Cheap but still. The cardboard ones worked better.

👤It was too small for adult glasses.

👤Good enough to get the job done.

👤Showed up broken. The new pair was not able to be shipped.

👤Very portable. The glass panels of my eyeglasses were not destroyed by the rubber prongs. Maybe they should complain to their optometrists that they paid for plastic eyeglasses instead of real glass ones.

👤Se adaptam perfeitamente aos culos. A adaptao foi perfeita para imagens.

9. ELEPHAS Rechargeable Projectors ViewSonic Panasonic

ELEPHAS Rechargeable Projectors ViewSonic Panasonic

Next generation super fast refresh rate, ahead of other 120 or 96Hz product's level. Beautiful color stands out among dull black ones. It's lightweight and portable to take. You can watch large screen movies without distortion with a 178 wide viewing angle. You can play up to 30 hours continuously with the built-in high capacity batteries. The indicator light shows the status of the battery. A detailed user manual is included for easy operation.

Brand: Elephas

👤I usually don't write reviews, but there are so many choices out there, and a few terrible reviews for these. I got these to use with my projector which really blew me away with picture quality and brightness. The glasses are comfortable. You have to calibrate them every time. Some bad reviews are from people who are not doing this. One press to turn them on and another to focus them. You click the button until it looks perfect. Hold on for 4 seconds to turn off. They are light weight, comfortable and affordable. A very happy customer!

👤These glasses are very nice. My family members always end up wearing the Elephas that I purchased, because they like them. Some of us prefer the 3dheaven. My kids tell me they don't look good on me, so I prefer these. I don't care. I like the color more than the 3dHeaven ones. I can wear my earpiece for hours because it sits nicely on my ears. The way they work reduces the light coming in because the glasses blink on and off quickly. It happens with all 3d glasses. The others seemed a bit darker and a bit greyer, but these seem to produce a tanner image. The image seems brighter to me. I'm leaving the 3dheaven's review as well. The images are clear on both products, they all stay charged for a long time, and both create that 3d 'pop'. No two people like the same sunglasses. You should have a few different pairs to figure out what you like best. I don't think it's worth it to have the same brand or style. You'll like them if you try them.

👤I liked these glasses. The projectors worked out of the box. They make the projector image a little darker, but that's a limitation from the projector while reproducing 3D videos. I've watched a lot of 3D movies. It's a dyeing format, but we really like it here. I had some side effects after having eye surgery for astigmatism, but my kids and wife really enjoyed these, and I am not able to see a lot of the 3D gimmicky. The pop-up effect they see is more like looking through a window. I was able to see the pop-up on a few of the videos, so I think the glasses are fine. These are great so far.

👤I ordered six pairs of these for my home theatre setup and they look great out of the box. I know that may not matter to some, but Aesthetics are quantifiable. I tried them on without the accessory nose bridges and they felt great, no modifications needed. I used Captain America: Civil War as a test. They flickered. And kept on flickering. I pressed the power button. I realized that my projector was in RF Link mode. You should get these if you have a projector or TV. I tried again using tron:legacy 3D, after realizing my mistake and properly setting up my projector. Oh, my gosh! What a change! Night and day! There was no flicker, no lag, no anomalies, no shudder. There is a clear 3D video. I'll probably buy more for my movie nights because it's a 5 star product. You will be shiny if you set the video device to 'DLP Link' mode.

10. Android Projector Portable DLP Link Brightness

Android Projector Portable DLP Link Brightness

The Smart Video Projector V5300 inch is compatible with 4K. There is a wireless connection for the iPad. The colors are brighter. The focal distance is 1:1.19 and the throw is 2.5m. Support download and install APPs, watch movies online, play games. There is an online update. Native Resolution: WVGA,Max support 4K via HDMI. 3D function can be supported. 30000 hours is the life of a light bulb. 600 slns brightness (3800 slns) wired or wireless 2.4G and 5G dual-band internet. There is a wireless speaker or other device. The port has a max support for 4K. It's possible to read data on a hard drive, support mouse and keyboard access, and have a 3.5mm Headphone jack. The package includes 3D. The user manual for the projector and power cord. One year warranty and free replacement. The package includes 3D. The user manual for the projector and power cord. One year warranty and free replacement.

Brand: Cocar

👤I am looking at the V5 version for 2020. I have been using the projector for a while. I want to like the unit. I discovered the value of having a portable unit when I used 4 projectors. If you are planning to use the V5 as a portable projector/charger, be aware that the battery is not described in the advertisement. The auto keystone feature is limited though I did a manual keystone to make it work. I don't know if it's just my unit, but every time I get the right focus it seems to reset when I turn off the unit, which makes me redo it every time I turn on the unit! The Auto On feature is the last one. It doesn't exist, and I mean by that, it's with the chrome browser. You can use it as a smart feature. This unit cost me 450 dollars. You can get a 4K quantum dot tech for 500 dollars. The projector has a 4K feature. It isn't at all sharper. At the end of the day, I was completely dissatisfied with the brand. I should have bought the Xigimi brand. This is not a negative rant. A guy with experience with portable projector reviews the unit. The AirPlay and miracast works well. It is not a smooth feature if you use a default window. The speaker is loud enough for 60-75 decibels of ambient noise and the unit has enough features to keep it usable. It is acceptable to me with its small size. The unit is light enough to be carried around. The brightness is good enough for fluorescent light environments. Forget about the day light open window. The dark theater scenario is good. Impressive enough to impress your scenario.

👤Customer service is 5 stars, picture quality is 5 stars, reliability is 4 stars, and platformUI is 2 stars. I had issues with the device when it arrived. I installed it. I had to turn it off every time I used it. Sometimes it would happen twice an hour. The device seems to be working better now after working with Susan. She asked her tech team to release an update to fix the crash. I haven't had any problems with the device yet, but I have used it twice. A more intuitive platformUI is the biggest area for improvement. Managing apps, layout, and settings is not easy for people with technical background. I was prepared to return the device and demand a refund. Susan's attention to fixing my issue is the main reason I'm still a customer today.

👤This was the replacement for our 3D TV. I had a movie theater experience in my house and I could not see a difference. We bought better quality glasses since the one we got with the projector never worked. To watch 3D bluray movies, you have to use the remote. We spent a lot of money on two different screens that were not going to give us a good picture, but to our surprise it turned out amazing and we are satisfied. You have to get 3D DLP compliant glasses if you want to use our active 3D glasses.

11. Elikliv Compatible Rechargeable TDG BT500A TDG BT400A

Elikliv Compatible Rechargeable TDG BT500A TDG BT400A

It's not compatible with all 3D DLP Projectors, but it is compatible with 3D LCD projector. The signal is compatible with 3D active TVs. The high refresh rate, high contrast, and brightness of Full HD 3D provides a great viewing experience. Charge 2 hours can work for approximately 60 hours, built in a rechargeable battery for added convenience. It is lightweight and suitable for all age groups and offers a comfortable wearing experience. It is lightweight and suitable for all age groups and offers a comfortable wearing experience.

Brand: Elikliv

👤We have a home theater with a throw and screen. We recently purchased a new 4K projector that has 3D and 4K capabilities. A space Odyssey in 4k. As my wife and I have always enjoyed watching 3D movies, we needed to buy some 3D glasses as the projector did not come with any. We've tried several types on Amazon. The first pair of Elikliv 3D glasses were uncomfortable, but they worked well. The next ones were a pain to use due to the poor design of the on/off switch, but they were comfortable. We bought the next ones. The 2X 3D RF glasses for Sony Panasonic were the best. Why would we want that? There is no way to replace the internal batteries of rechargeable devices. Replacement disposable batteries will work well into the future. My wife has a problem with them, they are quite comfortable for me. She says that they hurt her bridge of her nose. I could see the deep mark on her nose after we watched a movie with them. I just ordered a second set and they are fine with me. I don't know how long active shutter 3D glasses will be made. I think it's better to have some extras which will last a long time. The Elikliv Active Shutter 3D Glasses are compatible with Sony Panasonic, but not with the other 3D Projectors. The price is very reasonable and they are the most comfortable pair we own. If they didn't function well, that wouldn't be good. But they do! They work just as well as any of the other pairs we own. The on/off switch is very well designed and the glasses do not turn off themselves if a 3D image is being displayed. The image is brighter than that obtained with other people. There is a trade-off for that brightness: sometimes you will see cross-talk in the 3D image which is not as bright as you would like it to be. We watched the movie The Walk last night and it was frightening in 2D but nerve- shattering in 3D. In some of the subtitles, I could see a bit of ghosting, especially in dark scenes. You would have to bepicky to even notice this "ghosting" as it was very minor. It was definitely there. My nerves can't stand it, some day. I will watch this film again with a pair of glasses to see if the ghosting is still present. I'll be curious to see DIAL M FOR MURDER in 3D. When we watched the movie using one of our earlier pairs, it was obvious that this disc was noted for some bad ghosting. I think that the "ghosting" will be worse with these glasses. I would rather have a brighter picture than a darker one. 3D glasses don't allow much transmission of the light from the screen. That's all they have to say. I believe that this one delivers. You have to make the decision as to which is more important to you: a somewhat darker picture with minimal or no ghosting, or a brighter picture with some more apparent ghosting. It can be annoying. Your choice. We are not using a 3D television, we are using these glasses in conjunction with a projector and screen. I can't comment on how they would work with a 3D TV, but I can say that no one is making 3D TVs anymore. Overall, these Elikliv Active Shutter 3D glasses are compatible with Sony Panasonic and other 3D TVs. Thank you for reading and considering my opinions. The Lawrence H. Bulk Update was published on December 17. 2020: Carefully reading the instruction manual of my projector. The settings allow for almost complete elimination of the crosstalk problem. DIAL M FOR MURDER is one of the more notorious 3D discs known for crosstalk. It was almost completely eliminated. When I first reviewed them, they were even better for us. They are not currently available. I hope that Amazon will sell them again and that the manufacturer will create another run of them.


What is the best product for home theater 3d glasses?

Home theater 3d glasses products from Boblov. In this article about home theater 3d glasses you can see why people choose the product. Izgut Ltd. and Hi-shock are also good brands to look for when you are finding home theater 3d glasses.

What are the best brands for home theater 3d glasses?

Boblov, Izgut Ltd. and Hi-shock are some of the best brands that chosen by people for home theater 3d glasses. Find the detail in this article. Zyzh, Blue Handcart and Bial are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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