Best Home Theater Accessories Lit Signs

Accessories 1 Jul 2022 10+ Comments Open

1. ZMKDLL Nostalgic Theater Outdoor Vintage

ZMKDLL Nostalgic Theater Outdoor Vintage

Tin / metal / Vintage Tin Sign is the material style. The size is about 20x30 cm. Simple pre drilling, easy to hang and decorate. They are a metal tin sign that can be used in any venue, wall decor, home kitchen decor, bar, tavern, home, gas station hot shop decoration, club, residence, coffee shop, shop, restaurant decoration or wedding, birthday or any activity gift or collection. He can make you a metal poster. Every tin sign will be put into a bag and they will pack it for you so that you can receive it undamaged. Please contact them if you have any questions.

Brand: Zmkdll

👤A light weight sign is packaged in a bag. What could happen? The item arrived with a bent corner. Throwing the item in the garbage would be more expensive than returning it.

👤I ordered it because I thought it was a cool sign. I threw it away because it was bent up so badly. It would have gotten 5 stars if not for that.

👤It was exactly what I was looking for to decorate the movie room. I am responsible for not checking the size first. Check the dimensions of the retro movie sign.

👤Couldn't wait to use this app. It arrived on time. It had no damage at all. Are you going to put this review up on Amazon?

👤Really nice, but small. Adding to tin collection is great.

👤The signs are a great gift idea. They are inexpensive, lightweight, and nostalgic. I love it!

👤We bought this sign and two others to decorate our TV.

2. ADVPRO Personalized Theater Cinema St6s43 Ph2 Tm Rb

ADVPRO Personalized Theater Cinema St6s43 Ph2 Tm Rb

If you're looking to add a little brightness to your home or business, a neon sign may be just the thing. These decorations stand out no matter where you put them. You will say goodbye to dull walls and hello to the good times with ADVpro light signs. The ON/OFF switch function can be provided with a 5.5 ft/ 1.6m wire. Plugs from the US to USA and CA, and from the UK to UK, are plugged into the EU. No noxious gas or mercury are needed for maintenance. It's safe to use or touch if there's little heat emitted. The latest 3D, Surface and Line engraving technologies are used to carve ADVpro signs. The laser engraving method only provides a 2D surface effect.

Brand: Advpro

👤I ordered with lots of time to spare because of the reviews that said there were delays. Within two weeks of placing my order, I received my sign. It's an excellent sign. It's the perfect gift for a friend that has a basement that looks like a movie theater. I can't wait to give her this. There is a Well packed, zero damage, vivid colors with clean edges. It was easy to get back into the package that was shipped to me. I plugged it in to make sure it worked, but now it will be sent to another state.

👤I was skeptical when I first read the reviews. It was made in and shipped from China. Don't expect this to arrive in two days. It is well worth the wait. The engraving is really nice and the clear acrylic is protected by protective sheets between the two sheets. The wait is worth it. Happy!

👤My son just finished his home theater and he is going to be so happy when he sees this under the tree. I can tell him that it is an awesome piece of work and that I made it for him. I will have pictures after Christmas.

👤It is pretty cool. I gave it to my husband because he loves it. A good one.

👤The sign is 24x16 It looks great. It was well packaged for shipping. We have had it for about a month and so far it is working great. It is so worth the wait because it ships from outside the U.S., but there is a downside. It's an awesome sign.

👤This turned out well. Better than expected. The husband loves it. Birthday gift. It was bright and legible. It arrived early.

👤This sign looks great. Don't delay--order yours today!

👤This got here very quickly, because it came from China. I love it because it is bright and beautiful.

👤I had a good experience with this seller. They got back to me immediately after my order was placed, asking what I wanted on the sign. They backed up the voice mail with an e-mail. I gave them the information they needed and it arrived. It looked better than I anticipated.

3. Handmade Embossed Industrial Apartment Decoration

Handmade Embossed Industrial Apartment Decoration

Red Carpet Hollywood Room Decor is made in the USA using materials that are Made in the USA. Movie wall decor uses a No-Mess Glitter Print, which eliminates glitter flake while maximizing bling effect. There is a lighted popcorn sign. Only 2 steps to light it up! Step 1 is to insert 2 AA. Step 2 is to turn on the switch button at the bottom of the sign. Enjoy your home cinema party! It is made of metal and wood. A funny natural light beer sign is great for apartment, home bar, kitchen, and popcorn shop. Looking for a retro feel? It is a must have for popcorn lovers. The colors are funny and fade resistant. There are perfect gift ideas for Christmas, birthday, Mothers' day, and etc. Care for those you love. The quality was well made and came on time. Money back 30 days.

Brand: Tiptrek

👤Love the sign. Looks good. There is a problem with the switch on the back where the batteries are. The lights work. You have to turn off the lights with the batteries out.

👤I put batteries on but wouldn't work because of the missing switch, it was cute but without the turn on/off button.

👤Exactly like the description. Works well!

👤I will not do out of box anymore because of the defects.

👤The recipient really liked it.

4. Kexle Theater Living Vintage Decoration

Kexle Theater Living Vintage Decoration

Painting on canvas,canvas wall art,painting,room wall pictures, are some of the types of art that use vivid color. The material is advanced. The tin sign is made of high quality material. It can be recycled and it has an anti-glare function. A classic vintage brooch. The sign is made to look weathered with an antique vintage look, without the price. There is a fun and attractive decoration for your home. Pre-drilled holes make hanging art easy. A perfect gift is waterproof, clean and colorfast. Creative, contracted and fashionable design. It's suitable for many festivals. The factory service is SATisFACTORY. The best products for your baby are provided by their service. Please trust their quality. They have a 100% money back guarantee.

Brand: Kexle

👤It looks like a stretched image to fit the metal plate. The plate is strong but the sign is not like the images on the website.

5. Theater Curtain Thickened Doormat Outdoor

Theater Curtain Thickened Doormat Outdoor

Iron construction is durable. The size is 5'3"x8'. Their rugs are made to order. If you need other sizes, you can contact them. Premium material. Their rugs are made of high quality material. Excellent stitching around the edges to protect the mat. It's safe for all surfaces. Ultra soft and anti-sLIP. A printed variety of different styles of patterns on a soft smooth surface makes for a fashionable touch to any room. It has non slip latex at the bottom. Anti-slip granules can make it stable and not move around if you tile it on the floor. There is a wide application. The rugs are perfect for decoration. It can be used in a variety of places, from a living room, bathroom, vacation room, guest suite, bedroom, study, kids room for children playing, yoga, reading, taking a nap, beach, grassland, picnic, travelling and homes with pets. Click adds to cart now and get the best deal on Amazon. Whatever happened, they will give you satisfactory service and solution. If you have any questions, please contact them.

Brand: Zalahm

👤The design and color of the rug give it a nice theater room atmosphere. This is not a typical rug. It is very soft which makes it difficult to be a sturdy run. It comes folded in a box which ruins the look. It has manywrinkles and folds that make it look like a blanket on the floor. I was going to try to lay a real rug on top for a week to see if it would hold up. Disappointing. No doubt. The rug is soft and should not be folded. The product needs to be rolled and not folded. It didn't help after laying a heavier rug on it for two weeks. Keeping this rug flat is a big chore, even though the decor hides it. The installation of rug tape to keep it from moving proved to be little help as it eventually moves again exposing the tape. The rug is nice, but think of it as a large bath mat. I don't think any rug decor like this will stay in the theater room because it looks nice, but I will nurture it every day to keep it from moving and staying flat. I found the fabric still bunches up to form a trip Hazard after use. I had to buy tape to hold it down. You would expect more for the price. After a month of using tape, I realized that all areas were not taped. I have tripped 20 times by now. Surprise, I haven't killed myself running into the fireplace when I tripped on this thing. The art design of this rug is awesome. It's just not very good. I don't think buying this rug is a good idea. No one is hurt by the trip hazard caused by this rug. The design is the one star.

👤The description said that this is not better than carpet. Waited over two months to get a product that only matches a color scheme.

👤I received a rug that was larger than a bathmat. It was very difficult to get out of the folds. The edge of the rug has ridges and will need two-way carpet tape to fix them. You have been warned. What a joke.

👤The rug is adorable. My kids' playroom is movie theater themed and it makes a great addition to the room. It's not very thick, but it's soft. It took about a month to be delivered but it was worth it.

👤The price was worth it and the delivery was fast. I love this rug. I'm happy.

👤It is beautiful! I was disappointed that they folded it. The rugs should not be folded. I am trying to get it on the floor. All of the creases are still there.

👤I like the carpet. It is cheaply made. I would have kept it if I had paid 50 dollars. There is a I returned it because it wasn't worth the price.

6. Projector Screen 150 Inch Anti Crease

Projector Screen 150 Inch Anti Crease

Simple button controls make it easy to cycle through light effects. This version has a green and blue rotating stars. It will be your projector's best friend, start a new way of entertainment. The screen is made from natural fabric. You will never believe that such a small package will turn into a large screen. You can fold it in a small size and take it wherever you want. Please go away! You don't need to worry about the effects of screen folding. Hang it indoors or outdoors, invite your family or friends, and share your time together. The projector screen is brighter than other screens. They hope that the high contrast screen and anti-crease material will make things simpler. If there is dust on it, you should clean it with wet cloth. Don't display all you want, just do it! It makes your life more enjoyable by displaying movies, games, photos, music, and games. You can show your company graphics and data in the office, sharing your photos on your proposal marriage. It can be used as a professional, romantically, just depends on what you need. You will be able to unfold the screen and mount it in a matter of minutes, thanks to the 12 metal finished grommets which can be hung on a wall. The screen can be used indoors and outdoors. The projector screen has a 131" x 74" viewing area, 16 pack of peel and stick hooks and 2 meters ropes. They are professional customer service. Technical support for customers is provided by them. Questions about the foldable projection screen will be answered in 12 hours.

Brand: P-jing

👤The material is light and strong. If you have a strong projector, you can see clearly behind the screen, which is a bonus for clever projector placement. If the screen isn't taught, there will be a down side, but it's not noticeable in the grand scheme of things. The screen is great for what I need and it's great for the price. Cheers to the guys.

👤It works, but I wish I'd gotten the more expensive one. If you don't want to do rear projection, a backed screen is a good choice. It's a spandex material, so it stretches. A frame is needed for the wind in an outdoor setting. It does a decent job, but I wouldn't buy it again for my needs.

👤Wrinkles are not something to worry about. They come out in a few minutes. The 150" model is way bigger than you think. The frame is tall and wide. I am 5' 10". Its huge. It is supposed to be an outdoor screen for movies. I gave up trying to drape it flat. You can see in the image that is reversed that it does very well on the rear projection. I think I got a good price.

👤The 120 inch screen has a stretch which allows for a tight screen and it works well from behind, 5 stars.

👤My second grade classroom did not have a projector screen or a white board that was reflective, it was a mess. I put up some hooks so I can hang it when I need it, then unhook and gather to one side when I don't. It is affordable and practical. I would definitely recommend it.

👤The screen worked well for the movie. The material is stretchy and there is a fewwrinkle. The picture quality was unaffected because we could stretch most of the wrinkling out. The edges are clean. We used 1 1/2 inch pipe to build the frame. It is anchored by 3 foot high steel garden fence posts.

👤It wasn't what we expected. It's not a bad thing. It is a soft material and it is Wrinkle free. Hanging this is a pain in the rear. If you want to learn from our mistakes, find the middle of the projector screen at the top and staple or nail it. Pull taught enough from left to right so there is no sagging. You don't have to have access to both ends. The benefits in the end are better than being lazy and leaving at saggy because it is a tedious procedure. We decided to add wood trim around our screen to give it a more clean look, but we still have to repaint and caulk, but we love the cleaner look. Say goodbye to 3-4 hours of your life.

👤It was the best Christmas purchase. The screen is easy to set up and break down.

👤This product would work great in front of a solid surface, even though it didn't work for us because we hung it in front of a row of windows. The setup only takes a few minutes, and it is very easy to store in the bag included. The seller was amazing to deal with.

7. Maxi Matic EPM 250 Tabletop Popcorn Machine

Maxi Matic EPM 250 Tabletop Popcorn Machine

The dimensions of the sign are as follows: A4 size, including 100 letters, numbers, characters, and symbols, battery powered, or 888-282-0465 The popcorn popper is powered by 300 watt and can make up to 1 gallon of popcorn per batches. 2.5 ounces. The kettle has a warming light and a stirring system. Convenient popcorn tray. The windows and door are made of plastic. Warming light to keep popcorn hot.

Brand: Elite Gourmet

👤Popcorn is easy to use and tastes great. It pops with butter and movie salt. This is a perfect size for me and my kids. They love doing it on their own.

👤This product was dangerous. It smelled like burning plastic when I turned it in. I went to read a bit about it to see if it was just because it was new. There was a review and photo of melted plastic. No thank you! Normally, I wouldn't comment on sellers, but this is a product page. Avoid Appliance Direct. When they were told about the issue. I was asked to pay for my own shipping. They kept almost $25 for shipping andstocking of a DEFECTIVE item after I got a return label. They said the item was too new and not all opened to be a problem. It's true! I didn't open all of it. Absolutely terrible seller.

👤I like the popcorn machine. The downfall is that it is smaller than expected. You can only pop for three people at a time. It gets hot. So be patient. I'm a woman if you have big hands. You will get burned. I returned it because I don't think it's big enough. The popcorn machine's handle is inside, instead of on the outside. That handle is really hot, so that's how you burn your hand.

👤The best thing I have bought all year. I use it four times a week. It makes the house smell like a movie theater.

👤When we watch movies, I bring the popcorn maker to school. Popcorn is far superior to microwave popcorn in that it fills the room and hallway with an attractive aroma. Everyone can make their own treat on movie days if they buy seasoning shakers on Amazon. I cannot recommend this contraption enough.

👤I gave this to my father because he is a big fan of popcorn. He tore the wrapping paper off and tore the box open to make popcorn. He loved it! He said it tasted great, but he wished it was bigger. Absolutely recommend this product.

👤I am a single guy that loves popcorn. All this talk of how harmful microwave popcorn is is scaring me and theater style/machine popped popcorn always tasted the best to me, so I searched and found this MaxiMatic popper! I am satisfied with the price, even though it is not perfect. The Great Northern 2.5 oz popcorn packs would make sense to purchase as well. If you let the oil heat up and sizzle a little before you add the seeds, it will pop more corn. It will not pop all the seeds but it will pop a little more than a standard microwave popcorn bag. The machines come with a big tray that catches popped corn. It's not that difficult to clean, just boil some water with Dawn soap inside a metal container and you're good to go. I just give it the occasional windex to clean the parts. This is a cute popper! It's enough to satisfy my popcorn needs. After 1.5 years of use, my popper is still strong. The metal lever that rotates the popcorn would get jammed and stop rotating once the container filled with popcorn because the inside of the metal container gets oil. I discovered a way to make a huge difference by spraying a non-stick cooking spray inside the container before adding the cooking oil. Since I started using the non-stick spray, I have gotten more popcorn from my packs. It slowly removes the old oil build up.

8. BASON Lighting Inches Strip Theater

BASON Lighting Inches Strip Theater

The TV backlight can increase the ambient light to reduce the contrast between the TV and dark environment and relieve the eye strain. Bring a colorful home theater with you. The sleeping mode with the orange ambient light is very well-designed and easy to use. The lights are on and you don't have to worry about falling asleep. The TV backlight is powered by a TV port and can be turned on/off with most TV models. You can use the power bank to light it up, portable, that you can use outdoors. This version is very low-heat. The TV backlights are long enough to light up every side of the TV. Behind the TV, a light strip can be installed. The mini receiver can be hidden behind the TV. The led strip has better fixation on your TV with the help of stronger foam and 10* buckle clips. You should strip your TV. Any place could be used with thebassonusbled strip lights. The decoration is safer because of the low-heat 5Vusb powered. The highlight is 5050 LEDs. It's a perfect choice for Halloween, Christmas and house parties. Any place could be used with thebassonusbled strip lights. The decoration is safer because of the low-heat 5Vusb powered. The highlight is 5050 LEDs. It's a perfect choice for Halloween, Christmas and house parties.

Brand: Bason Lighting

👤I'm very pleased with this product. If it weren't for a couple of aberations, I would have given 5 stars. The system was easy to apply to my flat screen and it was fairly sraight forward. 30 minutes less were it not for the abberations. The power / remote sensor strip needs to be placed in theusb port of the TV before you can connect it to the remote. When connecting the strips to the array, make sure to line up the connection pins in a certain order or the array won't light up. The lighting effect is bright and clear, with various choices as to color, adjustalbe, and dislplay mode. The presentation of lighting effects with a user friendly remote is exceptional. The strips were wound on a reel. The power/remote strip and three connector strips are all male. The strips should have Female connections at both ends. The power strip in my set had pins at the end, so I couldn't use a strip to connect to the next strip. The 30" strip had dual female connections. The next strip was connected with a connector. There was a male (pinned) connection at the end of the strip. I was forced to connect to the last 30" strip directly, which took some twisting and repositioning. I think I was issued strips that were not configured correctly. The result wasn't very artistic but the system worked well so all's well. My inconvience got me a Minus 1 star. I would recommend and purchase a great lighting system again. Bason received a comment about the issue with male and female ends on the strips. It was a bit broken in English. The strips are shipped with both male and female ends so that they can be connected on the shipping reel. The male/male strip can be used if the four pins on the end of the strip are pulled out. This information would have been useful in the instruction manual. Bason said that customers had given 1 or 2 star reviews because of this issue, and they planned to update the instructions. Good idea! Hope this is helpful.

👤This is the second set of led lights that I have purchased. I bought the same set for my new TV after I replaced my old one. The simplicity of installation, strength of the glue, and easy to use remote are my favorite features. I like being able to use a single button on the remote. Although there are several modes where the lights can change intensity and color, I have found that it's too67531 to use them while watching TV. When I get bored of the color, I pick a different color to enhance the type of programming I'm watching. Pick a color and leave it for days or weeks, then switch it, don't pay a lot for fancy features. You won't use the fancy options so save yourself money. This product is recommended by me.

👤One of the main reasons I bought this is that it has a remote control that you can use to turn it off and on. The light blinks in intervals of 2 minutes if you turn it off. I talked to Amazon product support and was told that the product is known. It's a way to tell if theusb is giving power. It was a bad day. The product looked legit. Returning it. If the issue is well known, their description should mention it. Unless you have your TV on the ground, it's hard to put it on a straight line. If you get this product, make sure you move your TV to the group before you put it on. The customer service has been trying to resolve the blinking issue. Even if you turn off the light using the light remote, the light blinking is an issue with their product.

9. Yoaky Alphabet Birthday Christmas Decoration

Yoaky Alphabet Birthday Christmas Decoration

Light up your favorite words with letter alphabets. Their illuminated lights are portable and can be hung on walls and take 2x AA batteries so they don't need to be plugged into an electrical outlet. It can be hung on walls, mantels, or placed on top of a reception table without batteries, but only if you include 2 AA batteries. The long-term use of the FashionLED subtitles lamp is not hot. Get the best effect. There are 27 alphabetic characterLED lights that can be used for arbitrary combination into I love U, home, marry me, U&M, etc.

Brand: Foaky

👤It was a good buy for the money.

👤I ordered my first initial, not knowing what to expect, and it is amazing, I constructed a small room to use for studying only, and I wanted to decorate it nicely. The light bulbs don't get hot when I turn it off, after 4 hours the letter was turned on and I turned it off. It is 10/10 recommend. If you want to buy this, you need to get AA batteries.

👤The on/off switch is on the back, so it will be difficult to hang the letters on the wall in my daughter's room. The first letter was not turned off using the switch. I popped one of the batteries out and then noticed a burning smell as I was getting ready for bed, my daughter was in bed. I moved everything outside that would have been the culprit, including the 4 letters, after I searched the area. I went to turn them on again the next day to see if I could hang the letters, but the battery in the L exploded. I had never seen it. I ordered a new one, but now I'm wondering if I should just return all of them or call it a day to keep my family safe.

👤I bought the 0 to go with the 6 for my dad's 60th birthday. When the 6 arrived, the light wouldn't turn on. I tried a lot of different batteries and came to the conclusion that maybe it was just a bad egg in a bunch. I bought a second one. I tried several batteries, but it wouldn't light up. He will be turning 6 instead of 60 because none of the zeros work. I would give zero stars if I could, but it appears their zero doesn't work either!

👤It has slots in the back for hanging up, which is a plus. This is a gift for an elephant.

👤I was embarrassed to give this as a gift. I didn't have time to return it. I thought it would be good for hanging on a wall, but it is not. If I could have given her the other 3 letters in her name instead of just the 1st letter, she would have known I spent a lot of money on her and spelled her name out. The seller should give a percentage off the more letters you buy. I don't want to buy another similar product to finish her name because it won't be the same. I'm going to leave things the way they are. I bought her 2 other gifts as well. I wouldn't recommend this product to anyone. There is an update. She was trying to change it when she was bitten by it. It flew on her bed and the plastic cracked.

👤I wanted one of the lit up letters and signs that were everywhere. I'm happy I chose that one. It looks great on my wall. I'm probably going to get more.

👤The loghting is a great product for a birthday party. It's a good recommendation!

10. Theater Triangle Embossed Tin Sign

Theater Triangle Embossed Tin Sign

A great gift idea. This big cinema light box is an ideal gift for a new dorm student, new home, teen, or someone special. Get nostalgic with your d├ęcor. The Theater Triangle Embossed Tin Sign has shades of black, white, yellow, and red and is designed to look like an old-fashioned theater sign. The triangle shape makes the sign project even more interesting. It can be displayed on the wall of your entertainment room or movie room. The dimensions are 24 inches wide and 8 inches tall with a projection of 5 1/2 inches. Keyhole Mounts 1 and 2 are metal linked chain.

Brand: Knowair

👤This is a nice sign. You can't tell from far away the letters on mine are blurry. I didn't know that the sign was designed to look like an old-fashioned theater sign and had faux rust damage on the letters and corners. It makes it look dirty. I didn't see that in the pictures. The sign looks like it's been there for a long time, it doesn't look new. It's a good buy if you're looking for that.

👤It was a nice size. It's a little hard to hang. It looks nice. Had it been longer, it would have been cooler.

👤This is worth every penny I spent. It looks like it's in the wall. I can't wait to show it off to my friends.

👤I host a weekly movie night at my community center. We have a projector, screen, sound system and popcorn machine. The theater is located in one of the former Sunday school rooms. The audience loves the sign and it adds to the fun atmosphere. The size is perfect, the colors are vibrant and the metal is great. When will you make a lighted one?

👤Will not hang straight. The hanging attachment is to blame. It arrived bent. It was packed for shipment and no thought was given to it's flimsy construction. Picture over sells it. The seller grabbed all the cash. I give it a 1 star because I can't go lower.

👤The online picture is similar to the one received in excellent condition. We hung it on the wall near the theater. We had to place the newspaper behind the sign to make it flush but no one will ever see it. Our home theater has a great nostalgic addition.

👤I think it is a good size, but not a quality piece, it is cheap and thin, and I don't want to pay more than $25 for it.

11. Nostalgia CCP510BK Professional Kettle 53 Tall Black

Nostalgia CCP510BK Professional Kettle 53 Tall Black

This unit pops up to 32 cups of popcorn per batches to keep popcorn buckets full. The Theater Hot Air & Kettle Kit is a perfect popcorn kit. Popcorn Oil and Seasoning Packs, Reusable Popcorn Bowls, and the Pre-Measured Coconut Oil Popcorn Kit are available. The kettle has a dual-hinged lid that can easily empty popcorn and a built-in stirring system. The kettle can be removed for easy cleaning. Tempered glass windows are scratch and heat resistant to keep you and your family safe. Lighted interior creates a fun and pleasant room, and allows you to watch popcorn. TILT SERVING DOOR is a tilt-out door that makes it easy to scoop and serve popcorn. Popcorn serving accessories can be stored in the base of the unit.

Brand: Nostalgia

👤Wow! I am very disappointed in the customer service from this manufacturer. We had this for 1.5 years and the warming bulb stopped working. It is a standard appliance bulb. Right, no big deal? The thing shattered when I tried to remove it. Not all of the time. The case wouldn't budge. I heard a crack as I was twisting. I removed the top of the unit to see why I couldn't open the bulb sockets. The reason? The base of the bulb had been put in place. Why? Why would that be done? I can't use the warming bulb because the ceramic case cracked. I contacted customer service and they said I could buy another one for $25, but they fell back on the out of warranty excuse. They said that I broke it and they couldn't do anything about it. Guess I will fix it myself with a $5 part from Lowe's. The machine makes popcorn. This product is not good for quality control. I bought the popcorn maker with my own money, because I didn't get paid for the review.

👤The machine I bought for my new business was thought to be the same size as another machine. That machine was 8 ounces. This thing is large enough to hold a popcorn. The PLEXI GLASS is not real. If you need a high price toy for your kids, buy this. It is very unhappy waste of money.

👤It works well for the entire office. The popped corn brings out a lot of un-popped kernels, but it does have a catch tray for them, and it could be related to the corn I have not the popper. The pot stopped working and it was not used for a while. If we have to throw out the entire machine, we are investigating if we can just replace the kettle.

👤The popcorn kettle gets stuck when it's full.

👤The item was rusted and scratched when it was in the box. They got back to me and said I had to return it. I wanted replacement parts, but they said no. I wouldn't hold out for a manufacturer's warranty on this product.

👤We eat a lot of popcorn. I bought this for my family and they used it daily for a couple months. The heating element went after a little while. I had to contact the company multiple times to get the parts that fell under their one year warranty replaced.

👤This thing is great for popcorn. I highly recommend it. My machine had a flaw. The popcorn cooking pot had one of its gears come off. I found the gear, but I couldn't find the piece that holds it on the drive shaft. I used a piece of metal wire to hold the gear on. It seems to work for now. I would like the instructions to show a schematic or a list of replacement parts so that I can order the piece that holds the gear on to the drive shaft. The Great Northern Popcorn, 6-Ounce Portion Packs are a must have for this popcorn machine. They make great tasting popcorn and are easy to use.


What is the best product for home theater accessories lit signs?

Home theater accessories lit signs products from Zmkdll. In this article about home theater accessories lit signs you can see why people choose the product. Advpro and Tiptrek are also good brands to look for when you are finding home theater accessories lit signs.

What are the best brands for home theater accessories lit signs?

Zmkdll, Advpro and Tiptrek are some of the best brands that chosen by people for home theater accessories lit signs. Find the detail in this article. Kexle, Zalahm and P-jing are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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