Best Home Theater Amplifier 5.1 with Remote

5.1 19 Aug 2022 10+ Comments Open

1. 5 2 Channel Hi Fi Bluetooth Stereo Amplifier

5 2 Channel Hi Fi Bluetooth Stereo Amplifier

There is a Canal. The home theater receiver from the Pyle is perfect for your system. It gives you 1000 watt peak power to be used for speakers and subs. The Bible has a Bluetooth-compartment. The professional integrated high powered stereo receiver is equipped with a wireless music streamer. It works with smart phones, iPad, and computers with hassle-free receiver pairs. The 4K Ultra HD TV support is included in the digital amplifier box. You can connect and stream audio/video from external devices. There are EQ controls. 2 14” mic inputs are included in the home amplifier. Next generation audio technology and controls for echo, bass, treble, microphone and volume adjustments are included. A digital display. The home theater surround sound receiver system has a built-in display. Features front panel control center and over current protection. Includes remote control.

Brand: Pyle

👤I don't like the bright blue light when the unit is on, but I hate it when you turn it off with the remote. Looks like the cops are outside your window. The only way to stop it is to push the "off" button on the unit. Who was the "bright" idea? I don't like the fact that you have to cycle through the menu to get to HDMI every time you turn it on, and it seems like it should remember where it was and go back to that. You have to go through several different options to get to HDMI and the desire TV picture, and then switch to a different sound option because it sounds like static on the HDMI. It's ok once it's on, but I wouldn't buy it again. I would never have bought this unit if I had seen it in a store.

👤If you really want a bright blue light that never goes off when you turn off the unit, then you should not buy this unit. When I inquired about the indicator on their website, they only said it was a backup. There was no solution offered. I wanted to save a few local stations for preset. There is no information in the manual or online. The online support person didn't know the answer to the fundamental question, so I was told to create a ticket to advanced support. I don't like returning items, but this one may be the last one. Terrible support. Very annoying.

👤The unit works well. The price is great. The remote doesn't seem to work beyond 10 feet if you want to change a setting. The blue light on the button could be turned off. The light was covered with white tape.

👤This review was good. I would have given it a great rating, but a few things weren't as I thought. The surround sound is not a real sound. It doesn't do digital. It doesn't support DTS. The blue ray player won't play the video with the sound on. The sound is similar to a card in bicycle spokes. If I turn off the surround on the TV and use an optical cable to connect my stuff to the TV, it will work. Quality sound can be heard to 5 channels. I paid less for this unit. A unit with all the neat stuff for surround sound would cost a lot. I would make sure my friend knew that the receiver doesn't do real surround sound.

👤It is easy to hook up components.

👤One speaker output was bad and would output static. Returned immediately for a new unit. Any output of 5.1 would only output static. We're outside of the 90 day window, so we won't refund or replace now. Terrible customer service. Avoid this at all costs.

👤I didn't buy this receiver thinking I would get something great. I needed a budget receiver for the guest house. The build is fairly solid, but the sound quality is okay, the display is dim, and the blue power light is too bright. I returned the first one because I thought they were defects, but the replacement one does the same things.

2. Facmogu Wireless Bluetooth Amplifier Controller

Facmogu Wireless Bluetooth Amplifier Controller

These noise-insulation panels are multi-purpose, they can be used for professional studios, rehearsal rooms, concert halls, podcasting, churches, home theaters, vocal booths, home studios, offices, man caves, dog kennels, utility closets. You can make other sounds clearer by deadening unwanted sound. The built-in transformer and US plug of the 2 channel stereo amplifier receiver is perfect for karaoke and home theater acoustic sound systems. There are 6 inputs and an Amplifer in the box. The amplifier size is 7x5.4x2 and the weight is 2.4 pounds. There is a card input for theusb 2.0/sd card. The sound amplification device has ausb/sd card input. You can play your favorite audio files from your computer's media library when you connect it to the amplifier. It's recommended for home TV audio, computer audio system-game, tower Speaker, garden speaker. A small design for a car audio system. They offer a 1-year warranty. Please don't hesitate to contact them if you have any questions.

Brand: Facmogu

👤This was bought in May and is still in use. I turn it off and back on and work for 5 minutes. This has never been used. It's just cheap China. You get what you pay for. The original May 2021 review was bought mainly for theusb function. It's pretty useless. There is no button for it to skip to the next folder. It skips to the next song. Adding a flash drive with tons of mp3's in various folders won't work. I hooked it up to the tv and it works fine, but if I play mp3's via the internet, I can still hear the tv playing in the background. It's good for TV use only or only for bluetooth. The remote works but is slow. The sound is good. If you just want a stereo receiver for your TV set, it will work, as long as you have a compatible phone.

👤It's an amazing deal for the power and flexibility of the Facmogu . It has the same features as some of the more expensive ones, but it gets really loud. You can play music on your mp3's via a variety of methods. I was connected to the internet in about two seconds. There are mp3's on the computer. The radio picks up stations and saves them numerically. The radio station is only in mono. I have a CD player that I control with the remote of the amplifier. There is a The master volume knob has to be turned up in order for the remote volume to work. The master volume knob should be turned to whatever you think your max listening will be. The level will be shown on the display when the remote volume control is used. When you reach 30 you'll hear a chime. The display on the amplifier shows mode, radio station, and track number. There's a smooth knob. The bass and treble controls make a difference. It's not a 300 watt system, but it does have a bit of power hum coming through the speakers, which is a solid low cost choice for the right application. The box for this amplifier lists it as "AV-29BT" instead of "Amazon" Sunbuck and Anytek both have a picture of the same amplifier. The lowest priced of the three is the Facmogu . A micro system with an AC/DC power option for less than $90.00 is made with a pair of Micca Covo-S speakers.

👤It worked well for a couple of weeks. The unit ran hot when used at low volumes. When I was off mode, I started to notice a hum. I plugged in a high quality 12v dc power supply that I had for my computer equipment, because I thought it might be the internal transformer. That caused the amplifier to start playing music. It's dead. You should save yourself from the trouble. Buy yourself something better.

👤If you need a cheap little receiver/BT Amp for a room situation or if you don't want a large expensive system, this is the one for you. Some of the Bass/Mid/Treble adjustments don't have that. I don't use mic inputs if karaoke is your thing. The radio reception is limited and the receiver is only 10' wide. IR is the wireless's name. You have to be in line of sight. The sound is sweaty and loud until over 80% and then starts to distort.

3. Sony STRDH590 Multi Channel Receiver Bluetooth

Sony STRDH590 Multi Channel Receiver Bluetooth

You can enjoy your favorite movies, TV shows and more in the comfort of your home with Cinematic Sound at Home. S Force PRO delivers virtual surround sound with only a 2 speaker setup. You can use your phone to stream music and use a Standby turn on the receiver. A multi function system includes a multi channel stereo setup, a radio tuner and a headphone jack. There are 4 stereo Rca audio inputs and 2 digital audio outputs. In the box is a microphone, remote control, batteries, and a wire antenna. Also, note: Installation Manual and User Guide can be found in the catalog. Also, note: Installation Manual and User Guide can be found in the catalog.

Brand: Sony

👤I never leave a bad review, but this receiver did not allow for the full experience of the game. If I plugged my TV into my XBOX One X, it would be capable of playing both video and gaming. The build quality is good, but the lack of AUX-in was disappointing. I picked up the Yamaha after returning the Sony. It's $50 cheaper, has tons of more features, and has an AUX-in feature that I've wanted for years, and it passes the tests of both Dolby Vision and HDR10 correctly. Pick up the Yamaha, you'll be happy you did.

👤I put together a simple 5.1 surround system in my small den based on a Yamaha amplifier that started to go a little weird - it would turn itself on and off, sometimes wouldn't allow volume control from a remote, and sometimes wouldn't have picture resolution dropped. The sound was pretty decent. I decided to swap out the amplifier for the Sony one. Wow, what a change! It was easy to set up and calibrate. The sound stage is very detailed. It makes my speakers sparkle with clarity and crispness. I'm not a snob and my ears can still see a huge improvement in movie watching at a cheaper price. You will like this amplifier.

👤Great inputs. Good power. 60hz pass through. The enhanced HDMI option can be enabled. Arc control. I like it. The surround left channel is dead. The receiver died not even two years after the event. I'm disappointed, and that's coming from a Sony fan. My last receiver was from Sony. This was brought down from 5 stars to 2 by me. I think I'm buying a Denon.

👤I have an old entertainment system with a center and surround set that I use this unit to drive. The unit sounds good even with questionable speakers. I listen to my music on my phone. I use it. I know that makes many people cringe. I used the automatic calibration to set this up. Mozart's 25th was put on by selected music surround. My wife could hear how much better this setup was. Everything was in balance. It had a rich sound and clear highs. The surround did not sound fake. It was like sitting in an orchestra pit. It sounded great to have DVDs and cable TV. I can't hear the voices. The Movie HD-Digit setting is clear and easy to understand. There is a night mode that makes it easier to understand voices. The unit works great out of the box. It is powerful enough for a small home office, and I have it set up there. If you want to annoy the neighbors, you might need a bigger unit. I am very pleased with this purchase, and I love it.

👤Sony got it right. The receiver has 4K and HDR pass-through. The inputs are 2.2 compliant. It is easy to set up. The power is at 145W per channel. It will expand to 5.1 soon if you hook it up to a couple BIC tower speakers and a Dayton Subwoofer. There is no rush because the Front Surround feature really makes 2.1 sound like real surround. I couldn't be more happy with my purchase because it's heavy and built like a tank so it should last. The seller was praised for ordering on Monday and being delivered on Wednesday.

4. KEiiD Bluetooth Amplifier Receiver Bookshelf

KEiiD Bluetooth Amplifier Receiver Bookshelf

The Compact D-class RMS 2x 40W amplifier and receiver has a Texas Instruments chip and can be used with bookshelf speakers or other passive speakers. Creative sleep timer function makes your amplifier more convenient, it's perfect for Hifi music and home audio entertainment. Strong Compatibility and Practicability. The receiver works with all devices that have an analogue or digital output. It supports a variety of resources, including a wired microphone and a flash drive. The L/R balance can be adjusted to Country/Pop/Jazz/Rock/Classic/Normal. The latest technology is the Bluetooth 5.0. You can connect any device up to 65 feet in the air with the additional antenna. You can stream wireless music in every corner. You can change the sound output according to your request. The additional remote control makes it more convenient. 5-Level Safety Protections The built-in 5-level protection makes amplifier and speakers more safe. If there is a fault or quality issues, the warranty will be replaced.

Brand: Keiid

👤I ordered this amplifier on the basis of positive reviews and it arrived much faster than I anticipated. The KD-240BT worked perfectly for about ten minutes, then all of a sudden, it stopped working. The sound stopped. I messed with the amplifier for about an hour and could not make it work. I am writing this review for a reason. I got an answer from the company within an hour. There is a None of the suggestions the tech gave me worked. He said he would send a replacement. The new one works perfectly after I received it. The company did not ask any questions. I was surprised by the prompt and effective customer service. A thirty year old absolutely top of the line receiver/amplifier which cost thousands of dollars is being replaced by the Amplifier. I believe it produces better sound than the old unit.

👤The sound of the second auditioning is similar to the first auditioning. The class B of Musical Fidelity was of the 1990s. This mid sized shoe box amplifier Keiid will allow you to explore the following: 1. Your favourite tracks that you have never heard of... 2. The soundstage of this Keiid is so impressive, it means stereo separation of this Keiid is so outstanding, and of course the vocals stand so well in the middle with a very tangible and solid presence...what is more and so impressive? You can feel how well the vocalist sings the song from the note and what's more amazing is that you can distinguish how well the vocalist applies their singing techniques to their songs. I purchased the item because it is eye catching and stands out from the crowd. This Keiid will pose a threat to the market of Pyle, because it will be powered on. Keiid can reproduce music with fidelity and neutrality. The colloration of Pyle is a distortion, and sometimes it is a good thing to add pep to the music. The kit's blue color is so professional that it would sound in real, and it fits my chromebook perfectly, it is greyish blue. It really does, when it is powered on and turned up the volume, there is a lot of energy in the room. I will write a second review for this kit as to show how it sounds with different genres of music after a full run of this nicely designed Keiid. For the time being, it is very good.

👤This amplifier is better than any other. We wanted an amplifier that we could connect to the ceiling speakers. We can use our music from our phones with this amplifier. We have a CD player and radio that we connected to a receiver. I can't stress how much this product will meet our needs.

👤The Keiid KD-240BT outputs to more than your average "bookshelf" speakers you see in item descriptions or other user reviews. If you want to drive your speakers to their maximum, you need to shake the dust from your floorboards and the Keiid KD-240BT DELIVERS. I was cautious to order the Keiid KD-240BT for my speakers. The speakers have an impedance of 8-ohms and a Frequency range from 35hz to 20kHz. I was cautious because these speakers have been in storage for a long time and I didn't want to ruin them. A girl is old but can deliver a punch that makes you think, "Did I really spend $400 for Bose computer speakers?" How long were these in storage? The Keiid KD-240BT review shows that a receiver is only as good as the speakers they connect with. I enjoy vinyl, but I don't know what 8-ohms impedance means, and I don't consider myself an audiophile, but I do believe you can tell the difference between the sound of music on vinyl and on a CD. No offence, but Keiid? Who? Where? Pick up this amplifier and listen to it for yourself. The setup was perfect and my speakers work better than ever. The ability to change volume to suit my needs is what I needed in my environment. I can drive home the BOOM and crank the bass when my neighbor is not around, and I can keep the volume at a comfortable level in situations where you want a louder sound, but want to reduce impact. It sounds great no matter what level you set your speakers to with the Keiid KD-240BT unit. The Keiid KD-240BT is the easiest to connect your device to, and the primary reason for upgrading my retro setup was the desire for bluetooth. The connection is seamless. If you like to keep the music going while you switch out your records or flip them over, you will love this. I received the newest model of this rec/amp, as luck would have it. There are two inputs and an area to add a sub in this version. It is a very welcome surprise. This version doesn't have an area for the connection. If you have read my review, you already know that the old units didn't work well with radio. A simple fix is to look for an online radio station, or use the Aux input with an AM/AM radio with a standard headphone connection, if ever I decide to listen to local stations. The upgraded unit has a new slot for the micro SD card. Gaining a second output and sub access is a sacrifice. There is only one complaint, and it is easily fixed: I wish there was more room for speaker wire inside the unit. I like a little length to my wires, but this unit is pretty shallow, requiring a shorter cable or a blunted, folded cable that makes it feel snug. None of my preferences affect sound quality. When the unit sounds great, it's just your preference.

5. WeMax Nova Smart Laser Projector

WeMax Nova Smart Laser Projector

Superior Resolution might be an understatement. You can get 4x resolution of full HD or1080p with 4K and bright 3100 ANSI lumens light source. Nova is built with patented technology. Light can be used more efficiently for sharper detail across a wider color range and deeper vibrance for better video resolution. The short throw projector reduces eyestrain. You can choose from four projector sizes with the WeMax Nova laser projector. The center piece of your home theater will be a 150” screen. The right size for your setting is 80 inches, 100 inches, 120 inches, and 150 inches. Micro adjustments are made for the perfect home cinema experience with the 8-Point keystone correction dial. The Nova laser projector has a powerful 30W speakers by the audio company Dolby Audio. The home theatre experience can be enhanced by this stereo. If you already have a home cinema sound system, the Nova laser projector can be connected to it. The Nova is a smart projector that comes with thousands of apps at your fingertips. You can watch your favorite shows from a variety of providers. You can use the voice command button to tell Nova what you want to see. Also, note: Fire TV stick or similar device is required for streaming. There is a multi-tiered video company. It is possible to cast to Nova with a wireless connection from a variety of streaming devices. You should pair the Fire TV stick with the Netflix workaround. There are multiple video slots, a built-in casting for video, and ausb. You can connect a stereo system to a soundbar. There is a multi-tiered video company. It is possible to cast to Nova with a wireless connection from a variety of streaming devices. You should pair the Fire TV stick with the Netflix workaround. There are multiple video slots, a built-in casting for video, and ausb. You can connect a stereo system to a soundbar.

Brand: Wemax

👤Even if you put it on a ceiling, it won't have the lens shift feature. If you have a TV stand that is more than 14 inches tall, you can only use Keystone correction to make your image look better, since it doesn't have a lens shift, and the picture gets wavy on the top left corner. If you are the type of person that likes to change the picture quality, then you should be able to. The projector has a pathetic excuse for the settings page, and the remote control doesn't come with batteries, so you're out of luck.

👤The quality was disappointing. Quality issues in manufacturing lead to a warp in the picture from a warp in the lens over the laser. keystone adjustment will not fix it. Out the gate, Defective and disappointing.

👤I did a lot of research before buying this projector to replace my old TV. I was not sure how much of a difference 400 lumens would make between this one and the other I was comparing to. The Nova was the one I decided on. The pros and cons are listed here. The -4K UHD resolution is everything they claim, it's bright and clear, no washout, and it's good for gaming. There are a lot of streaming options via the internet. I have a sound system so it's not a big issue for me, but the remote is annoying, and it doesn't come with batteries. It blew away my expectations after I bought it. If you want to get the most out of your projector screen, you should purchase a good one. I think I got the best one for the price, compared to the other projectors.

👤The picture quality was very good. I compared this to the vava short throw. Most people will be happy with either one. When they were set up side by side, there was only one difference. The picture is of high quality. Both are excellent. The image quality of the wemax was not bad. The colors on the vava were more vivid. If you want to take the time to change the colors, you can. I did not. I couldn't focus on the upper left corner of the screen. The title was blurry and annoyed me. The contrast was good. We were going to compare the wall. Sound. The vava was better in this area. The wemax was good. External audio will be available for our use. Sound didn't matter. The wemax speak is enough for most living rooms. The vava is much larger and heavier. The ceiling mount needs a unit. The vava is heavier than just a little. It works remote. A couple buttons and a directional pad. I like that it's not necessary to find an ir receiver. The vava has something called the interface wemax that has a version of the mobile operating system. We were not able to get to the onscreen menu after the update. It was very annoying. It's hard to adjust the screen colors if the picture is turned off. They are aside. The job of the tv was to house your apps and allow you to cast to it. vava has a 2 year repair / replace warranty, while warranty only has a 1 year limit. Customer service. There is a I don't know who to fault for this. We tried to exchange the unit because of the unfocused upper left corner. We had to return in because Amazon didn't offer exchanges. It took weeks of calls to get our money back. We were never told to contact the seller, so I can't put this on them. Since it only has a one year warranty, we are hesitant about buying another.

6. Wireless Bluetooth Home Audio Amplifier

Wireless Bluetooth Home Audio Amplifier

The peak power of the Pyle 5 Channel Hifi Audio Amplifier is 100 watt. You can enjoy crisp and high quality amplified audio with low distortion and acoustic accurate audio reproduction. Bluetooth is a cannabinoid. The small personal integrated indoor stereo receiver has a wireless music streamer. It works with today's latest devices, including laptops, computers, and phones. The professional Hi Fi amplifier supports many external devices. 5 sets of spring loaded speaker terminal connections are included. Front control panel. The amplifier has a built in display with buttons for functions such as input, volume, and surround, as well as a built in display with buttons for functions such as standby, tuner, and surround. There are EQ controls. The multi purpose 5 channel compact home theater digital stereo receiver box has buttons for audio adjustment. The remote control is for easy distant audio adjustments. Refer to the Technical Specification for User Manual for more information.

Brand: Pyle

👤I would have given this 5 stars, but the inputs gave a bad sound output. I had the same issue with a Chinese unit. I am using this as a media center and the TV/Android TV Box are my only sound sources, so it was an option. The sound is crystal clear. One unit had a remote volume that was down after 1.5 years, but it works fine and feels solid. The remotes are $36 a pop. I used a universal remote that I learned from. You can control the volume settings for surround, center, and main with the remote. You can control bass and treble. All my settings were retained when the system was reset. This is connected to a power strip that shuts everything off when the TV is turned off. I was a little nervous because of the other reviews. Not an issue for what I received. I'm assuming they addressed the issues with later versions or the reviewers received faulty units. I prefer a lower volume setting because I don't want my speakers or THUMP my subs to blast. The unit came with a lot of instructions. It has a low-intensity blue display and doesn't distract when watching movies. It's the perfect size to fit on top of my sub and has rubber feet. I didn't assume something this small could drive an unpowered sub because my powered sub works with the high-pass speaker wires. I am using satellite speakers and a dual cone center channel speaker. The power of this makes it loud for a home theatre system. I don't expect this to work with large stereo speakers, and would cause distortion if you tried to use it as a pre-amp. It's never a good idea to amplify a signal. I would have been angry if I didn't have the option to use the HDMI option. The only thing that the HDMI can do is audio pass-through, it is not a receiver. I have to buy an HDMI splitter as I can't use it to switch between audio sources since I only use HDMI. Both units have issues now. One connects when it wants to and the other doesn't. One unit has issues with HDMI sound, where you have to cycle the inputs when you first start your show, or when you pause your show, or both. Only one source is connected.

👤This product was perfect for the bedroom. If you don't do the homework, you will be disappointed if you buy a surround system with Boom-Box volume. The reviewer who helped me decide to purchase this product was the same one who helped me with my application. I have setup a 27 inch TV in my bedroom with a single HDMI input and a streaming stick. I wanted better sound in my bedroom than my TV could provide. The sound system in the entertainment room was supposed to be louder than the bedroom's. I had spare Bose speakers that I wanted to use for the bedroom TV setup. The amplifier fit my application perfectly. I wired using 16-gauge wire. The two Bose speakers were put into the amplifier, the Roku stick was put into one of the two HDMI inputs, and the other end of the cable was put into the TV. I connected an F-Type female plug wire antenna to the amplifier to use the built-in radio when I'm not watching TV. I have not used the AUX inputs yet. I have been using the above setup for a month and I am very pleased with it. When the volume-dial is set to mid-way, the amplifier can drive the Bose speakers with enough power. I can use the input mode on the stick to stream video. The Bose speakers have better sound quality than the TV speakers. There are no issues with voice not being synchronized. There is a The amplifier's remote control is very easy to use. The instructions are very clear about how to operate the system. The amplifier unit has all the controls on it, as well as the remote. I added a wire antenna to the amplifier to pick up the radio stations. The amplifier has a lot of memory. The amplifier has a feature that works well. I connected my laptop to the amplifier. The Bose speakers had a better sound than the laptop speakers. The connection to my phone was easy to make. The low-cost unit that the Pyle PFA540BT amplifier is built for has a small footprint. It is on my bedroom furniture. I have not configured my bedroom entertainment system for surround sound, but it provides the option of connecting up to five speakers and a sub-woofer. I am very happy with the purchase I made, I chose the correct product for my application.

7. Donner Bluetooth Amplifier Receiver Home MAMP5

Donner Bluetooth Amplifier Receiver Home MAMP5

The home theater surround sound receiver system has a built-in display. The front panel control center is integrated over the current, short circuit and over-voltage protection. Independent control is high-power. It has four channels which are independently controlled, and a peak power of 440W, which is enough to support 4 groups of 8 speakers. The integrated hybrid amplifier has a new version of bluetooth. It will increase the sound quality. It works with the latest devices. The amplifer can be connected to a variety of things, including a microphone, a disk, and a card. And supports microphone volume control. You can save up to 50 radio stations with the automatic search function. The manual has detailed operating instructions that can be found here. The screen is HD. There is a built in display for the integrated receiver. The stereo amplifier package has an antenna and remote control. The product needs to be connected to speakers. There will be a certain amount of wind noise when there is no speaker.

Brand: Donner

👤The unit works as it is depicted. Being used to drive 2 indoor Klipsch wall/bookshelf speakers on its "channel A" and 2 outdoor Bose speakers on its "Channel B". It has enough power to drive all four speakers at the same time. Each speaker has power levels set on it. When the power is shut off, the power level will be maintained. One couldn't ask for anything more for the price. I bought this despite the first reviewer labeling it as "Junk" and purchased an Asurion policy in case the first review was incorrect. The unit is highly recommended.

👤I was skeptical about buying an unknown brand. I wanted a stereo for the patio. There are 6 speakers with room for two more after the purchase of 1 pair of Polk atrium 4 and 2 pair of Klipsch K HO-7. Absolutely delighted with the stereo. Although it claims to have more than 400 watt, it is not. It is enough to power these speakers. It is more than I can use without sharing the music with the neighbors. Each speaker has its own volume control. Convenient way to adjust each area for volume levels. It works great. Also has an aux jack. There is a line. I am thinking of adding a equalizer for fine tuning. The ability to connect two microphones for karaoke which I will never use, is one of the cool features of this stereo. Try out a fun entertainment setup. I don't know why there is a rating of junk.

👤The speaker connections guide was hard to understand. The manual doesn't say that there are 2 sets of speaker connections per channel. If you look carefully, page 2 of the manual states what they are. The left channels are Channels A and B. The correct channels are C and D. Pages 4 and 6 don't show the connection on the amplifier. I labeled the connectors after editing a copy.

👤I bought this to control the speakers in my home. The fan on it is so loud that it's hard to hear in our living room. If I walk more than 20 feet away from my phone, it will lose its connection. There is no way to tune to a channel on the radio. It only has an auto tune that starts at 88.0 on the fm dial and slowly tunes to the next station and sets it as preset one, then cycles to the next stations and sets it as preset two, etc. That is the only function the radio has. Every time you turn the radio on, this has to be changed. There is no way to select a preset after it has been set for you. I wish I had saved the box. I could return the garbage. This might be worth a little more than $12. May you light your money on fire.

👤I used it to control my speakers. It gave a great sound. The sound was great for an easy evening out. Volume can get very loud with clear sounds. The only thing I didn't like about the range was that I started to hear cracks in the noise. I just bought a longer cable for my phone and still enjoy the crisp music, but I can use my phone in the backyard. You can't go wrong with the price. It's not for the real audio buffs, but a great product for outdoor or light music.

8. Onkyo TX SR494 Receiver Ultra Dolby

Onkyo TX SR494 Receiver Ultra Dolby

160 watt per channel. 4K/60p and HLG are supported. 5.1.2-ch audio and video. The Virtual:X and the Height Virtualizer are from the same company. The AccuReflex and AccuEQ have subwoofers.

Brand: Onkyo

👤When the PS4 Pro is connected to the TV, the option for 4K RGB is disabled, as you can see in the picture, and the frequencies for HDR are not the max, but when the PS4 Pro is connected directly to the TV. Check the message that says to check the TV settings. If you are going to use it for games, get something else. When I try a game, I get a warning that the game will play at 2K, but I don't see it because the TV isn't the receiver.

👤I have a set up in my home theater that is awesome. 2 front speakers, 2 ceiling pivot speakers, 2 rear surround speakers, 1 center channel, and 1 subwoofer are all expected to be upgraded soon. I've seen a lot of people flaunt their 2 and 3 thousand dollar setup but this receiver does exactly what it is intended to do and I have been buying Onkyo products for years and have not been disappointed yet. It can drive my speakers without being loud, and it can reproduce the sound of the movies in Dolby Atmos. My only regret is that I didn't get a 7. A receiver. I wanted to add 2 more speakers to the theater seating area. Maybe upgrade later. This is a great buy for anyone who wants a good Atmos setup in their home.

👤I had a 13 year old boy. I thought it would be a great upgrade since it supports all of the new sound formats. I was very excited when I got this. The result was disappointing. The sound was flat. The voice was muffled. I re-ran the setup again and the same thing happened. The Audyssey used on my old Onkyo is called AccurEQ. There was a manual setting on my old Onkyo, but it was not possible on this new one. Each time I ran the setup, there was a different one. It has a lot of bells and whistles, but I didn't like the lack of sound quality. I ended up spending over 2x as much as I would have spent on a Yamaha, but I'm very happy with the speaker calibration and the various profiles it offer out of the box, and there's also a graphical manual EQ. I didn't like this receiver. I wasn't happy with the sound quality.

👤Unless you have a lot of devices, this is all you need. I replaced an older unit with this one. The older unit had all the inputs that were never put to use. This is perfect for 4 devices. The sound quality from this unit is perfect once you start using it. It's better than the best movie theaters. The sound quality of the audio is not as good as it could be. The sound is the same as you get from the high end Onkyo units, even though it has the same 32 bit sound processor. I only use it for the two gaming consoles. I don't play music in the house. If you are looking for a high quality home theater sound system that is only going to be used as a home theater system with 4 or 5 devices, this is it. If your TV can pass HD sound, you will be able to hook up 5, 6 or 7 devices to this, depending on your TV's inputs. It does work very well with 4K upscaling. The HDMI pass through works perfectly, but the features are not real. The problem is that the standard is too new and not standard, so there are device conflicts. This is a great unit for anyone who doesn't have a lot of audio devices. Who does now?

9. 500W Karaoke Wireless Bluetooth Amplifier

500W Karaoke Wireless Bluetooth Amplifier

The Pyle 4 Channel Home Audio amplifier has 500 watt power. It gives you 500W peak power, which can be used for multi speakers with impedances of 4-7 and allow you to enjoy high quality audio. Bluetooth is a pharmaceutical company. The professional integrated indoor house stereo receiver has a wireless music streaming feature. It works with today's latest devices with no hassle. The personal portable digital amplifier box supports iPod or mp3 and has a digital display, audio input and REC. Talk over button. When activated, the MIC talk over function will temporarily stop the current music or audio being played. This function is used in announcements. There are EQ controls. The sound amplification device has buttons for the audio sources, the mic and the master volume. A remote control is included in the package.

Brand: Pyle

👤I really wanted to like it. The knobs feel solid and heavy. It provides a lot of power to crank the sound. Not stereo sound! It mixes left and right into mono. I noticed the on the first go round but ran myself in circles looking for a receiver and pulled the gun on him as the deadline approached. I was certain that there had to be a mistake. But no. No. Stereo. Sound. I discovered that the input knob has to be turned all the way to the right for it to play the mp3 connection after you select the mode. I had trouble with the bluetooth because it took me a while to pair my home hub, but bt audio was choppy at times, and the units were only about 13-15" apart, though they were going through a couple layers of wood. I found a sweet spot when I moved the bt antennae and moved the hub around. I got a new one after returning this and I love it! The same spot is where theBT is sitting, and it's rock solid. I installed inwall volume controls on that model, so I didn't need any separate zones.

👤This is a single unit. Not a stereo. One channel. Don't try to figure it out! It sounds decent for the price. Not a stereo. It's so bad. What would someone use this for? Even if you are using a karaoke machine, wouldn't you want a normal stereo mix for your backing tracks so the mic input can sit in the middle? I think it's false advertising since they say "stereo" in the title. You can argue that they are putting that in for key words so you can find the product in a search. People still search for an amplifier by calling it astereo.

👤Three pairs of speakers are on my patio and pool. The amplifier can get louder than I need it to. The model has a good reception on the phone. I use this for streaming music so it's not a problem for me, even though the FM receiver is a bit frustrating. Even though this is listed asstereo, it only has mono outputs, and every speaker plays the same thing. This is good for speakers that are difficult to use in stereo. The 4 zone volume control makes it very convenient for me, as I can make the speakers louder in the pool area and quieter in the lanai. Sound is adequate, but not exceptional. It's good enough for the outdoors and the price is unbeatable.

👤No tiene una compaa de productos baratos pero no tiene una calidad. Hablando de un amplificador puedo decir, pero pesado. No se diga de la potencia del amplificador, pero para probarlo lo conecte a unas. Tiene control de ajustes de agudos y bajos. Hasta el momento solo. He con el canal. A pesar de ser monoa. The plan is instalarlo, it includes ambiental, karaoke, and instalarlo, it also includes 6 bolicans, and aparentemente. nico puedo decir, pero es totalmente recomendable. El precio por lo, da de sonido es excelente.

10. 6 Channel Bluetooth Hybrid Home Amplifier

6 Channel Bluetooth Hybrid Home Amplifier

2000-WATT POWER: The home theater amplifier is perfect for karaoke and home entertainment. It gives 2000W peak power to be used for multi speakers, which will allow you to enjoy high quality amplified audio. INPUTS: 9 The digital amplifier box supports a variety of devices. It has an AUX 3.5mm input, 2 mic inputs, a headphone jack, optical/coaxial digital signal inputs, and a DVD input. The Bible has a Bluetooth-compartment. The professional integrated indoor house stereo receiver has a wireless music streaming feature. It works with today's latest devices, including laptops and computers. Front panel control. The sound speaker amplification device has front panel controls, radio station auto-search, multi-channel input selection, and a control center for mic volume, bass, echo, and master volume controls. RACK MOUNT: A high powered home theater pro audio receiver has a built-in cooling fan and radio antenna. There are additional features such as repeat audio functions. Includes remote control and handles.

Brand: Pyle

👤The unit arrived on time. There was no user manual after unpacking. I connected it to my Yamaha amplifier. I got this to replace a 50 year old Crown preamp that was given to me in a barn 30 years ago. The low end response on this is not present. I will most likely return to my old crown.

👤I replaced my old pioneer with this and it is 10 times better than I expected, I thought I was going to blow the speakers out, but it is so powerful and clear that I decided to turn the volume down to 1/3.

👤My 12yr old Yamaha was more beat up than the older one that arrived. The right side of the display is so dim it's almost unreadable, and it didn't look like the cool picture in the ad. There are 2 burned out led's. The bicyle knob. There are scratches on the front of the unit. The antenna is bent. There are marks and scratches on the de-racking. This was a return that simply went from the return pile to my order. No one could have inspected this before it was sold. They got the packaging right.

👤I searched for a decent unit with an on-board graphic equilizer. The Pyle system pushed a bit of power. The input function doesn't hold in a memory so it goes back to a default setting once the power is off. When you power back up, you have to reset it. They went crazy with the blue LEDs. A little over the top. If you're using this amplifier as a TV amplifier and you kill the lights a bit, the display is a bit much. No way to stop it. I asked the person what they did. He apologized, no. A decent low cost unit was what I needed. I didn't shop for features like others. If you're an old school person, this one would do it for you.

👤The fan on this thing is so loud that I can't hear anything else.

👤It has two serious design flaws. 1. When you turn on the system, it doesn't remember or stay in the last state you had it set to. 2. The system can't be turned on or off with the remote. The manual button is on the receiver.

👤The setup was easy and the sound was great. The puppy resets to a minimal 10db when you turn it on again, so you don't accidentally blow your speakers out. The remote is useful. I can hook up a multi-room set of speakers to the same one, even though they are marked for 5.1 sound, because the speakers are not automatically differentiated, and the unit has plenty of power.

👤The 2000 Watt model was purchased by me. It kicks! If you see other reviews with low ratings and say this is just a preamplifier, you should also know that those guys went cheap and ordered the 360 Watt version. My advice? Either go big or go home. If you come to my house, you'll be happy you're there on a movie night, and not having to sleep at one of my neighbors. The only negatives about this unit are that it doesn't pair with other remotes. The on-off button is a push-button. The LEDs are pretty, but they're a distraction if you're near your TV. This is a decent value.

11. 1000W Bluetooth Theater Karaoke Receiver

1000W Bluetooth Theater Karaoke Receiver

The bundle includes the Sony 2 Channel Stereo Receiver with Phono Inputs and the Monoprice Select Series 16AWG Speaker Wire, 100 Feet. The power of 1000W pee power. The Pyle 5 2 channel hi-fi home theater receiver has 1000 watt peak power, which is perfect for speakers and subs with 4-16 ohms impedance, and lets you enjoy high quality amplified audio. Bluetooth is a cannabinoid. The professional integrated high powered stereo receiver is equipped with a hassle-free receiver setup. 4K Ultra HD TV support is included in the AV digital amplifier box, which also has a dedicatedRCA subwoofer output. There are EQ controls. The home amplifier has two mic inputs. Next-gen audio technology and controls for echo bass microphone and volume adjustments are included. The home theater surround sound receiver system has a built-in digital display with a front panel control center that is integrated over the current short circuit.

Brand: Pyle

👤I bought these for my backyard pergola to play music from my phone. I just installed them and tried them out, so I don't know if they will last, but here are some initial thoughts. It's easy to setup and link speakers. If you have a straight tip jewelers screwdriver, it is not hard to wire the two speakers together. The style of the passive speaker is more traditional. It is linked once wired together. 2. It is easy to install brackets. The brackets are thought out. You can hang the key slot cutouts with screws. The knobs to attach speakers to brackets are easy to use, but it is easier to remove brackets from speakers. 3. Sound quality is very good. It's not great, mind you. These are not the same as Bose, but they are not priced the same. These speakers sound nice. It's not clear why another reviewer said otherwise, unless his speaker wires crossed the same direction. Make sure your speaker wire has ribbed or line on it. You can make sure you have positive and negative vibes. 4. It's really good. I moved around with my phone in hand and didn't lose signal. The setup was easy. The speakers appeared on my phone after I had powered them on. Clicked connect and was good to go! There was an audible chirp over the speaker. 5. Not everything you need is provided. The speaker wire connection requires a jewelers screwdriver to open a slot to insert the wire, and then a close slot to close it. It was odd, and the only reason I see for not having traditional terminal posts like the other speaker is that it allows you to easily remove wires from a speaker mounted to a wall. There is no speaker wire. Not even a short one. They could have included a short, low budget wire to get you started. I don't have an audio reel on hand, so I'll probably have to make a run to Walmart for speaker wire, and that jewelers screwdriver, perhaps. 6. The instructions are not overly complicated, but they are a bit misleading. The setup reads as if the speaker wire is already on one of the speakers. It is not included at all. 7. The material quality is good. The speakers are not Bose equivalents, but for what you pay, it is pretty good. I did not take cover to inspect the materials. Hopefully they have chosen a nice cone that is resistant to water. If longevity is insufficient, I will change this review. The speaker is made of poly/plastic and wouldn't rust. It seems sturdy enough for what you pay. The speaker knobs are plastic, but have a brass insert and metal screw. The metal is coated. Sturdy enough, and designed to secure speakers in either horizontal or vertical position. There are 8. The sound can be adjusted in regards to bass, treble, and volume, but it's via knobs on the back of the speaker. I would have rated this 5 stars if there was an app that could make these sound adjustments so you don't have to reach in the small space between the back of the speaker and the wall to adjust it. That is my run down. Hope this helps. I have tried to give more details on what I think is positive and negative, but in the end, I am happy with the purchase.


What is the best product for home theater amplifier 5.1 with remote?

Home theater amplifier 5.1 with remote products from Pyle. In this article about home theater amplifier 5.1 with remote you can see why people choose the product. Facmogu and Sony are also good brands to look for when you are finding home theater amplifier 5.1 with remote.

What are the best brands for home theater amplifier 5.1 with remote?

Pyle, Facmogu and Sony are some of the best brands that chosen by people for home theater amplifier 5.1 with remote. Find the detail in this article. Keiid, Wemax and Donner are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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