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1. 6 Channel Bluetooth Hybrid Home Amplifier

6 Channel Bluetooth Hybrid Home Amplifier

2000-WATT POWER: The home theater amplifier is perfect for karaoke and home entertainment. It gives 2000W peak power to be used for multi speakers, which will allow you to enjoy high quality amplified audio. INPUTS: 9 The digital amplifier box supports a variety of devices. It has an AUX 3.5mm input, 2 mic inputs, a headphone jack, optical/coaxial digital signal inputs, and a DVD input. The Bible has a Bluetooth-compartment. The professional integrated indoor house stereo receiver has a wireless music streaming feature. It works with today's latest devices, including laptops and computers. Front panel control. The sound speaker amplification device has front panel controls, radio station auto-search, multi-channel input selection, and a control center for mic volume, bass, echo, and master volume controls. RACK MOUNT: A high powered home theater pro audio receiver has a built-in cooling fan and radio antenna. There are additional features such as repeat audio functions. Includes remote control and handles.

Brand: Pyle

👤The unit arrived on time. There was no user manual after unpacking. I connected it to my Yamaha amplifier. I got this to replace a 50 year old Crown preamp that was given to me in a barn 30 years ago. The low end response on this is not present. I will most likely return to my old crown.

👤I replaced my old pioneer with this and it is 10 times better than I expected, I thought I was going to blow the speakers out, but it is so powerful and clear that I decided to turn the volume down to 1/3.

👤My 12yr old Yamaha was more beat up than the older one that arrived. The right side of the display is so dim it's almost unreadable, and it didn't look like the cool picture in the ad. There are 2 burned out led's. The bicyle knob. There are scratches on the front of the unit. The antenna is bent. There are marks and scratches on the de-racking. This was a return that simply went from the return pile to my order. No one could have inspected this before it was sold. They got the packaging right.

👤I searched for a decent unit with an on-board graphic equilizer. The Pyle system pushed a bit of power. The input function doesn't hold in a memory so it goes back to a default setting once the power is off. When you power back up, you have to reset it. They went crazy with the blue LEDs. A little over the top. If you're using this amplifier as a TV amplifier and you kill the lights a bit, the display is a bit much. No way to stop it. I asked the person what they did. He apologized, no. A decent low cost unit was what I needed. I didn't shop for features like others. If you're an old school person, this one would do it for you.

👤The fan on this thing is so loud that I can't hear anything else.

👤It has two serious design flaws. 1. When you turn on the system, it doesn't remember or stay in the last state you had it set to. 2. The system can't be turned on or off with the remote. The manual button is on the receiver.

👤The setup was easy and the sound was great. The puppy resets to a minimal 10db when you turn it on again, so you don't accidentally blow your speakers out. The remote is useful. I can hook up a multi-room set of speakers to the same one, even though they are marked for 5.1 sound, because the speakers are not automatically differentiated, and the unit has plenty of power.

👤The 2000 Watt model was purchased by me. It kicks! If you see other reviews with low ratings and say this is just a preamplifier, you should also know that those guys went cheap and ordered the 360 Watt version. My advice? Either go big or go home. If you come to my house, you'll be happy you're there on a movie night, and not having to sleep at one of my neighbors. The only negatives about this unit are that it doesn't pair with other remotes. The on-off button is a push-button. The LEDs are pretty, but they're a distraction if you're near your TV. This is a decent value.

2. Denon DRA 800H Amplification Processing Compatible

Denon DRA 800H Amplification Processing Compatible

The high-performing receiver (100W per channel at 8 ohms) that offers greater stability with a wide range of speakers, and delivers balanced sound each time, is a must have. Denon's experience in designing award-winning amplifier and their use of Hi-fi parts, custom resistors, audio grade capacitors, a double differential DAC circuit and analog preamplifier circuits deliver a superior sound experience. Full 4K Ultra HD 60Hz video, 4:4:4 Pure Color sub sampling, and HLG pass-through are included in the advanced HDMI video section. You can watch your favorite movies and shows with clarity and contrast. You can enjoy multi-room streaming with built-in HEOS technology, which allows you to play music from any popular streaming service in one room. Voice control can be used with all major voice agents. Command any voice agents or smart home automation systems. You can listen to your favorite tracks stored on a memory device via theusb port on the front panel or through network sources. You can connect your turntable to the speakers or amplifier with the integrated MM equalizer. Denon has a 100 year legacy of sound and joy. The amplifier for the home theater and entertainment system will give you multi-dimensional audio and sensational surround sound.

Brand: Denon

👤I want to give this receiver 5 stars for sound quality and features, but a few things hold it back. I'm happy that this receiver is 2.1 and that I don't need any more speakers, but the reality is that you need HDMI switch and this receiver fills that need. I give it 5 stars for sound quality. Excellent resolution, clarity, and flat non-colored response are what it sounds like. It is well above its price point. The large Amps give it authority to play loud. The sound mode options can be changed with a button push on the remote. I bought this thinking about the good old days when you had tone controls on the receiver. I end up playing this in Pure Direct mode, which ignores the tone circuits, balance, Restorer and even the unit's display. I replaced my 35-yr old 3-way speakers and sub with a pair of Tekton Pendragons because I was very happy with the sound quality. Again, 5 stars. The ability to use the receiver as a preamplifier only is one of the inputs and outputs. I have a firestick, blueray, and rasperry pi. There are both optical and coax inputs, as well as the ability to play music directly from ausb stick. You can change the name of the input selections on the display. Heos will give it 3 stars. I don't want my phone to be involved in HEOS operation and I don't need the features to direct sound to another room. I don't stream. The play buffer is limited to 300 songs, so playing music from a computer on the network is fantastic, but it's not as good as playing music from a stick. This is not a good thing. I wanted to just load my music on a stick, hit shuffle, and then be done with it. The first 300 songs are put in the play buffer and you can only shuffle them. 2 stars is the best rating. It only supports the SBC. The DAP will only connect to this unit with the SBC, which is not compatible with LDAC. The receiver does not support aptX or aptX-HD. The ECO mode is interesting. It appears to use less power for smaller volumes. You can hear a click as the receiver turns on more power. It keeps the unit cool. I was able to get around the HEOS and bluetooth limitations by purchasing an Xduoo 10T-ii digital transport player. I connect directly to the DRA's coax spdif and use the DRA's internal DAC for music, and it sounds awesome with a flat detailed response and high clarity. The DRA800H doesn't have a digital connection. It would have been nice if a BNC connection had been used instead of the RCA spdif. You have to set the inputs. I couldn't get the unit to play the analog out of my Sony DAP, but I had to set the input for analog, and then everything was fine. I had to change the digital input to be coax. I had to dump all my mp3s in favor of flac as the difference is obvious due to the high sound quality of the DRA and the Pendragon speakers. Bob Dylan sounds like he's in the room. The DRA800H is a great buy at it's price point and is loaded with a lot of features. The HEOS and bluetooth support for modern codecs need improvement, but are easy to work around with a digital transport using the DRA's spdif inputs and internal DAC. The Pure Direct sound mode is awesome and the sound quality is above its price point. The DRA's dedication to 2 speakers is excellent. I can put my money into the best speaker pair.

3. 5 2 Channel Hi Fi Bluetooth Stereo Amplifier

5 2 Channel Hi Fi Bluetooth Stereo Amplifier

There is a Canal. The home theater receiver from the Pyle is perfect for your system. It gives you 1000 watt peak power to be used for speakers and subs. The Bible has a Bluetooth-compartment. The professional integrated high powered stereo receiver is equipped with a wireless music streamer. It works with smart phones, iPad, and computers with hassle-free receiver pairs. The 4K Ultra HD TV support is included in the digital amplifier box. You can connect and stream audio/video from external devices. There are EQ controls. 2 14” mic inputs are included in the home amplifier. Next generation audio technology and controls for echo, bass, treble, microphone and volume adjustments are included. A digital display. The home theater surround sound receiver system has a built-in display. Features front panel control center and over current protection. Includes remote control.

Brand: Pyle

👤I don't like the bright blue light when the unit is on, but I hate it when you turn it off with the remote. Looks like the cops are outside your window. The only way to stop it is to push the "off" button on the unit. Who was the "bright" idea? I don't like the fact that you have to cycle through the menu to get to HDMI every time you turn it on, and it seems like it should remember where it was and go back to that. You have to go through several different options to get to HDMI and the desire TV picture, and then switch to a different sound option because it sounds like static on the HDMI. It's ok once it's on, but I wouldn't buy it again. I would never have bought this unit if I had seen it in a store.

👤If you really want a bright blue light that never goes off when you turn off the unit, then you should not buy this unit. When I inquired about the indicator on their website, they only said it was a backup. There was no solution offered. I wanted to save a few local stations for preset. There is no information in the manual or online. The online support person didn't know the answer to the fundamental question, so I was told to create a ticket to advanced support. I don't like returning items, but this one may be the last one. Terrible support. Very annoying.

👤The unit works well. The price is great. The remote doesn't seem to work beyond 10 feet if you want to change a setting. The blue light on the button could be turned off. The light was covered with white tape.

👤This review was good. I would have given it a great rating, but a few things weren't as I thought. The surround sound is not a real sound. It doesn't do digital. It doesn't support DTS. The blue ray player won't play the video with the sound on. The sound is similar to a card in bicycle spokes. If I turn off the surround on the TV and use an optical cable to connect my stuff to the TV, it will work. Quality sound can be heard to 5 channels. I paid less for this unit. A unit with all the neat stuff for surround sound would cost a lot. I would make sure my friend knew that the receiver doesn't do real surround sound.

👤It is easy to hook up components.

👤One speaker output was bad and would output static. Returned immediately for a new unit. Any output of 5.1 would only output static. We're outside of the 90 day window, so we won't refund or replace now. Terrible customer service. Avoid this at all costs.

👤I didn't buy this receiver thinking I would get something great. I needed a budget receiver for the guest house. The build is fairly solid, but the sound quality is okay, the display is dim, and the blue power light is too bright. I returned the first one because I thought they were defects, but the replacement one does the same things.

4. Wireless Home Audio Amplifier System

Wireless Home Audio Amplifier System

The Pyle 6 Channel home audio amplifier has 600 watt power. It gives 600 Watts peak power which can be used for multi speakers with an impedance of 4-7. Bluetooth is a pharmaceutical company. The professional integrated indoor stereo receiver is compatible with the latest devices and works with wireless bluetooth. It has a jack for audio monitoring. The personal portable digital amplifier box has a flash drive, a mic, and a RCA connection. It also has a push type speaker. Wireless range up to 40 feet. Talk over button. When activated, the MIC talk over function will temporarily stop the current music or audio being played. This function is used in announcements. There are EQ controls. The sound amplification device has buttons for bass, echo, mic, tone and source input mode. A remote control is included in the package.

Brand: Pyle

👤I own a PYLE and it's great. The sound is nice. We moved to a new house and I needed more than two zones, so I bought this one. It looked and read like my old one, but it has a sad and hidden issue. There isn't a stereo sound. Both Amazon and Pyle describe it as a stereo system. After six months, I notice a song doesn't play in the right and left channels. I realized I was sold a false product when I looked into it more. The owers manual says "stereo". But! The front panel of the product says "radio" in a very subtle and incorrect way. I reached out to Amazon after I wrote Pyle. The product description is correct because no one else complained. There is bad business on both ends. I was referred to Amazon's specialized team by a friend. I was told to take it with me. They have no responsibility for the false description. Don't buy if you're warned.

👤I have built-in ceiling speakers, 20 watt 8ohm, in 6 zones throughout my house, but no amplifier left by previous owners. I found this product and read a few pages of reviews and found that many people were complaining about minor quirks. I assumed I would just leave my device plugged in while guests were gone. The Trigger was pulled. It was new and wrapped in a box. It came with a built-inBT antenna, a plug-in FM antenna wire, and a basic labeled manual. It works well. Exactly what I needed. All of the nearby rooms have my bluetooth reach from them. I have the ability to control each volume on my own. Press MODE until it says something. Blue. It showed up on my phone when I turned the dial to "Mp voila and3". I recommend whole-house distributed audio. Is that what it is?

👤I am an audio engineer. I bought this unit to run zone 3 in my backyard and pool room. I was excited when I ordered the unit. I was very disappointed when it arrived and I got it hooked up. I am a tech professional. I can figure things out quickly. This unit was difficult. The instructions were not helpful. I got it going after working with it a bit. The most simple way to pair up was with a bluetooth device. The unit I received was sold as used. I used a speaker from another system. The sound was still very flat after tweaking the bass and treble. The power was there, but it was not visible. I got better sound out of a lower powered amplifier after I turned it on. I connected it to where it would go and then powered up the speakers in my back yard. The bass hit, but again, the sound was very flat and tin-can-like, nevermind the blown channels, I needed all 6 for my pool room and outdoors. I think I had it powered up around 30 minutes. The power was completely there, but it was distorted at higher volumes where the power was needed. Don't recommend! Time and energy are wasted. When suggesting other units, other reviews are appropriate.

5. YAMAHA AVENTAGE 7 2 Channel Receiver MusicCast

YAMAHA AVENTAGE 7 2 Channel Receiver MusicCast

HDCP 2.3 and eARC are present. 4K60, 4K 120AB, 8K60B, and HDMI 2.1 are supported. There are a lot of things that can be done with wi-fi, AirPlay 2, and the like. MusicCast can be used with MusicCast 20 or MusicCast 50 wireless surround speakers. There are three types of sound: Dolby Atmos, Dolby Atmos with Height Virtualization and DTS:X. Voice control with a variety of devices. Deezer, Qobuz, and Amazon Music are included.

Brand: Yamaha

👤Where do I start? I ordered it from the warehouse. It was missing a remote, calibration mic, and manual when I got it. I have a harmony one. I wouldn't give 100 for this thing after discounts were applied and only paying 650. A kid coloring on paper with crayons would be better than theUI. The sound is so bad that there is no on screen confirmation of what mode is being displayed or what surround mode is being played. I paid 1500 for a new recriver, but it does not have dolby vision. I can't really say anything about this receiver. The pre Amp on the receiver is so bad that I use the front outs on my Yamaha mx 1000u power Amp. If I change to my Xbox and listen to music in 2ch stereo mode, I have to manually set it to dolby or auto because there is no memory. The thing doesn't remember what options are set for each input. You should buy a 3 year old receiver from denon or marantz for 800 dollars. You will get more for your money. The major flaw in this recriver as well as all 2020 and 2021, are now on the table. They all use the same chip. There was no 8k and no 120hz. There is a rumor that this is coming in a firmware update. If you want to play console games at 120hz, forget it. If you want 120hz for your tv, forget it. I will keep my 5 year old with me.

👤The unit was unstable and kept restarting after power up. The public is not ready for it yet. Yamaha needs better testing. It should be possible to update the firmware without the whole unit cratering. They just sent it back, called Yamaha support. I will not buy a Yamaha again.

👤I have been a fan of the Yamaha receiver for a long time. I put on some music and the Yamaha sound came through after I set it up. I only use a 5.1 setup that I built, no second zone, no server, just a web connection. I ran into two things that I hope can be worked out. 1. I've looked everywhere and there's nothing in the menus for Pandora. 2. I have used the Yamaha app for years on my phone and iPad, and it keeps sending me to a setup routine when I try to set it up in my phone. I can't get through it because I don't have any equipment. I want to control the basic old school functions with the app. I sent requests for assistance to both Yamaha and Pandora, hope they can help me resolve the problems. I found everything after a few emails and web searches. This thing has a lot of stuff buried in the setup menus and I am a bit of an old/new school guy. It works great and is the usual Yamaha quality, but it takes some time to find it all. Grommes and Avery Fisher were my first two receivers. This is a long way from those. Great product.

6. Sony STRDH590 Multi Channel Receiver Bluetooth

Sony STRDH590 Multi Channel Receiver Bluetooth

You can enjoy your favorite movies, TV shows and more in the comfort of your home with Cinematic Sound at Home. S Force PRO delivers virtual surround sound with only a 2 speaker setup. You can use your phone to stream music and use a Standby turn on the receiver. A multi function system includes a multi channel stereo setup, a radio tuner and a headphone jack. There are 4 stereo Rca audio inputs and 2 digital audio outputs. In the box is a microphone, remote control, batteries, and a wire antenna. Also, note: Installation Manual and User Guide can be found in the catalog. Also, note: Installation Manual and User Guide can be found in the catalog.

Brand: Sony

👤I never leave a bad review, but this receiver did not allow for the full experience of the game. If I plugged my TV into my XBOX One X, it would be capable of playing both video and gaming. The build quality is good, but the lack of AUX-in was disappointing. I picked up the Yamaha after returning the Sony. It's $50 cheaper, has tons of more features, and has an AUX-in feature that I've wanted for years, and it passes the tests of both Dolby Vision and HDR10 correctly. Pick up the Yamaha, you'll be happy you did.

👤I put together a simple 5.1 surround system in my small den based on a Yamaha amplifier that started to go a little weird - it would turn itself on and off, sometimes wouldn't allow volume control from a remote, and sometimes wouldn't have picture resolution dropped. The sound was pretty decent. I decided to swap out the amplifier for the Sony one. Wow, what a change! It was easy to set up and calibrate. The sound stage is very detailed. It makes my speakers sparkle with clarity and crispness. I'm not a snob and my ears can still see a huge improvement in movie watching at a cheaper price. You will like this amplifier.

👤Great inputs. Good power. 60hz pass through. The enhanced HDMI option can be enabled. Arc control. I like it. The surround left channel is dead. The receiver died not even two years after the event. I'm disappointed, and that's coming from a Sony fan. My last receiver was from Sony. This was brought down from 5 stars to 2 by me. I think I'm buying a Denon.

👤I have an old entertainment system with a center and surround set that I use this unit to drive. The unit sounds good even with questionable speakers. I listen to my music on my phone. I use it. I know that makes many people cringe. I used the automatic calibration to set this up. Mozart's 25th was put on by selected music surround. My wife could hear how much better this setup was. Everything was in balance. It had a rich sound and clear highs. The surround did not sound fake. It was like sitting in an orchestra pit. It sounded great to have DVDs and cable TV. I can't hear the voices. The Movie HD-Digit setting is clear and easy to understand. There is a night mode that makes it easier to understand voices. The unit works great out of the box. It is powerful enough for a small home office, and I have it set up there. If you want to annoy the neighbors, you might need a bigger unit. I am very pleased with this purchase, and I love it.

👤Sony got it right. The receiver has 4K and HDR pass-through. The inputs are 2.2 compliant. It is easy to set up. The power is at 145W per channel. It will expand to 5.1 soon if you hook it up to a couple BIC tower speakers and a Dayton Subwoofer. There is no rush because the Front Surround feature really makes 2.1 sound like real surround. I couldn't be more happy with my purchase because it's heavy and built like a tank so it should last. The seller was praised for ordering on Monday and being delivered on Wednesday.

7. Yamaha RX V685 7 2 Channel Receiver MusicCast

Yamaha RX V685 7 2 Channel Receiver MusicCast

The latest in video and audio, including the latest in audio and video, can be found in an advanced home theater. Music cast multi-room, wi-fi, airplay 2, Spotify connect, and more. Apple Music, Deezer, Napster, Qobuz and more are available. 4K Ultra HD, HDR10, hybrid log-gamma and BT.2020 HDMI (5-in/2-out) have HDCP 2.3 and eARC. Voice control using your device like echo or echo dot. The cast is multi-room. Over time, expand your audio to other rooms. Adding 2 music cast 20 speakers will provide a wireless surround sound for a 5.1-Channel or 5.1 setup.

Brand: Yamaha Audio

👤The receiver was bought with 2 main things in mind. It works with the voice assistant. For the support of the audio system. I setup an entire room for a good gaming and movie watching experience, cutting holes in the ceiling for the presence speakers, etc. The setup I have is 7.1.2. The sound quality is better than I thought. I have speakers from Yamaha and Klipsch. My main disappointment so far is 1. You can't have the presence of the speakers and the surround speakers at the same time. After everything is installed, I discovered it. I have been researching this issue for a long time, and after a lot of research, I got answers in the forums. 2. The part about working with Amazon's voice assistant is a joke. The only thing it does is add the Musicast skill. You have limited control over the speakers. You can't change inputs or turn on units. Nope. The Front Right channel stopped working after 2 weeks. They wanted to give me a discount to convince me to keep the unit, after I went through the steps. I returned it. A new unit was received. It was a great day. When I try to choose a sound program, I get the message "Function Not Available". I was living with the problem. The unit was useless after two years because the HDMI out stopped working. I bought a 4 year extended warranty. The return process is a nightmare. I have an older but reliable SONY receiver that I can use in the meantime. It was very rude and disrespectful.

👤Prior 16 years of experience in A/V and telecomm. I know what I'm doing from hardware to software to the infrastructure. I know this is not the best. This seemed to be the best bang for my buck for what I wanted. This is on an Xbox One X with a QLED. The console to TV can do it all, it can do the same with the original HDMI 2.0, and it can even run at 120hz. I have tested this with all of them. The pictures show what my options were from my One X, though the reciever, the last being what actually capabilities this unit actually has on the box. The Yamaha receiver is connected via hardwire to the internet, which is the first thing that comes to my mind when I think of the update. All modes are shown on the TV from the Xbox One X, HDMI 2.0 and 2.1. This reciever doesn't support all the modes it says it does, from the default mode, to auto calibration, no amount of tweaking to the actual settings on the reciever would allow for the modes I specifically bought my TV and this reciever for. I used a 4K HDMI switch and it worked, so I got my true 7.1 back. When my old reciever and a $40 switch do the same thing, this defeats the purpose of spending hundreds of dollars on a new one. I am going to swap out my reciever for another one after talking with customer service and they believe the problem is the reciever. I may keep it because of the splitter. I can still take advantage of the ATMOS option, which runs at a 5.1.2. You can't run the two ceiling/presence speakers and a 7.1 together. If you were wondering why I need a splitter, it's because sending audio back through eARC comes through as 2.1 audio wise, which is what I would have bought. This is something the industry needs to work on and update since eARC can only be used for audio only. I am having to use the TV as the median since the reciever is a huge flop so far. I will keep you updated with what comes of this. The new receiver did the same thing as the old one, hooked up the old one to try something and it worked as well as everything, but the auto low latency and VRR did not. I can now turn on game mode on my TV. I don't know what happened, I'm pretty excited about it, Yamaha customer support is great, and the receiver needs a little time to learn the settings, but I can't say. I can turn game mode on the TV again, even though I can't select the options for auto lag on the Xbox One X, because it shows that it's operating at high speeds visually. I think I'm going to return this and wait a year and buy the 9.1 version next year, after hopefully more issues are worked out with the 2.1 version.

8. Pyle Bluetooth Receiver Amplifier Streaming

Pyle Bluetooth Receiver Amplifier Streaming

There is a wireless streaming service. The receiver rack mount has a premium built in receiver. The receiver should be compatible with all your favorite devices. It has a range of 30' plus. Home STEREO. The home theater amplifier is a complete system. It acts like a radio with a digital display and an ID3 tag. Also has a 2.1 channel audio amplifier. You can connect to astronomer devices. The home theater amplifier has a 3.5mm aux input jack, as well as a multi source audio input and ausb flash and memory card readers. Reliable and durable: The home theater receiver is made of heavy duty metal and aluminum alloy to protect your gear for a long time. The package includes sturdy brackets for easy installation. The audio receiver rack mount comes with everything you need to start. This exclusive bundle features their top of the line amplifier receiver, wireless remote control, and hardware rack mounts.

Brand: Pyle

👤Some major problems bring down the rating of this amplifier/receiver. Sound quality is good. This thing has a lot of features for the price. The slim profile makes it possible to stack more things. The volume dial is touchy, and the difference between quiet and very loud is a couple hairs. The included remote only works on the digital inputs, not the plugged in ones, so if you want to change the volume from across the room, you may use whatever mp3s you have plugged into the micro sd orusb slots. The first one of these was sent back because the main volume control didn't work at all. The dial was set where the two loudnesses were. I wonder how long this thing will last. Hope that was helpful.

👤There are a few gripes. The remote only works with the radio modes, so you have to get up and walk like the old days to change the component volume. This is a problem during commercials. There isn't a mute function either. 2. If I leave the room or hold my phone in a certain way, the range with my phone drops out. I thought my 2x6 Daytons might explode because the amplifier pushes them so hard. The component input makes the TV sound great. My kid loves the echo feature of the microphone. 1/6” It's nice to have inputs for guitar practice. Radio works. If you need it, avoid it because it is WEAK, 3 stars, and that is what I bought it for. I still like it for tv and radio at the price of 99 dollars.

👤I bought this receiver because I had a good pair of speakers and a small amplifier that did nothing. I needed an amplifier that could give me 100 watt per channel. This amplifier was perfect for my needs. I have connected the speakers to the amplifier and it can drive them. The rear speakers terminals were not receptive to banana clips, so I had to remove them and twist in the copper ends. My other complaint is that the standard is old and prone to interference. I just use the audio output with a stereo jack on my computer, since I stopped using it. I use a 100 watt Polk Audio Tsi 100's and they drive perfectly. I would look into an additional accessory to use with this, or another amplifier entirely, if it was a must-have feature for you.

👤First off... The price! I wanted this to meet our needs alone. I'm looking to replace a receiver in a room that's rarely used, where my previous receiver stopped working. It plays a variety of audio and video formats, though other reviews state the range is poor. I don't need top-end stuff in a room that is seldom used. The room is rarely used and I want it to be functional. This device is not. Others have stated that the remote control is egads. I've seen larger postage stamps. It works, but a 1976 Ford Pinto can do the same. Doesn't mean I want one. There are two more The volume. The best part is this. The remote control's volume is pointless unless the knob volume is turned all the way up. If you have a master volume, turning the volume up using the remote control is not going to make it louder. If you turn the master volume all the way up, you can turn it down using the remote. So what is that big deal? Turn the master volume up and leave it there. The next time you turn it on, it will reset so you won't notice. Hopefully your speakers can handle it. It's a good one. The power off button isn't off. You have to flip the switch on the receiver to turn it off. Trust me, you'll want to do that when you have to turn the volume up to make the remote work. The speakers would wake the dead. I wanted this for a seldom used room and to play files on the computer. I copied all the files onto a thumb drive. The feature on the receiver works just fine. I put the thumb drive in and it started playing. I selected random and it did the same thing. Only one problem. The next song is randomly selected by the back button. Let's say you have as many songs as I do, and one in particular play that you just love and want to hear again. Not gonna happen. If you hit "back" on either the remote or the receiver, it will randomly pick a new song. It's not a joke when this bad boy says random. All of my experiences happened within the span of 15 minutes, and I was already thinking that I'd probably send this thing back. Unfortunately, that's what I intend to do. Between the volume wonkiness, horrible remote, and not even a simple "back" repeats the song when on random... This thing would be more rarely used than the room is. Now... I don't want to end on a negative note, but if you just want to play music for cheap, don't plan on using it in a very complex manner. The job would most likely be done with this thing. You don't mind if your customers cross their arms and say the painting "speaks to them" if you have background new-age music for your art gallery. I would say you're in business with this thing. You may end up with the one I send back. That's right.

9. Yamaha RX V385 5 1 Channel Receiver Bluetooth

Yamaha RX V385 5 1 Channel Receiver Bluetooth

5.1 channel surround sound. There is a wireless connection. The output power is rated. 100W, 8 ohms, 0.9% THD. 70W (8 ohms, 0.05% THD) is the rated output power and the maximum effective output power is 1ch driven. HDCP 2.2 (4 in/1 out) with HDMI 2.1. 4K Ultra HD support, and hybrid log gamma. Yamaha Cinema DSP technology supports the play of HD Audio, providing natural and expansive sound. The receiver supports 4K video at 60 frames/second pass through and also supports high Dynamic Range video, which provides incredible contrast, smooth tone and rich colors.

Brand: Yamaha

👤After buying a 65" tv, finding out the picture is great, but speakers are bad, and then buying a sound bar to improve audio on cable tv, I decided to buy a Yamaha amplifier with the Yamaha NS-SP1800BL 5.1 CH. The Yamaha is a must have for audio and I would recommend it to everyone for a low price for a 5.1 surround sound system.

👤I have been using this receiver daily since I purchased it a month ago. The sound production is very good. I have 5 in-wall speakers all 100W connected to it and just putting it at 0 sound, which is about as loud as I would want it. I'm not happy with the wire nut connections on the back, but that doesn't seem to be unusual for these types of receivers. I like the option that makes it wire-free. I assume that my phone would work for other wireless devices. There are many program modes that allow you to choose different types of sound. Will try to expand the use of the receiver to do more than just control it to reduce the number of devices in my hand. I don't know if I have many options since my stuff is all from the same company. There are a lot of plug-in options on the back. The bottom of the unit gets extremely hot when it's turned on, which is one of the reasons I have a less than 5-star rating. It's so hot that I'm almost afraid of a fire danger if there were some flammable dust particles that floated under the unit or at a minimum caused heat damage to my entertainment shelving. The feet of the unit are large enough to allow air to pass through, just hope it doesn't create any problems.

👤Awesome receiver! This receiver works great with my projector and speakers. The setup with the mic was really cool. Very happy. I researched a lot and I am happy that I got this one.

👤The unit failed after 2 years. It stopped working and wouldn't turn on again. Resetting didn't help. After 3 attempts to reset, the display showed DC PRT 023, indicating a power failure. Repairs cost less than the price tag. It was thrown in the trash. Now a single star. There is a person who says that there is a person who says that there is a person who says that there is a person who says that there is a person who says that there is a person who says that there is a person who says that there is a person who says that there is It outputs slightly amplified sound through the speakers. I had to turn my sub up to near max because it was too weak to even drive a powerful self-amplified sub. Not true 5.1 surround. Light weight, got tiny heatsinks inside. I'm pretty sure the capacitors aren't of good quality. There are no real options for fine tuning the useless preset. This is for people who can't tell between Mono and Stereo.

10. 5 2 Channel Hi Fi Bluetooth Stereo Amplifier

5 2 Channel Hi Fi Bluetooth Stereo Amplifier

The 5.2 Channel hi fi Home theater receiver gives you 1000 watt peak power and lets you enjoy high quality amplified audio. The Professional Integrated high powered stereo receiver is compatible with today's latest devices, including smart phones, iPad and computers. 4K Ultra HD TV, 3D and Blu Ray video pass through support with dedicated RCA sub output, and connect and stream audio/video from external devices via the included 3 HDMI, optical/digital audio, and USB ports. The Home amplifier has 2 14” mic inputs with independent input source selection. Next Gen Audio has sound processing technology and controls for echo, bass, treble, microphone and volume adjustments. The Home theater surround sound receiver system has a built in digital display and AM/FM radio, as well as a front panel control center.

Brand: Pyle

👤This is my first home theater system. The price point was the selling ticket for me and not wanting to spend a lot having already spent $500 on the klipsch 5.1 reference theater pack. I don't know what the negative reviews are about. You have to use 2 remotes because your tv doesn't support them. It took me less than an hour to set it up. I'm not sure if all the issues people have reviewed about using the ARC function are true, I'm using the cheapest smart tv that money could buy 6 years ago and I am currently experiencing zero issues. The individual channel control allows you to set the speakers to what you want. The microphone is a default option that doesn't change things for you, even if other more expensive models have a microphone to set up the speakers. It would be nice to be able to glide through radio channels without stopping, going to make setting preset a real pain in the butt. I will live because I got what I paid for. The unit's fan is whisper quiet, and the remote gives full operation. I am happy with the price. I might upgrade later. I'll update if anything changes.

👤I bought this unit to be able to use my Bose 701 speakers to output audio from my TV. I am returning this unit because it's 1. I have a dated but working home theater receiver. I used the digital optical to send the audio from my phone to the Bose speakers. I was able to get this unit to work with the TV as well. The basic function of getting audio from the TV to the Bose speakers was accomplished with both the JVC and the Pyle. 2. I was able to control the volume with the help of the Xfinity remote. I had a single remote that allowed me to do everything. The same could not be said for the other person. There was no code that would allow the remote to control the volume. 3. The manual talks about an audio return Channel that will allow audio to be controlled from a single remote. I spent over 45 minutes on the phone with technical support, but they couldn't show me how to connect the unit with other than an optical cable. They recommended using optical and left me with the impression that it doesn't apply to this unit. 4. The display function on the remote and unit is discussed in the manual. There is no button on the remote control. This unit may have other benefits, such as 4K HD integration, but my interest was solely to find a newer receiver unit with the potential of future 5 speaker Dolby that I can immediately use for audio to my pair of Bose analog speakers from the TV and to control it all with a single The receiver can't be used with the remote.

👤If you use the Blue tooth device, the surround channels won't work, so you won't get full 5.1 sound. Unless my receiver is malfunctioning. The receiver shows an error when I try to turn up or down the speakers. I thought it might be my wiring, but I connected the radio to the antenna to see if it would play 5.1 audio. I love the remote's ability to control each channel separately. I really like this receiver.

11. Wireless Bluetooth Karaoke Amplifier Microphone

Wireless Bluetooth Karaoke Amplifier Microphone

300 Watt Power: The dual channel PA amplifier gives your entertainment or PA system a boost; provides convenient microphone and speaker control; supports speakers with 16 ohm impedance. The small professional integrated indoor public address receiver is compatible with today's latest devices, including the iPad, computer, and phone. The public address amplifier has 7 inputs, including a 3.5 millimeter input, 2 14” microphone input jacks, and optional 12V DC power input terminals. The alarm function is sirens. The compact desktop audio source system can be used for emergency situations and for capturing the crowd's attention during a presentation or public announcement. The mini multi source 2 channel compact PA receiver box has a front panel button control center and a digital display. The only way to connect to a thumb drive is with theusb input.

Brand: Pyle

👤The stereo was purchased for the maintenance shop. It works well for driving 2 speakers on the phone. I don't think the sirens function is useful. I don't like the fact that there is no tuning buttons and you have to use the seek and auto- program to find the frequencies. This thing is awesome for the money and suits my purpose. I noticed that the aux jack is always connected to the speaker output regardless of the mode the receiver is in. If you supply the aux input with audio, the aux will play over the speakers in addition to the radio. Please comment on this review if you know a procedure for programming specific stations. The FAQ section of Pyle's answers do not answer this question. I'm sure there is a way to assign a station to a preset without having to use the auto-scan feature and get 30 channels. There are not many stations in my city. I listen to maybe 3 of the 10 we have. I want to program to preset 1 to preset 2. I have contacted Pyle directly and I hope to hear from him soon.

👤Once you get through the quirks, it was easy to set up. The unit channel Scan grabbed 45 stations, 25 of which are strong in the outlying area 25 miles from metro New Orleans. It's easy to pair up with theBluetooth. The sound quality is great, but the preset EQ choices make it difficult to control bass and treble. It's not bad. The instructions leave a lot to be desired. Suggest a technical writer to review and rewrite the manual for the product. When pressed, the button on the remote will put you into a scanning mode to find channels. If you press it again, it will go to another station. Same goes for that button on the unit. If you leave that button alone, you won't be able to start a new station line-up with different numbers for stations due to signal strength in your area. I don't want to change the assigned number for each station, so I prefer to know the station line up so I can enter its number next time I use the unit. I write the station ID vs assigned number on a card so I can access the desired station by entering its number on the remote at any time. If you want to access lower stations one by one, use the I button, and if you want to access higher stations, use the >>I button. There is a The remote needs to be less than 7 feet away from my unit. The sound output is high and can be increased or decreased by the AUX knob on the unit. You might blow a cone if you have flimsy speakers. The remote volume buttons can be used to trim the volume up and down from the power level you have set. Just look at the lights. The little unit sounded very clean and impressive. I would suggest this unit to others. A small package with a big sound.


What is the best product for home theater amplifiers yamaha?

Home theater amplifiers yamaha products from Pyle. In this article about home theater amplifiers yamaha you can see why people choose the product. Denon and Yamaha are also good brands to look for when you are finding home theater amplifiers yamaha.

What are the best brands for home theater amplifiers yamaha?

Pyle, Denon and Yamaha are some of the best brands that chosen by people for home theater amplifiers yamaha. Find the detail in this article. Sony, Yamaha Audio and Yamaha are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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