Best Home Theater Audio Amplifier

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1. Wireless Bluetooth Power Amplifier System

Wireless Bluetooth Power Amplifier System

The 300 watt peak power of the Pyle Digital AM/FM stereo receiver makes it perfect for your PA, karaoke and home entertainment system. The personal digital amplifier box has 8 inputs, 2 microphone inputs, 2RCA inputs, 2 speakers, and a CD player. The Integrated Indoor house stereo receiver has a hassle free receiver and works on today's latest devices. The sound amplification device has buttons for audio sources and a button for the mic, which are illuminated in the dark. The amplifier has a built in digital display meter which displays all the functions and input used, and also includes a remote control for distant audio adjustments.

Brand: Pyle

👤I got this to use as a replacement stereo for an old unit that stopped working and also to make a cheap rig to jam my bass at home. I had to take my real rig back and forth from the jam pad. This isn't pro equipment, and I'm rating it as a low budget gadget. The sound quality is pretty good and the stereo is loud enough for where I'm at and what I need. There were no complaints about sound quality. It was better than I expected. It has a built-in fan that is a little noisy if it goes, but it's not an issue to me. It's pretty handy. I use it to learn and play music. When I'modling around, I've hooked up some drum loops to play along with. The bass sounds decent. I usually don't push it hard. Making the thunder is half the fun. I got a pretty gnarly tone after messing with the EQ and was rattling every window in the house. It's not something I would take to a gig, but it's great for making noise and playing at home or to get a jam session with friends. I got more bang for my buck than I would have gotten if I had bought a combo practice amplifier. I may use it to record a home recording. I might not mess with it. I think it's cool that it's there. You can plug into this thing, too. I've had it for a month or so and it's been great. I got it for certain uses. I got this as an open box, like a new deal. I didn't have high hopes because it seemed too cheap. I'm going to give it a 5 star because it's too good to be true. I hope it doesn't stop working in a couple weeks and make me come back to take away the praise I'm Pyling on. What did I do there?

👤This amplifier had been given 5 stars before. This review is being graded to 1 star. The on/off power button has a short in it. The power button needs to be pressed many times. I purchased this unit on August 28, 20 and it malfunctioned on October 25, 20. The manufacturer has given me a warranty. I attached the receipt to the previous email as you requested in response to the 3rd email from the customer service warranty dept. My name is not e on the end. It is not Michael. Your product has been reviewed by me on Amazon. I recommend that no one buy this product or any other product from Pyle since it stopped working 8 weeks after it was purchased. The lack of a customer service warranty department gave me the run around to resolve the issue with the receiver. You can ignore the warranty request. We bought a Yamaha receiver after we put the Pyle one out for trash. The Yamaha should have been purchased first. This is what happens when you buy a cheap product from a company that doesn't have a track record of quality. Thanks for nothing. I contacted Amazon customer service and they gave me a discount via Amazon gift card to use on my next purchase. I would like to thank Amazon for taking care of me.

2. Donner Bluetooth Amplifier Receiver Home MAMP5

Donner Bluetooth Amplifier Receiver Home MAMP5

The home theater surround sound receiver system has a built-in display. The front panel control center is integrated over the current, short circuit and over-voltage protection. Independent control is high-power. It has four channels which are independently controlled, and a peak power of 440W, which is enough to support 4 groups of 8 speakers. The integrated hybrid amplifier has a new version of bluetooth. It will increase the sound quality. It works with the latest devices. The amplifer can be connected to a variety of things, including a microphone, a disk, and a card. And supports microphone volume control. You can save up to 50 radio stations with the automatic search function. The manual has detailed operating instructions that can be found here. The screen is HD. There is a built in display for the integrated receiver. The stereo amplifier package has an antenna and remote control. The product needs to be connected to speakers. There will be a certain amount of wind noise when there is no speaker.

Brand: Donner

👤The unit works as it is depicted. Being used to drive 2 indoor Klipsch wall/bookshelf speakers on its "channel A" and 2 outdoor Bose speakers on its "Channel B". It has enough power to drive all four speakers at the same time. Each speaker has power levels set on it. When the power is shut off, the power level will be maintained. One couldn't ask for anything more for the price. I bought this despite the first reviewer labeling it as "Junk" and purchased an Asurion policy in case the first review was incorrect. The unit is highly recommended.

👤I was skeptical about buying an unknown brand. I wanted a stereo for the patio. There are 6 speakers with room for two more after the purchase of 1 pair of Polk atrium 4 and 2 pair of Klipsch K HO-7. Absolutely delighted with the stereo. Although it claims to have more than 400 watt, it is not. It is enough to power these speakers. It is more than I can use without sharing the music with the neighbors. Each speaker has its own volume control. Convenient way to adjust each area for volume levels. It works great. Also has an aux jack. There is a line. I am thinking of adding a equalizer for fine tuning. The ability to connect two microphones for karaoke which I will never use, is one of the cool features of this stereo. Try out a fun entertainment setup. I don't know why there is a rating of junk.

👤The speaker connections guide was hard to understand. The manual doesn't say that there are 2 sets of speaker connections per channel. If you look carefully, page 2 of the manual states what they are. The left channels are Channels A and B. The correct channels are C and D. Pages 4 and 6 don't show the connection on the amplifier. I labeled the connectors after editing a copy.

👤I bought this to control the speakers in my home. The fan on it is so loud that it's hard to hear in our living room. If I walk more than 20 feet away from my phone, it will lose its connection. There is no way to tune to a channel on the radio. It only has an auto tune that starts at 88.0 on the fm dial and slowly tunes to the next station and sets it as preset one, then cycles to the next stations and sets it as preset two, etc. That is the only function the radio has. Every time you turn the radio on, this has to be changed. There is no way to select a preset after it has been set for you. I wish I had saved the box. I could return the garbage. This might be worth a little more than $12. May you light your money on fire.

👤I used it to control my speakers. It gave a great sound. The sound was great for an easy evening out. Volume can get very loud with clear sounds. The only thing I didn't like about the range was that I started to hear cracks in the noise. I just bought a longer cable for my phone and still enjoy the crisp music, but I can use my phone in the backyard. You can't go wrong with the price. It's not for the real audio buffs, but a great product for outdoor or light music.

3. 12 Channel Wireless Bluetooth Power Amplifier

12 Channel Wireless Bluetooth Power Amplifier

6000 watt power The 12 Channel Pyle Stereo amplifier receiver is a must have for your acoustic sound system. 6000W power can be used for multi speakers and high quality amplified audio. The Bible has a Bluetooth-compartment. The mini professional integrated indoor house stereo receiver has a wireless music streaming feature. Today's latest devices include smart phones, iPad, iPhone, computer and hassle-free receiver pairing. The portable multi-zone audio digital amplifier box has a 3.5mm microphone in, 3 pairs of RCA audio input, and an AUX slot. There is a selectable audio input. There is a voice priority button. The home amplifier with a sound mixer device has a MIC talk-over function where the background music is minimized by pushing the button when the signal is inputted to MIC1. It's used in announcements. There are EQ controls. The professional compact rack mount home theater system receiver has a digital screen, front panel control center, and independent channel volume control center.

Brand: Pyle

👤The rear inputs are isolated to the associated channel. I did not believe the answer given by Pyle when I posted the question, because I couldn't find the answer to that question. If the answer was correct, I would purchase the amplifier and return it. I gave the tech support a bad rating because of this. The user manual doesn't answer the question. The answer is here. Yes! Each of the rear inputs is linked to the output they are associated with. This is the cheapest amplifier on the market. It can be used as a 5.1 surround sound amplifier. If you have a question, please submit it to me so I can quickly answer it.

👤I'm using it to power my massive sound system and it's outputting strong, never exceeds 100f, which is a bonus. I believe those complaining about faulty product are exceeding its input. As an engineer, most definitely recommend either way. You won't experience any trouble if you don't mix match or exceed the input. When expansion is needed, will be buying another.

👤Exactly what I was looking for. Not ready for a significant investment that comes with Control4 but moved into a house that had wall and ceiling speakers installed and an amplifier that was over 15 years old. It works perfectly when you connect 8 in-wall/ceiling speakers to this. You can control the volume for each individual speaker with the knobs. Sound is good. I connected a receiver to it so that I could use multiple sources to play through the speakers. I'm able to control what gets played in multiple zones thanks to Apple TV's airplay function. There are 8 speakers upstairs and 6 speakers downstairs that are connected to a different Apple TV and amplifier. I can play my content from my phone to both Apple TVs at the same time, so I don't have to delay. This unit is perfect at this price point. You have to manually do everything if you don't have a remote. I have to turn down the volume on the speakers in my bedroom if I want to just have content playing on them. It was a good tradeoff for the price.

👤This is my last one. It lasted for a month and a half. You can't pair or do anything with the screen that went out. It's a big deal for a small business to eat a few hundred dollars. It's past the return window by a week. The first one died in the return window. Forget about the warranty. You have to pay to have it sent back to you. It will probably happen again after you do that. Do not buy anything from the company. You have been warned.

👤The product has been broken since I first turned it on, but this review is more about the terrible customer service of the company. If you want to know more about the people who make this product, read on. I bought this receiver in November of 2020. I unboxed it in March 2021. I had a bad awaking when I hit the power button after I expired to try it out. The red light came on for a split second. The electric panel had a tripped circuit. The unit wouldn't power on no matter where I plugged it in. Although I could not overload it, I bought a replacement for it because I wondered if it was a faulty tube. It had no effect. I had a lemon. It was too late for me to return the unit to Amazon, so I contacted Pyle for the warranty work. I had to put my credit card down for the possibility of paying for parts if their warranty did not cover it, and they also required me to pay for shipping to them. I was annoyed that they didn't care that their product never worked and they were making me pay upfront. I wanted it fixed so it was cheaper than a new one. I sent it in late May. They said it would be 3-6 weeks. They charged my card for $20 in late June. They didn't give an explanation for the charge. I assumed that meant the receiver was coming back soon. I was wrong. I sent the receiver in almost 4 months ago, but I still don't have it back. When I reached out to support, they were rude and I was told that it was still in the warehouse. We are at 17 weeks with the original 6 weeks. I paid for shipping to them and they charged my card without giving me notice. There is a quality product and better customer service.

4. Wireless Bluetooth Home Stereo Amplifier

Wireless Bluetooth Home Stereo Amplifier

200 watt power. The stereo receiver amplifier for home theater system gives you 25 Watt at 4 Ohm max power and 20 Watt x 2 at 8 Ohm RMS for a high quality amplified audio. It's perfect for karaoke and home theater. This home audio amplifier has a HDMI input, optical/phono/coaxial input, two microphone in, and two pairs of RCA (L/R) for CD/DVD player. It also has a radio with an auto-search. Bluetooth is a cannabinoid. Today's latest devices, including smart phone, iPad, tablet, iPhone and laptop, can be used with the Pyle stereo amplifier receiver. A digital display. The wireless speaker receiver has a digital display. It displays the track title, time, and type of input selected for hassle free operation. Front control panel. The home speaker amplifier has a front panel button and a control center for volume adjustment. Also comes with remote control for distant audio adjustment.

Brand: Pyle

👤First of all, a mea culpa. I asked if there was a way to make the screen more legible after I received the product. The company offered to fix the problem in less than 24 hours. No need. The screen can be burned-in for up to 6 hours, so it can be seen from across the room. The unit itself has really impressed me. I've purchased at least a dozen stereo amplifier over the years, but I never bought one from the company because of the low prices of their equipment. My assumption was wrong. The little amplifier is amazing. I bought it to use as a preamplifier because it is for an outdoor stereo that is kept in a water-tight case inside a gazebo. Despite the case, I decided it was a waste of money to keep buying expensive components and went through several over the last two years. I gave in and spent $116 instead of the minimum $300-$400 on the Pyle PDA9HBU.5. I'm happy I did. The thing is built like a tank, heavy with quiet electronics and powerful sound. I am not using the power amplifier portion of the device, just the preamplifier, so I can't vouch for it's stand-alone sound, but sending its signals through a Sony stereo amplifier produces wonderful audio, as good as any combination of consumer components. I have used before. It has both an SD card and ausb inputs. I worry about the quality of the readers that I use to record my music outdoors. The entire user interface is built and designed solidly, and they are rich with features. The only compressions the unit can play are mp3 and WAV, so the SD/USB is perfect for me, with five different kinds of repeat. The unit can find and play music in the folders and subfolders. I found the radio and receiver to be of the highest quality. I have no idea how reliable this unit will be over time, as it is still new. It's one of the best bargains I've ever found in audio electronics.

👤I bought this for my garage as I spend a lot of time out there with my hobby. There are lots of inputs for other devices, including optical digital, as well as inputs for line input and record player. I was able to play the DVD through the stereo as well as through the HDMI input at the same time it played through the HDMI out. Not sure where to start. The documentation was hard to understand. Some of the buttons were on the back. They weren't explained in a way that I understood. I needed to order a special adaptor for the antenna as it uses an overseas connection that is incompatible with the 75 ohm F connection we use in the USA. The radio was useless. The television antenna is amplified. The rest of the radios at home reception is great. I couldn't pick up the local stations. It's unacceptable that an radio can't directly tune the radio. The stations were only accessed by a channel number. I hid the buttons on the back of the AM/FM HD tuner when I brought it in from the media room, but I finally figured out how to use it. An exact model of the FM HD tuner was bought on eBay. Again, the FM worked well. The media was downloaded and given a number without considering the structure of the media. It's useless to locate or play anything on the media. The DVD player I bought had ausb port. input The menu was printed for me so I could see it. This works great if you need an amplifier. The media was useless and you will need to buy a DVD to enjoy it.

5. KEiiD Bluetooth Amplifier Receiver Bookshelf

KEiiD Bluetooth Amplifier Receiver Bookshelf

The Compact D-class RMS 2x 40W amplifier and receiver has a Texas Instruments chip and can be used with bookshelf speakers or other passive speakers. Creative sleep timer function makes your amplifier more convenient, it's perfect for Hifi music and home audio entertainment. Strong Compatibility and Practicability. The receiver works with all devices that have an analogue or digital output. It supports a variety of resources, including a wired microphone and a flash drive. The L/R balance can be adjusted to Country/Pop/Jazz/Rock/Classic/Normal. The latest technology is the Bluetooth 5.0. You can connect any device up to 65 feet in the air with the additional antenna. You can stream wireless music in every corner. You can change the sound output according to your request. The additional remote control makes it more convenient. 5-Level Safety Protections The built-in 5-level protection makes amplifier and speakers more safe. If there is a fault or quality issues, the warranty will be replaced.

Brand: Keiid

👤I ordered this amplifier on the basis of positive reviews and it arrived much faster than I anticipated. The KD-240BT worked perfectly for about ten minutes, then all of a sudden, it stopped working. The sound stopped. I messed with the amplifier for about an hour and could not make it work. I am writing this review for a reason. I got an answer from the company within an hour. There is a None of the suggestions the tech gave me worked. He said he would send a replacement. The new one works perfectly after I received it. The company did not ask any questions. I was surprised by the prompt and effective customer service. A thirty year old absolutely top of the line receiver/amplifier which cost thousands of dollars is being replaced by the Amplifier. I believe it produces better sound than the old unit.

👤The sound of the second auditioning is similar to the first auditioning. The class B of Musical Fidelity was of the 1990s. This mid sized shoe box amplifier Keiid will allow you to explore the following: 1. Your favourite tracks that you have never heard of... 2. The soundstage of this Keiid is so impressive, it means stereo separation of this Keiid is so outstanding, and of course the vocals stand so well in the middle with a very tangible and solid presence...what is more and so impressive? You can feel how well the vocalist sings the song from the note and what's more amazing is that you can distinguish how well the vocalist applies their singing techniques to their songs. I purchased the item because it is eye catching and stands out from the crowd. This Keiid will pose a threat to the market of Pyle, because it will be powered on. Keiid can reproduce music with fidelity and neutrality. The colloration of Pyle is a distortion, and sometimes it is a good thing to add pep to the music. The kit's blue color is so professional that it would sound in real, and it fits my chromebook perfectly, it is greyish blue. It really does, when it is powered on and turned up the volume, there is a lot of energy in the room. I will write a second review for this kit as to show how it sounds with different genres of music after a full run of this nicely designed Keiid. For the time being, it is very good.

👤This amplifier is better than any other. We wanted an amplifier that we could connect to the ceiling speakers. We can use our music from our phones with this amplifier. We have a CD player and radio that we connected to a receiver. I can't stress how much this product will meet our needs.

👤The Keiid KD-240BT outputs to more than your average "bookshelf" speakers you see in item descriptions or other user reviews. If you want to drive your speakers to their maximum, you need to shake the dust from your floorboards and the Keiid KD-240BT DELIVERS. I was cautious to order the Keiid KD-240BT for my speakers. The speakers have an impedance of 8-ohms and a Frequency range from 35hz to 20kHz. I was cautious because these speakers have been in storage for a long time and I didn't want to ruin them. A girl is old but can deliver a punch that makes you think, "Did I really spend $400 for Bose computer speakers?" How long were these in storage? The Keiid KD-240BT review shows that a receiver is only as good as the speakers they connect with. I enjoy vinyl, but I don't know what 8-ohms impedance means, and I don't consider myself an audiophile, but I do believe you can tell the difference between the sound of music on vinyl and on a CD. No offence, but Keiid? Who? Where? Pick up this amplifier and listen to it for yourself. The setup was perfect and my speakers work better than ever. The ability to change volume to suit my needs is what I needed in my environment. I can drive home the BOOM and crank the bass when my neighbor is not around, and I can keep the volume at a comfortable level in situations where you want a louder sound, but want to reduce impact. It sounds great no matter what level you set your speakers to with the Keiid KD-240BT unit. The Keiid KD-240BT is the easiest to connect your device to, and the primary reason for upgrading my retro setup was the desire for bluetooth. The connection is seamless. If you like to keep the music going while you switch out your records or flip them over, you will love this. I received the newest model of this rec/amp, as luck would have it. There are two inputs and an area to add a sub in this version. It is a very welcome surprise. This version doesn't have an area for the connection. If you have read my review, you already know that the old units didn't work well with radio. A simple fix is to look for an online radio station, or use the Aux input with an AM/AM radio with a standard headphone connection, if ever I decide to listen to local stations. The upgraded unit has a new slot for the micro SD card. Gaining a second output and sub access is a sacrifice. There is only one complaint, and it is easily fixed: I wish there was more room for speaker wire inside the unit. I like a little length to my wires, but this unit is pretty shallow, requiring a shorter cable or a blunted, folded cable that makes it feel snug. None of my preferences affect sound quality. When the unit sounds great, it's just your preference.

6. Bluetooth Home Audio Amplifier System

Bluetooth Home Audio Amplifier System

Powerful 750 watt motor. The 750 watt peak power of the 6 channel home audio amplifier can be used for multi speakers and allows you to enjoy high quality audio. It's perfect for your home theater entertainment. Bluetooth capital is available. The personal portable digital amplifier box is compatible with today's latest devices including laptops, tablets, and phones, as it is equipped with a hassle-free receiver. There are multiple intrusions. The integrated indoor stereo receiver has a built-in FM radio with a digital display and audio input. Also has 2 14” microphone inputs. There is a talk-over function. The professional sound amplification device has a MIC talk-over function which will temporarily stop the current music or audio being played. This function is used in announcements. Integrated equity: The amplifier has buttons for the audio sources, a knob for mic and master volume, and a button for the selectors. A remote control is included in the package.

Brand: Pyle

👤The volume knobs are difficult to use. It takes quite a while before the sound comes out, and it's almost impossible to find the volume that I want, because the volume starts increasing so fast. The knob changes the volume very little when it gets to a certain level. The instructions are not any better than the remote. Trying to figure out how everything works. The included FM antenna isn't good at all, and there are no external antenna hookups. There is no timer shut-off function. I've been unable to get the features to work. There is a The user manual is poorly translated and offers little information beyond restating the unit's features and no guidance as to how to manipulate them. The ability to select inputs on the display with the buttons or the remote does not play well together. I can't change inputs without adjusting them. The remote only works to turn the volume off when listening to the radio and not AUX, and only when listening to the radio and not AUX. The remote volume increment is wildly inconsistent. Sometimes there is an increase of one increment and no change, and sometimes there is a big change with Dash going from volume to two volume. There is little to no control over this piece of junk unit, it is loud and not subtle. The local stations must've been scanned and saved by the radio station, which is good, but after a while of trying to figure out how to set the preset, it's difficult to pick up. I only added preset of static. There is no service for customers. Customer service is not poor.

👤I like the receiver. I've been looking for a compact multi-channel stereo amplifier for years that will fit into a shallow cabinet in my hallway and allow separate speaker zone control with ease. I like the separate volume controls for each channel. I have a shop with one channel running speakers, another running speakers on my patio, and a fourth running speakers in my living room, but I will eventually use another channel to run speakers in my kitchen and possibly a pair in my living room. It was easy to setup. I have had some issues with the unit, but it probably has more to do with my phone than it does. There are only two suggestions to improve this unit. The location of the sub-woofer outputs on the back of the jack is indicated in the instructions, but they don't give any details about them. I don't know if the sub-woofer outputs us dedicated to a specific channel or if it is shared across all six channels. Adding an explanation to the User Manual would be great. I have limited range when using the connection. I know that the problem is mostly due to my placement of the amplifier within a cabinet and the fact that there is an exterior wall between my phone and the amplifier. The extendable antenna is basic and functional, but it doesn't seem to be something that could be upgraded. It would be nice if the antenna on future product versions were removed and replaced with an upgraded or powered/amplified antenna, like the way they can be in a wireless device. I'm satisfied with the product and look forward to using it. If anyone is interested, I will update this post with my findings once I find the time to connect a sub-woofer. When I have my patio speakers running on Channel A, the sub-woofer I have connected in my shop is playing even though the shop speakers on Channel B are turned all the way. The design is not the best, but it's still a great unit.

7. Pyle Bluetooth Receiver Amplifier Streaming

Pyle Bluetooth Receiver Amplifier Streaming

There is a wireless streaming service. The receiver rack mount has a premium built in receiver. The receiver should be compatible with all your favorite devices. It has a range of 30' plus. Home STEREO. The home theater amplifier is a complete system. It acts like a radio with a digital display and an ID3 tag. Also has a 2.1 channel audio amplifier. You can connect to astronomer devices. The home theater amplifier has a 3.5mm aux input jack, as well as a multi source audio input and ausb flash and memory card readers. Reliable and durable: The home theater receiver is made of heavy duty metal and aluminum alloy to protect your gear for a long time. The package includes sturdy brackets for easy installation. The audio receiver rack mount comes with everything you need to start. This exclusive bundle features their top of the line amplifier receiver, wireless remote control, and hardware rack mounts.

Brand: Pyle

👤Some major problems bring down the rating of this amplifier/receiver. Sound quality is good. This thing has a lot of features for the price. The slim profile makes it possible to stack more things. The volume dial is touchy, and the difference between quiet and very loud is a couple hairs. The included remote only works on the digital inputs, not the plugged in ones, so if you want to change the volume from across the room, you may use whatever mp3s you have plugged into the micro sd orusb slots. The first one of these was sent back because the main volume control didn't work at all. The dial was set where the two loudnesses were. I wonder how long this thing will last. Hope that was helpful.

👤There are a few gripes. The remote only works with the radio modes, so you have to get up and walk like the old days to change the component volume. This is a problem during commercials. There isn't a mute function either. 2. If I leave the room or hold my phone in a certain way, the range with my phone drops out. I thought my 2x6 Daytons might explode because the amplifier pushes them so hard. The component input makes the TV sound great. My kid loves the echo feature of the microphone. 1/6” It's nice to have inputs for guitar practice. Radio works. If you need it, avoid it because it is WEAK, 3 stars, and that is what I bought it for. I still like it for tv and radio at the price of 99 dollars.

👤I bought this receiver because I had a good pair of speakers and a small amplifier that did nothing. I needed an amplifier that could give me 100 watt per channel. This amplifier was perfect for my needs. I have connected the speakers to the amplifier and it can drive them. The rear speakers terminals were not receptive to banana clips, so I had to remove them and twist in the copper ends. My other complaint is that the standard is old and prone to interference. I just use the audio output with a stereo jack on my computer, since I stopped using it. I use a 100 watt Polk Audio Tsi 100's and they drive perfectly. I would look into an additional accessory to use with this, or another amplifier entirely, if it was a must-have feature for you.

👤First off... The price! I wanted this to meet our needs alone. I'm looking to replace a receiver in a room that's rarely used, where my previous receiver stopped working. It plays a variety of audio and video formats, though other reviews state the range is poor. I don't need top-end stuff in a room that is seldom used. The room is rarely used and I want it to be functional. This device is not. Others have stated that the remote control is egads. I've seen larger postage stamps. It works, but a 1976 Ford Pinto can do the same. Doesn't mean I want one. There are two more The volume. The best part is this. The remote control's volume is pointless unless the knob volume is turned all the way up. If you have a master volume, turning the volume up using the remote control is not going to make it louder. If you turn the master volume all the way up, you can turn it down using the remote. So what is that big deal? Turn the master volume up and leave it there. The next time you turn it on, it will reset so you won't notice. Hopefully your speakers can handle it. It's a good one. The power off button isn't off. You have to flip the switch on the receiver to turn it off. Trust me, you'll want to do that when you have to turn the volume up to make the remote work. The speakers would wake the dead. I wanted this for a seldom used room and to play files on the computer. I copied all the files onto a thumb drive. The feature on the receiver works just fine. I put the thumb drive in and it started playing. I selected random and it did the same thing. Only one problem. The next song is randomly selected by the back button. Let's say you have as many songs as I do, and one in particular play that you just love and want to hear again. Not gonna happen. If you hit "back" on either the remote or the receiver, it will randomly pick a new song. It's not a joke when this bad boy says random. All of my experiences happened within the span of 15 minutes, and I was already thinking that I'd probably send this thing back. Unfortunately, that's what I intend to do. Between the volume wonkiness, horrible remote, and not even a simple "back" repeats the song when on random... This thing would be more rarely used than the room is. Now... I don't want to end on a negative note, but if you just want to play music for cheap, don't plan on using it in a very complex manner. The job would most likely be done with this thing. You don't mind if your customers cross their arms and say the painting "speaks to them" if you have background new-age music for your art gallery. I would say you're in business with this thing. You may end up with the one I send back. That's right.

8. Bluetooth Tube Amplifier Stereo Receiver

Bluetooth Tube Amplifier Stereo Receiver

There are 4 vacuum tubes. The vacuum tube hi-fi amplifier is a must have for your home entertainment system. 500W peak power with 4 vacuum tubes. They add to the music by making it sound different. INPUTS: 3. The digital amplifier box can play music from external devices. It has a built-in reader and two inputs. It has a subwoofer output and 2 speaker outputs which can support speakers of 4-7 watt. The Bible has a Bluetooth-compartment. The professional integrated indoor house stereo receiver has a wireless music streaming feature. It works with today's latest devices, including laptops and computers. The top panel control. The sound speaker amplification device has top panel controls that include input select, play/pause, previous/next song, master volume knob, and a display screen on the front. There are vacuum tubes on the top panel. The high powered home theater pro audio receiver has a built-in cooling fan. There is a double-sided fiber circuit board. Includes power cable and remote control.

Brand: Pyle

👤I'm telling you that it's awesome if you're on the fence about it. Nobody is supporting me. I have been playing guitar for 4 decades. I'm not saying that this is a guitar amplifier, I'm just saying that I've been looking for the sound of tone. In the guitar world, which l live in, it's all about tone. A tube amplifier is superior to a solid state amplifier. I thought it would be cool to have to play music and watch movies on my phone. I bought a pre amplifier and speakers. The speakers can be used indoors and outdoors. It was cheap, but in the back of my mind I was interested in the little pre amplifier with tubes. It was over 100 dollars. I just wanted my phone to play music louder. I've been playing guitar for 40 years and have trained my ears for a great sound. This was the best purchase of my life. I am amazed at the sound quality. This blew me away. I pay thousands of dollars for a tube amplifier. Tubes are better for playing guitar. The best sounds for smart phones are made by this pre amplifier. It is increadable. I don't watch that much because of commercials, so I haven't hooked it up to my T.V. I'm sure it would be great. I'm going to use it to listen to music and watch movies on my smart phone. It was the best purchase I have ever made, for the money it is truly incredible.

👤It took me a long time to find the USSR NOS tubes that were equivalent to the Chinese military specification, but it was worth it. There is an optical audio port that produces no sound. It's blast! It's a good thing that it's a good thing that it's a good thing that it's a good thing that it's a good thing that it's a good thing that it's a good thing that it's a good thing that it' I bought in on the idea of combining vacuum tubes and lasers, but it doesn't appear to be possible. The fan in it lasted about a week before it started making a horrible grinding noise and I had to open it to replace it. It's a 50MM. I ordered a 40mm fan to hot glue over the heatsink after dropping some valvoline 10W30 in the bearing. When I put the amplifier back together, I didn't have a screw to put the back on. I'm sure it will blow up soon and need another redo, because the Capacitors inside look to be cheap. The tube board's bypassCapacitor was shorted out, which meant it was not doing anything. I'm pretty sure that's why it acted strange before I reworked it. I bought the COPPER before the price went up. Beware! The copper version isn't shipping with tubes. Someone has combined all of the pages of their website and made them all lead to answers that aren't even relevant to the product they are considering. A solid state customer service rep checked an electrical equivalency chart without checking to make sure the sockets were the same. The product is not compatible with 5654W. How do I know? Then read the data sheet because I tried to sockets them. I think it's possible that they are used in the black version of the amplifier, with some extra gain, because of their electrical similarity. The tube spec for the copper version is only found in the Chinese military. I had to translate Chinese to English and Russian to find something that wasn't made by shuguang. If you know what you are doing and are determined to make it happen, you can find them, but it would be cheaper and easier to home build an amplifier with some triodes I already had on hand. Hahaha Oh well. At least its metal. The optical audio port seems to go nowhere. Someone put an optical input and didn't hook it to anything. Didn't we have to buy it? You can design an optical interface.

9. Channel Pre Amplifier Receiver Theater Stereo

Channel Pre Amplifier Receiver Theater Stereo

1000 watt power. The high powered Pyle stereo amplifier receiver is a must have. It allows you to enjoy high-quality audio by giving you 1000W peak power. The home stereo amplifier receiver has a front-loading CD/DVD player, mp3/usb flash drive reader, Aux ( 3.5mm) input, and a pair ofRCA audio in. It also has a subwoofer. It is comparable with Bluetooth. This 4 channel Pyle stereo receiver is compatible with a variety of phones and tablets. It has an AM/FM radio with preset stations. There are EQ controls. You can adjust the mic echo, treble, bass, volume, and subwoofer levels using the button or the included remote control on the front panel control center. The display is a digital one. A built-in digital display displays all the functions and input used in the receiver. Includes remote control, rack-mount brackets and cables. The display is a digital one. A built-in digital display displays all the functions and input used in the receiver. Includes remote control, rack-mount brackets and cables.

Brand: Pyle

👤I have been a user of home audio and hi-fi systems since the 70s, and I have an honest opinion on the latest piece of technology, the Pyle PD 1000BT home audio amplifier. The player is not a cd player, so it's not a CD player change. If that is not a problem for you, you can program the tracks of the one cd you are playing on this unit. If you don't take the time to experiment with the unit by playing with it, it will make a problem for you. I guarantee that you will overcome the hurdle of not being able to fully understand how to operate if you do these things. It was worth it, even though it was a pain in the ass stripping the speaker wires, even when using what was supposed to be the correct wire strippers-w/ the different sized holes. There is a If you're 40 to 25 years old, all of what I'm saying might not mean much to you, unless you're into records. Will Amazon post this? C. Brazell, 5-25-21. I haven't used this unit since about May, but I found out today that there is a stop button on it. Stop. The CD is playing. I've never had a CD player that didn't work. As a button! When you press the stop button, the unit will stop playing, but you can't stop it on your own. It's very frustrating when I need to review the music I'm listening to, or even stop the music, before I want to listen to another track like it's done with any other CD player I've ever owned! I am forced to get another cd player because of this, because the folks at Pyle decided that it would be a trade-off for having an otherwise great playing unit. I still think that anyone who is interested in buying this unit should be aware of it's detractions and there are definitely some detractions in the PylePD 1000 amplifier.

👤I have two duds in my possession. The B speakers will only make a loud clicking sound when you try to connect them. It will only play with two speakers. Trying to save channels in memory is ridiculous. Stay away from this one. You need a magnifying glass to read the words on the remote control because it is hard to tell what the buttons are.

👤I followed the instructions, but I don't get the sound and DVD on the TV. My TV is a Smart TV and it is playing AM and FM. There is nothing else that works other than the radio. When pressed to open the DVD tray, the remote doesn't open it. I want to return the unit that I am displeased with.

👤There is a lot of features. I use it to listen to music from CDs while I play the guitar. A to B repeat is a good way to practice songs. When music starts playing, the static to the speakers gets toned out.

10. Pyle Amplifier Professional Bluetooth Connectivity

Pyle Amplifier Professional Bluetooth Connectivity

Multi-room wireless wi-fi technology, music storage, and the ability to connect multiple devices and rooms to conveniently access your music library are all part of the wi-fi connectIVITY. Plug your device into a bookshelf or powered speakers and pair it with aBLE. It's easy to turn your phone into a wireless sound system for your home or office. SWITCHABLE PAGER & MIXING CONFIGURATION - With a single MIC input, set to PAGER for MIC to override music or mix mode for the same time. It's great for use in a store or work environment. The COMPACT is perfect for home stereo use. The Home Theater, DVD player, or Radio tuner has 2 Channel AUX1 and AUX2 inputs. This stereo amplifier is ideal for worldwide usage because of its multi-voltage power supply. This home stereo amplifier has the best sound clarity.

Brand: Pyle

👤I bought this to power my electronics. I have a cabinet with speakers and an amplifier in it. I couldn't be happier that it does what I wanted. I bought this to hook up my echo dot so I could use it to play music. Whenever I want to listen to music outside, I just turn on the streaming service and leave the amplifier on. The Radio and the Bluetooth worked well.

👤I like the unit. From the beginning, I've found that my unit is malfunctioning. It worked well out of the box, but just stopped soon after. I unplugged everything to look at the unit. I turned it upside down and heard a noise inside. I hit the top with my open palm when I turned the unit right-side up. This happened twice. It's been reliable since then. I can only guess that something wasn't attached completely during the manufacturing process. As long as I don't move it, it seems to work well. I like the number of user-controllable features of the unit. They are quit handy.

👤My giant receiver and broken CD player were replaced by this. I wanted a small receiver that could play music from my phone. I needed a balance controller because I have 2 speakers in different areas. This works well. It cleared up my space in my cabinet and it sounds great. It can be beat for around $60.

👤I suggest that you check the description's bullet points to make sure that is important to you. It isn't important for my use-case. I thought it was a nice feature that could be useful in the future. I don't need to think about the future since it doesn't come with a wireless accessory. A small stereo amplifier has three line-in stereo inputs, a mic level input, and a front panel. The input was aux. I don't know if the front panel is stereo or mono. I don't need to find out since the back panel line-ins are all I need. I got a small amplifier that I needed. I was slightly disappointed that it wasn't included, but I didn't dig into the specifications.

👤It worked great for 6 weeks, but the remote only controls part of it. I wanted to work with the remote but not the remote controls. It makes a loud buzzing sound. After the return window closes. Live and learn.

👤I used this product to power two mini speakers that I found at a thrift show. The speakers are 8 Ohms each and they run this amplifier at 2x20 Watts. They cover Mids and highs well through this amplifier. I'm using the recording output to run a line output to an awesome sub that came with satellite speakers and great speakers. I picked up the speakers from big lots on the cheap, but I'm not using the treble speakers with this setup. I mix music and do a lot of do-it-yourself studio work, I have a good ear for sound, I work with sound equipment, and I am going to be using this setup for personal uses for quite a while, I am impressed... I'm most likely going to use the front jack for quick connection. The only controls I'm using are the selection knobs and the volume pot. Both work well, there are no scratches in the volume. I have a GEQ in my signal line that does the job for balancing frequencies, so I'm not using the bass/treble knobs. I don't use the mic input because it's unnecessary. The recording output works well for my uses. The output is unaffected by any of the knobs. The only negative thing I can say about this device is that the rear panel where all of the patching happens is really weak, it feels like there are screws missing on the top of the panel. The device is very good. The rear panel is very weak so be careful when plugging in and installing it. The Minimus 7 Realistic speakers are very good with this device. This will do the job if you have speakers with low power necessities. The features on this device have worked well for me and I would recommend it. When connecting and detaching components on the back panel, be careful.

11. Wireless Bluetooth Home Stereo Amplifier

Wireless Bluetooth Home Stereo Amplifier

Apple is on the air. You can easily stream music or podcasts to speakers in your house using any Apple device, or by asking the speaker, and it all stays in perfect sync. 3000 watt power. 3000 watt max power and 1500 watt max power is what the stereo receiver amplifier for home theater system gives you. It's perfect for karaoke and home theater. The home audio amplifier has a mic in, a mic out, a jack for mp3 and a mic for the CD/DVD player. It has a headphones jack and a radio station memory preset. Bluetooth is a cannabinoid. Today's latest devices including smart phone, iPad, tablet, iPhone and laptop can be used with the Pyle stereo amplifier receiver. The speaker selection feature of the home stereo amplifier wireless speaker receiver allows you to choose between A and B speakers. You can control the master volume, bass, treble, balance and echo. Front control panel. The home speaker amplifier has a front panel button and a digital display. Also comes with remote control for distant audio adjustment.

Brand: Pyle

👤After I got my amplifier in, I saw that it was well packaged and free of damage. I looked over the set up instructions and connected the equipment in about 5 minutes, having used this type of equipment before. I noticed that the handles on the front face were wobbly. The system was well lit. The "A+B" speakers are the default setting after power down, even though I chose my preferred settings on the front face. I have to change the speaker setting after each power down event as I only use the "A" speakers setting in it's current configuration. When the system is powered up, the unit causes hiss from the speakers. The previous system had no speaker hiss, so it was not a feature I liked. The function display is well lit and easy to understand, but the equalizer display is nonfunctional and reads as if it's maxed out, unless the equipment sends it no signal. A loud buzzing was heard over the speakers when I turned off the unneeded lights on the front face. When I pressed the same button, the lights came back on. I can live with these perks even though I paid a lot. I can't speak about how this system works over the long run because it's only been used for a week.

👤You can buy this at your own risk. On Monday, January 20th. The outlets are not working with or without an r.c.a Y cable. Sub. Out. The rec had to be used with a single mono sub cable. Line outs for the sub. So the sub. The level control knob is useless. They went to take the r.c.a. The ground jacket of the r.c.a out came off when the input plug was removed from the reciever. There are four I am using it to power a couple of things. Each cabinet has a red cone woofer and a goldwood 5.25" sealed mids and a high output soft dome tweeter. The volume knob has no start or stop, it just keeps rotating until the desired volume is achieved. If this is 3000 watt, I will go 6. I have to run this at 55 to practice my drums because the max volume is 65. The only helpful feature of my Sony is the loudness button on the remote, I will be returning it for a replacement unit. Update / the amplifier. rec. The outs on the P3301bat are the line outs. And the sub. When my powered sub is connected to the rec, level control works. Line outputs. . I think the sub puts on the back of the amplifier. The rec.out is for sub out. That should give you a good idea of the internal wording and quality control of this amplifier. Make these in Mexico and take advantage of the U.S.M.C.A. I received a replacement p3301bat on January 1, 2020. This one works well. I use this to power my Sony home theater reciever, which is 350 watt. I use the Pyle to run my speakers and subs, I just have to set the levels on both of theamps. I use all these speakers and subs for drum practice. I have to tell you about this. Correct impedance is going to each set of speakers. The amplifier doesn't get at high volumes. No overheating, no clipping, no going into protect mode. The Pyle is an Amp!over with preamp capabilities. Remember, you will need a 5.1 of 7.1 home theater to get true home theater. If you want a 4 channel amplifier with line out and sub out than this is for you. You don't have to use a receiver like that if you want home theater.


What is the best product for home theater audio amplifier?

Home theater audio amplifier products from Pyle. In this article about home theater audio amplifier you can see why people choose the product. Donner and Keiid are also good brands to look for when you are finding home theater audio amplifier.

What are the best brands for home theater audio amplifier?

Pyle, Donner and Keiid are some of the best brands that chosen by people for home theater audio amplifier. Find the detail in this article.

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