Best Home Theater Bluetooth Speakers Wireless

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1. BYL Soundbar Subwoofer Wireless Worry Free

BYL Soundbar Subwoofer Wireless Worry Free

The high-sensitivity remote control displays the different modes by means of different colored lights. The bass has improved power. Powerful bass can be found in all your movies, music and TV shows. It's compatible with a 32Inch-50Inch Smart TV. 3D surround sound system supports movie and music modes. You will hear a fantastic surround sound. You can hear every detail of your music and movies with great clarity. You can connect your audio devices to the internet in seconds. You can use the optical cable to play from TVs. It also supports audio in, audio in, audio in, audio in, audio in, audio in, audio in, audio in, audio in, audio in, audio in, audio in, audio in, audio in, audio in, audio in, audio in, audio in, audio Control with buttons or remotes, no matter if you are standing by the TV or laying on the couch, the tv soundbar speaker can be used. The grid has different colors that match the functions that the indicator shines through.

Brand: Bestisan

👤I received an email from this company that said they would give me a sound bar for free if I would leave a review. They didn't say it had to be positive. I will not leave false reviews if an item is free. We had stopped using the sound bar we purchased in December because it was not good. I decided to give this one a try, I am so glad I did. I absolutely recommend this sound bar. There is a Our favorite action movies were terrible to watch on our old one. The action scene was loud and the voices were low. I researched it and did everything I could with the controls, but the bar just didn't distribute the sound well. My kids were excited when this one was turned on. My daughter said it doesn't hurt your ears, and she was amazed at the small sounds in the background we never picked up. We are all very happy with it so far. If something goes wrong or it stops working, I will update on customer service as well. Even though I got it for free, I still think it's awesome. I was glad I answered that email. The movie is enjoyable again. It's a good thing. If you are looking for a sound bar, give it a try. You can always return it, but not always.

👤I read all the reviews before buying. All of them were 5-star reviews. I will be adding a 12th review. I'm more than happy. The sound bar is located in my living room. The sound is clear. These 66 year old ears can pick up words. There is a loud rumble when that bass plays. It is very small at 28 inches. It's in front of my TV. This is a perfect soundbar for my needs. It's not a name brand, but I don't care. I don't think you can get better quality for 70 bucks. Highly recommended. I read a few reviews that said it worked great, then just quit, or the remote quit. I haven't had that problem. I think any product can quit, but this one is as good as the day I received it. This BYL soundbar is very nice. I wonder if some of the reviews are legit. I just ordered a Bestisan soundbar for another TV, and I am so happy with it. Looking forward to its delivery.

👤There are sound bars for a bedroom and kitchen. Almost got 2 of the same. I thought comparing 2 of them would make a difference. The other is a sound bar. I'll review that later. Even though it did not come in a separate box, it would have had to be used in the Home Run Derby to damage it. There is an optical cable, a remote, power supply, and paperwork. The remote did not have the batteries. I don't use those things and have to recycle them. You will need the remote in case you are battery deprived. Controls can be accessed through the remote or side. There are separate Bass and Treble volume controls, Master volume controls, Source selections, and an equalizer function with 3 options. The remote worked on the TV screen. I used the sound from my computer and aux input to conduct the sound test. I listened to Link Way's 'Rumble' and Journey's 'I'll Be Alright'. Without You' to cover pop, Filter's 'Nice Shot Man' for some head banging rock, and of course, the classical piece 'Toccata and Fugue'. The first thing that this thing can do is awesome. A lot of small speakers say they have great bass. If their idea of great bass is loud garbage, then they deliver. The speaker's bass is clean, pure, and a pleasure to listen to. I wonder why more manufacturers aren't doing this. It uses old tech, but it uses Bass Reflex Ports. I can't figure out what they're doing without taking it apart. I know I can live. I messed with the settings and they seem to work, but the Dialog setting would be great for someone with a hearing problem. Even if it was too much for someone, the controls on the Bass and Separte Treb make it easy to adjust. The volume should satisfy everyone. I could see it working on a patio for a party. It does that well. If you used this at a party, you'd have people coming up to check it out. I'm pretty sure I would. Since it's capable, anyone with favorite tunes on their phone could try it out. I think you've picked a winner if you get one of these. I might get another one for traveling.

2. Wall Mount Home Speaker System

Wall Mount Home Speaker System

The max power output of the wall mount Audio projection loudspeaker system is 300 watt, which is enough to play your favorite tracks as loud as you want. The speakers have 5.25” subs and high performance Mylar dome tweeters. The 300 watt speakers are compatible with wireless audio streaming. Works with all of the following: iPad, laptop, and PC. It's ideal for home studio, garage, enclosed patio or porch deck. 3.5mm aux and RCA connections. The speaker system has 3.5mm aux input jacks, so you can connect additional devices to your speaker system. The speakers have rear panel controls. Bass and treble adjustments are made. Additional features include a daisy chain ability and a unique power on the audio signal input.

Brand: Pyle

👤The trick is to be within the range of the echo. When you are done using the speaker, just connect the device to the internet, and you are done. The speakers are stout and have a little weight, so you will need to secure them with solid hardware. I don't like the way the connecter on the main speaker can come out of the speaker and move. I turned the volume control on to use my device for the volume, the sound is good, and it's easy to use. I like the power options and the adjustments controls that are available, there is a mode that will put the device to sleep. I would consider buying another one for my room and adding a set of speakers just to see what it can do.

👤I wanted the product to work well so I could rate it well. When it worked, it was a great addition to our patio area. I had it in an enclosed area. The condensation from the air outside was shorting out our power. If you want to use it in any capacity other than inside, you should pick up something else. I had to ship it back after 14 days. It was easy to install. The volume control should be more accessible once it's up. It made it too soft or loud depending on the device you were connecting to.

👤It only has a power cable and no speakers. I couldn't connect the speakers with regular speaker wire. The speaker wire terminals on the back of the powered speaker are so small that you have to use a jewelers screw driver to open them. The speaker wire gauge it accepts is about the same size wire as a bread board and is something like 22 gauge wire. This is the worst speaker wire terminal I have ever seen. There is a I didn't have dental floss sized speaker wire and I couldn't get the stupid micro screws to loosen, so I had to use the other speaker.

👤These are not going to make your backyard sound like a speaker system. The bass drivers on these speakers sound different. The highs are almost tinny and there isn't much bass to them. These are great if you want to add sound to the outdoors and don't care about the audio track at all. Sound can get loud when they connect quickly. The controls are built in bass/treble. If you're an audio enthusiast, you will be disappointed. I just wanted to listen to music outside.

👤I use an outdoor sound system for my light shows. Was using a stereo FM transmission and running a mono sound. It went looking for a new set up after developing problems. I was hoping for blue tooth connections but my output device wouldn't recognize them. Think these only recognize tablets, phones, etc, and not the computer that runs the show that has built in blue tooth, keep that in mind for your application. Sound quality is very good for something in this price range and being able to mount them to the outside ledge was a plus. Stereo separation was perfect and I was not sure if a small setup would sound as good as these do. If you're looking for good outdoor sound that won't be pushed too hard or like in the application, you won't be disappointed.

3. Denon DHT S316 Wall Mountable Compatibility Slim Profile

Denon DHT S316 Wall Mountable Compatibility Slim Profile

You will be able to hear your TV come to life with dual 1.25" x 4.4" mid-range drivers, detailed crisp 1" tweeters, and the highest quality audio withEATERQUALITY AUDIO. Give your favorite movies, music and shows the deep, rich bass they deserve. There are no wires or cables that look ugly. Place the included wireless subwoofer in the room and let the whole place rumble. Denon's intelligent way of enhancing dialogues makes them sound crystal clear without having to adjust the volume. The most complex audio tracks will now be clear and loud. A low profile design that fits most spaces. The sound bar is under the TV so it won't block the IR remote sensor. Place it on a shelf or wall-mount it. The Audio Return Channel is included with the single cable connection that connects your TV to the gaming console or audio source. It's easy and convenient. You can stream music from your favorite streaming apps with the built-in technology. Denon has a 100 year legacy of sound and joy. This soundbar and sub is an exceptional home entertainment system that will give you multi-dimensional audio and hi-fi surround sound.

Brand: Denon

👤If you've followed any of my other soundbar reviews, you'll already know that I've been on a quest for the best stand alone (no separate sub) soundbar in the market. The Sony HTX8500, Yamaha1080 and one by Polk Audio are the other soundbars that I've tried, so I'll be comparing this one to the other three. If the electronics and design are good enough, you will find that a good soundbar will draw you even further into a film without drawing your attention to the soundbar itself. The S216 does a good job of creating a decent size soundstage if you are close to the soundbar. The Denon comes up about as good as the Sony and Yamaha. The soundstage for Midway is better than the Yamaha, but it's not as good as the Sony. The Denon has more adjustability to the bass level than the Sony, so it provides a better experience. The Denon really comes into its own when Independence Day has a DTS soundtrack. I was drawn into the whole experience by the soundstage. It's the same as both the Sony and Polk Audio soundbars, they can all be overwhelmed with too much bass added in. This was where the Yamaha excelled. The Denon has a place where it beats the others hands-down. Denon has done their homework in this area, and the way in the lead amongst the other soundbars I've bought is the Medium setting on the S216. The bass from the S16 could be better. It does better than the 8500 due to more adjustability and beats Polk Audio hands-down, but it's really short of Yamaha's1080. I think it's because the 1080 uses larger, down firing built in subs, and likely with a bit more power. I can't really call it bad, but the performance was disappointing. This is the only area where Sony's 8500 was the clear winner, and with so many 4K discs being encoded in Dolby Atmos, it may be its biggest downfall. The superior Dialog Enhancement found on the Denon goes a long way to make up for this. The ugly: I don't plan on using this soundbar for music playing, but am rating it for others in that respect so they can get an idea of what they are looking for. Despite being made by one of the best audio manufacturers, the S216 comes up short in music reproduction. The soundstage shrunk significantly when it was put through its paces for movies and the high end is far too restrained. If you're looking for a multi-purpose soundbar, the Yamaha is the better choice, although the1080 does not pass through Dolby Vision, so it is not a good choice. Positives include outstanding dialog enhancement, good soundstage, and great adjustability for bass levels. I'm using it over the Sony 8500 because of the Denon's superior Dialog Enhancement and more adjustability for bass level. I'm considering trying the newer Sony 3.1 Dolby Atmos capable soundbar to see if it will offer the superior experience of the 8500, but have Dialog Enhancement as good as that found on the S216. The Denon will be my sound system for now. Thank you for reading and viewing!

4. Facmogu Wireless Bluetooth Amplifier Controller

Facmogu Wireless Bluetooth Amplifier Controller

These noise-insulation panels are multi-purpose, they can be used for professional studios, rehearsal rooms, concert halls, podcasting, churches, home theaters, vocal booths, home studios, offices, man caves, dog kennels, utility closets. You can make other sounds clearer by deadening unwanted sound. The built-in transformer and US plug of the 2 channel stereo amplifier receiver is perfect for karaoke and home theater acoustic sound systems. There are 6 inputs and an Amplifer in the box. The amplifier size is 7x5.4x2 and the weight is 2.4 pounds. There is a card input for theusb 2.0/sd card. The sound amplification device has ausb/sd card input. You can play your favorite audio files from your computer's media library when you connect it to the amplifier. It's recommended for home TV audio, computer audio system-game, tower Speaker, garden speaker. A small design for a car audio system. They offer a 1-year warranty. Please don't hesitate to contact them if you have any questions.

Brand: Facmogu

👤This was bought in May and is still in use. I turn it off and back on and work for 5 minutes. This has never been used. It's just cheap China. You get what you pay for. The original May 2021 review was bought mainly for theusb function. It's pretty useless. There is no button for it to skip to the next folder. It skips to the next song. Adding a flash drive with tons of mp3's in various folders won't work. I hooked it up to the tv and it works fine, but if I play mp3's via the internet, I can still hear the tv playing in the background. It's good for TV use only or only for bluetooth. The remote works but is slow. The sound is good. If you just want a stereo receiver for your TV set, it will work, as long as you have a compatible phone.

👤It's an amazing deal for the power and flexibility of the Facmogu . It has the same features as some of the more expensive ones, but it gets really loud. You can play music on your mp3's via a variety of methods. I was connected to the internet in about two seconds. There are mp3's on the computer. The radio picks up stations and saves them numerically. The radio station is only in mono. I have a CD player that I control with the remote of the amplifier. There is a The master volume knob has to be turned up in order for the remote volume to work. The master volume knob should be turned to whatever you think your max listening will be. The level will be shown on the display when the remote volume control is used. When you reach 30 you'll hear a chime. The display on the amplifier shows mode, radio station, and track number. There's a smooth knob. The bass and treble controls make a difference. It's not a 300 watt system, but it does have a bit of power hum coming through the speakers, which is a solid low cost choice for the right application. The box for this amplifier lists it as "AV-29BT" instead of "Amazon" Sunbuck and Anytek both have a picture of the same amplifier. The lowest priced of the three is the Facmogu . A micro system with an AC/DC power option for less than $90.00 is made with a pair of Micca Covo-S speakers.

👤It worked well for a couple of weeks. The unit ran hot when used at low volumes. When I was off mode, I started to notice a hum. I plugged in a high quality 12v dc power supply that I had for my computer equipment, because I thought it might be the internal transformer. That caused the amplifier to start playing music. It's dead. You should save yourself from the trouble. Buy yourself something better.

👤If you need a cheap little receiver/BT Amp for a room situation or if you don't want a large expensive system, this is the one for you. Some of the Bass/Mid/Treble adjustments don't have that. I don't use mic inputs if karaoke is your thing. The radio reception is limited and the receiver is only 10' wide. IR is the wireless's name. You have to be in line of sight. The sound is sweaty and loud until over 80% and then starts to distort.

5. Acoustic Audio AA5172 Theater Bluetooth

Acoustic Audio AA5172 Theater Bluetooth

There is a new type of wireless communication called the "bluetooth 5." The speaker system has a built in speaker, a built in receiver, and a power amplifier with 700 watt system power. A sound, a radio tuning device. Plug and play connections are easy, with standard RCA inputs connecting to most Audio sources, 6 independent RCA inputs for True surround, stereo, and RCA aux inputs, and an illuminated display with front panel controls. The speaker is powered and has the highest quality. There is a measurement of 3 X 6. There are 6 wired satellite speakers. There was a 7 inch X 4 inch piece. Each of the 2 fronts and 2 rear speakers has a 6 foot single RCA cable. Any Audio device with a standard 3. 5mm or 6 Channel audio output is required. For home entertainment, laptop or PC, DVD or mp3 player. The box has a powered subwoofer speaker, 5 passive wired satellite speakers, a full function remote, and 5mm to a RCA jack cable.

Brand: Acoustic Audio By Goldwood

👤I read a lot of reviews before buying this item, and I'm confused after opening it. Two words, "Fisher Price". If you don't know what that means, search it. I think they are a manufacturer of toys. This surround sound system is a toy. The speakers have no mounting holes or attachment, the flimsy "speaker wire" comes out of a tiny hole in the back of each speaker, and they are made of what looks like press wood. I bought the item to see if the reviews could possibly be accurate, and to save a few dollars. They did not have the courtesy to clean the thing up before shipping it out to a new customer, which was a waste of time and money. It was disgusting, with dust and food prints all over it. I can't imagine how someone could return something in such bad shape and be okay with it. Some people don't care and have no shame. We have the condition of the item. There were scratches on some of the speaker cones and corners looked like they had been mashed together by someone who had their eyes closed. The wires were wound around the speakers and stuffed into the damaged box, with bits of styrofoam stuck to the speakers. There is a The sound quality is important. I had to climb over the wires that were so short, plugged everything in and turned it on after I tried to place the speaker far away in the correct locations for a true surround sound. The TV speakers had the same sound as the "surround sound" system. Weak. Time and money are wasted. I will be returning this device after I have cleaned it and I think my days of shopping for this type of device on Amazon are over. Disgusted to go to the store.

👤The bad reviews should not be accepted over the good ones. I probably passed up good items because of this mistake. I go with the number of each. There is a trick to these speakers. It worked great with the music on the iPad. It is amazing even. It started to crackle with the tv and ps4 and then it started to play music. I was going to try this and keep the volume low and adjust the speakers. I did the center high, front middle and surround middle. While adjusting the sub. The sound is still great even though they don't crackle with the tv. Unless you want to mess with the different volumes, this is a steal for 90 bucks. That is more expensive, which is understandable. I bought some basic cords from Amazon instead of the cords that came with it. They are like thick rubber, so they might be more insulated. I think they are great. They are a little smaller than the picture. I hear that now, as speakers are now a days. The price is still amazing. The little speakers can't handle as much volume as the outside ones, so be careful with the volume adjustments.

6. Subwoofer Soundbar Bluetooth Connection Mountable

Subwoofer Soundbar Bluetooth Connection Mountable

In the wall. The ceiling system was built for wireless music streaming. The Cone with the Rubber Edge Cut Out Size is Environmentally Friendly and has a Construction Sensitivity of 89dB. A Sound Bar with Subwoofer can upgrade your home theater experience by delivering a more realistic, richer sound from a compact soundbar with deep bass. It is a perfect TV speaker that creates a room-filling virtual surround sound. The rich bass from a sub is a great way to feel the action and the beat of the music. An ideal soundbar for TVs, monitors, and smart TVs. It works with all TVs. The compact TV speaker has 3 sound modes via remote control. If you want to enjoy cinematic surround sound in your home, use the remote control to select your favorite specialized mode, which will give you a wide range of stereo effects throughout the room. The sound bar can be connected to most types of devices via Wireless or wired connection. If your TV or other source devices only have a 3.5mm headphone sockets, use the 3.5mm to RCA audio cable to connect the soundbar. The items you get are: TV Sound bar, Subwoofer, Remote Control, Power Adaptor, Optical Cable, 3.5mm to RCA Cable, User Manual, and Wall Mount Kit. If you have a problem, please contact them.

Brand: Riowois

👤I just got a sound bar and it's amazing, but my review may change if something bad happens. I never heard of a sound bar. I went by the past reviews on Amazon to see if there was a video of this sound bar. The setup was easy to set up. I used the optical cable. The sound this thing produces is amazing. The bass is very close to my gaming PC bass. The sound is rich and clear. If your current TV speakers don't work like mine, then this will solve your problem of not being able to hear your games or movies. I am very impressed so far. This product is a 5 star product. The remote is easy to use. I bought this sound bar because I want to enjoy this game on my 50" TV while also having good audio, so that's what led me to this sound bar. I am loving it so far. I watched a few movies on this speaker and it felt like I was in a movie theater. I am very happy with this. I can't recommend it enough. I'm not new to speakers or audio equipment, but I'm very technical and like to use them when they're on. Thanks to the 75 watt bass, the audio is crisp and sharp, the highs are great, and the lows are great. My brother has a $200 sound bar.

👤I let my friend listen to it. He was like that. Yes. I'm very happy with it.

👤The sound bar seems decent, but the sub looks like a piece of junk to me. I thought that the sub wasn't even powered. It has a single cable from the bar. The speaker is only about 4” in diameter. The port is moving forward. I want to give it an honest try before I return it. The sound bar has a good sound stage. It seems like it has better stereo separation than it actually does. I wanted a small TV stand so I bought this one. I don't think I'm disappointed. For size reference, the TV in the picture is 46” There is a sound bar. I am definitely keeping it.

👤This was amazing. It was clear and great. You have to know how to set up electronics in a way that doesn't cause problems. I read reviews of the sound bar and it was not good, but when I used it, it was a perfect TV speaker. Thanks.

👤A good soundbar that does its job. If you turn the volume up all the way on the system, you will hear a buzzing noise. If you max the volume on the soundbar, you'll get this annoying buzzing sound. You can hear it when the TV is off. If you have the money, buy a better brand. It does sound good, but the noise it emits when maxed out is an issue.

👤It has been easy to set up. There were no obnoxious voices when the power was on. The quality is decent for the price. We'll see how I feel after a while. I will update this with any new developments. It seems like a decent cheap Chinese soundbar in the meantime. Some people might care about the fact that the subwoofer doesn't have its own power supply, but those are fine with me.

7. Nyne NHT5 1RGB Channel Theatre System

Nyne NHT5 1RGB Channel Theatre System

The soundbar is almost impossibly thin and has a black surface. You can control power with a Touch-button design. The volume is easy to see on the side. You can mount the sound bar on your living room with the mount brackets in the package. The sound bar will go through a quality test before being sent out. They offer a warranty of 12 months. You can stream your music library from your phone or mp3 player with the help of the Bluetooth technology. A driver unit that has its motor structure removed becomes a passive diaphragm. There is no chuffing that you would get with a port box, thus enriching the system. 5 audio inputs, 2 audio inputs, and 2 audio inputs, and 2 audio inputs, and 2 audio inputs, and 2 audio inputs, and 2 audio inputs, and 2 audio inputs, and 2 audio inputs, and 2 audio inputs, and 2 audio inputs, and 2 audio inputs, 5 audio outputs. The speakers are on the center channel. 2 Full Range Front Channel speakers. Independent speaker/subwoofer volume control, 2 Full Range Rear Channel 2x3” Speakers. The cable length is 11 Ft., the front and rear are 9 Ft., and the signal to noise ratio is 70dB.

Brand: Nyne

👤The speaker is loud, has good sound quality, and has a long battery life, which is quite nice. I don't like the loud voice guide that provides unit status updates when powered on and off, and when connected to the internet. The voice guide is loud and annoying for the setting I will be using. I can't use it for my intended purpose because I don't have a way of controlling the volume of the voice guide. It's too disruptive to other people. There is no instructions for changing the voice guide volume. There is no way to quiet the voice guide. I can only give it two stars because I cannot use it for its intended purpose, but it is a solid product.

👤The setup for this speaker was easy. It was easy to pair it with other devices, and each connection took only a minute. It has three different inputs, which makes it easy to connect via wires. The sound is good in both the high and low ranges. You would think that a small speaker like this wouldn't do a good job reproducing the lower tones. It is well made. The speaker will be able to stand up well in different environments, as evidenced by the heavy-duty protectors over the input points. It does not have a power cord for charging. I was able to charge it. You would think they could have a charging cord. If you need a charging cord, you have to buy one, because the directions only have a picture of a charging cord and an arrow pointing to a shopping cart. We wouldn't have had that if we hadn't had a cord.

👤I didn't want to spend a lot of money on a fancy speaker, but I never use it. I didn't want to pay too much for sound. I thought the speaker gave a great sound for the party. I don't use it a lot, but I really like it for its convenience, ease of use, and overall sound. I trust those who say it's not Bose, but I think it's fine for my needs, and definitely the right price.

👤I have bought a speaker. We don't have a jack for our car stereo and my 16 year old loves music that isn't on the radio. They have been subpar until Nyne! She can run me out of the car. It is amaxing! I feel surrounded by sound. She has a group that makes the speaker vibrate but on every other song it is great.

👤I've been messing with wires and speakers for years. I decided to try one of these models. Wow, what a change! I am very satisfied with the sound and quality. I was able to connect to my PC as well. The price is a great value.

👤I own the best blue tooth speaker set. Please see the attached pictures. It was very easy to set up. It takes about four hours to charge from the box. It delivers on longevity. I had to charge it again after playing mine for over 24 hours. One tip on charging is that not all devices deliver the same current and voltage. The charging light will show a red color if the NYNE is getting the correct current and voltage. The light will flash red and white if the current is wrong. You need to find another source of current for your NYNE. If you are like me, you have a lot of charging systems, and finding one that works well will not be a problem. It was very easy to set up. The on/off button will tell you that it is in pairing mode. To pair, you need the phone, device, or both. There are no codes to exchange. The range on this system was great. I was able to move more than sixty feet away and the sound quality never degraded. This is a stereo system. This device is in full stereo, it's the only one like that. I produce music and write music. Quality speakers are important for me. On all fronts, the NYNE delivers. The NYNE speaker is very good.

8. Enclave Audio CineHome Wireless Surround

Enclave Audio CineHome Wireless Surround

The speakers have rear panel controls. Bass and treble adjustments are made. Additional features include a daisy chain ability and a unique power on the audio signal input. The Enclave CineHome II is an affordable surround sound system that is an instant plug and play system. Plug and play 6 speakers system is a home theater system that uses your TV's Arc or Optical connection to deliver a powerful cinematic sound for all your favorite movies, TV shows, sports and games. You can add wall power and a single HDMI cable to get up and running. The 5.1 surround sound system is easy to connect to and compatible with all modern TV's. The CineHub sound system for tv has Optical connections for quick and easy setup to start listening immediately after adding wall power to the speakers! CineHome II is powered by 11 Class-D 24-bit amplifiers that deliver an unbelievable, movie-theater quality sound right in your living room. Don't let that vinyl go unheard! The turntable can be connected with ease with a 3.5mm analog. Do you want to stream all your music? You can use any mobile device or tablet with the simple use of theBluetooth 5.0 connection.

Brand: Enclave Audio

👤When it worked it was great, the product was nicely packed. There are only positive things I can say about this product. Even though I am tech savvy, I had multiple setup issues. I haven't had any problems setting up my stuff. Plug and play is what this system should do. It wasn't in my case. I had issues with only receiving pcm audio, and audio cutting out every five minutes. You need to use their app to use the system. The app crashes frequently. I received a remote before the unit shipped to me, which was nice. Their tech support is condescending. They couldn't figure out what my issue was and referred me to the manufacturer of my television. I contacted tech support again after I called the manufacturer. I received an email that was very rude and blamed me and the setup for the issues. They had the owner call me to fix something. He used bad language and was rude. Even though my settings were correct, my issue was solved. After everything was setup correctly, I decided to give the system a chance. It worked well for a couple of weeks and then started cutting out during movies on hbo. The audio would stop for 20 seconds and come back into the right speaker. I tried to figure out the problem with Chromecast. The issue began occurring with everything I watched. I received a rude reply to my email. I sent the system back. I was able to return the product and that's why the issues occurred. Do yourself a favor and not have to use this system.

👤I have two 5.1 surround home theatre systems. They were decent. The last one was destroyed when the internal dvd crashed and corrupted the receiver unit. I was researching wireless systems because I was tired of stringing speaker wire. I have not been disappointed by the Cinehome II. It comes complete in a box. Wireless allows for great flexibility in placement within a few feet of a wall sockets. Plug the power source into the tv and within seconds it will pair to all the speakers. The app on my phone allows me to change settings. The app has a layout that shows active speakers and a touch to test levels. I own a fire tv, chromecast, and a high quality dvd player. The high and mid-range speakers have crystal clarity, and the bottom of the system is superb, which is better than either of my previous systems. I received a reply within an hour on my email question. I recommend the Enclave for easy installation and high quality.

👤I put together this thing in about 20 minutes. No fuss. I wanted no wires going from the screen to the recliner. Good sound, surround that doesn't feel intrusive, got that. Sometimes I do with concerts, and I can raise the roof. You listen to Beethoven. No 5. You will float away, tenderly caressed by sound clouds. A ferry scene from Spider-man: Homecoming. The web-slinger is a great test for surround effects. The Spider-man and the Vulture fight is a great work-out for a home cinema set-up. First it is some standard busy action - gun shots from left, right, up and down; smart dialogue; and then the quick move to a full-on swinging and flying fest from the two lead characters. The final act is the most important for your sub. When the ferry splits in two, there is some groaning and breaking up of the hull, which needs to be communicated by your system with terrifying weight to give that genuine sense of scale. This is a good time to show the system's ability for dynamics and detail. The person who wrote bad reviews to this gear was either having a bad day or a shill for a competing product. Of course. I have had the system for a year. I don't know why anyone would have issues with it. It fills my man-cave with sound. I had a problem today. The power went off for a while. The CineHome II 5.1 produced no sound when it came back. I contacted Tech Support and they sent me some directions. When we lost power, the TV settings which enable the audio to be sent to the hub were lost as well. In 10 minutes, I reset the speakers, the hub, the TV, and the wireless. I gave the system a 5 stars a year ago, so I would like to add more.

9. Wall Mount Home Speaker System

Wall Mount Home Speaker System

You can set up the sound system in minutes using the included cables and the Home app. The max power output of the wall mount Audio projection loudspeaker system is 300 watt, which is enough to play your favorite tracks as loud as you want. The speakers have 5.25” subs and high performance Mylar dome tweeters. The 300 watt speakers are compatible with wireless audio streaming. Works with all of the following: iPad, laptop, and PC. It's ideal for home studio, garage, enclosed patio or porch deck. 3.5mm aux and RCA connections. The speaker system has 3.5mm aux input jacks, so you can connect additional devices to your speaker system. The speakers have rear panel controls. Bass and treble adjustments are made. Additional features include a daisy chain ability and a unique power on the audio signal input.

Brand: Pyle

👤I bought these for my backyard pergola to play music from my phone. I just installed them and tried them out, so I don't know if they will last, but here are some initial thoughts. It's easy to setup and link speakers. If you have a straight tip jewelers screwdriver, it is not hard to wire the two speakers together. The style of the passive speaker is more traditional. It is linked once wired together. 2. It is easy to install brackets. The brackets are thought out. You can hang the key slot cutouts with screws. The knobs to attach speakers to brackets are easy to use, but it is easier to remove brackets from speakers. 3. Sound quality is very good. It's not great, mind you. These are not the same as Bose, but they are not priced the same. These speakers sound nice. It's not clear why another reviewer said otherwise, unless his speaker wires crossed the same direction. Make sure your speaker wire has ribbed or line on it. You can make sure you have positive and negative vibes. 4. It's really good. I moved around with my phone in hand and didn't lose signal. The setup was easy. The speakers appeared on my phone after I had powered them on. Clicked connect and was good to go! There was an audible chirp over the speaker. 5. Not everything you need is provided. The speaker wire connection requires a jewelers screwdriver to open a slot to insert the wire, and then a close slot to close it. It was odd, and the only reason I see for not having traditional terminal posts like the other speaker is that it allows you to easily remove wires from a speaker mounted to a wall. There is no speaker wire. Not even a short one. They could have included a short, low budget wire to get you started. I don't have an audio reel on hand, so I'll probably have to make a run to Walmart for speaker wire, and that jewelers screwdriver, perhaps. 6. The instructions are not overly complicated, but they are a bit misleading. The setup reads as if the speaker wire is already on one of the speakers. It is not included at all. 7. The material quality is good. The speakers are not Bose equivalents, but for what you pay, it is pretty good. I did not take cover to inspect the materials. Hopefully they have chosen a nice cone that is resistant to water. If longevity is insufficient, I will change this review. The speaker is made of poly/plastic and wouldn't rust. It seems sturdy enough for what you pay. The speaker knobs are plastic, but have a brass insert and metal screw. The metal is coated. Sturdy enough, and designed to secure speakers in either horizontal or vertical position. There are 8. The sound can be adjusted in regards to bass, treble, and volume, but it's via knobs on the back of the speaker. I would have rated this 5 stars if there was an app that could make these sound adjustments so you don't have to reach in the small space between the back of the speaker and the wall to adjust it. That is my run down. Hope this helps. I have tried to give more details on what I think is positive and negative, but in the end, I am happy with the purchase.

10. Sony Wireless Bluetooth Personalized Splash Resistant

Sony Wireless Bluetooth Personalized Splash Resistant

You can enjoy wireless personalized home theater audio. The BRAVIA XR TV model sold in September requires the supplied transmitter and the Sony's 360 Spatial Sound Personalizer technology. Audio lag in shows and movies is reduced by the wireless TV adapter. The speaker unit has an upward-facing face and is capable of producing crystal clear sound. You can connect to your devices with a stable connection. You can enjoy personalized home theater sound for up to 12 hours on a single charge. A microphone for hands-free communication.

Brand: Sony

👤I was very pleased with the performance of this speaker. There was a specific use case that I had. My wife and I work from home. She doesn't wear a headset and is on her calls most of the time. I like listening to music while I work, but I'm less likely to call. I don't like wearing ear phones all day because they interfere with her calls. My wife doesn't hear them unless she is standing next to me, and they provide above average sound for a small speaker. The microphone does a good job. They are the first built-in mic I've used that my wife doesn't ask me to repeat myself on the phone. I was able to connect them to both my computer and phone at the same time, and they worked perfectly when I turned them back on. I've only had them for a few days, so I'll update if my thoughts change.

👤These are great. The sound quality is good. The sound for others in the room is similar to headphones. While lounging or walking, the comfort is great. It would not work well with running, but it would work well on exercise equipment. Will have to wait until the spring to try it. The music recorded with this tech has a nice touch. I will be using the Sony Bravia XROLED TV with the Dolby Atmos in early 2022, but this is already a great device.

👤I have a Sony ht a9 and for me it is the best, but at night in my room I am able to get a similar experience without disturbing anyone, thanks to Sony. I tested 2 tvs, one Sony with the xr and the other aLG with the oled, they all sounded the same. The experience is full.

👤Downside update Dec 24th 2021. If you want to use these headphones on your windows 10 or 11 PC, you will need to know a lot more than I do. You can't load the Sony apps for the headphones because windows is bad. No problem if you have a mac. The Sony Headphone Connect app needs to be put into the windows store. Not sure what the problem is? I guess it was all about money. If you have a windows 10 or 11 machine, you are out of luck. These neck-phones will not be registered with a bluetooth audio dongle. Mac's no problem. Windows will forget it. Please let me know if you know of a problem. I sent the Sony neck-phones back because I was not happy with them. I went looking for a replacement. The reviews on other neck-phones were not good. Most of the selection was out of my price range or notexistent, so I really wanted excellent Bass and no volume limiting firmware. I snatched up the new Sony SRS-NS7's because they were on sale on Amazon for a very low price, but I was thinking I might have to return them. I was wrong. They rock at all levels. The sound is clear with plenty of bass and if you wear them under a thermal jacket with the hood up, you will need to turn the volume down because it sounds like a concert hall. You would be wasting your money if you paid double for that brand. They won't last long at this great price. Thank you Sony for a great product.

11. Magnavox Entertainment Bluetooth Technology Subwoofer

Magnavox Entertainment Bluetooth Technology Subwoofer

The Home Audio Subwoofer has a built-in amplifier that combines delicate musicality and thunderous power for the ultimate in home theater sound effects. They recommend that you match this sub with your speakers. Key features include: The 2.1 Home Entertainment System features decorative color changing lights that pulse and flicker, total 12W RMS output, and aux port compatible, as well as rotary controls. Bluetooth: The speakers keep the party going. In your office, bedroom, living area, or kitchen, you can experience a premium audio experience. You can connect your audio device to the Aux port to listen to music, videos, and games wherever you go. Premium audio is provided by this speaker system. They continue to make products that meet their customers' needs and wants after all these years. Quality products at the lowest prices are what they strive to make. High-quality materials are used for a long- lasting finish. COMMITMENT: The company is committed to maintaining a clean environment. All TVs and computer devices recovered for recycling will be processed in a way that complies with all applicable laws. PERFORMANCE: There are a lot of popular products in households around the world. Consumers continue to choose products from Magnavox because of the values it stands for; quality and high performance at a smart price.

Brand: Magnavox

👤The item is small, the sound quality is poor and the volume is limited. It's good for a dorm room or small office. Don't recommend.

👤I would like it to go a little louder but I loved it.

👤I don't think this is a home theater system. It is more for a computer in your room. I don't recommend this for anyone unless you're using it for a computer in your bedroom. It's too small for entertainment in a living room.

👤I throw away the box because it doesn't turn on or anything, so I don't return it.

👤I tried to use as advertised, but my speakers are way louder.

👤There will be sound cuts in and out.

👤This speaker set is the best I have ever purchased. I love the sound and how it hooks up to my TV.


What is the best product for home theater bluetooth speakers wireless?

Home theater bluetooth speakers wireless products from Bestisan. In this article about home theater bluetooth speakers wireless you can see why people choose the product. Pyle and Denon are also good brands to look for when you are finding home theater bluetooth speakers wireless.

What are the best brands for home theater bluetooth speakers wireless?

Bestisan, Pyle and Denon are some of the best brands that chosen by people for home theater bluetooth speakers wireless. Find the detail in this article. Facmogu, Acoustic Audio By Goldwood and Riowois are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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