Best Home Theater Bose 7.1

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1. Bose SoundTouch Home Theater System

Bose SoundTouch Home Theater System

A sound bar has a spacious sound. The highest-quality sound from your components is ensured by a small control console. You can play music services like Prime Music on the go. It is possible to modify the sound to fit your room.

Brand: Bose

👤The soundtouch app allows you to add as many speakers as you want to the wireless transmitter. I know I'm one of the first ones to use the system because the seller described it well and it registered in the bose database without any issues. When it comes to surround from a single sound bar, the soundbar is the epitome. This system is compatible and versatile. You can place the subwoofer anywhere you want. It is a feat on its own. If I could, I'd give the bose sound systems a 10 star rating. It was easy to set up, just read the instructions. The power of this system and the targeted surround that is made possible by the headset that you need to use when setting it up is something that I absolutely love. It can be used to meet any livingroom set up you have. I'm very satisfied with this system and it's my second one. I purchased a system for my brother four years ago and I'm not happy that he will come over to see it, he's going to be super jelly.

👤An amazing system that can only be appreciated for its quality. Well packaged, with easy to understand instructions and delivered on a Saturday! My Bose account was easily integrated into the Bose app and the integration with my TV and other components, including my Apple TV, was a breeze. I'm going to buy another one soon. It's funny. Did I mention that it sounds amazing? It is amazing!

👤The item was ordered for my room because it is small and I love the sound of it. I needed this package for a presentation. The system was in a box that the seal was broken on and in the same box as the Amazon box. The item has a sounndtouch adapater according to the image and description. I had to purchase a system at the last minute because the box didn't have theadapter in it. The systems sound amazing, but they don't have all the parts.

👤I changed my old 7.1 bose system for the sound touch 120 and don't regret it.

👤The sound is beautiful. When you are done with the sound in the room, it is beautiful surround sound.

👤I compared a lot of products. I am very happy with this choice. The sound is amazing. You can buy additional pieces that link so I can have music throughout the house.

👤This system has a great sound. Bose did a great job with this product.

👤An excellent value is a great sound system.

👤The audio system is a part of the calidad. La barra de sonido es un pequeo, pero con una gran potencia. I hizo sper til es la cantidad de HDMI. Pude conectar, PS4, un cable, and Lap top. The ventaja de esto reproduces the audio. Aunque a la APP de Bose creo, el adpatador soundtouch pueda reproducir Spotify. Tengas un buen sonido sin importar, pero el systema Adpatiq tiene una experiencia. La cereza del pastel is literal.

2. Bose Speaker Alexa Control Built

Bose Speaker Alexa Control Built

A single speaker will fill any room with impressive sound. This smart speaker has built-in Amazon and Google Assistant, so it can be used for hands-free voice control. A noise-rejecting mic system listens for your voice. Pair your device with this home speaker to stream your favorite music and more via a wireless connection. You can control your home speaker with 3 different ways: your voice, Bose Music app, or 6 1-touch preset on top of the speaker. You can only make or take calls from this smart speaker, Bose products, Amazon products, and anyone in your contacts list. It's free of charge and hands free. The Bose Music app is a good way to setup a Bose music system. This home speaker is part of the Bose smart family and works with other Bose smart speakers and soundbars for a multi-room listening experience. Bose SimpleSync is a technology that can be used to pair a Bose Smart Family member with a Bose, SoundTouch speaker. Bose SimpleSync is a technology that can be used to pair a Bose Smart Family member with a Bose, SoundTouch speaker.

Brand: Bose

👤The speaker looks great and sounds great. It doesn't work as advertised. It connects to the internet. All Bose speakers do. The speaker has a seamless connection to multiple music services. That capability is not good. I have fast and reliable wireless in my home. The Bose Speaker 500 was difficult to connect to. Setting up the speaker was very difficult. I tried many times to connect to the Bose Music app. I unplugged the device multiple times. I reset to factory settings many times. I had to restart my internet service multiple times. After an hour, it connected. The connection to the device is terrible. I haven't begun to discuss how bad the music service is. It doesn't want to play the satellite radio station. Nothing I do works. I purchased this device because of that, and at this point I have given up trying to connect to Sirius. It won't play music from my Amazon Prime account. No luck for me. Other elements of the voice activated assistant work. I have that going for me because it will tell me the temperature outside. That is not the reason I spent $400. It is a complete waste of money. You can get a good sounding speaker for half the price if you use theBluetooth connection. Do not spend your money on this product.

👤I want to listen to books on my BHS 500. I put it with my device. The Spot is supposed to play my book. Bose is playing it. It was relatively easy to setup. Bose's sound is extraordinary. The box looks good where you put it. I connected it to Amazon Music, where I get most of my music. I have over 8,000 songs stored there. It's easy to connect with other music sources if you have them. I had a major disappointment and a minor disappointment. I was sad when she said she couldn't play Audible books. I hope that will be fixed in a future update. There is a minor disappointment like so many new devices that are compatible with the voice assistant. No other options. This is Bose great, but just waiting for Bose to make it better. I almost gave it a 4, but the sound is so good that I can't. It is recommended.

👤The manual was downloaded. Bose App doesn't correspond to the instructions in the manual, so I tried to follow them. Been working all day.

👤There is a lot to like about this speaker. The design is very attractive and the sound is great. There are enough pieces that work for both the speaker and the piece. Asking it to play music was often told it wasn't authorized until a second attempt led to an interesting argument. I bought an extra echo and echo sub after returning this. The sound quality was improved by this setup. The straight echo setup works better.

👤There are a lot of issues with setting this speaker up. I had to uninstall the Bose Music App after an hour of trying to find the "My Bose" link. I was able to connect and play music through the App even though I still haven't found that particular link. Two hours later, I am still setting it up, and having a hard time getting a support video to play. When I clicked on the "group speakers" button, it said "grouping not available", which made me cringe. I bought this for that. I only have one speaker from the "plus" generation and it should work on a multi-room setup. Stereo pairing, speaker groups, and multi-room music only support music over your wireless network, and do not support 3.5mm AUX in, or TV/video connections, according to the notice on Amazon's page. I don't know if I'm trying to play this over my wireless network. I'm confused. I was going to buy the Echo Sub system with 2 Echo+ for my mini- system but now I don't think that will work as a multi-room system if this one doesn't work. If this ends up being a $400 pricetag like the product, it will be going back. So far, what a disappointment. The only reason it's getting a 3 is the sound. The overall sound is described by Bose as "The widest sound of any smart speaker" and it does not have the bass response I expected. It has a wonderful sound. I wanted it to act more like a sub with all the talk about how great the bass was.

3. Bose Bass Module 700 Black

Bose Bass Module 700 Black

The Bose sound bar 700 is designed to bring music, movies, and TV to life with deep, dramatic bass. The speakers have a range of 30 feet. A powerful driver and generously sized port deliver a dynamic range of rich, low notes so you can feel the full impact of pulse pounding scenes. Quiet port technology virtually eliminates distortion, so rock the house without sacrificing clarity. Premium glass top finish adds elegance to your home theater setup. The Bose sound bar 700 and Bose bass module 700 can be used with Bose surround speakers for a powerful combination of thunderous bass and True surround sound. Bose Bass Module 700 is compatible with Bose Sound bar 500 and Sound Touch 300.

Brand: Bose

👤Please read my review on the Soundbar 700 for more information, but here's a copy of what I said about the sound module... I hated spending $700 for a bass. I am glad I did. It provides a sound. It's almost like it's not there, but it is the real star of the show. I connected it and disconnected it a number of times to hear the difference. If you are looking for Movie Theater Sound, it is a must have. It is a lot of money, but it is worth it. It makes a difference between "nice" and "Holy Cow". Well... You won't care if you hear this.

👤This thing kicks out some of the cleanest sounding bass I've ever heard, and it's from a bass head who loves deep, tasty bass. If you turn it all the way up, it can be used to slay your house bass. It's a natural sound profile, it's just there. It's subtle and substantial. It means you're getting very clean lows because you feel it just as much as you hear it. A lot of people's perception of good/strong bass is a bit taint because it usually coincides with everything around it rattling to hell and adding to the 'bass' noise. The sound coming from this thing is a lot of both the bass feel and the bass sound, so it's not distorted... It's a great experience, but it's hard to describe. If you know the Bose sound profile from other Bose speakers, it makes sense. This is similar to that, but for bass. It's great. The wireless works well. It is easy to setup. You have to go into the app, click the soundbar, go to settings, and then add the auxiliary speaker if you want. It's not added in the same way as the sound bar, which is what I was expecting. The TV and sound bar are in the middle of the living room, but I placed this in the corner. It didn't make a difference to me that the bass was coming from the corner and it wouldn't sound balanced in the room. The directionality wasn't a problem because the bass was so clean and it sounded fantastic. The sound bar has a beautiful sound profile and it just layers on this nice rich low-end. The combination is amazing. The thing feels sturdy and robust. The metal and glass look very clean. My wife thought it looked like a high-end trash can. We have the white one. I think it looks nice and minimalist, but I can't say I agree with it. It's easy to hide under a side table or next to a couch or chair.

👤I'm going to update the review for this thing. The bass module is a monster. I didn't have any of the problems that the one star reviews had. The app was running smoothly. Still connects well. Sound quality is great as it emits an insane amount of bass. It is a lot when it is at 100. If you have wood floors, it will rattle and shake. Definitely recommend it. If you want the full power of the system, this is a great addition. The Bose app gave me easy control. It is expensive like most Bose products. If you don't believe me. I will show you what the system sounds like. I have the surround speakers as well. Right, go big or go home?

4. Bose SoundLink Color Bluetooth Speaker

Bose SoundLink Color Bluetooth Speaker

Bose technology has a speaker that is water resistant. The built-in mic for the speakerphone is loud enough to take conference calls out loud. It's easy to pick up and go with a soft touch silicone exterior. It is easier than ever to pair with a phone with a voice prompt. You can enjoy up to 8 hours of play time with the battery. You can easily take calls and access your phone's virtual assistant with the help of a wireless headset. Bose Simplesync technology can be used to pair SoundLink speakers with a member of the Bose smart home family to play in sync.

Brand: Bose

👤The speaker I bought in March of last year stopped working four months later. The speaker is working again after I reset it. I've always liked the product line. Hold down the play/pause button for 15 seconds after plugging in the soundlink. Before releasing the play/pause button, it is recommended to remove the charge cord from the unit. Plug the unit back into the wall charger after releasing the button. The power button should be pressed.

👤I was surprised by the Sound Link Color II's arrival and its connection. The instructions were so poor that we wondered if we had bought a fake. We wondered why the online manual wasn't included with our speaker. We had a lengthy set of safety precautions in twenty-one, I kid you not, twenty-one different languages. Bose is a great name. Bose products have always exceeded expectations and most of the time left us in awe. The Sound Link Color II would be just as amazing as the Sound Touch 10, my wife and I thought. The Sound Link Color II sound is average. It is a little better than our four year oldPhillips speaker, but it is not as good as our two year oldKardon speaker. The speaker's bass is almost non-existent, and it will not play as loud as either of the two other speakers we compared it with. The Bose was absent. We were very disappointed. Bose says the speaker works best when backed up close to a wall, but not against it. Bose's advertisement of the speaker as an on the go, outside, camping, swimming/party speaker was odd. We tried the guidance and it seemed to add a little more bass. The speaker's sound flaws are not overcome by nearly enough. Some reviewers thought the speaker was a lint/dust trap, but we didn't find it that way. It felt good, provided a solid feel, and seemed consistent with the speaker's water resistant claim. The speaker has an annoying feature when charging. We couldn't turn off the beep in Bose literature. We found this irritant to be very common and can be fixed by using a non-Bose microusb cable. The online fix eliminated the problem. Bose's name is on the flippin' cable, which is not a big deal. You expect better, Bose for Pete's sake. The app was not a factor. Not useful and not a problem. It was easy to connect to the Bose Sound Link Color II and play music from your music library. The app has no features other than it's stereo/party mode where you need two Sound Link Color II speakers. That's going to happen. This was not a good buy. I spent a lot of time on Black Friday and Cyber Monday looking for any kind of deal on the Sound Link Color II. The sound would compensate for a few dollars, I thought. It was a bad call on my part. I bought our Kar Harmondon Onyx a couple of years ago through a Black Friday deal. It costs less than the Sound Link Color II, but it beats the Bose. I don't think the speaker is worth the Bose premium.

5. Bose Lifestyle Home Theater System

Bose Lifestyle Home Theater System

A built-in AM/FM remote with a display. The ADAPTiQ audio calibration system is easy to setup. The speakers include the center channel speaker and Acoustimass. Dynamic surround sound for games. You can connect and control up to four of your HD video and music sources. Dynamic surround sound for games. The speakers include the center channel speaker and Acoustimass.

Brand: Bose

👤The sound quality is great. No delay is what clarity is about. There are many input sources.

👤If you own a DVD player or ablu-ray player, then this is the one you want, because I bought the Bose Lifestyle V30 Home Theater System for $1999 and that includes shipping, if you own a DVD player or ablu-ray player. There is no reason for the V35 version to cost more than the V35 version. The sound quality is great and the remote is solid, but the lack of customing the highs-mids-lows is a real problem.

👤I was able to buy the V 30 at 500 dollars less than the regular price on AMAZON. The speakers look great, the sound is great, the pictures are great, and the V-30 system works great. The wall has been repaired! Is that correct? Installation can take a bit of time if you don't want to do it yourself. The contract is for a blade technology. You get it working right if you spend a bit of money. Right away!

👤Good sound reproduction can be achieved with DVD's or pure Audio with the system with ADAPTiQ acoustic environmental compensation. The remote cannot be programmed to operate my five year old Panasonic DVD Player or my General Instruments cable box. I'm stuck with three remotes.

👤My friend bought a V20 system almost a year ago. The V30 is 10 times more powerful than the V20 and I have wanted to buy a V30 for a long time. It was too tempting to miss the product when I saw the price. Black Friday came early in September in the form of BoSE V30, which I loved, the product, design, features and of course the sound.

👤The product came in perfect sealed condition and was the only thing you needed to use it in Australia, it also came with a univeral power transformer to be used in Australia.

👤Loving it! My neighbors are not happy. Now they know what a Bose lifestyle system is.

👤I can't praise this product enough. You have to understand why people spend a lot of money on Bose when the little speakers in your living room produce such a great sound. I have had issues with the sound of a viz 5.1 surround sound and the instructions are not clear enough to help sort it out. All in all, a 5 star rating.

6. Bose 3 1 Home Theater White

Bose 3 1 Home Theater White

The Bose sound bar is the best performing sound bar. Ask to play music, get answers to questions, and control smart- home devices with the built in alexa. An eight-microphone array ensures superior voice pickup. You can play music from your phone or tablet with aBluetooth Connection or integrate wi-fi music services. The Bose sound bar 700 is designed to bring music, movies, and TV to life with deep, dramatic bass. A powerful driver and generously sized port deliver a dynamic range of rich, low notes so you can feel the full impact of pulse-pounding scenes. Quietport technology virtually eliminates distortion, so you can rock the house without sacrificing clarity.

Brand: Bose

👤The bose performs perfectly. Sound quality is important. It's like a theater with my tv.

👤Soundbar doesn't turn on when connecting to the tv reliably and will sometimes sleep the tv when it shuts off after an unsuccessful pair. Call the manufacturer and they won't do it.

👤Good looking product. It's not great wireless and remote performance. It was difficult to set up. Sound for the money. The Polk signa1 system is at least 50% better than the Bose Sys. The app didn't work right. Controls for bass and audio adjustments are not good. I was disappointed because I loved Bose products for a long time. A $500 product for $1400 is a value and utility.

👤The voice assistant does not work in Kuwait, so the product looks and sounds great, but it is not working in my country. I looked and found that this regional issue is the same in many other countries, so I paid for a "smart" soundbar that is not really working.

7. Bose Virtually Invisible Ceiling 742897 0200

Bose Virtually Invisible Ceiling 742897 0200

The Bose in-ceiling speaker has a strategically positioned 1" tweeters. Most other speakers can't match the quality of this performance. Stereo Everywhere speaker performance covers the room with balanced stereo sound-no drop-offs. A near-bezel-less construction blends nicely into the room's design. Installation is fast and easy with the standard dogleg grilles. The speaker is about 10 feet in diameter. The ceiling hole is 219mm. Speaker grilles are in the box.

Brand: Bose

👤We bought 6 of the 791 in ceiling speakers and they had no base sound and we got the worst customer service ever from BoSE. When we called the number we were told it was our equalizer, but we were told it was the 301 speakers that worked great on the same system.

👤The cheap plastic red tabs that shear off during installation renders the speaker useless as the can't be installed. Bose told me to buy a new pair after I called to get replacement parts. This is what you get for $600? So disappointed! I wrote a review on the Bose website, but it was removed because it was not good. I can't believe they didn't design these parts for replacement Don't buy if you're warned.

👤The speakers are ok but not great. I hate them because they are not invisible and look worse than your average speaker, but I have them installed in a white ceiling so they look better. Bose stuck their enormous logo on it. They want you to pay $300 more for a speaker that has better sound quality than a piece of beige cloth. The sound quality isn't great and has little to no bass, also, these speakers need to be wired through the ceiling for a clean look which can't be done without professionals and is a potential fire hazard. The speakers need an amplifier. I can't justify spending $600 for a pair of ugly things in my ceiling.

👤I will buy the same sound again for my loft sound set up. I have mounted the fill above me and it works great. The sounds in movies have me thinking that they are coming from inside my house. Love it. bose soundtouch 300 is amazing on it's own.

👤They are a great set of speakers, but they are a bit high on the price. I wish I had the 500 series to compare them to the Bose speakers, they have a hefty price tag. They are low profile on the ceiling for their size, but not really sure they are worth the price.

👤Good speakers, but expensive. They should be grouped with Bose Soundbar and bass modules.

👤My living room has a new addition. The response time was 40 to 16kHz. The bi-directional tweeters fill up a great room and produce decent bass. The Sonance 6.5" speakers were a great improvement. Allow for listening. It was easy to install. It is a nice aesthetic. A great sound, but a bit pricey.

👤They work well. I had my contractor install them for me. I'm very happy with them and my wife is more important.

👤These are the things that make money. It's a bit pricey, but look great and sound great.

👤It's easy in Kaiser HaloX Dosen. Habe sowohl die groen as well as die kleinen in grerer Stckzahl. Im Gestern ist schn flach und magnetisches Gitter. Sound: Ohne Sub. Preis/Leistung: Ohne, hren, wrde, das nchste mal Magnat, hnliches. Sonance. The Vergleich hat bereits in the Sonos Beam.

8. Bose Surround Speakers 700 Black

Bose Surround Speakers 700 Black

The Bose sound bar 700 is designed to match and enhance the overall aesthetic and acoustic performance. It's a sound that puts you in the center of your entertainment. Simply plug the adapters into a power source and you're good to go. Bose sound bar 700, Bose sound bar 500, and sound touch 300 are compatible with. There are two options for Bose Black orArctic white. There are two-pin speaker cables and power cords included.

Brand: Bose

👤The sound that I got from the base and the soundbar was simply awesome. They came out with surround speakers for the 700 system and I waited a while to see them. It's spendy. I decided that I wanted to order the system. Bose is a genius. It took a matter of minutes to install the speakers, and what I heard was something I've waited my life for. It is clear and fills the room with sound. Tom Cruise is in the movie Top Gun. Holy smokes. The room was shaking in my nice sized living room. My wife and I were happy. I would recommend people to get big sound with small units. Awesome job Bose... Thanks.

👤If you want to complete the Bose 700 home theater speaker groups, I recommend getting the rear surround speakers. The difference between the two speakers is that the #700 is included in the description, so pay close attention and buy the correct speaker. I got the $299 one but it wouldn't project a sound for anything other than movies, and even with that, you couldn't hear anything. To hear it, you have to be close to the speaker. If you're looking to get the best out of your Soundbar 700 and Bass 700, this one is worth the extra $200. It will create an ultimate home entertainment experience if you get all 3. Bose needs to come down on the price. We paid a lot for the speakers, mounts and stands. I used a $0.25 hinge from Home Depot.

👤These speakers are great. Very loud but small. A very clear sound. It was easy to setup for me. I wonder if they are good. I pause the TV to hear if it was Bose. I think the Bose sound bar 700 is the only one that works. The stand for these bad boys will cost you $179. The white is not as shiny as the silver. I kept the black.

👤I returned them because they are not worth the extra money. Very disappointed.

👤I used to have a Bose 700 soundbar with 700 Bass and surround sound speakers. The sorround sound was weak and I could not hear them. I bought these when surround sound 700 came. The set up has been a nightmare. Setting up the sorround speakers had taken me many hours of repeated tries to get it synchronized, and it often got unsyncched, leading to another few hours of re-syncing. The sorround sound 700 has been worse. I spend 5 hours on sat and another 4 hours on the phone. I tried factory reset the soundbar to be unplugged and then re plugged in multiple times to switch it off. Not all 4 get synchronized. I am tired and frustrated and that's why I rant. I am happy with the sound, but not the setup.

👤The deal with these is here. When watching a movie, you don't get loud because they only pick up certain sounds and deliver them at a surround sound level based on the volume you are listening to. There is an exam. The hills of a person's shoes should not be as loud as a person talking or the echo of wind. The speakers deliver sounds. Not going to deliver the sounds from the bar. The 700 Bar and 700 sub are great for watching movies. The speakers don't produce loud sound during moovies because they are designed to produce specific sounds at a specific volume. My name is My Opinoin. The addition of these speakers is noticeable. The 700 system consists of a bar, sub, and surround speaker system. Their sound impact is unparalleled. PerIOD! You will be happy with this buy. I was going to send them back, but I was going to play music through them. Rock, Country, Rap, R&B, and Blues. The price is still high despite the wireless feature and maintaing the quality. But you know that it will be charged by BoSE. I think the speaker could have been sold for less. I gave them a 4 star for their value for the money. You can enjoy Bar and Sub on a tight budget. You should get this if you can afford it.

9. Bose CineMate Theater Speaker System

Bose CineMate Theater Speaker System

A full, impressive TV sound that spreads well beyond the soundbar itself. The acoustic mass module brings movies, TV shows, sports and video games to life. The soundbar is easy to fit in front of the TV. Universal remote controls are easy to use. Digital optical, coaxial and analog audio inputs are available. The table-top placement is what the soundbar is designed for. There are no mounting features for this device.

Brand: Bose

👤I like quality with everything I buy. I read reviews for weeks before making a decision. I had a 5.1 soundbar. The bose had a tiny Soundbar and a sub. The bass on the cinemate 15 is not strong. I realized that placing the sub against the wall and the vent facing another wall made the base sound better than it did when it was placed by my tv. Sub placement is important for any unit with a dedicated sub.

👤If you're just looking for a simple solution to boost your home entertainment setup, this system may be for you. The bass is large but not muddy. The treble was bright but not loud. Bose products are more expensive than your average brand because of that. Bose uses a proprietary cable to connect the two devices. It's not long enough for you to move the subs far from the TV.

👤I did a lot of research before buying this system. I have two Bose SoundTouch speakers and I'm very pleased with the sound quality and Bose'proprietary settings. The settings seemed to be the biggest complaint with the system, so I was sure it would be fine for me. The balance between base, treble, voices, whispers, music, and so on is nearly perfect. The system I replaced was better. The system has issues that are intermittent. I tried to send it back after I bought it, but Adorama said I had to deal with Bose, and I never took the effort. The issues got worse. When it first turns on, it makes a loud popping noise, and sometimes it makes a sound that's out of sync with the show that's playing. * It has been on for a while. I have a recording of this but I can't post it here. I have checked connections, re-made them, etc. This happens occasionally. I like the sound quality, low profile, and ease of operation. I'll be reaching out to Bose to see if they'll give me a replacement unit or upgrade.

👤Before I bought this Bose, I thought about it a lot. Bose has a reputation for having a superior product, but you will pay a heavy price for it. I thought it was a good price. I read the bad reviews to make me angry. I need to say this model. Bose is a better sound bar than the one I have in my kitchen. The Woofer gives you a wonderful kick! When action is being taken. When it's needed, you're a fwiw. I turned it up a bit less than half way. I am happy. The other sound from this small speaker is amazing. You will be happy, that's what I have to say. My ManCave may be 15x20. Do you have a bigger room? Maybe you need an upgrade. I don't like the sound. You can't change the bass or treble. You can adjust the volume. It is what it is. You can't change the way the others speak. I mean sports, cinema, movie, press. You can't see the volume. You can see the volume up or down. I turn the volume up to where I like. I only watch TV when I like it. I am hard of hearing. When my wife asks me to turn it down, I like it. I don't say yes to a small or Medium room. I have yet to let it go. If I have a chance? I will buy a TV for the living room.

10. Bose 809281 1100 Surround Speakers Black

Bose 809281 1100 Surround Speakers Black

Bose designed the smallest speakers so that the focus of your home entertainment is not on your speakers. It's designed to bring music movies and TV to life with full surround sound. Simply plug the adapters into a power source and you're good to go. Bose sound bar 500, Bose sound bar 700, and Sound Touch 300 are compatible with. The bass modules have a range of 30 feet.

Brand: Bose

👤I decided to complete the set with surround speakers because I have a soundbar. The quality is as expected. I was a bit disappointed at the beginning. The voice coming from speakers was very low, almost no difference, as many customers share here. We spent $418 for nothing. I have decided to trust the Bose brand the same way I trust the Mercedes brand. Checked here and there, and found the solution, and shared it with you as a New Year gift, if you decide to buy me a beer. The Bose Mobile app is a solution to low sound coming from your new surround speakers. There are few. "Bose Music" and "Bose Connect" are not compatible with the soundbar 300. You need the "Bose SoundTouch" app for the 300 model. You can use your home wi-fi to connect your phone and app. Press and hold 9 if you want to prepare your soundbar for connection. Follow the instructions to open the app. I didn't know the sound system could get updates, but it did for the first time in 2 years after I bought it. It took about 15 minutes for the update to be done. "Audio settings" can be found on the app under settings. You can adjust the central level and the surround level, the last one is what is bothering you. Test your sound. Merry Christmas and a happy new year.

👤I was disappointed in my performance. I bought the speakers for my father to use to hear dialogue while watching TV and movies, but I was surprised to find that they only played background music and not the noise of the screen. Absolutely makes no sense and makes their purchase useless to me and therefore a waste of money.

👤My wife bought me the Soundbar 500 from Best Buy, and I wanted to finish it with the surround speakers and bass module. These suckers are loud and have a serious punch. I replaced some ancient bookshelf speakers with this setup. Very pleased with the purchase. Everything was easy to set up.

👤The Bose Soundbar 700 was added to my collection. It sounded amazing, but it was missing something when watching movies. I was a little hesitant about buying the surround speakers, but I am glad I did. We have a dedicated theater room with over $10k in equipment and the Bose 700 5.1 system sounds great. You have to hide the wireless box that supplies the power to the speakers, that's the only negative thing. The sound quality is amazing.

👤I bought the Bose Soundlink system about 8 months ago. Bose has a reputation that I went with. It was a mistake. They changed their app system, so my sound system is already obsolete, I tried to build out my system, but it was hard to find Bose speakers, it has to be deliberately vague. I thought I had everything, but one of the soundbar's doesn't work. Half of the Geek Squad crew tried to figure out why it wouldn't connect to the app. I have been trying to contact Bose for a long time and he has not responded. Do yourself a favor and go with the streamer. I would have liked to.

11. Bose Soundlink Mini II Bluetooth

Bose Soundlink Mini II Bluetooth

Voice prompt for easy pair. The battery life can be up to 10 hours. A built-in phone.

Brand: Bose

👤I have feelings for this speaker. I will give you the pros and cons. I have a Bose Soundlink Mini II Speaker. The sound quality is great. It's amazing. The speaker has a high quality sound. I like the fact that it is portable. I don't have any issues with this being used with my computer and phone. The speaker is a great speaker. It stopped charging a month after I received it. It was unable to charge for a few days, either sitting on the charging port or being directly plugged in. The battery % kept dropping after nothing worked for several days. I went through all of the old reviews on the product and Bose speakers. This is a common problem on all Bose speakers. I started researching other companies that make speakers that are compatible with bluetooth. All of the speakers have issues with the ability to charge the battery. It's an industry problem. I decided to keep the speaker because there was no better option available. I haven't had any problems with the speaker in the last few weeks. I'm cautiously hopeful. If you read Bose Soundlink Mini II reviews, you will see many people complaining of the same problem that seems to get worse as the months go by. The sound quality is great again. It's just a matter of finding out if these speakers are still alive. That's my biggest concern. I might be able to update this review in 10 months.

👤The speaker is small. The price was from my treat fund. I first heard Bose speakers in the 70s when my friend pointed to two stands with small boxes on them and said that his tunes were coming from them. I recaled a small box of cereals that you cut open and use as a bowl. I think he had a bass or a woofer on the floor, but the point was that it was a tremendous sound. This speaker was purchased in February of this year. We are comparing watermelons to cherries, but I have small blue tooth speakers in the 30 dollar range. You will see the video from the 30 dollar range. There is a Look at the spectrum analysis of what the mike is saying. Each division has a cycle rate of 250 Hertz. I think so. You can see zero to 250 Hertz at the left end and 500 to 250 at the right. The middle C on a piano is around the A-450-hertz mark. The square or division is the division. The frequencies are between 2,250 and 2,500hertz in the over tones. Hope it makes sense. The Bose speaker's frequencies are shown in a visual representation through a cheap microphone. You will hear it if you play the video. I will recommend this speaker to my friends.

👤I had one for a while. A teenager working with a sublet contractor took off with it. I think he knew the value and quality. I tried 3 different speakers over the last couple of months, but I didn't want to spend the money on Bose. I couldn't hear it over my garden hose while I was watering my plants, so the 3rd one ended up on the shelf in the garage. I came in and ordered a second one. It's worth every penny. Keep an eye on it.


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