Best Home Theater Cabinet with Doors

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1. VASAGLE Microwave Oven Metal Frame Wire Basket Mini Oven

VASAGLE Microwave Oven Metal Frame Wire Basket Mini Oven

The smell of freshly baked pizza and a glass of red wine can be found in your kitchen, and you can create the perfect atmosphere with their industrial furniture from VASAGLE. The baker's rack is high time if the mixing bowl has to be placed on the stove or the kettle on the floor. There are many shelves for storing baking utensils. The microwave oven can fit on the work surface. The kitchen rack has engineered wood shelves resting atop steel tubes that hold 176 lbs of cookware, plates, pasta boxes, pots, pans, and more. 6 S-shaped hooks are included for holding ladles, spatulas, and towels, while a pull-out wire basket is perfect for measuring spoons, or a whisk. The ALINRU Collection includes a Baker's rack, 4 storage shelves, a wire basket, 6 S-shaped hooks, and an easy-to- follow instructions.

Brand: Vasagle

👤I am very happy with this purchase. It has a lot of storage. It is not real wood, but the veneer is really nice. No complaints!

👤We bought this cart to put a home freeze dryer on because of the reviews we read. There are two issues with the cart. The little wrench that was included does not fit the nuts. When you put pressure on it to finish it's job, it slips off. That is useless. A crescent wrench can't fit in the narrow space between the nut and the bottom of the cart. That was very frustrating. Had to use a needle nose to get in. The second concern is something I worry about a lot. I don't feel comfortable putting a freeze dryer on the cart because it is skewed after assembly. The cart failed and I can see it hitting the floor. It's nice looking. I don't think it will last for long at 60 lbs. This was not a good purchase for me.

👤After spending 30 minutes opening the box and laying out all of the pieces, I started by putting the first leg in. The first leg tore sideways out of the wood as I moved the top with the leg attached to install the other legs. I won't buy from this company again. The wood is not real.

👤I love my kitchen appliances. The stand saved the day. My rice cooker, crock pot, and stand mixer never have to be moved. I have an electric kettle and burr grinder under the tray and it's perfect for holding my tea. The person was in the assembly for about 30 minutes. The picture instructions are easy to follow and include both a wall-tether and spare parts. The product was thought out by the manufacturer. I'm very happy!

👤Solid table. The other reviews said the wheels were bad. They drag instead of rolling on the floor. We went to Lowe's to get replacement caster wheels. It rolls like a charm now. The shelves were not the right height so we drilled different holes and used them for what we needed.

👤1. I bought this to hold my PC. The top shelf was supposed to be real wood. I found out when I received the unit that it was a wood suck onto a composite. 2. I bought this unit over the darker stained one because it was supposed to come with feet that I could screw into the bottom instead of using the wheels. The unit did not have feet. I called the company to see if it would come with feet. 3. The bolts and nuts don't have the same thread so they don't work together. 8 of the bolts and nuts won't screw into each other. I need to buy new bolts at the hardware store to make sure they work. 4. Extra items can be put on the wire mesh shelves. I put pressure on them with my hand to see how strong they were, and I noticed that the welds that keep the mesh attached to the frame were starting to break. I had to buy shelving material at the hardware store to make the mesh stronger and to protect myself and my belongings from the sharpness of the shelves. I kept the shelves because I needed something and I didn't want to go through the hassle of returning, but I wouldn't recommend it to anyone else. I wanted this unit to work. I was very excited by it. It has been one let down after another.

2. Elegant Home Fashions Adriana 2 Shutter

Elegant Home Fashions Adriana 2 Shutter

The door knobs are chrome. There is an interior shelf. Hardware is included. Tools are not provided. The door magnets and hinges are pre-hung. The hardware package makes it easy to check and assemble. The hardware package makes it easy to check and assemble.

Brand: Elegant Home Fashions

👤This looks great and fits the space I needed it to. It was packed very well, and it was built by myself. I was impressed by how secure it was. I built the entire unit and went to put the doors on one of the final steps, but they wouldn't close because the back of the unit has an "L" cut out. The picture doesn't show this cutout on the two boards that are on the directions. I had to disassemble half the top end to flip the boards. I wish I had seen the other review that was critical of this. The bottom door catches the opening when I pull it open. I tightened the screws on the hinge and it still fell. Again, it looks great and gives plenty of storage, so it is a keeper, but it is definitely not a 5 stars.

👤Overall nice looking, well painted and sturdy. I took about 2 hours to assemble, but I was careful since the directions are incomplete. I agree with another reviewer who says that sturdiness is improved by putting a bit of wood glue on the dowels. If you're not sure which way the pieces fit after reading my corrected directions, don't use glue. It's still strong without the glue. The directions are incomplete; I would correct them. The cut-out corner of the shelves should be facing the back of the unit. The back of the unit should have the sides of panels E & F and rail D facing it. "After the camlocks are in, apply the round-white decals over the camlocks."

👤The linen tower was purchased for our bathroom. The closet was the perfect size for me. My daughter and I put it together quickly and it was easy to assemble. The tower is made of stable material and is very sturdy. The only complaint I have is a small flaw. The top door is not straight. I wanted to make other buyers aware that they get what they pay for, even though this is just a cosmetic flaw. The picture shows that the shelves can hold only 2 full size towels.

👤It's really bad. This thing is a mess. One of the legs did not have the protective plastic pieces, but it was not a big deal. I ran into trouble after the assembly was nearly completed. The stripped piece wouldn't assemble properly. I tried to fix it, but it didn't work. I was unable to assemble further. The shelf piece was split, which I could have just glue if it wasn't for the other part. This one isn't great for the money, so I would consider a different purchase.

👤The linen towers were purchased to go in the master bathroom. I have one for myself and one for my husband. The master bathroom was renovated when we moved in. The sinks were changed to a pedestal. There was a short cabinet next to the sinks. I wanted a cottage look and we needed more space. These are beautiful. My claw foot tub is next to mine. I think it would look great anywhere, because it added the look that I wanted. They are made well. Assembly is required. My husband put them together. There were many parts. He did a great job. It looks the same. I think it looks better than I had thought. There was nothing broken in the boxes. This is a prize purchase.

3. AC Infinity AIRPLATE Dual Fan Thermostat

AC Infinity AIRPLATE Dual Fan Thermostat

The dimensions are 5.8 x 2.0 x 4.7 in. A dual fan system that requires minimal noise is designed for cooling cabinets. An on-board processor provides a digital read-out of the cabinet's temperatures. The programming includes thermostat control, fan speed control, and energy saving mode. Two fan units with controller, containing aluminum frames with a brushed black finish. Each unit has a dimensions of 6.3 x 6.3 x 1.3 in.

Brand: Ac Infinity

👤The hardest part was cutting the holes. The templates for cutting are perfect. I tried every tool in the garage until I found the easiest, a rotoZIP. The fad tool from the 90's had to be used 5 times. It's more than payed for itself every time I use it. I remembered the tool after a long time. It was easy to cut the holes after that. The holes for the actual fans were cut slightly larger than the template to prevent noise. I traced the line on the template. It is easy to wire. I bought a fan system. The fans are one way and you have to disassemble one of them. I checked the air flow before I did that because it was already set up as an intake and exhaust. It works like a champ now that it's in.

👤The fans help keep the cabinet cool. I have a second set of cabinets in the works. The fan may cycle around your set temp too frequently in "Smart" mode. The fans kick on and off when the temp is between 78 and 80F, because they aren't silent and I set my controller to 80F. When the fans are on, the temp is usually high enough to keep them running, but when they're not, there's just enough heat to make the fans cycle constantly. If you're not watching TV in the living room, this is annoying. The solution is to stick with it. The fans come on at 80F and then turn off at 76F or 78F depending on how you set the interval, so they don't cycle as frequently. This is the best setting to use if you're sensitive to the noise of the fans.

👤My attempts at installation were not very good, I marred the surface around the control plate until I thought to tape off and the surrounding area to avoid such nicks. I don't think that's a problem with the product, just the installation, it's just the noise that the lowest speed fan makes, if it clicks on during a movie, it's something that can bother you if you're into the movie. Was hoping for better. The display is too bright on its dimmer setting to stay on full-time, so it mostly stays off unless I change it. I would have liked to see a dimme that was suitable for a home theatre setup. Minor complaints aside, I'm keeping the temps down where I want them, and can put big heat-producers in cabinets that made me nervous previously, so it does its job well.

👤I put this setup inside my desk cabinet so I could keep my two Synology NAS drives cool. The kit is very clean and well made. The DOA fan was replaced via Amazon without a problem. I'm really impressed with the 15 degree reduction in the cabinet's temperature. The slatted front of my cabinet allows for air to flow in. You can change the direction of the fan by flipping it around and reinstalling it. The only complaint I have about this product is that they should include an interior plate that mounts on the inside of the cabinet so that it looks just as clean as the outside.

4. Atlantic 83035729 Venus Media Cabinet

Atlantic 83035729 Venus Media Cabinet

The dimensions are 35 1/2 W x 16 3/4" D x 61" H. This stylish media storage cabinet holds a lot of media in a small footprint. CD, DVD, and Blu-ray can be kept well-organized with the help of 4 height shelves, 2 fixed shelves, and 5 sliding dividers. The magnetic push-to-open doors keep the dust out. The storage cabinet has a lot of space. The design has curved doors.

Brand: Atlantic

👤I was hesitant to buy it after reading the reviews. I want another one. The reviews called the pressed wood and cardboard cheap. What will they get for $50? The cabinet is designed to hold CDs and DVDs. It's called small. It holds small things. They might have expected a railroad car. It's perfect for what it's advertised. I am an engineer, inventor and designer, and I say Atlantic! Home run!

👤Don't buy. I got it out of the box to assemble and there are stripped screws because the holes in the box don't match up. The directions are very confusing. I would like to start this months ago so I could get a replacement. This is the worst item I've ever purchased from Amazon. I would only take this down if they offered to send me a replacement and I could send this one back. Someone didn't know what they were doing when they made this furniture. I'm trying to find a cabinet for my son's games and dvds.

👤It is easy to assemble, but I wish they labeled the pieces better to know what is front and back. I have to redo things a few times because it wasn't clear how to do it. The stand doesn't feel secure, but it won't break. The picture made it seem bigger than it is. It's quite small.

👤I ordered one to get rid of the huge armoire my husband kept his movies in. He was concerned that it wouldn't be big enough. He was correct in saying that someone in this day and age doesn't need 100 hard copy DVDs. He agreed to try it after trimming down his collection. I loved it and he did the same. He convinced me to get a second one to mirror the sides of our TV and I can store some items that I want to hide. They look great! It's surprisingly good quality, and I love the curved doors. I put the 2nd one together without a problem when the first one came without instructions. I would definitely recommend this. If you measure before you order, you will have a good idea of the size.

👤I have 3 of them. They are good for the price. They are stable even on carpet. Push on the door and it opens. It was held closed. The pictograms for assembly are weak. It took a lot of scrutiny to be sure I had the right parts. It would have been nice to have an indicator of what side is front, back, top and bottom. It was easy when I got to the third one.

👤I have specific limitations that this item doesn't fit in, but there's a lot to not like about this DVD rack. It works, but only for a moment. The unit is cheap and crappy, and it's packed with cheap styrofoam, which gets everywhere. The parts are covered with black fibers, which is a by-product of the textured surface. I had to carefully vacuum all the parts. The construction is similar to an Ikea bookcase, but the dowels were loose in their holes. The instructions were not up to the standards of the furniture store. Everything felt flimsy as I assembled it. The unit seemed rigid once it was completed. Can't say how it will stand up over time. The unit doesn't have feet. I put felt pads on the corners to make it slide on the tile floors. Is it a good idea to recommend it? Meh. Will I buy more for myself? I will complain all the time.

5. StarTech Com Server Rack Cabinet Enclosure

StarTech Com Server Rack Cabinet Enclosure

The 1U rack space has a design of Rear Exhaust and Airflow of 40 to 180 CFM. The server rack cabinet has an internal depth of 33 and a mounting depth of up to 30. Two keys are used for locking doors/sides. Rolling/Mobile data. A sturdy enclosure with Casters, leveling feet, 100 Cage nuts/screws, hook & loop tape, and 1U shelf is available. Design and gentrification. The mesh doors and side panels have a vent. 1U height intervals are marked for identification. It is compliant for server/networking equipment and supports brands like HPE ProLiant and Dell. The mounting depth is 2 to 30in. The stationary capacity is 995 lbs. 100xM6 cage nuts and screws. 10ft hook and loop tape is inc. . There are grounding lugs.

Brand: Startech

👤This rack impressed me. I can exhaust heat out of the side of the rack, which is a good thing. I have a Cyberpower 2U UPS in the front and a 2U extension battery in the back. I have a shelf for small bits in front of me, a drawer in the back, and a Super Micro 2U server above that. I had to move the rails to get things to fit. I went to snap in the rails for the server because I knew it would fit in the rack. Thankfully, I was able to loosen the cage nuts with a variety of tools, including a screw-bit and a U-Joint, but I had to dismount a lot of other things. The rack was bolted to a pallet and arrived in great shape. I have this sitting on hockey pucks in the bedroom closet because it is in the home lab. It might roll with it loaded, but it will probably fail with that much weight on it. It's not against the caster, it's the carpet and pad that will eat it, and on a tile floor it would roll just fine.

👤I have a solid rack for my home theater equipment. Black steel construction is very sturdy. You will need more than one small rack shelf. I didn't need a rack quite so deep for my application because it was quite deep. The stabilizing feet were bent at a weird angle, but I mostly plan on leaving it on the wheels. You should be aware that you will need nuts and bolts to attach shelfs and items to this rack, this makes mounting a bit more difficult. A lot of nuts, bolts, and washers, as well as some cable ties and a small shelf, are included in the package. The item was mounted to a pallet and shipped in a large carboard box, but it was easy to remove with a sockets set.

👤I have every confidence that I could fill it with the necessary supplies and it would take it. It's big and heavy. You should make a plan in advance. You'll be happy if you don't have to move it. My homelab is running very well.

👤Un salle de salle et de salle de salle, rien a redire. A la profondeur des rails pour Les serveurs, car and tentre juste. La baie est recue. Je conseille vivement.

6. AC Infinity Controller AIRPLATE MULTIFAN

AC Infinity Controller AIRPLATE MULTIFAN

The dimensions are 11.6 x 6.3 x 1.5 in. Exhaust: top, Airflow: 140 CFM, noise: 19 decibels Preset temperature for fans and devices. You can control up to six AC fans and a cabinet. There are four pre-set temperature triggers and an ON and off mode. The surface mount design has a waterproof temperature probe. Can be powered by an Outlet or ausb wall adapter.

Brand: Ac Infinity

👤I need a cooling fan for a custom cabinet that I built. I was concerned that cutting the hole into the cabinet would ruin the finish. I ordered the AC Airplate S2 which fit best in the cabinet design. These products are first class. The boxing reminded me of when I bought my first Apple product, which was well packaged, insulated and a custom look that made me happy. The instructions were clear and complete when opened. The template for the cut-out was clear plastic. This isn't a dotted line, cut this out of the instructions template, but a separate plastic template for the cut out hole and face template for the Airplate S2 which made it easy to mark the required cut out hole and place the face template exactly where I wanted it. First class engineering, thinking with the customer. The Airplate S2 fan and thermal switch worked perfectly after installation. 3 additional fans can be added to the system and daisy chained to the original wiring using the engineering of this product. If they are any indication of how AC Infinity designs their products, they should be recommended as well.

👤I'm very interested in the subject. I use computer case fans to circulate air out of my fireplace. It makes a big difference in spreading heat. I've always had them turn off in the spring and summer when it's cold. The device controls my fans so they only turn on when the fireplace warms up. My fireplace is completely automated. I love gadgets that make life easier. You should recommend it.

👤I plugged the power cable into the back of the tower when I installed the Airplate fans in the rack enclosure. They would turn on and off the computer. I thought it would be better if they only ran when needed and stayed on until the temperature dropped. It was easy to talk myself into it because it was so inexpensive. The fans run a bit faster when plugged into the AC/USB block that comes with them. I connected the probe to the exhaust grille. After the powerup, the fans start up. I think they shut off quickly when I leave. I made a small mount for the unit to fit in the front of the cabinet. The rack-mount controls with readouts would have been cool, but this little guy does the job for peanuts.

👤The top shelf of the media cabinet is where my receiver is located. I don't have doors on the cabinet, so I have to vent the heat from my equipment through the front. My receiver is on the top shelf and has a clearance of about 4 inches. The top of the receiver and the top of the cabinet used to trap heat. Not anymore! I put a AC Infinity MULTIFAN S2 on top of the receiver vent to blow the heat out of the cabinet. I like that the fan is well made, it has insulated rubber feet, it has three fan speeds, and it has a blower configuration that blows the air forward. In the "Low" setting, the fan's noise level is barely a whisper and can't be heard when all music is off. The fan can be powered by either AC or ausb. I added a compatible thermal switch to my fan that only activated it when the heat build-up exceeded a set point. The thermal switch turns the fan off when the receiver is turned off. Installation of the fan and thermal switch is very easy. I recommend the fan, AC adapter, and thermal switch - the link for the fan is at the bottom of the page.

7. AxcessAbles Equipment Compatible American Recording

AxcessAbles Equipment Compatible American Recording

The cabinet case has Locking Wheels for the computer server, home theater rackmount gear, and audiovisual equipment. It is compatible with American and European rackmount standards. There are two packs of 5mm and 6mm screws. The front and back design is open. Vented- Side Panels are used for protection. Side panels can be left off. There are no weight bearing panels. There are front and rear rack rails. The coat is textured and black. Equipment can be held up to 18 inches deep. Caster Wheels for Multi-Surface are Sturdy. 2 wheels with locks. A blank panel is included. The dimensions are 18” x 20” x27.5” with wheels. The shipping weight was 39.7lb. The weight capacity is over 400 lbs. Load capacity can be increased by removing wheels. It's easy to assembly. This equipment rack is ideal for storing and organizing equipment. It's compatible with all of the AxcessAbles drawers, trays and rack accessories.

Brand: Axa Axcessables

👤I thought it was just stamped metal that bolts together. It works well. It is the right size with all the threaded holes. There are rolling wheels that lock. I put a picture of it in my house. Extra space is always nice as we always upgrade things. Would recommend this cabinet to everyone. It is the cheapest cabinet I could find, and it works perfectly. I can't think of anything to make it better.

👤The rack is nice. It's not a good rack. The rails are punched and tapped. The metal is thin so I stripped out two holes easily. It looks great, but it's not very sturdy. This is a sub-$100 rack and not a $100 rack. I would not buy it again. I will keep it and make it work because it fits where I need it. I was disappointed that I had to move the rack down a hole in order to install a 4U server case after doing some research. The gap at the top is too small for a 1U cover. Its going to work. Over time, I hope to get my money worth. I give it a 5-star rating but wish the metal was a little thicker. I would have preferred the 10-32 screws. What can you say about China?

👤It went well. I read reviews about how to remove screws. Ignore them. These are plastic rack screws and they hold the whole thing together. Don't tighten the screws and then remove them at once. Put the screws in tight after you insert the new piece. Use a good screw driver and tighten them a couple of turns. Look at the arrow stickers that show which side is USA and which side is euro for all the corners. I have both sides set up with USA rack sizes.

👤Left seller feedback. Be careful with this product. The threads aren't manufactured right. They do not allow you to tighten the sides. There are holes in the side rails to mount your gear. 2 of them are standard size for audio gear. The hole is larger. Without threading, the standard 19" rack screws will slip right into them. They put all the screws in the holes and then have 2 more bags in the box. The instruction sheet is really bad. The rack is nice for the size, but lacks a purpose of holding your gear secure. I have a better one, the one that costs a bit more. This is a cheaper brand knock off. I don't recommend this product, but I might have received a bad unit and others are good. Purchase at your own risk.

👤I wanted a server rack for a long time, but instead of buying one I wanted to see if I could find a rack that musicians use. I found a rack. It was easy to put together. The ability to lock the wheels in place is great. I'm very happy with my purchase and I'm looking forward to adding more hardware.

8. Sauder 411591 Homeplus Base Cabinet

Sauder 411591 Homeplus Base Cabinet

Up to two high. There is a shelf behind the doors. The back panel has cord access. The base levelers can be adjusted. The dimensions are 29 5/8" W x 17 D x 37 3/8" H. The dimensions are 29 5/8" W x 17 D x 37 3/8" H.

Brand: Sauder

👤I love these cabinets. I ordered 5 to fill the wall. They were screwed to the wall for added support. We alternated doors to give a different look. The backboard is cheap, but I knew it would work for me against a wall. Some pieces were damaged. The damage was done to the same piece, which leads me to believe they need better packaging. I hid the damaged side piece as I screwed them together. I would have been upset if I only ordered one. Three of the five were the same side. That is the only reason for four stars. Assembly was not terrible. The directions were clear. Getting the doors lined up was the hardest part, but that is not bad if you have someone who has done it before.

👤I liked how it turned out. It's stronger than I thought and it's good for storing large items inside. I think they should improve one part. The screw for the bottom foot bases is too short and you can't control it down the long foot base hole. It's hard to see and hard to screw in. The hole was too big and the screw was stripped. The toothpick trick was used to re-fill the hole. It came out really well other than that one step. There is a The rice cooker and coffee machine fit on the top of the kitchen counter. It was perfect for what I was trying to accomplish.

👤I was skeptical about the cabinet at first, but it turned out to be a nice piece of furniture. It's used for towels and bath rugs. It's pre drilled holes make assembly easy. Two people can do this in 30 minutes. The doors can be fixed in 5 seconds. Pre loaded screws are on the door hinges. The screws adjust the gap between the doors.

👤My husband and I have differing feelings about this cabinet. It has holes for plugs and we love it. The look is sleek. It's a good size and height. A mail station was built in our corner to sort, keep, shred, and throw away mail correspondence. It's great to hide our ugly garbage can. There are pros and cons. I debated about taking away more stars because of the reason for taking stars away. It is very difficult for my husband to get the correct alignment. He is a builder. We have put together many furniture before. The only problem with building this cabinet was that the doors kept coming off the hinges when he tired to align them. There is a small gap between the doors after we gave up, but it will have to be done. We love the style and color, but we don't like the door installation. Good luck!

👤The set has a great cabinet. I bought the full set in brown for my bedroom. I like it. I use this cabinet for my linens. I don't like pulling things out of a room. I could vacuum seal three queen comforter sets with shams and throw pillows and add some loose sheets or pillow cases every now and then. Everything fit right. I am very pleased with the purchase. The specifications were correct and the color was as expected. It was in excellent condition when it arrived. There is a small gap in the doors. The person I hired to build this, the shorter cabinet, and the wardrobe was done in less than two hours. He only used his tool box.

9. AC Infinity AIRPLATE Cooling Cabinets

AC Infinity AIRPLATE Cooling Cabinets

The fan is 1 in. Airflow: 52 CFM, noise: 18 dBA, and Bearings: dual ball. A fan system that requires minimal noise is designed for cooling cabinets. A multi-speed controller is used to set the fan's speed. A modern brushed black finish is contained in the frame. The included Turbo Adapter increases performance by 25%. The dimensions are 11.7 x 6.1 x 1.3 in. The total airflow is 104 CFM and the total noise is 19 dBA. The dimensions are 11.7 x 6.1 x 1.3 in. The total airflow is 104 CFM and the total noise is 19 dBA.

Brand: Ac Infinity

👤The entertainment cabinet has fans that keep it cool, but the noise it makes is annoying. I tried a lot of things to get it to stop. It still annoyed me a year later. I have been contacted by AC Infinity who are resolving the issue after I posted this review. I am starting to like this product and company. The issue may affect the star rating. The replacement was returned along with the return shipping label. It is nice and quiet after installation. The first unit I put up with for over a year must have been damaged. The review was bumped up to a 5 star for good customer service and a good product.

👤Great product. Quiet operation. It seems well built. I put a vent in the door of my small vocal booth to draw in fresh air. There is a fan on the wall. I put the speed switch inside the booth. Quiet operation is important since this is a recording studio. I put a vent grill inside the booth and mounted the fan on the outer wall. The noise floor in the booth is 30 decibels. It's 32dB on low, 34dB on medium, and 36dB on high with the fan running. If I lightly rub my hands together, it will double the sound pressure level of the background noise in the room while the fan is set to medium. I think studio people will find these numbers useful, and normal people will understand my comparisons. I can exchange all the air in my booth every 115 seconds, keep my noise-floor nice and low, and make my vocalists happy.

👤This is my third product. I have previously purchased two ac exhaust fans which are great and still in use a year later. My purchase was the dual fan wallplate/airplate with the switch non-controller version. My application is to pull cool air from the room into a 3x3 to keep the inside plants at optimal temperatures. I want to get several degrees lower in flower than in the inside so that I can have a realistic fall harvest. Why did I need it? I use anLED that is too big for the space and puts off a bit of heat into a small space. I was having difficulty in my small space in calling in the temp. Over the years, I have purchased fans from a number of big box retailers. Some are still used, some are recycled or returned. I went ahead and tried fan after fan propped against the side of the tent with the flap open to force the cool air in. The inexpensive Amazon basic floor fan pushes a lot of air. The method adds noise and light to the tent. This is a problem and will result in confused plants or worse. I am still lazy and seek the cheapest way, but I have been very pleased with my other ac infinity products, and taking a flyer on this dual fan air was an easy decision. This fits my 3x3 bottom vent very well. I did not have to use the included screws or zip ties. How snug is it? Even perfect. I cut the mess in my tent with a box cutter and pushed the plate into place. This took some elbow grease, but once I got it in, I thought it was the middle cup of porridge. I am able to keep my home's air set to 70 and allow for fresh air to enter the airplate and force the hot air out of the top. My ac outtake fan is pulling the hot air set on low with a controller and an oversized filter from another company to keep the smell out of this spare bedroom. Some pictures were added. I thought the non-controller version of the dual fan airplate would be too much for my two other intake/outtake fans with the controllers. There is a small switch on the airplate. Off, low, medium and high. It pushes air into the tent to keep the perfect temperature. I was surprised that the airplate was able to push as much air as it can. It would have been better if it had a smart app controlled outlet to turn off and on. White was not available. Hope this helped some people. Thank you for your kind words.

10. AC Infinity AIRPLATE Cooling Control

AC Infinity AIRPLATE Cooling Control

The dimensions are 4.5 x 1.3 in. The total airflow is 52 CFM and the total noise is 18 dBa. A fan system that requires minimal noise is designed for cooling cabinets. A multi-speed controller is used to set the fan's speed. A modern brushed black finish is contained in the frame. The included Turbo Wall Adapter increases performance by 25%. The dimensions are: 17 x 6.1 x 1.3 in. The total airflow is 156 CFM and the total noise is 21 dBA.

Brand: Ac Infinity

👤The quality turn key solution is used. I built a home made window fan after being disappointed in finding a good window fan. The air will exchange in my house in an hour. No fan noise is the best.

👤I use this in my cats' litterbox room for fresh air because it's a cooling fan for an entertainment unit. The room is about 8' x 8', and I have two of the 3-fan units in a window, with the air blowing outside. There's a two-fan unit in a different window of the room. If I put my hand in front of the cat door that leads in from the rest of the house, I can feel a breeze flowing in, so I know it's fresh and free of odors. It helps to keep the litter boxes clean. I don't hear the fans at all because of the noise in the room. It's more quiet than most computer fans. Daisy-chaining two or more fans is easy. Each fan has a male and female plug that can be plugged into a wall or into a computer.

👤This product is straight forward. It has a wired enclosure with 3 120mm fans and a male and female plug that you can plug into. I just installed it and it is what I was looking for. It looks nice. It was easy to install, which was much better than other cooling solutions I tried to build. Place the template where you want it. The lines and holes should be marked. Cut/drill. Mount. I just got a new PC that is powerful. The old cooling fan that was in the cabinet was not enough for the new PC. I have to open the cabinet door if there is a game happening. Adding this S9 to the cabinet seems to have solved the problem. The cabinet is not warm anymore. I have a gaming PC, surround sound receiver, and a number of other things in a 16 square foot cabinet that is being cooled.

👤Looks andfits great. I had to change the fans because they were too noisy and I am very happy now.

👤Solidly built and easy to convert from push to pull air. If you are using a media or av cabinet, the fans are very quiet.

👤The fans are fairly quiet, considering how much air they are moving. It is loud for a home theatre setup. If you could change the fan speed to be half of the lowest setting, it would greatly reduce the noise. The fans are spun so fast by the lowest speed setting. I was able to turn this into a standing fan using scrap from around the house. It is quieter than most other fans I have tried and the noise is more pleasant.

👤This is being used to cool my xbox series x which is inside a cabinet. The cabinet has only 2 inches of space on each side, and the xbox is on it's side. My xbox would crash all the time if it wasn't for it. It gets hot. The air is being pulled through the cabinet to the rear. This cools the xbox. This is all I need and on this setting it is almost silent. I connected it to the power source that comes with it and the smart plug from Amazon. When the xbox is on, I have set it to turn on automatically. Setting low is almost silent and setting medium is noticable. I wish I had it sooner.

11. Ameriwood Home Carson Stand Cherry

Ameriwood Home Carson Stand Cherry

The stand is made from sturdy particleboard and MDF with metal accents. Overall is 15.75" D x 63" W x 20.5" H, Top Open Shelves are 15.75" D x 16" W x 5" H, and Middle Open Shelves are 13.8" D x 46" W x 5.6" H. The weight limits are as follows: Top open shelves 30 lbs., Middle open shelves 15-20 lbs. The cabinet has a top shelf of 10 lbs. and a lower shelf of 15 lbs. The Carson End Table, Coffee Table and Audio Stand are pieces that can be used in your living room, family room or basement. The open shelves give you plenty of space to keep your electronics in order. The open shelves and closed cabinets are used to stack your video games and DVD's.

Brand: Ameriwood Home

👤I have no complaints about this tv stand. It took 2 hours to install apox.

👤The quality is cheap. It was too good to be true at the price point. You need two people to do the assembly, it will take an hour. I should have stopped and packed this up. I tried to make it work. The fake wood that was attached to the stand dissolved and the leg couldn't be screwed in. I did not put it too tight for that to happen. We decided to use it without the legs and have it lay on the floor. My puppy decided to have a field day with the corner of the piece. I was horrified at how easy it was for the strips to come off. If my puppy tried to chew the corner, it would cause a lot of damage to my tv stand. The piece came undone with the smallest of efforts. The door fell off after a month. If you live alone with no pets or children, this may work for you. I would recommend investing in a quality piece.

👤The Altra Carson TV Stand is for TVs up to 70" I bought a TV stand and two audio stands and they look great as a set. If you want to set up the full set, you'll need a long empty wall. The items can't be purchased in a set with a 70" TV stand. I received the audio stands first. I put them together before I got the TV stand. It took about two hours to put together the two stands. The doors were the most challenging part of the project as they had to be aligned correctly so they wouldn't scratch against the top and bottom when they open and close. The stand is about 55" tall and has four shelves on each stand, as well as the storage behind the door. If you have less than five pounds that is not breakable, I think it would be safe to put it on the stand. The storage area behind the door is very large, and I was able to fit about 55 discs and 100 CDs in it. It makes sense that the TV stand is more time consuming than the audio stand because it has many more parts. The box is 98 pounds and it is strongly recommended to have someone help you move it. You will need a lot of floor space to assemble the TV stand. The door hinges were the most difficult part of the directions, they were very straightforward. I don't think I could have assembled the doors without a drill, even though the instructions don't mention one. Without a drill, you would need a second person to hold the door in place. The TV stand has less room than the audio stand, and is more appropriate for remotes, controllers, and manuals than media. There is a wide opening for cords in the back of the TV stand, but no real cord management system. I used cable ties and mounts to organize my cords. I have a 65" TV that is about an inch away from the edges on each side, so a 70" TV would be the largest size one could have without having the TV extend beyond the edges of the stand. The TV stand and two audio stands look the same as the bottom level of the audio stand, when put together. If the top of the TV stand were black like the 50" stand, the shelves of the audio stand would be black, and the center section of the top would be black. This unit is very sturdy and looks great.


What is the best product for home theater cabinet with doors?

Home theater cabinet with doors products from Vasagle. In this article about home theater cabinet with doors you can see why people choose the product. Elegant Home Fashions and Ac Infinity are also good brands to look for when you are finding home theater cabinet with doors.

What are the best brands for home theater cabinet with doors?

Vasagle, Elegant Home Fashions and Ac Infinity are some of the best brands that chosen by people for home theater cabinet with doors. Find the detail in this article. Atlantic, Startech and Ac Infinity are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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