Best Home Theater Cabinet with Glass Doors

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1. AC Infinity AIRPLATE Cooling Cabinets

AC Infinity AIRPLATE Cooling Cabinets

The dimensions are: 17 x 6.1 x 1.3 in. The total airflow is 156 CFM and the total noise is 21 dBA. A blower system that requires minimal noise is designed for cooling cabinets. When mounting space is limited or a smaller footprint is desired, a low-profile aluminum frame is ideal. A multi-speed controller is used to set the fan's speed. The included Turbo Adapter increases performance by 25%. The dimensions are 5.8 x 2.0 x 4.7 in.

Brand: Ac Infinity

👤This fan is of the highest quality. I am very pleased with it. I bought this to help cool the PS4 that's in my entertainment cabinet. They stuck a floor fan in front of the PS4 to keep it cool. I was going to build a cabinet fan, but I saw this one for $30. I couldn't get a decent cooling system together for 30 bucks. I was skeptical about the price until I got it. Wow. It's packaged like an egg. I've seen this side of an Apple device. There is a The construction of the fan looks great. The plastic version is rectangular, but the faux brushed aluminum version is very convincing. It has more hardware than you need. Matching wood or machine screws. I used a Dremel to cut out the cutout from the clear plastic template. The instructions were in perfect English. It comes on with the PS4 because it's powered by ausb port. It has a wall wart to power it as well. You can tuck the switch away on the cord if you want, because it is placed on the cord. Being a media cabinet fan, it is whisper quiet. It is acceptable at the highest setting, but not the quietest parts of a movie. It moves a lot of hot air out of the setting where I have it. If I could, I would give it 6 stars.

👤I bought a fan to install in my tv stand. After a while, I was concerned that the heat would affect the long term on the system of my ps4 pro. I bought a thermostat and controller from the same company. I opened the box. The build quality of the fan and thermostat fan control was very good. The fan Grill is made of aluminum. It was easy to install. It comes with a template that you cut out. My fan is above my ps4 pro and rear exit exhaust. I was getting a reading of 105 in my tv stand after testing the tempature with no fan. It stays at 80 f with the fan control and fan operating. I'm going to look into the Aircom T8 as well. If you're looking for a 120mm fan, this style is for you. Buy from this company. Great product. Excellent quality. I was very impressed with the quality of the product.

👤I need a cooling fan for a custom cabinet that I built. I was concerned that cutting the hole into the cabinet would ruin the finish. I ordered the AC Airplate S2 which fit best in the cabinet design. These products are first class. The boxing reminded me of when I bought my first Apple product, which was well packaged, insulated and a custom look that made me happy. The instructions were clear and complete when opened. The template for the cut-out was clear plastic. This isn't a dotted line, cut this out of the instructions template, but a separate plastic template for the cut out hole and face template for the Airplate S2 which made it easy to mark the required cut out hole and place the face template exactly where I wanted it. First class engineering, thinking with the customer. The Airplate S2 fan and thermal switch worked perfectly after installation. 3 additional fans can be added to the system and daisy chained to the original wiring using the engineering of this product. If they are any indication of how AC Infinity designs their products, they should be recommended as well.

2. Ameriwood Home Englewood Stand Espresso

Ameriwood Home Englewood Stand Espresso

The Ameriwood Home Englewood TY Stand is 55" tall. 55” flat panel TVs have a maximum weight of 65 lbs. The dimensions are 22 15/16”h x 53 5/8”w x 16 9/16”d. There are wire management holes that help keep your cords tidy and tangle free, as well as open and closed storage for your entertainment components. Two glass doors keep your items safe. The espresso finish looks great. The espresso finish looks great.

Brand: Ameriwood Home

👤I will get to the point. The price is the good. It's cheap. It's solid and comes with its own price. It will hold up. It's easy to assemble, but beware. It's pretty. The design is sleek, stylish and minimal. It smells good. The materials are terrible. It's seriously. This would be a flagship item if the dollar store sold furniture. The "espresso" finish is a joke. It's printed on paper and glues onto a particle board. There were parts that were peeling. It's heavy, man. 88 or so pounds to fit inside. This xoes contribute to its end game strength which is kind of surprising. I'm pretty sure the packing department is dead. The glass doors are slid into the box and the other parts of the unit are damaged. Come on... cosmetic issues are bound to show themselves to you. The parts were bad when I found them out of the box. Don't use this thing without some sort of cover protection. Two minutes resting on the unit will mark it up. Don't worry about moving things around or sliding things on the table. Those days are over. Whatever, dude. I guess we shouldn't complain because it was a hundred bucks. When it comes to consumer goods, quality and craftsmanship have become a lost art, so why would we expect anything other than a $100 unit that is made in China? Just found out it's made in Ohio. This proves my point of modern day craftsmanship even more so.

👤The TV stand is great. I bought this for my TV and it fits. A bit higher than 2.5 feet. This was easy to do. It took 1.5 hours to do it by myself. Take your time. The instructions are easy to follow. The holes are pre-drilled, but not sure why someone said they weren't. It's like putting together furniture. It was delivered in perfect condition. There is a small scratch on the back. You can't see it. It's a steal for $89. Quality is comparable to Ikea stuff. I bought the rustic gray and it's what I wanted. I couldn't have asked for a better stand. It looks nice. The star sits 1 degree from the level. You will not find anything better for this price. Definitely recommend!

👤Many of the reviews say the doors don't align. You can't blame the seller for what FedEx does to your package. I watched the FedEx man drop his package on my patio, it fell on to my bench and punched a small hole in the box, damaging the back. The damage is not visible because it is on the back. This piece took about an hour and a half to put together and comes with a lot of small screws and parts. Take your time and be patient. Handing the cabinet doors requires you to use a level. If you screw the hinges in and think it will be aligned perfectly, you'll be disappointed. I took my time and the doors were perfect. This is made of particle board, so don't think you're getting high quality solid wood. For the price, it looks fantastic.

3. Legrand Management Structured Wall ENP1700 NA

Legrand Management Structured Wall ENP1700 NA

There is a large centrally located open area with one flip down drawer, one pull out drawer and four storage spaces with glass doors. Storage and distribution of structured wiring and audio visual components is what this is designed for. Can be placed behind most TV wall-mounts. 3rd party structured wiring components are compatible with many devices. The trim ring hides the cut out of the wall. The split cover is designed to snap into place. Even if partially covered, split design supports removal and access to components.

Brand: Legrand - Onq

👤The Structured Media Enclosure of the 17” Legrand - OnQ Cable Management, worked well for holding cables behind my tv. It was easy to install and held everything. It would hold a streaming box as well as the One Connect. I used the screw hole tabs on the sides of the enclosure instead of using the included mounting brackets. I only give it 3 stars because it is way over priced for an empty plastic box with cable/electric cut outs and pop on face plates, and I didn't use it. It doesn't have anything for mounting stuff inside or for gasketing the cable cutouts. For $55 they should be included. I took off another star because the electric box cutout didn't fit any metal or plastic electric boxes sold at either of the big box stores. I am not an electrician, so I may be missing something, but I tried every metal single gang electric box sold at big orange and none lined up with the mounting holes on the media enclosure. I had to add small washers to the metal electric box wing mounts to make sure they line up with the mounting holes on the cutout. That worked well, but was a lot of food and took a lot of time. It is a bare bones, overpriced plastic media enclosure with a non-standard electric cutout that does get the job done and now has a permanent place hidden behind my tv. .

👤I bought this on Amazon when it was reduced to $39. I was happy with the price. You should read the description carefully so you know what's in it. The way I ordered mine was the same as mine. A box and cover. Lowes has free delivery on the grommets, while Amazon has a delivery fee. It's supposed to fit between the studs, but it's not tight enough. The install was a bit of a challenge because I had to fit it with a snug fit and not stress the mounting tabs. Why isn't it the right size? It's being used as a low voltage networking enclosure in my garage, where I'll have a mesh network device, TV cable and ethernet distribution, and some other low voltage wiring. I will probably just secure my components with cable ties and not bother with the expensive shelf. I would prefer that Legrand had a cover with no holes.

👤Behind my tv is a set. A box needs to be hidden from view. The box was perfect for storing it in the wall.

👤The product did what I wanted. I put it behind a new TV, a cable box, and an electric box. It was flush with the wall.

👤This fit in between the studs and hid the electronics.

👤Attach unit. 2,000 dollars worth of electronic equipment was ruined when the unit fell out. Don't buy.

4. Lutron 3 Button Wireless Lighting PJ2 3BRL WH L01R

Lutron 3 Button Wireless Lighting PJ2 3BRL WH L01R

You can use button controls that make it easy to cycle through light effects, adjust brightness, or start/stop the rotating motion with the app. The model has a red, blue, and green cloud. The Pico remote control has buttons on and off, as well as a "favorite" button. Controls Caseta Wireless dimmer and plug-in lamp dimmer. You can adjust the lights in the room. Lutron's highly reliable RF technology ensures seamless communication between your Caseta Wireless products. The remote has a 10-year battery life. There are coordinating accessories sold separately. There are coordinating accessories sold separately.

Brand: Lutron

👤I have a Lutron Caseta wall dimmer switch and a Wink hub. The products have a proprietary wireless system that is not Z-wave or Zigbee. They will work with or without a home automation system if you sell and take your home automation hub with you. You can pair the Pico remote through Wink, but not using the directions provided by Lutron. You can use this remote anywhere on a wall, or in a box where a 3 or 4 way slave switch used to reside. The package for the remote should include a piece of plastic for mounting in a box. If you install it in a box, you just connect all the wires together with a large wire nut, and you're good to go. If you want to reverse the process if you remove the Lutron switch, you should take a picture of the existing switch wiring and tag the wires as necessary. The remote is a bit nicer than the wireless switch I used it with, because the middle button can be set to turn on to a remembered brightness level, where the on button remains full bright. This product works as well as any wired slave switch, if the distance is not great. It would be a distance to the Wink hub for use with a Wink system. It is not possible to use without a hub. I did not test out distance, but I have not had any issues with them being on a different floor than my hub, so the distance is not great. I generally don't like proprietary systems, but here it does provide some benefit.

👤The device will control Lutron Caseta switches. There are various forms of luton switches in the picture above, and one of the remotes is on the right. It can be used to provide a third control point for the Living room light. I have a unit in my hallway. I can turn off the yard lights when I notice they are still on when I walk toward my bedroom. The added convenience of controls is what makes the price cheap compared to the cost of a regular switch.

👤Lutron's Caseta light of lighting controllers is the only one that I like using and installing, and it's the only smart home automation product that I've tried. The whole thing just works, the controllers are high quality, the dimming is smooth, and the whole thing feels like luxury instead of like a broken techno device. They say it's 30 feet. It works over hundreds of feet for me. The Pico remote requires other Lutron Caseta gear to work. The black model is very striking and can be used to distinguish one remote from another. I wish they were available in more colors.

👤It is necessary to allow 3-way control of the hallway light fixture. I wish they were available in Light Almond as a package, but it would be cheaper than having an electrician pull wire and install a new dimmer, which would still only let me control dimming from one end of the hallway. The installation process of all three products took less than an hour, and I am very pleased with the result.

5. AC Infinity AIRPLATE Thermostat Cabinets

AC Infinity AIRPLATE Thermostat Cabinets

The fan system is ultra quiet and requires minimal noise. An on board processor provides a read-out of the temperatures in the cabinets. The programming includes thermostat control, fan speed control, and energy saving mode. The dimensions are 6.3 x 6.3 x 1.3 in. Airflow: 52 CFM, noise: 18 dBA, and Bearings: dual ball.

Brand: Ac Infinity

👤I needed a mini-fridge under the bathroom sink to keep my medicines cool. The space was heating to 100F and struggling to hold the internal temperature despite 2 x 4" passive vents. The issue has been fixed by installing this unit. It has a large vent with options to daisy-chain others. The control unit and fan look like they are made of brushed metal. The controls are easy to understand and can be used in 3 different ways: on, auto and smart, and an over-temp alarm setting mode. The display can be switched off, or the temperature can be changed for deg C or F. There is an option to set the alarm point. Set and forget. The smart mode steps the fan down by 4 steps as you approach the temperature, to run it quietly when close to the set-point. Great job vendor. Really nice product.

👤I installed a fantastic cooling fan after receiving it. I have a Denon amplifier in a narrow entertainment center with 5.1 Klipsch Signature Series speakers. When cranking the volume for 6-7 minutes, I had to decrease it because the amplifier got 101 degrees without the fan on, even with the cabinet doors open. The fan was mounted directly under the vents blowing the air through the amplifier, which powered it up quickly. Even though the cabinet doors were closed, the fan decreased the temp to a steady 84 degrees. The fan will run to drop the temp 2 to 4 degrees lower before shutting off if you set it in a certain way. I'm happy. Electronics are destroyed in no time. The fan was $50 and took 20 minutes to install. The quality is excellent. The module is easy to read. It's been over an hour and a half and the temperature is still reading steady at 84 degrees. This product is very good.

👤The new Xbox X runs hotter than the S version. The media center had no fan and the temperature inside was going over 125 degrees. The temperature gets even hotter when you run a 4k game. The temperatures were more manageable with this single fan and cracking the front door. In the 80s, it was smart mode. It would get hotter if you played 4k. The temp inside the house has to be taken into account. 70 temp. I added a second fan and the temperatures are great. When pushing the system in 4k, it was mid 70s. I measured the exit fan temps for the Xbox one with a laser gun. The media center is getting a lot of heat out of it. Its product quality is top notch. I bought another setup for the modem on the other side of the media center because it was so good. That is running at 73 with a single fan. Highly recommended.

👤The value for money is great. The thermostat controller has a nice metal finish and the frame for the fan is also nice. The templates made it easy to mount. I put the fan on top of the receiver. I was not getting enough temperature reduction. Instead, I mounted the fan into the bottom of the shelf where my receiver is, and reversed the flow of the fan. Cool air comes from underneath the shelf into the receiver. This way, the cool air can travel through the receiver and out of the top of the receiver. It worked out well. The temperature never went above 87 degrees while I was cranking my receiver. The receiver has a thermal shut off of around 105. The backlight goes off after about 5 seconds. Put it in "off" mode and then hold the up button for 5 seconds to keep it on. Hold the down button to turn off the backlight. The fan is quiet and the "smart" mode works well, increasing the fan speed as temperatures climb. I have not heard any fan noise. I wanted the display to be visible all of the time, but it is incredibly bright. I put a blue colored gel sheet on top of the display. The cover was popped back on. The dark blue tint on the display doesn't stand out as much as it could if you were watching a movie. See photo. It would be great if the manufacturer could add a contrast or brightness setting to the display so that it could be turned off with the controls.

6. Baxton Studio Wholesale Interiors Beasley

Baxton Studio Wholesale Interiors Beasley

It is made with pre-laminated engineered wood. The TV cabinet is tall. Glass sliding doors. The shelf is 3.78 high and 20.67 wide. Wide by 10 deep inches. The drawer was high and wide and deep. The shelf is 5.67 high and 22.83 wide. It was deep inches. 70" wide TV stand has 1 center shelf, 1 drawer, and 2 shelves on the left and right. It can hold up to 150 pounds. 40 pounds is the maximum shelf weight capacity. Ships in several boxes. Ships in several boxes.

Brand: Baxton Studio

👤Let's start with what I like about this product. The design and color look of it is great. A modern product is being tried to deliver that resembles a photo. I think it is one step above IKEA, which is understandable, given the price. The people doing the prep work like drilling holes for screws, cutting and placing the parts into the box make the IKEA guys look like nuclear rocket scientists. There are holes that don't come close to being lined up with the correct parts. It has more damage than the furniture I bought. I was sent 2 left sides and no right side. I had to make do with what I have and hope that they will send the correct one at the right time so that I can move the review up to 2 stars. It was a poor follow through on what could have been a great product. I would swear I was being filmed for an experiment in frustration because the instructions are not great. Not every part had a number on it and the instructions were not very clear. The least of the issues here.

👤I took my chances. I regret my bravery. It's hard to leave a review when you can't install it. The corners, holes, and particle board were damaged. Instructions can be used as a reference for the build. There is a The pieces of the product were never fully finished. Let me explain. If wood is glue underneath with pre-drilled holes to fit your wooden dowels and minifix screws, piece 7 is the top long piece. This is where the walls of the left and right cabinets will be secured. I received a piece of wood that only had one slat of wood glue in it, which allowed me to secure the wall of the cabinet. It's ridiculous. Highly advise you stay away from this product as it seems hit or miss on whether you will receive your money's worth or not.

👤I made a mistake by not reading the reviews first. It's difficult to find an entertainment center like this that has the width for a 70" TV, so I jumped on it when I saw it for the price. I'm happy that I'm not the only one who struggled with this thing. Pre-cut/drilled holes were missing. I had to look at the finished thing and guess my way through. The instructions are missing steps. It took me 5 hours to put it together. I consider myself handy. I'm going to throw this thing in the trash whenever I leave this place. Don't waste time. The dollar is not worth the headaches.

👤OK. Don't be discouraged by the negative reviews. The people were either not very handy or tried to cut corners. Follow the instructions one step at a time, take your time, and be careful, and you will end up with a beautiful, fully functional, tv stand. I love it. The stand is sturdy and looks great for the price, but you won't get the quality of the furniture from Amazon. I put it together myself and it didn't have any damage. I am a 43 year old female with no upper body strength, and I had no problem getting the screws in the pilot holes. It's particle board, you don't need a drill or pre-drilled holes. Also that woman with no back... I don't know what happened because I have a back. If you have common sense, you should be able to follow the directions even if they are only pictures. I am very happy with my purchase. It's beautiful!

7. Atlantic DrawBridge Storage Organization Cabinet

Atlantic DrawBridge Storage Organization Cabinet

It can hold up to 50 Flat Screen Panel and up to 40 lbs. The product dimensions are 43.8(W)x11.7(D)x16.2(H) inches. Organised medical media. The Drawbridge Media Storage Cabinet is ideal for optical storage. Drawbridge can hold up to 120 CDs, as a DVD Storage Tower, as MOVIE ORGANIZER, and as a video game storage cabinet. There is a custom display. You have the option of having different organizational and storage options for your optical media collections. The space-saving design is. The Drawbridge is an excellent media storage cabinet for dorm room, apartment, or any space sensitive location. The look is modern. The furniture piece has a black finish. Its simple yet practical design is ideal for just about any space, large or small. Light weight and resilience: Drawbridge is made of wood and has a lot of flexibility to store and organize optical media and display collectibles without the weight and high price of solid wood furniture.

Brand: Atlantic

👤The product is worth $30. A lot of the reviews dismissing it's small size are people who don't pay attention to the information on the product. This was advertised with correct specifications and no assumptions about size. The media storage cabinet is advertised as a media storage cabinet. I don't recommend buying this for books. If you read the information on the product, you'll see that it's this tall. If you don't research the reviews before buying it, you don't deserve to give a bad review. The large bad reviews for this show that people don't always shop smart. Shipping: Amazon always does it right. I bought two and they were boxed together in a single box, and each unit was boxed inside a different box. A little too much. The instructions are pretty basic, but you eventually figure it out after a while. The quality of the materials allowed me to remove one of the boards and get it on the right way, even though I accidentally put it on the wrong way. One of the units had an extra screw in case I lost one. This is made of particle board and has a laminated piece for the back. You should not expect high quality woodwork for $30. You will have to pay for high quality wood work if you want it. It was good for what I wanted. I was happy with the quality, it felt sturdier than I anticipated. I am considering getting more of these.

👤It's a little smaller than what I thought it would be, but not bad. It has a nice black look and holds my CDs better than boxes. The top is large enough to hold a small plant or other small decorative item, so it doesn't take up a lot of room. It is very easy to assemble. I used a power screwdriver for less than 15 minutes. Amazon customer, named Joel Cella.

👤Don't buy! The product was awful. Nothing fits or meshes as it should. The parts don't fit together. The grooves on the back of the shelf are not large enough. The pegs are too wide and long to fit in the slots. We tried to make the pegs work, but they were not perfect. You can see what a regular one would look like. Pictures of the bottom of the shelf were provided to show how it is different from the correct side. The back wall of the shelf is too large to fit in the other side. The pegs are too big. Not sure what to do with the product other than have a broken shelf. It was horrible quality. Terrible work. The product was bad. It should be sent back for a refund.

👤I ordered it after reading hundreds of reviews. I love it! I needed a media storage shelf in my apartment to display my collection. I have 4 shelves of space for the discs. Instructions were easy to follow and I put them together in 25 minutes. I like it. If someone is looking for a small storage container, look no further.

8. Nexera 105261 Stereo Truffle Audio

Nexera 105261 Stereo Truffle Audio

There is a storage drawer on metal slides. There are 3 open spaces for electronic components. The wire access is easy and the air flow is optimal. The top quality finish is scratch, stain and water resistant. It was designed and made in Canada. The ship is from order date. It's required. When buying online each individual's color screen resolution is not set up in the same way as the rest of the world. When the correct item is sent,Nexera is not responsible for customers' disappointment in color variation. When buying online each individual's color screen resolution is not set up in the same way as the rest of the world. When the correct item is sent,Nexera is not responsible for customers' disappointment in color variation.

Brand: Nexera

👤It was easy to assemble, but it was covered in particulate from both manufacturing and packaging. Some edges of the manufactured wood are not faced with the same type of material as the fixed pieces, which is tacky. The drawer slides were being put on the sides of the drawers.

👤When I ordered it, it looked small in the picture. It has worked out well. Holds a lot of records. The wood finish is good. A lot better than I anticipated.

👤I love this product. So rustic.

👤I was looking for something similar and it looks great.

👤I wanted a simple cabinet to hold my stereo components. The package didn't have the bottom of the draw included. I contacted the parts department of nexera and was ignored, then contacted the costumer service and they said they transferred my email to the parts department. Guess what didn't get a response. Good luck if you purchase this cabinet.

9. Antarctic Star Refigerator Compressor Freestanding

Antarctic Star Refigerator Compressor Freestanding

The ALINRU Collection includes a Baker's rack, 4 storage shelves, a wire basket, 6 S-shaped hooks, and an easy-to- follow instructions. Wine is cooler when there is heat. The Wine Cooler allows you to store your wine in optimal conditions. The working temperature range is 40F- 61F and allows you to modify the temp. IDEAL light and warmth. The beverage refrigerator has a reinforced glass door with air tight seal and is perfect for your living room. The wine won't be damaged by the blue soft lighting. The larger the wine bottles, the better for canned beer and beverage storage. It's a space-saving way to store your bottles, and it won't harm your wines. TheSTANDING: Not for built in use. The beverage and wine center door will close more easily if the two front leveling legs are extended. A mini refrigerator can keep a variety of canned drinks or wine chilled without taking up too much space in your home, dorm, bar or office. The design of the left and right doors allows for the selection of different storage locations and the high-quality needs of different people and different locations. A mini refrigerator can keep a variety of canned drinks or wine chilled without taking up too much space in your home, dorm, bar or office. The design of the left and right doors allows for the selection of different storage locations and the high-quality needs of different people and different locations.

Brand: Antarctic Star

👤There is an update of 1 year and 3 months. There are still no issues. At half time. All good! happy with it There have been no issues for 5 months. Make sure your space can handle the requirement for 2” clearance on all sides. I have had it at half setting since day one. At half setting, it keeps getting cold. If you run it at a moderate setting, make sure it gets adequate air flow, and it should last. It was bought for our theater room. It is quiet. I had for a few weeks now. Works well. There are mini cans in the picture.

👤The first unit had some issues. It never got below 50F, the light stopped working, and it was forming ice droplets inside. I contacted INSS Customer Service and they were very understanding and helpful in explaining the problem with the photos. They immediately send me a new replacement, and so far it's working well. My review is based on the second unit and hassle-free support. I wish every company had great customer service agents like INSS.

👤This is my initial review of this item. The fridge doesn't seem to get cold enough. I like my wine cold, but I'm not sure what's going on with the temperature. It stays at 47 degrees. It feels like 57 degrees. I don't know if I will keep this product. I like the style and size of my office. The temperature is crazy. It makes some loud noises and that indicates something is wrong. I'm going to keep it for another week and see what happens. I spoke directly with a customer service representative after making the post, and they provided me with prompt and immediate service. It was nice to talk with someone and they resolved my issue. I would buy this item again just for the excellent customer service. Thank you for your attention to this matter.

👤I wanted a relatively small, free standing wine cooler with a compressor, rather than the thermoelectric type which is quieter but does not chill adequately. It's hard to find such. It is almost too cold for my liking, setting chills to 45 degrees. It does not hold 17 bottles. The maximum capacity is 10, 750 liter bottles or 8 bottles and 1 box.

👤Order this little guy over the weekend and you will be happy with the purchase. The seller sent it to us. No regrets, just a lot of cold drinks to beat the heat in Texas.

👤It has been several days since I got this wine cooler and it is growing on me. I chose this model because it needed something no bigger than 19 wide. The larger capacity of the bottles that "Antarctic Star" offers was appealing. The fridge is 50 lbs. and was shipped via FedEx. Shipping instructions show two people handling and upright shipping. I've seen a FedEx driver flip a box up the stairs to my condo. I realized how flimsy the packaging was after unpacking it, the top and bottom of the box are held by a plastic rope. I was worried about shipping damage. I wiped the inside of it and let it sit for 4 hours without plugging it in, as indicated in the manual. The manual was a little incoherent, but it included all the pertinent info. It was time to turn it on. When it is chilling, that thing is not silent. It's at the noise level of a similar size refrigerator. Don't put wine in it on the first day. I use my food thermometer to make sure it was good. Things got really weird there. Its current temperature gauge matches my temperature when it is cooling. temp swings were up to 6F when the gauge showed a preset temp. On the second day, I figured out that the temp inside will stay at 55 if you set to 50. The manual should have explained the nuances of this wine cooler, as it is my first one. We will see how it holds up.

10. Elegant Home Fashions Adriana 2 Shutter

Elegant Home Fashions Adriana 2 Shutter

The door knobs are chrome. There is an interior shelf. Hardware is included. Tools are not provided. The door magnets and hinges are pre-hung. The hardware package makes it easy to check and assemble. The hardware package makes it easy to check and assemble.

Brand: Elegant Home Fashions

👤This looks great and fits the space I needed it to. It was packed very well, and it was built by myself. I was impressed by how secure it was. I built the entire unit and went to put the doors on one of the final steps, but they wouldn't close because the back of the unit has an "L" cut out. The picture doesn't show this cutout on the two boards that are on the directions. I had to disassemble half the top end to flip the boards. I wish I had seen the other review that was critical of this. The bottom door catches the opening when I pull it open. I tightened the screws on the hinge and it still fell. Again, it looks great and gives plenty of storage, so it is a keeper, but it is definitely not a 5 stars.

👤Overall nice looking, well painted and sturdy. I took about 2 hours to assemble, but I was careful since the directions are incomplete. I agree with another reviewer who says that sturdiness is improved by putting a bit of wood glue on the dowels. If you're not sure which way the pieces fit after reading my corrected directions, don't use glue. It's still strong without the glue. The directions are incomplete; I would correct them. The cut-out corner of the shelves should be facing the back of the unit. The back of the unit should have the sides of panels E & F and rail D facing it. "After the camlocks are in, apply the round-white decals over the camlocks."

👤The linen tower was purchased for our bathroom. The closet was the perfect size for me. My daughter and I put it together quickly and it was easy to assemble. The tower is made of stable material and is very sturdy. The only complaint I have is a small flaw. The top door is not straight. I wanted to make other buyers aware that they get what they pay for, even though this is just a cosmetic flaw. The picture shows that the shelves can hold only 2 full size towels.

👤It's really bad. This thing is a mess. One of the legs did not have the protective plastic pieces, but it was not a big deal. I ran into trouble after the assembly was nearly completed. The stripped piece wouldn't assemble properly. I tried to fix it, but it didn't work. I was unable to assemble further. The shelf piece was split, which I could have just glue if it wasn't for the other part. This one isn't great for the money, so I would consider a different purchase.

👤The linen towers were purchased to go in the master bathroom. I have one for myself and one for my husband. The master bathroom was renovated when we moved in. The sinks were changed to a pedestal. There was a short cabinet next to the sinks. I wanted a cottage look and we needed more space. These are beautiful. My claw foot tub is next to mine. I think it would look great anywhere, because it added the look that I wanted. They are made well. Assembly is required. My husband put them together. There were many parts. He did a great job. It looks the same. I think it looks better than I had thought. There was nothing broken in the boxes. This is a prize purchase.

11. StarTech Com Portable Server Rack Cabinet

StarTech Com Portable Server Rack Cabinet

It was designed and made in Canada. The ship is from order date. It's required. Equipment should be kept cool and secure. The rack cabinet locks tight and the abundant vent encourages passive cooling to keep equipment at an optimal temperature. Measure the amount of muffin capacity. This easy to transport and quick-build 12U network rack is ready to move when you need it. The audio video cabinet has a dark glass door that allows you to see your equipment even if it's locked. The standard company has a good reputation. The 19” computer rack cabinet is compatible with standard rack-mountable equipment, and has a mounting depth of up to 29”

Brand: Startech

👤This review is for the 12U 36in rack. They have several different rack types bunched together in this section and they are very different from each other. I'm very happy with this rack, I'll start off by saying that. Modern rails won't work with an old Digital Storageworks rack that has round holes. I've been eyeing a 22U rack for a while, but they're too expensive. I don't understand why a used 22U rack costs more than a used 42U rack, but I can get a used 42U rack for 200 bucks. I decided that this was the perfect size for me, since it wasn't looking like I was going to find something less than 42U without a mortgage. The packaging was terrible according to many reviewers. I don't know if the 12U 36in rack is what they were talking about, but I found the packaging to be very sturdy. The outer box was made of cardboard reinforced with honeycomb cardboard ribs and wrapped in bubble wrap. When I opened it, there was no scratch on it. It took a good 10 minutes to unwrap it, so it was wrapped a little too well. The assembly was straight forward. It comes with everything you need to do it, but I would highly recommend using a drill with a bit of a wrist ache when you're done. The rack is very solid, and if it didn't say Startech on the front, it could easily pass for an APC. Two of the casters have foot brakes on them. I screwed the legs in past the wheels because I won't be using them. I was able to rack an apc 2200 ups and a Dell r710 server, but I was not able to use the cable management arm because it would have protruded from the rack. It's not a big deal as it's the only server in there, but it might be a little disappointing. I had to remove all of the vertical rails to make the Dell rails fit, but they did, and it may turn out to be a big problem. It does not allow a lot of air in, but it looks great. I haven't done a lot of testing yet, but when I closed the door, the server kicked up it's fan speed about a minute later, and when I opened the door, it turned it off. I might try to get another back door for it to put on the front if I can get Startech to do it. The glass door is becoming an issue. The fans kick into high gear when the ambient temperature sensor in my server goes from 78 to 92. The door was opened for about a minute and it went back to 78. I'm going to contact Startech to see if I can get another back door for the front of the store. I don't want to return the door after putting it all together. I'm stuck with leaving the door open unless I find a way to rebuild the front door with other material. I'm taking a star off for this because if you get this with the hopes of securing a full sized server you're going to have a thermal problem using this rack.


What is the best product for home theater cabinet with glass doors?

Home theater cabinet with glass doors products from Ac Infinity. In this article about home theater cabinet with glass doors you can see why people choose the product. Ameriwood Home and Legrand - Onq are also good brands to look for when you are finding home theater cabinet with glass doors.

What are the best brands for home theater cabinet with glass doors?

Ac Infinity, Ameriwood Home and Legrand - Onq are some of the best brands that chosen by people for home theater cabinet with glass doors. Find the detail in this article. Lutron, Ac Infinity and Baxton Studio are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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