Best Home Theater Cable Labels

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1. SticknGo Self Adhesive Waterproof Resistant Identification

SticknGo Self Adhesive Waterproof Resistant Identification

A variety of colors can help you quickly identify cables, and you will no longer have to dial the wrong wires, because the bright 8 colors are very eye-catching. Stick'nGo® 'Network Size' Cable Labels are an Australian Icon. There are 48 blue labels in this pack. Amazon Business Customers can get a 15% discount on 3 or more same-type packs. The labels grip cables like a vice and won't let go. It's easy to write on with a standard pen, without the need for a printer or templates. The panels are double-sided. Their cable labels are resistant to tearing, fading, and heat. Stick'nGo® Cable Labels are made in Australia and are trusted by I.T. professionals for over 12 years. Stick'nGo!

Brand: Stick’ngo

2. DYMO Rhino Industrial Labels 1756589

DYMO Rhino Industrial Labels 1756589

If you are dissatisfied with your purchase after receipt, please contact them without hesitation. Code 39 and Code 128 are great for asset management. The industry complaint is. Meet the key industry labeling standards. Time-saving features include exclusive, one-touch "Hot Keys" to automatically size, space, and format label text for electrical and patch panels, terminal and 110 blocks, wire and cable flags, horizontal and vertical wraps, and fixed-length applications. The labels were tested and found to be up to 77% faster than the competition. Use with authenticity labels. 2 rolls of vinyl labels are included with the use of DYMO Industrial labels. Use with authenticity labels. 2 rolls of vinyl labels are included with the use of DYMO Industrial labels.

Brand: Dymo

👤I was very happy with the DYMO Industrial RHINO 5200 Label Maker and I was able to complete a cable wiring project with neatly printed labels. The backlit yellow is the reason for the 1 star. There is no text or lines displayed. The unit was stored in a climate controlled computer room, it was only used for one project. I have tried all of the options in the manual, and I have always tried to reset the machine using information from the Dymo website. I can only assume that it is a design defect or poor quality control since other reviewers have indicated the same issue. It was great when it worked, but not a good value when it stops working.

👤This is the second 5200 we have purchased. The first one worked for a while before it stopped working. The 2nd unit decided to stop working after one week. Several 4200s have never had issues. We tried another 5000 for some features. Dymo tech support was on hold for 30 minutes. If anyone ever answers the phone, I want to know what they will say. People need to be warned about this product.

👤I work in electronics. I have a lot of wires and components that need to be labeled. For 2 decades my trusted "Brother" label maker did an ok job, but there were lots of issues. Even if the symbol existed, it's hard to find a symbol that's not in the traditional A-Z. I had to make sure the settings were right. I was looking for a better solution and found the DYMO, which sold me on the ability to print on shrink wrap. I was overwhelmed with how easy it was to create cable labels when it arrived. I can tell it how wide I want my label to be, and it will adjust the size of the print to fit. It saves a lot of time. It's easy to change labels, as the Brother model often ate labels requiring clearing and fixes. I can have wide labels and be productive. It has a wide range of fonts for all kinds of jobs, including electronics and cable labels. You can print out bar-codes. I'm sure it's there, but I haven't found it yet. When you print copies, it stops between them so you can cut the label. No more scissors! It is worth the price. After 6 months, the model makes creating labels for electronical stuff much easier. I've learned a few draw-backs. You can't change the space between prints. I end up with a lot of wasted label because I end up with a lot of space between the label content and the cut. You can't reduce it. I can't use the "insert" because I get a lot of space between the labels. I want to print a long list myself. There's no option with this label maker as I need to print two numbers on each print separated by new-line. I will have to use my old Brother label maker. The lack of sub/super script is something that I have found missing. There are no options with the 5200 to do this, so you can't write exponents which is really helpful. There are two symbols with 2 and 3 in superscript. I'm very happy with this. I had to change my rating to clarify a few missing features.

3. Self Adhesive Multi Color Writable Management Computers

Self Adhesive Multi Color Writable Management Computers

The smooth surface of writable cable tags makes it easy to write down names on the tags and find the target cable at a glance. 80 cable labels, 8 different colors, and a quantity of enough to help you organize wires and cables are included in the package. The surface of their cable labels is smooth and easy to write on, compared to other products in the market, and they have added a smooth and easy-to- write coating on cable labels. The appropriate size is 1.5 x 1.18 inch and is suitable for various labels in offices and homes, such as computer power cord labels, small home appliances labels, cable labels, etc. Reusable design: made of quality nylon hook and loop closure design, it can be easily removed and re-used, it won't leave a sticky mess, and it won't damage the cable. A variety of colors can help you quickly identify cables, and you will no longer have to dial the wrong wires, because the bright 8 colors are very eye-catching.

Brand: Outus

👤When you try a new thing and wonder how you were able to survive without it, you know it's a problem. That is the product. In today's world of technology, there are cords in every aspect of my life. The cords that are more universal are not a big deal. How about the ones for a specific product, or a wall plug that is specific in voltage or something, or the one that is supposed to charge two items at the same time? I misplace or mix up these cords. They are difficult to manage. I ordered them. I am very happy that I did. They are cheap for all that you get. They are very useful. It's great! I can tell which cord is for which device with my collection now all neat. I use these on cords that I don't use all of the time, like hiding in drawers or boxes to be able to find them easily. I think I will use them in surge strips to label each plug. I want to be able to untangle what I need before I untangle a bunch. Some of them were mashed or folded, but most were fine. The mashed folded ones are fine after being reworked for shape and stuff. They also have a bag. I would like to see them come in asealable plastic bag or other container that can be securely stored away until then. It's handy! There is a If you found my review helpful, click the button. Thanks! Enjoy your day!

👤I use these to label cords in my office. We have found another use for these. One of my team members brought a cabinet with 9 drawers to place prescriptions. The drawers have a ring on them. The cabinet is called GEROGEOUS. We needed a way to tell where the drawers are located. My manger offered these tags instead of using labels. The pull rings have letters A-C, D-F, etc. They are colorful, but don't detract from the beauty of the cabinet. I think this was a great purchase.

4. OPQH Adhesive Printable Handwriting Organize

OPQH Adhesive Printable Handwriting Organize

Wrap-It Storage has cable labels that are 1.2" x 0.63". There is a patent pending. It's a perfect stocking stuffer for a work-from- home partner. The labels are on a standard A4 sheet and can only be used for a laser printer or marking pen. You can import label text from an excel file with their exclusive web app. All are hosted on their website. Their marker pen has a great support for the cable label. 15s dry time is the ideal time to wait. The cable labels can be used for laser printer, they can help you to improve your work efficiency and productivity. They are waterproof, tear-resistant, oil-proof, flexible and self-adhesive. It's perfect for organizing computer cord labels, electrical cord labels, network cable labels, wire labels, power cord labels and more. If you are dissatisfied with your purchase after receipt, please contact them without hesitation.

Brand: Opqh

👤I am a home health aide who cares for a man who suffers from paralysis after 2 strokes, so I try to make it as simple as possible. He has a chair that has a few plugs on it, but it can be difficult to find the cords for his devices. The score on the label makes it easy to fold, and the marker provided with the labels is similar to a Sharpie. It's convenient for those with limited mobility and compromised eyesight. If you found my review helpful, please upvote it. Thanks.

👤I was skeptical but they are great. They are very sturdy and stay in place. The packet has a pen that can be used to write on the labels. If you make a mistake, just cut it off and use another, there are a lot in the packet. The tag has a fold line which makes it easy to fold. They are fool-proof and fold nicely. I hadn't tried that, but it's just as easy to write on the sheets as it is to put them through a printer. It was a good purchase. I wish I had found them sooner. There is an update. I found a new use for these labels. I realized that all of the old labels that tell you where to place each branch could be replaced by these tags. I labeled every branch with its proper label so that it will be easy to assemble next year. It's good!

👤There are some problems with the software. I ordered them twice. I ordered them back about 4 years ago. The problems with the software have not been fixed four years later. The website was blocked when you downloaded the word or excel template. If you close your window, you will lose the information you've entered, so keep that in mind. The orientation of the print does not match the label sheet. I had to use a typewriter. Writing with a pen can cause a smudge. The problems should have been solved a long time ago. If you can't find someone to fix the problem, you should not be offering templates because people end up using the bought labels to get the problem fixed. People wouldn't have to waste these expensive labels if there were two dummy pages with the labels. Technical frustration is not worth it if you have a great product.

👤I wanted to label my cords. After wading through and identifying what it was, the labels lost their strength and fell off. These are not worth anything. Don't buy.

👤The labels were burned slightly by the heat of the laser jet printer. These labels don't work with ink jets. The A4 paper is very difficult to work with. I tried to use the online tool to line up things, but couldn't. I tried saving to a PDF and printing from a PDF with the A4 setting, but it didn't work. I have sloppy hand writing but could not get it to work so I wanted to print these. Don't use these labels if you want to print. It is hard to print when you only have to save to a PDF and return to it later.

5. Mr Label Nylon Cable Labels Marker

Mr Label Nylon Cable Labels Marker

There is a 30-Day Money Back Guarantee on the Cable Labels from Wrap-It Storage. There is a patent pending. Stuff their stocking with organization ideas. If you're worried about fading or falling labels on cords, this will be a good answer. The Mr-Label cable zip tie tags are made of nylon, an important engineering plastic with excellent toughness and wear resistance, which means they are designed to label things and hold a load at the same time. If you have a lot of different ended charging cables, complex stereo systems, radio installations, or need to mark the spaghetti of wires of a tv hub, they can be really handy. Attach a tag with a label to tell you which device the cord goes to. You don't have to pull to see which cord you're working with. Color coding for materials organization. Kids can learn to put art supplies in one basket and blocks in another with colorful tags. Matching the color of the tags with the color of the container can save headaches. Printable labels are ideal for large printing, they recommend using permanent markers or Sharpies. If you don't want to get hands sored, you need to use a printable label. The package includes white A4 sheets labels that are entered in a context and then applied to the tags. There are physical meters with a Zip length of 2-3/4" (70mm) and a writing area of 1-1/8" (26mm). The label is 15/16"* 9/16" (23.5*15mm) and is suitable for cables with a range of sizes. A4 is a label sheet. The labels are compatible with both printers. The package includes zip tie tags and blank labels. There are physical meters with a Zip length of 2-3/4" (70mm) and a writing area of 1-1/8" (26mm). The label is 15/16"* 9/16" (23.5*15mm) and is suitable for cables with a range of sizes. A4 is a label sheet. The labels are compatible with both printers. The package includes zip tie tags and blank labels.

Brand: Mr-label

👤I have too many wires in my life. The entertainment center had cooked spaghetti-like ones behind it. Which device has power, audio, video, andusb? I bought these labels because I was sick of it. I didn't pay attention to what turned out to be labels for printing and instructions. I know how to use zip ties. I put the labels on each end of the cable/wire with a proper note as to where they went. I did it at a time. It looked bad. I have a child's handwriting. I saw the labels and said to myself, "Duh!" I put the paper labels over my writing after I downloaded a template. You can write on the labels if you like your handwriting. Make a list of where the wires are. The power wire that goes from the TV to the power outlet was one of the connections I had for the TV. Each device was added to the list. Take the number of wires that are attached to each device. I had 5 things for the TV. Next to the TV, I put 5 tick marks. The name of each of the devices was put on a tick. The power cords are handled. Put a tick mark next to each device that the TV is attached to. You can put the name of the device it powers on the power cords, so you can add another tick mark to the TV. The name of the device will be on the label at both ends of the power cords. You can type the names. Either write them on paper or use the label template you downloaded. If you want labels for both sides, you should print them twice. You can place a paper label on each one if you lay the plastic labels down on a surface. It's much better to have the zip already zip to a wire/cable in order to put the paper label on. The template I downloaded for Word had entries already on each of the 136 labels, which was less than acceptable. The second page of the template is blank, but it is not set up to make entries into the label spaces. I had to remove what was on the first page at a time to keep the formatting. If you do use the template, remember that you can change the size of the template. I used the largest size for the letters. Also used bold. Once you get one right, you can select the entry and then click in the next blank label. Continue until you have the number of labels for that device. Make sure you have the right page size for your printer. I set the printer to receive A4 paper because my labels were not letter size. I centered the paper in the blank paper holder and printed it out. I hope this will make your experience with these labels short and sweet.

👤I bought these to help with the installation of new home networking equipment, and chose the multi-colored variety to help with cable identification. I wrote directly on the tags, instead of using the enclosed stickers. It seems like one out of every five I used didn't catch. When cinching the tie down, the clicking noise one would normally hear is barely audible, and the tie would loosen under its own tension. The others worked well. Nothing to write home about. For the price and the color selection, it's good enough, even if the models are made of better plastic. If the size and color arrangement works for you, you'll be in good shape.

6. Resistant Identification Waterproof Printable Handwriting

Resistant Identification Waterproof Printable Handwriting

50 pieces of cable tags in 5 colors and 10 pieces of each color is enough for you to use in daily life. These cable labels are waterproof and can stay in shape. You can use the various color label stickers to differentiate cables, cords or wires. There are 10 sheets of cable label tags. There are 10 different colors of cable labels, including red, rose red, orange, blue, light blue, purple, light purple, green, yellow, white, and there are 30 stickers in each sheet. It is possible to mark different cables with vibrant colors. It's easy to identify the kind of labels on the cables you have. Power cables in yellow, security cables in red, media cables in blue, lighting cables in white, and telecommunications cables in green. Enough to use in your projects. It is an upfront cost that saves time and labor when changes are needed to the systems you work on. The wide application includes computer room, internet cafe, enterprise network, factory wiring, phone, video, audio, tablets, and display port cables. There are instructions. The A4 sheet has this cable label tags on it. The only printer that is supported is the laser printer. The cable label can be written with permanent markers.

Brand: Ttsam

👤They fall off the wires after a day or two. If I find wire labels on the desk that are no longer attached to the wires, it defeats the purpose of having them.

👤I had to use a regular pen because it was too big for my liking. You have to make sure the part is lined up so that it won't look bad and attract dust. I thought this was a great idea, but it wasn't as much as I had thought.

👤I never got that far so I can't comment on ease of removal. I tried writing on the labels with different types of pen and both smudged.

👤Great idea. Like the idea of color-coding. They say to use a permanent marker. The labels written with Sharpie don't seem to have been smeared.

👤I promised to label the ends of the cords to speed up the process of connecting and disconnecting. I tried to use other types of labels, but some didn't stick to themselves, and most didn't have enough space for writing to identify the equipment involved. I have a system that identifies the appliance. I used a single label at each end of the cord, so that I could find which cord to connect or not. The iMac Power and CD/DVD Player are marked on the label.

👤Sharpie can be used on both sides of the tab. I wish there were some white ones. The removal is done by cutting the wrap. I tried to create a spacing on these but couldn't. The labels are printed with a label maker.

👤It was easy to label the cords to electronic devices, especially the ones that come with PC uploads. I used a permanent marker or ink pen to write on them. This was a good purchase. I need a way to tell what the box of loose power cords andusb sticks matches up to. The part is marked when it is snowed. It is a good purchase.

👤The wires were labeled on my Duramax a Breeze. I put a tag on each side of the wire plug and marked it with the same number. It was easy to match 1 to1, 2 to 2, etc. Make sure to clean the wires before attaching.

👤A small home theatre setup was reprogrammed. The receiver has over 90 connections on the back. I have a combination of components and speakers. I used different colors for different things. Each component has a label on the end of the cables that tells where it will be connected to the TV or receiver. The power cords were labeled to make it easier to identify them. The antenna cables were labeled at both ends. I added banana plugs to the speaker wires which were labeled correctly. It took some time to do all the labeling, but now it's very easy to connect and make changes. I put the information on both sides of the label to make it easy to identify them. I used a hair dryer to make sure the label wouldn't smudge, if I was in a hurry. I wrapped the tab around to cover the exposed glue. Both sides can be lettered. I attached a small print label to the labels in a couple of instances where I needed more information. A high profit item, but a cheap investment to make life easier. Very happy!

7. Management Multicolor Identification Computer Charger

Management Multicolor Identification Computer Charger

The smooth surface of the cable tags will make it easier for you to find the cable you need. The material is made of a sturdy material which has a long lifespan and is safe for people to use. The bright colors in the package help you to distinguish the different cables in your home. If you have wires and cables in your home that you find difficult to locate, their cable tags are a good solution for you, they can be labeled to keep them in order. 50 pieces of cable tags in 5 colors and 10 pieces of each color is enough for you to use in daily life.

Brand: Honoson

👤I like the price but not the product. They're neat, but you're supposed to be able to write on them, and that's not the case. Many pens won't write on this surface. The problem is that the ink never dries. It never dries. You can touch it, and the ink will smudge, making the text unreadable, and making your hands dirty. This will happen after you write on the thing and try to put it on a cable. Next time you touch it, it will happen. The ink never dies. I tried cutting packing tape to size and wrapping it around the labels to keep them from being smudged. The problem with that is that the tape doesn't stick to the rubber, and I'm using strong Gorilla Tape, and it still doesn't stay on these things, even when I wrap it all the way around. I can't recommend.

👤When my husband and I moved, I decided to re-do the tags on all the electronics because they were similar to the ones I had at another store. The concept is helpful if you have a lot of cords going to one unit, however, I found it very difficult to write on. I tried many different ball point pens and only one would write a letter and then it wouldn't take the next letter, scribbled on a piece of paper, to write the next letter. You wouldn't want to use felt or gel pens because it would smudge. The old ones I used had a different surface where the label was more paper like. If you have a thick power cord, these might not fit. I had a hard time with a few of the heavy duty ones. If these were on a laptop power cord that gets moved around a lot, it might need adjusting.

👤Like many other people, the cables going to our splitter and router were a bit of a nightmare. A mess that looked too much to face. We had to face the music of what we had ignored and gotten worse when we upgraded the modem. Colored cables were labeled as we figured out what went where. Did you know that being organized reduces stress? It did my job! Aaaah. The feeling of organizing the cables. If you need to reuse them, the labels are easy to read. Thank you for giving me a small amount of sanity.

👤I used these to label cables before I swapped hardware. They're a little difficult to install out of the bag. The plastic loosens up when used for more than one purpose, so they got a bit easier. Not one of them fell off when properly attached, which was the most important factor. Next time, I'd probably use something with velcro because they got the job done. After a while, my fingers got tired. You can write on them if you want, but I just numbered mine 1-48. For more permanent use cases, you could write "firewall port 1," "comcast ISP", etc.

8. Wrap Storage Multi Color Identification Electronics

Wrap Storage Multi Color Identification Electronics

A clean and tidy installation can be achieved by eliminating the mess of wiring along the baseboards. Tired of plugging in the wrong cord? They were! The cable labels can be frustrating. Without using messy tapes or twist ties, label computer cords, power strips, charging cables, anything. It is easy to write on the surface with a pen. This helps make cords easy to identify and can be used in a variety of ways. Noisy neighbours. The cord labels feature a hook and loop closure that makes them less likely to leave a lint magnet than other cable tags. It was gross. There are many uses for cords, cables, wires and more. These cable identifications can be used for many things, including cable storage, network cable management, electrical organization, home theater cable management, and so on. Wrap-It Storage has cable labels that are 1.2" x 0.63". There is a patent pending. It's a perfect stocking stuffer for a work-from- home partner.

Brand: Wrap-it Storage

👤These are a great idea, but they don't fit around power cords that are thicker. If you need to change a label, the writing surface is textured, so not the easiest thing to write on and can't be erased. Shame.

👤Fun! Bright! They barely fit around normal power cords. It's fine to fit around the cables. The tag might slide on smaller cables if the connector between the tabs is longer. Resolution? Make two sizes so that buyers know they are not for cables over Xmm in diameter. Sharpie ink is hard to read because of the material used. This is the most difficult problem to change their design to solve. I feel that these issues are too expensive for what is currently offered.

👤I tried a Sharpie in black and a gel pen in purple. Both had bleeding issues. The Sharpie was worse. For that reason, I am taking off 2 stars. It was expected that they were small. There is a bigger size available. I would have preferred a writing surface that could take a Sharpie without the feathering happening. That was not good.

👤Disappointed! There is a * I thought I had researched the product, but I didn't find that the writing surface was made out of cloth. Simply the back of a Velcro like material! Wow. It's difficult to find a writing utensil that won't bleed. The surface type makes it harder to adhere to labels. The second side effect is that the cloth-material on the cable label is stenciled out. It is not a deal breaker but annoying and the item is expensive so I would have expected better quality and descriptions. * The loop that wraps around the cable is very short, making it hard to fit around a standard cable. * The colors in the assortment package will not match what you see in the description. The colors of labels are odd, and in my package they ran out of some colors and added others. I kept it because I am desperate to organize my equipment and cables, or I would return it right away.

👤I have been using different types of stick on labels. I used to use Brother TZ Labels, but they had an issue with pealing off after a couple weeks. I have a small network cabinet and wanted it to be nice and organized. The little guys look like they will stay. I did not attempt to write on them and went straight to a labeled. They worked well for what I needed. I also ordered the larger ones. The label runs parallel to the cable. My only wish is for a larger version of these to run parallel with the cable. It would have been perfect for all the locations I wanted to have. I will update this review if the cables come off or if the labels peel off.

👤Everybody has a bunch of electronic cables they can't identify, whether they're plugged into stuff or gathered dust at the bottom of a drawer. I finally decided to label the cables and pick the ones that are easy to take off because they depend on them, because I was getting sick of it taking half an hour to figure it out. I never plug the wrong thing. I can imagine circumstances where they might slide a bit on the cable, but they are easy to attach and stay in place. I used an Ultra Fine permanent marker on the labels, but it bled a tiny bit, a pencil might have worked better but wouldn't be as legible. They're small, so you can't write a novel. They do not stretch at all, but will fit a pretty good size cable as well as a much smaller one, as the entire "sticky" side is velcro. I was very happy with my purchase.

9. Mr Label Inkjet Printer Support Waterproof

Mr Label Inkjet Printer Support Waterproof

There are instructions. The A4 sheet has this cable label tags on it. The only printer that is supported is the laser printer. The cable label can be written with permanent markers. They are waterproof, tear-resistant, oil-proof, flexible and self-adhesive. They are in good shape and hold fast in outdoor use, unlike the traditional label which can fade or be damaged easily. The cost isFFICIENT. Mr-Label is the most cost efficient and versatile cable marker out there, it is difficult to find a good cable marker in an attractive price. A free convenience print tool. It will speed up your productivity as you can print a mass of labels with different contents at the same time. Mr-Label has multiple print methods. For your convenience, Mr-Label will prepare 30 device icons for most common used electronics and computers. You can put the icon on one side and leave the other for the device name. Mr-Label's quality cable labels absorb the printing ink, and hold up in high temperatures in working laser printers, no worry for you only own a home inkjet or pro laser jet. You can write on it, the label works with pens. You can use a special color on the wrapping tab to make your labels.

Brand: Mr-label

👤I have tried many different ways to identify the cables in my closet. I bought this product because it met my needs. I would usually order the Mr-Label product for this type of printer, because I use a laser printer. I wanted only white labels, not multi-color labels, and that was not available unless I ordered 20 sheets. The 10-sheet package of white labels is available in the stock number that supports both laser and Inkjet printers. I ordered this product and took a chance. They worked perfectly with my laser printer. You can download templates that work with Microsoft Word from the link in the package. You can see how it works by viewing the screen-shot. The text is easy to read and dark. The folds of the printed label make it easy to set up the labels, as they are die-cut for easy peeling from the paper backing. The labels appear to be waterproof, heat resistant, and quite durable, just like in the Amazon ad. They looked great when wrapped onto my cables. I am very happy with the product so far.

👤I stuck the test labels on the chain link fence to see how long they would last. I can confirm that the label is waterproof after 4 months. The picture shows the actual condition of the label. The black print is still holding up despite the faded color. The label has gone through a lot and is still holding up.

👤There is a guide sheet in the product, but there is no heavy paper packaging. There is a clear sleeve on the label sheets. The guide sheet gives some helpful tips, but no real instructions that a non-business customer would find useful. There is a website where you can find your label. There is no model number provided if there is no outer packaging on the sheet. It's difficult to locate your specific labels on their long list. The item number on the Amazon description is not the same as the one on the mr-label site. It was very upsetting. The correct labels were turned up when someone entered "MR183" into the mr-label's search engine. I chose the MR183 Online Print Tool and option 2 because I intend to use the labels for various wired devices, and not make multiple tags of the same device, and I have Apple's "Numbers" app as opposed to excel. The option 2 layout seemed more decipherable than the alternative excel template that my Numbers app pulled up. I didn't go that route, but others may prefer it. At the top and bottom of each sheet, there is a label ID. Older eyes may have a hard time determining which side of a sheet has the labels because Mr-label doesn't do that. One of their useful tips is to print a test sheet on plain paper, and hold it up to a bright light behind a blank label sheet, to make sure your text lines up on the real labels. I would caution against using too many letters so that nothing gets cut off at the beginning or end of the words. I'm not sure about the option of standard label creating, but it may be the option of spreadsheet format where you can make more than one line of text. I didn't try double lines of text on my option 2 format because I wanted it to be as large as possible for easy viewing. Sometimes in the dark crevices behind a home theater installation or under a computer desk, it's hard for young eyes to see what's written on the label. It is possible that one can hit "Return" and start a second or third line of text using the standard tool. Adding stripes to the band side of the label is one of the things that can be done with other template sources. For simple home use, I probably won't look at the pre-designed template source suggestions. The mr-label tools are more useful than the time spent on such ventures. In the future, I may try colored lettering to help differentiate between different devices in a home theater wire snakepit, which is easier to read than the label's text. The label sheet got banged up while I was using my Brother laser printer. A leading edge was folded. It did not jam, but future use of the other labels on the sheet may be compromised if I can't flatten the sheet back to normal. My older Canon inkjets had settings for telling the printer when thicker paper is being used. I will be looking at my Brother manual for instructions on how to fix that issue, and may suggest it to others. There was no warning as to that, only a reference or two to Herma template compatibility, which doesn't directly address any feeder adjustments. There is additional information/experiENCE. When I took out the package from my cabinet, the previously used sheet had curled up label ends. I tried to press them down, but the sheet was stuck in my printer. It was not possible to remove the sheet because the labels were stuck on the rollers and frame members. I had to disassemble part of the printer to get to what I could see. I can't account for at least 6 labels on the sheet, since I only found 2 of the 8 missing total. The one edge was in contact with a hot component because of the sheet jam. The printer seems to work okay now, but I have to wonder where the 6 labels are, and whether they are in the machine and could cause headaches in the future. The "ink" smudged on the label that partially printed before jamming. I used a fine Sharpie to write on the label so I could still use it where I wanted. There are no unglued labels on the other sheets in the package. Once you use a sheet, for one lousy label or 29, you can't rely on remaining labels to stick to the backing. If there is evidence of a unstuck label, don't run a sheet through it.

10. Mr Label Self Laminating Around Cable Labels

Mr Label Self Laminating Around Cable Labels

You can use a special color on the wrapping tab to make your labels. When you're up to your neck in a lot of cables, chase them all down, it probably takes all your strength. If you put two Mr-Label self-laminating cable labels at each end of each cable, you will be able toemancipate from the big chore, and save you a lot of headaches down the road. The heat resistance is HEAT RESISTANT. Mr-Label has cable labels that are high-temperature resistant and will not fall off when labeling. A white print-on area and clear over-laminate are included to protect the legend. They adhere to the cable. There areMETERS The label size is 25.4mm 19.1mm and the sheet size is US Letter, 215.9mm 279.4mm. The cable diameter is 6.1mm 12.1mm and the wire range is Network Ethernet cables. There are 6 FTP/Cat. 6A UPT/Cat. The Cat.5e UTP/Cat.5e FTP has 8 AWG. If you don't find your cable within the recommended wire range, please measure it outside.

Brand: Mr-label

👤Put these on in the morning and have a look at it two hours later. See for yourself. This was a waste of time. They won't be hard to replace. The price was too good compared to the industry standard labels. You can see a red writing on the label if you look closely. I was trying to replace that Brady Lat-18-361 label. I put it on over five months ago and it came out just fine, even though it was over twenty years old. You can find a pack of Brady LAT-18-361-0.25 for around $25 if you don't need 800 labels. If you don't use all of them, they will not work.

👤I bought these for my laser printer. I created my labels after finding the template. I followed the directions. The manual feed tray suggests manually running the first sheet. It jammed up my laser printer and delaminated the labels. I could smell the labels burning. It's a mess. I hope this didn't damage my printer. The company is unresponsive at this point. Stay away from the brand at this point.

👤I wanted to try them out because of the reviews about the labels coming off during printing. I printed 8 labels as a test because I wanted to see if they were securely attached to the backing sheet. You can download the Open Office template from their website. They came through my printer without any issues. I waited for a few days to affix them to the new patch cords. They are still attached. I think there may have been some that didn't have good quality control, but mine appears to be good. They are comparable to the Panduit labels I have used before at a fraction of the cost. There is some text in the picture. It's not a printing smudge.

👤I've had issues with these on every step. I use a template. I downloaded a template. Didn't work. I put a text box on the labels that I needed to print. Test several times until perfect. Something would have stuck to the printer if I had printed from the single/manual feed tray. I put it in the normal paper tray. They'd both cycle through the printer when it was stuck to the paper. There is a It's suggested that you print as many labels as possible. Don't do 2 to see how they turn out. Make sure you have everything you want to label, and print them all at once after you've tested the template. It was easy to place the label. Half of the labels have started to peel off. I give them a 1 star because of this problem. I checked the labels daily for the first 3 days. On day 1, the rest were good. Nearly half of them have started to peel off. A little bit of tape may fix it, but it won't do the job. I could just print on a regular sheet of paper, cut it, and tape it up.

11. Mini Skater Waterproof Resistant Identification

Mini Skater Waterproof Resistant Identification

We stand for the highest quality product and customer satisfaction. They offer an easy return policy if you're not happy with the product. All product comes with a lifetime warranty service. Colorful contains 8 colors, including red, orange, blue, purple, green, yellow, white, light blue, and helps you to distinguish different cable. The sticker is 3.3 x 1.1 inch and the sheet is 8.6 x 11.7 inch. These labels are waterproof, tear resistant, oil proof and can stay in shape for a long time. You can use the cable labels to print the text on the label, they help you to improve your work efficiency and productivity. There are 8 sheets, each with a small label per sheet. The cable labels tags are made of synthetic paper.

Brand: Mini Skater

👤Each sheet has 8 colors. You write on the label, peel it off the sheet, wrap the "stem" around the cable, and then fold the other side of the label over the first. It's not hard once you've got the hang of it. I used a Sharpie Ultra-Fine pen to write on the labels to avoid any risk of ball points skipping. The stems are long so they wrap around cables. I use mine to label the business end of things that get unplugged frequently, and the outlet end of things that I need to plug in where I can't easily reach. I've used paper labels that you write on and wrap around the cord. These work better than either of them.

👤These are working well so far. It's much easier to put on than it is to use colored electrical tape. It doesn't leave a sticky mess when you take them off. All but the Yellow and White are nice and bright, which is why I only gave it 4 stars. The dark tabs are hard to see. I think it would be better if there was a neon collection. This is great for people who love organizing.

👤There are power cords and charge cords. I have a lot of them. I never knew what device it went to, but I never wanted to throw it away. I began wrapping post-it notes around cords to remind me of their intended use, but they were clumsy and never lasted long. The labels have made a difference. When I get a new device, I put one of these labels around the cord that is not the device. If I were smart, I would try to color code them, as there are many colors to choose from. I wish I'd found them or invented them. Years ago.

👤There are many different colors of labels in the pack. They are easy to attach and seem durable. They are plastic and it is hard to write on them. I have to read the dent left behind to know what I wrote because the pen ink rubs off too easily. I have a pen that I have to press hard and write slowly, but it seems that the ink is still there.

👤I didn't know these are the same cotton pick'in labels that are listed with a fewer count. If you want to use these labels on a printer, you have to say faget about it. They are listed as a page size A4. What is the format for computer generated data? The paper they are printed on is worth more. The crank who packaged these should do that for us, because I don't want to look on the internet for a printer template.

👤These are large for labeling cables. They may be better for the tv cords.

👤I had to search for a template to be able to print on them. Look at the pages for some of the listed competing products on Amazon and you will see links to online templates. The online tool that I used worked perfectly. I saved the template to my computer and printed it on my laser printer after I entered my label info. It's easy!


What is the best product for home theater cable labels?

Home theater cable labels products from Stick’ngo. In this article about home theater cable labels you can see why people choose the product. Dymo and Outus are also good brands to look for when you are finding home theater cable labels.

What are the best brands for home theater cable labels?

Stick’ngo, Dymo and Outus are some of the best brands that chosen by people for home theater cable labels. Find the detail in this article. Opqh, Mr-label and Ttsam are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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