Best Home Theater Cable Management Clip

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1. JOTO Management Cuttable Organizer Reversible

JOTO Management Cuttable Organizer Reversible

Each package has 9 cable cover raceways. The cable is in total. The sleeve can be easily cut into your desired length to fit your cables, and there are holes in the sleeve to provide multiple exit points for cables. When wrapped up, it can hold up to 10 cables, but you can combine two sleeves to double the capacity. Fastening hook & loop ties create a secure closure, and the neoprene material is durable and flexible. You can choose the color to match your décor. It's ideal for keeping cords organized. Fix your cable mess, it's perfect for home and office use.

Brand: Joto

👤Maybe you want to keep your vacuum robot out of your cats. The neoprene cord can help make it happen. This is not going to be a long project. I reorganized every cable to make it work with my standing desk, despite not cutting any holes in the neoprene. You can let the cord look out to its destination with the velcro. I'm satisfied with the end product. It took about an hour to complete my project. Take a look at my pictures. I put some extra slack into the neoprene to make my floor appear empty.

👤I bought this product to repair a couple of old director-style camping chairs which we intend to use again soon at the beach. The chair arms are made of aluminum tubes with black rubber. Black electrical tape was used to fix the rubber arm rests. The hook&loop sleeves worked well without the old arm rest material. It is easy to cut to length. It feels good to rest your arm. The option of black/white is also nice. I've wrapped myself in white and dark teal chair fabric. I can cut more than two sets if I need to, because I have enough material left over. Good looking and good quality. I think they will last just fine since the material feels strong, but we will see how well they wear in use.

👤I spent a lot of time mapping out where my cables were going. The effort was wasted. Ultimately, everything was connected and then bundled together as compactly as possible. I stretched the sleeve over it and connected the cables with the velcro. It's pretty simple. Pull the cable out and then attach it to the wall. The mess that was there before is much better now. I wish there were more included. I'll have to buy another roll.

👤This product is terrible. The diameter is too large for a couple cords. I tried to house a lot of cables, but it slides down and won't stay in place. There are a lot of superior products out there. This item is not better than electrical tape. I found an amazing use for this product. I own a property and have irrigation pipes all over it. The product worked amazingly for the insulation of these pipes. I'm thinking of buying a second roll.

👤These are good for cable management. They're good for protecting wires from dogs and cats who like chewing them. These are great for wrapping up your CPAP hose. Dogs and cats love to chew on those and they cost up to $20 a pop. My cats thought the wrapped CPAP hose was a large black snake. The tube is a bit more rigid now that it has a sleeve, and sometimes it wants to pull one direction. No more chewed into the hoses.

👤My wife hates the mess of cables around my desk. I've used a lot of different things. I came across this and it's perfect, just hook it up and then cut off the rest. There is a You don't have to choose between white and black when ordering. It works great. It's nice looking and doesn't look like a cord management system. It's small because it's neoprene, and you can fit more cords in it than you can in a plastic sleeve. Excellent purchase. The wife is happy.

2. 124pcs Management Organizer Adhesive Fastening

124pcs Management Organizer Adhesive Fastening

COMPLETE KIT The kit includes everything you need to organize and manage your cables at home or office, including 4 x Cable Management Sleeves, 10 x Cable Ties, 100 x Self Lock Wire Ties, 10 x Cable Clips, 2 x Self Adhesive Cable Tie Rolls. This complete cord/cable management kit will help you free up valuable desk real estate and de-clutter areas. The components included in the kit are built to last and will ensure free organisation of your cords and cables for years to come. The included cable clips have strong self-adhesive sticky pads so they stay on your desired surface at all times. It's safe to say that675316753167531s can make areas of the home or office unsafe. This complete kit will help you protect your loved ones at home and at work. It is easy to organize your cords and cables. Attach the cable sleeves and ties with the help of the peel and stick clips.

Brand: Topbooc

👤I bought this for cable management on my computer. 10 minutes after putting the cable clips under my desk, one fell off the sticky pad. I don't think the others will hold out any differently. I put the cable in the holder and stuck it to my desk, expecting it to be a secure hold, but I didn't. There was an update on 4/9-21. The cable clips have fallen off the pads. Stay away from this product. It took less than 24 hours for them to fail.

👤I was not happy with the kit. The wires don't stick to the wall, the cables don't stay in it, and the openings are too small for a thicker cable. The zip up pieces don't fit in the size you need. They look bulky and unattractive. I left the bare cords instead of taking them off, because I have a bit of OCD with that. The zip ties and velcro ties are the only things I will use. Nothing else in this kit was very useful. The pieces that stick to the wall were the main thing I wanted in this package, but they didn't work for me due to the lack of a strong glue. I would have liked to have ordered individual pieces.

👤Everything you need to cable manage is in this kit. After getting this, you only need to pick up a raceway. The cable clips are not very strong. The clips were stuck to my desk for 2 days, but I was able to remove the tape completely. May want to check out some other cable clips.

👤You get a lot of things. There are lots of loops and rolls of the velco. You can combine the sleeves to make a larger one. If there is a bit of weight on the cable keepers, you can add a screw. The kit is enough to do one desk or tv. It's a great deal.

👤The cord organizing kit is very useful. I was able to clean up the wires coming from my desk with the help of the neoprene cord cover and one of the sticky cord cables on the desktop.

👤Most of the cable management options are here. When you catch a sale, the price is not too high and the quality is better. I bought the pack on black friday, after buying the ones in the past alone. I use them for my cable management because I'm lazy to put in network drops. If you need some quality management with a lot of fuss, these should work. The zip strips are just bonus and I'm more than satisfied with them. I'm not using the self sticking clips from this pack, but I have used others, so make sure you have it where you want it. It can be difficult to remove them from the surface. You can also get one that isn't sticky. Don't throw a fit if you get one like that. Throw a fit if you get all of them like that.

3. VELCRO ONE WRAP Organization Management Organizing

VELCRO ONE WRAP Organization Management Organizing

Romex is a trademark of Southwire Company. WIRE ORGANIZING SELF BUNDLING TIES. Get organized quickly by using self-fastening thin ties that will hold cords and wires quickly and safely, and secure large cords and bulky cables with ease. These ties are ideal for cord organization, wire management, and securing loose or extra-long cords out of the way to eliminate tripping hazard. Strong and reusability are used by data and network centers across the globe. The pre-cut ties are easy to use, they stay firmly in place with an easy to use head, and they also have a secure hold. Thin ties can be used indoors or outdoors for your organizing and storage needs. Thin ties can be used indoors or outdoors for your organizing and storage needs.

Brand: Velcro

👤The zip ties are excellent for the product. They work well. It seems that a machine is responsible for making sure there are 100 zip ties of the same length in the bag. They are cheating here. The first tie to come off of each roll was different, but not the one promised on the package. There was a tie at the end of the first roll. There are several ties in the package that are not advertised. 6 ties are guaranteed to not be8" since there are three rolls in the package. If you can imagine how much money is spent on false advertising by every person who buys these, you can see how that isn't a moral way to go. Fix your machines. Someday, someone will file a case against you and you will have a lot of explaining to do.

👤I buy the One Wrap Brand from the big box stores in a five pack for $.70 for each tie or $3.50 for the pack. I was happy to find the same brand on Amazon for less than a dollar. It's obvious that this isn't the same product. The strap is not as thick as it could be. The "loop" portion of the product is very thin, and as you know, it is a "hook and loop" closure. I thought the name referred to the width of the tie, but it's the thickness. They're close, but not as robust. I'll keep the thin straps because of the low price, but I'll also keep the heavy-duty version of the hardware store's straps. The Hardware store product and the two varieties of straps are shown in the photos below. It's obvious when you handle them, and it's hard to see in the photos. Excellent price! There are four rolls with 25 ties on each roll and they are waterproof for outdoor work.

👤I work as a network engineer. I am spoiled by the thick and fluffy ties we are given at work. These ties are paper thin and feel like they could be torn in half. I think they will work in a situation where they set it and forget it. If you're the kind of person who changes your wiring a lot, I would look for something more robust. If you're just tidying up and want to leave it alone, these will fit the bill.

👤I needed a tie wrap that was at least 8 feet long. The product was listed as 8 in X 1/2 inch Thin wrap Ties. I thought they were too short when I opened the package. The product is useless for my needs and will be returned.

👤"Velcro" is the originator of the brand name and I expected a higher quality. The material used to make these ties is very thin. They are so thin that they can be torn in half when trying to separate them. Do they work? They keep cables together. My concern is for how long. The hook and loop is not aggressive. I would not rate them for their durability at all. I was buying dollar store knock-offs prior to purchasing these, which were far superior in every sense of the word. I should have been told not to set my expectations so high because they are so low cost. I've been using these for over a month. I am almost through the first 25. I may have been reacting to their quality too early. Many of them have been wrapped and unwrapped over and over again. I will raise my rating from 3 to 4 stars and change my classification from "Light Duty" to "Medium Duty" at this point. The first roll of wraps was finished by me. They have all failed under heavy use. I double them if I need a longer wrap. The VELCRO Company should die cut the straps a bit deeper. I lent a few to another photographer. He also ended up ripping off the end by accident.

4. EBoot Pieces Adhesive Management Holder

EBoot Pieces Adhesive Management Holder

It is easy to install, but you need to press all 4 corners to make it more stable. It will do a good job of keeping wires tight. Applicable cable diameter is 0 - 5mm (0 - 0.2 inch). It grip firmly with 100 pieces in total. As you like to use them, they are self-adhesive and easy to use. A clean and tidy environment makes it easy to keep your place neat and organized. It can be applied to various cables, such as computer cables, TV cables, Christmas lights cable, and so on. It can be applied to various cables, such as computer cables, TV cables, Christmas lights cable, and so on.

Brand: Eboot

👤You might think that all cable management clips are the same. They're not. There are better options that can hold larger cables in a single clip. The last version of this product had all that. The manufacturer recently changed their clips. I would have thrown them aside and accepted it as a $10 experiment gone awry. What happened here, guys? I can only assume that the thinner plastic was a cost-cutting saving. The worst kind of upgrade is doing that knowingly.

👤50 ft of Ethernet was used to run from the router to the TV room. I placed them along the dry wall after using most of the bag. Let them sit for a week before I put the wire in the clip. Allow sit for 24 hours. The plastic clip part was detached. I have a trail of about 50 pads on my wall.

👤It's good for small cables, but beware, it won't work for anything bigger than ausb cable. You can see the pictures I've attached to this review to see what the clips are good for.

👤These tiny cable clips are a good way to handle wires in your vehicle. They are small and have strong clips that hold your cable in place. They stick well to plastic, glass and metal. They stick to cloth board in vehicles, but not as well. For small areas that need cables to be stationary, these work very well and for the price, I would be happy with fifty in quantity. I will change the review if they don't hold under the heat.

👤After a few weeks, not a single one remains in place and the wire hangs and gets tangled in people's feet on the car floor. If you have a small wire and a suitable surface, they are great. As long as they clip, it's easy. The wire is not large. Quality cables are too large. The cheap ones are thin. A typical phone charging cable is about the same size as a typicalusb cable. Some of them wouldn't close and secure the wire, even though I used a quality cable. It seems like it is a common problem that the tape doesn't stick. The Sticky mounting pad is not very good and they didn't hold up for long in a car. What is the point if 0 of them stick for long? It seems like it doesn't stick well to vehicle surfaces, which is my sole purpose for getting them.

👤The product idea is great, but it has some issues. It can only handle small diameter cables. I needed it for a bit bigger cables, so I had to cut the inside of the loop. There are 3 more The glue won't hold if the cable is heavy. The seller contacted me and offered to send me bigger diameter clips, so it was my mistake for choosing the smaller ones. The seller gave me instructions on how to use them. If you want to put weight on them, clean the surface thoroughly and do not put any weight on them for a few minutes. The seller is very thoughtful and stands by his product. Make sure the clips are big enough for your cables and install them correctly.

5. Yocice Adhesive Organizer Management Upgraded

Yocice Adhesive Organizer Management Upgraded

The package includes 30 black cable clamps. It's very easy to make your home look nicer. The clips have strong 3M VHB black tape. 40pcs with VHB tape. It was great for cable management, fixed wires, network cable, TV-coax cable,usb cords, cell phone chargers and more. You can use a wide range to keep the cables organized. You can use a wide range to keep the cables organized.

Brand: Yocice

👤I have an outlet on one side of my small bathroom, but I really need one on the other side, so I bought this and the extension cord. I used the clips to run the extension cord up the wall, across the ceiling, and down the other side. The plug was held to the wall with 3 pieces of the glue. They held the extension cord in perfect condition, and I'm happy with it. I tested one on a regular appliance cord, and it fit that as well, so size-wise, it would also work for that. Should I ever need to take them down, I'm not sure how well they will be removed. I couldn't manually pull one off the wall. I think they would destroy the paint. They would come off easily on a smooth surface. The clips came in a cute plastic container. It's a good thing.

👤These work well. The port I have in my room is inactive, so I have a cable through the house to my room. They haven't had an issue with falling off or losing grip. I didn't completely follow the instructions, but they still work well. The red film is difficult to remove from the black square, but it's a small price to pay for the purpose. You should get 2 packs since they're cheap. When I thought I'd only need about 10, I went through maybe 25 of them. I don't know how easy they are to remove since I have to take any off first. I hope they don't ruin the finish. That is a problem for the future me.

👤I ran a cable from the ceiling. Within a week, 50% of the clamps lost their adhesion. I use simple push pins and they seem to work better than the ones I use.

👤I spent a good 4 hours rearranging speaker wire for my surround sound theater system. When I opened the package, I realized I had to peel and stick every strip to the clip, so I figured as long as they hold strong/stick, I would be fine. It will be worth the time and effort. A little over a month later, I have a bunch of little square black strips stuck to the wall and all the clips have come off, wire hanging all over the place. It's a simple clip. Take this stuff off of Amazon. If you plan on doing an extensive on wall wiring run, you will be disappointed when it all comes down.

👤The glue on the product worked well on the aluminum I was adhering to, but the glue on the plastic clip did not hold up, and the string of lights came crashing down on my pool deck shattering glass everywhere. Don't waste your time on this product. Command Strips may be better for you. They work even though it's more expensive.

👤It is small enough to get the job done, but strong enough to do it. The clip and the square 3M sheets are not the same. It will take a few minutes to get the clips ready, especially when there are more than a couple of clips needed. They seem to work well to hold up my circulation fan. Tuck the cables.

6. OHill Organizer Management Organizing Adhesive

OHill Organizer Management Organizing Adhesive

A duplex receptacle has a 15 Amp/125 Amp rating. It was 7.83” x 6.14” x 3.74” Including brush wall plate, electrical box, manual and cutting template. 16-pack of different size black cable clip holders for all family members. A neat cable cord holder will help keep your desk organized and safer. You can use them as a table cable organzier, as a pen holder, as toothbrush or flosser holders, flexible and easy to install wherever you want. Sturdy Sticky Pad is a strong sticky pad which holds them securely. Simply peel and stick your cable clip. It is important to take a moment to the surface before sticking them. Simply peel and stick your cable clip. It is important to take a moment to the surface before sticking them.

Brand: Ohill

👤I watched a video on YouTube about how well they work and how well they look at your desk. I thought I would use one or two of them. I only used one of them. It made a difference, instead of having wires all over the place. You can't see any wires on my desk if you look at the pictures. I am hiding all of the wires on the walls. They are made from soft rubber that will last a long time. Some rubber things have a bad smell. They have no smell, the glue is great. I used rubbing alcohol to clean the spot where I was going to stick it. The rubber clip has a weight on it that is pulling on it and it has not been removed yet. You can take these off without hurting the furniture. I decided to take a clip off and think I couldn't reuse it. It took some force to remove it. I was able to use it in another location. These things are great. I should have gotten them a long time ago.

👤If you use the pads, be sure to expect them not to hold for very long. If they are exposed to heat like sunlight, they will come free after a week or two. I would replace the disk with 3M VHB. The rubber for the holders is of good quality. Holds cords well. They don't lose their integrity or start leaking oils. Some people I have used do this and get oily or sticky after a while. These don't.

👤The phone cord in my bedroom was upgraded a long time ago. Life changing! I have to catch it back out when I get in bed at night because it falls behind my bed and I can't tuck it under my pillow. I've been doing this for a long time. When I saw this product, I thought it would finally solve my most annoying first world problem. And it has been delivered! I stuck one on my bed, so it's not visible. I put the phone cord on. The cord is still hanging on this even after it falls off my bed. It's so annoying to have to get up when you're wrapped in blankets, because you can't go fishing for a phone cord. I stuck a few of these in my car to help organize the cords in there and in my desk area at home and work. There are things that are super handy.

👤The car has a smooth plastic surface and not a single sticker stuck to it. I cleansed with 409 and then tried to prepare the surface with alcohol. The stickers have not stayed put. Maybe the ones I got were duds, so avoid this product. The part looks good but it doesn't matter when they don't stay put. I tried them in the 50 degree day and the 65 degree day. Not applied in direct sunlight or hot heat. I am stumped. It's a waste of time and money.

7. Organizer Charger Management Organizing Adhesive

Organizer Charger Management Organizing Adhesive

It's possible to keep cables from being caught by your feet. If there is an issue with your purchase, please contact them. Each pack has 11 cords slots. It's suitable for your headphones, phone and chargers, power cords, computer, laptop and audio wires, gaming console cords, ethernet, HDMI, TV, musical instruments wires or other accessory items you need by hand. Good material is using high-quality PC material. The opening method is very easy to use. Protect the wire, extend the service life, and save money. Sturdy Sticky Pad is made of extra strong sticky pad which holds them securely and is easy to adhere to smooth surfaces. It is easy to use when sticking the sticky pad. Wait 12 to 24 hours before using. What you get is a 3 pack cord organizers. PZOZ has a worry-free 12-month warranty.

Brand: Pzoz

👤I said that I would wait some time before reviewing because some people were complaining about the coming off of the glue. I have had this up for 2 weeks now and it is still standing because my kids are charging their devices and grabbing the cables. It was just as secure when I put it up. I would recommend. I have Apple lightning cables in it. You have a lot of cables running through it. Maybe your results will be different. I don't anticipate problems from everything I've seen so far. I have been using these for roughly two months now and have no issues. I wanted to give a longer update.

👤I followed the instructions to attach it to my desk. The item that came loose from the glue was still attached to my desk. Don't buy this item. I sent it back with the other two. That was three weeks ago. I don't know if I will ever see my refund. It's time to say goodbye.

👤The title is easy to understand. The back of my entertainment center has a strip of glue stuck to it, but the clip is sliding down the cords towards the floor.

👤I wanted to save people money by leaving a negative review, but I don't usually do that. I stuck this under my desk to keep track of my charging cables, but the clip came off the next day, it was a waste of money. I had to go with another product. Save your money and buy something else.

👤They are fine at the beginning, but they will not be able to hold a wet noodle for more than a week or two. Not worth the hype or money.

👤The cable grip strips are small. I don't think they would work with a cable larger than a phone charging cable. The glue it comes with doesn't work, it came off in a few hours. I swapped it out for some 3M strips and it has held up. The grips work well for smaller cables, and I like that you can get them all together in a relatively small space.

👤I used the packages to clean up the wire route on my desk. They work well. 3M tape should be strong and reliable. The closing of the cover should be able to hold wires even on the underside of a desk. Power cables and video cables are too large to fit in a bag. I don't have to worry about where the speaker wires, mouse, keyboard, and charging cable go. The power cable is too large for my monitor. The cable is too large for a monitor.

👤Woah. I bought one order thinking it was only one of the devices, but I was going to buy two more orders if the device suited me. It's a word that means "shabby!" One order had 3 clips. Good fortune! I think there's very little risk of that because I have affixed all 3, and white, and I think the strip will give way in the future. I will either revise this review or post a supplemental review if they fail to hold affixed long term.

8. Adhesive Organizer Holder Durable Management

Adhesive Organizer Holder Durable Management

Self-Adhesive Clips. Their cable clip holder comes with a strong pad that can be applied to any flat or dry surface. It is easy to remove without any damage. 50 black sticky cable clips are suitable for the wire diameter within 0.26 inch. It is a perfect quantity and size to meet your daily use requirements. These wire clips are made of high quality PA66 material which is built solidly for long service life. They are portable, compact, and space-saving. They are very useful for organizing cables such as network cables, computer cables,usb cables, TV cables, Christmas lights cables, etc. It's used in home, office and car. It is easy to install, but you need to press all 4 corners to make it more stable. It will do a good job of keeping wires tight.

Brand: Wiibrook

👤These worked well. I got a clean set up for my desk which had a million wires dangling from it. If you want to get max grip, press it to the surface for a solid minute, and then leave it overnight for it to bond to the surface. I used it to run the cable from a laptop power supply.

👤I wish the clasp/clamp pressure was tighter because I use them to hold a 30 ft string of tiny led lights and sometimes it can come loose from the clip if I accidentally rub up against the portion that drops down from the ceiling. I rearranged my desk, filing cabinet, plant stand, and other items in my apartment and will brush up a portion of the string when I get home. It works well for larger wires. I still love them and would recommend them. I noticed a couple other reviews before I bought them, and there were complaints about the separation of the red plastic from the sticky part, but it really isn't difficult. The rest are easy if you get the first one pulled away. The piece of plastic is very thin. It kind of throws you off at first, but once you realize that it is super thin, you stop trying to go lower than necessary to locate the edge of the plastic. I had to remove two of them because the paint came away from the wall and stuck to the clip glue. I don't recommend trying to use them for a temporary project. The clear are camouflaged and blend in with the wall/ceiling so you could just leave them up year-round and swap them out as needed.

👤These do a good job of managing wires. Since these never really closed, it's easy to remove and remount wiring. Place them carefully because once in place they are hard to move. I removed one star for the backing plastic over the base and one need to have the fingernails of the Mistress of the Dark to get the backing off. It is possible that this is the price one pays to have the glue on their build. I didn't have to remove any, but I think acetone would have been involved and the clip would have to be replaced. That is a small deal since the bigger concern is the integrity of the glue. I used to work on aircraft. Aviation has the same wire bases as these, but they require a separate tie strap to hold wire bundles and cables. I would have preferred these over what was available to me at the time, but for those in the know, these would have had to have FAA approval for that use. I found these to be very useful and clean, and I am an experienced installer. Even though I don't have her nails, I would buy them again even though I don't have them.

👤I have been looking for the perfect MagSafe mount for my phone, but no luck. I already had a magnetic mount, so I put the original Apple charge on it. I hated the white cable that went to the charging point. I painted the white cable and bought the black clips. The clips work well. I like that they hold the cable in a clip rather than a wrap. The back of the glue is clear and not white. The backs of the clear type clip were white. That makes it hard for them to be clear. The clips and I painting the white cable black help give it a clean look.

9. Viaky Adhesive Backed Adjustable Management

Viaky Adhesive Backed Adjustable Management

The hook of clips can be adjusted according to the size of the cable. Small in size and space-saving. No need to attach screws or punch a hole. Good quality material is made of nylon and has good insulation and load ability. Viaky cable clips have good strength. The surfaces are clean, smooth, oil-free, dust-free and water free. It is recommended not to use aluminum alloy on tiles. Allow a few hours for the glue to dry before use. Wide use. You can use the cable clips to manage various cables, such as computer cables, TV cables, Christmas lights cable, and power cord. Your rooms should be neat and tidy. The package includes 30 black cable clamps.

Brand: Viaky

👤I have 15 of these under my desk and they are amazing. I have held down many cables with these cable clips. It can only hold so much, so having a 30 piece set gives you a lot of options. The lock mechanism is easy to use. The glue can hold a lot of weight. It's highly recommended for anyone who wants to tidy up their cables.

👤The clips are small enough to handle wires in your home. They stick to plastic, glass and metal. For small areas that need cables to be stationary, these work very well and for the price, I would recommend my friends to buy them again.

👤It would have been a hassle to run a new cable line from the outside into my house, since one of my lines got cut by accident. I decided to use a splitter on the downstairs TV to run the new coax inside my house. The new cable goes up the stairs and into my bedroom. I used these clips to secure the coax to the wall at various spots and even though running a cable inside along the floor isn't the prettiest thing in the world, these clips make it less noticeable. They stick to the wall if you clean the areas where you want to stick them, and 30 is the perfect amount per order. I have a few spare parts for the ones that will wear off. The clips snap shut when you place the cable inside the holder. These clips can handle both cat-5 cables. It was a good purchase.

👤I usually use these around the desk with wires, but have found that they are useful in other areas, like when wife decorates for holidays. I put 1 on each side under each side to make sure that the heavy Christmas greenery doesn't come tumbling down. They can be pulled off when no longer being used.

👤The clips are self backed and do a great job. All were fine when they arrived in a bag of 30. They did a great job when I bought them for my under table cable organization. I do a lot of lightning projects during the holiday season and I need to hang cables in a good order. I had to hang the items on the door window because of the door decoration with fast blinking led. They did a great job holding and organizing the items that I used them for. You can use them for different jobs. Excellent and recommended.

👤I didn't think small hooks with tape would work, but they've held on for about a week. They can hold up two 150ft cords.

👤I needed to manage cables in my entertainment stand. The backing on the clips is very strong and holds the tv stand in place. If you have very thin cables, you may want to look for smaller clips, as there is a lot of clearance in these if you are running a single cable. If you need to run 1-2 through these, they work great!

10. SOULWIT Management Silicone Organizer Fastening

SOULWIT Management Silicone Organizer Fastening

You can use a wide range of places to keep the cables organized. The package contains 4 cable sleeves, 15 cable clips, 3 Silicone cable holders, 100 cable fastening ties, and 2 cable tie rolls. The sleeve is made from high-quality material, durable, flexible, and self-wrapping. The 15Pcs-cable clips are made from PA66 material. It's easy to install, just cut the cable sleeve to the length you want, and use the cable ties or the cable clips to organize the cables. These products are perfect for organizing charging cords, power cords, network cables, audio cables, video cables, and cable runs in data centers, at the office, or home. Pets should not be allowed to bite the wires that cause safety risks. It keeps your feet from being caught in cables. Pets should not be allowed to bite the wires that cause safety risks. It keeps your feet from being caught in cables.

Brand: Soulwit

👤This set made my desk look better. I was going to have the cords under the desk. I had to put the cords on top. The tubes hold a lot of cord and make the whole thing look good. I was very pleased with the purchase. Amazon's delivery was terrible. It was promised on a Wednesday and arrived on Saturday. It was only 50 miles away from the distribution center. I'm starting to wonder why I have Prime at all.

👤This is a good wire management kit. For a cheaper price, I used the sleeves, zip ties, and velcro strips to hide the wires around my desk, and they all work well. I would consider another product if you need the clips or wire tracks. For very thin wires, they can work, but the glue is too weak to keep them in place. I tried using clips that were one foot apart to hold an HDMI cable but the clips fell off within an hour after I cleaned them with rubbing alcohol. I threw the clips and tracks away because I used smaller command strip products.

👤The title suggests that the cable sleeves and zip ties are a life saver. Anything that uses their glue is weak. The majority of the kit is made up of those pieces and you can get cheaper zip ties and cable sleeves. I am glad I got it, but I am disappointed in the cable collector.

👤You don't know what will work or what won't when you start working on the wires. The easy solution was to get this mix. An excellent assortment. I have a lot for later projects.

👤More than a few sticky pieces came off after sticking for a day.

👤If you don't want to see a mess of cables in your desk, this is what you need.

👤It's what I needed after my son suggested it for our work areas. I am no longer kicking cords under my desk. The work area looks better because the cords are tucked away.

👤I didn't know what to do with all the cables I had from my work from home set up. This was perfect because I was able to try out different ways of getting everything organized and out of the way because I got a bunch of different things for the same price.

👤This was a great buy,found everything easy to use, thought it was a good value, but was out of stock, would recommend it.

👤The kit is perfect for organizing my wires under my desk. The cable clips are easy to use. The cablr wraps are great because you can have wires leaving the wrap at multiple points, unlike the zip up wraps. It's a great value for the amount you get and the quality you get, and it's a really handy kit.

👤The cable clips for keeping the cables in the runs are a great value for the amount of cable management items included. I think it's worth getting to manage cables.

11. Adhesive Organizer Holder Management Home(Included

Adhesive Organizer Holder Management Home%EF%BC%88Included

50 pieces with 2 sizes are used for flexible uses. You can use self-adhesive, easy to use, creative approaches to make your home look more classy. It worked great for cable management, fixing your wires, network cable, TV-coax cable, and more. You can use a wide range of places to keep the cables organized.

Brand: Folai

👤I have never been so happy by a product on Amazon. I have provided hundreds of thousands of products but this one was easy to use and served many needs. I hurt my hand when I tried another brand and it was so sharp, I can't imagine if my kitten or puppy came across those sharp edges. The other brand required you to apply tape to both sides. Talk about tiring! The clips were white but the glue was black, that was not nice. The cord clips are very strong. They allow me to run my cord along my wall. The clips are not sharp and the glue is already attached. I need to peel and stick. I need to get the cord out of the way so the fur babies don't chew through it. The product saved the day in many ways. Give your product teams a high five. I would get you all lunch.

👤They hold cables. Not much else to talk about, yet. The clips are a little stiff so sometimes you have to lift them to get thicker cables under them, but other than that they work great. It seems like you could get a pretty big cable of a couple thinner cables under the clip. Even though I have texture walls, they do just fine for me because I use them to route a webcam cable around a door frame. I don't know how easy they will be to take off or if they will cause damage, but we'll see.

👤These help keep wires where you want them to be. I needed a few black clips for a project and my ocd kicked in. The black spray paint was accepted very well by these. Adhesion is great if you clean and prep the surface. If you rip them off the wall or twisting the wires down the line, they may not stick as well as they did the first time. The beast is nature. You won't have that problem if you don't mess up. Remove the double-sided tape if the tape doesn't stick the second time around. Attach your own double-sided tape. I've used hot glue to mount a few of these when I was in a pinch. Yolo.

👤The cable clips are very strong. It's been a month and it's still sticking to the walls. It was easy to apply to the walls. I've been very happy with the product, it's holding up my cables very well. The money was worth a lot. The product did not come clear as described, that's the only problem I had with it. It looked like a foggy white color compared to the picture. This was the only reason I gave it a rating of five stars. I would recommend them.

👤No problems when I placed coaxial around the floor boards. Didn't expect anything. I had to use extra glue on the corners. It would be like this if I had the clips. Didn't want nail holes which was a choice. When removing paint, the permanent glue would pull it off. I believe a hot air from a blow dryer will help. Will find out when I move. Understand what your needs are, even if you're worth the money.


What is the best product for home theater cable management clip?

Home theater cable management clip products from Joto. In this article about home theater cable management clip you can see why people choose the product. Topbooc and Velcro are also good brands to look for when you are finding home theater cable management clip.

What are the best brands for home theater cable management clip?

Joto, Topbooc and Velcro are some of the best brands that chosen by people for home theater cable management clip. Find the detail in this article. Eboot, Yocice and Ohill are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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