Best Home Theater Cable Management In Wall

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1. Fosmon Surround Distribution Speakers Subwoofers

Fosmon Surround Distribution Speakers Subwoofers

Plug and play connections, 3.5 MM aux to a wire. The 3-Gang 7.2 surround sound distribution wall plate is compatible with 4K@60Hz and supports HDMI 2.0. The high-speed connecting devices are made of gold. The wall plate has a gold plated connection. The HDMI wall plate from Fosmon is a clean connection point for your audio/visual equipment. hiding cables in your walls is a way to remove cable clutter. All of your sound is included. This wall plate can be used to set up a surround sound system. This product has a limited lifetime warranty. Refer to the website for more information.

Brand: Fosmon

👤The plate was straight to the point and made my home theatre connections so easy to manage that I can just plug the receiver into the jacks. Behind the wall, cable management is done. I can't speak for the quality of the HDMI ports because I used this opening for a 6-port Keystone plate which I then used for the CAT6a network ports. I only mention it because there is a use case for someone to swap the included HDMI ports for something else that works better in their situation. As long as you have a standard Keystone plate, this can be done. A different plate can be installed just as quickly. The reason I removed a star from the review was because the jacks on the item were not good. After installing everything and mounting it to the wall, I was hit with a constant bass signal coming out of my woofer. I knew it wasn't coming from a specific source since my receiver was off. I removed the wall plate and found that the jack on the inside had broken and the plastic plug had been pushed through to the back. The signal pin was shorting the cable because of this. I moved the cable to the second jack and it broke the first one. I decided not to return the plate because I had some extra keystones and jacks that I just removed and put in this wall plate. There were no more breaking issues after that. If you buy this product, keep an eye on the sub jacks as the plastic looked brittle and could break over time.

👤3 of these were ordered. Two of the three have bad HDMI connections. I tried different cables and tried another outlet. After all of the work, I returned what I thought were faulty cables, but only one of my three actually function. I am going to swap the HDMI gang outlet for another brand because the speaker connections work on all three of them. A lot of work, a lot of problems, and a lot of wasted time. 1/3 of my order price was returned by the company because the gang outlet didn't work. I would try them again in the future. The stars were from 2 to 5. Customer support is great.

👤I like the fact that I can get a 7.2 wiring into one location. I don't need the HDMI because I wouldn't be using it in the walls. The option to include another four-set of post for the plate would be better. I was able to find an insert with eight posts and swap out the HDMI insert for it. This is a nice plate if I only did 7.2.

👤The wall plate cleaned up my cables. The wires and cables were fished out of my walls and put into a cabinet. I could have just bought a wall plate with a large hole in it to save a few bucks but the plate really adds that extra touch making it look very professional. The 6.1 configuration includes the Front Left, Front Right, Center, Surround Left, and Sub Woofer. You can also hook up 2 cables. The left, center, and right panel are released by the 6 screws on the wall plate. The front plate will be put back on after the panels are screwed to the low voltage 3 gang brackets. I used the PROS clean plate from the 3 gang low voltage brackets. The plugs glide in smoothly and are high quality. There is a The HDMI port supports both audio and video. The banana posts were loose upon arrival. It was easy to fix with a pair of pliers.

2. Management ZEXMTE Recessed Through Voltage

Management ZEXMTE Recessed Through Voltage

24 hours efficient and friendly customer service is what you get with the 2-pack 1-gang brush wall plate. Don't worry about the cables running all over the place, it's in the wall cable management kit. The wall mount tv outlet gets rid of messy cables. The low voltage cable can fall back into the hole if the brush wall plate is not used. White is the perfect color for your conference room, office, and any other place that is white. The cable wall plate is a space-saving design that can be used to place flat screen TVs, A/V equipment, artwork, or entertainment consoles closer to walls. It's perfect for managing TV power cables. It is easy to install with a cutting template and instruction manual. Installation without additional brackets can be done with mounting clips. A duplex receptacle has a 15 Amp/125 Amp rating. It was 7.83” x 6.14” x 3.74” Including brush wall plate, electrical box, manual and cutting template. A duplex receptacle has a 15 Amp/125 Amp rating. It was 7.83” x 6.14” x 3.74” Including brush wall plate, electrical box, manual and cutting template.

Brand: Zexmte

3. Legrand Office Theater Power CPT306WV1

Legrand Office Theater Power CPT306WV1

The project is the fastest home improvement project. This is the fastest way to get rid of the cable mess below your feet, under a desk, or behind an electronic device. It is the perfect electric wires hider. It's dustproof and waterproof. Installation is flexible. You can install any TV in your home. Concealed behind the wall are power, Cat5e, and HDMI for a clean, uniform and extendable home solution. It works with all TV brands, and is perfect for unique entertainment center applications. The custom power output modULE works with most TV plugs, perfect for entertainment center applications. There is a kit included. The Power Output Module, Power Input Module, and Drywall Bracket have a complete instruction guide. There is a kit included. The Power Output Module, Power Input Module, and Drywall Bracket have a complete instruction guide.

Brand: Legrand - Onq

👤The product's functions are okay. There is no way that this product is worth more than $25.00 at retail. This is a manufacturing company that has a lot of development but is overpriced by the management staff. Almost everything that is. Companies like Leviton eat their lunch because they product. This will be one of the few times that I will be willing to pay less than $30 million. If my wall is not already open, I will return.

👤The product is decent but has an annoying design flaw. The plug that connects the lower outlet to the power source is a straight plug. The plug protrudes three inches from the wall and prevents furniture from going against it. A flat plug with a more flexible cable would have been better. The kit is supposed to give a neat finish and this was a let down.

👤The owners of the TVs from the company should beware. The insert for the cables does not fit the end of the cable. We had to cut out some of the plastic to modify the insert.

👤Installation was easy. The biggest obstacle for most people is cutting the drywall. This product comes with a template, so there's no guesswork for cutting. The product works. The cables are strong. The outlets on the top are tight. There is a small hole on the bottom outlet for the a/v cables. It was difficult to shove the end of the cable through. Great product, other than that. It is recommended.

👤I installed on an insulated wall and it was very easy to install, I was able to fit 3 hdmi, 1 coax and 1 ethernet cat 6 cable. I had the same problem with the size of the mains plug in the bottom plate that others have had. But found a solution. There is an update onQuirky-PPL GP-WH01. The Arlington LVU2W-1 is a better solution for both the limited space for low voltage and the power cord sticking out too far. The low voltage model is not the one with a high voltage box. You can add a brush outlet to the other side of your cables if you want, because the high voltage module from the Legrand kit fits perfectly into one gang. Measure the depth of your wall. It may be a tight fit with 2x4 studs. I have 2x6 studs in the exterior walls, so this fit with room to spare. The cables and furniture are almost flush to the wall.

👤I removed the gas fire place from the floating wall because it was useless. I built a shelf in its place and mounted the TV above. I decided to invest into a management solution since I didn't want to have tons of cables dangling. The top box is large. I had to add it above the wall mount because it was too big to fit between the spaces. Installation is easy, but it can be difficult to remove the metal latches that anchor the top box to the wall. I had to remove it several times because I couldn't just fish through the wall with all the cables I had. The bottom part is too small to fit all of the different types of connections. I had to cut the plastic case to fit the cable through the opening because it was too large. Nobody can see the butchery because the box is hidden. I wish there was another way to go. It works as expected. I replaced the supplied power cable with a shorter one because I didn't want several feet of cable taking up space next to the box. I had to take off one star because the opening in the bottom box is small and not all cables will fit through, but overall I'm happy with the product.

4. Datacomm 50 3323 WH KIT Panel Organizer Solution

Datacomm 50 3323 WH KIT Panel Organizer Solution

EVEO cable is a classic high quality structure. If you want to remove the cord hider, you can use a hair dryer to apply heat and then remove it. Try this easy-to- install TV cable management kit for mounted flat screen TVs and see if you like it. Their instructions are simple to follow. Say goodbye to the fiend. The cable management system hides wires around your TV. The market has to offer Frame TVs, Ultra-thin TVs, Wallpaper OLED TVs, etc. This kit will give you a professional look at your home theater. Does not include Low Voltage Audiovisual Cables. The included 6ft extension cord and 8 ft electrical wire are included in the kit. The kit is the ultimate do-it-yourself kit. The kit is very easy to install. It's a wall mount for TVs.

Brand: Data Comm

👤Yesterday, I received and installed my conduit box. It's relatively easy to install, but before clicking "add to cart", you should invest in a stud finder. The locking brackets need space around the holes. If you cut the hole next to a stud, it won't lock in place. FireBLOCKS! The pieces are between the studs. Since you are probably hoisting your TV up on the wall, there is a good chance that you will run into someone trying to push your cables down the wall. Unless you know where they are, you will be upset when you cut two big holes in your wall and realize you have to cut another one to get your cables through the wall. I didn't have this problem but I can see how some people will get stuck dealing with it. In my photo, you can see where I put my box. The templates are good. It was difficult to install the bottom box. It took me a while to shave the wallboard. Push your electrical wire through the small, white box before pressing them into the connectors. Ooops. I sanded a small hole off the bottom so the main wire could fit without the other wires pulling out. It's easy to fix. I ran an extra pull line in the box for additional cables in the future but I now agree with others that you should just buy a second cable and run it at the same time. It will be difficult to pull wires through the holes in the cables in the future. I don't think there is a need for a second line, but if I do, I will have to pull the boxes out of the wall. The TV looks great on the wall with the boxes in place and the power cables zip-tied. It looks professional because there are no cables visible from the side. I didn't hurt myself, but my wife is happy with the results. This is a good product, but you need to plan. Check the wall for fireblocks. Make sure you have enough room for the locking clips.

👤You mounted your TV on the wall and saw all the cables, it wasn't perfect. This kit is the best and easiest decision I have ever made. It took me about an hour to install it. Before buying this product, you need to read a few notes. You need a tool to find them. 2. There are fireblocks. The horizontal and vertical studs are located in between each other. 3. You will cut inside the wall. 4. You will need a saw. 5. I used my stud finder to locate my two studs so I could install the tape measure in the middle. I used the stud finder to make sure there were no fireblocks between the studs. They give you a layout that you can trace on the wall with a pencil. This is probably the most important part of the installation so make sure to trace it correctly. You just grabbed your jab saw and started cutting. There is a I noticed after cutting that I have insulated walls and it was hard to fish down my cables, so I used this tip to my advantage. I fished the tape measure out of the water, then taped my cables to the tape measure, and everything came down very quickly. It is not safe and up to code to fish down your TV outlet source. The top receptacle has its own outlet. You can plug in your TV there. Even though there are two available plugs, I only plugged in my TV up there to be on the safe side. You just need to connect the two white receptacles on the top and bottom and the wire that comes with the top part to the white, black, and green wire, and you're good to go. You will have a nicer looking theatre.

5. Legrand HT22U2 WH R12 Recessed Management HT22U2WHR12

Legrand HT22U2 WH R12 Recessed Management HT22U2WHR12

The split cover is designed to snap into place. Even if partially covered, split design supports removal and access to components. EASE OF ACCESS: It's easy. Convenient access to the back of the TV is provided by the in-wall storage. It's possible to hook up a digital TV, cable box, sound bar, or streaming media device. The cable access strap is easy to use and handles all the cables necessary to support your TV. It is compatible with all TV power plugs, even right angle cords and bulky power supplies. It is compatible with all TV power plugs, even right angle cords and bulky power supplies.

Brand: Legrand - Onq

👤The people who post images of the hole not being the right size struggled in school. The template should be cut out. The cutout needs to be level. Use a carpenters knife to trace it. You can cut out the outline with a drywall saw. Very easy.

👤The product was easy to install if you have the right tools. It is easy to cut with an osmotic saw. I put the top piece in the wall that had plaster and lath over it, and the bottom piece in the wood baseboard to keep my other receptacles separate. The only complaint I had was how it arrived. Pieces fell out of a crushed box when it arrived. I didn't lose any parts because the crushed box was inside one of the bags. The box was crushed open and there was nothing broken. I would recommend the products all day long.

👤The right time to do some work on the house was when we were painting it. They work great on 3 TV's we installed. You'll likely have to buy longer cables when buying. The guy did the installation. It didn't look complicated. A handier person would probably be able to do it.

👤This product is designed to hide TV cables and wires.

👤Does everything it says. The length of the wire was cut a couple feet because they give you a lot. It makes wall mounted TVs look great.

👤I'm going to look at the product photos here to figure it out.

👤I have installed 2 of them and they work great. The template is correct. You can do it if you have a saw and a screwdriver. The instructions are good. If you follow them, you will have an issue fishing the wires behind the wall. I had an issue with the walls I used for my TV. There is a The insulation on the outer walls of our house makes it difficult to pass the wire down the wall. The Bath was on the other side of the bedroom. The structure got in the way. I used a coat hangar to get past the tub structure. You just need something stiff to get past the wire. If you plan on doing a lot of these, I recommend investing in a fish tape. Let's talk about Amazons shipping. I received the wrong item. I received a rubber band set. I received the correct item 2 days later. The box in the bag was opened and all the parts were there. I used it since I did the previous one. If you ever add a stereo system or a soundbar, you should purchase a couple of extra HDMI cables and put them in the same place as the other cables.

6. Construct Pro SpeedyZ Spring Lock Through

Construct Pro SpeedyZ Spring Lock Through

A standard cable port has all the benefits of a standard port. The cable port can be held in place with flexible grommet and spring locks. It's quick and easy to drill a hole into the wall. It's ideal for wall mounted TVs and speaker installations. The hole size needed is 2-1/4” and the inner diameter is 2”

Brand: Construct Pro

👤I have used a lot of products. My go-to is usually a brush plate, but for this application, I use a power strip pass-through for a false wall. I needed to push the 3-prong connection. The brush plates are too narrow. This product is similar to a brush plate, but it doesn't feel like it. The rubber fingers will bleed. Whatever comes from the other side. Keep that in mind for your application. If you have a giant hole saw on hand, you can install it in under 2 minutes. If you're in a hurry to finish a hole, this is your fastest solution.

👤I've used 3 of the spring-loaded wall grommets for TV installs and also for my home office with my PC, and I've purchased more. This grommet does what it's designed to do and looks fine, but it's severely overpriced for what you're getting, which is my main complaint. The rubber or Silicone ring material used for the inner part where the cables pass through isn't durable at all. The inner material on two of the grommets has torn through. The material is still usable, but not rugged at all. Installation is easy. I have a drywall saw that I attach to my drill and use to bore a 2.25" hole. After that, just a bit of dust and a cable pass-through port is needed. The cable passes through the grommet easily, and the material is cheap and easy to tear if you have a lot of cables to run.

👤It was easy to install. Follow the instructions on the size hole to cut and insert the product. I was trying to run my cables through the rubber piece, but it kept popping off. I installed a PoE security system in the attic and put cables in the coat closet. I wanted a barrier to keep dust out of the coat closet. I got all the cables through and then put the flange back in place, but any tugging on the cables will probably cause it to fall. I will glue the piece in place if this happens. I think nylon fibers are more secure than rubber extensions.

👤I've used three different pass-through ports to help with cable management in my home, and I think this one is my favorite. I had to purchase a hole saw to install it, but it popped in with no trouble and held tight with the springs, so installation was completed in about two minutes. The material in the center is soft enough to bend but still maintain its original shape, which is important for multiple cables to fit. I have two power plugs and one A/V cable for my sub-woofer. The rubber "teeth" in the photo look a little messy since I was feeding the cables in from both sides, but could easily be adjusted if it were in a more visible spot. There is enough space for four or more cables. I'm happy with the result and how easy it was to use.

7. Cord Cover Concealer Management Connectors

Cord Cover Concealer Management Connectors

If you are dissatisfied with your purchase within 30 days, please contact them for a solution. They will cover your troubles. The days of messy cables all over your house are over as EVEO provides you with a cord hider that will make your house look neat. The cable management kit has all the necessary components. The tv can fit up to 153" of cable, which includes 2 HDMI cables and 2 regular USB/AUX cables. Their cord hider wall is perfect for your home decor. It only takes 15 minutes to make your living room look brand new. The attach & snap structure of EVEO Premium Cable concealer makes it easy to change the cable. Choose between tape or screws. It has connections that will fit any installation method. The cable raceway is best for any corner. They made a sleek and slim cord organizer that will fit your home décor and size. If you want to match the color exactly to your wall, you can paint the cord cover wall. If you need a different length, simply cut the cable to your desired length. It's so easy to upgrade your living room with the EVEO cord management cable concealer. Safety is the primary purpose of their cable concealers. The dangers of loose cables at home are especially bad for little kids and pets. Their wire organizers make sure that all the electronics are locked up. Home decor and overall look can be improved by the EVEO Cable Concealer. An important protection for you and those you care about. It's easy to organize your home or office with their wire concealers, they're only Top Quality. You can arrange and hide the wires in your space if you don't need professional help. They stand behind the quality of their products and that is why you shouldn't be concerned. EVEO wire covers for cords are of the highest quality. EVEO cable is a classic high quality structure. If you want to remove the cord hider, you can use a hair dryer to apply heat and then remove it.

Brand: Eveo

👤This is a good product that fits a lot of cords, and the covers snap on rather than being stuck on the sides. I have an installation tip. The channel is hard to remove from the wall once you stick it. Measure, level and draw a line on the wall before you remove the cover for the glue. Now my trick is to use an axe or razor blade to cut through the cover. Cut about 2 inches from both ends, and then make a couple cuts in the center. You want to get rid of the other glue, but you also want to keep the 3 two inch sections. It was difficult to get the liner to stick when I tried to remove it from those sections. It might have worked if I pushed harder to get those sections to stick. I took my thumb and rolled it around to peel off the whole thing in the larger areas, except for my 2 inch sections. It's almost like a rubbery gummy glue and you can roll it off with a little effort. When it comes time to take it off, it won't rip up the whole wall because it sticks the channel down very securely. It looks better to put 2 straight pieces against each other rather than using one of the connector covers. The covers are wider so you can see the bulge at the connections. I tried to do a 45 degree cut on 2 pieces of channel with my hacksaw so I could butt the corners without the extra covers. I didn't get it perfect and there was a little gap showing. I decided to just pop on one of the 90 degree elbow covers and be done with it, but I think if you got the cuts right it would look better to use the covers.

👤This is one of the best purchases I've ever made. The kit came with everything needed for the job to start and finish, except for a pencil mark to the wall. The saw to trim the pieces was useful. It also includes a measuring tape. The instructions seem straightforward, but I only looked at them as they seemed intuitive. The way this was packaged was mentioned by another reviewer. The kit completely transformed the mess of cords that ran down my wall from my tv, ps4 and sound bar. The included pics show before and after. The tv and wall unit were installed at the same time, so I only have an "after" for my living room. My bedroom walls are light grey, so they don't blend in as well as they do in my living room, but I assume they could be painted if that really bothered you. I have done the living room and bedroom so far, and plan to do the other 2 bedrooms in my house. I will probably have enough left over to do at least two more rooms once I'm done.

👤You should note to every product maker. Everything you need to make your own cord concealing track is in the package. I had a kit that covered all of the areas I wanted it to cover. I didn't need the screws&anchors because the track has sticky tape that was strong enough to stick to the wall, and a saw to cut the tracks if needed. You don't have to go to a hardware store to open a package. Thank you for looking and working perfectly!

8. PowerBridge TWO PRO 6 Professional Management Wall Mounted

PowerBridge TWO PRO 6 Professional Management Wall Mounted

We provide a 12 months exchange or money-return guarantee and 3-year repair, lifetime professional technical support, so you don't have to worry about its lifespan. Feel free to contact them if you have a problem. There is a dual power outlet in-wall cable management system. Two power outlets are included for mounting two TV's or one TV and one audio visual accessory. The included in wall power cord and Romex cable are code compliant. Does not include Low Voltage Audiovisual Cables. Powerbridge One-CK and Two-CK do not include PowerConnect Cable. There were cables hanging down the wall between the TV and the floor. No electrician was needed. The professional version kit. The system allows for Wall Mounted TV's to hide cables and wires behind the wall for a clean look. All TV's, including the flat-plug power cords, are compatible. All types of low-profile wall-mounts are compatible. The Flat Screen TV Mount should work with the thinnest TV mounts on the market.

Brand: Powerbridge Solutions

👤The quality of the in-wall cable management is poor, and it received the NEC compliant approval. The ear tabs that secure the box to the wall easily break off when being tightened. I've been installing the blue "old work" gang boxes for years and never had the tabs break. I used the blue tabs from a gang box to replace the broken tabs, the plastic used to make these tabs is too soft. The concept is good but the product is not. If you need spare tabs, add a few Carlon gang boxes to your order.

👤There is a major design flaw in the product. I had to remove them to replace some cable and the second time I secured them to the wall, they broke and rendered the whole thing useless. I had to use some L brackets to put them back in place. I didn't tighten them very much. It's just plastic. The swing-arm anchors will be snapped in half. If I could just get more swing arms to replace the ones that broke, I'm sure all will be fine, but I'm not a very happy customer.

👤I hid my cables and cords for my TV and sound bar when I bought this. I needed a single inlet and dual outlet design. Buyers should be aware of a limitation. The furniture cannot be any closer than 2 inches. The plug and extension cord are straight on. I've tried different extension cords and a right angle plug adaptor. The MyCableMart Wall plate: Flat Panel TV Power Kit is a good example of a better design. I would swap out the inlet if I could get it in the angle version as I am not completely satisfied with the finished look of my project.

👤After installing this product, I had to add an additional HDMI cord. The outlet boxes were removed from the wall and I realized that the wings had broken and they can't be tightened back up. I would love to get a refund. I don't think the company would allow that. I would not recommend this product to anyone. I had a hard time with this product. It shouldn't have been so hard. I was faced with a faulty outlet. The white wire that came undone from the soldering inside the inlet box was the one I realized was the issue. It was difficult to get it fixed since I have no experience with electrical work. The install would have been easy if it weren't for this. The product is doing exactly what it was intended for, which is why I still gave it 3 stars.

👤Is it really that easy? Wow! Don't be afraid of this! I did it on my own. I read the instructions well and made sure I understood every step before doing the hands on portion. Every step is very important and must be done in a row. I was worried about reading the bad reviews. I had no issues. I took the top plate off to add another cord, replaced the plate back in position, and didn't have any problems with cheap hardware! There is a large note in the instructions that tells you to not screw the screws in too tight, so I just left it snug, and no problems. Looks professional.

9. Legrand Management Structured Wall ENP1705 NA V1

Legrand Management Structured Wall ENP1705 NA V1

There is flexibility in project support for widening other audiovisual connections. The power inlet strap is Decorator-style. Storage and distribution of structured wiring and audio visual components is what this is designed for. Can be placed behind most TV wall-mounts. 3rd party structured wiring components are compatible with many devices. The mounting plate has a 1.5in elevation to accommodate larger devices and frees up space in the enclosure. The split cover is designed to snap into place. Even if partially covered, split design supports removal and access to components.

Brand: Legrand - Onq

👤Good product. It's easy to install. If you are going to add power, you need to have some electrical experience. Does fit the one box, but don't plan on adding more.

👤It works well for my needs and the installation was easy.

10. Q Legrand WP1014 WH V1 Legrand WP1014WHV1

Q Legrand WP1014 WH V1 Legrand WP1014WHV1

We stand for the highest quality product and customer satisfaction. They offer an easy return policy if you're not happy with the product. All product comes with a lifetime warranty service. There's a lot of clothing that's dressy: MANAGES EXCESS CABLE. The cable brush strap is a great way to hide cables. The cords on the wall have a mess. Accommodates up to 12 cables, including Cat5e/6. Holds cables in place by using hooks that catch cables before they fall. Seamless integration is a concept. It fits into any standard opening. On-q solution. The On-Q Home Theater Connection Kit is a complete solution. On-q solution. The On-Q Home Theater Connection Kit is a complete solution.

Brand: Legrand

👤This plate was perfect for installing behind my home theater speakers. I zip tied my cables so they don't slip inside the wall because the access plate has a plastic keeper on the backside. I put a second plate below the speaker at the electrical outlet. I hid the electrical cord in the wall so that my speakers wouldn't be powered by the electrical outlet. To mount the access plate to the wall, purchase a low voltage outlet box and screw the access plate into it. I bought my box at a local store for $2.

👤These are cheap. The back photo of the product shows the brushes being held in by a single clip in the middle. One of the brushes fell into the wall and the other could not be saved. Some models have more holding clips to avoid this problem, and you can see that from the back images. The cover plate is made from a good material and does not break when installed.

👤The wallplate was purchased to hide a hole in the wall that was going to be used to feed the TV. This gave a nice finished look. This isn't a five-star product to me because it's more of an off-white color and not bright white. The color is not a big deal, but the size of the grommet is. Flat or small media cables are the only cables that will fit. The small grommet is not large enough to fit a basic two-prong plug. Don't think about fitting a grounded plug through the hole. If more than 3-4 cables were used, any other new cable would not be able to easily pass through without having to start the feed-through process all over again. This gets three stars for looks and covering up a hole.

👤They do not line up with the screw holes in the box already in the sheetrock. These were not standard cover plates. I have 6 of them with only one hole secured and the other end not flush, it looks terrible. Love the idea. They look cheap. I have wasted my money and will have to find a better solution.

👤The piece was hard to find and provided the perfect function for me, which was to snake an HDMI cable through the wall and have it neatly covered. There is a plastic box behind the middle part that needs to go into the wall. This was unexpected for me. To create a hole for the box to go into the wall, you need to cut into the Sheetrock. The extra work was done well. I wish this piece didn't have a box on the face so that you could remove it if you didn't need it. If needed, face plate would be used again.

👤The house was built in the last year. Everything has standard specifications. The product is too wide. The standard on my house is 3.25". 3.75" What a waste of money. Don't buy if you're warned.

👤I used this to run wires to my TV. Keep in mind the gauge of your wires along with how many you need to run, that's what you should expect. I was able to fit a single CAT6e cable with relative ease through this. The last 2 or 3 cables did require a bit of tugging at the top and feeding at the bottom, but it wasn't really an issue.

11. PowerBridge TWO CK Management PowerConnect Wall Mounted

PowerBridge TWO CK Management PowerConnect Wall Mounted

It's a wall mount for TVs. There is a dual outlet in-wall cable management system. Two power outlets are included for mounting two TV's or one TV and one audio visual accessory. There were cables hanging down the wall between the TV and the floor. There is no need for an electrician with the snap together Power Connectors. This system allows for Wall Mounted TV's to hide cables and wires behind the wall for a clean look. Code compliant is the code for the Included In-Wall PowerConnect Cable and 6-foot Power Cord. Does not include Low Voltage Audiovisual Cables. The Flat Screen TV Mount should work with the thinnest TV mounts on the market. The product is top rated and easy to install. Code compliant is 6 feet in-wall.

Brand: Powerbridge Solutions

👤I was initially happy with this purchase because it accomplished what it was designed to do, but my issue was after the initial install. I took my time and installed it and had no issues. I decided to upgrade my cables after installing the antenna, but that's when the issues started and others have had the same issue. The clips on the bottom box were broken and wouldn't hold the box in place anymore. After a few curse words and a couple of beers, I was able to find two different gang boxes that use the same stile clips, so I bought both of them. One had plastic clips and the other had metal ones. I tried the orange one's first, but found the screw hole tight and thought they might break again down the line. I tried the metal ones from the blue gang box and they were perfect. I was able to hold a tighter seal against the wall when I stopped them on both top and bottom. Fix cost me $3.19 from Lowes.

👤Don't buy if you're warned. Does not work with the latest power cords.

👤They told me to buy replacements after I found the manufacturer website and reached out via email. They won't warranty or stand behind their broken products. I would suggest looking elsewhere. The cheap plastic that holds the plug into the wall has broken after having to later add an audio cable. My plug is hanging there. This is a one time shot and you need to get all your cables in at the same time. It took a lot longer than 1/2 hour like it says, second we got the bottom to go in fine. The back of the wall is wider than the top, so it wouldn't go all the way into the wall. We lost the flip up tab in the wall. My husband was not happy with me for buying this and having to install it, he was not happy with me at all. He made fun of the big power supply that bridges the power to the box. He said that it looked like a stupid idea to have a wire run down your wall, so I used a shop vac to get the plastic piece in the wall. My husband was in big trouble.

👤I am very happy that I found this. I was surprised by the price, considering the best option I found was in the 70's, but I was still looking for something. It's a great value. I was happy with how easy it was to install. The plastic feels a little weak if you are patient and careful. You would have to be very violent to break it. If you don't put painters or electrical tape over the ends, the brushes will slide out. I crammed about 6 cables through both plates, the last 1 or 2 were difficult. I was able to make it work. This also includes 1 optical and 1 xbox cord. One review said you can't fit cords with bulky things near the connection, but I fit the Kinect cord through and it's massive. You have to be patient and work it through the plate. The reason for 4 is that the plastic feels a little weak, but that's usually the case with plates like these.


What is the best product for home theater cable management in wall?

Home theater cable management in wall products from Fosmon. In this article about home theater cable management in wall you can see why people choose the product. Zexmte and Legrand - Onq are also good brands to look for when you are finding home theater cable management in wall.

What are the best brands for home theater cable management in wall?

Fosmon, Zexmte and Legrand - Onq are some of the best brands that chosen by people for home theater cable management in wall. Find the detail in this article. Data Comm, Legrand - Onq and Construct Pro are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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