Best Home Theater Chair Accessories

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1. Mockins Inflatable Portable Festivals Accessories

Mockins Inflatable Portable Festivals Accessories

The new design held the optimal amount of air for longer lasting inflation. The inflatable bed is lightweight and has an anti tear feature. The weight capacity is 300 lbs. The lounge sofa has pockets for your cell phone, water bottle and favorite magazine. mockins inflatable outdoor lounge chairs are easy to use. Simply open it up against the wind, and use the air to fill the lounger. You might need to do this 3-4 times. Roll the edges in a buckle. And you're all good! A peg is included to help keep the lounger in place. The blow up lounger can be used as a beach chair, lawn chair, camping chair, and even replace a bean bag chair. The blow up beach chair is created for convenience. This is part of your vacation essentials. Adding it to your camping gear, pool toys, camper accessories, beach accessories, festival accessories, camping supplies the small and light bag will fit right in. This is the perfect item to bring to a pool party or music festival. The air lounger is a great way to add seating outdoors. It's great for an adult beach lounge chair as well as kids beach chair and portable outdoor couch. It's guaranteed that the scalpel SATISFACTION isGUARANTEED. They offer a 3 year warranty on their Inflatable couch. They've got your back, so take it easy and chill on your new accessory. Nuestro Juego de Dos Sillnes Inflables Azl y Verde tiene perfectos para utilizarse. The resistente y duradero con capacidad of the poliéster was 300 libras. Simplemente, bralo, con el enrollnto y gralo, para llenarlo.

Brand: Mockins

👤I bought the Mockins for my family. Reading is important. We tried to inflate the lounger. I read the instructions again. I remembered the reviews. After the air is caught in the lounger, you have to close the opening, roll it several times and snap it together. The first is to fill with air. The opening 3 should be closed. Roll the closure multiple times. We forgot step 3. We were all set once we followed instructions. It was easy and comfortable. It was a hit.

👤What can I say? An amazing product. Don't be alarmed when you first receive it, it's a big opening! It will work. I promised. Do not be discouraged if you can't inflate it on the first try. Why? Even with a low wind, it will be simple if you leave. This product is very good and I would highly recommend it. I've used it at the beach and backyard. It is definitely comfortable. I am writing this review because I like this product. I wanted to call this out because they do ask for reviews.

👤I was excited when I got this. The disappointment started setting in as I tried to inflate it. There was no wind, running didn't work, and more and more disappointment flooded in. I tried it out after getting it about 1/2 full. Maybe this isn't so bad. I returned to my boat a few hours later to take a nap. I was on the floor until I sank in. More disappointment. I tried to inflate it again the next day after I watched a nice video on the internet. It was deflated for the rest of the day. More disappointment. I thought about returning it the next day but decided to use my head to inflate it with a high efficiency particulate air (HEPA) filter. Finally success! The fully inflated disappointment began to melt away. It was bed time when a few hours were spent watching and playing on the internet. I sank when I returned to my boat this evening. I didn't roll the end again, but I'm not sitting on the floor. I wouldn't take this outside except out my sliding door since wind is not guaranteed to cooperate. It's perfect for our den where we want furniture that's easy to store away. We can have a movie night, empty the room for yoga, tai chi, play shinnie, and set up 5+cots for my little nieces and nephews when they visit.

👤The mocking 2 pack inflatable lounger hangout sofa was just purchased. I bought them for the pool party. There are a few things I noticed. It is not easy to fill with air, but it is something to be proud of. The friends who failed are talking high five. The chairs were comfortable. They were fun and comfortable. My adult friends and their children all enjoyed them. The only downfall is that a child brought it into the pool and used it as a pool float, but it began to take on water. It took me two days to get the water out of this thing. My warning to other consumers is not to let anyone bring it into the water. No complaints of their own.

2. Decor SignTheater Vintage Plaque Poster

Decor SignTheater Vintage Plaque Poster

The gift box is ready for gift giving. Tin/metal will not rust; size: 30*30 cm/12*12inch. The theater snack bar tin sign is manufactured with folded edges for safety and stability. It is suitable for many places such as bar dining room billiard house hotel club wall decoration. There are holes in each corner for hanging. It looks great in your home, office, garage, gun safe, or man cave. Give one as a gift and get one for you.

Brand: Ialwiyo

👤This is a great decor! The rest of the retro decor is in the concession area. Really pleased with this. It is a good size. Not big or small.

👤Q son de tamao, pero deben pueda ver en la pared.

👤The sign is sturdy. The popcorn machine is a nice addition to the man cave.

👤It is a small sign and wishes it were bigger. It is thin metal. I put it on the table so it would stand up.

👤The print on the metal tin was cheaper than I expected. It would have been better to see some texture, like the paint was laid on the tin rather thanscreened.

👤It was nice to see a better quality.

👤This is a sign that I love. It works in our snack bar.

👤The picture was too small for my wall.

3. Utopia Bedding Premium Adjustable Furniture

Utopia Bedding Premium Adjustable Furniture

The 8 piece risers, ranging from 3 to 8 inches in height, add a new level of comfort to your life. The risers are wide and deep enough to hold furniture legs. When combined, the three height options of up to 3 Inches, 5 Inches and 8 Inches have the greatest bedpost distance, and the bed risers can be stacked together to conserve space. The bed leg fits securely into the recess cup and is convenient to use on any bed. They can support a total of up to 1,300 lbs. and are made of heavy-duty plastic, which can stand the weight of the heaviest furniture in your home or office. If a proper fit is being delivered, make sure to use bed risers together. The risers are not suited for recliners and the furniture legs should not be thicker than 2.75" to ensure a stable base for the furniture. The risers are not suited for recliners and the furniture legs should not be thicker than 2.75" to ensure a stable base for the furniture.

Brand: Utopia Bedding

👤We moved from 2200 square feet house to 1200 square feet apartment. We ran out of space to put things in. They allow the bed to fit a lot of stuff under it. We purchased 3 sets. We were able to fit 2 huge totes and tons of boxes under our bed that wasn't able to fit anywhere else, and I was able to use these to lift our pack and play. I have no fear that these will not support. These are easy to use and have two height options. I have to do a run hop to get to my bed, but these are worth every penny. We have more space to fit all of our belongings, instead of having to get a storage container. This product is very good. Please let Amazon know if you found this helpful. Thanks!

👤Only used for a couple of weeks. I sat on the foot of the bed and boom broke through. Since I ordered the risers before the bed was delivered, I was out of the 30 day return window, which probably wouldn't make a difference as their return policy states it must be unused and undamaged. I bought two sets but am hesitant to use the rest. What a waste of money. You get what you pay for.

👤The smaller risers in this box are great for raising my desk up a few inches, but I thought the box had 8 risers, which is what the product name says. Instead, it comes with four risers of a small size and four of a larger size, which makes it four risers, not eight. I have a desk with eight legs and I cannot use just one box to elevate it. The product name should be changed to make it clear that what you are getting is only four legs of a furniture item. It isn't eight risers, no matter how you spin it. There are four risers and three different size options. I have an issue with these being oddly bulky. Unless your table or bed has large legs, you're going to be left with cube feet.

👤The legs are raised under the bed by using two of these. I had read that it would help with my problem. It definitely does!

👤My daughter's dorm room was given the extra storage by these risers. The bed is stable.

👤I usually read the negative reviews first. I decided to chance it. I ordered two sets of bed risers that were rated at 1300 lbs, so I had plenty of wiggle room on the weight capacity. I was glad I ordered two sets because I had two center feet to support. I tried the smaller ones. They were too high and the 4 inch adapters were a perfect fit. When I sit down next to the bed, it hits me above the knees because it is just 24 feet off the floor. I have used them since February and they are easy to use and slide on the floor when I need to make the bed. They have a good base that holds your bed at the right height for a comfortable night's sleep.

4. Foot Rest Under Desk Footstool

Foot Rest Under Desk Footstool

Kick up your feet and enjoy the soft, supportive comfort of 100 percent pure memory foam with their Memory Foam Foot Stool. Using your own body heat, the under desk foot rest is able to conform around your feet for total comfort. The soft material feels great on feet with or without shoes, while the Breathable cover allows air to circulate and won't trap heat. Their foot stool is under the desk. The flat ground creates unwanted pressure points on your feet, legs, and hips. Lift your feet onto their foot rest and get relief from pain. Optimal Circulation is promoted by Office Foot Rest. Sitting at your desk with your feet on the floor can cause problems in your legs and feet. Their foot rest under the desk improves circulation and reduces pain. Proper body alignment is encouraged by a tall foot rest. Your feet are lifted into the correct position with their footrest. Their foot rest is shaped to fit your foot's natural arch, which reduces pain and fatigue in this area. Their memory foam foot rest has been tested by OEKO-TEX to earn their coveted STANDARD 100 label, meaning every component of their under desk footrest is certified safe and harmless for human health.

Brand: Everlasting Comfort

👤The foot rest needs to be at least an inch taller. Foot rest is too soft. It is not dense enough to be used as a foot rest. You have to move your feet to another location after 2 minutes because the foam is depressed. lint, dirt, and animal hair are collected by the valuor cover. Do yourself a favor and use a foam roller. A roller is the same length. A roller is cheaper and will not collect every piece of lint from the floor. You can use a pillow case or pillow sham on the roller that can easily be washed. Don't buy this foot rest, trust the reviews.

👤This foot cushion has helped me a lot with my issues with circulation and well-being. It's soft enough that it doesn't bother me when I'm acting up, but it does help elevate my feet a bit when I'm sitting so as to improve circulation and reduce swelling. It makes it more comfortable for me to sit in chairs so I don't end up in bed for a long time because my legs and feet feel dead wood if I sit anywhere else. I was a bit worried that it would tear up easily since "foot stool" and "pillow" seemed kind of contradictory. If you like to put a lot of weight in your feet, it's not a good idea because it will cause it to go flat. I think this could be used as a back wedge due to its shape, but I haven't tried it yet.

👤I paid 30 dollars for this and I may be a little salty about it. It was possible that this thing was going to change my life, because I get what I pay for. Nope. I wanted a rest. I have been putting things under my desk to make it right. I have done a lot of things around the house. I decided 30$ is worth it. It is too soft. My feet are touching the pillow. What is the point?

👤I started a full time desk job a few months back and wanted to make sure I had correct posture as I had heard you can really hurt yourself over time. I noticed that my feet barely touched the ground when I put my chair up higher. I didn't think much of it until I started to feel a sensation in my legs at night. I found out that if both feet aren't flat on the ground you can experience a lack of leg circulation. I found the best under desk foot rests when I searched and thought it was worth a try. It was in perfect condition when it arrived. I haven't experienced it again after using it for 3 months, but I felt numb at night when I first used it, but it went away in about a week. I love having it at work because it is so soft and squishy. If you get restless at work, you can flip it upside down and do a rocking motion with it. I highly recommend it.

5. OOTSR Organizer Recliner Smartphone Magazines

OOTSR Organizer Recliner Smartphone Magazines

The sofa armrest is 7.2 inches wide and is suitable for most couch, recliner and chair arms. Take the actual size into account. The second image is in the details page. The remote storage couch organizer can hold a lot of things. To keep their home clean. You don't need to look for a remote control or phone to use this couch pocket holder, just put the things you need in it. Don't put it into a washing machine to clean it, it's made of durable Oxford fabric. The sofa organize pouch is a great idea for a simple, casual and tidy life. If there is an issue, please contact them.

Brand: Ootsr

👤This is amazing. Well constructed, sturdy, doesn't slip, and so handy for all our gadgets. I like the tray. I put my glasses, remote control and cell phone in it. It works well over the arm of my recliner. The pockets are all the same size. It would be a great gift. Very happy!

👤I didn't like the chair arm holder. It is not long enough to fit under a chair cushion. I put a few small items in the long pocket, but they just made it to the inside of the chair arm. The area on the top is not strong enough to hold a hot drink. It was usually one of my cats.

👤My chair has a rolled arm that is not symmetrical. The rolled arm is too heavy for the organizers to handle alone, so they want to slide off toward the lower edge of the roll. I cut a piece of the shelf liner to help with the sliding. I put the cylinders under the item on either side of the roll to make the surface more level. Most of the weight is put in the remotes. I put them in the three compartments on the side of the chair's organizers. The weight was equalized by putting some ballast in the slot on the outer side. I put drinks on the organizers, but my chair is a recliner and I can't trust it. I have made my own version of the organizers and I am very happy with it.

👤Sides are not long enough to stay on the couch. The weight distribution didn't help.

👤This is my second one. The command center is what I call it. I don't feel like getting up to search for small items, so it's very handy to hold them. The pockets that hold your controls are not back-stitches. The manufacturer does not sew back and forth a few times to secure the seam. Bad business practice can be made right by adding another buck. This one has fallen apart very quickly. I need to get out my needle and thread. You have to put things in the back pocket as well.

👤The organization needs rubber or non slip underside to prevent slipping.

👤Poor quality and poorly made. It was ripped at the seams when it arrived. Not worth the money.

👤The photos make it look better than it really is. Will be back.

👤I wondered what you would get for the price. I was pleasantly pleased with the arrival of this yesterday. It works well. It's great for storing my remotes, TV, sound bar, roku box and electric fireplace, and it's just fine on my sofa. It's strong enough to hold a cup of coffee and can hold magazines, books, ear buds, etc. The smell was the only con that I could find. A strong smell of gasoline or something similar. I put it outside to see if it would blow off. I can still smell it when I enter the room, even though it is better today. Any suggestions? Will it wear off? It works just fine, other than the smell.

6. Protector Universal Placemat Flexible Foldable

Protector Universal Placemat Flexible Foldable

The design is unique. The flexible, weighted, andBPA-free Silicone body of the CouchCoaster is tacky and provides optimum support and integrity for your drink in the holder. It is the perfect substitute for a side table. No more getting up! Don't miss the best part! Wrap the armrest caddy around your sofa arm and keep your phone, remote, snack, drink, beer or coffee within reach. The luxurious velvet layer helps prevent slipping and spills and also doubles as an arm rest mousepad. It's great for small spaces. The sofa table is small. It is a smart alternative to a coffee table, ottoman, or end table if you want to fold over the couch arm rest. It's easy to clean without an assembly. Bamboo is a lightweight material. It is easy to clean the sofa protectors with a damp cloth. The couch arm tray can be laid flat to slide under the couch or chair, or it can be folded and rolled up for a smaller footprint. Keep your sofa arm rest clean with this folding tray table. It's a great recliner accessory and makes a modern alternative to an armrest. It is a computer tray table, drink holder, and placemat. There is a 15 year guarantee. They offer a 15 year guarantee on their couch arm rest tables, because they are so confident in the quality of their products. They will be happy to assist you if you contact them past the standard return window.

Brand: Nord Eagle

👤I just opened this and I wanted to love it so much, but sadly I feel ripped off. The backing was so thin that it was coming up in one area and then going up in other areas. The bamboo was not lined up correctly and some were already coming up. I think it will smell better after airing it out. There were stains on the velvet part of the glass, and it was also cut unevenly. It was advertised that it could be carried as a tray, but it is too flimsy and I would not trust to use it as a tray as the fabric underneath was already bubbled up and way too thin. This was not worth $19.88 when you add tax, so I need to return to the seller.

👤I am happy with this tray table. The velvet top part is non-slip and the underside is rough, so it doesn't slip around. It was packaged nicely in a box. Would recommend... My friends came over to watch the superbowl and everyone wanted to know where I got it.

👤I wanted to move my spot on the couch to the chase lounge, but couldn't because I love coffee and water. It is not a problem now. No matter how much I shook my butt. The package was a little stinky. It is already going away. It feels high quality and it looks cute.

👤On a couch. The couch is a little wobbly due to its size and shape, but still stable for me. It seems well made. We will see how it holds up over time. It was cheaper than other competitors I was considering when I bought it. So far, very pleased with the purchase.

👤It was what I needed for my arm. It was difficult to reach my drink on the end table that is shorter than the sofa when I was reclined. I didn't want to have to get up and put my drink on the coffee table every single time so this was a perfect solution. The piece has flexible parts that can be molded to any size arm. It's good for anyone who wants to enjoy a drink on nice furniture and is worried about spilling or putting it down. If I spilled a drink on my new light-colored leather sofa, it would be my worst nightmare, but now I am confident that this little "tray table" will help prevent that by a whole lot. The soft felt creates an anti-slip surface. This purchase was so good!

👤The product falls off of my recliner. I only use it to hold my phone. If you want to spill the whole thing every time, it wouldn't work for a beverage like the one shown. It isn't stable and doesn't hold.

👤I chose this one because it was the best price and it looked good in the photos. I was worried that the low price would be seen as substandard. I didn't have to worry. The quality seems to be really good, the size is good, it came packaged in a thick box, and all around is a really great looking tray table. I'll be buying a recliner.

7. Seatcraft Diamante Adjustable Headrests SoundShaker

Seatcraft Diamante Adjustable Headrests SoundShaker

Assembly is required for the dark brown Leg Material: Birch. The finest material. The leather is hand-selected from the top 30% of raw materials for the finest touch, look, and durability. The top-in-class competition. You can experience the dream-level of comfort with the powered recline, memory function, and headrest all at your fingertips. The movie theater experience in your own home can be enjoyed with convenient features such as the lighted cup holders and base, hidden in-arm storage compartments, built-in SoundShaker bass shakers in each chair, and a swivel tray table for each seat. Shop with confidence. Seatcraft has decades of innovation and experience in home theater seating and is the top-rated brand on Amazon. The dimensions are 37" wide, 43" tall, 37" long when upright, and 65" long when fully reclined.

Brand: Seatcraft

👤I bought this chair because I am handicapped. The chair was put together quickly. I expected the chair to be more spacious. There were many problems when I sat in the car. My heals and feel were supported when I reclined my feet at the bottom of the recliner. My legs are not straight out. You can't use the cup holder on that side with the tray in place, and the arms are not long enough. The closed compartments are hard to get into if seated. The control panel is on the inside of the chair facing the seat, but theusb port is in the middle of the control panel. The plug can be easily broken off if a person hits it with a piece of furniture. The head rest and speed are good. The return to upright position switch is not accessible most of the time because it is above theusb port. I didn't try the SoundShaker. I spent a lot of money on this chair. I usually don't do reviews but I apologize for the negative one.

👤I decided to go with the best after a bad experience with Wayfair. I don't know what to say. I was so scared to sit in it because I'm a big dude. It supports me. I cried as I tried out all the buttons. The power head rest is amazing. I feel happy to be a human. The chair is nicer than my car. There is no adjustment for brightness of the blue lights, they are very bright in a small room, but you can just turn them off. The guys brought it to my house. There was no damage to the packaging. Movie night tonight!

👤This chair is very good. I didn't get to try the chair before I ordered it. I was hoping for the best on this purchase. I wasn't disappointed. It is pretty. The diamond stitching is very nice. The leather feels good on the skin. It is very comfortable to sit on. I like to watch tv and movies at the same time. I am planted for the day during football season. I can stay seated for hours if the mood strikes me. I can sit in the chair for a long time. The company was good. I was able to get a wide range for the delivery time. They call the night before to confirm or change delivery. They called again 30 minutes before the drop-off on the day of delivery. I bought another seat because I loved it so much.

👤I loved the leather. The ad leads you to believe that the chair has a sound. It was a miss leading. You can see how much more it is when you go to see it. The power port should have been placed on the side of the chair that is not touching your leg.

👤The recliner flew together quickly after being in a heavy box. The leather is beautiful. The motor is smooth and it looks well built. I don't understand the "ambient lighting" which is blue. They look like blue aircraft landing lights. If you dropped something in the carpet, the lighting would be better. In the second photo, you can see that the blue light on the wall is almost as bright as the big TV. That is a huge distraction. There is a Oh yes... The recliner is quite comfortable.

8. Pooqla DELICORE Marquee Sign Lighted Operated

Pooqla DELICORE Marquee Sign Lighted Operated

Light up your home with a star shaped light. The size is approx (L x W x D). Hanging hook holes for display on a wall or on a shelf. Light up your home with a star shaped light. The glow from the starbursts is eye-catching. It's great for room, mantel, picture window, yard or as set props. A way to separate your parties, anniversaries, and special events. The top of the event is where attention grabber and draw eyes are located. Light up your festival with STAR. On/off switch. Requires 2 batteries, not included. On/off switch. Requires 2 batteries, not included.

Brand: Pooqla

👤I bought these for part of a christmas gift for my husband, and they gave me a vibe of a movie theater. They are the right size, adorable and exactly what I wanted them to be. One is perfect, couldn't ask for anything better. The other is not normal. It turns itself off whenever it pleases. It doesn't matter what the switch on the back is set to, it just does what it likes. Since the 27th of December, we have had the batteries out of it and haven't had them back in, so it isn't really haunted. Since I bought them as a set, there's not much point in turning on the other one. So... They hang on the wall.

👤Absolutely love it. It was perfect for my purposes, which included doing a photo shoot of my dolls with the star for a circus scene. The vintage look was perfect because of the yellow lighting. All the bulbs worked perfectly. The bulbs are not flickering, and we have used it almost daily for weeks. This is a good buy for the money.

👤It's just plastic. I wasn't expecting anything more than that. I love it. It's not very bright which makes for a great piece of room decor or even a photo prop. Good night stand since it's not crazy bright. I use it for office decor. I bought 2 more for my bedroom. I have had it on for several days and I am not sure how long the battery life will last. I think it uses minimal energy because it's still going. I am very happy with it. They should have more colors to choose from.

👤This was a great addition to my toddler's bedroom. It is nice to be able to turn it on and off. It is more for decoration than anything. We don't need a nightlight. It is lightweight and can be hung on a wall.

👤At my son's 7th birthday party, I used this as a decoration on the concession table. I had a marquee, popcorn popper, candy and a star. Really cute. The batteries worked well. The white light is warm rather than harsh. I'm sure I will find other ways to use him.

👤I thought it was cheaper. It seems like you could pick it up at the dollar store. It wouldn't be worth the price. It does function as it was intended, that's nice. I was happy with a lightly dimmed night light. This is a nice soft glow because everything is led and so bright. It's perfect for a night light. We kept it because of that. My child enjoys it as well. I think it's a win.

👤Light is plastic, bright. Only two batteries are used. Not included or a remote. It matches my Fourth of July decor perfectly. Great pop of red!

👤The stars are great. The lights looked great on the concession stand for movie night. I stood them up at each end of the table and they stood on their own well. Exactly what I was hoping they would be.

9. Sofa Sack Microsuede Furniture Accessories

Sofa Sack Microsuede Furniture Accessories

The perfect bedroom accessory is the Sofa Sack individual bean bag chair, which is simple and soft. The sofa is a perfect compliment to any decor. The beanless bags are made of memory foam, which is much more fluffy than bean filled chairs. They last longer by maintaining their structure over time. Quality construction. The bean bag furniture for adults and kids is made with foam stuffing, encased in velvet, and double stitching for strength. The stuffed chairs are designed to support rowdy toddlers up to large men and women. There is a form of conforming to coy. These bean bags are soft and silky to the touch, and are great for sitting, napping, and lounging. 24. Babies, toddlers, and kids will love how much room they have in the 36” x 36” size, while adults enjoy the single sized seating. One chair, so many uses. You can move them from room to room with ease. These simple seats are perfect for dorm rooms, teen bedrooms, and even family movie nights, as they are great for gaming and studying.

Brand: Sofa Sack

👤This is better than the traditional bean bag. It is so large! It was neatly packaged and sealed. It was one of the most difficult cases to unpack because the bag is supposed to be thrown away. The original package, broken zipper, and inflated end-result can be seen in the pictures provided. The bag is huge. It should be put in reference to an American penny. It's still being found a place for. It was very comfortable to sit on.

👤The product was received less than an hour ago. I'm writing a review soon because I loved it so much. The bean bag is filled with memory foam. This is really comfortable for me. A good cushion and back support. If you're looking for a traditional "Bean" bag, this product isn't for you. The product arrived on time. The outer package was torn when I found it. This definitely worried me. The inner packing was good and there was no damage to the product. The bean bag had to be torn in order to get out. Yes. It is supposed to be thrown away. The bean bag was wrinkled and small when I first saw it. This product is vacuum sealed in order to make it easier to get shipped. The bean bag began to expand when I removed the plastic cover. I jumped on it to speed up the process. The bag is still growing. It is lovely! The pictures were taken less than an hour after the package was opened. You will get an idea of how big the bean bag is. I will attach pictures after this product is fully expanded. I ordered a colored product. The color is the same as what was given in the pictures. The size of the bean bag is not given in the description. Even though this is only 3' across, it is huge. The bean bag is perfect for my reading space. It is neither large nor small. The perfect size! I'm a small woman with a height of 5'2". The bean bag is comfortable for me. I think I'll be able to sleep in this bag. The product was amazing. It was worth the price. This product was received a week ago. The bean bag has expanded. It had expanded well enough in 48 hours of opening the package. It is a cylindrical shape with a top and bottom. The bean bag is 3' in diameter and 1' in height after full expansion. The amount of foam is perfect. Provides support to the back. After each use, I fluff it so that it is comfortable the next time I use it. This bean bag is huge. It was very comfortable for me. A young woman is 5'2" This is more like a small sofa that I can sit on and relax on. Absolutely loving it! A great product for apartment dwellers. This bag is too large. This product is large enough to fit apartments and small enough to fit houses with limited space.

10. Vosarea Projector Vintage Desktop Decoration

Vosarea Projector Vintage Desktop Decoration

The performance of this projector is high quality. A film projector ornament is lightweight and realistic. Retro style gives the product a sense of age. It is an excellent gift for your family, friends and lovers during the holidays. The statue can be used in a variety of places. The statue can be used in a variety of places.

Brand: Vosarea

👤It looks like it's from the dollar store. The item was broken in two pieces because of the cheap packaging. I've been shopping with Amazon for years and have never seen packaging so cheap. This should be removed from Amazon because it is overpriced and has better packaging.

👤The product was disappointing. The top reel/wheel looking part arrived in the package disconnected and each time we try to connect it in the little hole it is falling back out of the little hole and it is slightly bent.

👤My uncle had one of these to show home movies, and this is a nice replica of an old style film projector. It's bigger than expected and has a nice weight. I put it with film strips, clapboard, Oscar, film reel, and "Let's All Go To The Lobby" tin sign.

👤I was expecting a bigger statue than this one. I sent it back because it would have been hard to notice in the theater room.

👤The item came with a broken reel. Had to glue it all together. It is not worth the price. I would only have paid 15 tops if I had it.

👤I was worried about the reviews, but my item was packed in styrofoam and arrived safely. The metal pieces look real on my shelf, the detail work looks good, and this piece is a great addition to the shelves holding my film-oriented book collection. It's heavy enough for a bookend, but I'm only showing it on my shelf.

👤This item should have been 10 to $12. It's lightweight and small. It's a nice piece, but not worth the price.

👤It is brittle and looks good. The reels were broken off when they arrived.

👤Produit manque de finition.

👤Not worth the money. Do not buy! This piece is disappointing.

👤Small and plastic looking.

👤Crap product! I threw it away.

11. TotalMount Hole Free Remote Holder Eliminates

TotalMount Hole Free Remote Holder Eliminates

It's easy to clean, machine wash and dry, giving you a fresh cover every time. The cover protects your furniture against stains, odors and dirty paws, and gives you a new look. Are you TIRED of losing your remotes? A remote holder is needed to keep your remotes ready for action. It's easy to install without any tools or holes in the wall. The remote organizer is easy to remove by pulling the tabs. The screws are not recommended. One pack has a remote holder. Each mount has a remote control. The two-pack option has additional savings. It's possible with all TV-related remote controls. The remote caddy does not include remote controls. TOTAL MOUNT is the leader in electronics mounting. TOTAL MOUNT has a long history of quality and reliability and is based near Seattle.

Brand: Totalmount

👤I followed the instructions on the command strips that came with this mount. The mount is by my bed after a week. I want to save space on my nightstand by placing my bed by the wall. The wall mount is perfect for my remotes and cellphone to be put in and charged all night long. The wire in the picture is my phone's charging wire. I decided to move this to a wall in another part of the room. I bought new velco style command strips. The wall mount is perfect. Is that correct?

👤Great idea but poorly designed. There is a high divider at the bottom of the holder that makes it impossible to place the four remotes in it. If one of the two is narrow, you can only place 2 remotes to the left and the right. The middle remote rests on top of the divider and leans to the side. There is no need for a divider. The holder was well packaged and shipped with 4ea. Good instructions for 3M strips. I will not return the holder.

👤They helped organize the remotes that were never where I needed them. The fit and finish is nice and the 2 dividers are included in the 3 remote version. -3M Command Strips work well on smooth surfaces like a bedside table. If you want a more permanent install, there are 3 screw holes and 3 screws included. There are no instructions and you probably wouldn't need them if it weren't for the small plastic dividers. I thought they were for smoothing out the glue since they were curved on one side. They fit into the groves on the remote holder. Don't throw them away. Some reviews said that remotes fell over. If the dividers aren't installed, they would. A fingerprint magnet. If you just put the remotes in and take them out, it won't be an issue. The plastic finish shows fingerprints. It is not deep enough for all remotes. Yes, it will fit a variety of TVs and remotes. It won't fit remotes that are thicker than 1.5 inches. It won't fit a remote. It's pretty expensive for a couple pieces of plastic. The bottom is not flat with the dust holes. The remotes fall over if the dividers aren't installed. They may lean against the divider even with them installed. If cost isn't a deal-breaker, it works and accomplishes the goal of adding a bit of organization to the pile of remotes that most have all over the place. It would have been better if it had been made a bit deeper to accommodate thicker remotes.

👤It was perfect. I wanted a way to keep remotes out of my toddler's reach, but still in a convenient place. It was boom! Got it! It is easy to go up with the strips. Strong hold. You want this!

👤The TotalMount Hole-Free Remote holder is made of plastic. The description is not accurate. It says it will fit a few remotes. The only way to use it for 4 remotes is not to use the caddy dividers. If you don't use the caddy dividers, 4 remotes will fit, but they fall down in the bottom of the caddy. The remotes need to be upright in the caddy. They mount the caddy with 3M-adhesive strips. If you don't want to use the 3M-adhesive strips, they also put 3 screws in the mounting caddy. I found out after I mounted this one that they make a TotalMount for 4 or 5 remotes. The original review has been updated. I had to install the dividers after they were not installed in the remote holder. They were very hard to install, so they should have been installed for you. There were two slots on each side. The slots were tight and hard to push. I think it would have worked better if the dividers were put into the remote holder, because they would be able to work them back out of the slots. It is not possible to push them back into the slots. The remote holder is useless and I can't remove it from the side of the table because I used 3m strips to remove them. I have a remote holder on the side of my end table that I can't remove without damaging it. I don't think you should buy this item. It could be a great remote holder with an upgrade, like making the dividers into the remote holder. I don't recommend using the 3M strips if you buy it.


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