Best Home Theater Chair Cup Holder Accessories

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1. Expander Compatible Nalgenes Camelbak Diameter

Expander Compatible Nalgenes Camelbak Diameter

Macally's goal is to help you improve your daily routines with easy to use and convenient products. They are confident that you will be satisfied with their tray and will be able to return it for a free return. The new generation upgrade version is called CAR CUP HOLDER EXPANDER & TRAY. The cup holder for the car has a diameter of 3 inches. The lower cup holder is compatible with 32 to 40 ounce bottles and cups. There are bottles in a 3.4" diameter. The cup holder is secure and will hold your drink within reach. The tray can be attached to the upper cup holder to hold extra storage. The tray can be used for many things. There is rubber on the tray to keep items from moving. Their cup holder is the best choice if you spend a lot of time on the road and always eat. It is an excellent gift for anyone with a busy schedule who needs more space in the car. Make sure the base is sturdy by expanding it from 2.6 to 3.9 feet. Please note that you can twist it, tighten it, or expand it, and that you can restore it. The cup holder expander base can be used to fit different vehicles, such as motorcycles, boats, trucks, RV's and golf-carts. It was easy and rigid to install. There is rubber that will keep your hydro-flask from moving. It is easy to install the cup holder in the car's cup holder. Step 2 is to twist either the top or bottom section. The cup holder base should be covered with a rubber coaster. Take the tray off the upper cup holder by squeezing the bottom buckle. The tray holder bottom should be covered with a base rubber pad. Their cup holder expander fit most car cup holders, but it may not be compatible with certain styles of cup holders, such as cup holders that have a unique shape, are slanted sharply, and have a cover that flips up or in. Measure your cup holder to make sure it fits. Their cup holder expander fit most car cup holders, but it may not be compatible with certain styles of cup holders, such as cup holders that have a unique shape, are slanted sharply, and have a cover that flips up or in. Measure your cup holder to make sure it fits.

Brand: Seven Sparta

👤I bought this for my Toyota RAV 4 and it doesn't fit in the cup holders. You need a lot of clearance to turn the unit. You can't turn the cup holder if it's close to the gear shift or stereo console. If it had fit, the tray would be on my lap. It fit in my husband's car. The large cup holder holds a hydro flask.

👤I wanted to like it. I did. It's useful. It isn't made to last very long. As you install it, everything seems great. It's very useful and holds for a while. I work out of my car for about 10 hours a day, so I have to make my car feel like my living space. I have a lot of cool accessories and gadgets for my car, and this one was one I wanted to be a part of. At first, it worked well. The table is useful and cool. I usually have to dig into my passenger seat or other cup holders full of stuff to find things, but the table is great for holding stuff without it falling from the weight. Don't put something heavy on it. Sometimes the table can get in the way. If you drive a truck or SUV for the larger driver space, it would be more comfortable, but for me in my Mazda3 it needs to be adjusted so the table doesn't hit my shift knob. I like to twist it so that the table goes over the cupholder and I can extend it when I need to. I twisted too tight and the glue holding the little pads that twist into the car cupholder ended up coming off. I'm coming up with a solution that uses gorilla tape pads and glues rubber onto them, but I would like the original item to already have this solved. I have to come up with something good because it's already come out of it's base 3 times. This can happen with this item. I think 4 stars is more than fair. I don't want to replace anything on here that is similar. I'm going to have to do it myself. It's well made, besides the rubber pads.

👤The holder and tray does what it says it will do. It adds a sturdy tray and doesn't remove a cup holder to do it. If you are the only person in the car, you can swing it to the right in front of the passenger area. If you have two people in the car, then this won't work because it will always be in the way of something. Either the passenger or the shift lever.

👤I just survived a 13 hour car ride with my son. The right size is not too big or too small. My car was less dirty at the end of the trip than it usually is. The people who said it was too hard to install did not read the directions. I would change it so the hole in the tray has a drop bottom so he can hold smaller bottles. I gave it five stars.

2. Protector Universal Placemat Flexible Foldable

Protector Universal Placemat Flexible Foldable

The design is unique. The flexible, weighted, andBPA-free Silicone body of the CouchCoaster is tacky and provides optimum support and integrity for your drink in the holder. It is the perfect substitute for a side table. No more getting up! Don't miss the best part! Wrap the armrest caddy around your sofa arm and keep your phone, remote, snack, drink, beer or coffee within reach. The luxurious velvet layer helps prevent slipping and spills and also doubles as an arm rest mousepad. It's great for small spaces. The sofa table is small. It is a smart alternative to a coffee table, ottoman, or end table if you want to fold over the couch arm rest. It's easy to clean without an assembly. Bamboo is a lightweight material. It is easy to clean the sofa protectors with a damp cloth. The couch arm tray can be laid flat to slide under the couch or chair, or it can be folded and rolled up for a smaller footprint. Keep your sofa arm rest clean with this folding tray table. It's a great recliner accessory and makes a modern alternative to an armrest. It is a computer tray table, drink holder, and placemat. There is a 15 year guarantee. They offer a 15 year guarantee on their couch arm rest tables, because they are so confident in the quality of their products. They will be happy to assist you if you contact them past the standard return window.

Brand: Nord Eagle

👤I just opened this and I wanted to love it so much, but sadly I feel ripped off. The backing was so thin that it was coming up in one area and then going up in other areas. The bamboo was not lined up correctly and some were already coming up. I think it will smell better after airing it out. There were stains on the velvet part of the glass, and it was also cut unevenly. It was advertised that it could be carried as a tray, but it is too flimsy and I would not trust to use it as a tray as the fabric underneath was already bubbled up and way too thin. This was not worth $19.88 when you add tax, so I need to return to the seller.

👤I am happy with this tray table. The velvet top part is non-slip and the underside is rough, so it doesn't slip around. It was packaged nicely in a box. Would recommend... My friends came over to watch the superbowl and everyone wanted to know where I got it.

👤I wanted to move my spot on the couch to the chase lounge, but couldn't because I love coffee and water. It is not a problem now. No matter how much I shook my butt. The package was a little stinky. It is already going away. It feels high quality and it looks cute.

👤On a couch. The couch is a little wobbly due to its size and shape, but still stable for me. It seems well made. We will see how it holds up over time. It was cheaper than other competitors I was considering when I bought it. So far, very pleased with the purchase.

👤It was what I needed for my arm. It was difficult to reach my drink on the end table that is shorter than the sofa when I was reclined. I didn't want to have to get up and put my drink on the coffee table every single time so this was a perfect solution. The piece has flexible parts that can be molded to any size arm. It's good for anyone who wants to enjoy a drink on nice furniture and is worried about spilling or putting it down. If I spilled a drink on my new light-colored leather sofa, it would be my worst nightmare, but now I am confident that this little "tray table" will help prevent that by a whole lot. The soft felt creates an anti-slip surface. This purchase was so good!

👤The product falls off of my recliner. I only use it to hold my phone. If you want to spill the whole thing every time, it wouldn't work for a beverage like the one shown. It isn't stable and doesn't hold.

👤I chose this one because it was the best price and it looked good in the photos. I was worried that the low price would be seen as substandard. I didn't have to worry. The quality seems to be really good, the size is good, it came packaged in a thick box, and all around is a really great looking tray table. I'll be buying a recliner.

3. Elgato Stream Deck Controller Customizable

Elgato Stream Deck Controller Customizable

60 days hassle free return and lifetime replacement policy for this wheelchair back cushion is included. Don't worry, try it now! As a gift for Christams days, New Years, Birthdays, Mother's day, Father's day, Graduations, send this desk chair support to your loved one. 15 keys: tap to switch scenes, launch media, adjust audio and more. Personalize keys with custom icons or hundreds. Control game capture, OBS, XSplit, and more are direct integrations. Drag and drop actions onto keys in the app. You can store as many actions as you want within the nest folders.

Brand: Elgato

👤I love this thing. I read most of the reviews on Amazon before I ordered, and I can say that most of the complaints are unwarranted. I don't understand this one. I've owned every wired keyboard and mouse I've ever owned. If it doesn't work for you, your keyboard and mouse won't. Pressing buttons like a 200lb gorilla will cause the LCD toripple. Unless I try to make it do so, it doesn't ripple. There are no built-in functions for MySOFTWARE. This one was very upsetting to me. It is built for streaming software. STREAM is in the name. You can set up a custom key bind with your own images for the keys. They work well. I do a lot of functions that aren't supported for some programs. What planet these people live on is beyond me... This thing is very well built. There's a long delay when I press buttons. Don't stream on a potato. It works well for me. The users end will suffer any delay. There is too much BS running in the background. It's overpriced. You haven't looked at similar products if you think this is overpriced. The cost of a pecky with similar functions is just as high. There is only one display for each key. Is that correct? Who cares? It functions and looks great. My complaints are that there are very little native OBS options. It would have been nice to have things like a mic built-in. It is always on display. When the PC display shuts off due to being inactive, it needs to pick up. Shut off when the computer is locked, either way. It's great. It works well for streaming and a general productivity help. I don't think anyone else will regret ordering mine.

👤The Stream Deck has been used for five days. This is what I have been looking for. I am an IT pro as well as a gaming one. I always look at new ways to interact with my computer over icons on a mouse or keyboard. I like to listen to audio while I play games, and being able to control things without having to minimize your game is wonderful. I am running Windows 10 and it is working great. You need to run the Stream Deck engine as admin only if your video game or other app is running as such, because you can't get the Stream Deck to run key combos while you're in game. Any game or app that isn't running can be easily used. Installation is easy to understand. I have been able to run the device with ausb extension cable and it is working, despite the fact that theusb cable is fixed to the device. I can get a custom key icon if I type in the name I want and set it to the key, it makes it much easier to learn. The device has no lag when pushing buttons. When you have a bunch of apps on your phone, you can make a folder which is a button that gives you a whole new set of buttons. This feature is very nice. I didn't think it would do this, but it did. Some people are upset that it will only allow folders on the top level, but this is probably needed to make a folder structure that is 3 or 4. The device would either be slowed down or stopped working. The size of the device is perfect. The buttons are not so small that you have to divert your attention to hit them, and they are not so large that they are obnoxious. They made this easy to use. Depending on your environment, you can dim or lighten the buttons. I like that it doesn't hit my eyeballs when I'm gaming at night. I would like to see more functions for things not related to streaming. I would like to see more support for multi press and macro keyboards. I would like to see a way to make multiple profiles, one for work and one for gaming, this would give the device a lot more functions. I will be writing the company after this and letting them know that I think this sort of device is the future for input. People are looking for more ways to simplify their computer use and this is that device. The keys are illuminated with custom icons, which makes this device sing. It wouldn't work like it's competitors where you have to make tiny paper cutouts and then back light the paper. I would recommend this device to anyone looking for custom key inputs. I told about 10 people about this and they are all buying one of the replacements. Even though it is the first version with only key press assignments, it is still enough to get started and I look forward to what they might do in the future. If anything changes, I will update this review.

4. 2CUPS Multiple Holder Attachable Tray

2CUPS Multiple Holder Attachable Tray

Their cup holder expander fit most car cup holders, but it may not be compatible with certain styles of cup holders, such as cup holders that have a unique shape, are slanted sharply, and have a cover that flips up or in. Measure your cup holder to make sure it fits. Born in New York, USA, the design is patent pending. The innovative design of the 2CUPS car cup holder and tray was awarded a design patent. The original holder has an ashtray. The lower cup holder is 3.5 inches wide and attached to the upper cup holder. TRAY FOR EXTRA STORAGE. The tray is attached to the upper cup holder so that you don't have to search or reach for items while driving. Silicone pads on extenders provide grip, and the base is soLID BASE, it expands from 2 inches to 4 inches. The holder is 8.1 x 4.2 x 8.5 inches and the tray is 9.9 x 6.5 x 2 inches. Please make sure to measure your car's cup holder to make sure it fits. Please make sure to measure your car's cup holder to make sure it fits.

Brand: 2cups

👤The company is trying to fill a niche. I made this into a notepad-holder. It still has a few beverage containers. Even though my cup-holder hole is not perfect, the in-hole expander stays in pretty securely, and I tighten it about once a week. The top tray has a lip on the top side, so I was hoping to flip it to use the flat surface. I clipped a small notepad onto the insulite pad to make up for the lip. I can write on paper that's staying put while I keep my eyes on the road. I can reach things on the console underneath the tray, and I can move the tray with just enough force to stay put. My hydroflasks will stay upright in the large cup holder without tipping, and I've used the hole to hold a glass or a small vase of flowers. The upper holder is only useful for a small cup, like a to-go cup. Thank you, it works for me.

👤It works for my toddler to have his snacks and drinks on the road. He was able to reduce food stuck in his seat. To make sure the middle console cupholder is aligned correctly, you have to make sure the second cup is not a hole. His bottle cover fits right in to hold a second drink. It works for us. It has survived several runs in the dishwasher.

👤I didn't think I'd enjoy it as much as I do. I wanted a cup holder to hold my large animal. I saw one that had a large cup holder and another that had a tray. I saw this one. This is amazing. The large cup receptacle can fit a large french fry. The cup holder has a twist knob in the car cup holder that can be tightened into the cup holder. The cup holder is small. It does not have a bottom so a bottle water will slip through. The tray is sturdy and firm with weight on it. The slots on the long and short side of the tray have a hole in them. The phone is held securely. I have a phone. It works as a table between the two rear bucket seats if I attach it to the back seat center console cup holder. I bought five of them to give as Christmas gifts.

👤Recently bought a new Jeep Grand Cherokee, and if anyone knows of any nooks or storage spots, let along decent surface area to eat on the go, they come with very few. I was intrigued by the cup holder tray but didn't want to spend $30 on it. I finally bought the bullet after a lot of contemplation. This thing is amazing. It's awesome for vehicles like the Grand Cherokee. $30 was well spent.

👤I adjusted the 2Cups to fit in my cup holder, which is at the rear of the center console. I put the tray to the back of my car. I now have a large cup holder and a regular cup holder that I can put my phone, sunglasses, garage door opener, and small flashlight in; it's very close and accessible. The tray has raised edges to keep it from rolling off. I would recommend. I don't think the tray is meant for heavy items, but it's fine for light items.

5. Flash Furniture Comfort Reclining Straight

Flash Furniture Comfort Reclining Straight

Make your house the place to be with this reclining theater seating unit. The product cannot be shipped to Canada. LeatherSoft upholstery is soft and durable. The weight capacity of the foam is 250 lbs. Contemporary styling is great in your living room, media room, den or man cave. The overall size is 113"W x 37-66"D x 40"H, the seat is 22"W x 21"D, and the back is 27"W x 24"H. Wall clearance is 6.

Brand: Flash Furniture

👤I love this! I'm a 50 year old woman who was able to get the furniture upstairs. It's gorgeous. It's very easy to put together. You won't need the schematic to assemble it because it is shipped in 3 boxes. It looks nice and I think it's a steal. It was very well made and comfortable. I bought this for a small room. The room is small. I had priced similar pieces at furniture stores and they were more expensive. It has cup holders and is fully reclined. I'm very satisfied with this furniture piece and I would recommend it. It's very easy to assemble. The center console's top tier is where you will bolt. The other pieces can be attached to each other. The edges have a piece of velcro on them. It looks expensive.

👤I was a little worried about the look and feel, but after I got used to it, I realized it was no different from my other leather couches. I looked all over the internet and found a local furniture store that sold 2,000 dollars. I like to be different from others. This seating added a lot of pizazz, instead of being a solid black one. The arms have a huge amount of storage. If your kids like to play hide and seek, they might be able to fit in there. Recliners are easy to use and pop out with no problem, even though it has a pulley handle. The seller's customer service was great and the corner that sagged was taken care of by me. I would highly recommend these because my movie theater looks amazing.

👤The home theater seating was decent. I thought the boxes would be large. I have a small basement with a narrow door space to fit them through. I was able to get them to the basement with some help. The seat backs are not attached. The person who said the backs don't come off is wrong. Set fit together well. It seems sturdy. I will get used to them. This is the first thing I will do to rebuild my home theater. They are firm so you won't like it if you like super comfy seats. It's comfortable for me. The reclining works well. Stays reclined. Cup holders and storage areas are perfect. The material is not real leather. It's easy to keep clean. I hope the mechanism doesn't break. I have had a recliner that broke. It's more than 100 inches wide. My space was about 130 inches wide. It was close, but not so close that I couldn't walk around it in my basement.

👤I'm not sure why most of the reviews say they were comfortable. Holy smokes! It is like sitting on a thin mat. They looked softer in the pictures. My butt was numb at halftime while I was watching college football. They are made for shorter people. My feet are not very comfortable and I am 6'1". They don't provide great neck support and the reclined position isn't very good for watching tv I was disappointed. You get what you pay for. If comfort is important to you, you may want to save up and spend more money on nicer seats. Kids may find them more comfortable than 50 year olds. My opinion.

6. Armrest Drinks Remote Control Snacks

Armrest Drinks Remote Control Snacks

Angor is always dedicated to provide excellent home wifi projectors and no-complaints customer service. They will give you a money back and new replacement guarantee within 6 months if you have missed any parts or received a broken item, and they will also give you professional technical support for 2 years. It's handy for reaching drinks, snacks, and remote control. The table is held in place with strong spring arms that fit in both round and square arms. Just clip on and uninstall in a second, without the need for assemble or tools. Premium food grade plastic is black. The measurement is 12.3(L) x 9(W) x 2.5 collapse/ 4.5 expand.

Brand: F&t

👤I have ordered 2 more of this item. The price is reasonable. The arm of the chair has a clip on it. Amazon had a professional installation for $68.84. I thought I could save the money by doing it myself. I put it on the arm of the chair after taking it out of the box.

👤We were going to use this for wife's morning tea and fruit bowl. The catalog photo of this item does not have any reference points, so keep in mind that the surface area is only 12 inches by 11 inches, which is slightly larger than a piece of notebook paper in the center. The space between the couch arm and the clamps that is used to attach it is 7 inches. The lower set of serrations have a hard time holding the tray if your couch armrest is more in the 4 to 5 inch range. Setting an empty bowl and cup on the surface made it slip. I wouldn't trust it with a cup of coffee. The construction is made of 1/16 inch molded plastic. It seems adequate to hold the weight of anything that would fit on it. Also available in white. You can sign up for "expert installation" for an additional 68 dollars. If your couch has wide arms and not a lot of stuffing, and you need remote controls, eyeglasses, and small pill bottles, this might be your most cost-effective solution. If you'd like to try one of these out, Amazon is very good about accepting returns.

👤These are cheap and do not look like wood. They come assembled, but not sure why there is an expert assembly option. The legs are spring loaded and if you're not careful they will throw the table and drink over the sofa and floor. They are not strong enough for glasses or coffee cups. They are very thin.

👤This is an interesting concept, but poorly executed. Even if the tray is stuck on the armrest, it won't keep it in place. If you put a drink on the tray, you should expect it to fall on your lap or on the side of the couch. The entire purpose of buying this for me was to have a place to set a drink down, and this will not do this except on a chair that the manufacturer used to test this product. I don't think you could put an object on this tray that was secure on the arm of the couch.

👤The concept is close to a home run. This thing could be great with a few minor improvements. It's still okay, but it could be better. There are two missing things; the tray and the contact surfaces of the clamp arms. This will help stop items from sliding. The grip arms need a bigger contact area on the tension-hinged clamps. To accommodate varying thickness of couch/chair arms, there should be slides on the bottom of the tray. The RV chair is smaller than average home chairs. If the weight of the contents shifts left or right, the tray will easily slide off and everything will fall on the floor. If you have something that has any weight, it's especially important. The plastic surfaces that contact your sofa/chair are smooth and have small cut outs that are hard to grip. They didn't want to risk ripping furniture, so it's not more aggressive. If a Silicone surface could adhere to the fabric, it could be achieved with a stronger grip. Also, stronger springs could be considered. It's a very clever idea and needs to be executed better.

7. JoyTutus Recessed Holders Marine Bottles

JoyTutus Recessed Holders Marine Bottles

Maintaining a sofa tray table is easy. You can clean your arm chair drink holder with a clean cloth. The couch arm tray table can be used from one chair to another. Please measure the diameter in advance before you make the purchase to make sure the cup holder is suitable for your car. The Joytutus cup holder inserts can be used for a replacement couch cup holder. The cup holder can hold large bottles. The cup base is 3.8" in diameter and can fit cups of up to 3.7" in diameter. Please confirm the size before buying to prevent you from making a mistake. The package includes 4 pieces of cup holders, which can be installed on furniture, dashboard, chair, seatback, etc. If you have any questions, please contact them. They can give you a solution. If you have any questions, please contact them. They can give you a solution.

Brand: Joytutus

👤Product dimensions are not what they say they are. The cup holder is wide. The description claims that my REI Nalgene is less than 3.8".

👤It's too large for a moving vehicle without spilling the beverage and it's more functional for home furniture. I bought a center console for a classic car and it was an odd size. The bottom section holds a coke can that is slightly loose, but the upper hole can hold a 30 Oz Styrofoam cup. I had to make my cup bigger. All of them were happy with the purchase. It worked for me, looked good and was functional.

👤30 oz cups are good for water. The cup used to tip side ways a lot. Not a problem now.

👤I build a table. Works well.

👤These were bought as replacements for cup holders in pontoon boats, the old ones were ugly and white, but these seem better quality and look nicer than the original. These are really nicer looking and make the boat look better. The price was good. Very pleased with the price and item.

👤The theater seating sofa is a great replacement. It was a good replacement and a good price. I only needed two extras.

👤I own a coffee cup that won't fit in the cup holders on my '06 Tacoma. The bottom of the cup holders fit into the top of the console. The bottom edge works perfectly when I put a substance around it. I wish I'd sanded the silver off because the sun catches it and blinds me while I'm driving.

👤Aurais aimer Mais Sinon.

👤The cup holder does not properly hold cans.

8. Hanperal Gravity Holder Mobile Device

Hanperal Gravity Holder Mobile Device

There are 3 quick inflation and deflation valves. The material is plastic and combined rough surface. The surface is not easy to scratch. The grooves are made with a smooth surface to protect your equipment. The zero gravity chair cup tray is easy to install, you just need to clip it on the chair foot. The small clip on chair tray has a great drainage hole design, it can hold your cell phone, tea cup, coffee cup, snacks, and other things in place. The small hole at the bottom of the grooves is convenient for drainage, easy for cleaning, and keeps the grooves dry. The Small Clip On Chair Tray has slots that can hold a cell phone, tea cup, coffee cup, snacks, and other items. The small hole at the bottom of the grooves is convenient for drainage, easy for cleaning, and keeps the grooves dry. It's a good idea for camping, sports activity, the beach, yard and any other activities when you need to rest. Put your cellphone and cup on the zero gravity table and take a nap, you just have to lay down and close your eyes.

Brand: Hanperal

👤I was worried that the sizes would not be the same. I found that both were exactly the same item. The width of the chair tube section is 2.3mm larger than ours. The smaller size provides a perfect fit. The cups and phones fit perfectly. The table size is smaller than one might think, but we like these for the cups and phones. The chairs are similar to the ones on Amazon. The tables are level and do not shake. The chair top V brace is doable if you take care. It's much easier to slide the tables on. The tables are small enough to fit in between the chairs. We are very happy with our purchase.

👤I don't understand the reviews that said the phone space was too small and the water bottle fell out. I have an edge7 with a large protective case on my bottle of water and everything stayed perfect. It's a great bargain at $8.

👤The first one was broken as if the plastic was not poured in the mold all the way. Amazon replaced the product quickly. The replacement fits our chairs perfectly. I put my phone in the slot because the cup holder could hold other things better. There are holes in the ground to keep water out. I may be purchasing more for our other chair because it is worth the cost.

👤This was a good idea, but it doesn't work. It is very small and slides around on my Zero Gravity Chair legs and won't sit level with any weight, like a can of soda or a cup sitting on it. I am going to use duct tape to see if it will stop the sliding. I guess this heads to a thrift store as it is not worth the hassle or expense to return it. I don't recommend this to fit on a chair. It's too small and the shifting issue makes it hard for me to have something solid to place my drink on as it shifts and my drinks fall off!

👤I bought a zero-gravity chair at the store. The mouth is too wide. It needs to be able to push down on the legs until it stops, but it can't because the seat is connected to the leg. It can shift when force is applied to the front of it. The holder is not designed to fit all chairs. The cup holder is too small and does not fit a standard mug. The product is made of thick plastic. I have to return this item.

👤I like the product. It is very stable despite its simplicity. It is for the right hand and will work on either side. The cup holder side is at the back.

👤I like it. If you want to make the averge folding chair fit, you could throw some cheap padded sheet from walmart. I love the idea of a table. You can keep your things off the beach. If you don't make sure the chair is high and not snug, you will crack it.

9. OOTSR Organizer Recliner Smartphone Magazines

OOTSR Organizer Recliner Smartphone Magazines

The sofa armrest is 7.2 inches wide and is suitable for most couch, recliner and chair arms. Take the actual size into account. The second image is in the details page. The remote storage couch organizer can hold a lot of things. To keep their home clean. You don't need to look for a remote control or phone to use this couch pocket holder, just put the things you need in it. Don't put it into a washing machine to clean it, it's made of durable Oxford fabric. The sofa organize pouch is a great idea for a simple, casual and tidy life. If there is an issue, please contact them.

Brand: Ootsr

👤This is amazing. Well constructed, sturdy, doesn't slip, and so handy for all our gadgets. I like the tray. I put my glasses, remote control and cell phone in it. It works well over the arm of my recliner. The pockets are all the same size. It would be a great gift. Very happy!

👤I didn't like the chair arm holder. It is not long enough to fit under a chair cushion. I put a few small items in the long pocket, but they just made it to the inside of the chair arm. The area on the top is not strong enough to hold a hot drink. It was usually one of my cats.

👤My chair has a rolled arm that is not symmetrical. The rolled arm is too heavy for the organizers to handle alone, so they want to slide off toward the lower edge of the roll. I cut a piece of the shelf liner to help with the sliding. I put the cylinders under the item on either side of the roll to make the surface more level. Most of the weight is put in the remotes. I put them in the three compartments on the side of the chair's organizers. The weight was equalized by putting some ballast in the slot on the outer side. I put drinks on the organizers, but my chair is a recliner and I can't trust it. I have made my own version of the organizers and I am very happy with it.

👤Sides are not long enough to stay on the couch. The weight distribution didn't help.

👤This is my second one. The command center is what I call it. I don't feel like getting up to search for small items, so it's very handy to hold them. The pockets that hold your controls are not back-stitches. The manufacturer does not sew back and forth a few times to secure the seam. Bad business practice can be made right by adding another buck. This one has fallen apart very quickly. I need to get out my needle and thread. You have to put things in the back pocket as well.

👤The organization needs rubber or non slip underside to prevent slipping.

👤Poor quality and poorly made. It was ripped at the seams when it arrived. Not worth the money.

👤The photos make it look better than it really is. Will be back.

👤I wondered what you would get for the price. I was pleasantly pleased with the arrival of this yesterday. It works well. It's great for storing my remotes, TV, sound bar, roku box and electric fireplace, and it's just fine on my sofa. It's strong enough to hold a cup of coffee and can hold magazines, books, ear buds, etc. The smell was the only con that I could find. A strong smell of gasoline or something similar. I put it outside to see if it would blow off. I can still smell it when I enter the room, even though it is better today. Any suggestions? Will it wear off? It works just fine, other than the smell.

10. Seatcraft Diamante Adjustable Headrests SoundShaker

Seatcraft Diamante Adjustable Headrests SoundShaker

Assembly is required for the dark brown Leg Material: Birch. The finest material. The leather is hand-selected from the top 30% of raw materials for the finest touch, look, and durability. The top-in-class competition. You can experience the dream-level of comfort with the powered recline, memory function, and headrest all at your fingertips. The movie theater experience in your own home can be enjoyed with convenient features such as the lighted cup holders and base, hidden in-arm storage compartments, built-in SoundShaker bass shakers in each chair, and a swivel tray table for each seat. Shop with confidence. Seatcraft has decades of innovation and experience in home theater seating and is the top-rated brand on Amazon. The dimensions are 37" wide, 43" tall, 37" long when upright, and 65" long when fully reclined.

Brand: Seatcraft

👤I bought this chair because I am handicapped. The chair was put together quickly. I expected the chair to be more spacious. There were many problems when I sat in the car. My heals and feel were supported when I reclined my feet at the bottom of the recliner. My legs are not straight out. You can't use the cup holder on that side with the tray in place, and the arms are not long enough. The closed compartments are hard to get into if seated. The control panel is on the inside of the chair facing the seat, but theusb port is in the middle of the control panel. The plug can be easily broken off if a person hits it with a piece of furniture. The head rest and speed are good. The return to upright position switch is not accessible most of the time because it is above theusb port. I didn't try the SoundShaker. I spent a lot of money on this chair. I usually don't do reviews but I apologize for the negative one.

👤I decided to go with the best after a bad experience with Wayfair. I don't know what to say. I was so scared to sit in it because I'm a big dude. It supports me. I cried as I tried out all the buttons. The power head rest is amazing. I feel happy to be a human. The chair is nicer than my car. There is no adjustment for brightness of the blue lights, they are very bright in a small room, but you can just turn them off. The guys brought it to my house. There was no damage to the packaging. Movie night tonight!

👤This chair is very good. I didn't get to try the chair before I ordered it. I was hoping for the best on this purchase. I wasn't disappointed. It is pretty. The diamond stitching is very nice. The leather feels good on the skin. It is very comfortable to sit on. I like to watch tv and movies at the same time. I am planted for the day during football season. I can stay seated for hours if the mood strikes me. I can sit in the chair for a long time. The company was good. I was able to get a wide range for the delivery time. They call the night before to confirm or change delivery. They called again 30 minutes before the drop-off on the day of delivery. I bought another seat because I loved it so much.

👤I loved the leather. The ad leads you to believe that the chair has a sound. It was a miss leading. You can see how much more it is when you go to see it. The power port should have been placed on the side of the chair that is not touching your leg.

👤The recliner flew together quickly after being in a heavy box. The leather is beautiful. The motor is smooth and it looks well built. I don't understand the "ambient lighting" which is blue. They look like blue aircraft landing lights. If you dropped something in the carpet, the lighting would be better. In the second photo, you can see that the blue light on the wall is almost as bright as the big TV. That is a huge distraction. There is a Oh yes... The recliner is quite comfortable.

11. CouchCoaster Ultimate Drink Holder Black

CouchCoaster Ultimate Drink Holder Black

No more squirts: CouchCoaster. The drink coaster is the ultimate drink holder for your sofa, it securely holds all your favourite drinks, hot or cold, on your sofa, couch, armchair or recliner. The reason for cleft lip: Keep your drink within easy reach, and prevent knocks, spills and stains; it's suitable for the whole family. A must have accessory. COUCH COMPATIBILITY: The armrests are designed to be at least 14 cm wide with a flat side. The couches should not be skinny or narrow. You can drape it over the back-rest on any upholstery, lay it horizontally, or tuck it between seat cushions. Most drinkware is compatible with most drinkware. A snug fit for smaller drink-ware can be created by the adapter supplied, which makes it possible to fit mugs, cups, flasks and tumblers up to 3.5” / 9 cm wide. The design is unique. The flexible, weighted, andBPA-free Silicone body of the CouchCoaster is tacky and provides optimum support and integrity for your drink in the holder. It is the perfect substitute for a side table.

Brand: Hit Products

👤The couch has stuffed animals on it. The couch coaster cost a lot of money. It spills easily. I wish I had returned it. No one will use it.

👤I gave this to my mom for Christmas. She likes it. I like using it when I'm over there. My aunt tried to get away with it. It's a great idea and executed well. It's easy to use, it doesn't harm the furniture, and it's really stable. The toddler jumped on the couch stable and the tea didn't spill. It's a great price point for white elephant gifts. This is something that's too good to not share, so you shouldn't get one for yourself. We've been having a problem with the cups since Mom's living room got changed around, and I may seem a little over the top, but what to do with the cups when there are no end tables is a problem. You can put coffee cups in this. Holy cow, how has no one made this before? That's how I feel about this, over the top.

👤I lost two glasses on two different couches and thought it was the size of the arm. I buy expensive glasses.

👤We can't clip on any trays because our sectional couch has a huge arm. Since we got them, we have been very happy with them. I can put my glasses in. When my cat jumps on the couch arm next to a full glass of water, they are very sturdy and the only time we've had an issue is when it happened. Adding a lid to my glassware is not something that could prevent spills. We put the couch coaster on the extra seats of the couch to have drinks next to us. Unless the cat is trying to not let us have nice things, there is no spillage. It's easy to brush off the cat hair that sticks to the outside. Even if my cat isn't happy with the purchase, I'm happy with it.

👤It's pretty darn sturdy. I have a power recliner with no cup holders. When the couch moves, they stay in place. There are a few things that annoy me. The rubber material collects dust and tiny hairs and it is hard to remove. If you want to put a large mug or ball jar glass in the cup holder, it's difficult to remove the hard plastic cup part. The cup holder can hold water bottles and smaller cups.

👤I bought a sofa that is about 12 inches wide. The faux leather sofa has a recliner on one side. I never thought about where drinks would go when buying the sofa. Before I found these, I tried a few different things. They're awesome. The sides of the holder do not move even though they are folded over. They can fit beer bottles in large drink glasses. Nothing happens, spills, or moves. This was a great purchase for me.

👤The little armchair coaster was a great purchase, but it gets dusty and dirty very quickly. It is winter in Minnesota and we have 3 animals that shed so between the closed up house, super dry air, and animal hair, anything that collects dust or hair doesn't stand a chance. This thing is secure and sturdy on our faux leather chair and couch. Both of them have large arms. When the plastic insert is in it holds a can of pop or a regular sized glass great, and when it is out it holds a coffee cap with a standard sized base perfectly with no tipping or slipping, but I would not recommend leaving it as it could tip. The plastic insert is hard to get out, but it does come out, even though my husband didn't think it did until I read the question and answer section. This was a great purchase and I am thinking of getting another chair with a table nearby. 4 stars because of how easy it is to collect dust. There are a few different options and the dust to help you see them.


What is the best product for home theater chair cup holder accessories?

Home theater chair cup holder accessories products from Seven Sparta. In this article about home theater chair cup holder accessories you can see why people choose the product. Nord Eagle and Elgato are also good brands to look for when you are finding home theater chair cup holder accessories.

What are the best brands for home theater chair cup holder accessories?

Seven Sparta, Nord Eagle and Elgato are some of the best brands that chosen by people for home theater chair cup holder accessories. Find the detail in this article. 2cups, Flash Furniture and F&t are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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