Best Home Theater Chair Table

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1. Milan Brown Outdoor Folding Adirondack

Milan Brown Outdoor Folding Adirondack

You can make it your own with their Thomas Payne furniture sets. They give you the freedom to make your ideal traveling area. Two chairs are included. The dimensions are 30. x 35 x 34 Seat width is 21. 85, seat depth is 18. 90, and seat height is 13. Tools are required. Water and Rust are resistant. The Milan Folding Wood Adirondack Chair is available in a single or double pack of colors. The chairs will allow you to relax in the great outdoors. Because they fold, they are easy to store in almost any place, allowing you to relax when you want to, and enjoy the beauty of your backyard chair free.

Brand: Christopher Knight Home

👤The chairs we loved at the start were these. Assembly was easy. The chairs were comfortable. We used to be very happy. They began to degrade quickly after we bought them. The arms are falling apart as they recline too much, and the lower back support is failing. The arm is no longer held from the base by the screw. I fear a longer screw will penetrate the arm as well as my elbow if it is repaired. The chairs were supposed to be used for years. They barely lasted over a year, despite being billed as long-term. Our plastic chairs from the local hardware store have lasted longer in the same conditions.

👤The hardware was packaged nicely and labeled when I received it. Very impressed. It took less than 20 minutes to assemble.

👤I purchased a two piece set. Only one chair was received. Where is the other one? Please reply. Thank you.

👤These were bought in late September and used twice. One of them has a split in the middle of the leg support. Had bought 4 of these, hoping it was a mistake. It would be great to be able to get replacement parts.

👤I ordered 4 chairs and they were broken in 2 packages, there is no way to reach the seller on the website.

👤After messing up my order and only shipping one chair, I received both chairs. It was packed well with no damage. It's easy to assemble. Even a novice could assemble one in less than 30 minutes. I would prefer a better set of allan wrenches as they tend to strip easily when you tighten the larger screws and you don't want to strip the head while only halfway installed. If the finish repels water, a coating of thompsons water seal might be added. Would buy again.

👤I bought 4 of them for our fire pit and am very happy with them. They were easy to assemble and have held up to Florida's brutal sun and rain, all I have to do is water seal them every year. Looking for lounge chairs that are similar to these.

👤Awesome looking chairs. I wasn't expecting it to be easy to assemble. The finish is good and they look great. The chairs are not weather proof, but they can be fixed. You can't beat the price, I might have to replace in a couple of seasons. The chairs are expensive in the store.

2. Malu Luxury Padded Floor Support

Malu Luxury Padded Floor Support

The dimensions are 34.75 inches deep and 28.00 inches wide. The Malu floor chair comes with a unique metal-locking technology and can be adjusted to 5 different positions, as per your preference. This piece of furniture can be used to sit on the floor, as an extra seat, as a video game seat, as a meditating seat, or as a place to sit when you have guests over. The floor chair is so portable that it can be folded into half or completely flat. It comes with a shoulder strap that makes it easy to carry outdoors to sports games, to the park, camping or even to the beach. The Malu floor chair is padded for extra comfort. Relax and meditate. This chair provides ultimate comfort for floor seating and is ideal for people with back pain. The nylon bottom of the chair helps it be used both indoors and outdoors. The chair cover is made from a luxurious microsuede fabric, so you can easily clean it after an outdoor use. The vegan leather trims look great. You will have easy returns, hassle-free refunds and a long-term warranty with Malu, so be assured. If you are not completely satisfied with your purchase, you can return it for a full refund or contact Malu for a replacement. Their priority is customer satisfaction.

Brand: Malu

👤I need a floor chair while I wait for my couch. Needed something to last a while. There is a It's my guess that a lot of floor chairs on Amazon are for children, which is why many people report broken chairs after a couple weeks. I don't have time for that because I am not a child. I weigh 150 and am 5'8". The Malu looked promising so I spent the extra money on it. I've had it for three weeks and it holds up. I don't have to worry that it will break. The various positions help me to work on my computer while sitting at my coffee table and watch a movie. My girl fights me for it because it's lightweight. I wish I had gotten another. When you're adjusting the back, I would recommend getting off the upholstery. If you push it all the way flat while sitting on the other end, the fabric stretches which would accelerate wear and tear.

👤I was looking for a floor chair to use while playing with my baby girl and decided to try three models. The only one with a cover is the one with the best fit. I can feel the floor through it. The internal frame is too small. A 14in seat width is possible because of the gap between the frame and the chair cover. I decided to keep the Easy Comfort because it has better padding than the malu and can be wiped clean.

👤The chair is light and easy to carry. After sitting for a few hours, the padding has lost its shape and form, and I can feel the rods in the seating section under each thigh. Not able to sit for more than 15-20 minutes. My weight is 160 lbs. The chair would be perfect if they could make it more comfortable. The chair is being returned because of padding.

👤It's still early. I have only been using our new seats for less than a week, but they are awesome! They are more comfortable than any seats we have used before and they offer better support than previous seats. I was not sure how my husband would find the back support, but he has no complaints. It's only been a week, but so far, it's definitely impressed enough to get a 5-star rating. It has a strap that is easy to carry. This will be very useful for us. It's not a big deal, but having different colors would have been nice. Great job to the designers.

👤I used it for a retreat and it is no longer working. It doesn't lock anymore. There is no customer service. After your 30 day return window, you will have to pay $75 for a chair.

👤I bought this chair because I like to sit in the floor while I do homework, but I wanted something that would support my back and protect my butt. I might as well be sitting on the floor with this chair. I can feel metal running through the inside of the chair and the back doesn't stay up unless it's against a wall. It may work for small children, but anyone over the age of 5 is a complete waste of money. After my review, I heard from the company and Matt was very nice to me. He wanted to know what my problems were and what he could do to fix them. I changed my rating to 3 stars from 1 because I am waiting for a replacement chair and will update my review accordingly. It is an amazing feeling to purchase from a company that cares about its customers and product. After receiving my new chair, I am very pleased! The padding is better than the last one. The bars are not running through the chair anymore, it is just nice and comfortable to sit on. This chair works perfectly, I can sit wherever I want. I would recommend this version to anyone. Malu can not be beat in customer service and the chair is perfect. I would purchase this again.

3. Christopher Knight Home 299844 Elizabeth

Christopher Knight Home 299844 Elizabeth

The legs were splayed. The shape and height of the back command attention while the armrests and cushion allow for comfort, perfect for entertaining or relaxing in your home. One Recliner is included. The material is 100 percent Polyester. Leg Finish: Dark Brown. The dimensions are 34.75 inches deep and 28.00 inches wide.

Brand: Christopher Knight Home

👤I bought two for my mom's house because we were very happy with these. The legs are solid and have teflon bottoms. The cushion is very comfortable. The fabric is soft. It's easy to put together but needs two people. The fumes coming out of this chair made me feel unwell for 24 hours. It's best to let it air out in the garage. They were fine after that. The reason I gave 4 stars is very uncomfortable and I apologize for it. My mom left the boxes in the living room for a day so I could assemble them. A baby asian roach was found in between the cushions when I assembled one that night. It was tired. We don't have this type of thing in her house. I was in denial until the next day when I found a baby scrambling around after I pulled the cardboard out of the second chair. A baby and one roach. Very bad odds and wrong species.

👤Terrible! Three months ago, I ordered this chair. The other side is coming off. The chair is not safe and the company refuses to give a refund or replace it.

👤I'm happy to report that mine did not have bugs. I carried them in pieces after inspecting them. The chairs are not high quality, but what I expected. I wouldn't classify these chairs as sturdy. I don't allow my child to climb on them, and I can see them breaking down over time with my husband sitting in them. They have an awkward lean to them. I have to hold my head up when I recline. They are firm, but after a week you can feel springs in the lower back area. They look great and are comfortable for sitting in. There is room for a small dog or small child to sit next to me, as I am 5'4 and small. My feet should be extended at my ankle. It took about 15 minutes per chair to assemble them. The pieces came together to form a tight fit.

👤I usually don't write here, but I felt like I should since I had read other reviews of this chair. A lot of people don't know what they're buying. This isn't a recliner that looks like a chair. The chair reclines. It's not going to be a big squishy treat for a lazy boy. It's a chair that is comfortable to sit in. You recline by leaning back. It is not rocket surgery. It's a good chair. I don't know how some people ended up with wobbly ones, but mine doesn't budge an inch after putting everything together. It took about 20 minutes. You put the feet on, flip it up and carry the base wherever you want it to live, then you slide the wings on to the back piece. There was a boom. The chair is assembled. I'm 6'3 and weigh 220 lbs. I sat down on this chair. I can lay my head back and have my feet elevated. A pillow is nice, but I don't think it's necessary. The chair is small. I uploaded a picture of it sitting in my study next to a vintage wingback chair that I got to try out first. The newer one is larger. There were no bugs. I would have burned my apartment down. The chair is pretty good so far. I was expecting a mediocre offering that would do in a pinch and last me a year or two, but it is rather heavy and feels solid. The back piece is light but still sturdy. I'll be ordering a second one to replace the old one and make a matching set since I have other places in the apartment where I can have sex and don't have kids running around jumping on them.

4. Casual Home Directors Frame Canvas

Casual Home Directors Frame Canvas

Classic style can be used for permanent or temporary seating. The foldable design makes it easy to transport and store. The built-in armrests and footrests provide support. It is made with 100% Solid Wood. The dimensions are 45.5 inches high x 23 inches wide x 19 inches deep and the seat is 30 inches high. The weight capacity is 300 lbs.

Brand: Casual Home

👤I love this chair, it is beautiful. It's strong. I'm a heavy woman. It holds me on a daily basis.

👤I think they get loose if a heavy person sits on them.

👤I was a little worried about the negative reviews, but I was glad I ordered it. I needed a new desk chair and this was the one I found. The chair is made of solid black fabric and frame. There is only minor damage to the wood, but it is on the under side of the hing on the arm rests. When the chair is put together, you don't see it, but before it is assembled, I could see it. I still gave it 5 stars because it's not visible. The anti scratch feet on the chairs feet are great, and the little cushions on the chairs feet are great. They are thick and screwed in. I have a bar stool height Pier One directors chair, and I would say it's very similar to the quality of the other one. The Pier One chair has more details than the other one. I think they are the same strength.

👤Do not get these chairs. The design is flawed and the construction seems sturdy. The canvas seat on the foot rest does not line up. They are off by a small amount. If you take the canvas seat off the foot rest, it will not fit in because it is short by about 1/2 inch. I have the one I got. I can't figure out how to cancel the others' order. I hate to have to give this product a bad review because the chair is great but at counter height you can't use it without a foot rest. Your legs are not comfortable.

👤I like the design of this product. It was the best-looking chair, especially with the hunter green accent. I would buy it again, but only if I had the instructions or simple things to put it together. It was frustrating because each thing had a specific thing that fixed it. The seat cloth got stuck on the wood inside the grooves because there were sharp edges on the cloth. It would be a lot easier if the cloth was covered. Lift it and pull it forward if it gets stuck, that seemed to work on this one. It took me about 3 minutes to get it. It is put together and not a big issue. I had to push the metal connectors down. The instructions don't say how to push them down so they are flat, but you have to. Since they are thin and metal and close together, I didn't think it was a good idea to push them down with my hands. The first thing I did was use a hammer to tap them down to see if it worked. I tried using my hands against my better judgement after that failed. I used all the force I could to push them down, but I couldn't. I was shaking so hard that my face turned red as I tried to push them down with my hands. Still nothing. I stood up, took a breath, and then I realized I had to stomp on them to push them down. My Dad taught me this trick when I was changing a tire on my car. If you can't move it with your hands, you have to stand on it and jump up and down. I know, but you're only a foot or less off the ground, so best way I know. That was the key. I pushed the bars down with my leg when I stood up, after putting my foot on the metal bars. We have more strength in our legs than in our hands. I was able to install the foot rest after pushing the metal bars straight, and now I'm happy! If anyone buys this, I want to post this review so that they won't have to spend a lot of time trying to figure out how to put this together. It wasn't a lot of steps, but a few things like saying use your foot to press the bars down instead of pressing them down goes a long way, and hopefully the company can update the instructions. Thanks for the product! I know it might not sound like it here, but I would 100% recommend this product to anyone who wants it. Thanks!

5. Christopher Knight Home Decorative Studded

Christopher Knight Home Decorative Studded

Quality bonded leather. The chair is made of bonded leather and has a lovely espresso brown upholstery. Their synthetic leather is comfortable and stylish. There are attractive acuity acuitys. The back of the Medford has seven buttons, giving it a regal appearance. This chair has Studded trim at the base of the seat and hand-carved wooden legs. There is a hammock that is compatible with the sprung hammock. Extra comfort is provided by padded arms and plush cushions. You can watch TV, read a book, or lounge around. There is a Scottish home decor. The accent chair is a perfect way to add seating. It's well suited for a living room, bedroom, dining room, or loft, measuring 28 inches long, 29.5 inches wide, and 33.5 inches high. ATILE STATEMENT The chair adds warmth and charm. It's assembled so all you have to do is pick a room. ATILE STATEMENT The chair adds warmth and charm. It's assembled so all you have to do is pick a room.

Brand: Christopher Knight Home

👤This feels like a British style. Adding a leather ottoman is very classy. It's in my home office and it's quite comfortable. We have received a lot of praise for it. It is very firm. I love to read it. The room has been decorated with accents from a farmhouse and industrial modern.

👤The chair is nice looking and comfortable, and the material doesn't feel cheap. It's good for the price. I wouldn't pay more for it. I think it's priced right. Can it be compared to a genuine leather chair?

👤I found this lovely chair when I was just curious about the brand name of the furniture, I remember Peter Brady from the Brady bunch. This chair matched the ottoman, the color, the feet, the seat, and the top of the ottoman.

👤It is easy to assemble. It is hard as a rock. I was going to get it for my office. A patient said it looks like he got catfished by Amazon. I was sitting on it. It felt like a bench on my butt.

👤The chair is easy to put together. Firm but comfortable! Very strong.

👤The combination of classic and modern is very comfortable. My husband and I were looking for a chair like this.

👤There are accent chairs in the living room. The sturdy arms are what elder arms need to easily stand.

6. Vosarea Projector Vintage Desktop Decoration

Vosarea Projector Vintage Desktop Decoration

The performance of this projector is high quality. A film projector ornament is lightweight and realistic. Retro style gives the product a sense of age. It is an excellent gift for your family, friends and lovers during the holidays. The statue can be used in a variety of places. The statue can be used in a variety of places.

Brand: Vosarea

👤It looks like it's from the dollar store. The item was broken in two pieces because of the cheap packaging. I've been shopping with Amazon for years and have never seen packaging so cheap. This should be removed from Amazon because it is overpriced and has better packaging.

👤The product was disappointing. The top reel/wheel looking part arrived in the package disconnected and each time we try to connect it in the little hole it is falling back out of the little hole and it is slightly bent.

👤My uncle had one of these to show home movies, and this is a nice replica of an old style film projector. It's bigger than expected and has a nice weight. I put it with film strips, clapboard, Oscar, film reel, and "Let's All Go To The Lobby" tin sign.

👤I was expecting a bigger statue than this one. I sent it back because it would have been hard to notice in the theater room.

👤The item came with a broken reel. Had to glue it all together. It is not worth the price. I would only have paid 15 tops if I had it.

👤I was worried about the reviews, but my item was packed in styrofoam and arrived safely. The metal pieces look real on my shelf, the detail work looks good, and this piece is a great addition to the shelves holding my film-oriented book collection. It's heavy enough for a bookend, but I'm only showing it on my shelf.

👤This item should have been 10 to $12. It's lightweight and small. It's a nice piece, but not worth the price.

👤It is brittle and looks good. The reels were broken off when they arrived.

👤Produit manque de finition.

👤Not worth the money. Do not buy! This piece is disappointing.

👤Small and plastic looking.

👤Crap product! I threw it away.

7. Evelyn Century Modern Fabric Chair

Evelyn Century Modern Fabric Chair

The seat and back are made of waffles. Seat dimensions are 21.50 inches deep x 21.50 inches wide x 17.75 inches high. Arm height is 22.50 inches.

Brand: Christopher Knight Home

👤Our new chairs are great! I was hesitant about buying these chairs because they were only a few reviews, but when we received them, it was all worth it. It took my husband 30 minutes to assemble them. We received them with all the cautions printed on the box and where to find the legs under the seat. The cushion is firm and soft enough for a comfortable sitting and the color blends with our sofa. We have them sitting on the hard wood floor and rug so you will need a stopper because it easily slides on the floor. We recommend these chairs.

👤Absolutely love these chairs. It was a perfect size, color and comfortable. There was a slight kerfuffle when I received the chairs. The company quickly fixed the situation and sent the part without any questions asked. This product and the company are recommended by me. The experience was great.

👤The chair was in a box but MzE It was well packaged. The legs and sides of the back rest were clearly marked by a red tie and were located inside the zip compartment under the chair. The instructions were easy to understand. I was able to put it together in 15 minutes. The chair is a bit stiff but not uncomfortable. There is room to read a book. It is nice. The fabric is soft. I left the cat out of the picture to make it look bigger. I bought it in case I didn't like it. I will get a second one to go with it. The chair is nice. Go for it.

👤The chair is very cute and easy to assemble. The chair is small and not high back. The seat is in the back of my legs and below my shoulders. It is fine for where I put it. I don't have anyone else in my house and I'm not sure this would hold up. You get what you pay for and how long it will last. I change my furniture every couple years.

👤I had a limited budget to buy this chair for my office. I bought almost everything on Amazon. I took a chance and ordered this chair because it was a nice color and it fit my style. The chair arrived in a big box. I was worried that I would have to spend a lot of time putting it together. It was very easy. It looks fantastic and is incredibly comfortable. It is perfect and I sit in it all day. I am very happy with this purchase.

👤The chair is small. I should have paid more attention to the measurement. It has a linen look fabric with a slight texture. It was easy to put together and made for a good price. I have a large room and these get swallowed up by it. I put them in the closet so they won't work67531.

8. Coastrail Outdoor Gravity Armrest Chair

Coastrail Outdoor Gravity Armrest Chair

The dimensions are 22.05''W x 22.05''D x 24.8''H. Extra wide lounge chair gives you more space to relax. Zero gravity chair support up to 400 lbs. No assembly is needed for the weight of 25 lbs. The Zero Gravity Reclining Chair can adjust from zero to 170o. The camping chair has a locking mechanism. Push down the lock to keep in the comfortable position when you sit. STURDY STRUCTURE: The camping lounge chair is made of rust- resistant steel frame and 600D fabric. It's perfect for outdoor use. The wood armrest andremovable pillow give you a relaxing experience. Safety is their first priority. The chair has a metal latch pin that helps to prevent the chair from folding. Pull it out when you need to fold the chair. There are multiple functions. The zero gravity lounge chair is perfect for outdoors. It is also suitable for indoors. The portable side table is portable. It can be a relaxing area in your home.

Brand: Coastrail Outdoor

👤I'm 6'5" and 340 lbs. I'm exactly who this chair is intended for. It's almost impossible to sit down on the concrete driveway since your feet are so far out in front of you. You are aware that it is not intended for the weights it claims to be for, but you still straddle a side with one leg so you can sit down without throwing yourself down. Good luck if you are tall and heavy. The lean back is not easy to get back in. The creaking legs were opening 1 more inch. I was going backwards. I grabbed the right handle to hold my self up with my left hand on the ground behind me, the chair legs were creaking open and I was slowly slinking lower. My wife had to help pull me out because the chair was close to me while I was trying to hold myself up, and she had to slink down and try to hold me up. I am a former high level athlete with a lot of weight. I still have above average. Balance and agility. If you're under 6' and under 300 lbs, it might work for you, but at that point, why would you want a chair that wide? Don't buy.

👤My doctor told me to keep my feet up. I am an obese man who needs to sit in this chair from 4 to 6 hours a day. I can do it. Getting up is the only problem. I need some help with that. I still give it a 5 star. The price looks good and works well. I would like a table a little larger. Every person in my family has sat in the chair and felt comfortable.

👤I love this chair. The size and colors of it. It is easy to fold and put it away despite the fact that it is large. It's great for backyard and also good for camping because it's in the back of my car. Normally, I put other stuff on top of it so it doesn't take much space. The chair can be locked with 2 locks on the side of the handles, but the additional lock on the right hand side makes it safer. You will find this useful when watching movies outdoors. Great chair!

👤The chair has become trash and unsafe. The plastic teeth that hold the chair in place are starting to bend and I have become stuck several times. It was almost falling back. My 5 year was eaten by this thing. The bungee cords look like they're giving in. I get scared when it clicks when I recline, because I think it's coming apart with me on it. I am well under the limit because I weigh over 200 lbs. I wish I could get this back.

👤I bought a recliner chair for my husband. The quality of the product is very good. It was easy for him to get out of the upright position. Reclining the chair was a problem. It was hard to recline, unlike mine. He had to push hard to get it to move. He couldn't get it to move to the upright position once reclined. He was stuck. We tried many times to get it to move upwards. I had to tip him to get him out of the chair. I tried it again after that and it wouldn't move forward. I got stuck in the reclining position as well. I don't recommend this chair for seniors who don't have good strength in their legs. I wouldn't recommend someone over 300 lbs who might have issues getting out. There should be a warning in the chair description. The chair is being returned.

9. Sonorous Leather Remote Holder Compartments

Sonorous Leather Remote Holder Compartments

StangH has a variety of styles of Velvet Curtains, Valances, and Velvet Pillow Covers. Please email your request to them if you have any requirements. The five churchyards comprise a churchyard. The control remote holder has five spacious compartments to hold TV & DVD remotes, office supplies, media accessories and other small electronic devices. It is also used as an office desk organizer. It is a solution for remote control storage. The material and design are extraordinary. A protective soft lining protects against scratches and the remote caddy organizer is made from premium quality PU leather. The sleek and minimalist design of their remote organizer matches every décor and room set up. With Sonorous remote control holder, you don't have to worry about mislaid or damaged remote controls. You can easily organize your remote controls and access them whenever you need them. It's the perfect size for your controllers. The remote storage organizer is 7” in length and 2.3” in width. The design can be placed in any room. It can hold up to five remote controls. There are three different colors available. Caddy organizers are available in black, brown and white. This is a great place to keep all of your stuff.

Brand: Sonorous

👤I warned others before they made the same mistake because I don't like to post negative reviews. The controller holder has been sitting on my ottoman for a long time. Sometimes I left my controllers on the couch, but other times it wasn't even used. This image is not what you would think after only 2 months. I'm pretty sure I could have found something more durable on Amazon if it was only $25. It looks great on the first day, but time seems to take it apart. Stay away from this product. If I had a do-over, I wouldn't buy this again because it may have been just the one they sent me.

👤My husband thinks that he is the master of the remote controllers. It's not true, but we let him believe it. He had a mess on his end table with all the remotes. He likes to have things like screen cleaner, eye drops, and other things that he thinks he needs. He still has everything, but now it's neat. Everything is in a home. It's made well, it feels solid, and it's black, so it hides in plain sight. I recommend this to anyone who has a remote. We still allow him to think he is the master of the remotes.

👤There are 2x large remotes, an odd pear-shaped round/chunky TV remote, a round tube Amazon Fire TV remote, and 2x "watch battery"-powered remotes sharing the front pocket with the lowest walls. With them ordered by height, tallest in back, you can see and reach any one of them easily. The stand is heavy enough to hold the remote that is the tallest in the world, without tipping, even on a flat part of a soft couch. If you drop a remote in, the interior lining will make it easy to slide items out without hitting anything. The material on the exterior is leathery and has edge stitching. It looks and feels nice. My shade is uniformly-colored and dark brown. Overall dimensions are very narrow and not a lot of thick edges or extra bulk. The pockets are almost a perfect size for every remote, except for the fat end of the remote which is thicker than a 2x AA battery Denon remote, which has to go in upside down. It's not a problem if you hold the remote firmly but not tight, it's a pain to get the remote lined up. The different heights of the chambers make it easier to keep everything visible and in the order that works best for your brain.

👤I bought a remote control holder in March of last year. It has been falling apart slowly and steadily. I thought I had made a good investment in this thing and it was good quality. The item is falling apart after 3 months. I tried to glue them with E6000 or Gorilla glue. It was difficult to glue them back together if both sides were out. I'm tired and sick of having to fix this thing. I didn't think it was worth the price when I bought it.

10. Christopher Knight Home 298869 Cecilia

Christopher Knight Home 298869 Cecilia

The chair has a swivel mechanism. The dimensions are 28.74 inches D x 27.50 inches W x 27.17 inches H. The color is natural and the leg finish is black. The material is fabric or iron. You can enjoy this chair in any room of your home. This chair is comfortable and does not make you want to get up. While having your feet up, you can spin if someone calls your name. It's ideal for watching movies in virtual reality and for gaming in virtual reality. Seat dimensions are 18.25 inches H and 19 inches D.

Brand: Christopher Knight Home

👤It's always a plus when these come several days earlier than expected. The chairs came well packed, and the only assembly to do was to attach the base with bolts. I did it myself and it took less than 10 minutes. They are perfect for what I wanted. I wanted the seat to be light in color and low back so I could not see the trees outside. The couch is on one side of the room and the television is on the other side. These are well made and solid. There was no tipsy or wobble feeling. I didn't think these would be all that comfortable because of the size and price. I am pleasantly surprised. I couldn't sit there all day. It is comfortable to sit and visit or watch tv. No noise is made by the swivel. I am very pleased with these. I included a couple of photos for reference because I am always grateful to the reviewers that post pictures and it has helped me with a lot of purchases. I would purchase again.

👤The chair is cute. It is comfortable for a short period of time. I don't want to sit in it to watch a movie. Unless you do a lot of stretching, there isn't any upper back support. It works well in a small space. Important things to note as you make your decision to purchase is that the fabric is a little darker than pictured. It is more of an ecru color than a creamy off white. The fabric has a weave with darker colors in it. I had a couple of guys at the house who were able to put it together in less than 20 minutes. Attach the mechanism to the bottom by flipping it up side down. I love that the chair can move. It's my favorite feature.

👤Visitors like them and the covers have had some dirt on them from the kids feet and shoes, brushed off very easily. Have not had to wash them. I sprayed these with a guard. The cat has taken over one and is playing on it by crawling sideways around it with her claws. It has surprised me that there was no damage to the material. It will be delivered today. Fast delivery. There was no damage. It takes five minutes to install the swivel. Cute for a small space. We bought one to use as a trial for a visitor chair. We can fit one in our living room. The woman is five feet three and 153 lbs. It is comfortable for sitting. My pillows are square. Hope this helps. Will update if I have to wash the cover. It seems to be easy to remove. I would definitely recommend.

👤The chair was poorly packed before I arrived. The fabric was stretched and wrinkled. I got stuck with this chair because I was in a crunch and needed a chair. The chairs and sofas that I have bought are great. Once I vacuum the wrinkled fabric, it will be almost okay.

11. Christopher Knight Home 296604 Recliner

Christopher Knight Home 296604 Recliner

The seat dimensions are 20.25”D x 18.25”W x 18.H. There is a wood frame and PU leather. White in color is great for décor. The Teyana recliner club chair is a great addition to any room. The recliner is made of beautiful PU leather and has a simple feel. The Teyana recliner club chair is a great addition to any room. The recliner is made of beautiful PU leather and has a simple feel.

Brand: Great Deal Furniture

👤The recliner met my expectations and I'm more than happy with it. It looks like real leather and I think it's a bargain. It's easy to put together, I did it myself, I'm 81 years old.

👤Disappointed! I ordered this in white. There is no place on the website where you can find the dimensions of the chair from the floor to the seat. It is easy to put together when it arrives. It looks great in every way. The chair is 15 inches from the floor to the seat. It was a slim chair and it was not a problem. It's almost like sitting on the floor. I would send it back but it was too expensive. I wonder if I could put my feet on this chair. I contacted the company and explained my problem. They took care of the problem and gave me a full refund. The customer service was first class. I would order differently from them again.

👤It works well for our son in his room. The pics will give you an idea of what to expect.

👤I don't write many reviews anymore, but this one deserves one. Just slip the back in and it's done. Small and comfortable. It's easy to recline and return to upright position when it goes almost horizontal. I need a recliner for those times when it's too painful to lie down. This one fits the bill. Annie loves it.

👤The recliner I used in my home was perfect. It was easy to put together and it looks sleek.

👤It's a good chair, but not as wide as my old one, so I can't pull up my legs and sleep in it, but still quite comfortable. I think I'm going to get good leg exercise from this chair as it takes leg strength to push down the foot rest. One of the main reasons I was attracted to the chair was that it was similar to the other furniture I had just bought. I make jewelry so the chair sits straight when I need it. I would recommend it to others because it was very easy to put together.

👤Was surprised. The fabric is soft and supple, even though it's not leather. Assembly was easy. The recliners fit perfectly in my camper. I can recline fully despite the tight space, even though I was concerned when ordered. I read all the reviews before I bought the recliners, and some of them said the recliners don't recline very far. They are in a almost flat position. You are not paying for a lazy boy recliner if you are expecting a plush thick cushion chair. The recliner is great for the price. Some other campers in our campground saw my recliners and want to replace them with more comfortable furniture. Hopefully they will survive the test of time.

👤It looks nice, but it's cheap. The arm rests caved in when I placed my elbow to adjust my body. It was only owned for a month. It can be difficult to close foot rest. The seller has yet to respond to my email. Would not recommend anyone to do that.


What is the best product for home theater chair table?

Home theater chair table products from Christopher Knight Home. In this article about home theater chair table you can see why people choose the product. Malu and Casual Home are also good brands to look for when you are finding home theater chair table.

What are the best brands for home theater chair table?

Christopher Knight Home, Malu and Casual Home are some of the best brands that chosen by people for home theater chair table. Find the detail in this article. Vosarea, Coastrail Outdoor and Sonorous are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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