Best Home Theater Chairs Recliner with Cup Holder and Usb Charger

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1. MyGift 21 Inch Modern Magazine Holder

MyGift 21 Inch Modern Magazine Holder

The end table has a metal frame and wood top. The design provides room for a lamp, drinks, and more. A magazine sling under a table keeps magazines out of the way. The sleek open design is great for home or office. The dimensions are as follows: Overall - 21.7 H 17.7 L 7.1 W; Top Surface - 17.7 L x 7.1 W; Magazine sling - 10.2 H. The dimensions are as follows: Overall - 21.7 H 17.7 L 7.1 W; Top Surface - 17.7 L x 7.1 W; Magazine sling - 10.2 H.

Brand: Mygift

👤I paid $60 for a niche item that is not worth much, but they can charge whatever they want. It is very light. It would topple over if it wasn't sandwiches between things and it was on carpet. It has it on hardwood and rubber feet, but it has foam dots that are better than nothing but not great. It doesn't move a lot. I need something thin to slice between my bed and dresser in order to maximize my space and I have a reptile in my room so I keep it there. I picked the magazine sling over others because it was a better price point. It doesn't matter because it's crammed in a corner. I like it but the price tag left me bitter. It feels like you're buying furniture from Walmart.

👤The table is the right size for the price. I contacted the seller twice to get a new screw, because the cut out where the screw-driver goes wasn't actually cut out, and I didn't have one. The seller didn't reply.

👤I like the minimal look and structure of it. In our small office hallway, we needed a thin table with room for magazines and a bowl of candy, but we didn't have enough room for a cup of coffee or some. I added a few coats of polyacrylic on top to make sure there was no ring on the wood. It is very sturdy and looks great so far. It took no time at all to put it together. I tried giving it a shake today as I was considering ordering another for my daughter's dorm room, where space is at a premium, and it has a nice heft to it. There are photos showing it holding a twin size fleece throw blanket.

👤I wanted to put this in the half bathroom. The magazine holder is a bonus and I needed a small table. The quality is decent and easy to assemble. It was great for the price.

👤I didn't have high hopes for these, but they met my expectations. I agree with other views that they are not worth what they are charged for, however, they are a niche product that I really need for setting drinks on in small spaces, and they can charge what. Would I buy again? Do they work and accomplish what they are supposed to? Yes.

👤The design was what I wanted. The magazine rack is made of leatherette and the wood top looks like scrap. The instructions for the different configuration changed the design. There are shiny gold screws on the bottom frame. I'm assuming that the black foam circles look stupid because they hide the screw heads. The wood top did not have pre-drilled holes for the attachment screws. I used an ice pick to make pilot holes in the cups. The wood is very soft. The item is worth less than what it costs. I kept it because I couldn't find a similar table design with the dimensions I needed. I will either paint the wood top or make a cheese board out of high quality wood. I've found several that fit the frame. I'm not happy with this table.

2. HOOBRO 2 Tier Nightstand Construction Furniture

HOOBRO 2 Tier Nightstand Construction Furniture

The industrial look of the black iron frame is complemented by the rustic top of the side tables, creating an exciting mix of styles. The end table is practical for use in all rooms and is a decorative accent to your home. The perfect size is 23.6”L x 11.8”W x 24”H. It is ideal for small spaces, whether between the sofa and the wall, or beside the chair, as well as perfect for being a nightstand, due to its large width. The open bottom design of the bedside table provides more storage space and makes it more aesthetically pleasing. It is easy to assemble with the help of detailed instructions, labeled accessories and installation tools. 4 feet are adjusted to level the floors and protect them from scratches. Everyone in HOOBRO is ready to offer professional customer service before and after your purchase. If you have any questions about the chairsides table, please contact them.

Brand: Hoobro

👤I received a table today. It took 20 minutes to put it together. It was well packaged, all the pieces were intact, and there were no scratches on the wood boards. The sides and ends of the boards are covered so you can use them any way you want. There are all screw holes. The table is sturdy and worth the money. It works out great for a recliner side table since the drawer opens on the end. I have become a pro at putting furniture together after returning many tables. I would change or state on the directions that they shouldn't do Step 1 until after Step 2. If you don't have the top part of the leg, you can attach it to Piece 3 more easily. Make sure that the opening of the top of the leg is facing inward when you put the bottom of the leg on Piece 3. After putting the leg bottoms on, stand it up and slide on the pieces. When you put the screws in Part E, do not tighten them until both of them are in. The bottom screw should be done first. The holes won't line up if you tighten it before putting it in. The inside of the arms are on the third step. If you overtighten, you could damage the metal legs. If you have Part 7 on the opposite end, it will go on the end that does not have Part E. Again, it goes inside the metal leg. Don't tighten the screws until all 4 are in so that you can pull it out and make sure you get the screws in the predrilled holes. There is a plastic part on the picture that will be attached to the wooden piece. It is not. It goes beside it. The little edges pointing towards the Part 6 is the important part of your drawer. You put the narrower side towards Part 6 and the wider side upward. The drawer has a sliding door. When you turn board 6 over, you don't see which side of Part 8 should be on. If you want your drawer to slide on, make sure Part 8 is on the end with Part E brackets. The table should be turned upside down to make it easier to tighten the B Screws. If you haven't tightened the screws already, you can at this point. Step 7 starts the drawer. The bottom of the drawer should be on the bottom of the boards, this is where the drilled out slit is. You should not put the C locks in boards 10 and 11 until you get to step 9. The C locks should be done while holding the pieces together with part 13 first. It's easier to put in piece 12 after the C locks are tightened. Piece 12 goes inside the side pieces. The screws won't fit into the board if the flat part is put to the drawer. The scres on my side were loose, but the center one was fine. Make sure the little lips are on top of the drawer because this is what will happen when you slide the drawer in and out. If you need to remove the drawer after putting it in, just reach in and turn the plastic piece you did beside the wooden strip, otherwise it will fall out. Make sure to tighten everything after you're done.

3. Best Choice Products Adjustable Cupholders

Best Choice Products Adjustable Cupholders

The dimensions are: 26"W x 32. 4 inches. It is possible to have a repelled combatant. The power lift recliner chair is the perfect choice for a mainstay in your living space, with built-in cupholders that allow for further lounging convenience. The power lift design. The chair has an easy-to-reach button on the side that lets you tilt the chair forward or back. There are 3 massage modes that target your back, thighs, and lower legs at high or low intensity, plus 2 heat settings that will warm you up. The heavy-duty base is made with a sturdy, anti-tipping design, while side pockets let you keep reading material at arm's reach, and ausb port makes it easy to charge wireless devices. You can adjust to your preferred position for maximum comfort by transitioning between a reclined & lifted position, a lifted leg rest, or a lifted chair position.

Brand: Best Choice Products

👤My husband has difficulty getting up from a seated position since he suffered a stroke. I was somewhat skeptical but he found it very comfortable and sturdy and it made it easier for him to get up and down. The cupholders need to be floating, that's the only negative thing about this chair. My husband has a bottle of water in his cupholder and if the chair is raised the bottle will spill out. He loves the heat and massage and is very pleased with the chair.

👤I wouldn't buy any of their junky crap pieces, they wont stand behind their product, the material has come apart on the footrest, and the vibrate units can be felt through the material.

👤The main chair in my house is this one. I need a lift chair to get up and down. I love the recline position, I have to elevate my feet, and this chair is the right height and width. The heat and message are nice. I wish the chair padding was different, I can feel the wood on the seat side, and I need more padding on the arms. The padding on the top of the arm and on the outside of the chair arm is great. It needs more padding on the vibrating disc because they are hard and can cause pressure areas. If electric goes out, I wish it did not have battery backup. I was not in the chair when the electric went out.

👤It was disapointed. It is a piece of junk. It was in a badly damaged box. The motor doesn't work after we put it together. Time and money are wasted.

👤I bought this for a family member who recently had surgery. It was easy to set up and my mom used it a few times when we were waiting for a family member to come home from the hospital. She said it has been great for pain relief. She has back pain. I ordered a second chair for her because she loves it so much. Both can have pain relief at the same time.

👤The chair was the best value because it was priced out at several local retailers. There is a We accidentally ordered two. We didn't know this until they were shipped to our door. Even though best choice was not obligated to cover the return shipping costs, they readily offered to do so when I asked them if I could return the product myself. I was going to drive it there for five hours each way to save a couple hundred dollars because the shipping was going to be much more expensive than the chair itself. I was overjoyed when they told me that they would give me a return shipping label for free. It's not wise to expect great customer service when you prioritize value.

👤I bought this chair for my mom to sit in. She had a chair that was not comfortable. The chair was easy to assemble. The cup holder was a bonus. She likes the lift and massage modes the most. She has been smiling a lot. She has fallen asleep in the chair a few times. It is her favorite chair in the house. My mom's quality of life was improved by this chair.

4. Ashley Furniture Signature Design Rectangular

Ashley Furniture Signature Design Rectangular

Wheelchair end table. The built-in 3-outlet power strip makes this side table perfect for the living room. The look is comparable. The end table is made from wood and engineered wood. There is a lift-top storage compartment, drawer with twin cup holders, remote slot and lower storage cubby. Richly finished. The hardware was hand-applied with a medium brown finish. The magazine holder has a width of 10 and a height of 15. The space-eFFICIENT design is what it is. The chairside end table is 14 W x 24 D x 23 H. It's necessary to assemble: Hardware and tools are included. The power cord is listed on the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency's website. Direct from the manufacturing process, the extra care is taken to package, protect and deliver your purchase in a timely manner. Buy with confidence was designed and manufactured by the company. The trusted source for stylish furniture. For every budget and taste. Buy with confidence was designed and manufactured by the company. The trusted source for stylish furniture. For every budget and taste.

Brand: Signature Design By Ashley

👤It's fantastic with a couple modifications. The side table has a built-in power cord, which is different from others. This product could have been made much better by the missed opportunity. They should have made two changes which would have made this a five star piece of furniture. The cords must exit on top of the furniture. That creates a look similar to my first photo. There is a messy surface. They should have put holes in the inside of the unit so that you can place things like a headset, laptop, or iPad charging cables through them. That way your electronics can stay out of sight. It's pretty worthless, but that drawer could have been so nice. The other area for the remote is a waste of space, and the cup holder is silly. We changed it by turning it upside down, removing the drawer rails, and cutting the sides of the drawer flush. We put the rails back together so it slides in. It took a few attempts to get the rails placed perfectly, but now we have a drawer that can hold an iPad and it can be charged in the drawer. There is a hole in the drawer. We have an end table with a drawer that has a power cord in it. We have a top shelf for our son's headsets and a bottom shelf where his controllers are stored, which is plugged into the integral charger and run through a hole we bored into the back of the cabinet. I did it myself and it was easy, I had never used a bore on a drill before. The furniture should have come with the holes already drilled. Nobody would have known they were there if you didn't use them. The manufacturer missed a golden opportunity. I really like our charging table.

👤The product was exactly what we were looking for. It is fully assembled and slid in. Usually I wait for my husband to come home to set up the packages. I did this one by myself. I was surprised to see people who received multiple items with 'gashes', but I thought this piece was a great quality. It was much cheaper to have an outlet, cup holder, and shelf all right next to you than it was to have them in stores. Would recommend.

👤I use these tables as end tables on either side of my couch, and we all love them! They are strong. There is a charging station in the top. There is a drawer with two built in cupholders and a remote holder. They are gorgeous! I just got a few comments on them. The wood on the top looks nice and it seems to be a material that resists water. Someone had a question about what the back of the table looked like and I attached a picture of it. I would recommend this table to everyone and I would buy it again.

👤I think I should have expected that. She seems to make nothing but garbage. The seller, Rhodes Furniture, is rotten as well. The pictures are attached. The drawer and slide out tray are not straight. They will not fully close. Rhodes Furniture wanted me to pay a 20% restocking fee if I returned it, and Amazon didn't help with that issue at all. I am learning to accept my over-priced piece of garbage from Rhodes Furniture. Be careful!

5. Convenience Concepts Tucson Electric Table

Convenience Concepts Tucson Electric Table

Part of the collection in Tucson. Plug Outlets with cable management. The flip top is for concealed storage. The power supply cord is 6 feet long. The L is 23.75 in. x (H) 24 in.

Brand: Convenience Concepts

👤A person bought this side table. The power outlet inside the table caught fire, but I have been loving it ever since. The cell phone and baby monitor were burned. It blew a fuse in my house. My curve TV is malfunctioning. The baby monitor and table were replaced by Amazon, but they don't know what to do with the TV.

👤This is a review of the Tucson Electric flip top table. The reviews and questions on different items by the same seller seem to be mixed up. Potential buyers need to know that Amazon needs to fix that mess. I almost didn't buy it because of the review mess. I am happy that I did. It is easy to set up. max 15 minutes You are good if you have aPhillips screw driver. There is a The legs are made of metal. It is not 29" high like some of the answers say, it is 24" high, with a set of feet that can be raised or leveled. The crazy listing of 6.63 x 13.38 x 28.25 is incorrect for the assembled item. That is closer to the box it arrives in and pointless to list. You would be crazy to put a TV on this, the distance from the floor to the bottom shelf is four feet.

👤I love these tables. I loved them. Much. I ordered 4 of them. The table top was badly scratched. The table top rubs against the rails when components are packed in the box. I requested replacements after returning all 4. The package I received had the same issue. I love these tables. They are the perfect size and color for the area I wanted to use them in. The table tops will continue to be damaged until the packaging issue is fixed. Very disappointed.

👤I bought two of these for our couch. I love how sleek they are and the fact that there is an extra drawer with plugs for our phones. I charge my phone and watch TV. My only suggestion is to be aware of how thin they are, they are thinner than they look in the picture. It still fits everything I need.

👤Don't waste time. The product looks nice, but it's trash. The first one I received was destroyed. There are four cam locks on the base of the box. The "wood" is too fragile for any flex around these areas and was broken and splintered at all four areas. The second one was damaged in the same areas as the first one. It hadn't yet caused enough structural damage to warrant sending it back. The stand is overpriced at $90 and I should send it back. I will not purchase anything from Convenience Concepts again because they sell this kind of schlock on Amazon. Inconvenience Concepts is a better name. There are two fractured bones in the attached picture. Good luck with your delivery. You're going to need it.

👤I ordered a pair of these. The cam locks are located on the main piece of the wood that was damaged when opened the first one. I didn't bother opening the 2nd one after I boxed it back up. Right away, we processed the return. The previous purchaser's shipping label was still on the boxes I noticed. Someone is in Virginia. Nice. This was probably returned by that person and sold again without being inspected or taken out of inventory. Amazon needs to warn the manufacturer to stop shipping damaged items if they want to do better with their Quality Control. See the picture. Anyone can see this. You get what you pay for.

6. Yusong Fabric Storage Living Bedroom

Yusong Fabric Storage Living Bedroom

There are 2 power outlets built in. The material is P2 chipboard, black paint, metal feet, cloth bag, and a foot pad. Their side table has a bag that can be used to store snacks or books. The end table can be used as a console table at the entrance or corridor, as well as a side table, sofa table, beside table, and coffee table in the living room. It is easy to assemble with the instructions and tools included in the package. They have a guarantee on their products. If you have a problem, please contact them via Amazon buyer message.

Brand: Yusong

👤I don't normally write reviews on items like this, unless they stand out as good or bad for their price range, and this item is great for its price. The frame, the wood grain top, and the spot welds are all very well done and the table is very sturdy. If you hear a cracking noise, it's because the end of the screw on the table top isn't straight. If you went too far, you could cause damage. The instructions should include this warning as a reminder.

👤I had a specific size requirement for end tables, and these fit perfectly. I bought a pair of shoes. I would have preferred a lower shelf or cabinet over the magazine hammock. They look great in my contemporary ensemble. The mag hammock made a good place to put my pillows when I didn't want to use them.

👤The seller said he wouldn't return Free Returns. I can't use the table.

👤The screws are mixed together. If you follow the instructions, the screws will break through the wood even if you gently tighten it. You won't notice until you flip the thing over. Way too cheap.

👤Make sure you use the shorter screw to attach the wood piece. The longer screw went through the wood. The manufacturer can easily prevent this common user error by charging the screws or tweaking the design a little. It was my fault at the end.

👤It's exactly 21" tall, and it's 7 x 21" in width. I measured. I was worried that my two new chairs wouldn't work because of the limited space in my cracker box condo. They wouldn't fit the space with the previous table. The table saved me a lot of space. The end table has to go. There is plenty of room for two drinks, a phone, and my Gameboy at this table. The magazine holder can hold magazines. The table took me about 20 minutes to put together and it's very sturdy and not wobbly at all, because of the width on the bottom. I like the color of the wood. I'm very happy with this purchase.

👤I love this piece. We don't have a large enough place for a larger L-shaped couch so we opted for two poufs, but that also means we don't have enough space for more resting areas than the main coffee table. The table is perfect for our home. It is a small side table that slides under the couch on lazy days when you just want your drink/food/laptop right next to you. We love it!

👤I bought this for my office because we have a lot of paperwork that my adhd can never seem to organize. I put my office phone and address book on this table. It does what it is supposed to and is sturdy for what it is. The wood part of the table has screws in it. The screws are long and will penetrate the top of the table if you don't pay attention. I wish it was a bit wider but it's not bad for the price and it's nice to have an option to change the height.

7. Signature Design Ashley T736 3 Grayish

Signature Design Ashley T736 3 Grayish

A vintage end table. The accent table is made from the best of farmhouse flair and traditional grandeur, and it is perfect for those who like their style different. The sofa side table is handcrafted. The drawer and bottom shelf were designed with smooth-gliding in mind. Richard Nunns is an astronomer. The table is made of brown and it is easy to match your décor. There is a storage solution. This small end table is a perfect place to store daily essentials. Pair a coffee table with a large space. It's necessary to assemble: Instructions, tools and hardware are included. Direct from the manufacturing process, the extra care is taken to package, protect and deliver your purchase in a timely manner. Buy with confidence was designed and manufactured by the company. The trusted source for stylish furniture. For every budget and taste.

Brand: Signature Design By Ashley

👤I saw this set at the showroom. Checked online prices and found many places that were less expensive than Ashley. He wouldn't price- match. All those expenses have to be paid for. The difference in price was significant, but would have paid a bit more to have it assembled. The coffee table, one end table and the entertainment center were ordered from one online seller and the second end table was ordered from Amazon. The tables were easy to assemble. The coffee table is easy to assemble. The entertainment center was a nightmare. All pieces were well packaged. There are flaws and imperfections that go beyond the farmhouse rugged style. I don't think anything is significant to make me return it. It is a good value for the price. The handles and knobs are very light. The looks are great but I don't expect them to last long before they become loose or stripped. I would probably spend more time comparison shopping now that I know what I know. The looks and style are 5 stars, the construction is 3 and the perceived durability is 2 for an average of 4 starts.

👤I was in love with the end table when I received it. I was happy that the top is not wood, but that the material could not be damaged by glasses or water marks. The brown finish on the top is starting to chip away, leaving white material behind. This table is not in a high traffic area and we are not hard on it. This should not be happening because it holds a lamp and a few magazines. When the box is put together, how do I return it?

👤Several weeks ago, I purchased this table. The package was well packaged. There was no damage to the box. Inside was a different story. There was damage to the side of the table. It looked like something was stuck to the finish. It was dark in one spot and dark in another. We move on to the drawer. The drawer will not close because the face is crooked and the glue 888-270-6611 We contacted the seller. I have to give them 5 stars for their responsiveness and effort. Pictures of all the damaged parts were included in my emails. They asked for replacement parts from the manufacturer immediately. A new drawer, a replacement leg, and some hardware were delivered to us. The leg was good, but the drawer didn't have drawer slides, and they sent a bag of hardware that had nothing to do with the new parts. The seller reached out to Ashley. The purchaser was expected to remove the drawer slides from the faulty drawer and attach them to the new one. There are no pre-drilled holes on the drawer to show where to put the hardware. Ok. My husband is handy and can figure it out. The old drawer slides are attached to the drawer with screws, but they are also attached to the side of the drawer with thin strips of wood. There is no way to remove the drawer slides from the old drawer without taking out the strips of wood. Without those wood pieces, the slides won't work with the table. The customer is supposed to be able to disassemble their furniture and reassemble it all, and that's what the strips are supposed to do. At this point, the seller apologized for the whole thing and gave us a full refund. We have a table with a broken drawer. We ordered a matching coffee table from our local furniture store and are waiting to pick it up in a few days. I don't think this table will be any better than the junk side table we received. 5 stars for the seller, a negative 1 star for the customer service and poor quality control. Never again!

8. RESPAWN 900 Racing Recliner Reclining RSP 900 BLU

RESPAWN 900 Racing Recliner Reclining RSP 900 BLU

A fully functional gaming recliner that lets you level up while laying back, is provided by a plushremovable headrest pillow and segmented padding. A cupholder built into the left arm and a side pouch that hangs off the left arm make it easy to keep your drinks at the ready. Constant surface with independent control. The chair and footrest are not open to get wires caught, but operate independently to give you total control over your gaming chair experience. The weight capacity is 275 lbs. Continuation with fidelity is a requirement. It's comfortable to recline up to 135-degrees and feel secure because of the 360-degree base that provides sturdy support for the extendable footrest and reclining back. The award-nominated brand is committed to your satisfaction.

Brand: Respawn

👤The chair is pretty accurate in most of the lower stars reviews. The material is terrible, you can feel the frame through the padding, and the worst part is that the screw for my arm rest didn't line up. Not multiple screws, just one screw. I decided to not force the screw in because it felt like it was stripping after fiddling with it for an hour. The handle for the foot rest is loud. When you put it up, you'll hear a clank trying to get it down. To get the foot rest to assume normal position, you have to put a lot of pressure on it. I've put together a lot of chairs but this one is the worst I've ever had. I contacted Amazon for a refund. I can't put it back into the box because the base is attached to the seat. Pros -looks goods? Don't bother with this one, go find something else. This chair is the worst I have ever had.

👤The stitches on the armrest are weak and the padding is gone. I would really like a replacement.

👤This chair is very uncomfortable. I spent three days driving through Iraq. There is no support for the back. The lever is in a weird position. The neck pillow is too low because I am tall and it's only worth a star. I had to make a way to get it higher. I can only sit in this for a short time before I have to get up. I had to lay foam padding on the leg rest and chair pad in order to sit for longer. Do not buy it. It might be okay if you are under 150 pounds.

👤To return to upright, the lever for reclining needs to be moved.

👤The chair is cool. It's not worth 300 dollars, it has nothing for lower back support. If you buy this, you might have back pain. Whoever put the regular bolts in does not mess with this one when it fell out. Don't buy!

👤It was assembled and sat down. I bought a recliner for mine. It should be good for that. I'm happy, but I have to make some changes and have some criticisms. Assembly was easy and it has a lever for the leg rest. You have to push your calves down to get up in many chairs. - The recline can be set to many comfortable positions. It looks good. If you get a black one it will look great in your living room. - This is a completely new style of chair. It will be copied as far as I know. For me, the big one is that the headrest pillow seems to be designed for my height. The back of my head is at the top of the chair, but the pillow can't go higher than my neck. It's not good when you're trying to recline and watch a screen, which is the reason you'd buy this chair. I have to look down my nose to watch movies when the pillow is in the natural position. It's better if the headrest goes behind my head, but there's no way to hold it in place. It's secured to the chair with stretching straps through the two holes, but they aren't high enough. The reason the holes are there is so that it looks like a racing seat, where the seat belt straps are for a 4-point harness. Here's my solution. I'll go to the fabric store to get an extension for the elastic strap. I hope I can get it black. The strap will not go through the holes. Even if I was 5'11" or 5'10", I would still have this issue. Fourteen percent of U.S. men are over 6 feet tall. If the pillow could be supported with two straps which dropped over the back, it would be more fitting for me. I was surprised that the knob on the leg rest lever is made of wood. It popped right off. I'm going to use something to keep it on. If I just tapped it on with a mallet, it would probably stay on. The quality is decent, but it won't last long. 2 years? Probably. 4 years? I think so. 6 years? Probably not. The frame is made of steel tubes. The leg rest mechanism gets a little "crunchy" as it moves to full extension. There are some flaws in the metal which will wear smooth over time, so that's not a problem. The vinyl will cause you to sweat, as others have noted. I would like to see one with fabric on the seating surfaces. It will be easy to clean.

9. SONGMICS Vintage Furniture Rolling ULNT50X

SONGMICS Vintage Furniture Rolling ULNT50X

The C-shaped design of the end table makes it easy to tuck it under the bed for more convenience. This end table has multiple functions, including a large table with a reasonable height of 21.7” without wheels, which works wonders for laptop, dining, or as an occasional table. The rounded corners of the side table ensure safe use, and the mix of durable particleboard and sturdy steel frame provides long- lastingDurability and Strength. You can assemble this industrial side table with a simple structure, numbered parts, and illustrated instructions. The scope of delivery includes 4 wheels and 4 feet, so you can either use the feet to keep it in place or mount the wheels for easy mobility. The scope of delivery includes 4 wheels and 4 feet, so you can either use the feet to keep it in place or mount the wheels for easy mobility.

Brand: Vasagle

👤This table is easy to assemble and works well for sofas. It doesn't look like cheap plastic, but it is not going to win any fashion awards. The chrome wheels made it too high to fit under my sofa, and it felt a little less stable with them attached, so I didn't like them. Pick up a couple packs of these and remove them. You will need 8 to make it easy. It was still tall enough to fit under my sofa, even though it was a little under 2 inches off the height of the wheels. The table can be moved around on carpets or hard floors, and won't scratch or tear up like the bare metal bottom frame would, and it feels more stable to me. You lose less than 2 inches of total height. I haven't found it to be a problem to put it in the middle of my sofa as a drink shelf. The 1/2 x 4 fit perfectly, and don't show/overlap when the table is upright. Before you put them on, make sure to clean the bottom frame with rubbing alcohol or similar to make sure they adhere properly. I think it's a good idea.

👤I would have noted the height of the reviews if I had read them. The picture on the couch is deceptive. I wanted something that would allow me to chill on the couch and work on my computer. I need an end table next to my bed so I will keep it. The top and bottom metal frames are very similar and the instructions are only images. The bottom frame has bolts welded on for the slides and comes with a wrench and allen to assemble them. If you are a one star, good quality and easy assembly is kept.

👤The metal finishes are cheap and flimsy. I contacted the Amazon first because it only came with 3 wheels. I was told that I could return the item or call the manufacture. The manufacture only has voice mail during business hours. The voice mail box was full. There is no customer service. I was too lazy to return the item because I assembled everything without counting the wheels. I have to lift it to move it around so it works out for me. The cheap part is made of wood. It will probably peel over time.

👤Wow. I wanted to use these for a short-term disability so I could move them out of the way. They are so good that I have kept my original end tables for everyday use. I follow the "form follows function" rule when it comes to interior design, but tag on that everything must be aesthetically pleasing too. These hit the mark in a big way. I was glad I took the chance. And oh, assembly? It took 10 minutes.

👤It's too short to be useful in a living room. The bottom was too big to slide under the couch. It sat over the cushions when they were off. It is easy to assemble, but too small for my needs.

10. Ball Cast HSA 5003 Table Brown

Ball Cast HSA 5003 Table Brown

It is long lasting with a touch of sophistication. This is a good option for your needs.

Brand: Ball & Cast

👤Well constructed, fully assembled. It looks more expensive than it is. I'm going to list a bunch of things I would have liked to have been different, but for the price, you really can't beat this. The drawer is useless. As is. You can turn it upside down and make a drawer out of it. It would be better sold as a drawer. I plan on doing this. I would like to be able to charge devices from the power strip area inside the cabinet. I'm not sure how I feel about wires sticking out the top, I'd rather have the power strip facing behind and there may or may not be enough room to close the top door all the way depending on your plug. It may not look right if I put a lamp on here. One port has 1 Amp and the other has 2.4. The 1 Amp is useless for modern devices. There is a The smell from the stain/finish is strong. I was okay with it being offensive. The power plug should be downward facing to fit better in tight spaces behind a sofa. These were not dealbreakers. It's the only furniture that offers everything I was looking for. I can't give it 5 stars because of the reason.

👤We bought a few. Good packaging, well made. We put the table through the shipping box after cutting the tape on the bottom. The finish was fine. I think it's veneer over pressed board. It seems sturdy and provides a lot of storage. So far, I'm very happy.

👤We were looking for a small table to place between our recliners. The tables fit the bill. It's a nice drink holder that pulls out. It makes it very convenient to not mark up the table top. There is a door on the back of the top that has several plug ins and a longer wire. This is where you can charge your electronics. There is a place for books in the front door. I store my crochet project there. My other furniture is in the family room. Good deal.

👤I ordered this table to hold my printer. The reviews said it was hard to get out of the box because it was packaged well. I opened the top, laid it on its side and pushed it out. I had it out of the box and the styrofoam was cleaned up in 20 minutes. It was better to not have to put it together. I chose this table because it comes completely assembled. I think it looks great. Love it.

👤The cabinets we ordered had a power strip. They arrived quickly. One was perfect. The outlets andusb ports work. The cord is short and has a grounded plug. We had to make a small purchase before we could use the outlets because we didn't have any inside extension cords. The outlets are shallow in the compartment. One lamp plug was too tall, and the hinged door didn't close when that lamp was plugged in. Another lamp was working. The second cabinet was the bigger issue. The top panel was cock-eyed. The entire right side was detached. There were bent screws in the lower cabinet. The left side came apart when we tried to fix it. The screws that held one hinge on the top compartment were stripped and we were not able to reattach that panel with wood glue. The screws popped out when the door was open or closed. Wood glue could work on that as well. The wood piece holding the hinges was split. That was it. The second cabinet is back. The return service from Amazon is great. The damaged cabinet can be returned for free and the replacement will be delivered by the end of the week. The replacement will be as nice as the first one.

11. Atlantic Furniture AH13318 Nantucket Driftwood

Atlantic Furniture AH13318 Nantucket Driftwood

Traditional design. Solid hardwood construction. Sturdy Bolt Leg Assembly. It adds a sophisticated function to your living space. There are 2 power outlets built in. There are 2 power outlets built in.

Brand: Atlantic Furniture

👤I bought 5 of them in the last 2 months. We are easy to put together. Two of the 5usb ports stopped working within a month. The electrical outlets are still working, but you can use theusb ports when working. Had I known about the issue, I would buy them again. I got in touch with Atlantic and they sent me replacement ports that were easy to install. Atlantic made it right. I appreciated the help of the tables.

👤I debated buying a charging side table for 6 months. I wanted it to be in the ocean. I put it together in 20 minutes. It was easy to assemble. I'm a girl. I was very happy with my purchase. It is heavy and sturdy. It came 2 days earlier than expected because it was well packaged and it was difficult to get it out of all the packaging. I might have to buy one for the couch.

👤The table is nice and sturdy, but there are 8 screws that are needed to assemble the sides and bottom of the table, and they didn't come with pilot holes to line everything up. You have to keep the sides even and level so that the wood can be screwed into it. For real. The table is wobbly because it isn't square. What a shame! I bought a bunk bed from Atlantic. A product that is flat packed has a design flaw. I am glad I bought 1 because I can't recommend this table. I need a few more tables, but they won't be from Atlantic. I would return this one, but it would be a hassle.

👤I was excited for this table to arrive. There are black or brown streaks on every piece. I have tried a lot of things and notbing is working. The lower shelf is cracked and painted over. The quality is ridiculous. The cusomer service line bombards you with advertisements for things like roadside assistance and life insurance before hanging up on you.

👤The beach condo has a total of 274 sq ft. Someone had theirs sideways to cover the opening up when they saw them. It looks great after we did the same thing. It is important to make sure you don't have something against the outlets. It is hard to use them without moving them because of their tight fit. Assembly was easy until we put the shelves and side on. There was a broken drill in one of the holes. The side panel wood broke when we tried to tighten the screw. I have a claim with the furniture company. Word of advice should include a picture of the box and shipping label as they will need that information.

👤I received the tables today. They were late by 3 days. When we got them, we realized there were no plugs or charging ports. They are just end tables. I decided to keep the end tables since I needed them. The tables are nice and decent, but please don't false advertise and say they have charging ports when there aren't any.


What is the best product for home theater chairs recliner with cup holder and usb charger?

Home theater chairs recliner with cup holder and usb charger products from Mygift. In this article about home theater chairs recliner with cup holder and usb charger you can see why people choose the product. Hoobro and Best Choice Products are also good brands to look for when you are finding home theater chairs recliner with cup holder and usb charger.

What are the best brands for home theater chairs recliner with cup holder and usb charger?

Mygift, Hoobro and Best Choice Products are some of the best brands that chosen by people for home theater chairs recliner with cup holder and usb charger. Find the detail in this article. Signature Design By Ashley, Convenience Concepts and Yusong are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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