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Couch 9 Dec 2022 10+ Comments Open

1. YOENYY Theater Cinema Personalized Design

YOENYY Theater Cinema Personalized Design

Made of 100% grade A linen. The dimensions are 45 cm x 45 cm. There is a way to close the cover. The hidden slide design is good looking. The front side is where the pattern is. INSERT is not included. The spelling error in science fiction is fixed.

Brand: Yoenyy

👤I always go to Amazon for cute affordable homegoods and the pillow covers are an awesome addition to my bonus room. I covered old pillows that I wasn't using. I made a theater out of my loft bonus room.

👤Absolutely perfect. I decided to use 18 inch pillows because of the reviews and complaints about the size of pillows, but I had some uncertainty because of the reviews and complaints about the size of pillows. The 18-inch pillows fit perfectly. I was worried about the strength of the material as some people complained that they had torn their pillows. This is a good material to use. It's not proof of stupidity. It is possible to insert a pillow without ripping the zip, however you need to be smart to do that. I'm very pleased with the purchase.

👤The pillow covers are of good quality. When my boyfriend ordered them, he thought he was ordering pillows, but he was surprised to find they were covers. It will be easy to find pillows inside the covers. They will look great with our other theater decor and furniture.

👤My living room cinema theme is brought together by these pillow cases. They are a canvas that feels rough, but I think that is going to keep them strong. These pillow cases are very good.

👤The 4 pillows had a good value. They are made of heavy burlap. It's fairly easy to squash a pillow insert. I was surprised to see that there was a mistake. The reviewer had noted this before. Someone is not looking at the reviews. It's not a big deal for my movie room. It's spelled wrong and no one is perfect, that's a nice laugh. Now is the time to fix it.

👤The pillow covers are made with hidden zippers and have great print quality. They look better on person than they do online. I wanted the pillow inserts to be flatter, not fatter. This purchase is something I would recommend.

👤Our media room has perfect covers.

👤These are good quality canvas pillow cases, but they don't come with pillow inserts. I was looking for something to make the family room feel like a movie theater. I wore old throw pillows that I didn't like. I am very pleased with the look and feel.

👤Si tienes una fan del cine, una pena, una fabricado, una excelente material.

👤The set of four only had one.

2. Easy Going Loveseat Recliner Console Reversible

Easy Going Loveseat Recliner Console Reversible

Anti-slip design makes it easy to install. There are two elastic loops at the seat side. There are straps on the back of the sofa. The fabric of each piece is rectangular. There is an elastic band at the bottom of the footrest. There are four elastic bands on the console. It's easy to put on, use their picture guidelines to make sure a good fit. DIMENSIONS The seat width is 44 in, the seat size is 22 in, and the console width is 10.4 in. Measure before you buy, see the guide in the photos. High quality. The classic quilted fabric is water resistant and has a thick poly foam filling. There are two color options. FURNITURE PROTECTION: Protect your furniture from daily wear and tear. It's a good choice for homes with children and pets. Easy care. Please do not bleach laundry detergents, they should be mild. If necessary, iron at a low temperature.

Brand: Easy-going

👤The cover doesn't go all the way to the bottom of the foot rest, leaving your feet on the chair rather than the cover, and the two sides are not even, but one is noticeably shorter than the other. The elastic at the top of the cover is covered with a matching fabric, but it is not at the bottom, which makes it look cheap. The elastic band that is supposed to go around the console is too tight, so we had to take it off as it was squishy. I am happy that our new loveseat is covered, but it is not very attractive. I was going to remove it before the company arrived, but then I realized how much it would hurt to put it on, and the elastic straps were not long enough. I don't like having to take the covers off and put them back on because I don't want to do that chore. This design needs more work. I don't recommend this cover.

👤Other covers don't fit right. I tried this one. It is a secure fit. No slip, tight straps. It covers my double recliner and the center counsel.

👤I was able to find a cover for our dual recliner love seat. Here is the reason. I have power head sections so I can recline and still watch TV. The leg rest is huge and goes all the way to the end of the seat. I had to make some changes to make it work for me. The center console is the same height as the back. I got another challenge from that. It will serve to keep my leather piece covered, and will no longer have to put what I was using to cover it back on. I am stretching the elastics. If you have a smaller unit, it should fit perfectly. I don't know if I have to replace the elastics. I would have given it a star. This will have to be done because nobody makes what I need. The love seats are made of brown leather and have a tall center console.

👤I had to turn the piece around so I could use the cup holders. Not being done right costs a lot. Would not buy again.

👤This looked really good in the picture, but it didn't work out as expected. We tied the ends of the fabric together as close to each other as possible because the band that goes around the back wouldn't reach all the way. Our dogs like to lay on the love seat, so we wanted the cover to cover that. The arm covers keep pulling into the seat. The seat area shifts so there is not total protection, and the piece that covers the console area makes cupholders inaccessible. The cover was ordered because of our pets. I need a pad to cover the seat and arms on top of the cover. What was the point?

👤We have an RV that we live in full time, and it has recliners in the center console. When used, the covers won't stay in place. When you get things where they are supposed to go, there's no reason you can't use them. Went ahead and bought recliner covers that worked better.

3. Lutron 3 Button Wireless Lighting PJ2 3BRL WH L01R

Lutron 3 Button Wireless Lighting PJ2 3BRL WH L01R

You can use button controls that make it easy to cycle through light effects, adjust brightness, or start/stop the rotating motion with the app. The model has a red, blue, and green cloud. The Pico remote control has buttons on and off, as well as a "favorite" button. Controls Caseta Wireless dimmer and plug-in lamp dimmer. You can adjust the lights in the room. Lutron's highly reliable RF technology ensures seamless communication between your Caseta Wireless products. The remote has a 10-year battery life. There are coordinating accessories sold separately. There are coordinating accessories sold separately.

Brand: Lutron

👤I have a Lutron Caseta wall dimmer switch and a Wink hub. The products have a proprietary wireless system that is not Z-wave or Zigbee. They will work with or without a home automation system if you sell and take your home automation hub with you. You can pair the Pico remote through Wink, but not using the directions provided by Lutron. You can use this remote anywhere on a wall, or in a box where a 3 or 4 way slave switch used to reside. The package for the remote should include a piece of plastic for mounting in a box. If you install it in a box, you just connect all the wires together with a large wire nut, and you're good to go. If you want to reverse the process if you remove the Lutron switch, you should take a picture of the existing switch wiring and tag the wires as necessary. The remote is a bit nicer than the wireless switch I used it with, because the middle button can be set to turn on to a remembered brightness level, where the on button remains full bright. This product works as well as any wired slave switch, if the distance is not great. It would be a distance to the Wink hub for use with a Wink system. It is not possible to use without a hub. I did not test out distance, but I have not had any issues with them being on a different floor than my hub, so the distance is not great. I generally don't like proprietary systems, but here it does provide some benefit.

👤The device will control Lutron Caseta switches. There are various forms of luton switches in the picture above, and one of the remotes is on the right. It can be used to provide a third control point for the Living room light. I have a unit in my hallway. I can turn off the yard lights when I notice they are still on when I walk toward my bedroom. The added convenience of controls is what makes the price cheap compared to the cost of a regular switch.

👤Lutron's Caseta light of lighting controllers is the only one that I like using and installing, and it's the only smart home automation product that I've tried. The whole thing just works, the controllers are high quality, the dimming is smooth, and the whole thing feels like luxury instead of like a broken techno device. They say it's 30 feet. It works over hundreds of feet for me. The Pico remote requires other Lutron Caseta gear to work. The black model is very striking and can be used to distinguish one remote from another. I wish they were available in more colors.

👤It is necessary to allow 3-way control of the hallway light fixture. I wish they were available in Light Almond as a package, but it would be cheaper than having an electrician pull wire and install a new dimmer, which would still only let me control dimming from one end of the hallway. The installation process of all three products took less than an hour, and I am very pleased with the result.

4. PAVILIA Lightweight Microfiber Reversible Burgundy

PAVILIA Lightweight Microfiber Reversible Burgundy

Premium Fleece. Their Premium Flannel Fleece Decorative Throw Blanket is made of 100% premium microfiber that is silky smooth to touch, warm, lightweight, and cozy, making it a versatile choice for all season use. It doesn't shed and is resistant to wrinkling. It's perfect for snuggling with while watching TV on the couch or relaxing on the bed. It's great for indoor use and also great for outdoor use. The blanket has a subtle leaf design that is elegant and subtle. The blanket is lightweight and plush, making it the perfect blanket for the entire year. There is a mix and match. The flannel fleece blanket is a great accent for your couch, sofa, bed, and living space, and can be draped over your couch, sofa, sectional or bed to add style to your room. The blanket is made with high grade 300GSM of 100% premium microfiber polyester and is durable. This blanket is a great gift for adults and kids because of its beautiful pattern, vibrant color and quality craftsmanship. It's easy to wash separately in cold water. The blanket gets softer with each wash.

Brand: Pavilia

👤It's just perfect, soft, comfy, lightweight. You have to wash it. It's all over with patches of 'fuzz' missing. I wanted to get another until this happened. I think it's made of plastic and melted.

👤I agree with other reviews that this blanket is soft and lightweight, but it is not very warm. The color I ordered is a lighter shade of gray than the photos show, so it does not match the gray accents on my sofa as well as I had hoped. The cheap appearance of the fabric is due to the fact that it is made of polyester. It is not large enough for my frame. My feet don't stick out if I pull it up to my chest. My fault is that I didn't pay attention to the measurements when I ordered it. I probably won't bother to return it since it was cheap. If you are looking for a throw to use in your living room, remember that you get what you pay for. If you spend a little more, you will get something that you will be happy with.

👤This throw is my favorite. It's soft and doesn't get on my couch. When washed, it doesn't shrink or lose its color. I like it. It is worth the money.

👤I have a version of this that has the "Sherpa Fleece" lining on the underside. I absolutely adore it! I bought this one because of that. I needed a similar blanket for warm weather. Without a blanket I cannot sleep. Doing so makes me crazy. This blanket is the same size as the "Sherpa" one. The blanket is shorter in both directions. It seems to cover me well, but it doesn't seem to full the same way on the bed. There isn't as much blanket on the sides of the bed. My toes stay out the bottom if I pull it up high. I thought I might have bought the wrong size. Maybe I bought the throw instead of the twin size. I was wrong. I ordered the larger twin size. The dimensions don't seem to be the same. It is a great blanket. It is exactly what I wanted and expected, except the size seems a little off on the short side. I don't know what's going on. It's :-

👤It was very soft and rich. The dogs think I bought the chairs for them, so I bought these to cover them. I wanted a cheap way to cover the seat and back to keep it clean. The cloth pattern makes them look nice.

👤The color is gorgeous and soft. The print makes it look better. I used a mustard quilt for contrast.

👤I redid our living room because of being heavily pregnant and our state being shut down. I needed throw blankets to go with our new living room theme. I bought 2 more blankets after buying one. I have two in my living room, my husband and I both use one, and our boys have one on their beds since they kept taking them off the couch. Highly recommended! We have 6 different colors and both sizes and they are all great quality and can be had for a lot less.

5. Ogrmar Premium Hypoallergenic High Resilient Decorative

Ogrmar Premium Hypoallergenic High Resilient Decorative

The Sleek Socket makes every room of your home look organized and efficient. The sleek sockets plug into the top receptacle of a duplex outlet. Throw Pillow Inserts are a necessity for your family. It looks great and feels comfortable, and you can use it as a cushion in your sofa couch or bed to support your back. The pillow surface is made of high-quality brushed fabric, which is filled with Hypoallergenic High-Resilient PP cotton. It does not cause any allergic reactions from your family. If you want the best performance from the insert, it is best to be a little bit smaller than 18x18in decorative pillow covers. You can put a pillow in your room to make it look better. There are a lot of decorative pillow covers. Allow 48 to 72 hours for the pillows to fully expand when you receive this product. You can press the pillows a few times to make this happen. The pillow will decrease in size after filling. They recommend not to use machine wash. Please wash it in a gentle cycle with warm water and hang it up to dry and do not mix it with other colored clothes.

Brand: Ogrmar

👤The inserts are soft and I liked that. As soon as the seal was opened, they started to form. The only issue I have is the fullness. The 18x18 inserts didn't fill my 18x18 covers because the pillows were thinner. Consider what your purpose would be for the pillows. If it's only for decorative purposes, you'll be fine buying the 18x18 for your inserts. If you plan on having guests use these pillows and want to brag about it, I would suggest getting your inserts larger than your covers. The inserts for the 18x18 covers should be 20x20. If you take this route, make sure you fill the corners with the insert so that you don't have a round center. Hope this helps someone.

👤They were flat as a pancake. I took them out of the packaging and they fluffed up. I think a day or two will plump them up nicely, but I was too impatient. I plumped them by hand and put them inside the new covers. It is definitely worth the money. I looked at several places for pillow inserts and only one of them was better than the price.

👤It was soft but not very fluffy. When taken out of the package, they are compressed so they have to be fluffed. I will buy it again, but I won't give it to anyone. If you want cotton, they have a zip up so you can add it. I will fluff them up more when the stores open again.

👤Not enough stuffing was used to make it the right size. Bad quality wouldn't recommend.

👤The pillows were comfortable. They are perfect for any 18x18 pillow case. They are soft and worth the money. They arrived in a small box. You will be happy.

👤If you only need a pillow for display, these are okay. They arrived very quickly and were vacuum sealed.

👤The order was well packaged. The pillow was very good and the insert was nice. I would recommend it.

👤The only thing I would change with these is to put more fluff inside so that it will fill a pillow cover, otherwise they are great.

👤I paid AUD$67 for a set of 4 20x20 and it is currently listed for AUD$108. I bought these pillows because of the large number of good reviews, expecting them to be better than average pillows. These are not better than the $5-$10 pillows you can find at a budget store. They are not close to the level of thickness depicted in the seller's pictures, because they puffed up the pillow and took the picture at a different angle. You can achieve the same effect, but it will flatten to a sad excuse if you apply any weight to it. The cover is nice and has a metal zip. It's incredibly overpriced for what it is, being just a standard pillow with standard quality cotton stuffing, and you can buy it for $20 tops. You'll be ripping yourself off if anything more is added.

6. Reversible Cover Great Home Features Elastic

Reversible Cover Great Home Features Elastic

Easy care. Mild laundey detergents are advised, please do not bleach. It is on a low heat. Protect furniture from stains. It's great for homes with kids and pets. There is an option for a 1-seat 21''. Recliner-Oversized, 2-seat 54''Loveseat, 3-seat 68'' sofa, 3-seat 78''. The 70'' Futon has three seats. See the guide in the photos. The elastic strap helps prevent sliding. Not recommended for leather. It is easy to install. The installation guide can be finished in 10 minutes. It is possible to double the use and look fresh in new seasons. The reverse side has a stylish trim. It is easy to wash and dry.

Brand: Rose Home Fashion

👤The first photo shows the pad on, the second shows the strap with hooks for the pad to attach, and the third shows what it looks like after I leave the chair. I bought this in the smaller size for my recliner. The elastic strap is meant to hold the pad in place, but the clips on it allow it to slide out. The pad doesn't stay in place. It is annoying. I have to adjust it when I get up.

👤I want to protect my new rocker. It wanted one that fit right, looked good, was easy to install, and was in place. The cover scored perfect marks on each account. If it doesn't hold up to daily use, I will be unhappy. I haven't spilled anything yet and haven't had to clean it, so can't speak to that My recliner is made of either fabric or leather. The cover stays put. I would buy it again if it lasts for a while. It is not recommended for leather. Don't buy it and complain it won't stay on the chair. There is only one material that stays on leather and that is rubber backed or foam backed.

👤This is a good product. It works for a chair cover, but is lighter than I expected. The length is acceptable but it could be a little longer. The elastic strap is my main complaint. I have the smallest recliner and the strap is barely long enough to clip it. There are two issues with this. If I leave it on, the line in the cushions will become permanent. It is so tight that sitting in the chair will cause the threads to fail. I removed it because I don't want my chair with a permanent strap mark and I don't want to tear a hole in it. I have to fight it constantly. The strap has to be longer.

👤It is beautiful and elegant to look at when it is on. If I spilled something on it, it would protect the leather recliner. Once you sit on it, it's over. It becomes a mess when it stays on. I'd you miss all the open areas that have been exposed to the wrinkling mess?

👤It fits my chairs well, and the one strap holds it in place. You can't go wrong for the cost. The hooks that the strap goes on seem to slide off over time, but not a big deal. I would buy them again. This review is for the small cover, the larger one would have been too large for my chairs, this one is just right for a 29" wide seat.

👤I bought three of these for a three seater recliner/couch because I have a dog at home and they have been holding up for a long time now. My dog has had a few stomach upsets where she's thrown up and these protect the couches from getting wet. They are washed and dried often and have held up well. I recommend these if you have kids or have pets.

7. Signature Design Ashley 3850115 Sofas

Signature Design Ashley 3850115 Sofas

There is power generating soFA. The leather sofa has a power control that can be adjusted with a touch. Plush defense. The sofa is covered in a poly LLumar upholstery and has a charging port, Easy View power headrest, flip up padded armrests and cup holders. There is a contemptuous churchyard. The features of the flip up lighting, nailhead trim and sleek waterfall back design make your living room look modern and cool. The size is large. The couch is wide by 39.5inches. There is plenty of surface area and storage for your family. There is an assembly. Plug the chair back into the wall with a screwdriver. Direct from the manufacturing process, the extra care is taken to package, protect and deliver your purchase in a timely manner. The trusted source for stylish furniture, lighting, rugs, accessories and mattresses; for every taste and budget; was designed and manufactured by the company.

Brand: Signature Design By Ashley

👤Do not purchase any product from Amazon. We bought two recliners and a reclining sofa from Amazon. There is a piece of furniture that is peeling off. We contacted Amazon and they said that they only provide one month of warranty support. We were directed to someone else. I saved the chat log after 7 attempted phone calls and 2 chats, but I was advised that they will not warranty any products purchased on Amazon. Their website does not list any exclusions related to Amazon. The customer service experience was the worst of my life. I would give this a zero. I am going to leave a review on every product that is sold by Amazon.

👤I love them. I replaced a big sectional with a few babies. I agree with all the reviews I have read and grabbed two of them. They are comfortable. The console in the middle is convenient for laptops and charging devices. The seat backs can be carried separately from the couch. They are easy to attach. Two people will carry the couch. It needs power.

👤Poor quality product. I am a male 200 lbs and I sit on one cushion for 5 months and it wears out and becomes flat, I spend about 5 hours a day in my seat. This product gets 1 star because 0 stars isn't an option. I wouldn't buy again.

👤The warranty company stated that the chair had a product defect. I haven't been able to get a straight answer on how to get my money back, Amazon won't back their product, and ashley won't back their product. The seat is sinking after barely a year, making the arm rests too high and throwing my posture completely off. Don't buy this chair, get a recliner.

👤This was delivered. The box was in a certain position. 6 inches of water. Very disappointed. It's hard to believe that Amazon would let something like this happen. It's a waste of time. We hope we can get a replacement quickly. I don't think it's the manufacturer's fault.

👤Wow! I'm a believer in Amazon. This is the second big item I've ordered this year that required a semi to deliver. It was done without a hitch. It was seamless. Couldn't be happier. The couch is great. It's comfortable. A design like that is truly anAshley design. It's well made, comfortable and classy to add to your room. I will soon play with all the bells and whistles. It was a great experience.

👤It has been a couple weeks since it was purchased, but it is already having issues. The head rest doesn't always stay put. The leg rest does not stay in position.

8. Signature Curtains Dark Green Home 52Wx84L Inch

Signature Curtains Dark Green Home 52Wx84L Inch

Order more quantity to create fullness and coverage. If you are the lucky one, they will randomly give you a tieback or pillowcase for free. Farbic is a heavy weight velvet with innovative weave technology that is rich in color and coordinates well with any room setting. You have a good sleep if you block 85%- 99% of light and 80% UV rays. Privacy is provided against heat and cold weather. The inside diameter of the Grommet is 1.6 inch. Measure the drop from the top of the pole to where you want the curtain to end. The standard grommet is made of steel. Use only non-chlorine bleech when needed.

Brand: Cherry Home

👤The drapes were the same as pictured. The mustard is perfect. They are soft. I was really pleased with the outcome.

👤I bought several of these curtains for my house as they looked similar to the ikea ones I like but ikea doesn't ship them! The navy/royal blue is more of a royal blue which I was hoping it leaned more towards Navy but the color is beautiful regardless. Make sure your walls and rods can support the heavy curtains. The grommets make it easy to slide them back and forth. The colors are described and they look elegant. You may be disappointed if you buy a product based on the headline. The headline is a lie. The curtains block most of the light and are energy efficient, so they can either keep the heat out or not. I agree that they block about 90 percent of light for the curtain colors and the rest for the lighter colors so they are pretty good. The energy efficiency is a lie. They make my home twice as hot during the summer months, and you can feel the heat coming from the sun in the room. I suspected this because they are not lined, but because of the price and appearance. If the curtains are not lined, you can't call them blackout or energy efficient. They could use the word room darkening in the title and drop the energy efficiency claim. I spotted the lies in the headline before I purchased so I received what I expected, but I didn't like the look. I took away 1 Star because I wouldn't have been very upset with this purchase. The second star was taken away because other reviewers pointed out that the hem at the bottom is inconsistent, leaving some curtains slightly longer or shorter than others. I expected this from the reviews I read so I ordered the longest I could.

👤These curtains are not dark. The ones I bought were blue. The only reason I'm not coming back is because of the hassle, the color I chose made me pay $8.99) shipping even with prime, and the curtains are beautiful. The company redeemed themselves and sent me another set of curtains. I found it very professional of them to send me a set that worked free of charge, even though the second ones did not. Thank you for your kind words!

👤The colour is beautiful and the picture is correct. I have curtains that block light from coming through. These and the grey light blocking AMAZLINEN curtains are the best for true light blocking. If you put them up together, your room will be completely dark. The curtains look expensive. I don't think they'd be light blocking curtains on their own, but when combined with the other curtains it's fantastic. I used light blocking curtains behind them.

👤I was hesitant to order these because they seemed too good to be true for the price. I love these curtains and would buy more for the other windows in my home. These were packaged in plastic shipping bags. I needed four panels for the small throw pillow cover in my order. Since they are clearly stated to bePolyester velvet, this was not an issue. They all hang the same length because they are sewn well and cut evenly. I didn't wash mine before hanging because they didn't have tags. The curtains have been up for two weeks. The black ones are on the 99% end, and the description states it blocks 85% of light. I haven't noticed any light coming through the curtains in the evening when the sun is shining. I am very happy with these curtains and I don't know why anyone would buy anything else, they come in so many beautiful colors.

9. Nostalgia HDS248COKE Coca Cola Hot Steamer

Nostalgia HDS248COKE Coca Cola Hot Steamer

You can purchase with confidence if you have a one year guarantee. A hot dog steamer can cook up to 24 hot dogs at a time, and can steam breakfast sausages, brats, vegetables, fish, and more. Bun warming tray. The bun warmer keeps the buns warm and ready to eat. It's easy to cook hot dogs with the 3-position cooking dial, simply add water, put the cover on and turn to high and steamed hot dogs in 15-20 minutes. There is a water level window. The water level window is easy to see. You can steam meats with beer and other beverages. It's easy to clean. The unit is easy to disassemble. There is a hidden cord storage on the bottom of the unit, and the cool-touch handles keep hands safe from burns.

Brand: Nostalgia

👤This thing is amazing. The hot dogs are perfect. The buns will get wet in the top steamer even if you put in a paper towel and wait for the last few minutes. We probably won't put bread in it again. The steamer is capable of more than hot dogs. Sausage was cooked in the bottom drawer while broccoli was in the top basket. I have never boiled whole eggs before, but I have steamed them twice this week. Can't wait to cook more things on this.

👤We busted it out for 2am dogs after a pub crawl because my cousin has one. We put the buns in about 1/2 the time of the dogs. When you take it off, watch the condensation on the lid to make sure you don't dump the water on the buns. I put my dogs up top to melt cheese. I made a dog. My version of Chicago is spaghetti sauce and Italian cheese, with a more plain dog with cheese, mustard, and onion. The thing is fun.

👤This is my review of Nostalgia. I have tested my acquisition, I am really happy with it, starting with the packaging, a very striking box and collector's personalization, the machine comes well protected and ordered, disarmed and then tested, this time prepare 16 sausages which size is small. I have no problem, once the water container is filled, I added a little spice to the sausage, and put it in the strongest temperature, and Nostalgia promises in 20 minutes they were ready and the bread was very fluffy. I recommend this device, it works great, it's worth the price, and it makes you want to collect it and not use it, it's also a presence that makes you want to collect it and not use it. I'm a happy customer. I leave photos of what I describe in the review.

👤We go to a lot of RV camping events. The steamer has been great. I set it up every morning in the outdoor kitchen and throw 2 packs of hot dogs in. When we're low on hotdogs, people let me know. The roller style hotdog cooker is enclosed so flies can't get to your hotdogs. The hotdogs will burst in a matter of minutes if you put it on high. The hotdogs will be perfect in about 25 minutes if you go with the "warm" option. If you leave your buns in the bun steamer, it will make them soggy. We don't use this section at all. soggy buns are worse than unwarmed buns. When I think of nostalgic things, I don't think plastic. I was disappointed in the plastic, but it works great, and if it was metal it would get hot, which would be a downside, and the bun warmer makes the buns soggy. I've been using this for about a month now, and I would buy it again.

👤It works great, cleans up a breeze, and operates as described. I only put 5 in it to see if it worked. The buns steam very quickly if you put them in for a minute or two. There is a The unit is cute and attractive to kids, but be careful. It looked like something you'd see in a play kitchen, so I kept my grandsons back. The steam can burn a small child if it reaches it. I use this for pool gatherings where people can get a hotdog whenever they want without having to cook it all over again. It was very convenient.

10. Hopyeer Decorative Cinema Ticket Film Projector Relaxation

Hopyeer Decorative Cinema Ticket Film Projector Relaxation

Cotton Linen is not easy to clean. The throw pillow covers are 18 X 18 Inches. The 4Pcs Cushion cover is not included. Can not be Bleached. Throw Pillow Cases Merry Christmas Red Buffalo Plaid Check. Quote Words Christmas Trees Animals Rustic Family Farm Red Truck The back is Nature Linen without printing. The appearance of the pillowcase is more beautiful, it is easy to take on and off, and it is convenient to clean. Their pillowcases can be used to decorate indoors, outdoors, bedroom, sofa, party, car, etc., and can be used as a gift for friends and family.

Brand: Tlovudori

👤The theater room is dark and these are a nice pop of color. They look cute, but I wouldn't say they are built for comfort. It's similar to an outdoor pillow material. Hopefully they will change over time.

👤The pillow covers are great. It is a little stiff but holds its shape well. One of them says "the Smiths" on the very bottom linear in the picture description. It is covered up when I stand the pillows on a chair.

👤The pillow covers remind everyone that Christmas is a celebration of Jesus Christ's birth. He is our hope, our peace, and our joy. God is with us!

👤I used the outside in FL weather and they hold up just as well as the outdoor pillows.

👤These pillow cases are amazing. I love them so much.

👤They look better in person than they do online. I went back and forth about whether or not to purchase them, and now I am so happy that I did. They are very high quality and look great. I love them!

👤The material is very good.

👤Cute pillow cases. These are more durable than the soft ones and they remind me of potatoe sack. They retain their shape when sitting down. It was pretty good!

👤The cases had the same writing. The writing is too large and the words are small.

👤décoration de cinéma

11. ArtSocket Vintage Projector Decorative Pillowcases

ArtSocket Vintage Projector Decorative Pillowcases

Linen materials are durable and Environmentally Friendly. Keep your Square Throw Pillow clean. The cover is used for 18 x 18 Inches Pillow Inserts. It's easy to match your sofa, couch and other pillows with 4pcs pillow covers. It is soft and durable for both indoors and outdoors. The Linen Throw Pillow is safe to wash. Or use a hand wash. It's not bleach. It was tumble dry. Do not use iron. ArtSocket is specialized in home decor. Their pillow covers are a work of art. They monitor every step of the process to make sure that you get a high quality product.

Brand: Artsocket

👤The theater room was very pleased with these. The material is a bit softer than a rough burlap weave. Not all of it is burlap. I like the look of the design. The colors are bright. It is easy to get a 17x17 pillow in them. I paid for these covers and would buy them again. I wouldn't wash them in the washing machine because they seem easy to wipe down. There is a hand wipe. I am happy with the product and the covers. They are a nice addition to our couches, and I gave them a 5 star for the look. I hope they last for a long time.

👤The den is decorated in a cinema décor, but it is not a home theater. There are some wall hangings that say popcorn, candy, soda and tickets. A series of movie reels of different sizes are hanging. There were two small pillows, one saying Tickets and the other saying Popcorn. My wife and I started using these behind our heads while watching movies. The small pillows were replaced with four throw pillows. Our den is perfect for them.

👤The material is soft enough to be comfortable, but still feels like old burlap. I think of Fall when I touch them. I put the 18 inch covers on the 20 inch pillows and they fit perfectly.

👤These are not linen, they look nothing like the picture. I was so upset. They are made with a material that is similar to that used in making pillows, but with a color that is different.

👤The porch looks great. Wanted pillows that were patriotic and rustic. These are perfect. Love them.

👤I'm not very happy with these. I was hoping that the red in the picture was vibrant. It is dull and darker. I'll be sending them back.

👤Cute for the price. They seem to be a decent quality for the price. The picture on one of the pillows is crooked. I don't want to deal with the hassle of a return and exchange so I can't count that against them. They have a smooth feel. They don't look as nice as real linen but I'm happy with the purchase.

👤They are themed. They seem to have been made well. I just got them and I'm not sure if they are durable. They are on my screened porch and look very cool. So far, so good.

👤Les images sont de trs mauvaises qualité. J'ai gardé le moins pires. Je ne recommande.


What is the best product for home theater couch red?

Home theater couch red products from Yoenyy. In this article about home theater couch red you can see why people choose the product. Easy-going and Lutron are also good brands to look for when you are finding home theater couch red.

What are the best brands for home theater couch red?

Yoenyy, Easy-going and Lutron are some of the best brands that chosen by people for home theater couch red. Find the detail in this article. Pavilia, Ogrmar and Rose Home Fashion are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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