Best Home Theater Decor Signs with Lights

Decor 29 Sep 2022 10+ Comments Open

1. Theater Popcorn Vinyl Wall Clock

Theater Popcorn Vinyl Wall Clock

The package is for artwork. Your paintings will be packaged in bubble wrap and cardboard to make sure they reach you. This Home Theater Cinema Vinyl Wall Clock is a unique gift idea for mother, friends, boyfriend, girlfriend, colleagues parents and children, especially for the Cinema Movie lovers. Surprise somebody without any reason. A unique present is a Creative 3D Wall Clock. It can be an amazing gift for any holiday or special occasion. Handmade wall art. The clock size is about 12 inches, because the movie film wall art design is handmade from a standard vinyl record. The clock face has a sticker on it. There is a unique mixture of modern and vintage art. The Vinyl Wall Watch is a great home decoration and will fit any design. You can get a clock, but also get a clock with its own history. The package is wonderful. Each clock has its own protected box with clock hands attached. Their return/refund period is 30 days if you have a problem.

Brand: Kinglive Vinyl Wall Clock

👤The only complaint I have is that I would like the time to be white or dark. I could see when it was. It's hard to see even in a well lit room.

👤It looks nice, but it's small for the money. If I had known how small it was, I wouldn't have bought it.

👤The wall clock has a cinema system. Bring the living space to the house. The watch can be adjusted in seconds.

👤Great product! It is light and looks good. There is no rocking on the wall. It would be nice to have a similar size. This is a nice job.

👤It was very thin and cheap. It is light because it is cheap.

👤This clock is cool. We bought it for a present and will be buying it for ourselves as well. It's a novelty to make a record out of a vinyl record.

👤A cool clock has a character. It's true to size, not really big, so you may have trouble seeing the time from a long way. The hands are black, which makes it hard to see the time. The hands had to be painted white in order to stand out. It was much, much better.

👤The unit is very light in feel. It looks like it was made from a 33LP record blank. A five dollar clock mechanism and a piece of cut vinyl are not worth the price.

2. Marquee Cinema Cinematic Letter Letters

Marquee Cinema Cinematic Letter Letters

This cinematic light box has 32 white and 18 yellow front marquee lights and can be placed anywhere you want to add more light or express yourself with word combinations, characters, or symbols. A good party accessory. The light up letter board has 200 light box letters that make it easy to tailor the lighted sign to suit any occasion or celebration. The light up message board is great for weddings, parties or movie nights. Also, note: Remove the film before using it. A set of 200 assorted lightbox letters, number and icon tiles makes it easy to create greetings, phrases and other word combinations to surprise friends and family alike with this letter light box. Light weight and portable. The light letter box is battery powered and lightweight, it's easy to take with you anywhere you might want to bring it. The marquee box can be plugged into any outlet with the included cable. A great gift idea. This big cinema light box is an ideal gift for a new dorm student, new home, teen, or someone special.

Brand: Brooklyn Lighting Company

👤It's very fragile so be careful with it. The thing has two anchor points that are 7 inches apart. The unit is light and only needs one anchor point in the middle. I have used and sold a lot of hardware. Even a small anchor can hold this unit up. The pros give a good amount of letters to this unit. It is bright and nice. If you are like me, you don't want cords and you want the battery to be hung up. If that's the case, you should use rechargeable batteries. The unit only has one function and it's bright. A switch that makes the orange lights flash or move would have been nice. It works just fine for now. Light life and battery life will be determined by time. This is a great buy if you just want to use it. Store it safely since it is flimsy.

👤I wanted to create an outdoor theater for our friends and family while respecting the shutdown and other restrictions imposed because of the coronaviruses epidemic. The solution to the problem of not having indoor gatherings was an outdoor movie theater. After our first movie night, I knew I needed to up the ante. I like it. It is easy to use and works on either battery or electric. It's nice to have options. It's perfect for a home theater. Excellent price, fast shipping and would recommend anyone looking to add flair to their next outdoor movie nite event. Thank you.

👤I keep looking for ways to entertain the family while we are together. This is very enjoyable. It is one of the more expensive options, but I like the theater style lights around the outside, and it has a room for longer love notes. It is a challenge to change out the letters, but I expect that to be normal. Be patient. I bought a second one to send to my niece.

👤My son's 7th birthday was celebrated at an outdoor movie party. There was a concession stand with popcorn and candy. I wrote out popcorn and candy on the marquee sign. It was very cute. I was happy that the lights are warm golden colors instead of the harsh white light that hurts your eyes. It worked well with the batteries and didn't lose any power over the course of 6 hours. Can be plugged in as well. Would recommend!

👤I ordered a model that was supposed to have both white and amber lights but ended up with all white lights. I thought the lights might have a flashing option, but that's not the case. It's small but large for my purpose. I wish it could come with a remote control, as well as be able to charge batteries inside the unit. It works as indicated for it's basic usage. It takes 6 AA batteries but will work on just 3 AA's, although the light is slightly dimmer. You can hide the cable since the port is on the side. The remote control on this unit needs to be taken down in order to turn it off, since it will be going up on a wall, so it would've been nice if it was there. The price is too high.

3. Star Projector Rossetta Bedroom Bluetooth

Star Projector Rossetta Bedroom Bluetooth

The star projector in the bedroom has been upgraded to a 3 in 1 version with a white noise machine and a speaker. It now has a dual projection lens that can project the northern lights effect with 16 colors and lively star lights skies to create a relaxing atmosphere with soothing music. The living room can be transformed into a romantic gateway with peaceful moving lights. The built-in music speaker has a Sound Activated feature that will amplify your music and make it sound better. You can connect via the internet to play music from the projector and watch as the stars and the Aurora lights move rhythmically to the beat of the music. White noise sound machine. The night lights for kids room come with 8 different white noise sounds that can help you and your kids fall asleep more easily. The soothing sounds are twinkle little stars, summer night, stream, ocean waves, birds chirp, rain, and campfire. The white noise machine is a great way to relax and fight off insomnia, and the kids night light projector is great for entertainment. There is remote control and auto off timer. The star projector has a remote control that can turn on/off the northern lights and the night sky, adjust brightness, change the lighting mode, speed, music, and volume. The star projector has an auto-off timer which you can turn off after a couple of hours. It's not necessary to worry about leaving it on when trying to sleep. If the timer isn't set, it will be off after 4 hours, but can be turned back on if you want to keep using it. At Rossetta, they value their customers and always try to provide them with the best kind of service, and customer health and safety assurance. The star projector night lights are FCC certified. It's perfect for decorating bedroom, kids room, game room, home theatre, ceiling, window, show, Christmas decorations, party decorations, wedding, birthday and anniversary. It is a great gift for family and kids.

Brand: Rossetta

👤I have had the Music Aurora Projector galaxy light for a few weeks now and have been really impressed with it and the decoration on the front porch. The projector, remote control, and user manual are inside the box. The package does not have an AC adaptor. I had one from my phone, so I keep that in mind when setting it up. The set-up is easy if you connect the cable to the port and the power transformer. There are two lighting effects that the projector projects. You can choose from the projector or remote control which mode you want. You can play your music while projecting the lights with the projector and speaker, and you can also use your phone to do so. I like the white noise music that comes with it. It's easier to fall asleep when the lights are dim. I usually use it in my bedroom, but sometimes I put it in the living room to watch movies. It makes the atmosphere really cool. I wish it had a stand that would allow the projector to be set in different angles. I had to play with it to make sure the ceiling was lit up. To highlight the main quality, I created a list. The design is small and easy to set up and use, and it comes with a remote control to adjust the mode and brightness. It's better than the pictures show. It's hard to remember when you see it in motion and cover your entire ceiling. This will be great for Halloween and I'll use it for Christmas when setting up the tree.

👤I was shocked to see a star projector. It is beautiful and romantic. It is suitable for listening to music and watching the light change with the rhythm of the music when you are with your partner. One can enjoy the sky. Light! By the way. The facility is portable. It doesn't take up a lot of space. I like it.

👤I bought this for my son because he asked for a white noise machine to help him sleep and he loves stars. This fit the bill for me. It's beautiful, but there are a couple of major issues that I am considering returning. 1. The volume control on the remote is malfunctioning. It has to be adjusted manually on the unit. 2. The auto shut off isn't an issue, but when my son goes to turn it on if he wakes up, the loud voice for the music/sound has to announce that it's on. My son was scared in the middle of the night. If this can be turned off, someone needs to reach out to me. The lights are bright and the remote works well to control them. I would be happy with this machine if it didn't need to do what I need overnight.

👤I've been wanting one of these lights for a long time, I've seen them in ads and by people on the internet. This one has green star dots. They can run together or separately. If you want to place it more in the center of the room, I recommend you use it in a smaller room. It is relaxing to watch. The remote can be used regardless of the setup. The remote sensor is facing away from our bed because of the layout of where I had to place it. The remote still works if it's pointed at the machine. The machine has basic settings but the remote offers more. The machine has soothing noises with volume control. I like this because we often turn our TV on while we sleep. You can play music or listen to an audio book with it. Without the lights on, these work with us. They can be connected to the lights with a button on the remote. Those prone to seizures should be aware that fast music can cause them to change quickly.

4. DELICORE Decorative Illuminated Marquee Silver

DELICORE Decorative Illuminated Marquee Silver

The Clapper Board can be used to mark scenes in a movie. The marquee letter B, A, R spells out "BAR", a beautiful warm white glow with a gorgeous "BAR", creating a relaxing and elegant mood. Approx size is W 3.47"H 4.21"D 0.79". One lanyard at the top is all you need to display on the wall. No power outlet is needed, each letter requires 2 batteries, an ON/OFF switch and manual control. This small cute BAR letter sign can be displayed anywhere you want to fill with warmth and comfort, silver finish design will match any Christmas decors for celebration - Versatile uses for any living room, office, study or bedroom. The gift box is ready for gift giving.

Brand: Pooqla

👤This is a small set. You have to use a small screw driver to access the batteries in each letter. Each letter has a ribbon on it, so you can hang them. The letters are on my bar. They are good for decorating. One review said one of their letters had a yellow bulb that didn't work, and my letter A has all of the white bulbs. It's not enough to make me want to return the set. The set gets the job done.

👤I wanted a bar sign that was small. The letters are small so make sure you look at the dimensions. I wish you didn't have to use a screw driver to put batteries in. They give the tool.

👤The sign for home bars is nice. * The coffee cup is the size of the letter. * If you want to light up for a special time but don't want to use lights, you can use nees 2 batteries.

👤The buscando baterias constantemente is un martirio estar.

👤They are okay. I wish they were able to be plugged in and not use batteries, they feel cheap, but work fine if you need it. They tip easy.

👤The product is overpriced because of its quality and size.

👤I thought it was smaller. It worked out for me. It was a good purchase.

5. HOMEOART Theater Painting Entertainment Stretched

HOMEOART Theater Painting Entertainment Stretched

Click adds to cart now and get the best deal on Amazon. Whatever happened, they will give you satisfactory service and solution. If you have any questions, please contact them. Each piece is12"x12" The gallery is wrapped with pine wood bars and each piece is mounted with a black hook. The canvas printings with eco-solvent ink won't fade over time. It's easy to clean the canvas prints with a wet cloth. A creative home decoration gift for your friends and family. There is a nice decoration for the living room.

Brand: Homeoart

👤These canvases are very nice. They look great when we put them on the side of our screen.

👤I returned it because it looked low budget to me.

👤They exceeded my expectations. They looked at the site and the colors are the same. They were easy to hang.

👤I thought they would be cuter. The home theatre we are working on will have a touch of them.

👤Decor for home theatre is great. Well-made!

👤Good quality canvases! I read the reviews and decided to purchase them. Not disappointed at all.

👤I liked the canvas pictures. My tv area was dressed up.

6. Projector Cloud ONXE Bluetooth Speaker Ambiance

Projector Cloud ONXE Bluetooth Speaker Ambiance

The latest version of the 3 in 1 Star Projector Light is the most unique star projector. The colored clouds project high-resolution stars and galaxy. The clouds float like waves in the night. A star lights projector show with four soothing color options creates thousands of stars with or without cloud formations, and you can enjoy a gorgeous star lights projector show. The star projector light can be used to change the modes to suit your party style, either ocean wave or starry mode. The lights dance with music is built-in mini speaker, which can be connected to your phone or tablets via the Bluetooth. The lights flicker and change colors. Beautiful ocean waves and starry sky on the ceiling and wall bring you a enjoyable environment with music after a long day of work, or a relaxing experience for lovers. It's ideal for birthday, party, wedding, room decor, children's day, Christmas, anniversary gifts, game Rooms, home Theatre, gift idea for all seasons, family, lover, friends. Beautiful ocean waves and starry sky on the ceiling and wall bring you a enjoyable environment with music after a long day of work, or a relaxing experience for lovers. It's ideal for birthday, party, wedding, room decor, children's day, Christmas, anniversary gifts, game Rooms, home Theatre, gift idea for all seasons, family, lover, friends.

Brand: Onxe

👤We love this projector. Whenever we go, we like to take our party with us. This is the most convenient little device. We use it under the awning and inside the RV. We use it at home and take it with us on trips. It's fun and sets a mood. People always ask where we got it and we are most happy to send them here.

👤The product did not work out of the box and the battery did not accept a charge after I returned it, so the company offered me a new light free of charge if I gave them my address. I said no. The product never worked. Period. My review should never have been removed.

👤The universe torch will show you the depths of space and soul. This thing has you covered if you want to drift into space or strap in for light speed. Taking the ease of use to the next level is brought about by the remote control.

👤The shipping was fast. I opened it and I love it. It has a variety of lighting options and sounds like waves and crickets. This was perfect because I have a small bedroom. I can't wait to use it tonight because I have sleep insomnia. It is very easy to use. My mom wanted one that day. I ordered one for her. I recommend it because it makes your room more comfortable when you don't want a bright light on. I hid the actual box by cutting it to fit around the light and adding construction paper to make it look like a toy.

👤I keep this for my kids. My old one broke. The lights are moving across the ceiling. The light is bright. I put it inside a book, tilted it so the lights shine outward from the ceiling and room walls, but the side of the book covers the source light. The old light was controlled by touching the unit. I wasn't able to get them to respond to the light's controls. The remote was responsive and only required a light touch. There are many combinations of light waves and a spiral of stars that can be added to any color combinations.

👤The little machine is pretty lights, a variety of light options and relaxing sounds, but it is a little bit loud, but since I am playing my own music when I have it on, it's ok. It's something to keep in mind.

👤Both of our kids need insintives to do hygiene things. My son with a disability came in and said "WOW, wow, wow" as he watched the lights dance across the ceiling in our ocean themed bathroom. The variety is good and the sounds are great. He might have to get a second one for his room.

👤I like the product. I decided to keep it because of the scratch on the ceiling that is rarely noticed. The waves are very cool, but it's difficult to play all of the sounds on them. I can not get the storm with only crickets and waves. The waves and stars help me sleep so I bought it.

7. Theater Triangle Embossed Tin Sign

Theater Triangle Embossed Tin Sign

A great gift idea. This big cinema light box is an ideal gift for a new dorm student, new home, teen, or someone special. Get nostalgic with your d├ęcor. The Theater Triangle Embossed Tin Sign has shades of black, white, yellow, and red and is designed to look like an old-fashioned theater sign. The triangle shape makes the sign project even more interesting. It can be displayed on the wall of your entertainment room or movie room. The dimensions are 24 inches wide and 8 inches tall with a projection of 5 1/2 inches. Keyhole Mounts 1 and 2 are metal linked chain.

Brand: Knowair

👤This is a nice sign. You can't tell from far away the letters on mine are blurry. I didn't know that the sign was designed to look like an old-fashioned theater sign and had faux rust damage on the letters and corners. It makes it look dirty. I didn't see that in the pictures. The sign looks like it's been there for a long time, it doesn't look new. It's a good buy if you're looking for that.

👤It was a nice size. It's a little hard to hang. It looks nice. Had it been longer, it would have been cooler.

👤This is worth every penny I spent. It looks like it's in the wall. I can't wait to show it off to my friends.

👤I host a weekly movie night at my community center. We have a projector, screen, sound system and popcorn machine. The theater is located in one of the former Sunday school rooms. The audience loves the sign and it adds to the fun atmosphere. The size is perfect, the colors are vibrant and the metal is great. When will you make a lighted one?

👤Will not hang straight. The hanging attachment is to blame. It arrived bent. It was packed for shipment and no thought was given to it's flimsy construction. Picture over sells it. The seller grabbed all the cash. I give it a 1 star because I can't go lower.

👤The online picture is similar to the one received in excellent condition. We hung it on the wall near the theater. We had to place the newspaper behind the sign to make it flush but no one will ever see it. Our home theater has a great nostalgic addition.

👤I think it is a good size, but not a quality piece, it is cheap and thin, and I don't want to pay more than $25 for it.

8. Handmade Personalised Bedroom Birthday Optional

Handmade Personalised Bedroom Birthday Optional

The battery is integrated with the product and used for backup. You can choose a color, size, and number of lines of custom text to create your own unique atmosphere. Dimmings, hanging chain, and fixing screw are just some of the accessories that can be tailored. Completely handmade with high grade environment friendly materials and top-notched craftsmanship. The neon lights sign is made of thin, flexible Silicone strip lights and a thick back plate. Compared with traditional glass neon lights, it is brighter, safer, durable, power saving, no noise, and easy to use. There is no risk of glass breaking or leaking hazardous materials. Perfect Gifts and Home Decor could be for room, salon, bar, cafe, girls bedroom, birthday, party, wedding, valentine's day, christmas gifts to families etc. The space around it is transformed by the 3D art. A soft bright lighting sign will make you feel loved and sweet. It's easy to play and safe with an illuminated sign that comes with a crystal line. You can either hang it on the wall or place it on the table. You can adjust the brightness with a dimmer. They are safer because they do not contain gas or mercury. If you have a question, you can contact them at Amazon. If you would like to make your dream sign, please contact them. They will be happy to work with you.

Brand: Taadeebo

👤This is the best thing I have ever spent money on. I love it so much! Such a good value. SOO is bright and vibrant. It was shipped fast. It is!!!

👤It is perfect! I am having a hard time giving our daughter one because I know she will love it. I was skeptical of ordering online, but it was worth it. They charged us 1/3 of the price of the shop I found. 10/10 recommend. We recommended one to a family member. Customers were very happy.

👤This was bought for our son's gaming area. The product was very good. It is unique. It was fun. The hanging kit was added. It's worth it to add those features. This was bigger than the standard. I believe we ordered 36. We went with the larger size. I was disappointed that I ordered purple, I thought it would be more pink. I wanted to order green. I was very impressed with the fast shipping and the excellent packaging. I would order again from this company.

👤I would buy it again. The sign is beautiful. Better hanging hardware is what I would recommend. It came with flimsy thin binder clips that were not trustworthy so I had to wait until I bought self locking hooks to use. There is a The on/off touch switch adapter wouldn't work. I sent the seller a message asking for a new switch and he would happily return the one that was not working. I only received a reply on how the switch worked. It's a great sign, but you may have to pay more for a better way to hang it or a faulty switch.

👤It was perfect for our wedding and we loved it. We needed something large enough to fit in the background to add that accent piece. It didn't break and was very flexible.

👤I have been looking for this type of light for a while. My parents have a game room in their house and I thought a personalized sign would look great. The price was way over what I could afford, with over 10 websites. I wanted a good quality light, but I couldn't do it for over a thousand. The price was amazing when I found it. It looked amazing when my dad opened it. It came a few days before it said it would. If you are looking for a gift that is personalized, look no further. This was a great find. Will be ordering more in the future.

👤Our sign is great. For our son's 10th birthday, we got it. He has always had led strips. He was annoyed with fighting with the led strips because they got old and fell off. I wanted to give my son something unique because I feel like he has everything. This is unique and he loves it. He runs it a lot. We don't leave it on all the time. He loves it and we love it. It was easy to hang with the included hardware. Definitely recommend.

9. Foaky Alphabet Birthday Christmas Decoration

Foaky Alphabet Birthday Christmas Decoration

Light up your favorite words with letter alphabets. Their illuminated lights are portable and can be hung on walls and take 2x AA batteries so they don't need to be plugged into an electrical outlet. It can be hung on walls, mantels, or placed on top of a reception table without batteries, but only if you include 2 AA batteries. The long-term use of the FashionLED subtitles lamp is not hot. Get the best effect. There are 27 alphabetic characterLED lights that can be used for arbitrary combination into I Love U, Home, Marry Me, U&M, etc.

Brand: Foaky

👤The on/off button should be on the bottom, not on the backside. When the letters are hung up, there is no way to turn on the lights unless you take them off. It would be better if there was a remote. They're fine if you leave them on a table or shelf. If hung up, it was just a pain.

👤The letter is used. It had scratches all over it. It looks like it was in a room waiting to be sold. I need the item for my birthday. If you are looking for good quality, I would recommend going somewhere else.

👤I lit this up for my daughter's 21st birthday, but the 2 didn't work. It was broken beyond compare, so I tried to fix it. I was very disappointed and dissatisfied. I tried it before the day I needed it. Live and learn.

👤It turned on and was cute, but it has a loose wire. I left the back latch open so it wouldn't stay turned on. If I close the door? The light goes off. As if the wire inside is pressed on. So what? If I want the door to be on, I have to leave it out of the back. I can't hang the pictures on the wall if I want to turn it on. Great size, cute. I don't think the plastic bulbs will break. There is a chance of a low quality wiring job. I can't use it for anything since I can't close the compartment.

👤You get what you pay for. The on/off switch does not work after I threw the box away. The batteries have to be removed to turn the light off. This is not a new product, with the amount of scratches and smudges on the letter, it is obvious. Very disappointed. I threw it away.

👤It goes great with my room design and it is cute and light, but it is not metal like the ones I bought before. It looks like metal.

👤I would love to have every light bulb working, but I am not able to enjoy it. I received this product and put new batteries in it, and it is a bad product. No matter how much I paid, I would appreciate a working product. The price is the main reason for this review.

👤I bought 5 of them. The letters are not straight and lean forward at an angle. It looks tacky to use them on a table. The other 3 letters are larger than the "C" and "O". I'm not happy with these letters. I'm going to get a refund.

👤This item has different bulbs than the other two letters I bought from the same company. There are white bulbs in this letter and two clear ones in the other two. No one could contact the seller. It's obviously different, so I'm disappointed. I'm not sure if to order another one.

👤Was not disappointed with the product.

10. My Cinema Lightbox Color Changing Personalized

My Cinema Lightbox Color Changing Personalized

Environmentally friendly. Only a low 3 Watt input is used. It is safe to touch with low heat emission. My Cinema Lightbox is a marquee with changeable letters, numbers, and characters, built in letter storage in the back of the light box. There are 3 modes, 2 types ofLED, and a freeze on any color option. There are many color options to choose from. Birthdays, graduation, Mother's Day, baby shower, and more are all occasions where this gift is perfect. It's great for friends, family, colleagues, kids, teens, and students. The battery compartment is powered by a 6x AA battery or ausb powered battery. The A4 size has wall mounting holes. It's perfect for home, decor, wedding decor, milestone announcements, photoshoots, and just about anything; from the original lightbox brand My Cinema Lightbox!

Brand: My Cinema Lightbox

👤The light box is a present for my granddaughter. The pros outweigh the cons. There are pros and cons. It does what it is supposed to do. The lights glow nicely, the colors blend from one to another smoothly, and you can lock in on any color background you want. There are enough letters and characters in the starter kit to do whatever you want, and you can order extras from the website. I would suggest using rubber bands to group the unused letters so they don't get all messed up. There are some things that are CONS: The box is not very good. I was expecting something heavier and more durable, but I am waiting for something to break. The battery and storage compartments are very difficult to open, as I am waiting for something to break, rendering one or both of the compartments useless. I was disappointed to see that the box only serves as a power cord, and that it is useless unless the box can be used next to a standard electric outlet.

👤It shows that you can turn it pink. That is not the case? It looks like it has white, then you click the button again and it colors. It doesn't stay just a solid color. I need it for what I need it for. You can put the letters in the back of the box. The only plug to the wall is theusb port.

👤It's called TLDR. This product is bad because it isn't for a standard outlet and you can buy something else from a different vendor. It's cool. That is not in the product description. The cord is 6 inches long, and if you have any usb outlets around your house, it is blessed. Prepare yourself with extensions. 2. You should be able to push a button and have the colors change. No, my friend. This thing is cheap because it is basic and barely works. If you want a color change, you should be prepared to spend 30 minutes reading instructions and 30 more crying because you can't comprehend them. I tried to make the best of it, but who ever made this doesn't understand how English is spoken, so you'll be forced to buy extra letters/numbers/whatever if you ever want to say anything on this sign

👤I didn't realize that the batteries I ordered were 6 aa and theusb connection didn't fit. I thought it ran on electricity.

👤Considering the cost, I was disappointed in this. If you tilt the cinema box a bit, the letters fall out of it, and the colors are not what you would expect. If you want to hang it on the wall, you have to either use 6 AA batteries or they give you a very shortusb cable. I wish I hadn't bought this because it will stay in my closet.

👤This was purchased for our 13 year old and she loves it. It was a fun idea. It's fully changeable. Extra tabs allow you to make your own symbols or extra letters. The box is light. Comes with a wall accessory.

11. Theater Mounted Advertising Production Aluminum

Theater Mounted Advertising Production Aluminum

The latest 3D, Surface and Line engraving technologies are used to carve ADVpro signs. The laser engraving method only provides a 2D surface effect. They promise you will get your order within 7 days. The frame thickness is 15mm and the frame color is black. A Led light source with a laser dot backlit light guide plate. Installation is easy, it is wall mounted with a hook. It is suitable for global country, with DC 12V power adaptor, and buyer country plug.

Brand: Hksign

👤I've been wanting to build one of these frames for a while and thought about trying to do it myself. This is better than I could have made. The frame is an aluminum snap frame that works well, with a piece of plexiglass that goes over the poster. The frame is very thin. The light is bright and even using an etched panel behind the poster. The shipping weight is under 20 pounds. The packaging is thin and it arrived with no damage. I paid a few dollars more for expedited delivery and got it in less than 2 weeks despite the estimate saying it would take 6 weeks. It is not fancy. I am not aware of a switch or dimmer. The power cord can't be flush against the wall unless you drill a hole in the wall and run the power cord through it. The frame could be attached to the "brick" for the 12V DC conversion. The power consumption was measured. A little light escapes through the corner joints of the frame and is fixed with a flap of black tape on the inside. The hanging rings were attached to the top of the brackets on the back, but they included an allen wrench and extra mounts, so I moved the rings to spots on the vertical part. The packaging included the correct US cord, 4 anchors and screws for wall mounting, and a cup to lift the plexiglass. I had to move the plexiglass to where it could be lifted and put in a poster because it was wedged under the frame. The plexiglass is very dangerous. It is easy to get dirt and fingerprints if you remove the protective sheeting. Use microfiber cloth and a plastic cleaner. If you are changing out a poster, wash and dry your hands. In February 2022, there is an update. I have been enjoying the original frame for almost two years, so I ordered another one. I sent it back for a new one because it was damaged when it arrived. The cord on both of the newer ones had an inline switch, which is helpful for avoiding fingerprints, and a cheap set of cloth gloves. The returns were easy, but hopefully they will beef up the packaging.

👤My husband had a few different light up movie poster frames on his Amazon wish list and I did my own research before buying them. I found this product and I am very happy. This item had detailed reviews. This was about $100 cheaper than all others, including shipping, and I liked that. I ordered early and paid a few dollars more for expedited shipping and was pleasantly surprised that it arrived several days earlier than expected. The shipping costs are outstanding for a heavy item from overseas. Even though I knew my husband was going to be picky, I was very excited. He did what he was supposed to do. He loved it, but he was not happy about it being plexiglas. I reminded him that they are all made of plexiglas. He can go find one of his own if I return. I contacted the company to set up a return. Their response was great. They made multiple offers of solutions. The husband was told to pack it up. He decided to have a piece of glass cut. He spent around $30 or$40 and cut his fingers up, but he is so happy that I will buy him a second one for his birthday. I had multiple conversations with Kyle at the frame company and he helped me to get my second purchase expedited due to Chinese New Year which shuts down all shipping out of China for about a month. The communication and customer service has been excellent. This frame is very good. It is very thin, has brilliant light, and is easy to use. You just need to take care of your nice things and not use anything abrasive on it. The packaging and shipping is great. If you have a loved one who dumpster dives behind the local theaters and fills your home with double-sided movie posters, one of these will be a great gift. Or three. I will let him have three. I think so. Four is my limit. Don't buy anywhere else. You are going to love these frames.


What is the best product for home theater decor signs with lights?

Home theater decor signs with lights products from Kinglive Vinyl Wall Clock. In this article about home theater decor signs with lights you can see why people choose the product. Brooklyn Lighting Company and Rossetta are also good brands to look for when you are finding home theater decor signs with lights.

What are the best brands for home theater decor signs with lights?

Kinglive Vinyl Wall Clock, Brooklyn Lighting Company and Rossetta are some of the best brands that chosen by people for home theater decor signs with lights. Find the detail in this article. Pooqla, Homeoart and Onxe are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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