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1. Blinggo Kitchen Inspirational Quotes Sticker

Blinggo Kitchen Inspirational Quotes Sticker

General can keep up to 3 years. Remove the peel and stick without damaging your paint. It is possible to apply painted wall, smooth wallpaper, ceramic tile,wooden,metal,glass and plastic, but not textile. It comes with easy to use instructions. It is easy to remove and do not damage the walls.

Brand: Blinggo

👤I wanted it to be larger, but it was smaller than I wanted.

👤Listen to the other reviews. I bought this item because I took a chance. I should have listened to the other reviewers. This is on the wall of my kitchen. I was not able to remove the top layer without the lettering lifting off the wall.

👤I am a vinyl dealer on Amazon and Title states "Vinyl Wall Art", but it is not vinyl and the plastic has been printed on. Not real Vinyl. It is made of plastic. It is not real. Not how letters should look. There is a plastic outline around the letter. The plastic die cuts are hard to cut so it has to be done by hand. Instructions were not included in the package.

👤This product is not acceptable for the price. It arrived rolled up and crinkled. I went to the print shop. The company is giving refunds.

👤It looks good until you put it on the wall. I think this was the better quality rub, but that is my fault. It is a peel and stick, so it has a plastic outer covering, and it looks terrible with the ceiling lights reflecting off of it. The quality of the glue is not great. I like the rub on decals better because I can already see the corners lifting from the steam in the kitchen from cooking.

👤The letters are not sharp. They look fuzzy. The sticker is on a hard plastic that sticks to itself. When you stick it on the surface, your finger prints are visible because of the glue on the back. The glue will come off on your fingers.

👤It was difficult to remove the stickers from the paper. I was trying to remove the stickers when a lot of the letters tore. The stickers were stretched and cut off other letters when trying to get them off. I wouldn't recommend this product. When you put the sticker on your wall, it is noticeable where it was stretched.

2. Realistic Domed Starry Perfect Bedding

Realistic Domed Starry Perfect Bedding

There are 27 alphabetic characterLED lights that can be used for arbitrary combination into I love U, home, marry me, U&M, etc. There is a realistic horror in the dark stars. The dots are domed to create a realistic sky. You won't be disappointed like you might be with flat paper stickers or flat plastic stars. The glow in the dark galaxy set adds the look of a real night sky. The room became a shiny bedroom in the dark. You can place a long length of gout on any surface, turn on the light for 5 minutes, and enjoy a nighttime view. It's easy to apply and stay on the wall or ceiling until it needs to be removed. The glow stars set is a perfect gift for a naughty room or kids gift. Do you want your child to be able to go to bed in a bedroom? You can make a beautiful sky using their glowing dots, and your friends will love it! You can put the stars in the sun, flashlight, lamplight, and only need 5 minutes to create a panorama. A night under the stars is the best! The sky full of stars can be calming and relaxing, but not with nightlights and lamps. 100% WORRY free guarantee! Their dots are guaranteed for life against loss of glow and falling from the ceiling. There is absolutely no excuse to not purchase. If you are not completely satisfied, contact them. If you don't like them, send them back for a full refund.

Brand: Dagou

👤This is one of the best products I have ever purchased. I rarely leave reviews, but I am floored by how great these little dots are. I wanted to make my dorm room more interesting and I wanted to make my lights look nice. I put the little guys on my walls after I bought a domed light with a blue light bulb. Before I go to bed, I keep my blue light on, so that I can see them, and when I turn out the lights, I can see these little dots. I put up a few pictures to show an example. There's a great balance between the larger dots, the medium sized ones, and the smaller ones. They are the right size to make small galaxies. They are cheap to purchase and bright for a glow-in-the-dark product, and they stick to my walls perfectly. I live in a dorm, so I worry about sticking things to the wall. When I first saw these dots, I was a bit surprised that they would stick for a while, but I was happy to see that they would come off easily when it's time to get rid of them. I can't recommend this more because it is a great buy.

👤I think they would have an effect if there were enough of them.

👤5 of the 8 packs were used for a small room. I have a blue variant on the way. These little globe stickers are cute. At the moment, I am charging them with a UV Florescent bulb. I'm going to order some light strip rolls so that I can light the ceiling edges to charge them. I can set them on an auto timer with a pi or flip a switch before bed since they glow for hours with a 15-20 minute charge. There are pictures of various light stages. The shots were charged with UV light. After I added some blue, I added more pics of the galaxy.

👤These are amazing. I have bought glow stars for every house I have lived in. It's amazing to keep under the stars even indoors. I've always bought the actual star shape. My kids have bunk areas in our new RV. These are more realistic because they are small and round. Excellent quality, I like the 3D-ness! All 606 stars are accounted for.

👤These are for my dorm. The ceiling above me is bare and ugly, so I decided to get some stars like I have at home. I decided to get tiny stars for my dorm instead of the big one. The other glow in the dark stars are not as good as these. I have used other sticky backings, but these come with it. They stick to the wall and ceiling and leave no mess. The stars stick to the ceiling in my dorm. I have put up about 300 stars so far. They are much brighter than others I have used. These are the best stars I have ever bought. I don't like putting up 600 tiny dots, so I am doing it in small intervals. That is just a me issue. These are definitely recommended by me.

3. DUOFIRE Luminance Removable Waterproof Photoluminescent

DUOFIRE Luminance Removable Waterproof Photoluminescent

There is a color of glitter in the dark. Eco-friendly and light-Green. The glow in the dark tape needs to be charged 30 minutes in bright light before each use to achieve a good effect. It may not be effective if you charge during the day and use at night. It can be charged faster if it has UV rays in it. The initial brightness is high, then fades as the sun sets. It will start glowing in the dark again if it is exposed to light again. It can be charged over and over again, and will work for many years. When fully charged, glow in the dark tape is useless. The first few hours are bright, but gradually dimmer. You need to charge it again if you think it's not bright. The glow in the dark tape can be used for a wide range of purposes. The tape works best on smooth surfaces. Don't apply to the rough surface.

Brand: Duofire

👤We are good friends with a neighbor who we pick on but he can take a joke. We snuck into his house and put these shapes up on the ceiling of his bed room because I bought this so we could cut shapes that may be innapropriate for young people. He was going to turn the light on and do a few things in the evening, then go to bed and look up at the stars. He must have slept on his side because for 3 nights he didn't notice and then one fell off the ceiling and he went to bed and laughed and told us the story. He joined right away. I can't remember what it was that made us do it, but it was something to do with a plane or jet and we were making fun of it.

👤I used this to cut Mickey Mouse heads. The tape was glowing all night. They did not worry about falling off even on the 3 year olds.

👤I used this tape to outline the top edge of a child proof gate that sits at the bottom of a stairway to keep the dogs from coming upstairs. Even though the tape fades, it still glows and can be seen in the early morning. I put a little bit of this tape over a lot of other things. There are keys around a light switch in a remote area. I wanted to put something in my wife's purse, but she turned it down. I used it on the outside edge of a thermal cup at night. The tape held up well to the liquid in the cup.

👤A bright glow that lasts all night. The tape roll was left under the lamp for a few hours and charged up enough to light up the room. It's a good idea to mark the buttons on the control pendant of the hospital bed. The writing is legible in the dark, and can be written on with a marking pen. Measurement marks on the backing paper can help cut uniform size pieces. Sometimes folding the tape back on itself will cause the paper backing to separate from the tape, making it easier to remove. The roll of product has a strong smell, but individual pieces seem to lose it's smell fairly quickly.

👤I bought this tape to put on my disc. It is getting darker earlier in the day. I put strips on my putters and other discs so I can throw them when it gets dark. I charge them with a light and toss them. When I go to retrieve them or find them for my next shot, they are always glowing because I can see the flight. I have not played a full round of GLOW, but will soon, and see how well the stack up against regular Glow Disc. I lost a putter while playing one evening and couldn't find it for 15 minutes. I searched with my black light. I don't know how it got to where it is. After using my light, I found it. The $6 on the tape can be used to make a disc. It's priceless to find that one seasoned beat in disc that you can't easily replace. There are pictures and an update to come.

4. Cutouts Musical Silhouette Birthday Bulletin

Cutouts Musical Silhouette Birthday Bulletin

Installation instructions are included. Music note cutouts are great for birthday party, baby shower, and music theme party, they add a lot of character to the theme, and build fun memories for the party. 40 pieces music notes silhouettes in 5 different styles, each style has 8 pieces, and 40 pieces glue point dots, enough quantity meets your demands. The classic shape of music cutout is great for music party decoration, the size is around 6 - 8 inch, which will catch the attention of kids and guests. Musical notes silhouettes are made of thick paperboards with duplex printing and can be used for a variety of occasions, like music party, birthday party, baby shower, or other themed events. 40 glue point dots are convenient to stick music notes decorations to walls, and the music cutouts will highlight your party and make you and your guests more joyful to enjoy the music party.

Brand: Boao

👤If you apply them to the wall, you must change your review. There isn't enough of the goblet spots that you use to get to the wall. The notes fall off the wall because they are too heavy for the goblet spots that are included. A mediocre review isn't good enough for you people. MenTION STURDINESS, ADHESION, AND THYCKNESS. I looked at those words and wrote a review for you.

👤The material is what I expected. I thought it would come in 10 pieces. It was the one that I liked the most, and it came in just 4 of the others. I was expecting it to be in equal quantity. I read the description again and they said it was divided equally. It doesn't. There are only 4 styles in my package. Disappointed.

👤The first problem I had was getting the stickers out of the package. They fell off the wall after one day. Will not buy again.

👤Some issues with the stickers because you need 3 on some of the larger notes, and they don't give enough. It was for my husband's birthday and he loved it because he is a drummer.

👤I'm not happy about this because they only come with a small peace to glue it so it doesn't glue the whole note on place, and there are more note than peaces of glue. I couldn't glue with the note left. Some of the note fell off the wall. It's not good enough to hold it in place. I like to let them know that I don't like giving bad reviews. Maybe they can improve that.

👤The black shiney side is a plus for any area of the room. It comes with a small dot of sticky stuff that don't stick as well as you'd think.

👤The product is of good quality. The matt back of the cardboard makes it large enough to cover a wall and it is soft enough to be used to make a centerpiece at a party. They have a glue in the form of drops that is easy to place and hold on the wall. I will buy it again as often as necessary since I am happy.

👤They don't stick to the wall very well, even though they come with a set of dots. If not using the glue dots, it's super cute, larger than expected and reuseable.

👤I bought these for my son. I used double sided sticky tape because the glue that comes with them becomes unstuck after a while. The effect is good.

👤The gazebo was decorated for a musical themed birthday party. They were easy to attach, but I used extra string as they didn't stick well to canvas, but once tied up they looked great.

👤I ordered this item before Good cut out musical notes and glue dots were supplied.

👤Great product! Good amount of each design.

5. Lankey Vinyl Christian Praise Sticker

Lankey Vinyl Christian Praise Sticker

Brand new and high quality. The material is non-toxic. This wall sticker can be used as bedroom stickers, living room stickers, etc. The product can be attached to any flat surface.

Brand: Lankey

👤I like the quality and it's easy to rearrange. The only question is why not make it in complete lines not separated words, or at least offer the option to order it that each line comes in one single piece of material. I had to remove the words several times to align them because of the difficulty in doing so. It may be worth considering. Other than that. The product is great.

👤It's easy to apply to your walls. This is not the typical wall vinyl where you peel back the sheet and leave only the letters on the wall, as this quote says, "decal." This comes in small pieces, such as the first phrase "Happy moments", which is one piece with a clear paper part.

👤I put this on the wall in my bathroom. It is a great way to start the day. I highly recommend all my believers.

👤The words were easy to write on the wall. I would have preferred the words not having the clear background because they look like stickers rather than painted on words which some decals can do. It would have made it more difficult to put the words up and position them how one wants, so it's really about weighing one's preference. The words look great on the wall, but I was able to position them in different areas which was a lot of fun.

👤It was easy to take off and put it where I wanted it. It's still good enough not to return. I would buy more from this company.

👤Not a laser cut vinyl letter. There is a sticker on the paper. When you put up the vinyl letters, they are just the letters that were painted on, but each word is printed on a clear sticker paper so you can have a background and edge around it. It is very cheap and not near the size in the photo. Definitely going back.

👤I like the finish product. It takes two people to transfer the paper with the words onto the translucent film and put it on the wall. You can get it done with patience.

6. Blinggo Family Letter Removable Stickers

Blinggo Family Letter Removable Stickers

General can keep up to 3 years. Remove the peel and stick without damaging your paint. It is possible to apply painted wall, smooth wallpaper, ceramic tile,wooden,metal,glass and plastic, but not textile. No background, free standing letters, comes with transfer tape to aid in installation.

Brand: Blinggo

👤What a great addition to my wall. Exactly what I needed. I love it! I will look for more wall decals in the rest of my home. Thanks to Amazon.

👤The seller should make it clear that this is not a transfer decals, but a sticker, because it is not what I would call a transfer decals. It is not a big deal to me, but it may be to some people. You peel off the paper backing and stick it on the wall. You don't peel the top layer off, like you would a transfer decals. I was wondering why the black lettering was not staying on the wall, because it almost ruined it. It does have a shiny appearance, but that is fine with me. The black lettering and clear sticker on the wall are what you will see once the sticker is on the wall. The size was large for me. I read the description and saw the measurements before I ordered, so that wasn't an issue for me. I would give it 5 stars, but only 4 due to the fact that there are no instructions included and that it is a sticker and not a transfer decals. If you read through the Q & A's on the product page, someone asks how these are to be placed and the seller is one of the people who commented and they just peel and stick to the wall. I like how it looks on my family picture wall in my hallway, so I am happy with it. The shipping was very fast. Thanks!

👤It was smaller than I had thought, but it was perfect for what I needed. I stuck it to a wall that was fairly textured. I was able to take it off and adjust it a few times. The tiny butterflies don't look like butterflies at all, which is why I gave it 4 stars. The pictures around the decals are all 4x6.

👤It's complete and utter waste of money. It was so small that it was difficult to stick it to the wall, and each letter had to be cut out to fit. It ended up in the trash. I am thankful that I didn't spend a lot of money on this.

👤The product must have been sitting for a long time. I should have stayed at Walmart because I have never had any issues with these decals. Don't buy this product, it's very disappointed, and it didn't cost enough to get a refund.

👤It is very easy to stick these on the wall, even though it did not come with instructions. All will work out fine if you go slow. While pulling the backing off a few letters did stick but with a very sharp object to the edge it was easy to unstick then press the transfer paper back on top of it and it came right off onto the transfer paper. I cut them apart and put them where I wanted them. I used a scraper to get the transfer paper out of the wall and then took it off. It turned out perfect because Pealing was so slowly.

7. DaGou Mixed Butterfly Stickers Decorations

DaGou Mixed Butterfly Stickers Decorations

The design is perfect. There are 2 large ones in size 12 cm, 2 medium ones in size 9 cm, and 8 small ones in size 7 cm. Any smooth surface is an application. It will make your home more comfortable. The wings have to be folded slightly to create a 3D effect.

Brand: Dagou

👤The photo made this product appear as if each butterfly has 2 fold-able wings per side, which is why I chose this for purchase. Each butterfly has one wing on one side. They placed a smaller butterfly on top of a larger one with the wings pointing upward to make it look like it had 2 wings per side. The price was $6.49 but you can get the same butterflies for less on Amazon.

👤These are cute for my daughter. We bought 3 sets to cover the whole wall, and we are happy with the result. It has two layers of wings that you can bend. The glue has stuck to the wall so far, but it does come off the butterfly sometimes. None of them have fallen off. The 3rd set came with safety pins instead of the glue we were going to use. The return was easy and we got the correct item.

👤I give a score of 4. They are very well constructed and beautiful colors. They are easy to apply and create an amazing illusion on the wall. A few continue to fall off. We have reapplied and they still fall off. The bigger and medium ones are heavier than the small ones. I got two packs to look better, my 4 year old loves them, but I wish I wouldn't put them back on the wall. Next time I go to the store, I'm going to look for something different.

👤These little guys are adorable. I used them to make a chandelier for my daughter's room, there are a lot of things you can do with them. If you choose to put them on the wall, I would recommend using poster putty instead of the little discs that are attached to the wall. They are large with plastic bodies and tiny magnets, so the putty holds them better.

👤They look like paper but they don't stick as advertised. Why? I don't know why they're advertised as wall stickers.

👤I used this product in the nursery. I came across a new design that was perfect and instead of putting a frame above her crib I decided to use it. They were easy to apply and stay on the wall. The photos were taken last week. Since there are only 12 in a pack, it's important to know where you want them on your wall before applying. Love. It is definitely worth it.

👤The image quality on the wings is mediocre, but not great if you will be looking closely at the individual butterflies. If you put them on a wall in a large group, they are decent as long as you re-glue as needed.

👤It's gorgeous! Great price! It was clever! It was fun! Different! It was refreshing! Creative! I love buying silver.

👤I ordered the wrong type of butterflies, but I won't be able to use it because my wall isn't white.

8. Blinggo Inspirational Quotes Saying Sticker

Blinggo Inspirational Quotes Saying Sticker

Premium vinyl lasts for 4-7 years in outdoor exposure and 10 years indoors. You won't find anything like this anywhere else. Can be applied to any surface you can think of. No background, free standing letters, comes with transfer tape to aid in installation.

Brand: Blinggo

👤It looks great on the wall, but the application is a nightmare. When you peel the backing from the wall, the decals stick to it and take the letters with them. It took 30 minutes to apply it because I had to remove the backing and rearrange the letters that didn't stick. I couldn't give it 5 stars because of the application problems, but it turned out great and looks really nice.

👤I made it different than everyone else. I put it on the old Mirrow that I had and it made a difference. It was difficult to line them up, but I am happy with the result because I needed two people to take it out of the paper.

👤It looks like the picture. It was in a manilla envelope. I put it under something to try and remove the crease. There was nothing that it could do to help. I knew what to do before using things like this. It came out well despite taking a lot of patience.

👤I like the quote and words. After following instructions, it was not easy to apply the wall. Most of the letters are written on paper. I had to take a letter off the paper and apply it to the wall. I was trying to perl off slowly when it didn't work. I wrote by letter. I gave 2 out of 5 stars. Love quote, love letters and bright color.

👤It is difficult to separate the paper from the letters on the wrong page, but with patience it will come out great. I don't complicate myself by cutting out the words only what I don't want, and keeping the sheet together, because some people like the separate it and change it. I don't like complicating myself. I keep it simple by leaving the sheet intact. Place it on the surface and rub it down to make sure it sticks, then peel sheet back slowly and make sure letters are sticking to the surface. Hope this helps!

👤The reflection in the photo is caused by the fact that the glue is around the letters. In the second photo you don't see the reflection of the sticker around the letters.

👤I would not have bought this if I had read the reviews. It's very difficult. I'm going to use the mirror the same way one reviewer did.

👤I was thinking about how small it was but still looks good. I had some issues trying to get it to stick up.

9. Chrysanthemums Butterflies Dragonflies Decoration WallPaper

Chrysanthemums Butterflies Dragonflies Decoration WallPaper

Brand new and high quality. It's easy to apply, just peel off and stick. This will make a nice decoration or gift. This will make a nice decoration or gift.

Brand: Fashionbeautybuy

👤It started to droop 2 days after I put it up. I've added new pictures showing how they are falling. I didn't deduct stars since my walls are lightly textured and the decals only work on smooth surfaces. The newest pictures warn buyers that the walls may be textured. This is a decent wall sticker. It will take about a month before you receive the decals, even if you pay $4 for shipping, and the main decals come in 2 large pieces. Some may think it's a good idea, but I think it's a bad idea because if you don't have another person helping, the flowers will bend and stick to another piece. They are big pieces. I had to tear the decals in 3 different places. The bad news is that you can't tell when it's up. It looks decent so far. The instructions are not very good as they are on the sheet with the decals and are just a simple picture. If you have enough space, you can find additional pieces that are not on the instruction picture. I wouldn't buy this item again since it cost about $8 for the product and shipping. You could probably find a "prime" item for around the same amount, but it would take a few days to get it.

👤We have been using a product called poppies to keep birds out of our windows. I have put the poppies up, and they look great. We wanted to see the chysanthemums on another window. The plastic used in these is much more brittle. It's basically one big decals, instead of several smaller ones. The decals are cut to fit the image. The stems of the chyanthemums are very thin. It was thrown into the trash. If they broke up the decals into smaller ones, had more space around them, and used a better plastic, these would be great. They didn't and it wasn't. Beautiful flowers and poorly executed design.

👤Here is my opinion. They look pretty when they're up on the wall. You will need a lot of patience and calm to put these on the wall. These are puzzles that you will like if you like putting together puzzles. If you don't like puzzles, you may throw in the towel. I don't like the background of the flowers. In my photo, you can see that. I put up 5 tree decals on my wall. They were much larger. These small flower decals were easy to do. There are no directions for putting up the flowers. The manufacturer should make this simpler.

👤It was 2 days late from the expected arrival date. It's very difficult, so you need someone to help you with it. The decals are very thin, so you have to be careful in peeling them off. It looked good in my room. I will buy more to cover the entire room.

👤It came on different sheets. You had something with it. Most of it wasn't labeled. I was able to follow that picture because it was on there. I was afraid it was going to rip and there were parts of it that would stick together. There was no point in having the little sections separated from the main thing. It's a nice addition to the room, and it's very cute once I got it on the wall. I don't think it's a deal breaker, it's just a pain in the butt to get on the wall, but once it's on the wall it seems to be okay.

10. ZSSZ Without Prints Sticker Letters

ZSSZ Without Prints Sticker Letters

The size is 22 inches wide by 18 inches tall. The material is vinyl, paper, and tape. It's easy, but you need some practice. Can be applied to any smooth surface. It will not peeling in a long time like wall, door, windows, furniture and cars. This is not a re-enactment and will not damage the walls.

Brand: Movankro

👤I like the end result, so I'm tempted to give 3 stars. I didn't like that it was delivered in a roll/fold method. It's ridiculous considering what it is for. I'm handy. It doesn't come with instructions or pictures, which is absurd. You shouldn't have to go to the internet to find it. This product is frustrating for those that don't have a natural knack for this sort of project. For me, it was relatively easy. To get all the bubbles out of the transfer paper, you have to be slow, patient, thoughtful, and not too firm. I recommend keeping the words together so the spacing is right. You have to place the wall in a methodical way. It would be helpful to have a second set of hands. Go slowly. Don't rush. Take the card again and go over the entire piece on the wall a few times, and thenpeal the clear part off the wall slowly. If you want to stick the clear sticker on the wall, you can use your finger nail to press the sticker back down on the wall in a small section, and the rest will stay on. To get into the wall texture, gently use the card to go over the stickers again. I used rubbing alcohol to clean my wall. Before applying, let it dry completely.

👤It turned out great! It took a lot of work to make it perfect. It is impossible to place it on the wall because it is completely rolled up. It was laid flat with heavy objects for 2 days before I tried. We had to cut the lines out individually because they weren't evenly distributed. We got it up on the wall and figured out how to get the backing off, but we had a problem with the front clear sheet trying to take off the letters. You have to peel the letters individually in order for them to stick on the wall. Love the way it turned out. It takes a lot to get it perfect.

👤I was very excited to get this product. I set my expectations high. I did everything the directions said, but it didn't want to stick to the wall. After an hour and a half, I was able to pull the paper off, but I had to put the lettering back on the wall.

👤I copied the idea from another reviewer who left a picture that I loved. The sticker was larger than I thought, but it filled the empty space next to my TV nicely. It was easy to install by myself. I love how it turned out.

👤It was very easy to apply. You can separate the last two lines by putting a picture in the middle of the words. It was easy to apply one of the Ps and there was no need to look for the tear. I get a lot of praise for it.

👤If you do it right, this looks great. It's important to use the right tape to adhere it in place. I didn't have much experience with this type of work and used the wrong tape to stick it in place and ended up peeling a spot of paint on my wall. It was covered up with a portrait. Follow the directions for the product and you will be fine. When applying, go very slowly. It looks great.

11. Decalgeek DG AS 1 Inspirational Quotes Sticker

Decalgeek DG AS 1 Inspirational Quotes Sticker

Premium vinyl lasts up to 10 years indoors and up to 7 years outdoors. You won't find anything like that anywhere else. Can be applied to any surface you can think of. Transfer tape is used to aid in installation. Installation instructions are included.

Brand: Decalgeek

👤The final product looks great on my wall. I took a small foyer and made it look better by writing the Lord's Scripture on it. We stand at our house. It will be great to come home everyday. It can be seen from the front door. I found the customer answers online to be very helpful, even though it did not come with instructions. The idea of a credit card worked well since it is hard to smooth out the decals. I used a steak knife to hold down some letters that were lifting as I took the backing off. You could use a razor blade as well. I would like to thank GeekDecals for making my home beautiful. I plan to buy bigger ones for the living room and dining room. There is a display of 2 feet x 8 inches.

👤The only reason that I INRDeals The letters are unreliable, making it impractical to put them up right away without a second hand. How many people putICKERs on a wall? The world may never know...

👤Flat-out advertising! "Free standing letters?" No, no! The white background of the letters will look stupid. The picture they show looks great, but it came as two separate 8.5x11 prints and the words aren't even lined up, so I'm left to put the text together and line it up so the words are straight. I will not be buying from this seller again.

👤It was placed above the door threshold as you entered. My daughter and I helped prepare this for the wall. You have to be patient with the transfer paper. The transfer paper has to be pressed against the front of each character. You can use a credit card or the pad of your finger. Once placed against a wall, be patient as you trace over each character with your finger. Slowy pull the transfer paper away from the paper. If it rolls back over it, trace the character/letter with your finger. Make sure it's centered and where you want it. I don't think it's a good idea to try to move it after it's been applied.

👤The product was wrinkled and folded in half. Allowing it to flatten for a day or two was the main reason for this. I spent over 30 minutes trying to apply it. Several letters wouldn't pull up with the backing tape. I applied wax paper to the wall after removing it. After pressing to get the letters to stick. I pulled it off because I was fed up with it. Only an "s" and a "." remained.

👤This did not come with instructions. It can be in a plain envelope. I didn't have a clear film to help with that. After more than 30 minutes, the whole thing stuck together and it was ruined when I tried to stick the words on to the side that was not a credit card. This shouldn't be more than $1. It's so unfair! Never again!


What is the best product for home theater decor sticker?

Home theater decor sticker products from Blinggo. In this article about home theater decor sticker you can see why people choose the product. Dagou and Duofire are also good brands to look for when you are finding home theater decor sticker.

What are the best brands for home theater decor sticker?

Blinggo, Dagou and Duofire are some of the best brands that chosen by people for home theater decor sticker. Find the detail in this article. Boao, Lankey and Dagou are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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