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1. Deco 79 51650 Metal Wall

Deco 79 51650 Metal Wall

This movie canvas wall art is a fun and creative gift for anyone who loves distinctive and artistic gifts. Give this to your loved ones, express your love and concern to them. They will come to you within 8 hours. The design is inspired by film. It is easy to mount on any wall surface. Iron construction is durable.

Brand: Deco 79

👤When purchasing this item, be careful. I thought I was buying popcorn, clipboard, and reel art Deco pieces in the main picture, but that's not the case. I got a lot of reels. It was very misleading.

👤I got this one used because the new one seemed a bit pricey. My piece is brand new. It's nice! It's... How do I say this is classy without being boring? The price on the new version isn't that bad compared to other metallic film reel decor. It's very light and easy to hang, and it's exactly the size I expected.

👤I was a bit disappointed when I took this out of the box. The color variation is very small. It is very thin. It looks nice, but for the price, I expected better quality. The pictures show a better color variation than the person sees. I was surprised that the picture I took looked better in the picture.

👤Everyone loved it at my Oscar party. I'm using it in my family room as a permanent decoration. It's a great buy for the price, I love the mixed metals and had to model the loose "tape" when it arrived. I've seen bigger and more expensive decorations. It's not a huge decoration but it's great if you don't have a lot of wall space.

👤We are doing a movie theme in our living room. The location of the mounting holes made hanging it difficult, but this didn't make it hard. It was easier to hang with light weight. The living room looks great.

👤Just as pictured. Jung looks great with other theater wall art. The strip is made of metal. It may be a little out of place, but it can be straightened out. It is worth the price.

👤I wasn't sure if I liked it when I took them out of the box. I loved hanging it on the wall. It was a great addition to our room. I recommend.

2. Equipment Decoration Birthday Wedding Christmas

Equipment Decoration Birthday Wedding Christmas

The size is about 3.5 inches. The design is made of high quality material. Anyone who needs more hanging space can get a new design and hand-made paintings. A set of metal wall hooks with different movie-themed designs: a movie reel, camera, and clapperboard. It adds a touch of sophistication and elegance to the space. It's a great gift for anyone who likes distressed looking rustic decor in a jewelry holder.

Brand: Bestowal

👤This item is in your hand. Too small.

👤There is a person named Janky. I don't want to display them in my studio because they are crooked. I paid 40 bucks for these.

👤It will never happen again because it is very small for the price. They are small as key holders.

👤I love my wall hooks.

👤This picture makes the art look bigger. They are very small and disappointing. Please show the actual size. There are tiny art pieces.

👤It's too small for my move.

👤They are too small to fit in your hand. I didn't find any use for them that they were bigger than they were.

👤We hang out throw blanket on them in our theater room.

3. Decor SignTheater Vintage Plaque Poster

Decor SignTheater Vintage Plaque Poster

The gift box is ready for gift giving. Tin/metal will not rust; size: 30*30 cm/12*12inch. The theater snack bar tin sign is manufactured with folded edges for safety and stability. It is suitable for many places such as bar dining room billiard house hotel club wall decoration. There are holes in each corner for hanging. It looks great in your home, office, garage, gun safe, or man cave. Give one as a gift and get one for you.

Brand: Ialwiyo

👤This is a great decor! The rest of the retro decor is in the concession area. Really pleased with this. It is a good size. Not big or small.

👤Q son de tamao, pero deben pueda ver en la pared.

👤The sign is sturdy. The popcorn machine is a nice addition to the man cave.

👤It is a small sign and wishes it were bigger. It is thin metal. I put it on the table so it would stand up.

👤The print on the metal tin was cheaper than I expected. It would have been better to see some texture, like the paint was laid on the tin rather thanscreened.

👤It was nice to see a better quality.

👤This is a sign that I love. It works in our snack bar.

👤The picture was too small for my wall.

4. Hamilyeah Lighting Industrial Hardwired Bathroom

Hamilyeah Lighting Industrial Hardwired Bathroom

The pilsen light fixture with half cylinder shade is made of brushed nickel. The home theater bedroom is a great example of a great decoration. E26 HEAT-RESISTANT The wall lighting has a quality heat-resistant sockets which protects the bulb and maximizes the bulb lifespan. There is no need to change bulbs frequently. All E26 bulbs are compatible. The bulbs shown in the photos are not included. Their priority is your safety. All of the lighting fixture are listed as being safe. Premium quality ensures long time use. Fix the mounting plate, connect wires and hang the light fixture. The electrician is not required to install the light fixture. Ensuring every customer is happy is their biggest priority. They provide professional after-sale service to make their customers happy. You can shop with confidence if you have a 1 year warraty. You can ask questions and shop. They are always happy to help. Ensuring every customer is happy is their biggest priority. They provide professional after-sale service to make their customers happy. You can shop with confidence if you have a 1 year warraty. You can ask questions and shop. They are always happy to help.

Brand: Hamilyeah

👤I liked it because I thought it was gold, but it is silver. It's more work for me to return this because the light is fine. I like the silver color more than the gold. If you're looking for gold, it's not for you. If you are looking for silver colored, then you will do well here.

👤I bought a similar set for double the price at Home Depot. The set matches my decor. I have to use smart bulbs on them to work with Amazon because they don't have switches on them.

👤These are nice in person. I put them in my media room. It works perfectly.

👤Excuse the Reno. These are very sleek and I love them. They are not the only source of light in your room.

👤Great lights, what I was looking for.

👤The product is nice. It doesn't give off a lot of light. The light is nice.

👤These look nice. I am happy with them.

👤You need to cut the holes on the front that the light goes through. I don't have a tool to do that, so these are useless to me at this point, missed my return window, do guess these go in the donate pile

👤Two lights at this price is a great deal.

👤The lights look good. Happy with the purchase.

5. Painting Clapper Filmmaking Pictures Decoration

Painting Clapper Filmmaking Pictures Decoration

Warm tips: Due to different brand of monitors, actual wall art colors may be slightly different from the product image. The size is changeable. A high-resolution image is achieved by using professional artwork. The canvas printed with high resolution by the latest and most advanced color technology has the characteristics of waterproof and moist. The canvas artwork is stretched on wooden frames and ready to hang. The real product might be slightly different from the on-line image due to the computer color display differences.

Brand: Skenoart

👤This wall art is a great addition to my home theater. It was easy to hang. Our decor is perfect because of the image tones. I was very pleased with the purchase. The theatre is complete.

👤This item was a gift and I really like it. Thanks for creating it!

6. Lighting Fixture Acrylic Bedroom Conservatory

Lighting Fixture Acrylic Bedroom Conservatory

There is a 10-year limited warranty. The size was made of high quality. The lamp holder and light shell are made of high quality pure aluminum. It will produce a soft and romantic light in the room. Installation is easy with Wall/Surface mounted, wired. Can be mounted vertically or horizontally. Under the guidance of the electrician, please install. Soft and warm lighting tones give a bright atmosphere. Low power consumption and no harmful chemicals. It's perfect for living room, kitchen,dining room,bedroom,stair,balcony,path,patio and hallway lighting. ChangM is always behind its products. If you have any problems with the product, please don't hesitate to contact them. ChangM is always behind its products. If you have any problems with the product, please don't hesitate to contact them.

Brand: Changm

👤There is a few seconds delay when you flip the switch before the light turns on.

👤The wall light was a replacement for the stairway light. It is an attractive piece and once installed, it lights the stairway up well so it is a good light. I am not a professional electrician, but I am a capable electrician with a good number of lighting installs in my experience so my thoughts are not those of someone frustrated by a lack of skill or knowledge. This is a piece of junk. I've never seen wires of that size on a lighting fixture. Even though I treated it very carefully, the plug broke. Due to the extremely light gauge wires, it was very difficult for me to create my own connector. The ground wire was yellow with a green stripe, instead of black and white, and the live and neutral wires were blue and brown. If you are going to sell this product in the US, use American standards. The only helpful thing in the instructions was that blue wire was live and brown was neutral. They were useless if they weren't. I got it in, be all that as it may. I like the look and function. I would have returned the item if I had bought it at a local store. I went ahead with the install since returning an internet purchased item is less convenient. Many home owners would find this more difficult to install than another light fixture. I don't think purchasing this light is a good idea.

👤The three fixtures look great and a ganga deal! I was going to buy three of the sconce that I had used before in a different house, and I thought that one was a good buy for $70 per fixture because it was very distinctive looking and gave off a good bright light. I saw the 3-pack and decided to go this route. The pack cost about $15 per fixture. My husband installed them. They give off a bright light that lights our stairwell. It doesn't look feminine or masculine but is elegant. It will look good several years from now, but it will be trapped in time soon.

👤Changing the fixture is an early step in my project. I pried the fixture that had a chain on it and replaced it with this. I like the white light on the hallway. The front is made of metal and feels real. I can't see cheap plastic. I like the light a lot and have no complaints about it. The light takes a full second to come on after you flip the switch. Not a big deal. Otherwise, very nice.

👤We were very pleased with the lights in our bathroom renovation. They are light and bright. It was easy to install.

👤I bought this light because it is a very unique light with a cool factor. My husband is building a new guest room for me and I bought it to go inside a closet. I liked this much better than the ugly, ugly "boob lights" that go on ceilings. He is putting the light on the wall instead of the ceiling because it was easier. He put it horizontally. It won't matter if it's on the wall or the ceiling since there are 10 ft ceilings. I would like it to be a little brighter. I didn't expect it to be since it is a wall light and not a closet light. It's not intended to be bright. It does the job and is brighter than most sconces. I'm going to smile every time I walk into that closet. I would definitely buy wall sconces if I had a place to put them in our house. These are a good value. I bought a used light instead of a brand new one since it looked brand new and could have gone anywhere in the house. I highly recommend this light as a wall light and I also recommend thinking outside the box and trying it out. When the room and closet are finished, I may add a photo.

7. Sechars Classic Fashion Painting Stretched

Sechars Classic Fashion Painting Stretched

The canvas wall art for living room is in a size of 20 x 20. HD picture print for wall decor is printed on waterproof canvas. Everything you need to hang your artwork, hook mounted on the wooden frame, come with nails and level, ready to hang easily. The back of the frame is covered with black flannel, which could protect your wall. Shrink wrap and protection corners are packed in a carton box. It's a perfect gift for your friends and relatives, the one who will receive it would be very happy to have it. The fashion wall painting will be the center of attention in any room. They hope that you can find something that will make you relax, or that will make your room look cooler.

Brand: Sechars

👤Love. It is a great addition to a movie room if you get it lined up and hung up.

👤There was great coverage in my theater room. It's easy to hang and the color blends perfectly.

👤It looks great in the theater room and is exactly what I wanted.

8. Clock Unique Theater Popcorn Decorations Best Occasion

Clock Unique Theater Popcorn Decorations Best Occasion

The viny record wall lock Handmade home decor, 12inch vinyl record, 1 AA battery, and handmade home decor. It is a unique gift, the second life of the vinyl record, the cinema design, and it is a very special home decoration and gift. Anniversary,Father's Day,Birthday, Mother's Day, Christmas and any other occasion, show your care. It shows your love for him or her. The Vinyl Record Wall Clock is a great home decoration that will compliment any design and interior. The clock face is a sticker, so it runs on one AA battery.

Brand: Wooibajoy

👤I like the way it was carved. The surface is not normal. It has something on it in spaces, but I guess because it is an old record, one could consider that possibility. I added to our home theater. The clock is very quiet.

👤I bought this for my husband's room. It's a cool looking clock. It's very flimsy so be careful. New batteries should be put in. It doesn't keep the time. I set it for a certain time. I didn't know when I ordered it. It would be coming from China. It took a long time to get here. My husband will keep it as a decoration. It's not worth trying to get it back.

👤It looks great on the wall. It is made of plastic and has a sticker on it. No one should be touching it. The movie room has a unique addition.

👤I run a movie theater in a small town and we get a lot of praise on this clock. It is stronger than I anticipated. Arrives encased in styrofoam. Not a scratch on it!

👤The product description overlooked the noise level. The clock was replaced with silent movement within 24 hours. Looks great. Clever idea. Remember the fingerprints from our old LP's?

👤Love, love! I am happy with this clock. It was perfect! The detail is amazing.

👤The craftsmanship leaves a lot to be desired. The face clock on the old record was scratched.

9. Theater Pieces Vintage Popcorn Classic

Theater Pieces Vintage Popcorn Classic

The quality was well made and came on time. Money back 30 days. You will get 4 different styles of movie theater wall decorations, the amount is enough to meet your needs according to different situations. Add a touch of nostalgia to your entertainment room with an Exquisite design. This movie theater decor is great for a home. These decorations can be used in the bathroom, kitchen and so on. These home theater decor with vintage film reel and theater elements are ideal for displaying in home theaters, family rooms and living rooms, which can cheer up theater themed settings, and accentuate your home theater, family room or living room in an instant. The media room decor and accessories are about 28 x 8 x 0.2 inches in size, very big or small, which can be hung according to your own preference. The retro movie theater decor is made of wood and can be applied many times, and there are 2 hooks on the back so that you can hang it easily.

Brand: Yalikop

👤It's easy to hang up with clear tacs. They add a lot of color and decor to the white walls of my movie themed room. I can add them and lots of small spaces and crevices because they're small. I thought about ordering another set. They are very well made.

👤They look just like the pictures, and are perfect for a small area.

👤Cheaply made is not worth the price.

👤This is great for my theater room.

10. LevvArts Classic Fashion Filmmaking Pictures

LevvArts Classic Fashion Filmmaking Pictures

The fashion wall painting will be the center of attention in any room. They hope that you can find something that will make you relax, or that will make your room look cooler. There is a custom size available. The artwork is printed on canvas. A perfect wall decorations art for living room,bedroom, kitchen,office, hotel,restaurant,dining room,office,bathroom,bar etc. Each panel canvas art has a black hook on the wooden bar ready to hang out of a box. The flannel was covering the tacks. They only give high grade wall art. Please contact them without delay if you have any problems with the item.

Brand: Levvarts

👤I like this picture set. The print quality is perfect, it is very well made, gifts me and is a wonderful addition to a theatre room, family room or den. It is lightweight. I lined it up with the help of Velcro strips. Highly recommend.

👤Our movie room has a beautiful addition. The size is right and the image is good. Definitely would purchase again.

👤I bought this piece for inspiration. My son would like to be a film maker.

11. Vintage Theater Popcorn Painting Decoration

Vintage Theater Popcorn Painting Decoration

This unit is used for many things. It's recommended to connect with 16 speakers. Each zone can be controlled with a different volume. The movie canvas wall art has a frame size of 40x 120 cm. It can be used with a photo frame to decorate your movie room. Modern canvas printed artwork is high quality. High-quality canvas can be used to print pictures. Environmental ink is used to protect your health. The material is waterproof, bright and lustrous. Movie canvas wall art can update your home decoration without the need for expensive paint or wallpaper. A canvas mural is more three-dimensional, can perfectly display the appearance of photos, and can add charm to the room. The actual wall art color may be slightly different from the product image, due to different brands of monitors. This movie canvas wall art is a fun and creative gift for anyone who loves distinctive and artistic gifts. Give this to your loved ones, express your love and concern to them. They will come to you within 8 hours.

Brand: Voenls

👤I expected a sign, but it was rolled up canvas that needed to be mounted to something. It is nice but not what I expected. I don't know if I will return it or mount it on it.

👤The red-orange color blended well with my clients theatre room. I ordered the larger size and it was nice. I wanted it to be wide. The material it is printed on is strong. The picture shows it WRAPPED around a piece of wood, but it is not. It is a canvas poster. If you like it, you can either put it up with push pins or build your own wood frame to wrap it around. I pinned it to the wall because I was using it for a photoshoot, but I probably wouldn't have bought it if I'd known what it was.

👤This is not a canvas like it is pictured, it is a rolled up picture.

👤It was rec'd today. This is just a canvas image rolled up in a tube. The photos of the product on Amazon look like a sign. I don't want to spend more money mounting or framing this image when there are real 3-dimensional home theater media signs on Amazon for less. This experience taught me to read reviews before buying anything. The photos didn't represent the product that was shipped and delivered to me. Returning.

👤It's not a farm, like many others have stated. It appears to be framed in the pics, but the fine print tells you it isn't so that's on me, even though it feels a little shady. I have to build a frame. There are no frames with this dimensions available on Amazon. I'll have to waste time trimming off the border because it's so bad. There are 3 more The colors are dull. They are not like the pics where they are vibrant and pop. The red is more pink. I hope that when I hang it up, it will look better from a distance. Unless you intend to do most of the work yourself, I don't recommend buying this product. You can either take it to a framing shop where they'll charge you hundreds of dollars for a basic frame with these dimensions. I went to Home Depot. I picked up a couple pieces of trim and a sheet of plexiglass that I plan to use on the project. The total cost was around $50-60. Good luck.

👤It's really bad. I would have liked to have read the reviews before ordering. Everyone here has said that this comes like a poster, rolled up in a tube that is only about 1.25" in diameter. I don't know about you all, but when I see the word canvas, it means art that is mounted without a frame on to a raised square structure. This isn't that. It is printed on canvas type fabric. There is a piece of fabric with an image on it. It was annoying and misleading. I don't have time to create a frame right now. I'll probably return it.


What is the best product for home theater decor wall?

Home theater decor wall products from Deco 79. In this article about home theater decor wall you can see why people choose the product. Bestowal and Ialwiyo are also good brands to look for when you are finding home theater decor wall.

What are the best brands for home theater decor wall?

Deco 79, Bestowal and Ialwiyo are some of the best brands that chosen by people for home theater decor wall. Find the detail in this article. Hamilyeah, Skenoart and Changm are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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