Best Home Theater Decorations for Walls

Decorations 1 Jul 2022 10+ Comments Open

1. Vintage Retro Cinema Theater Unique

Vintage Retro Cinema Theater Unique

The size is 8 X 12 inches. Tin Metal Sign is professional quality. They're lightweight and fade resistant. Pre-Drilled holes make hanging easy. There are novelty signs that are perfect for your farmhouse, kitchen, dining room, restaurant or bar. A perfect gift idea for your relatives and friends.

Brand: Vaqiae

👤This was purchased for a party. I was amazed by the quality of the sign. It is heavy metal with bright colors. The birthday girl loved it.

👤Does not look vintage from a distance.

👤This sign was a must have for a huge fan of home theater's. My cinema room looks better thanks to this sign. Adding a touch of old school theatre is a lot of fun. It was worth every cent I paid.

👤I love this. I am going for a vintage theme when I redo my room. This is cute and it is true to the picture. It has a metal tin feel. It is amazing. It feels like it was in the 60s.

2. Ralbay Aluminum Mounted Fixture Bedroom

Ralbay Aluminum Mounted Fixture Bedroom

The wall light is pretty and sturdy. The texture is perfect. The die-casting aluminum painting technology makes this sconce light elegant in design and much more durable. Easy for installation. There is no switch or cord on the light. The US junction box standard requires you to connect to the reserved wire directly. There is an integrated light source. The Ralbay Wall Light has an average lifespan of 50,000 hours. It's a good idea to eliminate the need to replace your bulbs frequently. It was ideal. The Wall Sconce can be used for many things. It was ideal. The Wall Sconce can be used for many things.

Brand: Ralbay

👤I can't connect them. The descriptions are not clear. There is no clue as to what the wires will be used for. Returning tomorrow. Disappointing.

👤These are easy to install. I was surprised that they were angry with metal. It looks and feels solid. The light is warm white and gives a cozy vibe. Everyone who sees these in our office is complimentary.

👤There is a 27 ft hallway and a 10 ft hallway that leads to the garage. Pictures don't show how bright the lights are. They give the hallway a modern look. The electric bill is less with the LEDs.

👤I put this on a white wall. I didn't want a fixture to draw attention to itself. When it's turned on, it's a beautiful light. It's difficult to install if you don't have a second person to hold it in place, as it's attached on the side near the wall with short machine screws, not through the face. The fact that the screw heads are white makes it more attractive. The problem was solved by putting duct tape in place and removing the tape. A phillips screwdriver is a help. You could hold the fixture in place and pick up the screw with the screwdriver.

👤I replaced my bathroom wall light with this light. I was expecting a cheap plastic light, but it turned out to be better than I expected. Solid material with a bright glow. I planned to install two but only one. The bathroom is completely refreshed. $30 is the best spent.

👤I bought this for my home theater room. The components don't sit snug and the light cover is not screwed in so it rattles during loud noises. Installation was a nightmare. I'm not sure if I received a return item. There was no wall brackets, no screws, and no instructions that made sense. The components from my workshop were used to install it. The lights don't work because the driver is in charge. I think half the stuff here are paid reviews or a lemon unit. It is going back either way. Money and time are wasted.

👤I love the price and it looks great in my home studio. The purchase is recommended by me.

👤I had no issues with the fixture itself and the issue was with the supplied light bulb. I will be installing the fixture on a 120V circuit and the bulb that came with it is 220-240V. There is a If you are selling a light fixture that has a voltage range, then you should give us the option of buying a bulb or not. 3000K, 3500K or 4000K bulbs are available. No other suppliers are doing it. Thank you.

👤Le lampade sono bellissime, non fanno luce. Non sono fratto pUNTI LUCE ma lampade normali! Sicuramente ci sono lampade anche pi luminose ma noi abbiamo una sala di 47mq. Ottime! Ben fatte! dalle recensioni dicono la inesistente. A video dimostrativo!

👤Ho acquistato due, arrivate nel tempi attesi. La luminosit quella per un punto corridoio o angolo di una sala. A differenza di altre luci led alimentate a 230 V. Non interferisce la TV o la banda FM, ma una radio AM o ad onde corte. Vedi foto dei disturbi emessi captati al piano inferiore rispetto alla installazione della lampada.

3. Deco 79 51650 Metal Wall

Deco 79 51650 Metal Wall

This movie canvas wall art is a fun and creative gift for anyone who loves distinctive and artistic gifts. Give this to your loved ones, express your love and concern to them. They will come to you within 8 hours. The design is inspired by film. It is easy to mount on any wall surface. Iron construction is durable.

Brand: Deco 79

👤When purchasing this item, be careful. I thought I was buying popcorn, clipboard, and reel art Deco pieces in the main picture, but that's not the case. I got a lot of reels. It was very misleading.

👤I got this one used because the new one seemed a bit pricey. My piece is brand new. It's nice! It's... How do I say this is classy without being boring? The price on the new version isn't that bad compared to other metallic film reel decor. It's very light and easy to hang, and it's exactly the size I expected.

👤I was a bit disappointed when I took this out of the box. The color variation is very small. It is very thin. It looks nice, but for the price, I expected better quality. The pictures show a better color variation than the person sees. I was surprised that the picture I took looked better in the picture.

👤Everyone loved it at my Oscar party. I'm using it in my family room as a permanent decoration. It's a great buy for the price, I love the mixed metals and had to model the loose "tape" when it arrived. I've seen bigger and more expensive decorations. It's not a huge decoration but it's great if you don't have a lot of wall space.

👤We are doing a movie theme in our living room. The location of the mounting holes made hanging it difficult, but this didn't make it hard. It was easier to hang with light weight. The living room looks great.

👤Just as pictured. Jung looks great with other theater wall art. The strip is made of metal. It may be a little out of place, but it can be straightened out. It is worth the price.

👤I wasn't sure if I liked it when I took them out of the box. I loved hanging it on the wall. It was a great addition to our room. I recommend.

4. Minnesota Minneapolis Paintings Decorations Stretched

Minnesota Minneapolis Paintings Decorations Stretched

The frames for the wall art canvas prints are 25 cm x 30 cm. The Canvas Print is Perfectly Stretched on a Wooden Frame with Hooks Mounted on each Panel for easy hanging out of a box. The artwork is printed on canvas with high quality. The actual wall art colors may be slightly different from the product image. Your paintings will be packaged in cardboard to make sure they reach you. If the wall art canvas arrives damaged, they will replace or refund it. Perfect wall decorations paintings for living room, bedroom, kitchen,dining room,office, hotel, bar are ideal for a gift. It will be a unique wall decoration.

Brand: Tumovo

👤The product is ok. Even though the top of the canvas is in line with the one on the other side, the picture doesn't line up correctly because one of the hangers is on the bottom. My husband doesn't mind if he doesn't return. I would return it if it was mine. It's annoying that it doesn't match up. If I can, I will add a picture.

👤I've had good luck with these canvas prints before. This one isn't up to snuff. The canvas isn't centered right so the picture doesn't line up when you hang it. Put this up on a main wall and then moved it into obscurity since I notice a lot of faults whenever I look at it.

👤The canvas is high quality. I tried taking a picture in a dark room, but it didn't do it justice. Bonus points to the seller for hanging it with nails. It's highly recommended for any Eagles fan.

👤I paid a lot of money for this product and I am not impressed with it. The image is off on one side, which causes it to not match the counter canvas, and it is not as crisp as it looks online. I was very disappointed in the purchase. The space in our basement in OSU has some very intricate and highly styled decor. I can't put this picture in that category. I was looking forward to this piece being one of the highlights of the room.

👤A fuzzy image with a bad color. Poor quality all around. Not worth the money.

👤My husband is a Yankees fan. This is to go over the queen bed. It is almost the length of the bed. It didn't give any advice on hanging it. We were able to figure it out. I need a level of spacing. Command strips make it easier to move and level them out.

👤I ordered this for my son's birthday photos. It turned out great.

👤Our son gave this to us in our new house. As we open the door, we will display this on the wall. Our Home Team pride is displayed when we open the door. I was expecting it to have a nicer finish.

5. Vintage Paintings Pictures Artwork Gallery Wrapped

Vintage Paintings Pictures Artwork Gallery Wrapped

The size of the canvas wall art is 12X20 inch x 2 panels, 12X30 inch x 2 panels, and 12X40 inch x 1panel. There are HD prints on grapevines. The latest state of the art colour technology ensures sharp and vivid images every time, with the high quality Glossy Canvas. Framed wall art is ready to hang. The wooden inner frames have a strong hook fixed to them. There are pictures of the wall in the living room. A perfect Christmas and New Year gift, perfect wall decorations for bedroom, kitchen, diningroom, office, hotel, bar, and more. Actual wall art colors may be slightly different from the product image. The package is for artwork. Your paintings will be packaged in bubble wrap and cardboard to make sure they reach you.

Brand: Tumovo

👤These pictures are not as big as you think. I ordered the largest one because I thought it would take up most of the wall, but it is not like the picture shown here. The pictures look small against my wall.

👤The art is on a wood frame canvas. It's a great size to boot. It's a bit flimsy and a bit beat up. It looks like a return. It's worth mentioning to other potential buyers that smaller stuff is worth mentioning. Hopefully they send you a new one because they didn't do that for me. I like it. You only notice it if you're paying attention.

👤I really want to give this 5 stars because I think the image is great, but the center picture is warped and it doesn't look right against the wall, and I'm a perfectionist, so I'm not giving this 5 stars. All the other panels move as you try to line it up. I would glue the pieces together if the picture was straight.

👤The theater room wall looks great! Very well constructed. Extra precautions were taken before shipping the product. It was delivered in the snow and sleet.

👤The set looks great on the wall in my living room. Love it. The frame was too thin. I'm going to buy another set of artwork for the kitchen.

👤I hung them on the wall in the movie room. The description can't give every detail. I like the fact that the prints are stretched over a wooden frame with a hanger in the middle. They are good for money.

👤I purchased the largest size and unlike the images the seller posts that make the product look massive, they aren't very big. The dimensions in the description made me aware of that. The less they look nice, the better. I am happy with my purchase.

👤I really wanted to like this artwork. The size and color was what I was looking for. There is a The plastic wrap was removed from a few of the panels. The first has some frame marks on the top. Even though the frame was flat, the second panel had ripples in the canvas. I will return.

👤Un cinéma maison est parfait et tellement original. I am semble pas de trs grande qualité, et est beaucoup plus mépire.

👤Wow, the image is gorgeous!

👤The media room has it installed.

👤It took me awhile to arrive from China, but the product is good.

6. Painting Clapper Filmmaking Pictures Decoration

Painting Clapper Filmmaking Pictures Decoration

Warm tips: Due to different brand of monitors, actual wall art colors may be slightly different from the product image. The size is changeable. A high-resolution image is achieved by using professional artwork. The canvas printed with high resolution by the latest and most advanced color technology has the characteristics of waterproof and moist. The canvas artwork is stretched on wooden frames and ready to hang. The real product might be slightly different from the on-line image due to the computer color display differences.

Brand: Skenoart

👤This wall art is a great addition to my home theater. It was easy to hang. Our decor is perfect because of the image tones. I was very pleased with the purchase. The theatre is complete.

👤This item was a gift and I really like it. Thanks for creating it!

7. Admit Movie Theatre Ticket Theater

Admit Movie Theatre Ticket Theater

The package is wonderful. Each clock has its own protected box with clock hands attached. Their return/refund period is 30 days if you have a problem. The wall decor for your home movie theater is perfect. A metal sign is a great gift for friends or family. Black and Red finish adds Hollywood Style to any room. A large "ADMIT ONE" movie ticket tin metal wall sign is 12" long and8" wide. Brand new sign is in manufacturer's packaging.

Brand: Tg,llc

👤It was quick! The metal is very strong. It's not heavy or light. The detail is perfect. There is a movie themes room.

👤It was a nice size. Good for gift or decor.

👤The company name is printed on the bottom of the issue. Quality and size are nice. Red is true.

👤It was nice to show up. There were no problems. A small. I thought it was bigger.

👤Looks good. There is a nice addition to my movie room.

👤It was a great decoration for the movie room.

8. Sechars Classic Fashion Painting 16x24inchesx3pcs

Sechars Classic Fashion Painting 16x24inchesx3pcs

The total size of the wall art set is 48x 24. HD picture print for wall decor is printed on waterproof canvas. Everything you need to hang your artwork, hook mounted on the wooden frame, come with nails and level, ready to hang easily. The back of the frame is covered with black flannel, which could protect your wall. Shrink wrap and protection corners are packed in a carton box. It's a perfect gift for your friends and relatives, the one who will receive it would be very happy to have it. The fashion wall painting will be the center of attention in any room. They hope that you can find something that will make you relax, inspire you, or just make your room look cooler.

Brand: Sechars

👤These pictures looked great when they were installed in their place after we gave this as a present. The quality and packaging was great and it was perfect for a small area. The canvasses have a cloth band around the part that helps them stay put and avoid movement and tilt, which is a nice detail we have not seen on regular posters. It has its own level tool. That was attention to detail.

👤The canvas art is great for the room. The large was bought by us. I would like to see the pieces sold separately. The third picture does not fit in our space. The pictures were packaged well and had great hangers, which made hanging them easy. The neutral colors would work in a variety of rooms. We are very happy with this purchase.

👤These are cheap and small.

👤This was bought for our home theater room. It is a good size for our space and the picture looks good from a distance. It was packaged well and easy to hang. We were satisfied with our purchase.

👤These are nice for the price. The colors are pretty. They aren't the highest-quality canvas, but they are better than expected. The images have a shadowing on them.

👤It is easy to hand and appears well made.

👤They are described. Very nice and big. It took almost 5 weeks to arrive, so I gave it 4 stars. I didn't know it was from China.

9. Lighting Fixture Acrylic Bedroom Conservatory

Lighting Fixture Acrylic Bedroom Conservatory

There is a 10-year limited warranty. The size was made of high quality. The lamp holder and light shell are made of high quality pure aluminum. It will produce a soft and romantic light in the room. Installation is easy with Wall/Surface mounted, wired. Can be mounted vertically or horizontally. Under the guidance of the electrician, please install. Soft and warm lighting tones give a bright atmosphere. Low power consumption and no harmful chemicals. It's perfect for living room, kitchen,dining room,bedroom,stair,balcony,path,patio and hallway lighting. ChangM is always behind its products. If you have any problems with the product, please don't hesitate to contact them. ChangM is always behind its products. If you have any problems with the product, please don't hesitate to contact them.

Brand: Changm

👤There is a few seconds delay when you flip the switch before the light turns on.

👤The wall light was a replacement for the stairway light. It is an attractive piece and once installed, it lights the stairway up well so it is a good light. I am not a professional electrician, but I am a capable electrician with a good number of lighting installs in my experience so my thoughts are not those of someone frustrated by a lack of skill or knowledge. This is a piece of junk. I've never seen wires of that size on a lighting fixture. Even though I treated it very carefully, the plug broke. Due to the extremely light gauge wires, it was very difficult for me to create my own connector. The ground wire was yellow with a green stripe, instead of black and white, and the live and neutral wires were blue and brown. If you are going to sell this product in the US, use American standards. The only helpful thing in the instructions was that blue wire was live and brown was neutral. They were useless if they weren't. I got it in, be all that as it may. I like the look and function. I would have returned the item if I had bought it at a local store. I went ahead with the install since returning an internet purchased item is less convenient. Many home owners would find this more difficult to install than another light fixture. I don't think purchasing this light is a good idea.

👤The three fixtures look great and a ganga deal! I was going to buy three of the sconce that I had used before in a different house, and I thought that one was a good buy for $70 per fixture because it was very distinctive looking and gave off a good bright light. I saw the 3-pack and decided to go this route. The pack cost about $15 per fixture. My husband installed them. They give off a bright light that lights our stairwell. It doesn't look feminine or masculine but is elegant. It will look good several years from now, but it will be trapped in time soon.

👤Changing the fixture is an early step in my project. I pried the fixture that had a chain on it and replaced it with this. I like the white light on the hallway. The front is made of metal and feels real. I can't see cheap plastic. I like the light a lot and have no complaints about it. The light takes a full second to come on after you flip the switch. Not a big deal. Otherwise, very nice.

👤We were very pleased with the lights in our bathroom renovation. They are light and bright. It was easy to install.

👤I bought this light because it is a very unique light with a cool factor. My husband is building a new guest room for me and I bought it to go inside a closet. I liked this much better than the ugly, ugly "boob lights" that go on ceilings. He is putting the light on the wall instead of the ceiling because it was easier. He put it horizontally. It won't matter if it's on the wall or the ceiling since there are 10 ft ceilings. I would like it to be a little brighter. I didn't expect it to be since it is a wall light and not a closet light. It's not intended to be bright. It does the job and is brighter than most sconces. I'm going to smile every time I walk into that closet. I would definitely buy wall sconces if I had a place to put them in our house. These are a good value. I bought a used light instead of a brand new one since it looked brand new and could have gone anywhere in the house. I highly recommend this light as a wall light and I also recommend thinking outside the box and trying it out. When the room and closet are finished, I may add a photo.

10. Decoluce Nautical Spotlight Industrial Fixtures

Decoluce Nautical Spotlight Industrial Fixtures

The industrial tripod floor lamp is designed with a tripod base and projection lamps. A variety of angles of light needs can be met with the use of a portable floor lamp, black light cable decoration, and long wire operated foot switch. Natural Solid Wood Floor Lamp- With retro look antique marine ship searchlight nautical floor lamp, for big boat interiror decoration,simulate ship marine living scene. The Cinema Theater Style Lamp- Calssic polished black camera looking lamp shade,Mouted on solid beechwood easel triopods, can create an atmosphere. Vintage retro art decor for entryway, living room, office,Cafe, Hotel, studio, bedroom. Vintage retro art decor for entryway, living room, office,Cafe, Hotel, studio, bedroom.

Brand: Dec Luce Decoluce Lighting

👤Soft lighting with a neat look. It was packaged with more hardware. It seems very sturdy and well made. It is not a bright light because it is not strong enough. I chose the amber colored bulb to complete my room's industrial feel. I bought it because it ties in with my decor and I am not sure if it is worth the price. I wish it had a stronger watt bulb. It is a 5 stars.

👤The lamp looks pretty good, but I was disappointed in the build quality. The good has an off foot flower, which is a good thing. The lamp is probably with $60 at most. - The lamp's legs are flimsy, not heavy wood, and it uses a tiny screw to level all three legs. If you lose this tiny screw, good luck, because the legs will not stand without one, but if you don't include a dimmer on the cord, it doesn't come with a bulb. You can find the design of this lamp cheaper if you throw in a bulb. Do I plan on returning it? Can I recommend it? Yes and no. You can find cheaper lamps if you can afford to spend $150 on a lamp.

👤This was the perfect accent piece as we were updating our home theatre room. It is well made and looks great. It does not come with any bulbs. I bought some that were not the right size. Standard size bulbs are not used. Carefully read lamp details. Under bulbs that are frequently bought together, choose.

👤The table lamp is beautiful. The materials it is made of are of good quality. It was much larger than anticipated. I was surprised to see it in person. If you're looking for a small table lamp or one that's conservative on space, this is not the one for you. Some reviewers stated that it provided very little light. I used the recommended 60 watt e26 bulb and it's far more decorative than a light source for your room. I'm very happy with the lamp. Will probably have to look for a different one that will give me more light. This one makes a pretty stunning statement piece.

👤I love this lamp. I was looking for a lamp that added art to it. I can use the app to control the bulb from my phone. It is not a lamp to light a room but it is a nice focal point in the room. Love is in the air!

👤I was looking for a lamp that was unique. I was surprised at the price of the lamp, but I would just return it if it was bad. I was surprised. The lamp was very high quality and the seller included a set of extra screws and washers in case you ever needed replacements. Very thoughtful. The quality is excellent. The lamp fixture is made from high quality materials. The legs are finished and the hardware is nice. I am very happy with my purchase, it was just what I was looking for. This lamp is very good.

11. YOENYY Theater Cinema Personalized Design

YOENYY Theater Cinema Personalized Design

Made of 100% grade A linen. The dimensions are 45 cm x 45 cm. There is a way to close the cover. The hidden slide design is good looking. The front side is where the pattern is. INSERT is not included. The spelling error in science fiction is fixed.

Brand: Yoenyy

👤I always go to Amazon for cute affordable homegoods and the pillow covers are an awesome addition to my bonus room. I covered old pillows that I wasn't using. I made a theater out of my loft bonus room.

👤Absolutely perfect. I decided to use 18 inch pillows because of the reviews and complaints about the size of pillows, but I had some uncertainty because of the reviews and complaints about the size of pillows. The 18-inch pillows fit perfectly. I was worried about the strength of the material as some people complained that they had torn their pillows. This is a good material to use. It's not proof of stupidity. It is possible to insert a pillow without ripping the zip, however you need to be smart to do that. I'm very pleased with the purchase.

👤The pillow covers are of good quality. When my boyfriend ordered them, he thought he was ordering pillows, but he was surprised to find they were covers. It will be easy to find pillows inside the covers. They will look great with our other theater decor and furniture.

👤My living room cinema theme is brought together by these pillow cases. They are a canvas that feels rough, but I think that is going to keep them strong. These pillow cases are very good.

👤The 4 pillows had a good value. They are made of heavy burlap. It's fairly easy to squash a pillow insert. I was surprised to see that there was a mistake. The reviewer had noted this before. Someone is not looking at the reviews. It's not a big deal for my movie room. It's spelled wrong and no one is perfect, that's a nice laugh. Now is the time to fix it.

👤The pillow covers are made with hidden zippers and have great print quality. They look better on person than they do online. I wanted the pillow inserts to be flatter, not fatter. This purchase is something I would recommend.

👤Our media room has perfect covers.

👤These are good quality canvas pillow cases, but they don't come with pillow inserts. I was looking for something to make the family room feel like a movie theater. I wore old throw pillows that I didn't like. I am very pleased with the look and feel.

👤Si tienes una fan del cine, una pena, una fabricado, una excelente material.

👤The set of four only had one.


What is the best product for home theater decorations for walls?

Home theater decorations for walls products from Vaqiae. In this article about home theater decorations for walls you can see why people choose the product. Ralbay and Deco 79 are also good brands to look for when you are finding home theater decorations for walls.

What are the best brands for home theater decorations for walls?

Vaqiae, Ralbay and Deco 79 are some of the best brands that chosen by people for home theater decorations for walls. Find the detail in this article. Tumovo, Tumovo and Skenoart are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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