Best Home Theater Equipment Stand

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1. Projector Bluetooth HOWWOO Portable Compatible

Projector Bluetooth HOWWOO Portable Compatible

You can adjust the screen size from 40 to 300" to match your favorite way, enjoy immersive cinema experience anytime and anywhere. 8500L and Native1080P HD. The HowWOO outdoor projector has a native resolution of1080P, 8500L extraordinary brightness, and 10,000:1 dynamic contrast, which makes it an excellent audio-visual experience. This portable projector has built-in 10W dual stereo speakers with sound system, providing a great auditory sense experience. The updated silent cooling system has a noise reduction process. The movie projector with 2*HDMI,USB,VGA,AV port, the 1080P mini projector can connect with a lot of devices. The package includes a projector screen, aAV cable, power cable, remote control, user Munual, and a lens. The package includes a projector screen, aAV cable, power cable, remote control, user Munual, and a lens.

Brand: Howwoo

👤The projector is portable because it is more compact than I was expecting. It works with both my PC and my phone. You can either connect directly to its wi-fi or use a 2.4 GHz network to share it with others. If you turn your phone sideways, it will use the full projection screen. I like not having to worry about cables, but you can use a cable connection if you want. Even in bright light, the picture quality is great. I have two 4K TVs. The screen in the video was 100inches and the quality was excellent. It's the first projector I have had that allows sound to be shared via a wireless network. I use my cable company's flex but it allows me to use a firestick or a streaming service like Apple TV or something like that. I have already mentioned some cool things, but here are a few more I like. It has a lens cap 2. The focus adjustment is easy to adjust in small amounts. (). You will see what I mean if you have ever adjusted a projector focus. This is usually a pain to get right without continuous fiddling but the Keystone is very smooth and works really well. You can get a holder for the screen or stick it to a wall. The projector is the best from a quality and features perspective. It's just what I need because I can project the sound to a speaker and have it mirror my screen.

👤A fire stick is what I use to watch my subscriptions. It was clear and Crisp. There is a picture on a wall. You do not need a screen. The picture is clear and crisp. It was put up to a Bose 123 system. My theater is for $150. So happy. It was the best purchase ever.

👤I'm sold on this projector. I really like built-in wi-fi and blue tooth. The projector is small, light, and has a proper connection to mount on a tripod which helps to keep from having to fiddle with the keystone, angles, etc. More than I want to. The picture and sound were clear and bright. I could not ask for more. We use a couple of projectors for holiday decorating and movie nights inside. I can use my phone to cast media in from my screen and send the audio out with the unit that has both wi-fi and bluetooth. If I want to watch something on the side of my garage, I just grab the projector and extension cord. This also means that it is easier to break it down and we are using it more and more. Who has time to set up multiple gadgets with small children? I connected directly from my phone to the projector, and it worked like a charm. The package included a projector screen and mounting hardware. The projector and screen really enhanced the quality and brightness, I used it on multiple surfaces and it was a great bonus. There are two connections: one is a HDMI 1x and the other is a VGA 1x and aUSB 1x. Headphone audio out.

2. Great Northern Popcorn Matinee Movie

Great Northern Popcorn Matinee Movie

850 watt is top quality and certified. The 850W theater style popcorn maker has an 8oz kettle that makes about 3 gallons of popcorn, a heated deck to keep this snack fresh, and an old maids drawer that collects the reject kernels for easy clean up. The Matinee style popcorn popper has an attractive design that captures the vintage charm of antique machines. It brings the feeling of a movie theater to your home or event. The mobile cart has a working shelf, a storage cabinet, and 2 bicycle style tires. The ready to assemble design of the cart makes it easier to transport. The machine is easy to use and makes popping popcorn fast and easy. The 3-switch design allows you to use different things at the same time. The product is made of metal, steel and glass. The machine top is 14.2 x 13.6 x 22.8 inches. The machine is 21 L x16.5 W x 53 H. Measuring cups, popcorn bags, and a popcorn scoop are included. The ETL was approved. Assembly is required. The components include a popcorn machine, cart, kettle, glass doors, and 50 popcorn bags.

Brand: Great Northern Popcorn Company

👤After much research, we decided this was the best option for the price and would fit our needs perfectly. This is used occasionally for home use at parties we host. The package arrived within 3 days and we had a big party the next day. The box was broken in places and we could hear something was broken inside. The warming light was the only thing in the box that didn't have any type of protection. We took everything else out and noticed that there was a small scratch on two of the legs. It would have been difficult to send the machine back. It was more for aesthetic purposes and didn't compromise the weight of the machine. Instructions were clear and everything went smoothly. We noticed there were two screws and two bolts missing when we put the storage bin together, it would not hold the weight of the machine. We get to the last part of putting this thing together, but we find 2 missing screws. We were a bit frustrated. We were able to use the extra screws and bolts my husband had, but that's not the point. I will update this review after I hear from Great Northern Popcorn. We loved the popcorn. The prepacked GNW brand tastes like popcorn. The butter is fresh and not too salty. It's very easy to use. The popcorn machine was well worth the money, and we have no regrets about buying it. We will definitely use it. If it weren't for the missing pieces, we would have given 5 stars.

👤The popper was delivered with the cart. I am disabled and don't always have the best mobility. Assembly was very easy. Put the wheels under the handle if you read this before buying. The legs were put on backwards. The wheels were facing the same way. You can put the legs on backwards. Ours was in perfect condition. Some have experienced broken glass, dents, scratches, and other things here. It was packed well. We used the Great Northern Popcorn Company for 3 batches. We may have had a number of unpopped kernels after the 3rd batches. Almost all had popped. The popcorn came out with the right amount of butter and salt. I'm very happy with this popper. If things change, I will update in the future.

👤We went to the movies once a week. The days of those days are over. We watch movies in the entertainment room a few times a week. I decided to buy a popcorn machine. It's amazing and we've used it many times. The popcorn tastes like theater popcorn. My kids love it. The popcorn we bought has the oil and butter flavor which is easy to make. Once it's done, we add more butter flavoring. I wipe the inside down with dry paper towels to get rid of any leftover glass. I think this helps the flavor of the popcorn, as I'm sure over time it will affect the taste of the popcorn. The product is great so far.

3. Three Floating DVD DVR Shelf

Three Floating DVD DVR Shelf

The wall mount shelf is compatible with wood and concrete walls. Your unit is mounted at the perfect height with the floating shelf feature. The floating shelf can hold up to a whopping 16 lbs. You can place multiple components on this wall shelf. The product comes with an easy to use instruction manual for quick and easy installation. The TV shelf is easy to install. Their wall mounted shelf is built with one large strengthened glass shelf (13.78 x 11 x 14.76 inch shelf and 4mm thick), designed for DVD/blu-ray Players, Satellite/Cable Boxes, Games consoles, Hi-fi and Surround Sound. US base customer support. The DVD shelf mount has all of the mounting hardware. They are happy to answer your questions about the shelf. US base customer support. The DVD shelf mount has all of the mounting hardware. They are happy to answer your questions about the shelf.

Brand: Perlesmith

👤I'm there. Thanks for taking the time to read! Steven is my name. I ordered a few of them. I absolutely love them! There is a I'm able to stack three individual units. It helps the space look high and tight. I now have more room in my room. That's right! Not only that. I wanted to say that I am a pro at it because I live in Omaha, Nebraska and I feel like I have install these two so fast. Not even joking. That's how easy it is. There is a If you ever need help or are unsure what to do, you can order a TV mount. Send me an email or text. I'll be more than happy to help.

👤The cable box and DVD player were placed under the TV in front of my treadmill with the help of a great little bracket. I only used 2 shelves because I wanted the extra length of the cable management/shelf brackets. The instructions were clear and it was well made. The only problem was getting the cables behind the plastic pieces. I loosened the wall's main part so that I could get the cables behind the plastic and then tightened it again. It would be beneficial to have help with the cable route.

👤The mounting design of the shelves made me choose this one. There are screw down mounts on the back of each shelf. If you read user reviews, you'll see that the shelves are loose over time. I thought it was appropriate to write a review since someone took the time to write a very information review that helped me make my decision, and I found out this important fact from a user review. The total height is over 18 inches, so I wouldn't give it 5 stars. I was hoping it was a bit longer. The bottom of the shelves are not stained like the tops. Installation was easy and when assembled it has a nice form factor. It looks good on the wall.

👤I was a little hesitant about ordering these shelves. The price seemed a little too good to be true, but I just needed some strong but compact shelves on which to store the components on the other side of the wall from my main TV. I was pleasantly surprised to see that the unit had a small level and a HDMI cord, even though the shelves take a bit to assemble. The shelves are made of good quality glass, and they hold my equipment with ease. Excellent for the price!

👤The shelf was exactly what I needed and it was a good quality for the price. Before you start installing, replace the two mounting bolts that come with them. Save yourself a lot of money by buying steel bolts. I had to cut it off with a Dremel tool because one of the bolts broke and I had to use a drill. The things were useless even after a drill was used. The quality seems good for the price.

4. Nostalgia CCP510BK Professional Kettle 53 Tall Black

Nostalgia CCP510BK Professional Kettle 53 Tall Black

This unit pops up to 32 cups of popcorn per batches to keep popcorn buckets full. The Theater Hot Air & Kettle Kit is a perfect popcorn kit. Popcorn Oil and Seasoning Packs, Reusable Popcorn Bowls, and the Pre-Measured Coconut Oil Popcorn Kit are available. The kettle has a dual-hinged lid that can easily empty popcorn and a built-in stirring system. The kettle can be removed for easy cleaning. Tempered glass windows are scratch and heat resistant to keep you and your family safe. Lighted interior creates a fun and pleasant room, and allows you to watch popcorn. TILT SERVING DOOR is a tilt-out door that makes it easy to scoop and serve popcorn. Popcorn serving accessories can be stored in the base of the unit.

Brand: Nostalgia

👤Wow! I am very disappointed in the customer service from this manufacturer. We had this for 1.5 years and the warming bulb stopped working. It is a standard appliance bulb. Right, no big deal? The thing shattered when I tried to remove it. Not all of the time. The case wouldn't budge. I heard a crack as I was twisting. I removed the top of the unit to see why I couldn't open the bulb sockets. The reason? The base of the bulb had been put in place. Why? Why would that be done? I can't use the warming bulb because the ceramic case cracked. I contacted customer service and they said I could buy another one for $25, but they fell back on the out of warranty excuse. They said that I broke it and they couldn't do anything about it. Guess I will fix it myself with a $5 part from Lowe's. The machine makes popcorn. This product is not good for quality control. I bought the popcorn maker with my own money, because I didn't get paid for the review.

👤The machine I bought for my new business was thought to be the same size as another machine. That machine was 8 ounces. This thing is large enough to hold a popcorn. The PLEXI GLASS is not real. If you need a high price toy for your kids, buy this. It is very unhappy waste of money.

👤It works well for the entire office. The popped corn brings out a lot of un-popped kernels, but it does have a catch tray for them, and it could be related to the corn I have not the popper. The pot stopped working and it was not used for a while. If we have to throw out the entire machine, we are investigating if we can just replace the kettle.

👤The popcorn kettle gets stuck when it's full.

👤The item was rusted and scratched when it was in the box. They got back to me and said I had to return it. I wanted replacement parts, but they said no. I wouldn't hold out for a manufacturer's warranty on this product.

👤We eat a lot of popcorn. I bought this for my family and they used it daily for a couple months. The heating element went after a little while. I had to contact the company multiple times to get the parts that fell under their one year warranty replaced.

👤This thing is great for popcorn. I highly recommend it. My machine had a flaw. The popcorn cooking pot had one of its gears come off. I found the gear, but I couldn't find the piece that holds it on the drive shaft. I used a piece of metal wire to hold the gear on. It seems to work for now. I would like the instructions to show a schematic or a list of replacement parts so that I can order the piece that holds the gear on to the drive shaft. The Great Northern Popcorn, 6-Ounce Portion Packs are a must have for this popcorn machine. They make great tasting popcorn and are easy to use.

5. Nexera 101012 Jasper Audio Truffle

Nexera 101012 Jasper Audio Truffle

There are 4 open storage shelves. It's easy to get wire access for your electronic devices. It was designed and made in Canada. The ship is from order date. It's required. Dark brown finish. Dark brown finish.

Brand: Nexera

👤The narrowest audio furniture is available. More on that later. I was expecting something flimsy, like the typical build-it-yourself pressboard furniture from your big box stores. The furniture is made of pressboard, but it is different from the typical offerings. The boards are heavier, thicker, and more substantial than you would expect from this type of furniture. It is thoughtfully designed in both construction and function. It looks good. Each of the 3 shelves has 3 positions available. I have a standard sized audio gear. It's the width that you can rack-mount, so small that it can fit in a 19" rack. My gear is heavy. I had a very small space to put it in. A 19" rack could fit there. It was too wide. The furniture is large enough to fit the audio gear, but doesn't waste any space, being as wide as a 19" rack. It is deep enough to hold my equipment. The top shelf is 75 lbs. The shelves are rated for 25 lbs and the bottom is not. The supported weights are being conservative by the manufacturer. The shelves can easily hold more than 25 lbs. They include a locking disk that I haven't worked out yet, but seems to add sturdiness to the setup. The audio shelving unit is exactly what I was looking for. Good looking and highly functional. It is much cheaper than the equivalent rack.

👤I will be installing a new large-screen TV after buying this. I chose it because it seemed to be small yet still has enough room inside, it has a reasonable wood appearance, and it is well vented to keep the electronics cool and allow access for wiring. The product is all of these. The assembly took about half an hour because I was familiar with the cam-and-screw process and had just assembled an Ikea product. There are very few different parts to keep track of, because the side and back panels are identical. The unit is solid. I put my own in. The felt pads on the floor are thick. I still have decisions to make about my components, so I haven't yet put the shelves in. I would have given this 5 stars, but for two reasons. 1. There was a chip in one corner of the base. The furniture touch-up kit was recommended by one of the reviewers. The chip is almost invisible. The sellers of veneered furniture need to take care of their packaging. My chest of drawers were perfect. 2. The price is high. The cost of a whole 6 ft bookcase of the same construction and quality is about the same or a few dollars more.

👤I was surprised at how heavy the panels were. It's really heavy and solid. As good as it can get. The instructions say 25 lbs per shelf with 75 on the top shelf. 75 lbs for your receiver. It is a process to put together. I took 45 minutes because I'm slow. If you aren't scrambling, 20-45 minutes is realistic. It uses lots of cam locks, which is fine for the application. The bottom bolts have an allen wrench on them. I was able to get this unit together. There is no wiggle and you can rock it in all directions. happy with that I can fit a good-sized Yamaha receiver and 5 games consoles on my house. It holds the weight. There was no wobble. The open sides and back give my consoles plenty of air. It works great for my gaming/movies oriented setup, and holds more than the large cabinet I was using before. It's small, but big. The shelves use pegs to sit securely. I was able to get this set up. I am happy with my customer service. This is a very good piece of furniture. It will last a lifetime with care. Highly recommended.

6. Mount Projector Rolling Adjustable Presentation

Mount Projector Rolling Adjustable Presentation

The DJ laptop stand can be used by many people. It's perfect for a studio or stage. TILE WORKSTATION: With two trays, you can mount more than one projector, laptop, or any combination of equipment and devices, saving you time and space. The tray can be adjusted to 57.5" with the top tray able to tilt up to 30 in both directions. It's easy to get easy portability. The portable design makes it easy to roll and maneuver the projector stand. You can adjust your station with 4 smooth-gliding omnidirectional casters and 2 locks built-in. Heavy-DUTY DURABLE: The frame of the projector stand, its wide base, and metal lips were all designed to hold heavy use and travel. The projector stand can hold up to 88 lbs. Even during the longest presentations, keep your media devices running cool. Their cooling vents are designed to keep your projector from overheating.

Brand: Mount-it!

👤I bought this to hold my projector, which weighed a bit more than the smaller mini projectors, and after realizing that my tripod tray that I bought wasn't going to cut it, I invested a bit more to get something more solid. The item arrived in a huge box, so I thought it would be put together already. I opened it and found a much smaller box with all the pieces. The instructions were not written by a well known company that loves meatballs. The top part was a bit odd, but I got most of it done within a few minutes. It's supposed to allow for tilt, but you have to hold it somewhat even while you screw the part in, and I didn't realize that you had to tighten the knob to get it to tilt. That is the only difficulty I had with this item. I'm very pleased with it and it seems very solid, even more than I had thought. A small monkey can swing off of this thing.

👤The rest of the review is long, so I decided to buy this below. The price is 3.0 in the 2nd price tier. Would I buy it again knowing what I know? Maybe, but probably not. I would break my budget and go up to tier (c) because of it. The top criteria is stability, which is mostly meets with hiccups. There are design flaws that could easily be fixed, but they impose some stability issues which required me to adjust the feet after every use. Either the design needs closer tolerances or there needs to be top screws at the base's cross bar/leg bar attachment point. If you are inclined, metal shims can be used to make it more stable. I don't have to go through the pain of adjusting the height because the lower fixed shelf and top shelf are close enough to what I need. My opinion is that the "adjustable" part is when you choose the height. It's good enough for now. I guess I got what I paid for. Adding just a minimum of 4 additional screws would have made this much better. The frame is mild steel. The shelves seem to be 3/32" mild steel. The steel was easy to bend into/out of shape, which is what the bolts do during assembly, as this is required to overcome the loose part fit. I decided to buy this item because of the three price ranges: a) low end (30$+), b) mid level (70$+), and c) high end (180-250$) 2xbump up. I would be willing to use my least expensive portable projector if it were possible to guarantee that it wouldn't fall over and be broken. It should be within a budget. 3. It's nice to have a range of 24 to 42. On a flat or hard surface. Non-criteria 4. Storage footprint #1 means that it will be stable once set up. Someone walks by the image on the screen. The mechanical base footprint was either too small or there was a significant potential added mechanical instability due to its design, so I chose mostly tripods. The reviews seem to reflect those concerns, all of which have been dropped because my projector/laptop are at the risk of falling/breaking. Even though the tripod designs seemed ideal for my purpose, I had reservations about long term stability, so the majority of them were dubious choices for me. As the set height increases, the vertical moment arm with a weight at the end can quickly hit a tipping point. It's out of my price range. I would look at ULINE's H-9014 portable desk design, as well as the tripod design from the Rolands, on my short list. There are two main choices for the same design. The design seems to have three specific design/mechanical flaws, including the attachment point between cross bar and leg bar in base, and the ease of adjustment of vertical height. The metal is mid-weight mild steel and has a few tack points of welding. The fit of parts is loose and the cross bar to leg bars had a small gap when legs were placed into the U holder. To provide stability in the base, the screws need to be tightened to bend the mild steel against the leg bars. There is a gap between the top of the leg bars and the cross bar. You don't have to keep adjusting the feet to maintain 4 point contact on a flat surface if you use this slop. The good news is that even a small amount of tightening the cross bolts to near striping failure point will not be enough to prevent the leg bars from changing position over time. I'm thinking of getting some metal shims to help with the two mating surfaces. A design change to include two screws on the top would prevent the leg arms from pivoting up/down due to the gap in the mating surfaces. I can easily put 22mil metal between the cross bar and leg mounting surfaces once it is assembled. Attachment tolerances are proving insufficient at preventing up/down movement. I hope that adding shims between the surfaces will help with this. The instructions say to place the locking members at the same side of the leg bars as the locking wheel. The issue with the 4 rollers having alignment issues over time makes it difficult for one to have less weight on it, making just 2 locking wheels insufficient for the placement stability I was looking for. The design would have been better with 4 locking wheels. The unit was constantly at risk of being pivoted if any brushed up against it because one of the locking wheels had sufficient contact weight. I've used this 3 times and have had to adjust the wheels 4 times to keep it stable. Leaving the wheels unlocked has been more helpful than locking them. The wheels are hard plastic and tend to glide when locked. If I decide to keep using this, I would replace the caster with a neoprene one, and then take out the bottom cross bar/leg connection pivot/wobble. Applying the same principle to the cross bar and leg bars would fix a lot of sins with this design. There is a cross through a bolt. I'm not sure if the cross bolt does anything with regards to stability. The top 4 bolts provided the same amount of connection stability in both axes. The cross bolt was the only bolt in the original design, and the 4 top screws were added later to remove unacceptable wobble on the vertical pole. It makes sense that the higher the vertical pole is adjusted, the easier it would be for you to use your laptop at the end of your arm. Fit and finish can get knocked down by a lot if the base is not tight. The top plate was from the manf process and had wear from how the container was designed. The 4 point tack welding of the vertical pole to the mounting plate and the side arm is one of the knocks on fit and finish. The mechanical wear ability of this design would have been better if the pole and mounting plate had been welded completely. On fatigue crack in one weld point and the other three are likely to not be far behind vis-a-vis time/use basis. The pole is adjusted with bolts. You have to manually align the top pole as you raise and lower to make sure there are no holes in the inner pole. At the lowest setting the top bolt goes through the plastic end cap that is free to spin. Go through the whole procedure again if you want to adjust the pole height. I'll use a permanent silver ink marker to draw horizontal lines around the inner pole holes and the bolt holes in the center to make finding black easier. There is a lot of slop in between the outer and inner poles, so two bolts are needed to prevent pivot wobbling of the inner pole. This is ok for this price point, but it was another vote point when I was assembling that "adjustable" height. Not at every use. The directions are on the left, but I'm right handed, so put them on the right. This was above the fixed shelf. I switched them to the left after one use because they were hard to get to while the shelf was in use. If the unit was more easy to adjust, it would be less of a problem, but it would be a pain to adjust since you have to manually align everything using a flashlight. I won't be adjusting this often. There are two plastic shims that are slightly rounded to help connect the pole to the top plate. I pre-fitting these and attaching them with a bit of silicone before adding the top plate. I tried a temporary method of holding them in place while assembling and then cutting them off. I had to disassemble to get the cross through carriage bolts square end to seat better, but it didn't have the square holes that the pole does. The fit/finish or manf issue with both was that the hole within the pole was not square cut as needed and both needed plastic shims and carriage through bolts.

7. Powered Bluetooth Loudspeakers Speakers Microphone

Powered Bluetooth Loudspeakers Speakers Microphone

700 watt power. The PA system has a power output of 700 watt MAX / 350 wattRMS so you can play your favorite tracks loud and with style. There are 8” subs and 1” texting. The active plus passive PA speaker kit has high performance compression drivers and titanium diaphragms for stereo sound. The PA Speaker supports wireless audio streaming and works with a variety of devices. It's ideal for DJ parties in the backyard or indoors. The audio input includes a 3.5mm AUX input, SpeakOn Input, and a karaoke microphone. TheCONFIGURATION: The rear panel of the heavy duty PA system has a button control center that you can use to adjust the audio levels to your liking.

Brand: Pyle

👤I needed a quick solution to give a speech to 60 people at a venue with no sound reinforcement. I used a wireless mic I already owned to connect to this setup and it was adequate for a small job. This is a nice little kit for a small party or presentation. The stands are too short and the cable that connects the speakers to each other is too short. The kit shows why it was so cheap. It has a place in this world. I keep the kit in my office. I will keynote a 40 person mini- conference next month and I may only use the active speaker to boost my voice. I need the boost in the room to keep my voice strong. It does the job for backyard parties and small professional gatherings, so don't imagine you'll throw a rave with this gear.

👤This was purchased for a wedding rehearsal dinner. It works for this purpose. I didn't want it to fill the room with sound. It works well for this purpose. The speakers and stands are made of plastic. The microphone was the only disappointment. It is terrible. Make sure you don't use line input or mic input when connected to it. The volume level was too low. You could talk louder. I don't think this is a fault of the PA system. I had a cheap mic that worked better than the one I had. I bought a wireless mic and it worked great. The sound quality was good and the function worked well. It has a radio which I tried but didn't use much. It worked, but it appeared to have a lower signal level than my other radios. It's probably due to an inadequate internal antenna. The mic was the only problem with the PA system.

👤They are good for the price. Don't expect Earth to shake bass frequencies. When we have outdoor movie nights with family and friends, I use the PPHP849KT system as rear surround sound speakers. My front speakers are professional EV PA speakers, and that's where I'll get more of the shaking low frequencies from. I have only 2 complaints. The powered speaker only had a mono amplifier inside, and therefore sent the same mono signal to the passive speaker. The only way to get around this is to buy another powered speaker of the same design from Pyle or find a class D mono amplifier of the same power rating. Adding a line out jack to the back panel would be necessary, as it does not currently have one. In other words, the aux. Stereo capability, as well as the " left/right/ground" wiring, can be found in the powered speaker. You'd have to cut one channel of the preamplifier wiring from the speaker, so that it only plays one stereo channel, and then run the wire of the other stereo channel, as well as tapping off the pre-amp ground wire. You could just convert the existing speaker out jack. You can either run a shielded cable from the new line out jack in the original powered speaker to the second speaker, or you can run a separate mono amplifier of the same power rating. Only then will you get a true stereo sound. 2. The remote has an EQ button, but it only works with the inputs you use. Only memory stick devices can use theusb port. I assume it won't work with any type of tablets, because it won't play music from any cell phone. Plug those into the "AUX" input. Those devices will be charged by theusb port. The small size of these speakers makes the EQ button work well. There is a The last little complaint is that someone at the factory forgot to mount the tweeter when I unpack the powered speaker. It was flopping around inside the cabinet. I opened it up, disconnected the wires, threaded the tweeter into its lense mounting, and buttoned everything back up, because I'm a techy and audio/electronic-savvy person. All works well! I think this system will fit my needs. They are easy to move around in. The cute speaker poles are good. Oh! The ability to use the Bluetooth is awesome and works very well.

8. Projector Multifunctional Adjustable AMADA HOMEFURNISHING

Projector Multifunctional Adjustable AMADA HOMEFURNISHING

The package is easy to install, focus on the last picture. Installation steps are provided on page A+. The projector stand can be installed in a few minutes. Purchase their laptop tripod with no risk, any problems of their laptop tripod within 30 days will be provided, a replacement or refund will be provided. This tripod is a professional projector stand and can also be used as a portable workspace for your laptops, music book, tablets and so on. The laptop tripod stand allows you to use your projector or laptop for more than just entertainment. The projector tripod stand has a wide height range. The maximum height of the laptop tripod is 36in. The top tray can tilt in either direction to make it easier to fit your needs. The tray is 16inW x 11inL and has a raised edge for security concerns. Not only can a portable projector fit, but also a large or standard device, because this tripod stand can handle heavy loads up to 22 lbs. Try it as a tripod stand outside. The projector stand is made of sturdy metal and rubber, which will not endanger your property. The laptop stand tripod has a base with connecting bars that will keep it stable. The laptop tripod stand is easy to carry. It's convenient for storage and carrying around. The projector tripod stand is easy to set up.

Brand: Amada Homefurnishing

👤The table is flimsy even though it is screwed on. I was worried that my projector would fall off.

👤I don't know if it was faulty or how it is. I saw a few similar reviews. I should have listened to them. The cross bar is not welded at a 90 angle. It is not in a way where I can adjust it. One of my pictures shows the level is not straight. The cross bar is welded at an angle. The warped plastic tray made it worse. The base seemed sturdy. I liked the metal and rubber grips. Oh well. I returned the item and am looking for a different brand.

👤It is very cheap. Disappointing. A picture is deceptive. I bought a sturdy one for the same price. I am losing confidence in Amazon. More often, using Etsy.

👤Strong tripod, strong stray. The instructions were easy to follow. I had a brand that broke down on me, but this one won't be the same. I think buying is a good idea.

👤This product is a very sturdy and stable stand. I use it to hold my Dyson Tower Air Purifier in front of my treadmill in the garage so that I can get a steady breeze on me when I am outside. The stand held the Dyson Tower steady so that the air purifier blew the cool air where I needed it. The stand looks like it should cost more than what they are asking for. It is the best tripod stand I have ever used. There was nothing flimsy about this one. You can't go wrong!

👤I ordered this for my projector. It looks like what I thought it would be. It was delivered the same day I ordered it. I can't wait to watch a movie in the backyard this summer. I am happy!

👤The tripod is large. It was very sturdy when locked into place. There was no slipping. I use this for more than I thought I would. It is easy to move and hold well.

👤I knew it was a bad idea to go cheap on something like this, the first thing I noticed was the top tray was warped. The connection between the extension and the legs is shaky. Not as tall as I would have liked. Unless I try to fix it or return it, my disappointment will fade. Or maybe throw it away. Get something that is made right and last.

👤The stand worked out perfectly. It held my laptop securely. There is a small rim around the laptop to make sure it doesn't fall off. You can't lean on it while you're typing, but it's definitely secure. Thanks!

👤Compacts are good to hold a projector.

👤Utilisation et support laptop.

👤Excellent value for. The money does a good job.

👤Sturdy and light stand.

9. AxcessAbles Equipment Compatible American Recording

AxcessAbles Equipment Compatible American Recording

The cabinet case has Locking Wheels for the computer server, home theater rackmount gear, and audiovisual equipment. It is compatible with American and European rackmount standards. There are two packs of 5mm and 6mm screws. The front and back design is open. Vented- Side Panels are used for protection. Side panels can be left off. There are no weight bearing panels. There are front and rear rack rails. The coat is textured and black. Equipment can be held up to 18 inches deep. Caster Wheels for Multi-Surface are Sturdy. 2 wheels with locks. A blank panel is included. The dimensions are 18” x 20” x27.5” with wheels. The shipping weight was 39.7lb. The weight capacity is over 400 lbs. Load capacity can be increased by removing wheels. It's easy to assembly. This equipment rack is ideal for storing and organizing equipment. It's compatible with all of the AxcessAbles drawers, trays and rack accessories.

Brand: Axa Axcessables

👤I thought it was just stamped metal that bolts together. It works well. It is the right size with all the threaded holes. There are rolling wheels that lock. I put a picture of it in my house. Extra space is always nice as we always upgrade things. Would recommend this cabinet to everyone. It is the cheapest cabinet I could find, and it works perfectly. I can't think of anything to make it better.

👤The rack is nice. It's not a good rack. The rails are punched and tapped. The metal is thin so I stripped out two holes easily. It looks great, but it's not very sturdy. This is a sub-$100 rack and not a $100 rack. I would not buy it again. I will keep it and make it work because it fits where I need it. I was disappointed that I had to move the rack down a hole in order to install a 4U server case after doing some research. The gap at the top is too small for a 1U cover. Its going to work. Over time, I hope to get my money worth. I give it a 5-star rating but wish the metal was a little thicker. I would have preferred the 10-32 screws. What can you say about China?

👤It went well. I read reviews about how to remove screws. Ignore them. These are plastic rack screws and they hold the whole thing together. Don't tighten the screws and then remove them at once. Put the screws in tight after you insert the new piece. Use a good screw driver and tighten them a couple of turns. Look at the arrow stickers that show which side is USA and which side is euro for all the corners. I have both sides set up with USA rack sizes.

👤Left seller feedback. Be careful with this product. The threads aren't manufactured right. They do not allow you to tighten the sides. There are holes in the side rails to mount your gear. 2 of them are standard size for audio gear. The hole is larger. Without threading, the standard 19" rack screws will slip right into them. They put all the screws in the holes and then have 2 more bags in the box. The instruction sheet is really bad. The rack is nice for the size, but lacks a purpose of holding your gear secure. I have a better one, the one that costs a bit more. This is a cheaper brand knock off. I don't recommend this product, but I might have received a bad unit and others are good. Purchase at your own risk.

👤I wanted a server rack for a long time, but instead of buying one I wanted to see if I could find a rack that musicians use. I found a rack. It was easy to put together. The ability to lock the wheels in place is great. I'm very happy with my purchase and I'm looking forward to adding more hardware.

10. Subwoofer Bestisan Subwoofers Amplifier Bluetooth

Subwoofer Bestisan Subwoofers Amplifier Bluetooth

Extra bass and punch can be achieved with a powered subwoofer. The 6.5" powered sub has a variable 60 and 250hz frequencies. The enclosure has the perfect air space to maximize sound quality and punch. Standard RCA inputs can connect to your home theater receiver's output, and its outputs can pair with AUX or bookshelf speakers with line in, for the ultimate in refined behavior. You can stream music directly from your phone, tablet or other compatible device with the built-in wireless bluetooth technology. They recommend that you pair the subs with your speakers and sound bars as it enlarges the bass only. You can connect the Subwoofer to the Soundbar and TV by using the optical cable in the box and hooking a supplied cable between the audio out port and AUX in port on the soundbar. Bestisan offers lifetime technical support. Please email them any questions or suggestions. They give you a solution that is satisfactory.

Brand: Bestisan

👤I bought a pair of Edifier R1280T bookshelf speakers for myself and wrote a review about them. I loved them and still do. I've gotten another pair. When I wrote that review, I thought the product was good and deserved praise, not a review written with ulterior motives. I'm not a professional reviewer. I didn't know that the review had tens of thousands of views and hundreds of clicks. Cool. Glad to have been helped. A few days ago, I got a message from Emma, a rep for an audio manufacturer called Bestisan, who had seen my review and wanted me to take a look at theirs, one designed to pair well with powered speakers like the Edifiers. The "verified purchase" review would be the one I agreed to purchase with my own money. Why would I do that? If I didn't like it, I'd return it to Amazon, and I'd write what I thought was right. I am not accepting any compensation for this review. I got around to setting it up a couple of days after the subwoofer arrived. It was packed. There were styrofoam supports and a plastic sub in the box. Not fancy, but sensible packaging. A bag held the manual, 3.5mm to RCA cable, and an optical cable. Hmm. It is optical. It's cool. I put the instructions aside as Emma mentioned that some people had trouble setting it up correctly. The unit felt modern and solid. It seems like it's heavier gauge than the vinyl-covered chipboard used to be. The texture of the sub is not cheap. With a sub, it looks like it's not going to matter as it's going to be out of sight. Setting it up will be the next step. The last time I used a sub, it was attached to the amplifier and received the signal. Not so, the Bestisan. The first thing in line is designed to be this. The signal goes to the amplifier. Line-level output goes to your speakers. It made perfect sense after I found it confusing at first. Being the first to receive the signal, they had the right to add a couple of extra options. Is it possible to use a wireless device? Yes! Is it optical? Why not? If you want to connect your phone to the internet, you should use the wireless technology known as Bluetooth. This was not something my speakers offered. I opted out of it. The digital optical input is cool. You can use your TV's optical out to get the best signal, even though you still use your analog gear. I connected the Amazon Echo Dot to the input and the Edifier speakers to the output. Something wasn't right. I was only getting intermittent sound from the sub. This must have been what other people had run into. I checked the connections and tried again. I noticed that the color of the light was different when I pushed one of the knobs. A couple of taps and it was flashing blue, which told me that it was in a mode of communication that uses the internet. The Bestisan was in the list of available devices, I checked my phone and it was there. Cool. It sounded great a moment later. The sound was rich. The signal from the Echo Dot was streaming in full, glorious quality when I tapped the input selector a few more times. I played with the levels. I found that if you adjust the input volume to 50% and set the subwoofer's volume to 50%, you can find a good setting. Play with it if you add a bit of bass. When it sounds right, you'll find that the sub's output is close to the speakers' volume, no adjustments are needed. Do I think this is a good idea? There is a I do. Whole-heartedly. The sound of the Edifiers is enriched by the Bestisan Sub. Digital music sounds better. The speakers sound bigger and the sound fills the house, but never sounds harsh or booming. I didn't think I needed a sub, but now you'd have a hard time taking it away from me. Thank you for your patience, but more than that, thank you for introducing me to the Bestisan SW65D powered sub! I'll be ordering another to go with my other Edifiers. Tell your bosses to give you a raise.

11. AC Infinity MULTIFAN Receiver Playstation

AC Infinity MULTIFAN Receiver Playstation

POLK'S QUALITY IS AT A AFFORDABLE PRICE. Premium acoustics, high quality construction, easy setup and a spectacular theater experience are what you can get with these value-priced speakers. The fans are designed to cool the electronics. A multi-speed controller is used to set the fan's speed. The fans can be laid flat or stand upright with dual-ball bearings. The fan can be powered through theusb plug. The dimensions are 1 in. The total airflow is 104 CFM, the total noise is 19 dBA, and the bearings are dual ball.

Brand: Ac Infinity

👤The Home theater system has a builtin cabinet, but it has an issue with air flow. Without fans running the air above the receiver was 118F and as high as 140 if pushing the amplifier. The average temp has dropped. I bought a DC-DCusb step up boost converter on Amazon for $3.68 because I noticed the tag on the fans said 3 to 6.5 volts. I plugged it into the power supply. The fans came alive! The variable speed switch is a useful option now that they have the rated 6.5 volts power. The booster adds more value to the product. The fact these are wired with a switch saved me time and money. The fans I purchased were warehouse returns and arrived in perfect condition. The fans are very quiet and pull cool air through my receiver. I am pleased with my purchase and wouldn't hesitate to purchase them again. I am not associated with any product. I didn't get anything in return for my review. The booster board is a product I recommend.

👤These are great! I was pleasantly surprised that the wire between fans and the power source is long. I have a Quiet dual 120mm cooling fan on my surround sound amplifier, one on my PS4 and two on my Xbox One, which seem to get hotter, and I have an AC Infinite MULTIFAN S7, Quiet dual 120mm cooling fan on my surround sound amplifier. You can use just one power source if you connect two of these together. The fans are very quiet and I like the fan controls. They can pull air through your equipment if you have them blowing in or turning over. The temperature difference is amazing with the fans on top of my equipment. I was worried about the high temperature in the cabinet where my equipment is, so I got the fans. My cabinet is a lot bigger than a computer tower, and the fans are the same size. I was amazed at how quickly my equipment cooled down. I highly recommend these to anyone who wants fans to keep their equipment cool. If you find my review helpful, please like it. Thank you!

👤I found my new Denon AV receiver to be really warn, dare say hot to the touch, even in a well ventilated, open air TV stand. I was looking for a cost effective and versatile option to boost cooling to extend the life of the receiver and these fans are great. Plug and play. They do their job if you plug into a port or a power accessory. They are quiet and cool. When nothing else is on, I can barely hear it. On high and silent, it was not a distraction. There is length in the cords to make it easier to locate the fans. I can't speak to theDurability as I just got them, but they are nicely constructed and expect them to serve their duties for a long time to come. It's definitely recommended for a quick cooling solution. I'm likely to get another machine to move air around my modem and router, as they are little heat generating machines. December 2020 update. They did well on the first day and are still doing well. Great purchase.


What is the best product for home theater equipment stand?

Home theater equipment stand products from Howwoo. In this article about home theater equipment stand you can see why people choose the product. Great Northern Popcorn Company and Perlesmith are also good brands to look for when you are finding home theater equipment stand.

What are the best brands for home theater equipment stand?

Howwoo, Great Northern Popcorn Company and Perlesmith are some of the best brands that chosen by people for home theater equipment stand. Find the detail in this article. Nostalgia, Nexera and Mount-it! are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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