Best Home Theater Fan Cooler

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1. AC Infinity CLOUDPLATE Exhaust Airflow

AC Infinity CLOUDPLATE Exhaust Airflow

Includes thermal probe, rack mounting screw set, and power wall adapter. An intelligent fan system is designed for cooling equipment. Protects rack-mount equipment from overheating. The thermostat controller has a backup memory. Premium anodized aluminum construction has a professional appearance. The design of the 1U rack space is Front Exhaust with Airflow of 40 to 180 CFM and noise of 9 to 32 dBA.

Brand: Ac Infinity

👤I bought this unit to fit in the rack space over my new Denon AVR, which is very warm. The unit pulls in cool air through the bottom and sides of the AVR and blows it out the front of the rack. The flexibility of programming is one of the best features of this product. I've purchased other AC fans from this company in the past and I'm very familiar with the quality of products they produce. I would recommend this product to anyone. These are quality products and a great value.

👤I use this audio rack for my home theatre stereo system.

👤I am happy to report that the product's dimensions are correct. This is one of the things I worry about when buying a new product, but this one did well. I only have one of these so far, and I don't know if I should buy another one. The fan will take air out of the server rack for you. It will largely depend on your setup and whether or not you have a second fan. If you don't have good air flow, you won't need to have the fan on as high a speed as you would if you did. I hope to update this in the coming months to see how it performs in the long run.

👤When it first came out, I was so happy to have purchased this. The price was a bit lower than it is. The fan is one of the easiest to use in the market today. The benefit it brings to the server rack is what makes the whole system worth it. If you don't circulate the hot air out, the heat inside can get very hot. This is important to prolong the life of your equipment. And the internet. A great find and a great purchase.

👤This is a good piece of equipment. The fans are very quiet, even at max speed, because of the nice build quality. Happy with the purchase.

👤Two of these are running and keeping the rack cool. There were no complaints about the quality and easy setup.

👤Great product. It's good to fit in the rack. I can't hear the noise. Temp control works well, it comes on when needed and shuts off when not needed. Great purchase.

👤A very economical replacement for a noisy fan. My Crestron dealer installed a Middle Atlantic Products fan that had more features. It makes less noise than I expected, even at the highest fan speeds.

👤The space required for the probe and power cables is not included in the total depth of this unit. The unit is listed at 34.3 cm. The rack is only 13 in. In depth. I assumed it would fit. The probe and power cables need an additional 1.5 cm to fit. The unit was too deep for my wall mounted rack. I have to find a way to fit the spacers on the front or cut a hole in the rack that is already fully populated. I haven't been able to get it installed yet, so I can't comment on how it works.

2. CabCool Lite Cooling Cabinet Theaters

CabCool Lite Cooling Cabinet Theaters

Nothing 5v or "Lite" is compatible with any of their thermal controllers. Depending on your needs, the fan can blow into or out of the cabinet. The kit includes a dual fan unit that will quietly cool your cabinet. Everything you need for an easy install. All Coolerguys parts come with a 3 year replacement warranty. All Coolerguys parts come with a 3 year replacement warranty.

Brand: Coolerguys

👤The first two were ordered in 2016 It lasted over four years. The warranty is three years. It was only turned on when the temp in the entertainment system cabinet reached a certain level, as I had it in a home automation system. In the summer it ran for 2 or 3 hours a day, but it didn't run for the rest of the year. It's still the job. I decided to just get the same one as a quick replacement because I already had the hole cut for this configuration. The fans installed had a different connection to the power supply. I didn't notice when I bought them that they had pulled the stock from Amazon because of the note I saw. They didn't get all of them. I was about to install my new fans when I noticed the power supply was not working. The power supply they sent was the same as the one from the original unit, but it was wired to different pins. One of the pins had power on it. The other had them on 3 and 4. If they had sent the right fans, it would have worked. I would have had to re-wire it to use it. It is a sealed component. I would have had to cut it apart. I already had the supply. My quick replacement came in and took it to the store for a return. I bought two fans instead of buying a new one. It sounds like their quality assurance is not up to par.

👤I have a metal av cart that I use to hold all the equipment for our pool parties, and it always ran really warm even with the doors open. Needed something to help increase the amount of air entering the building. They made media cabinet fans but didn't want to spend a lot of money. While surfing through Amazon, I came across this fan setup. I thought I'd give it a try as it seemed to fit my needs, small, moved air and had everything with it. I did not have to coddle the parts. I received my Prime membership quickly. It was packed well and received quickly. All parts were well packaged. Fans seemed to be of good quality. Nice grills. The fan plate is cut perfectly, finish shows no flaws, all the bolts, screws and nuts were included along with the power supply. I pulled up the website and read the instructions before watching their videos. I put it into a metal cabinet, which was a tad different than the rest. I used a template I made and cut into the back of the metal cabinet. The fan assembly fell in. I used small bolts and nuts that I had laying around as I didn't want anyone to open the cabinet and find the screws. The wallwart was plugged into the switched outlet of the receiver. The fans came on after I turned on the receiver and gave power to the cart. You can't hear them when you're away from the cart. There was no noticeable electrical interference in the speakers. After 2 hours, the receiver was much more noticeably cooler than it had been before. It's pretty happy about that. Don't worry about the heat damage to my equipment. Are you looking for a decent dual fan setup? Shouldn't have to look further.

3. AC Infinity AIRPLATE Thermostat Cabinets

AC Infinity AIRPLATE Thermostat Cabinets

The fan system is ultra quiet and requires minimal noise. An on board processor provides a read-out of the temperatures in the cabinets. The programming includes thermostat control, fan speed control, and energy saving mode. The dimensions are 6.3 x 6.3 x 1.3 in. Airflow: 52 CFM, noise: 18 dBA, and Bearings: dual ball.

Brand: Ac Infinity

👤I needed a mini-fridge under the bathroom sink to keep my medicines cool. The space was heating to 100F and struggling to hold the internal temperature despite 2 x 4" passive vents. The issue has been fixed by installing this unit. It has a large vent with options to daisy-chain others. The control unit and fan look like they are made of brushed metal. The controls are easy to understand and can be used in 3 different ways: on, auto and smart, and an over-temp alarm setting mode. The display can be switched off, or the temperature can be changed for deg C or F. There is an option to set the alarm point. Set and forget. The smart mode steps the fan down by 4 steps as you approach the temperature, to run it quietly when close to the set-point. Great job vendor. Really nice product.

👤I installed a fantastic cooling fan after receiving it. I have a Denon amplifier in a narrow entertainment center with 5.1 Klipsch Signature Series speakers. When cranking the volume for 6-7 minutes, I had to decrease it because the amplifier got 101 degrees without the fan on, even with the cabinet doors open. The fan was mounted directly under the vents blowing the air through the amplifier, which powered it up quickly. Even though the cabinet doors were closed, the fan decreased the temp to a steady 84 degrees. The fan will run to drop the temp 2 to 4 degrees lower before shutting off if you set it in a certain way. I'm happy. Electronics are destroyed in no time. The fan was $50 and took 20 minutes to install. The quality is excellent. The module is easy to read. It's been over an hour and a half and the temperature is still reading steady at 84 degrees. This product is very good.

👤The new Xbox X runs hotter than the S version. The media center had no fan and the temperature inside was going over 125 degrees. The temperature gets even hotter when you run a 4k game. The temperatures were more manageable with this single fan and cracking the front door. In the 80s, it was smart mode. It would get hotter if you played 4k. The temp inside the house has to be taken into account. 70 temp. I added a second fan and the temperatures are great. When pushing the system in 4k, it was mid 70s. I measured the exit fan temps for the Xbox one with a laser gun. The media center is getting a lot of heat out of it. Its product quality is top notch. I bought another setup for the modem on the other side of the media center because it was so good. That is running at 73 with a single fan. Highly recommended.

👤The value for money is great. The thermostat controller has a nice metal finish and the frame for the fan is also nice. The templates made it easy to mount. I put the fan on top of the receiver. I was not getting enough temperature reduction. Instead, I mounted the fan into the bottom of the shelf where my receiver is, and reversed the flow of the fan. Cool air comes from underneath the shelf into the receiver. This way, the cool air can travel through the receiver and out of the top of the receiver. It worked out well. The temperature never went above 87 degrees while I was cranking my receiver. The receiver has a thermal shut off of around 105. The backlight goes off after about 5 seconds. Put it in "off" mode and then hold the up button for 5 seconds to keep it on. Hold the down button to turn off the backlight. The fan is quiet and the "smart" mode works well, increasing the fan speed as temperatures climb. I have not heard any fan noise. I wanted the display to be visible all of the time, but it is incredibly bright. I put a blue colored gel sheet on top of the display. The cover was popped back on. The dark blue tint on the display doesn't stand out as much as it could if you were watching a movie. See photo. It would be great if the manufacturer could add a contrast or brightness setting to the display so that it could be turned off with the controls.

4. AC Infinity CLOUDPLATE Airflow Cooling

AC Infinity CLOUDPLATE Airflow Cooling

The design of the 1U rack space is top exhaust with 60 to 300 CFM of airflow and 12 to 38 dBA of noise. An intelligent fan system is designed for cooling equipment. Protects rack-mount equipment from overheating. The thermostat controller has a backup memory. Premium anodized aluminum construction has a professional appearance. 3U rack space, design, intake, airflow, noise, and bearings are included.

Brand: Ac Infinity

👤It's a very well made fan panel. The stock fans can put out a lot of air, but they can be a little noisy because of the dual ball bearing fans. If your server rack is in your bedroom, ball bearing fans might not be ideal. This would not be a problem if it was installed in a server room. Thankfully the fans themselves aren't soldered in place but unfortunately they aren't using the standard 3 pin or PWM fan headers that most computer fans use. I couldn't locate a premade one. I found some JST XH connections and made my own from scratch. The built in controls help keep my equipment cool. The temperature sensor is slow at reporting change. I'm happy with it. I would like to see standard fan headers in the next revision. If a fan were to fail, the ease of repair would be even better.

👤I use a fan panel to provide air flow for a few audio power amplifier and PA mixer hardware in a 19 inch rack panel. The fans are quiet and the panel has a digital display for making adjustments. The rack panel has a temperature sensor that can be placed on any surface or component, making it easy to monitor temperature using the digital display. I had gone through 2 other fan panel solutions that were too loud. The brand seems to be quiet.

👤I upgraded my little home theater/VR PC to a powerful graphics card and processor and it was running hot. If the PC case was sitting out in the open, it would get hotter than a firework, so I added more fans and vent to it. I thought it was a unique idea to put fans in the back of the cabinet. I came across the console coolers while researching something I could use as a thermostatic fan control. It was exactly what I wanted to be. When I ordered it, I assumed the fans would be low quality to maximize profit. Installation and setup was easy. The fans that come in this work great and I never replaced the stock fans. You can't hear anything in my living room. The highest setting is loud, but it has never needed to go past the 2nd speed to keep the temp in the 70s. I know I could keep the computer silent and the temperature below 90F if I didn't run it. I should mention that it has a very user-friendly control panal. You can either manually set the speed or you can set it to stay below and it will adjust its speed as necessary. I'm going to buy a second for the other side of my entertainment center because I like this thing so much. This thing gets an A+ from me. The manufacturer should make models with still larger fans. 140mm or even 200mm fans can move more air than the 120mm fans. I'm sure they know this. I'm sure they make the sizes they do because they want all of their products to fit standard 1U, 2U, 3U. There are rack units.

5. AC Infinity MULTIFAN Receiver Playstation

AC Infinity MULTIFAN Receiver Playstation

POLK'S QUALITY IS AT A AFFORDABLE PRICE. Premium acoustics, high quality construction, easy setup and a spectacular theater experience are what you can get with these value-priced speakers. The fans are designed to cool the electronics. A multi-speed controller is used to set the fan's speed. The fans can be laid flat or stand upright with dual-ball bearings. The fan can be powered through theusb plug. The dimensions are 1 in. The total airflow is 104 CFM, the total noise is 19 dBA, and the bearings are dual ball.

Brand: Ac Infinity

👤The Home theater system has a builtin cabinet, but it has an issue with air flow. Without fans running the air above the receiver was 118F and as high as 140 if pushing the amplifier. The average temp has dropped. I bought a DC-DCusb step up boost converter on Amazon for $3.68 because I noticed the tag on the fans said 3 to 6.5 volts. I plugged it into the power supply. The fans came alive! The variable speed switch is a useful option now that they have the rated 6.5 volts power. The booster adds more value to the product. The fact these are wired with a switch saved me time and money. The fans I purchased were warehouse returns and arrived in perfect condition. The fans are very quiet and pull cool air through my receiver. I am pleased with my purchase and wouldn't hesitate to purchase them again. I am not associated with any product. I didn't get anything in return for my review. The booster board is a product I recommend.

👤These are great! I was pleasantly surprised that the wire between fans and the power source is long. I have a Quiet dual 120mm cooling fan on my surround sound amplifier, one on my PS4 and two on my Xbox One, which seem to get hotter, and I have an AC Infinite MULTIFAN S7, Quiet dual 120mm cooling fan on my surround sound amplifier. You can use just one power source if you connect two of these together. The fans are very quiet and I like the fan controls. They can pull air through your equipment if you have them blowing in or turning over. The temperature difference is amazing with the fans on top of my equipment. I was worried about the high temperature in the cabinet where my equipment is, so I got the fans. My cabinet is a lot bigger than a computer tower, and the fans are the same size. I was amazed at how quickly my equipment cooled down. I highly recommend these to anyone who wants fans to keep their equipment cool. If you find my review helpful, please like it. Thank you!

👤I found my new Denon AV receiver to be really warn, dare say hot to the touch, even in a well ventilated, open air TV stand. I was looking for a cost effective and versatile option to boost cooling to extend the life of the receiver and these fans are great. Plug and play. They do their job if you plug into a port or a power accessory. They are quiet and cool. When nothing else is on, I can barely hear it. On high and silent, it was not a distraction. There is length in the cords to make it easier to locate the fans. I can't speak to theDurability as I just got them, but they are nicely constructed and expect them to serve their duties for a long time to come. It's definitely recommended for a quick cooling solution. I'm likely to get another machine to move air around my modem and router, as they are little heat generating machines. December 2020 update. They did well on the first day and are still doing well. Great purchase.

6. AC Infinity Top Exhaust Receivers Components

AC Infinity Top Exhaust Receivers Components

The 16W high- performance motor creates a stream of powerful air while using less energy than tower fans of other brands. Please contact them if you have any questions about this desk fan. A quiet fan system is designed for cooling equipment. Protects components from overheating. There are two thermal triggering modes and four control options. Two dual-ball bearing fans with PWM-controlled motors are included. The dimensions are 11.6 x 6.3 x 1.5 in. Exhaust: top, Airflow: 140 CFM, noise: 19 decibels

Brand: Ac Infinity

👤My Denon receiver is hot. I was concerned about the heat since it lives in a TV cabinet with glass doors that I prefer to keep shut, and it was not "iron your clothes" hot, but much hotter than I was expecting. The lifespan of sophisticated electronics will be shortened by heat. I found this line of fans on Amazon and decided to give the S7 model a try. It's only 1.5in tall and 12in wide, but it has plenty of room for air in my TV cabinet. The feature of "auto on" only comes on when the temp is over 88 degrees. The fan speed can be set as well. I've been using the unit for four days now and I can see that the fan will start kicking on within 20 minutes and that the cooler air will be drawn out of the top of the S7 unit. The air coming out is very warm. The unit is very quiet and doesn't interfere with what you're watching or listening to. The electronics inside the unit are very good. Two 4.5in (120mm) fans that are extremely quiet, operate via a thermal Trigger in the auto mode, and have variable fan speeds. I only have one concern, if the 2 fan unit is enough for what I want it to do, or will I need the slightly larger unit with 3 fans? One of you engineer types might have that answer. I'm pleased with this unit so far.

👤This device is perfect. I have a Denon AVR-6300 Home Theater Receiver, which I love, but it gets hot... Let's toast some marshmallows that are really hot. The problem is the power transistors throw off a lot of heat. I was looking for a fan that could help. I saw an ad for the Aircom series of cooling fans. They have a wide range of cooling fans at reasonable prices with variable speeds and they looked nice. The S7 has two fans and exhausts straight up. It's only 1.5 feet tall and in my setup, that leaves 3 inches between the top of the Aircom and the shelf above. I sat down to watch a movie at my Bombastic levels and I used the fan on the middle speed setting, it was quiet and the air blowing out was only slightly warm, and when I felt the top of the Denon, it was only slightly warm. What a change! I told my friend to get one as well. There is a For the sake of your equipment, get this if you have components that run hot.

👤I bought the AC Infinity Aircom S7 - Top-Exhaust unit for my Yamaha TSR 7810 receiver after I reviewed their options at their website. Installation was easy. I set the unit up using "Smart Mode" after reviewing the instruction panel. I read the Instruction Manual later on. We've been experiencing 95+ degree F weather in the SF Bay lately and even though my family room is air-conditioned to 81-degrees F, the Yamaha does warm up internally up to 88-degree F. It shuts off when the temp is 84-degrees F. Since I bought the Aircom S7, I'm pretty sure that my Yamaha internal heat goes past the 88-degrees F target set by AC Infinity, since I felt the top of my cabinet warm to the touch after being on for an hour or so. Since the shelter-in-place order here, I've had my Dell laptop connected to my Yamaha and Lg 55" TV to do work, watch the news, TV shows and an assortment of movies. The Yamaha is generating a lot of internal heat when it's on for more than 15 hours a day. I'm a very satisfied customer. It's nice to have a quality fan accessory product that works well. If you use a product like the AC Infinity Aircom S7 you can prolong the life of your audio electronic component by keeping it cool. The warranty is from the date of purchase. Highly recommended.

7. AC Infinity AIRPLATE Cooling Cabinets

AC Infinity AIRPLATE Cooling Cabinets

The fan is 1 in. Airflow: 52 CFM, noise: 18 dBA, and Bearings: dual ball. A fan system that requires minimal noise is designed for cooling cabinets. A multi-speed controller is used to set the fan's speed. A modern brushed black finish is contained in the frame. The included Turbo Adapter increases performance by 25%. The dimensions are 11.7 x 6.1 x 1.3 in. The total airflow is 104 CFM and the total noise is 19 dBA. The dimensions are 11.7 x 6.1 x 1.3 in. The total airflow is 104 CFM and the total noise is 19 dBA.

Brand: Ac Infinity

👤The entertainment cabinet has fans that keep it cool, but the noise it makes is annoying. I tried a lot of things to get it to stop. It still annoyed me a year later. I have been contacted by AC Infinity who are resolving the issue after I posted this review. I am starting to like this product and company. The issue may affect the star rating. The replacement was returned along with the return shipping label. It is nice and quiet after installation. The first unit I put up with for over a year must have been damaged. The review was bumped up to a 5 star for good customer service and a good product.

👤Great product. Quiet operation. It seems well built. I put a vent in the door of my small vocal booth to draw in fresh air. There is a fan on the wall. I put the speed switch inside the booth. Quiet operation is important since this is a recording studio. I put a vent grill inside the booth and mounted the fan on the outer wall. The noise floor in the booth is 30 decibels. It's 32dB on low, 34dB on medium, and 36dB on high with the fan running. If I lightly rub my hands together, it will double the sound pressure level of the background noise in the room while the fan is set to medium. I think studio people will find these numbers useful, and normal people will understand my comparisons. I can exchange all the air in my booth every 115 seconds, keep my noise-floor nice and low, and make my vocalists happy.

👤This is my third product. I have previously purchased two ac exhaust fans which are great and still in use a year later. My purchase was the dual fan wallplate/airplate with the switch non-controller version. My application is to pull cool air from the room into a 3x3 to keep the inside plants at optimal temperatures. I want to get several degrees lower in flower than in the inside so that I can have a realistic fall harvest. Why did I need it? I use anLED that is too big for the space and puts off a bit of heat into a small space. I was having difficulty in my small space in calling in the temp. Over the years, I have purchased fans from a number of big box retailers. Some are still used, some are recycled or returned. I went ahead and tried fan after fan propped against the side of the tent with the flap open to force the cool air in. The inexpensive Amazon basic floor fan pushes a lot of air. The method adds noise and light to the tent. This is a problem and will result in confused plants or worse. I am still lazy and seek the cheapest way, but I have been very pleased with my other ac infinity products, and taking a flyer on this dual fan air was an easy decision. This fits my 3x3 bottom vent very well. I did not have to use the included screws or zip ties. How snug is it? Even perfect. I cut the mess in my tent with a box cutter and pushed the plate into place. This took some elbow grease, but once I got it in, I thought it was the middle cup of porridge. I am able to keep my home's air set to 70 and allow for fresh air to enter the airplate and force the hot air out of the top. My ac outtake fan is pulling the hot air set on low with a controller and an oversized filter from another company to keep the smell out of this spare bedroom. Some pictures were added. I thought the non-controller version of the dual fan airplate would be too much for my two other intake/outtake fans with the controllers. There is a small switch on the airplate. Off, low, medium and high. It pushes air into the tent to keep the perfect temperature. I was surprised that the airplate was able to push as much air as it can. It would have been better if it had a smart app controlled outlet to turn off and on. White was not available. Hope this helped some people. Thank you for your kind words.

8. AC Infinity Front Exhaust Receivers Components

AC Infinity Front Exhaust Receivers Components

The dimensions are 1 in. The total airflow is 130 CFM, the total noise is 19 dBA, and the bearings are dual ball. A quiet fan system is used for cooling equipment. Protects components from overheating. There are six speed controls, alarm alerts, and memory in the thermostat. Three dual-ball bearing blowers with PWM-controlled motors are included. The dimensions are 17 x 13.5 x 1.5 in. Exhaust: Front, Airflow: 160 CFM, noise: 24 dBA.

Brand: Ac Infinity

👤I made the best small investment for my home theater yet. I was waiting on AC Infinity to make an S10 or T10 front exhaust system since the rear exhaust wouldn't work for me with my media rack not having an open rear cabinet and I wanted to stack my BD player on top of exhaust system. At the end of last year, I saw on their website that they were coming soon. I kept an eye out for them to be released, and both systems went on sale within days of each other. I ordered the T10 as soon as it was available. This thing does a great job of keeping my Onkyo TX-RZ720 nice and cool. The upgrade price for the S10 was too high, but the digital display was worth it. Being able to see the current temp of my AVR is very useful and I like the ability to set an alarm if the unit goes over a certain temp so I know to shut it off if I need to. I have a unit with a max temp setting of 87 degrees F for max fan speed to engage on that setting and it starts the fan on low speed at 77 degrees F, and for the past week it hasn't gone over 80 degrees F. I wanted to test the temp probe and see how hot my AVR was without cooling and didn't engage the fans and ran my AVR for 6 hours the day I got this and it showed my AVR hovering at about 94 degrees F. Very impressed! I can't really hear the fan running but the display tells me that it is and I can feel the air coming out of the front exhaust vents. Trust me, if you want to prolong the life of your AVR, you should grab one of the exhaust systems, either the S or T models, or whatever exhaust application works for you. The T has more bells and whistles than the S and I don't regret the extra $20 for these upgrades, but I do want to make sure my AVR is protected from overheating as it's one of the reasons high end boards go out early.

👤When the operating temperature is lower, electronics are more reliable. TheAIRCOM products try to keep the temperature down. A temp probe and feedback to fans are two of the factors that affect air flow over electronic circuit boards. Some people have said that these are quiet units. The fans make noise at 40% maximum. The manual doesn't try to set up a full range of utilization of the fan speeds by using the best methods. Most users will end up with too low a speed or full on and not a spectrum of speeds across a reasonable temperature range. The air temp over the electronic components is a result of the circuit design of the product, the amount of power being consumed and the packaging used in these components. You can only do so much to compensate for the poor design of the amplifier. There are six settings for the fan speed. The measured temp in my case did not get any cooler than it was when the fan speed was 40%. The fans are visible above this. A bit more circuit design and the controller could have utilized a continuous variation and not incremental steps, which would have been a better solution to the noise potential. I feel that more time could have been used in suggesting the best ways to set up the AIRCOM to take advantage of it's intended use, even though these comments may appear to be negative.

9. AC Infinity MULTIFAN Receiver Playstation

AC Infinity MULTIFAN Receiver Playstation

Balanced and unbalance inputs and outputs are included. The fans are designed to cool the electronics. A multi-speed controller is used to set the fan's speed. The fans can be laid flat or stand upright with dual-ball bearings. The fan can be powered through theusb plug. The dimensions are 2.2 x 2.2 x 1 in. The total airflow is 52 CFM, the total noise is 18 dBA, and the bearings are dual ball.

Brand: Ac Infinity

👤I ordered these because I was worried about the fans on my XBOX. It was worried that the excess heat would shorten its life. I looked for a fan that was powered by ausb. What a difference, just put them in. I put a fan next to the xbox so that it would blow air out of the living room. There was no room for my receiver to stand straight so I placed it on top of the other. I didn't want the fans to run constantly so I used the receiver front port. When the receiver is not on, fans are shut off. Since the sound is through the receiver, there is no fan. The fans are silent on medium speed but there is a bit of noise on high speed. The air above the xbox and receiver is very cool. I am amazed at what these fans do. If I add more electronics, I will consider another pair.

👤I bought the S5 package in order to cool down the processor inside the Router. Even though the device was installed in a well-ventilated area behind the TV, I was never happy with the operating temperature of 72 degrees C. The first dual fan product I tried on Amazon was a failure because it was composed of very low quality components and the first unit I purchased failed with seized up motor bearings. The replacement unit failed the same way as the original one in less than 45 days, so the product was returned to for a full refund. I was still looking for a cooling solution for the routers and found the AC Infinity line of products on Amazon. The fan dimensions of this product were the same as those of the refunded dual fan cooler, so they were the perfect size to cover the back plate of the 68U. The fact that the AC Infinity dual Fan product featured high quality "Ball Bearing" equipped fan motors made it more than enough for me to purchase a set with hopes of finding a cooling solution I had been looking for. I am happy to report that all of the quality claims made about this product are true. The fans are very quiet. The operating temperature was lowered to 48 degrees C with the speed control set to "High" position. The fan assembly has a metal cage with a circular center section of solid flat metal, which provided a stable platform for the heavy duty double sided foam tape I used to secure the two fans to the backplate of the 68U. This product could be called a miracle.

👤Absolutely love it! Highly recommended. I use a media stand that is fully enclosed. To keep the components cool, the door must be left open. The two small holes in the back were set there. I did it right and was happy with it. The fans were mounted over the shelf after the holes in the back were drilled. It's easy to do with a drill, screwdriver and some longer bolts/screws. With everything closed, the temp is cooler than it was with the front door open. They're very quiet. You can't hear them unless you press your ear against it. Again, highly recommend for the price.

10. AC Infinity AIRPLATE Dual Fan Thermostat

AC Infinity AIRPLATE Dual Fan Thermostat

Each unit has a dimensions of 6.3 x 6.3 x 1.3 in. A dual fan system that requires minimal noise is designed for cooling cabinets. The programming adjusts cooling power when temperatures change. There is a display with an alarm system, display lock, six fan speeds, two buffer options, and memory. Two fan units with controller, containing aluminum frames with a white finish. Each unit has a dimensions of 6.3 x 6.3 x 1.3 in.

Brand: Ac Infinity

👤I bought a new media cabinet to clean up the look of my audio visual gear and I noticed that my Marantz receiver was getting very hot. I used a laser to measure the temperature inside the cabinet. This is very bad for your A/V receiver. The first component to go out due to over heating is the HDMI circuit board on the top of the A/V Receivers. I bought this receiver a few months ago because my old one stopped working. I had an issue with a Yamaha receiver. I had two identical Marantz receivers, one in a cabinet with the back open and the other on an open shelf. The Marantz in the cabinet had a bad HDMI port. I did a lot of research after I had some heat issues, reading reviews and watching videos on the internet. I decided that the AC Infinity line was the most cost effective option for me. I installed an Airplane T8 system and it stays around 70 degrees. My home's ambient temperature is between 72-75 degrees all year long. The T8 system has fans with grills and a controller. You can pick one of four temperature settings, but this option gives you much more control. This is the only white version that is sold. If you want to get the best bang for your buck, you should buy the black version of the kit and then purchase 2 white grills and a white controller for an additional $36. The Aircom T8 unit that sets on top of the receiver was the best option for cooling as it provided the best cooling option. I ordered another T8 system in black because I liked it so much.

👤I bought these for my closet, but they may have been a better option than the ducts. I asked AC Infinity if they had anything to help the fans between the dry wall and they said they didn't, so I bought a couple aluminum square pipes and made the fans more efficient. The piping helped but I wish the sales associate would have helped me more and suggested other products. I don't want to repair the holes in my wall to make room for the other fans. The closet is kept at 78, but the fans aren't quiet. I have 5 fans in my PC that sit right next to me, and I don't hear that at all. I hear the AC fans running across the room.

👤Installation was easy thanks to the plastic templates. The system runs quietly and keeps my closet cool. I have two fans that pull cool air in to the closet near the floor and the other pull hot air out of the ceiling. The portable AC unit that I used to use to cool the room has been turned off for the past three months. It is certainly worth the price. I would like to have seen a couple items. 1. The probe could be plugged into the front. This setup works well for cabinets where you want the display on the outside, but I wanted the display on the inside of the room. I had to drill a separate hole to run the probe wire through since the probe connects to the rear of the unit. 2. There was no mounting hardware for the probe. Either you need a separate clip or let the probe hang/lay loose. 3. It could be possible for each fan to be independently controlled. I'm not sure if there's a different model that supports this or if it requires separate controllers.

11. CabCool Single Cooler Cabinet Theater

CabCool Single Cooler Cabinet Theater

Save your wallet. The Earth can be saved. It gives you the ultimate control over your budget without the summer heat. The room cooler costs less than 30 cents for a whole day of cooling. The eco-friendly cooling method does not use harmful chemicals. Give their mother earth a break by choosing the Comfy Home Evaporative Cooler. It's perfect to go on when your amplifier goes on, or just run 24/7. Depending on your needs, the fan can blow into or out of the cabinet.

Brand: Coolerguys

👤As I set up a new aquarium, I purchased this to install on the hood. Two large light fixture will cause heat build up unless there is a vent in the hood. I have had a double fan array with thermostat from Coolerguys for years and it has worked perfectly and quietly, so I immediately searched for something to use on the aquarium. I have a power supply with a timer that controls the lights and several other accessories that only work when the lights are on. I will use this a/c plug as a slave to the light timer so that it will only run when the lights are on. I may add a thermostat to this fan so that it only runs at certain temperatures, but I'm going to try it without first. There should be a source of fresh air in the hood if there are holes drilled in the back of the hood. The coolerguys fan will be installed at the opposite end of the aquarium hood. I will put the unit on the outside back of the hood to give it a little distance from the actual water. I only use canister filters so there is no splashing from over the back filter. I think this will work out well. I have experience with Coolerguys fans and I don't expect any problems.

👤I bought the fan to put in the back of the computer desk that had a cabinet for the computer tower. Even though the door was open, it was still too hot to open. I'm very happy with the results after cutting the hole and installing it. The length of the power cord was perfect for this because the fan is inaudible. There are only two complaints about this particular offering. The fan did not come with a power option. I would have liked to have it on while the system was on and then off. The shield can't sit against the back of the cabinet if the cable comes out against it. It sticks out at a slight angle and it's not possible to get all 4 screws in without torquing it. I knocked off 1 star because of those.

👤This was connected a couple of weeks ago. I'm using it to cool a cabinet that has a phone modem, internet modem and a router. You can't tell it's running unless you put your hand up to the fan and feel the air. The inside of the cabinet is very cool. I'm very happy with how it turned out.

👤One of the best cooling fans you can buy. It is very easy to assemble the fan. The fan is very fast. I kept checking to make sure it was working. After a month it is still quick, but temperatures went way down after this was installed. I am very happy with my purchase of Coolerguys Fans.

👤The only thing that would make this unit better is to have an option for a larger fan. I bought two of these back in October of last year. I use one for my computer cabinet and the other for my audiovisual equipment. It comes with a grill cover.


What is the best product for home theater fan cooler?

Home theater fan cooler products from Ac Infinity. In this article about home theater fan cooler you can see why people choose the product. Coolerguys and Ac Infinity are also good brands to look for when you are finding home theater fan cooler.

What are the best brands for home theater fan cooler?

Ac Infinity, Coolerguys and Ac Infinity are some of the best brands that chosen by people for home theater fan cooler. Find the detail in this article. Ac Infinity, Ac Infinity and Ac Infinity are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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