Best Home Theater for Tv with Subwoofer

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1. Soundbar Subwoofer Bluetooth Projector Connectivity

Soundbar Subwoofer Bluetooth Projector Connectivity

The remote control allows you to lie on the sofa and control the device from there. The product does not have a battery. The sound bars for TV with a sub are a combination of dual speakers and dual bass. You can enjoy the sound of home theater with your family and friends. Wireless wired connections and wide compatibility. The speaker supports multiple connections, including: AUX, Coaxial, and TF Card. All medias are brought into your life with integrated inputs. Multiple devices are supported: TV, PC, Smartphone, DVD, Projector, Tablet, Laptop, Pad, etc. The home audio sound bars can be used to control the remote control from 33 feet away. The built-in mic is a plus, you can answer calls without carrying a phone. You can operate the surround sound bar with your fingers. Portable Slim Design & Perfect Home Matching: portable soundbar with a sub is simple and low-key, featuring slim and space-saving appearance with large-area metal mesh cover design, highlights the texture and taste. Simple design adds beauty to your house. It's perfect for a home party. The package includes a 15.7 inch soundbar, a user manual, a type-C charge line, a 3.5mm dual audio cable, and a remote controller. Feel free to contact them with any questions.

Brand: Sineda

👤Not stop PAIRI.G if it orders another same BS. SORRY but not.

👤The connection works great. Turn on the TV sound bar and turn it off. The remote was put away when the batteries were taken out.

👤The product has worked well for me so far.

2. Monoprice Channel Satellite Speakers Subwoofer

Monoprice Channel Satellite Speakers Subwoofer

Voice assistant input can be used to control your devices through the sound bar with a dedicated 3.5 aux or persistent Bluetooth connection. The Monoprice 5.1-channel Home Theater Speaker System is a must have. Four satellite speakers, a center channel speaker, and an 8" powered subwoofer are included in the speaker system. The speakers come with a black finish. The center speakers use two shielded mid-range cones, while the satellites use one cone and a dome tweeter. Don't let the small size fool you. The speakers can handle up to 125 watt of power from your home theater receiver. The amplifier that drives the downward firing cone is powered by a 60 watt (RMS) amplifier. It can be used with any amplifier, even older ones without dedicated subs. The subwoofer has volume balance controls and can handle frequencies between 50 and 250 Hz. There are four C brackets for mounting the satellite speakers to the wall in the box. A pair of plastic feet are included. You will need to provide your own hardware for mounting the C brackets to the wall.

Brand: Monoprice

👤The speakers sounded great for a while. Two months after owning the speakers, one of them sounds tinny and crackles when certain sounds are played through it. The speakers have not been used to play music or movies. Reached out to monoprice twice to find a replacement speaker, but have not heard back. I don't want to buy an entire new set of speakers and I don't want to introduce a speaker other than monoprice into my surround sound system as it will look silly. There is an update. Monoprice stated that they don't offer individual speakers for replacement after many attempts. Unless you want to start mixing different brand name speakers, you are out an entire system if one speaker goes bad. One speaker is bad after two months of use. Not happy.

👤We don't listen to the speakers very loud because they blew within 6 months. We live in an apartment so we're careful about being too loud. Even when it hasn't been used in a while, the sub still gets hot. I tried to contact Monoprice, but couldn't get anyone to respond. It was a major disappointment. The speakers are overpriced for the quality, even though you pay for them. They wouldn't replace the speakers. They wanted us to send the entire system back in at our own cost, then they would eventually get around to sending a replacement. I told them to forget about it because I could replace the speakers for less than shipping. I will never buy from Monoprice again.

👤This is the 3rd set of speakers I have purchased. One for my wife's office and one for a bonus room. The v2015 sets were the ones that were there. They went out of stock for a long time, but recently came back. I immediately ordered a set for my theater as I have been happy with the previous sets. More than happy. The drivers may be made of a different color material. The speakers in the box were separated from the black laminate. The new logo is not great at all, and it is not as pleasing with the grills off. The biggest change was the mounting screw, which has always been a threaded screw. I bought the 6 I needed for my mounting brackets before opening this box. The screw was changed to an M6. Another trip to the hardware store. There are some mounts that have built in threaded rods that will no longer work with these speakers. You can see the differences in the versions here. I'll give them time to break in, which is important with these speakers. The sound is as expected, but the quality of manufacture has suffered. I don't understand why Monoprice can't throw in a bag of the correct mounting screws since they are not the standard size.

👤I don't like the system. I am very impressed with Monoprice. The speakers did not work. I contacted the company and they were very responsive. I received a second sub that wouldn't power on unless you jiggled the power wire and held it in a certain position. They sent me another sub. Many people have said that the one that worked worked, but they don't expect much. In movies, there is no boom or punch. The other two subs are in my garage. The system is inexpensive and works well for a dorm room, apartment or an entry home theater system. I ordered this package again after my experience, but I think Monoprice is a good company.

3. Subwoofer Soundbar Bluetooth Connection Mountable

Subwoofer Soundbar Bluetooth Connection Mountable

The package includes a 15.7 inch soundbar, a user manual, a type-C charge line, a 3.5mm dual audio cable, and a remote controller. Feel free to contact them with any questions. Sound Bar with Subwoofer, 2.1 Channel Soundbar is an upgrade to your home theater experience. Powerful full-range drivers deliver a more realistic, richer sound from a slim soundbar. They are perfect TV speakers that create amazing room-filling virtual surround sound. The deep bass is built with 2 full-range speakers delivering clear, rich sound, with a dedicated wired sub offering deep and powerful bass, 2.1 channel sound reverberates throughout the room for a true stereo experience. You can connect to most types of devices via Wireless or wired connection. You can easily connect to your home theater, Smart TV, PC, phone, projector, DVDs, laptop, desktop, tablets, pad, and so on. An ideal sound system for music, movies, games, and more. Music can be streamed via wireless. It works with all TVs. The soundbar remote control is easy to use. The soundbar comes with 3 sound modes that let you enjoy movie-like surround sound at home, as well as the ability to adjust the sound modes to maximize the sound source. The items you get are: TV Sound bar, Subwoofer, Remote Control, Power Adaptor, Optical Cable, 3.5mm to RCA Cable, User Manual, and Wall Mount Kit. If you have a question, please contact them.

Brand: Anpharala

👤I have hidden cords in my wall that connect the bar and the sub to my TV. I get nice bass when I watch sports, music, or movies in the living room. The sub is not wireless. The sound bar is connected to it with an RCA type cord. The bass is good. The other ranges are clean and crisp. It adds a good punch to your viewing and listening experience, it's a good audio boost for a medium to large space. There are a few different settings for the subs. Nothing beats a good deep bass when you're playing music or watching a football game.

👤It works well in my living room.

👤The SaiYin DS6551S 36” Soundbar has a decent sound. It sounds good for classical music. The sound system performed well, and I listened at a volume that gave me an abundant listening experience. Someone on a budget might want a soundbar with a cabinet. Comparison shopping is a good plan for someone who has a lot of money. This one fits my needs for sound. I have some issues with this product. There are three different types of music and news, but they are not adjusted for the soundbar. There are separate volume controls for the soundbar and the sub. The owner of the audio equipment has the ability to play with the different preset for different audio sources. It would be great to have the ability to adjust the sound on the soundbar. I don't think the soundbar is too bright. Not a dealbreaker for me, but I don't consider myself an audio engineer. The cabinet has an RCA-style plug. The cabinet does not need power. There is no stress relief where the wire meets the cabinet, which looks like a point of failure waiting to happen. It sounds good for classical music. The volume that I listened to gave me an abundant listening experience, and the soundbar and sub were not bad. I have two other inexpensive Chinese-made soundbars without a cabinet, and both of them fell far short of performance, even at moderately loud volume. There is a 1mm gap on one of the sides of the cabinet, which makes it look cheap, but mine will be out of the way, so not a dealbreaker. The SaiYin logo is reflective and the soundbar looks good. The title on the product page says 100W. The description on the product page shows a total of 100W, with 25W for the soundbar and 50W for the sub. The model DS6551S has an output power of 25W x 2 and 40W for the sub. I think the Amazon product page has a really good sound. The user manual is branded SaiYin. Anpharala is the name of the seller on the Amazon product page. The model number DS6551S is on the front of the user manual and is a 2.1 stereo model, but the manual makes a distinction between 2.0 and 2.1 models, as to which described features apply. The user manual is very good. It is road map-fold style and goes into detail about the soundbar, remote and connection cabling. The user manual states that the warranty is 12 months for manufacturing defects. Inquire about warranty support first. Clicking on Anpharala yields a street address in China. There is an email address for consumer support in China on the packet of cables. There is a video on how to set this up. The manual tells you to remove the protective caps from the optical cable and TV settings. My TV is plug and play for optical. How to plug AUX 3.5mm to the right and left cable is also covered. The AUX boost button on the remote can be used to boost the volume for a weak AUX signal. I tested the cable with optical. It sounds better with optical equipment.

4. Subwoofer Soundbar Bluetooth Mountable Adjustable

Subwoofer Soundbar Bluetooth Mountable Adjustable

The box has a powered subwoofer speaker, 5 passive wired satellite speakers, a full function remote, and 5mm to a RCA jack cable. The 120W Sound bar is better sound than your TV alone. The TV sound bar has advanced technologies that deliver clear audio. The sound bar with a sub produces powerful bass and surround sound, and it has a sound level pressure of over 100 decibels. Enjoy the details of your movies and music. The Superb Sound Quality is Bluetooth 5.0. Their newest sound bar uses the latest technology to ensure smooth transmission in long distance with low consumption. You can place it almost anywhere. You can play your music anywhere with the help of the internet. They have engineered a custom sound bar material that will give you true 3D stereo premium sound. The included remote control allows you to adjust the different sound modes. The remote can be used to increase or decrease bass and treble. The sound bar has a power and volume control located on the right side. There are multiple input options and an easy set up, including one of their newest features, the ability to use a single device for both wired and wireless connections. The package now includes both premium 5 ft Optical cable and 5 ft RCA to 3.5mm cable. The soundbar is almost impossibly thin and has a black surface. You can control power with a Touch-button design. The volume is easy to see on the side. You can mount the sound bar on your living room with the mount brackets in the package. The sound bar will go through a quality test before being sent out. They offer a warranty of 12 months.

Brand: Vmai

👤First of all, I would like to say thank you to the people in tech support with this unit. I wanted a decent sound bar at a decent price without breaking my wallet, so I bought this. The order was prompt and it was on time. The set up was easy and straightforward. The sounds are good. Now for the problem. When I ordered I was sent an email saying that I could reach out to them if I wanted to. The response was quick, it gave instructions to dl a upd file on to the flash drive, and the process should be finished within 5 minutes. I asked if I missed a step, but the tech said that it was not a problem they had before, and that they would talk with their team about it. They said it was an unknown issue and that they would ship me another unit express. It works great and there is no stand by mode. The support via email was top notch and to top it off they were not concerned with returning old unit so less was trying to rebox and ship.

👤Beautiful work of art. Works with existing cable remote. The manufacturer put a lot of effort into creating this high quality product. I would love to see other products made by this manufacturer.

👤The sound coming from my 4K TV was bad and I needed a sound bar to make up for it. I have a television that is close to the wall, so the back firing speakers on it is muffled. I have a hard time hearing what I'm watching. Hearing to me is important because I am visually impaired. I am not rich. I had to budget. The reviews were all good. I bit the bullet. I bet that bullet, I am very happy. I have been running the sound bar for about a week and have not had any problems. Sounds great. The sound bar is similar to a soundbar. It has touch buttons on the side. No pressing was needed. It is only a power and volume up and down. There were no other buttons on the bar. If you lose the remote control, you won't be able to change the sound settings, you won't be able to change the base, and you won't be able to set it from movies, news, music, etc. The seller told me that there is a universal remote code for the sound bar. That is a good sign. The sound that came out of the bar was clean and crisp. I was amazed that there was no distortion. On to the amplifier. The speaker is small and the box is not big, but the base that came out of it was so big that it floored me. It's like going to a movie theater. I own a 10-in downward passive subwoofer that will make your chest rattle, however the base is deep and has a great tone. I was excited to hear the base that came out after watching the men in Black. It's perfect for a living room home theater. If you have a man cave or a theater room, you might want to add more space. This was a great purchase so far. If I have any issues, I will update. Don't be afraid to make the purchase, it was worth it for me. I got almost $30 off my purchase without a coupon code. If you find a code, you can get this speaker set up for a cheap price. I wanted it at my door as soon as possible. I am very happy.

5. Bobtot Theater System Surround Speakers

Bobtot Theater System Surround Speakers

Denon has a 100 year legacy of sound and joy. This soundbar and sub is an exceptional home entertainment system that will give you multi-dimensional audio and hi-fi surround sound. Bobtot speaker has two modes of 5.1/2.1 channel, switch via remote control. The pro surround function gives you more advanced enjoyment. Home theater system speakers can reach up to 800 Watts Peak Power, but with professional sound quality and bass, enjoy movies at home. There is a support for multimedia, which can connect various smart devices and have radio function. There are many application scenarios such as Ultra HD 4K TV, game console, home DVD, computer, laptop. It is suitable for watching movies, watching football games, partying, and e-sports games with friends at home. Bobtot speakers use high-quality materials and have a digital display function.

Brand: Bobtot

👤Garbage. Don't waste your money.

👤I purchased the equipment because I can't run optical audio from the tv/dish receiver.

👤The cords to the speakers are not long enough to place in a circle like the pictures, and they are not wireless like pic. They messed up my party with their lies. Don't buy.

👤You can get an optical cable at Walmart or Amazon. That is all you need. I like this system. It sounds great. You can use theusb. It has a radio built in. There is a microphone port. This is worth it!

👤Not wireless. The speakers have to be plugged in. Advertising is misleading.

👤Had to buy a cable that should have come with the system, because the new TVs did not come close to what they were. I am very sorry that I didn't spend more money on the Klipsch system.

6. Subwoofer BESTISAN Receiver Speakers SW65C

Subwoofer BESTISAN Receiver Speakers SW65C

The power of the powered sub is suited for your room, it completes the system by adding the deeper notes of music that has deeper notes recorded. It does a great job. A down-firing sub is designed to fill your room with low and smooth bass. All products with a mini-jack or RCA output can be worked with. The function of the sub is to enlarge the bass only, so they recommend you to pair it with your speakers. If your TV supports sound output option, you can connect the speaker to the TV directly. If your TV doesn't support this sound output option, they recommend you to pair the subs with another speakers or a soundbar first. The Bestisan SW65C Subwoofer is included with the cables.

Brand: Bestisan

👤You don't need a receiver with this sub, it gives you a lot of flexibility. It's powered so you can connect any speakers directly. It is easy to connect to devices with the included cables. You get everything you need out of the box. You will not sacrifice sound quality for convenience or ease. The speaker is small and compact, and it delivers good sound. It is well suited for a medium size room which could be a large living room, a master bedroom, or rec room.

👤The sound bar lacks bass, so I got this for my bedroom TV setup. It seems easy to setup this sub. I can connect the rca red white cable to the sound bar without any problems. Fishing the wires in the wall will be difficult. The sound is different. It doesn't feel thin anymore and it fills the air better. It is obvious on music with big drops. You can adjust the knobs to make your speaker sound different. The bass won't over power the voices. This is a good value sub that produces a lot of bass without breaking the bank. I love it!

👤I was not upset that I didn't understand this sub. I live in an 700 square feet 1 bedroom apartment and this little beauty can fill the apartment with crisp and clear sound. The sound quality is great, with the bass being a little more "oomph" during movie action scenes or when playing on my XBOX. It looks sleek and simple on my TV stand, but it makes itself known very quickly when you want it to. It was easy to use, plug in the power and use the existing speaker.

👤The small living rooms and theater rooms are great places to put the subwoofer. The punch is very strong and will shake the seats. I was using it in my basement and it broke my TV because I was playing it loud and it was too strong to fall from the table. The TV isn't repairable. I am happy to find a strong sub. It was difficult to explain what happened in the room and convince other family members that it was not your fault. The speaker only has volume control on it, so if you want to change frequencies, you have to get up each time, but when you watch the movies, it has the perfect setting.

👤The sound bar is good but the bass is not. A perfect set of my audio system has been completed by the subwoofer. Enjoying a good movie.

👤I have a DVD player for watching movies at my mountain cabin, but I don't have cable TV, so I decided to add a sub to my soundbar. I am happy with my purchase, it makes the cabin rock like a movie theater.

👤My set up is complete, I was missing bass in my life.

👤I was looking at all the subs within my budget and one stood out because it looked so minimal and would blend in with everything around it. I didn't check compatibility because any sound source will connect if you have the right cables. There is a mini Jack to stereo RCA jack cable included which will connect to most smaller audio/Video components. If you want to set this up with a sound bar, you will need to buy a single male -male RCA component cable, which is around $6+). That is it. Setting the balance between the speakers and the Subwoofer can take a while, because it can reach around 90dB in volume, so I recommend starting off at half volume and gradually increasing until the sub starts sounding distorted, at which point you can dial down. You will probably make adjustments for a while. There is a The most exciting thing about this sub is that it is firing. The speaker at the bottom of the cabinet pulls the weight downward, which makes the bass feel like it is below you. If you have a budget that is similar to mine, you can get a setup that is in a corner against the walls, which will allow the bass to expand around you, but make sure to get the cables you need for setting it up successfully. Hope this helps.

7. V51 H6 Channel Theater Soundbar Renewed

V51 H6 Channel Theater Soundbar Renewed

Low-Profile Design with 6 Full-range Speakers. Powerful 5" Wireless Subwoofer. The speakers have Discreet Volume. It was designed for 4K TVs with audio and video. Audio cables and a TV remote are included for easy setup.

Brand: Amazon Renewed

👤I had been watching the previous soundbars. They are cheaper than the top of the line products. The smaller version would be on sale for $300. There was a very favorable review for this unit on the internet. The refurbished unit was only $175. I ordered it and it was good. It was very easy to set it up. The sound is very clean and loud. I own an 8 inch B&W, a 10 inch ELAC and a 10 inch SVS. I'm used to deep bass. The Yamaha soundbar that I replaced was slightly taller than the other Vizio soundbars I own. There is a feature where a smart speaker can be connected to a separate line. When the smart speaker wants to speak, the soundbard will reduce the main source volume and then bring the volume back afterwards. It worked. It accepts an Atmos bitstream. The surround is good. The remote is backlit. My TV has the ARC feature. The features and value are very good. These are all minor. There is very little air and image in the front of the soundbar. There's still a lack of focus despite the help of the virtual surround and virtual surround. It sounds different. I couldn't find any height. My main system is hyper focused and it is obvious. The remote is difficult to use. It's not terrible, but you will need to make a quick adjustment in the dark. There is no internet or wi-fi. The Vizio display is crappy. Since there are so many refurbished units out there, Vizio makes good soundbars. None of the ones I've purchased have failed and the ones I've bought are not as good as they could be. The typical Vizio is inferior to most soundbars. Highly recommended.

👤I decided to try it out. It is not an Amazon open box, but a third party seller. I was made to contact them by Amazon. The sound bar won't work from the input. Both the sub and the sub-bassoon will not pair. I am not sure if that will work. It won't pair with my phone via blue tooth. I will have to fight with the seller to get a replacement or money back.

👤I have too many speakers for one life time. I was trying to go "modern" with this and it blew me away. I have a small office, but it's great for the price. The harmon kardon can't touch this model. It was super impressed.

👤Just what I needed. Movie theater status and music are not the same. I maxed out the volume on the rear speakers and turned the dialog and bass up as well. You will be amazed by TV speakers. It definitely sounds like a movie theater with less bass if you mount your speakers behind you. This is a nice setup for a small room. The cons are that it's not compatible with Amazon's voice assistant: I'm not going to be upset, but it's a problem with the alexa. I think it's a problem with the speaker and not the device. I switched it to the Aux and everything went well. Losing a star is not worth it. Some reviewers haven't realized they can use the remote control to tune their system. I think I like it after 2 or 3 weeks.

8. Sony Soundbar Subwoofer Bluetooth Technology

Sony Soundbar Subwoofer Bluetooth Technology

The Sony 2.1 Channel Sound Bar System with Wireless Subwoofer is the ultimate home theater upgrade. Audio comes alive. The power output brings the content to life. The speaker unit and volume of the subwoofer are powerful. S-Force Pro is a virtual surround sound technology. There are seven sound modes, choose from Auto Sound, Cinema, Music, Game, News, Sports, and Standard Audio Mode. Voice enhancement can be used to amplify the noise over the background. You can stream your favorite movies, shows, and music from your phone.

Brand: Sony

👤I was looking for a good sound system. I didn't care if it was able to jump through hoops or not, this one fit the bill nicely. I have a great soundbar with built in subs that is great, but I wanted one for a larger room that would provide even louder and deeper bass. After listening for a few days, I was a little disappointed but knew that speakers and especially subs need to be replaced in time. I've heard that some of the soundbars sell for up to 600 dollars, but this one sounds like it would be a good buy. Some people have experienced sound delays with other soundbars. The voices are clear and the bass is loud enough to make a difference in a movie. I can confirm that music and dvds sound good. If you're able to use a subs, you should place it in different places in the room to see where it will sound best. This is a great buy at 199 dollars and is well worth it.

👤It's okay if you're used to sound bars. I really wanted to like it. I tried every setting and it sounded so compressed. Even at full volume, the sub is not impressive. The living room is twice the size and we just installed a Samsaung sound bar in it. It was paid for at Best Buy. This was installed with a 65" Sony in a media room with carpeting and 8' ceilings. The set up was easy and fast. It sounded better with Steely Dan than it did with the TV, when I turned it on. I will be sending it back so I can get a better sound experience. My thoughts. If you are interested in something that sounds better than your TV speakers, this might be a good idea for you. I would suggest different options if you want something more than average.

👤The sound is really good and it is very easy to use. I downsized from a 7.1 surround setup. If the dialogue is enhanced, I don't think we lost any sound. If I had paid full price, I would have been happy.

👤I have had a Sony sound bar for two weeks. The sound bar was easy to pair with after the user error was corrected. I was initially disappointed with the bass from the sub woofer, but the more I have listened to it, the more I can say it does deliver. It was a good value and it was delivered on time. It was well packaged. It will allow you to pair 9 devices to it, which will allow for a lot of usage. I have it in my master bedroom and it is loud enough. You don't have to use on and off button's. It will turn on and pair automatically if I tell it to do so. When you turn the television off, it will also power off. The price and sound quality are what will make you happy.

9. BESTISAN Subwoofer Bluetooth Connections Adjustable

BESTISAN Subwoofer Bluetooth Connections Adjustable

Integrated 2. Replacing your TV's built-in speakers with deeper bass and crystal clear whispers is what the 1 Channel Soundbar is about. Digital optical, digital coaxial, and AUX connections are used for wired or wireless connections. You can stream via the internet. A new AUX out port is needed to connect your current active subwoofer to ultra-deep bass. Touch or remote control has two operation modes for convenience that feature high grade metal controls and a remote to adjust the settings. You can use the remote control to adjust the sound output of your entertainment. There are multiple options for a sleek, elegant home theater setup. The components include a power adapter, remote, rca cable, optical cable, user manual, and mount kits. The speaker type is dual.

Brand: Bestisan

👤I was contacted and offered 15 dollars of credit to remove the review. It's an insult to have the manufacturer reach out to offer a joke to save their image instead of replacing a faulty product to save their customer service failure. It only lasts a year before it kicks the bucket. It is over a year since the bar was last replaced, and it makes it look like it will work, only to eventually return to the loud noises. You don't need to purchase a warranty for stereos. I still have functioning equipment from the 70s and 80s, it's sad that the life expectancy of such basic things are so short these days.

👤Most of us buy the sound bar because the speakers on the TVs are not good enough to listen to and we don't like the direction they are pointing. I paid $500 for a 32 inch tv with wonderful picture quality and terrible sound quality, but I received terrible sound quality for my money. I had to buy a sound bar to make the tv sound better. I only had a small space for the sound bar and tv stand. My choices were limited by this size requirement. I stumbled upon the Bestisan sound bar after a lot of research. I got a sound bar for $76. The sound bar exceeded my expectations. I was worried that I would have to purchase a sub-woofer, but I am happy to say that this little dynamo has all the Bass I need. I don't think tv's should be sold with inferior sound, as a tv is a viewing and listening experience, not just a visual experience. It is the world we live in. I don't think you should have to pay for a speaker system to enjoy your television. I'm not sure if this still would get the job done, unless you have an enormous room to fill, and this sound bar is more than that. I ducked for cover when I watched a war movie. If you need the sound bar to fit in a tight area, you will be very happy with this item. There is only one downside. You have to use 2 remotes because the tv remote doesn't recognize the sound bar.

👤This product gets 5 stars from me. I wanted the comment to be in the 1 star section. I looked at a lot of sound bars before ordering this. I usually make a decision on whether to buy a product based on the reviews. The sound quality for movies on my TV is not good at all. I set it up after opening it. The set up took less than an hour. Plug in a power source and use an optical cord. The quality is amazing for the size. You can control the volume, the bass, and the audio mode with the remote. I give this sound bar 5 stars.

👤The sound on my D-series Vizio TV is good but the speakers are on the back of the tv so it is hard to hear unless you crank it up. The voices are not very loud and if I am watching a lot of talking it is hard to hear background music. The speaker has fixed that. My tv does not have the option to choose between surround sound or volume leveling, I can easily choose between the two on the remote, but I don't know if I want to listen to music or dialogue. Sometimes I can get the right setting to hear the voices clearly, but if I'm watching something else, I just turn it up very loud and repeat until I catch something. The sound is perfect when I'm watching and I just pick the one that fits. There are more ways to modify the sound. The bass on this speaker is the biggest difference to my tv audio. I was not expecting much since I was hoping the speaker would be facing forward and that it would fix the dialogue. I listen to music and movies and am happy with the speaker's depth. It has a light on the front that can be blue or purple depending on what you are using it for. There are buttons on one end.

10. Majority Bluetooth Connection Speakers Projectors

Majority Bluetooth Connection Speakers Projectors

The speakers have rear panel controls. Bass and treble adjustments are made. Additional features include a daisy chain ability and a unique power on the audio signal input. The Bowfell can be connected to your phone, computer, and most TVs using a variety of options. The Bowfell has an easy to use remote control. There is a multi-connection. The Bowfell has a wide range of options for connecting to the internet. The Bowfell has an AUX cable and an RCA cable. You can choose which mode you want to listen to, music, movies or dialogue. COMPACT DESIGN. The slim design of the Bowfell is ideal for student dorm rooms. A built-in SUV. The Bowfell has a built-in sub that delivers outstanding cinematic sound. The dimensions are 38.6 cm x 7.4 cm x 7.2 cm.

Brand: Majority

👤The product was well packaged with all the cables needed to plug and play into the tv. The tv speakers in the bedroom are not as good as the soundbar. The sound is better than my tv and the volume range is surprising for a small and cheap soundbar. The remote is similar to the firestick remote. If there was more bass, there would be 5 stars. I didn't see any other reviews when I bought this, so I thought to write one because it appears to me that it was a quality product. Thank you!

👤The sound from my TV speakers is loud for the person in the room next to me, even though it is quiet to me. I bought this on a whim. It is an excellent sound bar for the price. All the cables were listed. I was happy that the optical cable was provided. The remote did not work out of the box, so I docked stars. I tried different batteries but nothing. If you could just contact customer service and get a new remote, it wouldn't be a problem, but I was told I had to send the whole package back and exchange it for a different one. I didn't want to have to repackage everything and wait for it to get to them, just to wait for one that works back, so it looks like I'm stuck with a broken remote. I still have to manually change the volume when I get up.

👤It's a good enough size that it can fit anywhere, and the sound is clear that it's good enough for me.

👤Not compatible with the Amazon Fire Stick remote. There are batteries for the remote. The packaging says batteries aren't included. There were no batteries included. The optical function was static. The features I wanted did not work, but the sound is great.

👤It was very easy to set up, only the issue I had was that I didn't have a tv set that was compatible with the program. The sound quality is great, can't beat it for the price.

👤I connected the sound bar to my cable box because I was curious as to why it wouldn't play on TV. The sound is great, it doesn't take up a lot of space, and I am a happy person. I couldn't get it to play on my phone, so I was going to send it back. I'm a happy customer.

👤I really like this device. It took me a while to figure out which connection was best, I ended up with the optical cable from my Xbox to the sound bar. It's better than the speakers on my TV and it's loud for my room. The little soundbar is great.

👤I replaced a TV that has been sitting on my kitchen counter for 24 years. Imagine my surprise when I heard the sound of someone speaking through a tin can on a string. I didn't want to spend a ton of money on a TV that sounded horrible, but I found this reasonably priced and I bought it. I'm pretty happy with it. It takes up very little room, and is easy to hook up with the optical cable that was included. It's perfect for my needs but not for you. The remote is non-responsive and that is the reason I deducted a star. I placed the bar behind the TV because it was difficult to get back to it if I wanted to turn it on or off. There are other reviews that have issues with their remote. If you intend to use the remote in a living room or bedroom, you should be aware of the possibility that you may have to get out.

11. Subwoofers Saiyin Wireless Bluetooth Connection

Subwoofers Saiyin Wireless Bluetooth Connection

A sound bar with a wired sub lets you enjoy a sound experience. The sound bar has 2 full range speakers that will allow you to listen to music and watch movies. At the highest volume, the total distortion is about 1%. The sound bar for TV has a wired connection that you can use to connect to your phone, iPad, PC and other devices to stream music, and also has a wireless connection that you can use to connect to your phone, iPad, PC and other devices to stream music. Music, Movie and TV shows modes adjusted by using the remote control included, cater to different needs of sound bar users. You can control the volume with buttons on the sound bar. It is not compatible with universal or TV remotes. Set up in minutes, you will need to connect the sound bar with the cable, and hook up the TV with the sound bar. The TV sound bar can be mounted on the wall or under the TV. ULTRA SLIM & ELEGANT DESIGN The sound bar is built with 2 full range speakers and is compatible with modern TVs and never blocks the screen. The wired 4 inch sub adds rich bass from anywhere in the room.

Brand: Saiyin

👤This is a great sound bar. My 75" tv doesn't have a choice of sound or volume. The price point of this one was intriguing, not wanting to spend $200 on a bar that I would never use to send my neighbors packing, was something I would never do. I decided after reading the reviews that it was worth it. You don't have to turn off your tv speakers, you just have to turn them down. It arrived in 2 days. Nice! The bar design is sleek and black. I attached it to the tv using the same method I used to attach it to the wall. I have an outlet behind the tv to hide the wires, so I'll have to figure out what the problem is. It may be necessary to deal with. In my living space, the high volume limit is not perfect for me. If you have a large open concept living room/ kitchen with a tendency to have multiple people milling about watching, this bar/woofer may not live up to your expectations. It doesn't produce the umph most would like in a large, open space because the set-up is for smaller to average sized living spaces. I think the same concept could be applied to using it outdoors. If you have a covered patio space with a tv, it may be sufficient, but not if you have a pool and it's more than 30 feet away. This is a great buy at the price point. A bar and a speaker. There is a Let me know if my review helped. I don't usually leave them.

👤I thought the sound bar would be like a sound bar I own. The speakers on the TV have to be turned off. It was not possible on the TV I bought. I couldn't get the signal to go to the sound bar. I tried another TV. It indicated that I could choose between the TV's speakers and something else, but it didn't work. I tried another TV. I was told I could turn off the speakers, but it didn't happen. I have a place to plug in headphones on my TV. The sound bar had wiring for that purpose. I have a TV that is seldom used, but the sound bar is great. Before buying, make sure you know if you can turn off the speakers or if you have a headphone jack.

👤There is a 2 year update. I have been using this sound bar for almost 2 years and I am still enjoying it. The brand of the firestick remote is not compatible with it, so you can not connect it to it. The sound quality of the sound bar is still good. The first stick remote is incompatible with the bedroom tv, so we will just move it to the bedroom tv, it still works great. The original review was not a good one. I bought this sound bar because my TV volume was terrible. Thank you Prime, I received the package in 2 days. I always read the reviews first, and found this one not to have the best reviews. I ordered it because it was the best price for the subwoofer. I am amazed. This sounds like a great option for news and movies. If there was a way to see what notch the volume is on, I would be happy. There is no screen on the sound bar. It is working great.


What is the best product for home theater for tv with subwoofer?

Home theater for tv with subwoofer products from Sineda. In this article about home theater for tv with subwoofer you can see why people choose the product. Monoprice and Anpharala are also good brands to look for when you are finding home theater for tv with subwoofer.

What are the best brands for home theater for tv with subwoofer?

Sineda, Monoprice and Anpharala are some of the best brands that chosen by people for home theater for tv with subwoofer. Find the detail in this article. Vmai, Bobtot and Bestisan are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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