Best Home Theater Furniture for Hold Equipment

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1. Sonos Playbar Mountable Sound Movies

Sonos Playbar Mountable Sound Movies

The mountable soundbar can be used for TVs, movies, music, and more. Playbar allows you to enjoy dialogue and bass from wall to wall. You can control it with the app and remote. Playbar automatically tunes itself for the best possible sound when it's mounted on the wall or on a stand. The sound of the human voice is emphasized in Playbar so you can always follow the story. You can connect the speakers in different rooms over the internet to create a sound system that brings everyone together.

Brand: Sonos

👤The Playbar has been with us for 3 years and we can't recommend it as a good purchase. The issue is volume in films. The dialogue is too quiet and the action scenes are loud. We have to turn up the volume during spoken dialogue scenes and then turn it down when there is a gunshot, explosion, or similar event. This has been an issue reported by many users on the forums. We and many others confirm that the Trueplay tuning, Night Mode, and Speech Enhancement features do not address this. It is a shame that an otherwise nicely executed soundbar fails so dramatically at improving the sound of your TV. You should spend your $700 somewhere else.

👤The sound and function of the app are what I like the most. The system can't be updated each time there is a software update. There are 17 sonos devices in my home. I get an error when there is a software update. There was a problem during the update of your system. To repeat the update, select "Try again". There are no comments at this time. When I click on "more info", I get an error that says: "Disconnected from system: Office, Basement, Master Bedroom + 13 Error Code 1002: Bridge." The bridge that I've done multiple times and doesn't work is recommended by the error code. The next step is to restart each device. I have three sound bars mounted under the TV's on the wall and plugged in to an outlet behind the TV. I have to remove the TV or unmount the speaker to restart. I won't do the update. I haven't done the update so my library isn't available and the app won't let me reauthorize my Apply Music subscription. I would have chosen another system if I'd known the manufacturer would limit the ability to use hardware. Very disappointed. I am very frustrated that updates are hard.

👤I have a high definition TV. I have to use a closed caption when I watch a British show. I bought a sound bar with a wireless sub. The sound is better, but I still need CC. On top of that, I am a drummer. I was interested in having a system that projected the full range of instrumental sounds. I ordered the Playbar TV sound bar. I downloaded the Sonos app, which is easy to use, and my TV remote volume control, which manages both TV and streaming audio. A hookup involves a connection. I replaced the supplied cord with a 6'cord. There have been no problems so far. The audio quality from the PLAYBAR is excellent, but the bass tones are greatly enhanced by the subwoofer, which is a costly, but mandatory purchase. Music sounds "in person" using the PLAYBAR/SUB tandem. I might get a couple of the Sonos play 1 speakers. Festool was criticized for selling a miter saw for almost 1500 dollars. The saw is almost dustless, as is the soundbar. It is a very personal thing. For me, it was a pleasure to listen to the music on the platform. The system is recommended.

2. Nexera 101012 Jasper Audio Truffle

Nexera 101012 Jasper Audio Truffle

There are 4 open storage shelves. It's easy to get wire access for your electronic devices. It was designed and made in Canada. The ship is from order date. It's required. Dark brown finish. Dark brown finish.

Brand: Nexera

👤The narrowest audio furniture is available. More on that later. I was expecting something flimsy, like the typical build-it-yourself pressboard furniture from your big box stores. The furniture is made of pressboard, but it is different from the typical offerings. The boards are heavier, thicker, and more substantial than you would expect from this type of furniture. It is thoughtfully designed in both construction and function. It looks good. Each of the 3 shelves has 3 positions available. I have a standard sized audio gear. It's the width that you can rack-mount, so small that it can fit in a 19" rack. My gear is heavy. I had a very small space to put it in. A 19" rack could fit there. It was too wide. The furniture is large enough to fit the audio gear, but doesn't waste any space, being as wide as a 19" rack. It is deep enough to hold my equipment. The top shelf is 75 lbs. The shelves are rated for 25 lbs and the bottom is not. The supported weights are being conservative by the manufacturer. The shelves can easily hold more than 25 lbs. They include a locking disk that I haven't worked out yet, but seems to add sturdiness to the setup. The audio shelving unit is exactly what I was looking for. Good looking and highly functional. It is much cheaper than the equivalent rack.

👤I will be installing a new large-screen TV after buying this. I chose it because it seemed to be small yet still has enough room inside, it has a reasonable wood appearance, and it is well vented to keep the electronics cool and allow access for wiring. The product is all of these. The assembly took about half an hour because I was familiar with the cam-and-screw process and had just assembled an Ikea product. There are very few different parts to keep track of, because the side and back panels are identical. The unit is solid. I put my own in. The felt pads on the floor are thick. I still have decisions to make about my components, so I haven't yet put the shelves in. I would have given this 5 stars, but for two reasons. 1. There was a chip in one corner of the base. The furniture touch-up kit was recommended by one of the reviewers. The chip is almost invisible. The sellers of veneered furniture need to take care of their packaging. My chest of drawers were perfect. 2. The price is high. The cost of a whole 6 ft bookcase of the same construction and quality is about the same or a few dollars more.

👤I was surprised at how heavy the panels were. It's really heavy and solid. As good as it can get. The instructions say 25 lbs per shelf with 75 on the top shelf. 75 lbs for your receiver. It is a process to put together. I took 45 minutes because I'm slow. If you aren't scrambling, 20-45 minutes is realistic. It uses lots of cam locks, which is fine for the application. The bottom bolts have an allen wrench on them. I was able to get this unit together. There is no wiggle and you can rock it in all directions. happy with that I can fit a good-sized Yamaha receiver and 5 games consoles on my house. It holds the weight. There was no wobble. The open sides and back give my consoles plenty of air. It works great for my gaming/movies oriented setup, and holds more than the large cabinet I was using before. It's small, but big. The shelves use pegs to sit securely. I was able to get this set up. I am happy with my customer service. This is a very good piece of furniture. It will last a lifetime with care. Highly recommended.

3. Three Floating DVD DVR Shelf

Three Floating DVD DVR Shelf

The wall mount shelf is compatible with wood and concrete walls. Your unit is mounted at the perfect height with the floating shelf feature. The floating shelf can hold up to a whopping 16 lbs. You can place multiple components on this wall shelf. The product comes with an easy to use instruction manual for quick and easy installation. The TV shelf is easy to install. Their wall mounted shelf is built with one large strengthened glass shelf (13.78 x 11 x 14.76 inch shelf and 4mm thick), designed for DVD/blu-ray Players, Satellite/Cable Boxes, Games consoles, Hi-fi and Surround Sound. US base customer support. The DVD shelf mount has all of the mounting hardware. They are happy to answer your questions about the shelf. US base customer support. The DVD shelf mount has all of the mounting hardware. They are happy to answer your questions about the shelf.

Brand: Perlesmith

👤I'm there. Thanks for taking the time to read! Steven is my name. I ordered a few of them. I absolutely love them! There is a I'm able to stack three individual units. It helps the space look high and tight. I now have more room in my room. That's right! Not only that. I wanted to say that I am a pro at it because I live in Omaha, Nebraska and I feel like I have install these two so fast. Not even joking. That's how easy it is. There is a If you ever need help or are unsure what to do, you can order a TV mount. Send me an email or text. I'll be more than happy to help.

👤The cable box and DVD player were placed under the TV in front of my treadmill with the help of a great little bracket. I only used 2 shelves because I wanted the extra length of the cable management/shelf brackets. The instructions were clear and it was well made. The only problem was getting the cables behind the plastic pieces. I loosened the wall's main part so that I could get the cables behind the plastic and then tightened it again. It would be beneficial to have help with the cable route.

👤The mounting design of the shelves made me choose this one. There are screw down mounts on the back of each shelf. If you read user reviews, you'll see that the shelves are loose over time. I thought it was appropriate to write a review since someone took the time to write a very information review that helped me make my decision, and I found out this important fact from a user review. The total height is over 18 inches, so I wouldn't give it 5 stars. I was hoping it was a bit longer. The bottom of the shelves are not stained like the tops. Installation was easy and when assembled it has a nice form factor. It looks good on the wall.

👤I was a little hesitant about ordering these shelves. The price seemed a little too good to be true, but I just needed some strong but compact shelves on which to store the components on the other side of the wall from my main TV. I was pleasantly surprised to see that the unit had a small level and a HDMI cord, even though the shelves take a bit to assemble. The shelves are made of good quality glass, and they hold my equipment with ease. Excellent for the price!

👤The shelf was exactly what I needed and it was a good quality for the price. Before you start installing, replace the two mounting bolts that come with them. Save yourself a lot of money by buying steel bolts. I had to cut it off with a Dremel tool because one of the bolts broke and I had to use a drill. The things were useless even after a drill was used. The quality seems good for the price.

4. Mount Entertainment Components Equipment Streaming

Mount Entertainment Components Equipment Streaming

It was deliberately designed. The cup carriers are designed to fit the soda can or water bottle. If there is no liquids involved, you can use the cup holders as a larger tray for your food. The media console is ideal for storage around the TV. It's made to hold stereo equipment, center speakers, gaming consoles, DVD players and streaming devices. You can store your audio equipment in a heavy duty audio tower with 88 lbs of carrying capacity. The air is cool. It was designed with gaps for air flow. This minimalist design will ensure that your devices receive a cooling circulation of air that will keep them from overheating. The dimensions of the fridge are 24in (wide) x 15.5in (deep) x 27.75in (tall). The shelves are separated by 8 in of space for larger components and increased air flow. The cable management system is in the back panel. It will keep your cables neat. The wood shelves are built from a black lacquer.

Brand: Mount-it!

👤The treaded rods screw into the top and bottom. The top has a treaded opening that doesn't have a solid stopper, so you have to screw it down until you find out that the rod is too short to fit into the bottom leg caps. The instructions don't mention the need to only tighten lightly as to not damage the top, like I did, and leave enough threaded Rod for the bottom plastic feet. If they stopped the rod from going through the wood top, it would be a decent unit. While the building is being finished, be careful with TIGHTEN. Disappointed!

👤The design of the shelf is based on a wire frame. The front of the store has metal poles that are securely holding the shelves, but they are made of plastic tubes with a wire frame. The only thing that is strong is the shelf that sits on top of the plastic tube for each row and the two screws on the backplane/wire management panel. Had I known, I wouldn't have bought this. One of the wires had a stripped screw head and wouldn't fit all the way into the base. The entire cabinet was made flimsy because the screw head was not securely embedded in the wood. I paid a lot of money for this product, but I think it's not worth it.

👤The media stand/shelf is very nice and neat, and it's for the price. It holds up a lot of expensive electronics, like a mixer and an Amp, and is very sturdy. The hole behind each shelf should be placed a bit lower, instead of being at the center. A nice media shelf at a reasonable price.

👤I was very happy to order this cabinet. I match well with the equipment in our house. The cabinet is sturdy enough to hold my equipment, which is pretty heavy. The shelves are very open which will keep my components cooler. I had it done in 15 minutes and there were no problems. If someone found this hard to assemble, they should consider hiring someone from now one because I haven't found anything easier to assemble than this cabinet. Since it only has a narrow strip as a back panel, there is no place to hire the wiring so it is visible from the front. If it bothered me enough, I could paint a piece of particle board black and put it back there, but I don't think I'll do it. I was very happy with the purchase.

👤It holds my audio equipment, but not my 200 cd player. I had to put that on top of my turntable. I had to add a piece of plywood below the two to make it level. There are pieces in the back of the stand that limit how far back the wood can go so it sticks in the front. If you don't care about looks, it still does a good job.

👤Sturdy and awesome. I thought it was slightly taller but would have ordered anyway. I'm not putting a TV on this one, just gaming systems next to my TV stand that doesn't have enough room. There are holes in the back of the levels. I'm going to put anchors on the back of my cable box, and there's enough room around the holes to hide cables if you're going to do this.

5. Mount MI 803 Component Playstation4 Projector

Mount MI 803 Component Playstation4 Projector

The aluminum plate and glass triple wall shelf is designed to hold DVD players, DVRs, HD recorders, Cable TV boxes, and any other media that can be mounted on a projector. It will complement your wall mounted TV and help you achieve an uncluttered look with no need for large media stands or TV furniture. The shelf is 17 inches wide and 14 inches deep. The black glass shelf is large enough to hold various equipment. The wall stud should be installed with the wall brackets to make floating shelf installation safe. The cable management holes in the wall brackets allow you to route cables neatly. The shelving system can hold up to 22 lbs. The black glass is 6mm thick. Easy to use instructions are included. It is easy to install. The shelf can be placed in one corner of the wall and the other in the opposite corner. The shelf can be mounted on the wall. It is guaranteed that Mount-It! experience and guarantee. Mount-It! is the leader in home theater accessories. They have 10 years of experience in this field to offer the best features at value prices. All of their products are guaranteed to work. If you have a question or issue, contact their customer support team.

Brand: Mount-it!

👤I bought this exact unit back in 2012 I heard a loud bang and a sound like a truck load of marbles hitting the floor while I was in another room. What the blank? One of the shelves gave out. There is a mess of glass everywhere. I found glass close to where it happened. I'm thankful no one was setting near or my grandson was playing near these shelf's. I bought this 4 years ago. I was happy with the unit, but I can't give it a positive review because it could happen to someone else. The glass shelf's are only supported by the wall mount. Just beware. I wanted to give you a better idea of what happened. The set-top box is 8 x 10 and weighs 3 pounds. The weigh was not an issue. The picture doesn't show the scratches on the DVD player and the wood floor caused by the glass shards. I can not imagine what this would have done to a person.

👤It looks nice! It looked like it was built well. The dimensions listed are inaccurate. The middle of each shelf is only 12 inches deep, which is correct in the description. 2 inches is a lot of space when dealing with audiovisual components. It states that there are 8.78 inches of vertical clearance between the shelf. This is not correct. The three piece shelf had only 6.5 inches of space between it and the shelves. I returned my product because of the incorrect description. This looks to be a great shelf if the smaller dimensions work for you. I wish it had the dimensions advertised.

👤The depth of shelves is not described in the description. The description says the shelves are 14 inches deep, but that doesn't take into account the mounting hardware that hides the cabling which decreases shelf depth by 2 inches. The usable depth of the shelves is about 12 inches. I premeasured my audio equipment before ordering and after installing the shelves my stereo receiver was hanging over the edge of the shelf which looked terrible and was dangerous. After ordering and installing these shelves, I decided to search the planet for a new stereo receiver that would fit them, and eventually found one that would fit. I should not have had to deal with this. The depth of the shelves is not described in the current listing. You cannot put equipment on a shelf that is 14 inches deep. I had to buy a new stereo receiver because the false description made it impossible for it to fit on the shelves. It was easy to install and looks good, but I don't know why this company doesn't explain it in the listing.

👤Be careful! Although this product is attractive, you will never be able to purchase replacement parts from the seller. I need to replace a glass shelf after breaking it during an emergency. Please read the vendor's response. Thank you for contacting us! We understand that you would like to purchase parts from one of our models. This is not a service we currently offer and we only sell parts for sale on our website. We apologize for any disruptions.

6. WALI Floating Strengthened Tempered Accessories

WALI Floating Strengthened Tempered Accessories

The system can be detached and reconstructed into a 1 shelf unit and 2 shelves unit. A maximum weight of up to 18 lbs per shelf can be achieved with the Large Strengthened Tempered Glass Shelf. The slim all-black wall plate with built-in cable management on both sides protrudes just 19mm from the wall when installed, providing a clean overall look with cables neatly hidden. A floating shelf with a height that can be adjusted to free up floor space is a smart design. Quality wall mount solution for holding DVD/blu-ray Players, Satellite/Cable Boxes, Games consoles, Hi-fi and surround speakers, etc. Customer support is available for 7 days a week, and includes 1 x User Manual, 1 x Mounting Hardware Kit, and 3 x Strengthened Tempered Glass.

Brand: Wali

👤We used a floating shelf in our game room and we were able to eliminate the Tv stand that we had. The floating shelf makes everything look clean. I'm going to buy another one for our pool table room.

👤You can't expect much at this price point, so it gets two stars for actually staying up and holding all the equipment. Here's how it went. The instructions are not very useful. The mounting plate was the most confusing part of the assembly because it was too small for a child's thumbnail. If you screw the little square plates to the brackets, you can slide them onto the mounting plate once it's attached to the wall. The instructions don't tell you how to do it, but it's the only way to do it that won't make you angry. 2. Don't expect the brackets to be motionless once they are tightened. If you test them, the glass will be a little bit different. When dusting, use a light hand. 3. The end caps for the mounting plate are useless, and the cord management thingie on the back is also useless. I didn't know how to fit all the cords in there. You should use a different method to cover/manage your wires. 4. The screws end up peeling the plate from the wall because the drill head doesn't fit. You have to hold it tightly in place and then manually screw it into the stud. 5. The Allen wrench was obnoxious. It's thin and hard to grip, so you want to tighten as much as possible, even though it won't be super firm. The thing is doing its job, but it's not perfect and the shelf doesn't fill me with confidence in its integrity.

👤It's time to heads up! The screws that were sent to anchor the brackets to the studs are garbage. I've worked as a carpenter and am familiar with predrilling and screwing into lumber. 1st I was told to drill a 1/6 hole into the stud. I pre-drilled the screw to 2in in depth because the screw was 2 in and the drill bit was perfect. The soft metal of the screw head began to strip as I got deeper in the hole, however I used sufficient pressure and Torque control to drive my first screw. I knew it wasn't going to work, as I carefully reversed back out the head, which was completely stripped, and then I had to finish it with pliers. The screw head on my drill is so soft that I had to double check it. Don't try to use a hand screw driver to drive these into a stud. I had left a few holes in my wall. The screws I used for wood projects were not up to par. I had to go to Home Depot to pick up the screws. They drove in like butter. The wall brackets were secured in place. The vendor/manufacture missed out on a 5 star rating to save money. I don't think they've always included inferior screws with this product, but now they do to save 16 cents per unit sold. I hope they include better screws. I'm not saying, don't buy this, what I am saying is, expect to supply your own screws.

7. Furinno 13191EX BK Turn N Tube Elevated

Furinno 13191EX BK Turn N Tube Elevated

A simple design is suitable for any room. The Particle Board and the tubes are made of engineered material. It fits on your budget. Sturdy on flat surface. It can hold up to 25 inch flat screen panel and up to 20 lbs. Product size is 23. 8(W)x15. 8(D)x11(h) inch It can hold up to 25 inch flat screen panel and up to 20 lbs. Product size is 23. 8(W)x15. 8(D)x11(h) inch

Brand: Furinno

👤There are at least two things universally true that I have bought a lot of ready to assemble furniture. Some of it is junk while other brands are acceptable because it is economical to buy. The finished product looks very different from the manufacturer's photos. This review will look at whether or not this TV stand is worth the price, and whether or not it looks decent. This is at the bottom of the price scale for anything similar being sold by Amazon. It's unreasonable to set your expectations too high. Don't expect real wood. Solid compressed wood products (sawdust) or laminate over a hollow core which may be 100% hollow or be filled with corrugated board are the majority of similar products being sold today. The hollow core product is strongest around the perimeter and can break through the thin laminate, while the compressed wood product furniture can support an equal amount of weight over the entire surface. Solid wood products are used in this Furinno TV stand. There are two types of compressed wood products, one of which is very densely compressed and the other very loose compressed. Both can be made to support the same amount of weight, but the compressed product won't hold a screw hole, while the densely compressed product works with screws similar to real wood. The stand is not dense enough to hold a screw, but it is densely compressed wood. It's important to know how the product is assembled. It is not possible to screw it together without it falling apart. Furinno uses plastic tubular legs that are pre-cut to fit the holes. If the stand is downward and the legs are not designed to handle a lot of side-to-side pressure, then that arrangement is fine. I have learned that one of the handiest tools I own is a basic rubber mallet, although the instructions show using a book to tap the legs in. If you want to put the shelves in place, lay the shelf on a towel spread over the hard surface and gently tap on the bolts to put them in place. I recommend using glue on any furniture that is made from wood, but any good wood glue will work, I prefer the Gorilla brand glue, it seems very well suited for the types of materials used here. I bought this stand for a wide-format color printer which is 24” wide. The fit is acceptable. It is very hard to find a printer stand that is only 16” high because I wanted the stand to be low to fit under a desk. The printer is very heavy. The stand holds my printer just fine, because all of the weight is at the edges, and it's rated for a limit. Stick-on feet are another suggestion, besides using glue. If you have carpeted floors, use a guide made of plastic or nylon. If you need to move the stand with some weight on it, you should use that method. This is a functional design that looks good. The black unit I bought has a smooth simulated woodgrain finish that doesn't try to pretend it's anything other than laminate over pressed wood This isn't a fancy stand but it is a good value.

8. WALI CS201 1 Floating Strengthened Accessories

WALI CS201 1 Floating Strengthened Accessories

There is a maximum weight of up to 18 lbs per shelf with the large strengthened glass shelf. The slim all-black wall plate with built-in cable management on both sides protrudes just 19mm from the wall when installed, providing a clean overall look with cables neatly hidden. A floating shelf with a height that can be adjusted to free up floor space is a smart design. Quality wall mount solution for holding DVD/blu-ray Players, Satellite/Cable Boxes, Games consoles, Hi-fi and surround speakers, etc. Customer support is available for 7 days a week, and includes a User Manual, Mounting Hardware Kit, and Strengthened Tempered Glass.

Brand: Wali

👤If you don't mind the gaming systems hanging halfway off the shelf, it will hold them. If you have a power supply unit, the plugs in the back of the system push the front off. I gave it a 3 star because it was easy to assemble and there were no problems with the return. This could hold game systems.

👤The glass shelf is nice. The design is terrible. There are only 2 screws in the mount, one at the top and one at the bottom, and the shelf connects to a single point on the back. The mounts that come with it are terrible, the shelf fell off the wall about a month after I pulled it through the wall, probably because the single screws are not able to keep it from moving. I put in better drywall mounts and it is solid in there now, but the shelf still has some play in it side to side due to the single mount in the back. It's cheap, but it's poorly designed and cheaply made. I am going to use the glass shelf from this to build a new mount for the wall, if you spend a little more money and get a better shelf. So it is solid...

👤It's easy to figure out how it works without the manual, I ordered this to put above and to one side of my wall mounted tv in bedroom for a DirecTV receiver. When the shelf brackets were first created, they appeared to be cheap, but when you tighten the two set screws, they are really good, and you don't have to use a philips head type. It allows you to fine tune the level of the shelf after mounting, so maybe that was intentional. It was easy to mount the spine wall brackets. I thought the screws were a tad undersized for stud mounting, but that's just me. I would be leery of using hollow wall anchors unless I knew the shelf rating was less than 17lb. I had to adjust the two shelf setscrews to level the glass shelf after installtion. There's no way to "manage" much of the wiring in the short spine wall mounting brackets. I can see the need for the 2 and 3 shelf units, but not here. They used the same track and plastic wire fingers to cut them short. Not a dig deal at all. This unit allows you to put an electrical box out of the way on the wall. I was happy. I would recommend this unit.

👤It was easy to install and I put it on top of the TV in the bedroom.

👤I used it for a projector. It was easy to install. The instructions say plastic mollies are for masonry, but I found out they are not. I bought the right ones from the hardware store after trying them. The included screws can be used if you mount to a stud. They have black covers for the screws. The glass top has a screw to hold it in place. If you crank it down, you will shatter the glass. The screw should be tightened lightly. Just enough. It holds the glass in place. The metal wall mount has space for cables. It doesn't really hide the wires in my case. At this price point, I can't be happier.

9. Nexlux Backlight Lighting Controller Decoration

Nexlux Backlight Lighting Controller Decoration

There is a power source for theusb It's possible to reduce eye fatigue and bring you a vivid and immersive TV viewing with the help of theNexlux TV Backlight. After you download the app, you will be able to control the TV Backlight from Anywhere without a distance limit, and the Timer function on the app will save you time. The TV backlights are long enough to light up every side of the TV. Behind the TV, a light strip can be installed. The mini receiver can be hidden behind the TV. Buckle clips make sure the led strip is in the correct position on your TV. The strip light syncs to music and sound with a high-sensitive mic. You will be able to watch and play TV and gaming in an extremely dynamic and interactive way. It's ideal for party, romantic home theater, Halloween, Christmas holiday decoration because of the colorful lights. There are multiple applications. Any place could be used with theNexluxusbled strip lights. Can be powered by any device with a 5V port, such as your computer, desktop, car, or wall charging device. A great gift for friends and family. There are multiple applications. Any place could be used with theNexluxusbled strip lights. Can be powered by any device with a 5V port, such as your computer, desktop, car, or wall charging device. A great gift for friends and family.

Brand: Nexlux

👤The review was from 1 star to 5 stars. I was going to return this yesterday because the remote stopped working after 10 seconds of use. Thankfully I didn't go and process the return the same day, because this morning I woke up to a personalized email from the seller who explained why my remote may have stopped working. I needed to use the right type of port. I used the built-in PC case'susb ports to connect to the LEDs I bought for the back of my PC monitor. The right ones to use were not found in those ports. The remote worked without a problem when I switched to the ones built into my board. It worked perfectly with a regular phone charging port. If your remote doesn't work for the first 10 seconds, then use another port. Don't be like me and think that the product is faulty after trying it. P.S. If you are going to use these on your PC monitor, make sure to order a 10mm 4-pin connection. You will need to cut up the strips and peel back the rubbery top layer and sticky bottom layer before attaching them to the connectors.

👤I returned the brand I ordered from Amazon because I wanted the lighting with ausb. I could connect it to the TV port. This fit the bill. I adjusted it a couple of times and then I looked at the pictures I took for the review and adjusted it once more. There was no room for a 55 inch TV in my house, but it works well without looking off. I have not had an issue with the tape being sticky even with multiple readjustments. I would buy it again. Since I bought 2, I don't have to. I had to change the lights to fit around the entire TV. For full coverage of a 55 inch TV, it needs to be about 4 inches longer.

👤I bought this strip because it said it would work with 65" tv. I installed a 65" tv. There is not enough length to cover the outside of the tv. There are no backlighting on the corners of the tv due to the shortage. I don't think these lights are very bright. The tv was put back on the wall before the tape to mount came off. I used gorilla tape to keep them up. The remote works well and I like the ability to plug in a TV. I can't recommend for 65. Maybe 55. I changed my review from 2 to 4 stars. The issues were solved without any hassle after the seller contacted me.

👤The seller contacted me after I posted a bad review. My item was replaced. I had the same problem as the first one, with the lights frozen on one color and the remote not working. The remote started working again after a couple of days. I believe the problem with the remote is caused by pressing the buttons too fast. The remote will work if you pause between button presses. It needs to be addressed by the seller. The lights are great. It was bright and colorful. I think it makes watching TV better. I raised my review to 4 stars because of the attention the seller gave me. The lights are 4 stars, the remote is 1 star, and the customer service is 5 stars.

10. Portable Projector Screen WEWATCH Projection

Portable Projector Screen WEWATCH Projection

Wireless communication technology. A power plug. The projection screen with stand is made of soft and elastic fibers to prevent wrinkling after folding or washing. The foldable movie screen has a sharper and brighter image. The screen has a soft and smooth touch. Provide you with clear and bright images. The viewing angle of the projector screen can reach 160. You can choose your viewing angle within the range. Family and friends watch a movie together. Enjoy the big scene and space in the movie. The WEWATCH projection screen with stand is lightweight. The size is 38.7'' x 6.7'' x 3.55'' and the weight is 6.38 pounds, put in your trunk and carried with you. The weighted water bags make the stand curtain stand more stable. It is possible to provide an excellent watching experience for you, family and friends. No screws, only several kinds of accessory, enough to fastly and firmly set it up, makes it easy to install within 5 minutes. Two people can finish assembling in 5 minutes. It's great for transfer place with less time. You can hang it up if the projector screens get dirty. The projection screen is foldable and lightweight. It is suitable for both indoor and outdoor use. It's the best companion for the projector. The 100 inch projector screen and stand is made of lightweight aluminum poles, it doesn't rust or distort. Plastic joints can be inserted into aluminum poles with a tight fit. The stand is very sturdy because of the two base. If you have a problem with their projector screen, please contact them, they will try to resolve it for you. The screen is fixed by eight plastic hooks above the stand, and the two sides of the curtain are directly penetrated into the support tubes of the brackets, which can make the curtain more stable. The screen can't be easily touched by a breeze. The design will increase the screen's stability and speed up installation. There is no complicated process of fixing the outdoor movie screen. There is a projector screen with a stand and a package.

Brand: Wewatch

👤We are in the middle of some winter storms so I haven't had a chance to try this out yet. I will update my review after I try it. The projector screen is a great option for those who need a good quality screen for their projector. The screen is very easy to assemble. There are instructions, but they are very easy to understand. I don't think we need to use the instructions again. Just connect three side bars and three top bars together, and you're good to go. The side pockets of the screen should be slid over the side poles. It is easy to remove the top bar and slip the screen on if you forget this step. I feel like I am making this sound complicated, but it is really easy when you have your hands on it. tether cords are used for outdoor stability on this projector screen. The cords are securely anchored with metal stakes. The screen frame is heavy and has stability issues of its own, so I like this feature. Rollable water pillows are also available. We wrapped the tripod bases with blankets to keep them from flipping over. The screen has a good weight and can be used to view from front or back. It feels like a very thick material, which will help with wrinkling. The screen arrives folded, despite the instruction pamphlet not folding it. Roll it to keep it from wrinkling. It will have to be folded in the middle or I will have to fit it in a travel bag. There were a few things in the initial packaging that detracted from our viewing pleasure. I love the carrying case. Everything fits in the bag and is easy to carry. It's perfect for camping or on the go movies. The water pillows in the package are a problem for me. These are to be filled with water and draped over the tripods at the bottom of each side pole as a stability feature. They are a bit messy and must be filled with water. I could fill them with sand or use ankle weights. I don't think I would want to travel with the water pillows and the mess they could make. I didn't like trying to use them indoors. When the weather is better, I am excited to use the projector screen. This will make our game more entertaining.

👤The projector screen set up is pretty decent, but it's best used indoors. The screen is pretty good and not completely translucent like some of the cheaper projection screens, but the metal stand is so lightweight that it cannot reliably hold up the frame without the included weights or tie downs. The projector screen, a bunch of metal poles, two empty plastic bags, a bunch of plastic hooks, and rope and spikes are included in the kit. The set up of the poles was easy, but the metal is so lightweight that the stand will fall over if you try to thread the screen onto the poles. The two plastic ring bags that you can fill with water and fit over the legs of the stand are part of WEWATCH. The bags are on the smaller side, so there isn't enough weight to make the stand stable. If you're setting this screen up for indoor use, you'll need these weights because the entire set up is a bit heavy. If you plan to use this on grass, you'll need to rely on both the weights and the tie downs. The top heavy design means that it won't stand on its own. It's really unfortunate that WEWATCH couldn't provide better hardware for the frame, because this screen is pretty good for the casual projector user. If you're planning on using this indoors or on flat ground in extremely mild weather, you'll be happy with this set up. If you're looking for a screen to use outdoors, I would recommend skipping this one.

11. Cozy Sack 6 Feet Chair Large

Cozy Sack 6 Feet Chair Large

The long smooth strands of Cozy Foam are designed for maximum comfort and longevity. Their design prevents uncomfortable spots from forming from shredded foam fills. The foam is CertiPUR-US certified. CertiPUR-US certified foams do not Contain: Formaldehyde, Phthalates, PBDEs, TCEP, mercury, lead and other heavy medals. There is a protective liner. Their patent pending bean bag filling is protected by the durable Cozy Sack liners, which can be used to remove the chair's outer cover for cleaning or replacement. The chairs are covered by a book. Sack covers made of micro suede are colorful. They know spills can happen, so they can wash or replace the Cozy Covers to match your décor. The components are made in the USA.

Brand: Cozy Sack

👤I have a story for you. Get a bag of popcorn and watch a movie to end your furniture troubles. I had a broken futon and a rear end that scratched the floor. I begged my fiancée to replace the wretched steel and cardboard frame we called a couch. It took some convincing, couch after couch, to convince us that it was possible. Then it happened. The 12 year old in me screamed out joy and determination to get the holy grail I just found. I had the Cozy Sack in my living room and it wasn't leaving my browser tab until I opened it. After weeks of trying to convince my fiancée to buy me this giant foamblob, she relented and ordered the montrosity. I got a call from my mother-in-law almost a week later. I didn't know that this was the end for mybicbics and back. We are going to get the package at their house. We were surprised that the box that was thrown off the truck 10 times and set on fire didn't hurt theblob. The "blob" or dare I say the "qube" at this point was staring back at me, like "So you think your worthy?" I went to lift the bastard and almost took out the dog and mother-in-law in the process. I thought for a moment that they had sent me a bag of rocks or something. After I popped some beets and took a sip of my pipe, I flung the "qube" out the door into the car, like a giant vacuum, as I tried to look cool in front of my fiancée's family. The worst part was yet to come when we went off home. You would assume my fiancée would help me with this, since we live on the second floor of the apartment complex and a fresh sheet of ice lay outside. Well... The two of us are moving this "qube" into the building. The "qube" came with a dose of laughing gas. We barely made it 5 feet, before my partner in crime, the light of my life, the one to stick through it all with me, breaks into laughter and drops the "qube" on my feet. I yelled to her through my donkey like I was in a movie, "PICK IT UP!" as the rain started to fall. She kept laughing. I lift the bag of rocks and throw it inside, like a mother saving her child from being crushed by a car. The sinners! I ROLL the "QUBE" like the Egyptians did when I was a kid. Like an archangel! We made it. Theqube was at home. Or so we thought, when we listen to the music, we unwrap theblob from theqube and begin the process of removing our nails. We use our hands to free the foam chunks from the vacuum sealed prison. We got the "blob" to its full potential after many blood injections, and it was glorious. As we sat and became encompassed by the "blob", tears streamed down our faces like seeing your child walk for the first time. Our dreams and fears melted away when we were in the void. We did. We have a couch.


What is the best product for home theater furniture for hold equipment?

Home theater furniture for hold equipment products from Sonos. In this article about home theater furniture for hold equipment you can see why people choose the product. Nexera and Perlesmith are also good brands to look for when you are finding home theater furniture for hold equipment.

What are the best brands for home theater furniture for hold equipment?

Sonos, Nexera and Perlesmith are some of the best brands that chosen by people for home theater furniture for hold equipment. Find the detail in this article. Mount-it!, Mount-it! and Wali are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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