Best Home Theater Furniture Set

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1. Ashley Furniture Signature Design Contemporary

Ashley Furniture Signature Design Contemporary

It's easy on the body. The recliner is made of plush upholstery in a handsomely textured twill and has a divided bustle design. Reclining motion eases you back, because you can sit back and relax on comfy, high-resiliency foam cushions wrapped in ultra- soft polyester upholstery. It has notable details. The frame constructions feature corners that are blocked and stapled, and the cushion cores are made of low melt fiber wrapped over high quality foam. There's plenty of room to sprawl out in this chair, which is 70 inches in length. Easy-to- follow instructions are included for the assembly of the chair back slides. Direct from the manufacturing process, the extra care is taken to package, protect and deliver your purchase in a timely manner. The trusted source for stylish furniture, lighting, rugs, accessories and mattresses; for every taste and budget; was designed and manufactured by the company.

Brand: Signature Design By Ashley

👤I did a lot of research before ordering a recliner online. I love it. It's big and fluffy and has great support for my back when I recline. It is almost completely flat, and the first weekend I had it, I fell asleep twice and burned my dinner. It's a good thing. It was worth it! It was delivered by ABF freight company. It wasn't that hard to get it in the door, I live alone and was worried about that. I had to unpack the box on the porch and bring in the pieces at a time. You just have to put the back on, and you're ready to sleep. The picture will show you how far back it is. The curious kitty is in the corner.

👤I got a chair. It was new out of the box. The delivery man helped me put it back on. I'm pretty sure I could have done it myself. The chair is easy to sit in. The chair is large enough for me and my dog to sit in, and the arms are wide and full. Lifting the lever on the side makes it easy to recline. It is hard to push the lever down when you want to leave the recline position. I have to use the handle and press with my legs at the same time. The cushion part of the arms don't stay with you when the chair is reclined, so there is a gap between the elbow and the cushion. So far, so good. I've always bought furniture from the same company, so I wasn't afraid to buy this chair. I will revise my review if it goes wrong. I am 5'2 and the chair feels comfortable, but I can't actually put my feet on the floor, but I can still rock, and usually I am in a recline position or pull my legs up into the chair. The head rest does not push my head forward as some chairs do.

👤This is to replace my husband's recliner. The chair seems to have been built well. The cushion on the footrest is good, but the armrest is so low you can't rest on them. The color is rich brown. We have to return it. We will stop ordering on line and go to the store. The chair automatically reclines and the foot stool pops up high. He can't just sit upright and use his tablets, he has to sit up and use his foot rest. The back relaxes even more when you just relax. I don't know, but what happened to the recliner that you could pop up the footrest and still sit up and use your device? Stay in those positions when you recline half way or all the way. We will be going to the store to look for the right chair. We are not the chair. Since the store we're going to carries Ashley chairs, we will most likely look at it.

👤I ordered a chair to replace my broken recliner. I almost bought the same chair at the local furniture stores for $125 more than I found it on Amazon. The deal was sealed with free delivery to my door. I'm 6 feet tall. It is still comfortable even though my feet hang over a bit. It was well padded. The lever control helps close the chair and I like the function rocker. I had a chair with a cable release that broke and was a PITA to close. The lever was a must have. They called to verify appointment time after they email the delivery company.

2. Mount Tempered Component Capacity MI 8671

Mount Tempered Component Capacity MI 8671

There is a pierced glass entertainment stand. A multi-purpose 5-tier glass cabinet can be used as audio video tower, media stand, stereo cabinet and gaming console stand. It's ideal to store cable boxes, DVD players, streaming devices, home theater receivers, gaming consoles, hifi stereo equipment, speakers and other components. Strong and courteous audio stand. The top shelf has a capacity of 88 lbs and the rest has 33 lbs. Glass shelves and columns are scratch resistant and easy to coordinate with. Audio tower has an open architecture that keeps components cool. AudioRACK DIMENSIONS: There is plenty of space for all your audio and video components on each shelf. There is a gap between the bottom shelves and the top rack for larger stereo or home theater equipment. It is easy to exaggerate. The entertainment center has step-by-step instructions for easy assembly. Adding safety to your family is accomplished by the use of Beveled edges and tempered glass. High quality products will last a lifetime because of their rigid quality control standards. HEIGHT COMBINATION: Stereo cabinet shelves have a variety of height combinations according to your component height needs, thanks to the shelf segments that are interchangeable. The stand can fit into corners. HEIGHT COMBINATION: Stereo cabinet shelves have a variety of height combinations according to your component height needs, thanks to the shelf segments that are interchangeable. The stand can fit into corners.

Brand: Mount-it!

👤The shelves are pretty thin. Four metal rods are screwed into the top shelf. The legs are very thin and lightweight. The tube holders are made of plastic discs with a chrome finish and a hole in the center for the rod. But... It was well packed and delivered intact. 25 min start to finish and it assembled well. The glass is the heaviest part. I didn't care for the feet. I was hoping for more robust feet so that I could place spiked feet to separate the equipment. I might do a mod in the future to allow me to do that. It looks nice and is much more expensive than it was. You get what you pay for and at 125 bucks for two, that's not bad. Not bad at all! The wife is happy.

👤It was very easy to put together. I'm not sure what I was expecting, but for the price, maybe not 4 long skinny bars running in the center of a cheap metal song. It feels more sturdy once it's put together. I thought it would feel better during assembly. I would have returned it and not put expensive stereo equipment on it. The glass is nice. As anyone with these types of things in their homes knows, they need to be wiped down and dusted frequently. Dust and fingerprints. That comes with the territory. If ypu needs shelving for stereo equipment or small eggs, this is the one for you. I suggest spending a bit more money and getting something that is a little bit stronger.

👤5 tier audio shelf. It is easy to assemble. There were no broken shelves. Before you start construction, decide where you want the biggest shelf. The plastic pieces look cheap, but they are half the price of other Chinese made glass tier systems. This lives on a dirt floor. You will need to move the stand eventually. The metal caps on the ends of the feet will destroy the hardwood floors. Purchase 4 floor protectors.

👤The item had two plastic nut retainers. These items are a poor design and are used at the end of the assembly. The plastic nut retainers are supposed to hold everything together. I think they will fail in the future because of the constant tension on them and the fact that it is a safety hazard.

👤There was a bad threaded screw on the final leg. The nut wouldn't tighten. I will contact the seller to see if they will send me a replacement rod that has good threads. I can send the whole thing back, but I have to take it apart. If you get a set that doesn't have a defect, you are fine, but I didn't.

👤I got this for a stereo rack because the cabinets were expensive. It makes my components look like chrome and black glass. You can see every speck of dust, but it takes a quick wipe with a lint free cloth.

👤This was the exact size of the stereo rack I needed. You can adjust the shelf's heights. Cool look, but no need to touch glass shelves beyond assembly. One of the disks was cracked and had an extra round disk. Well packed, and arrived with no damage. It sets off the stereo system with a modern look.

3. Baxton Studio Mid Century Upholstered Chair

Baxton Studio Mid Century Upholstered Chair

The lounge chair is mid-century. The finish was dark walnuts. The seating dimensions are 17.16 high from the floor. It's wide x 20.28 long inch. Arm height is 6.05 high. From the floor to the top of the arms. Button-tufting with piping on the edges of a cushion. There are cushions underneath the seat cushion. The legs were splayed. The legs were splayed.

Brand: Baxton Studio

👤I bought this product to make sure I liked it. The first one was described. It took a few minutes to figure out how to put it together. 2nd I ordered it from 3rd party and it was out of stock. I would have kept it if the 3rd party had not sent me a Chinese knock off. We all know where this stuff is made. If you pay attention to detail, they are not the same as in the picture. There are two boxes, the baxton one and the un-named box with no style numbers. If you look at the picture of the wood, you will see that the legs are constructed differently, not the same, the stain is different, and the cushion color is different. You need to put all the hardware in first, then tighten everything once it's all together, because people say the holes don't line up. I never tried to put the knock off together. I am ok with a chair that is very stiff to sit on, but others may not.

👤3rd party vendors can use the same photos and reviews for different products on Amazon. I thought it would come with a guarantee. Apparently not. The other chairs from the reviews are a lot higher quality than the ones from Amazon. If they can't guarantee that what is shown matches the quality you receive, then they should stop selling furniture.

👤The chair shown in the photos is not this one. I decided to assemble it anyways in hopes it would work out. It is not what was advertised. The back of the chair is not straight, the screw covers are ugly, and the wood is dark. The chair is being returned. The chairs from the warehouse are correct, but the one sent to me by the vendor is not.

👤These chairs are for $163 and I am very impressed. Many furniture reviews mention that packaging arrived in good shape, but not torn up. The furniture in the box was in very good shape. The light damage looked to have come from when it left the factory, the spots where I have seen any were well padded in the box. Assembly was a bit of a head scratcher because of the odd diagrams and broken English. The assembly was easy, just needed aPhillips screwdriver and 3/16 Allen key. The Allen key was included, but thePhillips screwdriver was not. It's much easier to assemble with a quality driver than with an Allen key. The result is solid. The cushions are firm but that makes for a more comfortable chair to sit in for a long period, the armrests are a bit low but that is better than I think. The cushions are small so don't expect any support on your back or thigh. They reach on me at 6' and 180 lbs. The width is wide enough for me to cross my legs without having to use the armrests. The stitching on the cushions is done well and the fabric was cut properly, no asymmetrical lines or shoddy craftsmanship were used to ruin the aesthetic. This product is very pleased with it's price.

4. WE Furniture Espresso Console Entertainment

WE Furniture Espresso Console Entertainment

The dimensions are 23.5” H x 15.75” D x 70” L. The top surface supports up to 200 Ibs. The shelves can support up to 30 Ibs. Each. There are 3 shelves for organization. 6 cord management ports keep cables tidy. Ships are ready to assemble with step-by-step instructions.

Brand: Walker Edison

👤The tv stand was perfect. It was heavy. It took all day to build, but I love it. I have a 65" tv that is mounted on a stand. All of my components can be found on the shelves below. The espresso color works well with our furniture. I would buy again.

👤I bought some extra wood glue before I started because of the complaints about running out of the glue before the assembly was done. It was a good thing that I did because I would have run out. The assembly was not that bad because I consider myself handy. It took over an hour and a half to finish. The stickers that are designed to go over the screws to hide them look great and would conceal them nicely if they stuck, but others may dislike them. I threw them out, and I still think it looks good. It's dark in the shelves and the screws are hard to see. It's a nice entertainment center and it's cheap. It looks nice in my living room.

👤I don't normally write reviews but this is a great product and it's cheap. We couldn't find a tv table that was less than $700 for our 64" tv table. This wood is very solid and looks great. The instructions are easy to follow and they include everything you need to put it together. My boyfriend put it together. It took him under an hour and a half to do it. It looks great in our living room.

👤This is an updated review. This product is very popular. The bottom front kick-PLATE did not come back in place. I would return the packaging immediately if I hadn't removed it. I tried to take a photo but the material is dark and not clear about the effects of manufacturing. I hope that customers are aware that this is a defense unit. I was a retired construction worker who followed the instructions exactly until the unit was complete. The holes are large enough for the dowels supplied. I had to use wood putty instead of glue to make the holes smaller. The metal pins didn't line up with 80% of the holes they were drilled for. I had to reverse the instructions and put the top on before installing the back. There are gaps in the back. It took me an entire day to get this unit assembled and I have personally put hundreds of entertainment and furniture pieces together. If I could have gotten the pieces back in the shabby box it was shipped in, I would have stopped assembling it and sent it back to the seller.

👤I don't know why there aren't more reviews. I like it. It took a while to set up. Between my husband and I. It wasn't hard at all. It was idiot-proof. The instructions are clear and everything is numbered. All of the pieces are of the highest quality. And the fireplace! I have never seen a piece of furniture packaged so well. Nothing was damaged. It's very thoughtful to include extra hardware in case some go missing. The basement is already 5 degrees warmer than it was when the fireplace was running, and we only had it running for 5 minutes. I can't wait to slap a giant flat screen on top of it. It is huge. All of your TVs will look great on this thing. The price and value of this item is exceptional.

5. Ponkor Universal Compatible Switching Transformer

Ponkor Universal Compatible Switching Transformer

It is comparable with. The power supply transformer is compatible with OKIN, Limoss, Pride, Golden, Lazboy, Berkline, Med-lift and Tranquil Ease Lift Chair. The model is comparable. Part Numbers: ZBHWX-A290020A,W52RA 73-289, HXY-270V2 220A, KDDY001, KDDY008, ZB A290020-B are compatible with power recliner transformer. TheMETER: AC 100-240V, 1.5-2.0A 50/60Hz. The output isDC 29V 2.0A. There is a notice. The power cord is included.

Brand: Ponkor

👤I hope that this review will help someone who was in the same position I was when I damaged two AC/DC adapters. The Kaidi electrical company made my adapters. The Ponkor work well. Plug them in after I took them out of the box. It was a nice price. I attached pictures of my damaged box and Ponkor adapters so that you could see the detailed information. Thank you for the fast delivery!

👤We thought we'd give this a try after the power cords for our reclining loveseat and sofa went missing, the store where we bought the pieces no longer carried the brand, and the manufacturer didn't have them anymore. So happy to say that they worked. The closeup photos of the plugs and receptacle were very helpful. If I had not been able to see the connections, I probably wouldn't have tried it.

👤The recliner stopped working. We ordered this because we realized that the power box was the problem. It arrived quickly and was on time. It took seconds for it to work. It was great to save money because our furniture store wanted $90 to replace this. I would definitely buy this product.

👤The power supplies that came with my power recliners were rather large units that had a wall outlet sticking out of them. The second outlet of the wall receptacle was blocked by the unit. It is easy to plug two of the new units into a wall outlet because they are inline with a power cord. If you replace your power units with these, make sure you check your voltages, Amps, and the type of connection that goes to your recliner.

👤The couch's power supply was burned out. I bought this to replace the old one. When I first plugged it in, smoke started coming out of the control panels on both sides of the couch before I could rip the plug out of the outlet. It seems to be working once I plug it in for the second time. The lights on the panel will not turn off after something burned up. I can't do anything about the cup holder lights being on all the time. The lights will change color. I will have to disassemble the control panel for the couch to see what was destroyed.

👤The power lift chair has a power supply. The seller contacted to make sure the unit would work on our chair. It works great on the chair. Thanks.

👤I have a nice chair that was rendered semi-uselsss until I bought this power supply, and I am grateful to get this for less than the manufacturer wanted.

👤The power supply was taken out when the cord between the supply and the chair was crushed. The power supply I bought was not the replacement for my recliner. The original power supply had a 5 or 6 pin connection. If anyone can locate one of those, please do us all a favor and share a link. There were only 2 wires in the cable. I rigged up a temporary plug that works with the new power supply after cutting the old cable. The chair works. I had the wires reversed so the buttons were down. The chair works the way it was suppose to after the wires were switched. I own two of these chairs. I did a full recline speed test between the chair with the new power supply and the one with the old power supply and they were both the same speed. I'll probably cut the power supply's connection and use the old cord end wire to wire it up now that I know it works. The original power supply box is larger than the new one, probably because the original had a 9volt battery backup. The chair will be stuck in the reclined position if there is a power outage. That's not a big deal for me. I could use the power supply to lower the chair if it were necessary.

6. Christopher Knight Home 296699 Adirondack

Christopher Knight Home 296699 Adirondack

Air chairs are a great substitute for folding chairs, bean bags, hammocks, blow up chairs and picnic blankets. Two chairs are included. The dimensions are 30.12”D x 35.83”W x 34.25”H. Seat width is 21.85, seat depth is 18.90, and seat height is 13.39. Relax in these Adirondack chairs. The chairs are designed to be comfortable while in your backyard. These patio chairs are both stylish and easy to store in almost any place because of their beach house inspired design. The set is ideal.

Brand: Great Deal Furniture

👤The front legs are splitting, but they are great. The front legs are assembled and you can bolt them to something else. I was sitting down and noticed the wood was splitting. This is the only chair that someone is sad in. I would like the manufacturer to give me a new chair. Hopefully it doesn't happen to the other chair. I hope they take care of this. I don't need the whole chair when the front legs are all I need. I hope someone contacts me. Amazon is taking good care of me. I love the chairs.

👤Don't buy this product. The chairs are only one and not two. It is obvious that there are two chairs included and that they can be shipped separately, however this is not the case. Extra parts are included in the product. The problem is that it is only one chair. The problem was solved by Amazon.

👤I only received one chair when it states that it includes two chairs for $199.00 dollars.

👤Love is in the air! It was easy to put together. Will order more.

👤The back of the arm rest was secured with a 3 inch long screw, which was the only issue I had. I was not able to get the screw into the back of the chair using the supplied allen wrench. Approx. The back of the arm rest is moving because the screw is still out. The screw where the allen wrench goes in was starting to strip because it was hard to turn it with the allen wrench. I left it and was hoping to find a drill bit that would work. The chair is nice looking and folding is exactly what I need since I can't leave the chairs on the lawn of the house. Despite the one issue, I recommend.

👤I ordered 4 of them. One was picked up the next day after arriving with a broken part. The others were in good shape. They were easy to put together and the color was even better than I expected. The chairs are comfortable to sit in. The replacement chair is on the way and I'm very happy with my purchase.

👤You just need to provide your own phillips screwdriver to assemble with the parts and hardware nicely labeled. The instructions state that you need two adults present. I could have used an extra pair of hands to hold down the instructions, but I did it myself. I found that the backrest was too reclined for my comfort. I was able to compensate for this, but I wish the manufacturer would offer longer "Folding Support Bars", All-in-all theses and nice looking furniture.

7. Easy Going Loveseat Recliner Console Reversible

Easy Going Loveseat Recliner Console Reversible

Anti-slip design makes it easy to install. There are two elastic loops at the seat side. There are straps on the back of the sofa. The fabric of each piece is rectangular. There is an elastic band at the bottom of the footrest. There are four elastic bands on the console. It's easy to put on, use their picture guidelines to make sure a good fit. DIMENSIONS The seat width is 44 in, the seat size is 22 in, and the console width is 10.4 in. Measure before you buy, see the guide in the photos. High quality. The classic quilted fabric is water resistant and has a thick poly foam filling. There are two color options. FURNITURE PROTECTION: Protect your furniture from daily wear and tear. It's a good choice for homes with children and pets. Easy care. Please do not bleach laundry detergents, they should be mild. If necessary, iron at a low temperature.

Brand: Easy-going

👤The cover doesn't go all the way to the bottom of the foot rest, leaving your feet on the chair rather than the cover, and the two sides are not even, but one is noticeably shorter than the other. The elastic at the top of the cover is covered with a matching fabric, but it is not at the bottom, which makes it look cheap. The elastic band that is supposed to go around the console is too tight, so we had to take it off as it was squishy. I am happy that our new loveseat is covered, but it is not very attractive. I was going to remove it before the company arrived, but then I realized how much it would hurt to put it on, and the elastic straps were not long enough. I don't like having to take the covers off and put them back on because I don't want to do that chore. This design needs more work. I don't recommend this cover.

👤Other covers don't fit right. I tried this one. It is a secure fit. No slip, tight straps. It covers my double recliner and the center counsel.

👤I was able to find a cover for our dual recliner love seat. Here is the reason. I have power head sections so I can recline and still watch TV. The leg rest is huge and goes all the way to the end of the seat. I had to make some changes to make it work for me. The center console is the same height as the back. I got another challenge from that. It will serve to keep my leather piece covered, and will no longer have to put what I was using to cover it back on. I am stretching the elastics. If you have a smaller unit, it should fit perfectly. I don't know if I have to replace the elastics. I would have given it a star. This will have to be done because nobody makes what I need. The love seats are made of brown leather and have a tall center console.

👤I had to turn the piece around so I could use the cup holders. Not being done right costs a lot. Would not buy again.

👤This looked really good in the picture, but it didn't work out as expected. We tied the ends of the fabric together as close to each other as possible because the band that goes around the back wouldn't reach all the way. Our dogs like to lay on the love seat, so we wanted the cover to cover that. The arm covers keep pulling into the seat. The seat area shifts so there is not total protection, and the piece that covers the console area makes cupholders inaccessible. The cover was ordered because of our pets. I need a pad to cover the seat and arms on top of the cover. What was the point?

👤We have an RV that we live in full time, and it has recliners in the center console. When used, the covers won't stay in place. When you get things where they are supposed to go, there's no reason you can't use them. Went ahead and bought recliner covers that worked better.

8. Dozydotes Theater Seating Black Leather

Dozydotes Theater Seating Black Leather

The weight limit is up to 100 lbs. The chair is 27" high, 24 deep, and 24 wide. The bench is 20 feet high, 10 feet deep and 18 feet wide. The seat height is 14 and the width is 14. Recommended for children ages 2 to 9. The weight limit is up to 100 lbs.

Brand: Dozydotes

👤These are very high quality. My kids love them. I thought it was all one piece, but being 3 seperate pieces makes it possible to arrange them.

9. Massage Recliner Adjustable Recliners Armchair

Massage Recliner Adjustable Recliners Armchair

The recliner is made with high-quality PU leather, skin-friendly, and easily cleaned, thick padding provides better comfort, and 2 point massage of the Power Recliner on the waist. The recliner chair has 8 functions and the Reclining Sofa has 3. The single sofa is a good choice for the living room. The club chair recliner's back can be adjusted to read books, watch movies, and sleep. The recliner sofa has a reclining back that will help you relax and de-stress. The push-back recliner chair is comfortable and will allow you to relax and enjoy your favorite entertainment. A steel frame design leads to a more stable structure, and a freely adjusted angle of the footrest, perfect for relaxation during your rest time. The massage chair has a solid hardwood frame and widened base that make it more stable when lying down. The maximum capacity is 275 lbs, Seat height is 17.3 inch, Seat depth is 20 inch, Seat width is:19.3 inch, Armrest height is 22.2 inch, and closed dimensions are 27.2 inch x 34.3 inch x 3. The winback chair massage sofa is easy to install, just slip the back part of the club chair onto the base, connect the massage controller and power cable, and you're done! No tools are required. If you have a problem with the club chair, please contact them. Customers can get a replacement and 100% contentment assurance for this recliner chair. The winback chair massage sofa is easy to install, just slip the back part of the club chair onto the base, connect the massage controller and power cable, and you're done! No tools are required. If you have a problem with the club chair, please contact them. Customers can get a replacement and 100% contentment assurance for this recliner chair.

Brand: Smug

👤The chair went together. It was comfy and padded. My 6'1 husband with a few pounds to lose doesn't "fit" my 6'1 husband as he says his center of gravity prevents him from reclining in the completely. It works for what he has been doing. It fits me just fine. My bonus.

👤I was surprised that it can recline all the way into a bed-like position, but first I thought it couldn't. It was comfortable in the semireclining position. I am very happy with this purchase. The price is given. It's not a natural leather and I need a pillow for additional back support. The comfort this chair brings along with massage function is more important than the minor things.

👤I had an issue with the chair that I couldn't fix, however the company's customer service is outstanding in helping with my problem.

👤I am 5'2 and this chair seems like it was made for a child. I have fallen asleep several times but it is not a decent size. You can find the same chair without the massager for $100 on Amazon. I have a full back massager that works better and has a heat option.

👤This is a great deal. My son and his wife will be getting 2 more chairs.

👤I was surprised that I liked this product, but I wasn't sure if I would like it. I have fallen asleep in it. I haven't tried the massage options yet, but I can't wait to.

👤The chair was easy to install. It arrived before the shipment was supposed to arrive.

👤I replaced it with a hard recliner that was chewed up by cats. The chair just shakes.

10. Christopher Knight Home 299844 Elizabeth

Christopher Knight Home 299844 Elizabeth

The legs were splayed. The shape and height of the back command attention while the armrests and cushion allow for comfort, perfect for entertaining or relaxing in your home. One Recliner is included. The material is 100 percent Polyester. Leg Finish: Dark Brown. The dimensions are 34.75 inches deep and 28.00 inches wide.

Brand: Christopher Knight Home

👤I bought two for my mom's house because we were very happy with these. The legs are solid and have teflon bottoms. The cushion is very comfortable. The fabric is soft. It's easy to put together but needs two people. The fumes coming out of this chair made me feel unwell for 24 hours. It's best to let it air out in the garage. They were fine after that. The reason I gave 4 stars is very uncomfortable and I apologize for it. My mom left the boxes in the living room for a day so I could assemble them. A baby asian roach was found in between the cushions when I assembled one that night. It was tired. We don't have this type of thing in her house. I was in denial until the next day when I found a baby scrambling around after I pulled the cardboard out of the second chair. A baby and one roach. Very bad odds and wrong species.

👤Terrible! Three months ago, I ordered this chair. The other side is coming off. The chair is not safe and the company refuses to give a refund or replace it.

👤I'm happy to report that mine did not have bugs. I carried them in pieces after inspecting them. The chairs are not high quality, but what I expected. I wouldn't classify these chairs as sturdy. I don't allow my child to climb on them, and I can see them breaking down over time with my husband sitting in them. They have an awkward lean to them. I have to hold my head up when I recline. They are firm, but after a week you can feel springs in the lower back area. They look great and are comfortable for sitting in. There is room for a small dog or small child to sit next to me, as I am 5'4 and small. My feet should be extended at my ankle. It took about 15 minutes per chair to assemble them. The pieces came together to form a tight fit.

👤I usually don't write here, but I felt like I should since I had read other reviews of this chair. A lot of people don't know what they're buying. This isn't a recliner that looks like a chair. The chair reclines. It's not going to be a big squishy treat for a lazy boy. It's a chair that is comfortable to sit in. You recline by leaning back. It is not rocket surgery. It's a good chair. I don't know how some people ended up with wobbly ones, but mine doesn't budge an inch after putting everything together. It took about 20 minutes. You put the feet on, flip it up and carry the base wherever you want it to live, then you slide the wings on to the back piece. There was a boom. The chair is assembled. I'm 6'3 and weigh 220 lbs. I sat down on this chair. I can lay my head back and have my feet elevated. A pillow is nice, but I don't think it's necessary. The chair is small. I uploaded a picture of it sitting in my study next to a vintage wingback chair that I got to try out first. The newer one is larger. There were no bugs. I would have burned my apartment down. The chair is pretty good so far. I was expecting a mediocre offering that would do in a pinch and last me a year or two, but it is rather heavy and feels solid. The back piece is light but still sturdy. I'll be ordering a second one to replace the old one and make a matching set since I have other places in the apartment where I can have sex and don't have kids running around jumping on them.

11. Stanchions Pudgy Pedros Party Supplies

Stanchions Pudgy Pedros Party Supplies

The classic elegance. The ball top stanchions and red velvet rope create an atmosphere of elegance. The stanchion is 3 feet tall and has a sturdy weighted base. 4.5 feet of extra thick, lavish crimson velvet rope is included in the luxuriant red velvet. LESS USES: It's perfect for crowd control at grand openings, theaters, museums, casinos, restaurants, hotels, concert venues, trade shows, and red-carpet events. Easy assembly. In minutes, the stanchions screw together. The set includes rope and stanchions. Easy assembly. In minutes, the stanchions screw together. The set includes rope and stanchions.

Brand: Pudgy Pedro's Party Supplies

👤I would have liked to get the complete product and it be undamaged. I am not sure if it is the mail mans fault or the warehouse. The bottom part, the poles, even the part on top were all broken up. I am really disappointed. The rope was not in the box. What the heck? I read the reviews and wanted to give them a chance.

👤I ordered a few of them and sent them back. The first set faded quickly. The gold is no longer gold. There was a small dent in them. My new set has a huge dent on the side of them, I sent those back again. I don't think they are new. I am so tired of boxing these things up and driving them back to the mail place that I am just going to keep this set. I will not order again. I have 2 of them that get the job done, but for the price, they could be better.

👤There is a small patio with two Setters and a table. We put up white drapes, put in a small serving cart, and gave it a white decor because we wanted to make it a special area. It's beautiful. It needed a wow effect. The red velvet rope was the trick. It looks like the ones at a high-end event. It's the perfect size, it's heavy so it doesn't fall over if bumped, and the velvet rope is excellent quality and sumptuous. The shiny gold finish is very high quality. It's the show that's on the patio. The cost of shipping is something I dislike. I almost didn't purchase it, but I wouldn't have bought it if it had been a flip of a coin. I'm glad I did. If you want a high end look, you'll be happy. Shipping was fast.

👤There were dents in the item. Very disappointed. If you can, avoid.

👤I bought 3 sets of these hoping they would work out. The packages came all banged up. Some parts were missing when I opened them. The lift ring was missing. I had to put them up for work. Some dents are starting to show up on them after a few weeks of work. They look good, but not what I was expecting.

👤It was disappointing. These looked nice at first glance, but upon closer inspection, they were covered in dents and one set had rust starting. They are cheap and thin metal, but I think they would be fine if they weren't being shipped with their weights in the same box. I think the dents came from there. They're too expensive to accept in this situation. Sending back.

👤I was hesitant to purchase this item due to the damage. Couldn't be happier that he took a chance and ordered. The item was received in perfect condition, and it was well packed. It's easy to assemble and will be a nice addition to my theater room. The assembly diagram shows that a screw is used to attach the weighted base to the post. I was looking for a bag. The screw that is needed to attach the post to the weighted base is already in the bottom of the post.


What is the best product for home theater furniture set?

Home theater furniture set products from Signature Design By Ashley. In this article about home theater furniture set you can see why people choose the product. Mount-it! and Baxton Studio are also good brands to look for when you are finding home theater furniture set.

What are the best brands for home theater furniture set?

Signature Design By Ashley, Mount-it! and Baxton Studio are some of the best brands that chosen by people for home theater furniture set. Find the detail in this article. Walker Edison, Ponkor and Great Deal Furniture are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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