Best Home Theater Furniture Stand

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1. Monolith Tier Shelf Audio Stand

Monolith Tier Shelf Audio Stand

The dimensions are 11.6 x 6.3 x 1.5 in. Exhaust: Rear, Airflow: 100 CFM, noise: 20 dBA. Four steel support tubes have a black powder coat finish. The shelves are made of rigid MDF and have a finish that resists scratches and scruple. Each shelf can support up to 75 lbs. The stand is designed with open air shelving for easy access to components. This sturdy design will make sure your equipment gets plenty of circulating air that will keep it from overheating. The modular design allows you to build your rack exactly as you need it. Start with the base and add as many shelves as you need. One tier of the stand can accommodate taller components with one set of steel support tubes. Quality at a Fair Price Monoprice's rugged design and rigid quality control standards deliver high quality products at fair prices.

Brand: Monolith

👤I ordered this to replace a huge server rack that held my audio equipment. The unit does not come with wheels. The wood material and metal poles were easy to assemble and had a nice finish. I couldn't go wrong for $89. If you want to roll the rack away from the wall, the bottom pieces have a threaded nut. I went to Harbor Freight and got some roller blade threading for $3.50 each that fit the casters perfectly and sent this over the top. It's a perfect value and with wheels.

👤Monoprice products have been reliable for me. I chose this model as it seemed to be a cost effective solution for my purpose. Assembly is easy to understand but tedious. Prepare to sit for an hour twisting the left assembly after drinking a cup of coffee. Pro tip No. It's going to take more than one attempt to level the stand and put your stereo equipment on it. A user recommended leveling the front two legs first, then the third leg if left or right, then the fourth leg if right, then it became short work to bring the fourth leg into balance. This approach worked for me. I'm confident in the construction. It is a fabricated material and does not have the look or feel of wood. I haven't marked it up yet, but it isn't scratch resistant. When I decided to use this item, I wondered if I really wanted to spend twice as much on my next choice, since the legacy stereo equipment I was pressing into service was not vintage. I have a small regret at not making another choice. The pegs on the carpeted floor are old and need to be replaced. When the carpet is upgraded, I'm likely to place some coasters under it. I tried a set of caster wheels on the stand. They didn't seem to be a good idea when using a turntable because they introduced too much wobble. Adding to my legacy vinyl collection is what I like to do. I'm pleased with the purchase of the 'vintage' stereo because I see myself getting a modern and more capable stereo at some point in the future, but for now I'm happy.

👤Prime shipping arrived on time. It was very good. The instructions are decent. The parts look strong. There was something off on the bottom legs when I started assembling. The bottom set of supports had 3 matching and one shorter than the other two, which was ugly duckling. I need a hack that will keep this stand upright without tipping over and potentially damaging expensive electronics, otherwise the whole piece is useless for me. I didn't install this until last week, but it was past the return window. If you can send me one of the bottom legs to correct this, I'm willing to change review. See the picture.

👤I like the curved-in shelf design because it allows space for the speaker wires and hookup cables so you can set the stand close to the wall. If you don't set it against the wall, it will look more stylish with the curved part out. If you have weakness in your hands, you might use one of the rubber grip helpers or an adjusted wrench to help you put the stand together. Each shelf holds 75 Lb. The turntable can be leveled with the feet of the stand, so I just did that, I have not tried that before. The stand is inexpensive. The only thing that I can think of is that the kit didn't include coasters for the spikes to use on hard floors, I left them off for my carpeted floor so I could slide the unit out from time to time.

2. VASAGLE Microwave Oven Metal Frame Wire Basket Mini Oven

VASAGLE Microwave Oven Metal Frame Wire Basket Mini Oven

The smell of freshly baked pizza and a glass of red wine can be found in your kitchen, and you can create the perfect atmosphere with their industrial furniture from VASAGLE. The baker's rack is high time if the mixing bowl has to be placed on the stove or the kettle on the floor. There are many shelves for storing baking utensils. The microwave oven can fit on the work surface. The kitchen rack has engineered wood shelves resting atop steel tubes that hold 176 lbs of cookware, plates, pasta boxes, pots, pans, and more. 6 S-shaped hooks are included for holding ladles, spatulas, and towels, while a pull-out wire basket is perfect for measuring spoons, or a whisk. The ALINRU Collection includes a Baker's rack, 4 storage shelves, a wire basket, 6 S-shaped hooks, and an easy-to- follow instructions.

Brand: Vasagle

👤I am very happy with this purchase. It has a lot of storage. It is not real wood, but the veneer is really nice. No complaints!

👤We bought this cart to put a home freeze dryer on because of the reviews we read. There are two issues with the cart. The little wrench that was included does not fit the nuts. When you put pressure on it to finish it's job, it slips off. That is useless. A crescent wrench can't fit in the narrow space between the nut and the bottom of the cart. That was very frustrating. Had to use a needle nose to get in. The second concern is something I worry about a lot. I don't feel comfortable putting a freeze dryer on the cart because it is skewed after assembly. The cart failed and I can see it hitting the floor. It's nice looking. I don't think it will last for long at 60 lbs. This was not a good purchase for me.

👤After spending 30 minutes opening the box and laying out all of the pieces, I started by putting the first leg in. The first leg tore sideways out of the wood as I moved the top with the leg attached to install the other legs. I won't buy from this company again. The wood is not real.

👤I love my kitchen appliances. The stand saved the day. My rice cooker, crock pot, and stand mixer never have to be moved. I have an electric kettle and burr grinder under the tray and it's perfect for holding my tea. The person was in the assembly for about 30 minutes. The picture instructions are easy to follow and include both a wall-tether and spare parts. The product was thought out by the manufacturer. I'm very happy!

👤Solid table. The other reviews said the wheels were bad. They drag instead of rolling on the floor. We went to Lowe's to get replacement caster wheels. It rolls like a charm now. The shelves were not the right height so we drilled different holes and used them for what we needed.

👤1. I bought this to hold my PC. The top shelf was supposed to be real wood. I found out when I received the unit that it was a wood suck onto a composite. 2. I bought this unit over the darker stained one because it was supposed to come with feet that I could screw into the bottom instead of using the wheels. The unit did not have feet. I called the company to see if it would come with feet. 3. The bolts and nuts don't have the same thread so they don't work together. 8 of the bolts and nuts won't screw into each other. I need to buy new bolts at the hardware store to make sure they work. 4. Extra items can be put on the wire mesh shelves. I put pressure on them with my hand to see how strong they were, and I noticed that the welds that keep the mesh attached to the frame were starting to break. I had to buy shelving material at the hardware store to make the mesh stronger and to protect myself and my belongings from the sharpness of the shelves. I kept the shelves because I needed something and I didn't want to go through the hassle of returning, but I wouldn't recommend it to anyone else. I wanted this unit to work. I was very excited by it. It has been one let down after another.

3. Decoluce Nautical Spotlight Industrial Fixtures

Decoluce Nautical Spotlight Industrial Fixtures

The industrial tripod floor lamp is designed with a tripod base and projection lamps. A variety of angles of light needs can be met with the use of a portable floor lamp, black light cable decoration, and long wire operated foot switch. Natural Solid Wood Floor Lamp- With retro look antique marine ship searchlight nautical floor lamp, for big boat interiror decoration,simulate ship marine living scene. The Cinema Theater Style Lamp- Calssic polished black camera looking lamp shade,Mouted on solid beechwood easel triopods, can create an atmosphere. Vintage retro art decor for entryway, living room, office,Cafe, Hotel, studio, bedroom. Vintage retro art decor for entryway, living room, office,Cafe, Hotel, studio, bedroom.

Brand: Dec Luce Decoluce Lighting

👤Soft lighting with a neat look. It was packaged with more hardware. It seems very sturdy and well made. It is not a bright light because it is not strong enough. I chose the amber colored bulb to complete my room's industrial feel. I bought it because it ties in with my decor and I am not sure if it is worth the price. I wish it had a stronger watt bulb. It is a 5 stars.

👤The lamp looks pretty good, but I was disappointed in the build quality. The good has an off foot flower, which is a good thing. The lamp is probably with $60 at most. - The lamp's legs are flimsy, not heavy wood, and it uses a tiny screw to level all three legs. If you lose this tiny screw, good luck, because the legs will not stand without one, but if you don't include a dimmer on the cord, it doesn't come with a bulb. You can find the design of this lamp cheaper if you throw in a bulb. Do I plan on returning it? Can I recommend it? Yes and no. You can find cheaper lamps if you can afford to spend $150 on a lamp.

👤This was the perfect accent piece as we were updating our home theatre room. It is well made and looks great. It does not come with any bulbs. I bought some that were not the right size. Standard size bulbs are not used. Carefully read lamp details. Under bulbs that are frequently bought together, choose.

👤The table lamp is beautiful. The materials it is made of are of good quality. It was much larger than anticipated. I was surprised to see it in person. If you're looking for a small table lamp or one that's conservative on space, this is not the one for you. Some reviewers stated that it provided very little light. I used the recommended 60 watt e26 bulb and it's far more decorative than a light source for your room. I'm very happy with the lamp. Will probably have to look for a different one that will give me more light. This one makes a pretty stunning statement piece.

👤I love this lamp. I was looking for a lamp that added art to it. I can use the app to control the bulb from my phone. It is not a lamp to light a room but it is a nice focal point in the room. Love is in the air!

👤I was looking for a lamp that was unique. I was surprised at the price of the lamp, but I would just return it if it was bad. I was surprised. The lamp was very high quality and the seller included a set of extra screws and washers in case you ever needed replacements. Very thoughtful. The quality is excellent. The lamp fixture is made from high quality materials. The legs are finished and the hardware is nice. I am very happy with my purchase, it was just what I was looking for. This lamp is very good.

4. Edifier S2000MKIII Hollowed Optional Tuning Wood

Edifier S2000MKIII Hollowed Optional Tuning Wood

The speaker stand is adjusted. The height of the pole can be adjusted to place your speakers at optimal height for stereo or surround sound. The wire channel for the cable management system can be found through the middle of the stands. Sand is ready to fill with to increase stability and eliminate resonance. The absorber mat is thicker than the house floor. You can enjoy a more shocking sound with elevated sound at your ear level. Accurate pre-drilled holes make it easy to install the speaker. There are screws and a wrench included. The cabinet size is 648mm. The top plate is 24 x 24. The base is 350 x 290 x 24mm. The net weight is 17KG.

Brand: Edifier

👤These are fine, but they are incredibly expensive and when combined with the matching speaker the result is too matchy. Not nice.

👤I have three different speaker stands, one of which does not have a hole or system to hide the wires that run up to the speakers. This is the most expensive set. I will probably make a hole for the wires in the MDF, but it should be better designed for the price. A suggestion would be to make the black panel remove with small round cut outs for the wires that can be removed. A half moon 1/2 inch in size is hard to see and hide.

👤The stands are very stable and have a high quality look. The price is justified by the looks. The music will fill the room if the speakers are moved from the floor to the stands.

👤The speaker stands are nice. The ability to put 10 plus pounds of sand in each base is a nice feature and improves stability and sound quality.

👤The look is great. Solid feeling. The speakers are held well. It was a bit pricey.

👤These are easy to assemble. I put some sand inside freezer bags.

👤The stands are well made for the price.

👤The speaker stands are from Rolls Royce. The materials are beautiful and solid. They are very easy to assemble and have a very nice walnut finish. The ability to put sand in each base is a nice feature and I think they will complement anyone's speakers.

👤The Edifier S3000 Pros are great speakers, why not put them on great stands? The stands are loud and clear with Edifiers' attention to detail. They are easy to assemble and look like the S3000 Pros. Solid construction and real wood veneer replicas make them a great value.

👤I used to use these on my TV as well. It would be great if other remotes could control them.

👤La calidad de los materiales is una resistente.

5. Coaster Home Furnishings 802330 Contemporary

Coaster Home Furnishings 802330 Contemporary

Two L-shape pieces are included. It was finished in gray driftwood. A multi-purpose set up. The perfect set up is created by pieces nest and stack. The materials are engineered veneer, particle board, and MDF. The weight limit is 45 pounds. Assembly is required. Yes. The measurement is 47.25" width x 15.25" depth and 22.00" height. The measurement is 47.25" width x 15.25" depth and 22.00" height.

Brand: Coaster Home Furnishings

👤It is very easy to assemble. My daughter did it in 30 minutes. I don't like the driftwood grey finish, but it will look good with the current design trends. I have purchased coaster bookshelves that are thick and sturdy. The last one did not have a single loose joint or dent. It should last a long time.

👤Love the ability to change the length. Average to assembly. Not high end. I did not pay for high end. The quality is good for the price.

👤I'm very pleased with my TV stand. It looks great in my exercise room.

👤I only used half of the two part assembly because I liked the look.

👤This is a nice piece. It is easy to assemble. It looks great and can be changed to fit your needs. Love it.

👤These are interesting and decorative. They are not supposed to hold a lot of stuff or weight. Some books, art pieces, stereo components and a large tv are in my installation. If you intend to place electronics on the unit, you will want to consider cord placement and management.

6. Furinno 12250R1WN BK Turn N Tube Entertainment

Furinno 12250R1WN BK Turn N Tube Entertainment

A simple design is suitable for any room. Particle board and plastic tubes are used. Sturdy on a flat surface. The round edge design is designed to prevent injuries. It can hold up to 50 Flat Screen Panel and up to 40 lbs. The product dimensions are 43.8(W)x11.7(D)x16.2(H) inches. It can hold up to 50 Flat Screen Panel and up to 40 lbs. The product dimensions are 43.8(W)x11.7(D)x16.2(H) inches.

Brand: Furinno

👤I bought this TV entertainment center for my new TV. The wooden boards seem to be of high quality, but the plastic cylinders feel cheap. The TV is 33 lbs and there is no flex at all. It sits at 16 degrees, but is what I needed for my gaming setup. I didn't know that the stand is so narrow that my PS4 hangs out of the back. I had to move the stand a few inches away from the wall because the power cord was not big enough. I'm pretty happy with it. It looks good.

👤I needed a TV stand to support my new 58 inch TV. I didn't want to spend a lot of money, but this TV stand was the only bargain on Amazon. There are no tools needed to put it together. It takes 20 minutes to assemble. It would be possible to do a 5 minute assembly with a very fast worker. It was a bargain to pay for the quality materials on the stand. I live in Southern California and a large earthquake could knock my big 58 inch TV down so I will probably add some restrictions later on. The TV stand is good quality for the amount of money paid, despite some people complaining about the quality. The TV legs are flush with the ends of the table, which is a note on the stand.

👤The product is not well packaged. There are protective layers between the surfaces, but nothing to protect the edges or corners. My arrived with every corner having different levels of damage. I was tempted to return it immediately, but the box was damaged so badly that it would be hard to return it. I decided to see if I could make it work. I'm probably stuck with it. The top shelf only holds 40 lbs tops, which is not listed as a 50 lbs weight capacity. The middle shelf can hold up to 10 lbs. I have noticed that it is struggling with my TV. To keep the whole thing from wobbling and swaying dangerously, I put some books and other objects on the bottom shelf. The temporary solution has worked, but it seems to be making the bottom leg tubes bend in a way that makes them collapse at the center. The shape and size of my apartment is very nice, and if it were sound, I would love it. It's flimsy and unstable. It's not a good choice for households with pets or small children because of how wobbly it is. The tubes that hold it together are very light and hollow, they don't seem trustworthy or as if they will hold up for more than a few months. If my experience with the product changes or I find a satisfactory method to fix it, I will update this review. I would recommend that anyone interested in purchasing this product should spend a little bit more on something that is even slightly better quality.

👤Look what I have. My Tv is not the same as mine. Hope it helps!

7. Stanchions Pudgy Pedros Party Supplies

Stanchions Pudgy Pedros Party Supplies

The classic elegance. The ball top stanchions and red velvet rope create an atmosphere of elegance. The stanchion is 3 feet tall and has a sturdy weighted base. 4.5 feet of extra thick, lavish crimson velvet rope is included in the luxuriant red velvet. LESS USES: It's perfect for crowd control at grand openings, theaters, museums, casinos, restaurants, hotels, concert venues, trade shows, and red-carpet events. Easy assembly. In minutes, the stanchions screw together. The set includes rope and stanchions. Easy assembly. In minutes, the stanchions screw together. The set includes rope and stanchions.

Brand: Pudgy Pedro's Party Supplies

👤I would have liked to get the complete product and it be undamaged. I am not sure if it is the mail mans fault or the warehouse. The bottom part, the poles, even the part on top were all broken up. I am really disappointed. The rope was not in the box. What the heck? I read the reviews and wanted to give them a chance.

👤I ordered a few of them and sent them back. The first set faded quickly. The gold is no longer gold. There was a small dent in them. My new set has a huge dent on the side of them, I sent those back again. I don't think they are new. I am so tired of boxing these things up and driving them back to the mail place that I am just going to keep this set. I will not order again. I have 2 of them that get the job done, but for the price, they could be better.

👤There is a small patio with two Setters and a table. We put up white drapes, put in a small serving cart, and gave it a white decor because we wanted to make it a special area. It's beautiful. It needed a wow effect. The red velvet rope was the trick. It looks like the ones at a high-end event. It's the perfect size, it's heavy so it doesn't fall over if bumped, and the velvet rope is excellent quality and sumptuous. The shiny gold finish is very high quality. It's the show that's on the patio. The cost of shipping is something I dislike. I almost didn't purchase it, but I wouldn't have bought it if it had been a flip of a coin. I'm glad I did. If you want a high end look, you'll be happy. Shipping was fast.

👤There were dents in the item. Very disappointed. If you can, avoid.

👤I bought 3 sets of these hoping they would work out. The packages came all banged up. Some parts were missing when I opened them. The lift ring was missing. I had to put them up for work. Some dents are starting to show up on them after a few weeks of work. They look good, but not what I was expecting.

👤It was disappointing. These looked nice at first glance, but upon closer inspection, they were covered in dents and one set had rust starting. They are cheap and thin metal, but I think they would be fine if they weren't being shipped with their weights in the same box. I think the dents came from there. They're too expensive to accept in this situation. Sending back.

👤I was hesitant to purchase this item due to the damage. Couldn't be happier that he took a chance and ordered. The item was received in perfect condition, and it was well packed. It's easy to assemble and will be a nice addition to my theater room. The assembly diagram shows that a screw is used to attach the weighted base to the post. I was looking for a bag. The screw that is needed to attach the post to the weighted base is already in the bottom of the post.

8. PERLESMITH Universal Adjustable Satellite Bookshelf

PERLESMITH Universal Adjustable Satellite Bookshelf

The best sound can be achieved. If you want to get the best sound out of your speakers, you can change the height of the speaker to create a listening "sweet spot" when you are seated. Placing bookshelf speakers on speaker stands that are higher can make them sound better. The Universal Stand can be adapted to your speakers. The floor speaker stands can fit speakers weighing up to 11 lbs. It's compatible with speakers from brands such as Sony, Yamaha, Edifier, Polk, Bose, PA DJ, and others. There are wires for a stethoscope. The PSSS2 smart speaker stands come with a large hole to manage your cables for a clean and tidy appearance. If you're using speaker stands for surround speakers in a home theater system, this is helpful because you want to keep things neat. QUICK & EASE INSTALLATION You can pan the top plate 180 degrees from 5.9 to 10.82 inches to fit speakers of different sizes. The standard mounting hardware kit is included in the package, so you can install the speaker stands in a few steps. HEAVY DUTY & STURDINESS. The surround sound speaker stand has non-slip pads that allow it to be used safely and securely on different types of floors. Double protection for your speakers is provided by the recast pole and solid base. HEAVY DUTY & STURDINESS. The surround sound speaker stand has non-slip pads that allow it to be used safely and securely on different types of floors. Double protection for your speakers is provided by the recast pole and solid base.

Brand: Perlesmith

👤Took a chance and bought this. I was happy I did. I needed a stand that met my requirements for my speakers. Most stands can't work with these speakers because of the keyhole and input plug placement. The speaker was not secured by most pedestal stands. This one does. The cords are hidden and the speakers sit nicely. It's easy to assemble, but I would recommend using a level to make sure the top plate is installed flat. The top plate of the stand rotates. The speaker is on top of the stand. I will update this review if there is a change over time. One small complaint is that one piece looks like cheap plastic. That's not enough to make a difference in the rating.

👤The speaker stands for the SWA-9500S were purchased by me. Those speakers are too narrow. The stand is not narrow enough to hold them. The power cord end that plugs into the speaker has a 90 degree connection. You can't feed it through the speaker stand pipe. I had to use zip ties to secure the power cord to the stand. The stand is easy to assemble. The quality is good. It shouldn't be purchased if it is used with the SWA-9500S.

👤I needed a speaker stand that wasn't the same as the one that said "put your speaker up on the stand and hope and pray it doesn't fall off". The speaker stand that I found on Amazon was the same design that had nothing to hold the speaker onto the top of the stand. If you sneezed, the speaker would fall off the stand and hit the floor. I wanted a speaker stand that was easy to assemble and that didn't require a tool box to put it together. I found Perlsmith and their speaker stands. A design that gave you peace of mind that the speaker would not fall off. The stands for my speakers are not designed for a big speaker, they are for speakers weighing less than ten pounds. It's perfect for what I need and the weight of my speakers. I would only recommend that the base be slightly bigger or heavier. If you're looking for a speaker stand that looks great, secures the speaker to the stand without it falling off, and is easy to assemble, I would highly recommend these speaker stands.

👤Ok. I made the speakers work, even though I didn't view them before buying them. The ones that can be adapted to my situation were found after checking other stand options. The speakers of the Klipsch ProMedia 2.1 were not a standard bookshelf size or stand. I was looking for a good speaker system for my computer. I've also recently purchased a monitor from the same company. The monitor had to have the required connections. The monitor works great. I was able to use the monitor to connect my Intel iNuc i7 and Amazon TV to my speakers. The stands allowed the speakers to be on my desk. Styrofoam was used to make the speakers fit better. The speaker base should be interchangeable with different types of speaker bases.

9. Ultra Thin Electrical Protector Management Universal

Ultra Thin Electrical Protector Management Universal

The speaker stands look great in your living room, family room, den or even studio. Medium density fiber core is used to build these stands. Plugs behind TV stands, wall mounts and desks are great for home theaters and offices. The electrical outlets for your media and computer components are messy and unsafe. Plugs and cords pinched by furniture can create a fire hazard. Surge protection can be provided by the 6 outlet power strip. You will be able to add a reading lamp, modem, and other electronic devices via the same outlet. You can enjoy more living in your living room, bedroom or media room. You'll forget about the wall when you walk through it. The kit includes a sleek, invisible plug that is nearly invisible to guests and curious toddlers, as well as a set of double-sided strips and clips that hold the cord neatly against the wall. The Sleek Socket makes every room of your home look organized and efficient. The sleek sockets plug into the top receptacle of a duplex outlet. The Sleek Socket makes every room of your home look organized and efficient. The sleek sockets plug into the top receptacle of a duplex outlet.

Brand: Sleek Socket

👤I wanted to post a quick comparison between the two so that people like me could know what the size difference was between the two. Dark blue is oversized.

👤I shared this product on my story on my social media accounts to make it work without having to bring the wire from the bottom and then up. The 9 ft wire was too long and the 3 ft wire wouldn't work. It was easier to make a video when I had so many questions. I removed the plate from the outlet and replaced it with a new one. The wire went straight up. No issues! It is easier to place the double sided tape on the wire all the way up and then use a level to stick it to the wall. Completely in love! I was destroyed by those wires before this!

👤Very nice. I was going to put a huge hole in the wall to hire my wires, but I found this sockets that can help with the look of the wires in my living room, so I am happy to have found it! I love it. I installed it last night and I am very happy with the look and the way it works. I highly recommend. Take a look at my before and after pictures.

👤This was used for an outlet behind furniture. I plugged the top outlet connection into the bottom outlet connection, because I didn't want to cover the two outlet connections. I will have to remove the third ground prong in order to use the upside-down one. I can use it upside-down. Will update with photos once they are done. It's very easy to cut the plastic. Score it a few times with a blade, and crack it off in a smooth straight line.

👤We lowered our baby boys crib and were reminded that there was something behind it. This was the most useful thing in his bedroom. We didn't want to have to run an extension cord across the room to have his equipment plugged in next to his crib because the other was sitting right next to the heater. This was the perfect solution. We used a shelf board while we waited. If he found the sockets, we were afraid he would be able to pull them out. He is a little monkey. If this thing blows up, I will update this review. We are thrilled with our purchase and so happy we don't have to worry about fingers in electrical outlets at the moment.

👤We have a robot vacuum under our butcher block. All of this was an ugly situation. It was a first world problem and it bugged me. I stumbled upon this option and hesitated to pull the Trigger for a month or so because of 1. It is a rather expensive extension cord option. No one in the family was bothered by cords. After much debate, I finally decided to treat myself to one of the two sizes for the two most prominent messy cord areas. Could use a few more. I don't plan to buy them because of the high cost for a low-profile extension cord. No regrets here. I took the advice of another reviewer and removed the faceplate from the outlet so that it would sit closer to the wall. I painted the sockets the same color as the wall, after I sanded them down. I did the same thing with our switch plate. I no longer look at this area with contempt because it blends in. I like the fact that the cord covers were self-adhesive. The 3' cord only had a few short covers, like 1” each. I stole the longer options from the package that came with the 9' cord.

10. AxcessAbles Equipment Compatible American Recording

AxcessAbles Equipment Compatible American Recording

The cabinet case has Locking Wheels for the computer server, home theater rackmount gear, and audiovisual equipment. It is compatible with American and European rackmount standards. There are two packs of 5mm and 6mm screws. The front and back design is open. Vented- Side Panels are used for protection. Side panels can be left off. There are no weight bearing panels. There are front and rear rack rails. The coat is textured and black. Equipment can be held up to 18 inches deep. Caster Wheels for Multi-Surface are Sturdy. 2 wheels with locks. A blank panel is included. The dimensions are 18” x 20” x27.5” with wheels. The shipping weight was 39.7lb. The weight capacity is over 400 lbs. Load capacity can be increased by removing wheels. It's easy to assembly. This equipment rack is ideal for storing and organizing equipment. It's compatible with all of the AxcessAbles drawers, trays and rack accessories.

Brand: Axa Axcessables

👤I thought it was just stamped metal that bolts together. It works well. It is the right size with all the threaded holes. There are rolling wheels that lock. I put a picture of it in my house. Extra space is always nice as we always upgrade things. Would recommend this cabinet to everyone. It is the cheapest cabinet I could find, and it works perfectly. I can't think of anything to make it better.

👤The rack is nice. It's not a good rack. The rails are punched and tapped. The metal is thin so I stripped out two holes easily. It looks great, but it's not very sturdy. This is a sub-$100 rack and not a $100 rack. I would not buy it again. I will keep it and make it work because it fits where I need it. I was disappointed that I had to move the rack down a hole in order to install a 4U server case after doing some research. The gap at the top is too small for a 1U cover. Its going to work. Over time, I hope to get my money worth. I give it a 5-star rating but wish the metal was a little thicker. I would have preferred the 10-32 screws. What can you say about China?

👤It went well. I read reviews about how to remove screws. Ignore them. These are plastic rack screws and they hold the whole thing together. Don't tighten the screws and then remove them at once. Put the screws in tight after you insert the new piece. Use a good screw driver and tighten them a couple of turns. Look at the arrow stickers that show which side is USA and which side is euro for all the corners. I have both sides set up with USA rack sizes.

👤Left seller feedback. Be careful with this product. The threads aren't manufactured right. They do not allow you to tighten the sides. There are holes in the side rails to mount your gear. 2 of them are standard size for audio gear. The hole is larger. Without threading, the standard 19" rack screws will slip right into them. They put all the screws in the holes and then have 2 more bags in the box. The instruction sheet is really bad. The rack is nice for the size, but lacks a purpose of holding your gear secure. I have a better one, the one that costs a bit more. This is a cheaper brand knock off. I don't recommend this product, but I might have received a bad unit and others are good. Purchase at your own risk.

👤I wanted a server rack for a long time, but instead of buying one I wanted to see if I could find a rack that musicians use. I found a rack. It was easy to put together. The ability to lock the wheels in place is great. I'm very happy with my purchase and I'm looking forward to adding more hardware.

11. PERLESMITH Universal Stand Adjustable Management

PERLESMITH Universal Stand Adjustable Management

GE is the #1 brand in surge protection. Universal TV mounting brackets are compatible with most flat-panel TVs up to 88 lbs. 200X200mm(8"x8") 300X200mm (12"x8") 300X300mm (12"x12") 400X300mm (16"x12") 400X400mm (16"x16"). The tv base only works if the mounting hole is less than 16 inches. 600X 400mm and 24"X16 The universal TV stand has it all. There are 2 options of mounting TV brackets and 3 sets height adjustment for different applications. Universal TV stand/ base tabletop stand is easy to install and mounts your TV and audiovisual components on an entertainment center or desk. Their product comes with an easy to use instruction manual for quick and easy installation. The TV stand is easy to install. Their TV mounting brackets are compatible with many brands. Black glass adds a touch to your home theater system and provides security and stability. ThePatent is a World-Class Customer Service. The TV stand has friendly customer service. If you have a problem, please feel free to contact them.

Brand: Perlesmith

👤It was a solution for my problem. The legs of the tv I bought were a problem. The entertainment center was hung off both ends. I didn't want to mount a tv to my wall, but was told about it. Had no idea that a center stand was needed for my tv. Genius! It's fairly easy to put together. I was able to do it on my own. It might take 2 to lift the tv onto the mount. I was able to do my solo. The legs look nicer than the ones with the tv. I almost bought the mount, but stumbled across it. I took the plunge for the better deal. As far as I know, this is A+.

👤I won a 55" tv in my studio apartment, so I bought this stand. I didn't have a lot of wall mounting options due to the size of the tv in my apartment. I didn't think it would work, but for the price, I figured it would. The materials were sturdy and good quality. If you can put together Ikea furniture, it will be easy. You can get the full scope by watching the install video on the product page. My tv is a 55" model, not heavy for it's size, but I was worried that the stand would not hold it. The stand was thick and sleek and was made of glass. The cord holders on the back are very nice. If your TV is too wide to sit on a table top like ours, this is a great solution. It has allowed me to have a tv on top of our bed.

👤It's really amazing. It was a challenge to assemble this stand. I'm not a professional when it comes to assembling anything, but this stand made me sweat like crazy. I have a 50 inch screen and it was easy to fit my stand. I was able to get my flat screen on it once I put everything together. It took me 30 minutes to figure it out and 20 minutes to put it all together. I just looked at the pictures to figure it out because the instructions were so annoying. I clean a lot and at times I need to move my TV shelf to clean it. The TV won't shake or move at all, which is great for me. I'm very happy with my purchase. It arrived within a few hours after I had it shipped with same day delivery. Wow! I was surprised at how quickly it arrived. January 23, 2021, is an update. Excellent quality. The TV stand is still holding up. I have not had any issues with this. I will be buying more for my other screens. It's the best stand I've ever purchased.

👤I threw out the stand that came with my tv because I mounted it on the wall. I need a stand because I don't want to put holes in the wall to mount the tv in my bedroom. It is barely fits and is 55” tall. It tilts forward. The stand is strong enough to hold up. It's simple to put together and not bulky.


What is the best product for home theater furniture stand?

Home theater furniture stand products from Monolith. In this article about home theater furniture stand you can see why people choose the product. Vasagle and Dec Luce Decoluce Lighting are also good brands to look for when you are finding home theater furniture stand.

What are the best brands for home theater furniture stand?

Monolith, Vasagle and Dec Luce Decoluce Lighting are some of the best brands that chosen by people for home theater furniture stand. Find the detail in this article. Edifier, Coaster Home Furnishings and Furinno are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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