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1. HDMI FiveHome Switcher Wireless Support

HDMI FiveHome Switcher Wireless Support

The lamp life of up to 45000 hours S is brought by stable performance. The Projector can be used for 30 years without over heating and with a built-in noise reduction function. The 4K Ultra HD 5 In1 Out is a HDMI switcher that can connect up to 5 sources on a single display. Support bandwidth 18Gps/ 600MHZ, HDCP 2.2, HDR, Dolby Vision, 4K 60HZ 4:4:4, FullHD, UHD, CEC, DeepColor to 36bit. The monitor switch can support up to 4K@60Hz and Full HD 3D. HDCP 2.2 and HDCP 1.4 are supported by the passthrough switch. This HDMI switch has an automatic switch program. When the current input source is powered off, it jumps over to the next one. The last selected source input is automatically switched by the HDMI switcher. You can turn off the automatic switch function by pressing the "switch" button for 5 seconds. Push the front-panel push button to view the desired device, or switch to the remote to view it. All HDMI-integrated devices, such as PCs, laptops, fire stick, APPLE TV, gaming consoles, projectors, TVs, and smart TVs, can be connected with the FiveHome hdmi switch. All common audio formats are supported. There are a lot of different things like Dolby True HD, DTS:X, and others. Several devices can be connected. Technical support is available. They will try their best to resolve the issue if you let them know.

Brand: Fivehome

👤The auto switch can be disabled by a HDMI switch. The issue is if you have a HDMI input with a Chromecast that will frequently take over and ask the switch to change to itself. The switch can only be used with the remote or switch button. You can turn off the automatic switch function by pressing the switch button for 5 seconds.

👤There is an update! I was contacted by the customer service department from the manufacturer. The representative gave me some tips on how to make the switcher work with the PS4 Pro. To make this work with your PS4 Pro, follow the instructions below. Clear the box for HDCP. It works well now. The review is being upgraded to 5 stars. My only wish is that the manufacturer adds instructions on connecting devices that have this issue or updates the device to resolve it. The PS4 Pro intermittent black screen issue would have made this the perfect HDMI switch. It seems to be related to the HDMI handshake. It works perfectly with the Xbox One X. If you plan on buying this for use with the PS4 Pro, be aware of this fact. The unit is of very high quality and I love the fact that it auto switches to a different input when detecting a new signal from an active device. It works with my other 4K devices, but not the PS4 Pro. Changing the resolution settings on the PS4 Pro will resolve the issue, but it will not help you play 4K content.

👤It allowed me to connect my devices behind my entertainment center and only send one cable to the TV which made it easier to hide the cords. The box is sturdy and I like it. The cables are in there and the box doesn't get hot. I put it in a tight location so I don't have to look at the LEDs to know what channel you're on. My favorite function is auto switch. Every device that is turned on most recently is automatically switched to another one. The fire TV is always on so when I turn on the PS, it automatically switches to it. The fire TV is still on when I turn off the Playstation. The remote is ugly and flimsy, but it isn't a big deal. I hide the remote. When fire TV is in sleep mode, auto switch doesn't work. To make it switch to Fire TV, you have to turn on another device and turn it off again. It happens about 1 in 20 times.

👤If you have a 4k TV and 4k supported device, this is the switch you need. The first time, this switch does 4K/60hz 2160p. When I bought one earlier, I discovered that it was limited to 30hz and that it claimed to support 4K. None of my 4k devices were displaying at 2160p. The older switches are limited to 30hz. Just buy this one if the description shows 60hz or better. It looks and feels well made and the price was good. The remote is easy to use and you can power it off. All of the cabling from your TV to the switch and to your devices need to be high speed HDMI cables. Some older 4k TV's had only 1-2 high speed ports and the others were 1.x instead, so make sure the port on the TV you choose is HDMI 2.0 supported.

2. TESmart Ultra 4x1 HDMI 60Hz

TESmart Ultra 4x1 HDMI 60Hz

Automatic switch, manual switch, and non-automatic switch. The lightweight and portable design has an 18 month worry-free warranty. This 4-port HDMI switch is a perfect solution for you to share a projector or display with other people. This switch makes it easy to operate with automatic switches that detect and select a new device. The included IR remote control can be used to operate the HDMI switch. Video and audio are crystal clear. With support for 4K@60Hz with 4:4:4, HDCP 2.2, and HDR 10, you can get amazing picture quality. It's compatible with 4K@30Hz and1080P displays. S/PDIF Digital Optical Audio andAnalog L/R stereo audio output allow you to connect to any amplifier. Audio can be supported in the following audio formats: Design and fast heat dissolving. The HDMI switch can help you organize the cable mess, save space and money, and it's slim. It comes with gold-plated connections that are resistant to rust and dull. The aluminum alloy housing of the splitter provides passive cooling and air vent on the side to help better ventilation. There are more flexible solutions for various occasions. The switch is ideal for many occasions such as home theater, conference room, classrooms, training room, control centers, etc. It helps you save money. It works with a lot of things, including PS3/ PS4 players, set-top boxes, satellite receivers, Apple TV, Amazon Fire TV Stick and more. Enjoy their worry-free warranty and no-hassle claim process. You have a 1-year manufacturer warranty. They offer free lifetime technical support from the Customer Support Team. They strive to develop technical products and help their customers live a more convenient life.

Brand: Tesmart

👤This is my 5th switch. I use it because of the audio delay when I hook up my devices to the soundbar. The delay is gone because I am sensitive to the mismatch between voice andlips when audio is out of sync. Every other switch like this has had issues, either audio cutouts or not supported by the company. The switch works on my ATV4K. It has worked so far. The fastest I have seen is no audio dropouts. I am hoping that it continues to work, as I have had some that were ok for a few days, then the problems started showing up. I had to cover the front lights with tape as they were crazy bright, not sure why these products come with such bright lights, it seems silly as when you watch in a dark room it is brighter than the tv! I would like to have the option of power on/off via remote/IR, but there is only a physical switch on the front, which is better than no power switch at all. This may be the switch for you if you have had issues getting all formats to work reliably, like me, and have tried so many switches with audio extract. This one is a winner and I'll update it if things get worse.

👤The unit is autoswitching, but the manufacturer doesn't say so. If that channel becomes active, it will switch to a different channel. If you're watching a DVD movie on channel 3 and your DVR on channel 1 comes on to record it, it will switch from the DVD to the DVR. You can use the remote to switch back and forth. I think the remote is something they found off-the-shelf and used to save money. Only a few of the buttons have any function. Sometimes you have to push a button twice to get the unit to respond, so I think the IR output isn't that strong. The little buggers are expensive and the coin battery is a pain. The manufacturer does not claim that it will remove HDCP from the signal. The setup is very simple if you have no experience with A/V equipment. Unless the box is at eye level, the LEDs are not a problem. The unit seems to do what it's designed to do, and at a good price point. I only had it for a day so I'll keep an eye on it.

👤The little box is what I needed. I got a projector. I have an older receiver that is not capable of pulling out audio from 4k signals, nor of passing it on to the projector that is higher in resolution. The switchbox should be entered. I use my PC graphics card and my xbox one to run 4k hdmi out from my projector, and I get the full 4k resolution. It was the best of all. The switchbox pulls out the digital audio signal and sends it to my receiver. No need to but another receiver! There is one important note. Even though all HDMI cables have the same PIN OUT setup, you need to use a certified 4k high speed 18gb ps cable to transmit 4k over 9 feet. I thought the switch box was faulty because my original cables were cutting out terribly on this new system. The switch box was fine, but my older cables were too long and not certified for 18gb ps. I shortened my cable length to the projector and switchbox after buying all new monoprice cables, and made sure I used only 3' cables from the pc and xbox to the switchbox. No more screen cutting out. The box is sturdy and well built, it has both a remote control and an audio separation that is flawless. If you just upgraded to 4k and need to send out a signal but your receiver can't handle it, this is definitely the solution you need and want.

3. CABLEDECONN Splitter Converter Compatible Projectors

CABLEDECONN Splitter Converter Compatible Projectors

The package includes a hdmi switch box, power adapter, remote controller and manual. They are confident that the tv hdmi port expander will meet your needs. Technical support is provided online. If you have questions, please contact them. It can't work from one source to two displays. The only way to connect two sources to one display is with the HDMI 8K switch. Extra HDMI cables are needed, but not included in their package. Ultra HDMI 8K Single Display Splitter supports 8K@60Hz,4K@ 120Hz,1080P@240Hz resolution, and provides you with transfer rates up to 48Gbps and backward compatible with all previous HDMI standards. If you want to output 8K@60Hz,4K@120Hz and1080P@240Hz via their splitter in your displays, please make sure your source devices, your cable and your monitors can all support the resolution and refresh rate you need to output. You can switch between entertainment and office with this HDMI 8K Multiple Switch. The switcher has a text logo. If the screen can't be displayed normally, please supply power to the switcher. You can't connect one signal input device and two monitors. The HDMI 8K switcher/splitter is easy to use and can be used in many occasions. Ultra HD and smooth gaming can be achieved with the latest PS5 and Xbox. Automatic switch, manual switch, and non-automatic switch. The lightweight and portable design has an 18 month worry-free warranty.

Brand: Cabledeconn

👤If you want to use all of the features of HDMI 2.1 on your TV, then look no further. It does everything you need it to do. The switch supports all of the features, and I tested it with an OLED TV. It supports 4K Dolby Vision at 4K on the Xbox Series X. I have tested it with the Series X and it works great. I can switch from one console to the other and it works the same way. It supports power-on features where turning on/off the console will turn on/off the TV and vice-versa. I have a sound bar that supports sound. My TV doesn't support 4K 120Hz Dolby Vision, so I can't test it. I'm very confident that it will work. It is very important. It is important to get good 8K HDMI cables, not only for the cables going to the consoles, but also for the one going to the TV. Don't buy cheap cables. My cables are certified ultra high speed. Hope this helps. If you want to keep yourself from having issues, it is better to hook up a higher quality cable than a lower quality one. It took me a while to find the right switch. Hope this helps.

👤I used port 3 to connect my amplifier to my PS5 and Xbox Series X. I now have both consoles connected to the switch and I can see that both 120hz and Dolby Vision are available on the Xbox Series X. On the same HDMI port, the X900H can't run 120hz and Dolby Vision at the same time. When I turn on the X900H, it will recognize the PS5 and switch to "game" mode. You will need a hdmi 2.1 cable from the switch to the tv. The switch doesn't turn off when I turn off the TV, and there is no off button either.

👤I upgraded my video game systems and TV, but realized the TV only supports two 2.1 HDMI ports, one for dolby amos and the other for sound bar. I had no choice but to keep using cable in order to enjoy the benefits of my TV. Search far and wide to find a splitter that supports 2.1. My friend searches no more. A bit pricey. Trust me, it's worth it. I don't know if my TV supports full 4K 120hz but everything else is perfect. The last words were, "brother you need this".

👤Since my TV only has two HDMI 2.1 ports, I used this as a solution to have PS5 and XSX on the HDMI 4 port and still have eARC on the HDMI 3 port. The audio can be heard on the PS5 and XSX and can be routed through the ARC.

👤I've been looking for an HDMI 2.1 switcher since I got my new QLED TV, but nothing like that existed until now. This allowed me to connect my PS5 and XBOX Series X to the single HDMI port on the set. I needed to use the included power cable to power the unit from one of the 5v power ports. I put it to the rear of the TV so that I can push the input button and see what's going on. It seems like a decent build. Highly recommended.

4. Splitter Aluminum Switcher Bi Directional Support

Splitter Aluminum Switcher Bi Directional Support

The ATEM Mini has a full Fairlight audio mixer and all of the audio inputs and microphone inputs are connected to the audio mixer so you can live mix from all audio sources. The HDMI SWITCH is bi- directional. The durable HDMI bi-directional splitter helps you connect two HDMI sources to one display, or connect one source toggling between two displays. 4k@60HZ, 3D,1080P, 4K x 2K@30hz resolution and TrueHD 7.1 provide theater-level effect at home, HDCP v2.2 compatible, 36 bit/px HDR color depth. The most luxurious video and audio can be enjoyed with this switch. PLUG AND PLAY This switch is easy to use. No external power supply is needed. A simple press of a button will swap signal within one second. The light tells you which port is active. Fast and Stable. The standard cable length could reach up to 5m with the high bandwidth 18 Gbps data transmission. No lag, no loss of picture or video quality. The cable is not included. The passive HDMI 2.0 switch is suitable for most devices. The input includes: Xbox One, PS3 / PS4/PS5 game consoles, computer, ablu-ray DVD player, Route Roku, Firestick, cable box, Apple TV, PC, etc. HD-Ready, Full HD, UHD TVs, monitors, projectors, and more can be output.

Brand: Vwrhar

👤I wanted to switch from a 4-port HDMI switch with remote to a smaller one with a push button because I got a new monitor for work. The build quality of this one is pretty good, the cable connections are very secure, but the device itself leaves a lot to be desired. I should stay with the switch I already have after testing this one out. The small device has no power supply. It draws power from the HDMI cable when it's plugged into a source. If you have applications pinned to specific windows, or a desktop manager, then Windows will treat the input as a cable being unplugged. The display is no longer connected to the internet. This doesn't happen with my older 4-port HDMI switch. When the input is not selected, Windows 10 will detect the HDMI switch and the resolution of the monitor. It doesn't shuffle applications if the display device is unplugged. It's probably fine for a console or television that only has one display device used for a given source, but this HDMI switch doesn't play nicely with a computer connected to multiple displays.

👤This is what I needed. My daughter has a TV. She has a roku and a blu ray player. She isn't able to do it on her own. So her brother. I had to take the cord out of one and put it into the other when she wanted to change. This is perfect. You won't need any other cables. We have one cable from the roku and one from the blu ray player, which goes in side by side on one end of the small square device. The third cable goes from the device to the TV. The signal from one device to the other can be switched with a push of a button. My intellectually disabled daughter can do it alone. She can use roku to watch things, but if she decides to watch something on blu ray, she has to push the bottom of the device to make it change. This is a huge help for my family.

👤If you have two different computing systems, like a laptop and a PS, this is a great product. Pressing the button on the connector makes it easy to switch to another system. I don't really have 2 monitors, but I bought this for my two mining systems. I only use a Dell monitor for my computers. I bought a HDMI to VGA adapter to connect my old Dell monitor which only has a VGA port to the one I purchased. It works well with this accessory. The quality of the component is very good. It is light in weight and made of aluminum metal. I dropped it on the floor in my garage but it didn't break. I highly recommend this product.

👤Oh my gosh. This is a great tool. Are you working remote? Most of us are. I have a large external monitor that I can use as a laptop monitor, with a push of a button. It's easy. You can check out my video. This small device allows you to plug in two different sources with a single output. I used my work and personal laptops as sources. My output is my 31” 4K monitor. The pictures will make sense. Adding a 31” 4K monitor to my work laptop gives me the extra screen real estate for those spreadsheets, large form media or web development while still being able to use my MacBook for personal use through out the day. It was easy to setup. The best way to use this gizmo is to have the cables run directly from the computer to it. Sometimes your HDMI is not coming from a Docking Station. My docking station didn't wake up my monitor to show the new input. I bypassed my docking station and went directly from laptop to Toggle Box HDMI, and it worked perfectly.

5. FEELWORLD Switcher Production Streaming Lightweight

FEELWORLD Switcher Production Streaming Lightweight

High- performance chip supports 36bit deep color/high- performance 18.5Gbps data transfer. Without lag, the picture and sound quality are unaffected. If you have a question about their products, please contact them via Amazon messages. Live Pro L1 V1 has 4 inputs and 1 output, all of them support high definition. There is an interface for live streaming. You can use LIVE PRO L1 V1 to switch between high quality video camera inputs for better images. The Live Pro L1 V1 is a simpler and smaller product, which has a rich special effects switch function, the screw hole can be fixed on the tripod. Live streaming and multi signal control will be easier done by a single person. You can set them to be preview or PGM. Livepro L1 V1 is a faster video production device that connects to any computer and looks like a built inWebcam, so all streaming software for social media platforms work! You can set up multiple camera angles with up to 4 HDMI inputs. You can connect to a computer with a PowerPoint slide show. All switches are in real time. It can show real-time monitoring on 6 pictures, including 4-channel HDMI input signals, and the audio column is displayed. The transition effect can be chosen from the SW button. The operation is the same as the switcher if the computer is connected to the LAN port. The package includes a 1.5A Adaptor, a 1usb 3.0 cable and a manual.

Brand: Feelworld

👤It depends on what you want. This is a great switcher because it has the ability to see all 4 inputs and output to both an HDMI source and ausb 3.0. The Picture in a Picture feature only allowed you to get it through the menu. Some of the software options have images of Side by Sie or Top and Bottom. These should not have been included. The software is not intuitive to use and the Firmware update is ok. The software has to be downloaded from the Chinese site. The software has to be run as administrator or it won't load. These were kind of red flags for me. There are other units that might be better. I returned it. I liked the unit that I found better.

👤A $300 power button would be nice. This unit is too hot at any price. I'm concerned about it's longevity because of that. I'm not a professional but it works. $300 is a lot for this unit. The video effects this thing has, technology wise, existed in the 80s and 90s, commercial and mass production use of course. I bought this to use as a through device for recording and fading. I don't think I'll ever use it for live streaming. There is a side note. The refresh signal is the most important test to me. When recording to a digital device, like a video recorder, as an example. Have you ever tried to go from VHS to a digital video recorder? A lot of VCR's don't put a solid video signal. Video capture problems can be caused by the refresh rate being unstable. Even if it's digital to digital, there will be one interruption with the signal. When recording digital video, the output refresh rate must be constant. Sometimes a ground fault can be found between power supplies and devices. It can be a problem.

👤This was used for a weeklong live-streamed music education seminar that ended with a concert by the students. The mixer was easy to set up and operated perfectly for the entire week. The small led screen is a valuable asset for quick set-up and menu functions. I only needed the switcher and my laptop to monitor the video for the simple two camera seminar part of the week. I was pleasantly surprised to find out that the preview output is a multi screen setup with all four inputs, preview and program screens. I would have liked the preview input selection, but it's great. I will get a larger monitor for the next job because it is a little dense. One thing that I like about a video mixer is that it is very easy to train a novice in operation and the Feelworld L1 is very practical and easy to use. The switch is done with the lever, which is a little strange, but a few other things for those who are looking into this mixer. It would have been nice to have a button to take from input to input, but it didn't work out that way. The time will tell if the lever will work. Audio is best sent to one of the camera audio inputs as the analog input is not in sync and there is no way to delay the audio within the mixer. If you don't have an audio delay device, you might need a long audio run in certain situations. The switcher doesn't show as "feelworld" in the input list but something else. My camera operators will probably get a mixer for their jobs because they were impressed with it. I will definitely recommend this to anyone.

6. Blackmagic Design ATEM Mini Switcher

Blackmagic Design ATEM Mini Switcher

There is a switch and cable in the pack. When used as a HDMI Splitter, it can not switch between 2 monitors. Features: The ATEM Mini has an easy to use design that makes it possible for anyone to live stream multi-camera productions online via services and software such as Facebook Live or even Skype. You can connect 4 high-quality HDMI inputs that can be used for live cameras, computers, or even game consoles. STREAM LIVE INTERVIEWS ATEM Mini is small enough to fit in a small studio and is perfect for interviews as you can connect multiple cameras for close-ups of the host, or interviewee, as well as wide shots. Open Broadcaster software can be used to record live or recorded. ATEM Mini is perfect for educational videos. You can travel to locations and record live multi-camera video productions on a wide range of educational topics with fast and easy setup. The ATEM Software Panel can be used to load titles and perform video effects. One of the benefits of ATEM Mini is the ability to use built-in video effects for professional production values. The cut button makes it easy to switch between sources. The auto button is a professional term used on large broadcast switchers to enable video effects transitions. The ATEM Mini has a full Fairlight audio mixer and all of the audio inputs and microphone inputs are connected to the audio mixer so you can live mix from all audio sources.

Brand: Blackmagic Design

👤What a powerful device... Four capture cards that automatically sync with two 3.5mm inputs to a single software interface can do picture-in-picture, live keying, titles, and a media queue for intros and product videos. What can be done these days... It took an entire truck to do what this thing does. I can use a powerful laptop to stream events. If you want a serious production upgrade, or if you want a simple yet powerful livestreaming option for social media and tv, this is the option for you. Works great with other platforms.

👤I have worked in television production for 38 years and this $300 switcher can do what a full truck of equipment can't. Adding a small audio mixer and some cameras will allow you to run a full TV production. I'm using it for live broadcasts. A piece of gear.

👤I own two ATEM Minis. We create videos for social media. The first one was set up to bring together a computer, video cameras, and a lavalier mic, all of which were inexpensive. The Cloner Pro is used to record the video output and another computer is used to stream the video. All the cameras and screens are switched on and off with a single touch of a button. The setup allows the talent to control the cameras without a second person, which saves hours of video editing time. I have a digital video switcher that mixed two cameras and two mics. The ATEM Mini does a lot more than what it did back then. BlackMagic is selling this at a low price point. They are only asking $295 for it, which is a bargain. BlackMagic did a great job!

👤My job is to be on multiple calls a day. The little unit has inputs for my camera and a duplicate output of my desktop and video hardware. I can share my screen without having to be a host or have permission in a meeting because it shows up as aWebcam. It's much easier to use OBS with a load of dongles on my MacBook if I show my camera and video out of other hardware. When I need to hide my face for a second, I use the still image button. A good solution for the price is not the intended use case. When the kids who stream on twitch move into the business world and put us to shame with their learned production skills, it's going to be the norm between this work-from- home reality and the business world.

👤I can't tell you how much you should pay if you are reading this. The product is great for the price. It changes the resolutions on all the channels. You won't believe the abilities this thing has if you don't download the software. The software has a very capable audio board with compressor for each of 6 audio inputs separately, plus the audio from each HDMI input. A multi-view output is the only thing that would improve the ATEM Mini. Absolutely love it!

7. Extractor Switcher Wireless Control Adapter

Extractor Switcher Wireless Control Adapter

The included components are: 4-Port 4K HDMI Switch, Power Adapter, and IR Remote Control Unit. The user manual for the HDMI cable. You can connect five HDMI inputs to one HDMI output with the Ultra HD 4K ARC EDID setting. The HDMI switcher can be used to convert signal from a HDMI input to a 5.1 channel digital surround on Toslink S/PDIF optical output or a 2.0 channel analog stereo on L/R 2RCA output. 4K x 2K@30 HZ, Full 3D1080P, HD Audio, and HDCP1.4 are supported by the 5 port HDMI switch Selector. There is no more distorted sound and video transmissions. HDmi switch with remote for computers, laptops, TVs, Blue-ray players, and more. You can switch the signal source with thehdmi switcher with remote control. The remote control distance is small.

Brand: Unocho

👤I bought a new projector because my home theater receiver can't play 4k. I'm not going to upgrade it just because it can't play 4k video. I was worried that the 5.1 sound wouldn't work because of the negative reviews. There was no need to be nervous. The image quality is perfect. I have 4 devices connected to it, and each looks as if it's connected to the projector. The sound is the same as being connected to the receiver. The remote makes it possible to position the splitter out of the way. I'm very happy with the device. It's worth the money.

👤I have two of these. I only have component inputs in a home theater room with a projector, and one is in use with an older receiver. The switch box allows me to use up to 5 sources and the optical output allows the old receiver to receive signals from various set top boxes. It can play up to 6.1 channels, which is as far as the receiver handles. I use the other one upstairs on a high-end pre-amp that is connected to an older Technics surround decoding device. This allows me to keep a fully analog setup for vinyl, but still send the digital version of the movie to the Technics unit for occasional use on the smaller set. I can still watch network TV over the antenna with the help of the ARC function, which works when the power goes out and the cable box goes out, but I have to use the stereo system. It appears to have a stereo output that is analogue. I had tried another unit that only had 3 inputs and seemed to lock up for unknown reasons, requiring me to plug the unit in and get the remote to work again, but so far this one has no issues. I'm pretty happy with it so far. I wish there was a way to dim the lights. It's a small quibble that they are67531 in a dark room. All 5 inputs are used in the home theater setup and 3 in the other one with two to spare.

👤When I first got it, I thought it wasn't working, but as soon as I turned on my gaming console, the switch connected to it, it was very nice and convenient. Some people don't like this function. I like the way the switches are done. The switch is very nice.

👤Not a good start. One of the more expensive Chinese HDMI remote switches is glitchy. I have a Sony Blueray DVD player on port 5, a Fire TV Stick Second Generation on port 3, an XBox 360 on port 4 and a Verizon Fios STB on port 1. After being powered on, it will not display a picture on the inputs. I have to power on one of the other devices, switch to it, press the 'Pass' button to get the video to display, and then the Fire TV Stick and Chromecast will work when I switch to them. When I change my audio options, I get a quick blip of either Fire TV or Chromecast. This was supposed to be the replacement for a cheaper switch that was starting to go south.

8. NEWCARE Switcher Supports HDCP2 2 Consoles

NEWCARE Switcher Supports HDCP2 2 Consoles

The 4x1 switcher, power adapter, and IR remote are included. 3 in 1 out HDMI switcher 3 ports can work with most devices with a standard HDMI interface Input: PC, Laptops, PS3/PS4/PS5 and more; Output: Full HD TVs, projectors, monitors and more. The key-press-switching function makes it easy to hook up, you just have to press the button. The cable is 1M high speed. Plug and play. It's ideal for a trade show, conference room, bedding room, living room, kitchen room and backyard. 3 ports of the HDMI Hub support the output of the 4K Ultra HD video. 60hertz (Max). Support 3D. HDCP2.2 compatible with 12- bit Deep Color, 8 bit RGB. The 24K Gold Plated connectors are designed to ensure superior signal transfer. High performance up to 18Gbps without lag, no loss of picture and sound quality, and switch hdmi adapter supports 12- bit Deep Color. The distance between input and output could be as high as 16 feet when using AWG22 (19+) standard cable. You will get the 1*HDMI 2.0 switcher and the User Manual. You will always get friendly support if you come with the best after-sale service. It's important that you know that. When only one input device is power on, the HDMI switch may not work. Please try two or all of the three source devices. Thank you.

Brand: Newcare

👤I use this to connect my home theater PC, Wii-U, and Xbox One to my TV. Each device powers the splitter on its own. I can't hear anything different in the audio and I can't see anything different in the picture nose. I don't have to touch the button on the unit to change sources if I only turn on one device at a time. The source is powered up. If one source was already on, you would need to press the button on the unit to switch to another source. I am happy with the price.

👤I have a TV that is mounted on the wall. The TV has only two HDMI ports. We wanted to be able to have all of our electronics connected to our TV at the same time, without having to replace one cable. You can see where my dilemma is. I thought the price was reasonable when I saw it. It is so convenient to be able to switch to any device with the touch of a button, and not have to worry about removing one HDMI cable in order to do so. I will be purchasing an additional splitter for our other TV. The product is nice.

👤A PC gaming enthusiast has bought other 4k switches just to have them not work. This one works well. I use the cable it comes with to go from the switch to my monitor and I have had no problems so far. The picture is perfect. If that changes, I will update this review. To mimic my success, I would make sure that the HDMI cable from your PC is protected and of good quality.

👤It has been great so far. The set is easy and I get full 4K from the pictures. Make sure you change the settings on your TV and PS4 before you change them on your console.

👤I have been using a HDMI switch for a long time, but recently it has been having problems with a flickering picture and sometimes the screen goes blank for a few seconds or longer. I was annoyed by it. The flickering screen problem went away after I installed the switch. I like this switch over my old one because it doesn't automatically switch sources. I have a switch that allows me to watch either recorder. The old switch would switch me to the recorder that was turned on when I was watching something else. It was very annoying. The switch will not do that. I like it. The old one had a blue light. I had to put a piece of paper on it. The switch has a dimmer and smaller red light. There is no glare. I threw away the old switch because I like this one so much.

👤My previous comment said that the Amazon Firestick covered up a port. This is not correct. Bluesky immediately contacted me and told me that if I use the HDMI extender cable with the Firestick, all three of the HDMI ports are usable. The product and Bluesky customer service both get 5 stars. This company is recommended by me.

9. NerdEthos Switcher Selector Control Supports

NerdEthos Switcher Selector Control Supports

The passive HDMI 2.0 switch is suitable for most devices. The input includes: Xbox One, PS3 / PS4/PS5 game consoles, computer, ablu-ray DVD player, Route Roku, Firestick, cable box, Apple TV, PC, etc. HD-Ready, Full HD, UHD TVs, monitors, projectors, and more can be output. NerdEthos HDMI 4 in 1 switch connects up to 4 HDMI source components to one HD display to solve your multiple HDMI devices issue. A superb picture quality and seamless sound can be created by seamless switch between games, TV, desktop. No lag, no flash or drop in resolution. 4 Port HDMI switch supports up to 4K@60Hz resolution, compatible with lower resolution: 4k@30Hz/Full HD1080P/ Full 3D1080P and more. It allows you to switch between the four devices and enjoy the display with great gusto. The 4K HDMI switch will automatically skip to the next port with a viable signal input, and skip to the most recently inserted HDMI signal source. The IR remote can be used to switch on and off. All HDMI-integrated devices, such as Amazon Fire TV, Apple TV, STB/IPTV, LCD TV, DVD Player, PS3/PS4 and other HDMI capable devices, can be used with the HDMI switch box. It supports audios that are compressed. High- performance chip supports 36bit deep color/high- performance 18.5Gbps data transfer. Without lag, the picture and sound quality are unaffected. If you have a question about their products, please contact them via Amazon messages.

Brand: Nerdethos

👤The device feels premium in its build quality. It works well as well. When a new device is powered on, there's an auto-switch. The switch number buttons on the box do not work, so you have to physically press the switch button on the box to use the remote control. The power button on the remote works well. I think it's a great device, but I wouldn't buy it if I didn't need the remote. It works with most of my devices, except my original Xbox consoles, which I couldn't get to work on, so no stars lost for that. It works with my Elgato HD60S and I was able to use it to output the same 4 HDMIs to both my TV and my HD60S for fast switch between console feeds. It doesn't interrupt the Wii U, Switch, or anything else I tried to do. The box requires power, but it's easy to swap out because the included power cable is very short. I would like it to be a standard type of computer, like the one you see in the picture. I could stop refilling the Microusb cable supplies and push more of my cables to beusb-c. Oh well. I don't have a lot of Microusb devices. There are two pictures of the device sitting upside down due to the short power cable. It's placed on the side of the device instead of the back, but it's manageable. The remote doesn't work as it should, but I really don't mind that. It's more of a convenience than a necessity. It would be cool if it could change the light color on my desk. It would be cool if the light reflected off my chosen input channel. If I can fix the remote, I'll update the review. If you need something like this, get it. I need a switch box to swap consoles. It could be used to switch between primary and secondary PCs. You could use it to switch between consoles and PCs on a TV with a single HDMI port. It is well worth the money, it is very handy under the right circumstances.

👤The switcher was designed well. It's one of the few that uses 2AAA batteries in the remote. The other ones use a 2032 cell which can't be charged. There are no sync issues or delays with the remote switch. The range of the remote is adequate. Since it's an IR remote, you can't be too far away from the switch or at an extreme angle, but that's a given. The bright red lights on the front of the house can be an issue in a dark bedroom, but you can turn off the switch from the remote. The manual switch on the front works the same way as the remote. It's always on because it's powered from anyusb port. The unit has a power block and cable. The switch has a power port. The metal case is very sturdy and will likely last longer than the equipment attached to it. I would recommend this switch, as I would rate it a 10 out of 10.

10. UGREEN Switcher Splitter Compatible Projector

UGREEN Switcher Splitter Compatible Projector

You will get the 1*HDMI 2.0 switcher and the User Manual. You will always get friendly support if you come with the best after-sale service. It's important that you know that. When only one input device is power on, the HDMI switch may not work. Please try two or all of the three source devices. Thank you. UGREEN 3 in 1 out HDMI switch easily streams video and audio from 3 HDMI devices to 1 HDMI display, and you can enjoy work and playtime with one button. Vision Feast with 4K Resolution: The HDMI switch supports Ultra FullHDR resolution up to 4K 3840x2160@30Hz and 3D display for you, which delivers superb image and enrich audio for a cinematic video feast. Please confirm the HDMI cable under 8M, and set the TV display in HDCP 1.4/1080P resolution. The built-in IR remote control and manual switch make it easy to swap channels from your couch or bed, so that you don't need to get out of your comfort zone. When the remote control is being used, the receiver needs to be connected to the control and there should be no obstructions. Plug and Play: Support all standard HDMI source devices for both input and output with HDCP/CEC, power supply with Microusb cable from 5V power for best performance. You can switch the signal between the two sources by pressing the button. When power hungry devices are connected to the power supply, there is an extra power supply. The HDMI switch is portable and broad compatible, saving you space for your entertainment center kit. It's compatible with PS3/ PS4 players, laptop/PC, DVD players, XBOX, Nintendo Switch, etc.

Brand: Ugreen

👤I have a HDMI switch that I can use with my consoles. I will confirm that this switch works without the micro-usb power cable, because I don't think it's mentioned anywhere. I have no plans to use the IR sensor for the remote. There are a few negative things to note, all of which relate to the build quality. The device is well made, but it's mostly made of plastic and lifts off its feet if you have any cables. Even if it's just a piece of metal, I wouldn't mind a little more weight. The remote isn't great. It's the same cheap remote you get with any chinese device. It'll work, but it's an ugly sight. You will need to power the switch with a power cable if you intend to use the remote to switch inputs. Attach a separate IR cable and position it nearby. I would have put the IR sensor on the device, but I don't use it in my setup. I'm quite happy with this purchase.

👤It should work. It suggests that you do need power. I don't know if it will work without external power, but it will be possible to use the next button on the switch. You need it for the remote. I'm not used to seeing a HDMI switch with a remote that doesn't have an IR sensor, but this one has one at the end of the cable, so you'll have to tape it in place. They go a long way to avoid letting you know all this. It does work, having said all this. It's great for saving space, but for people with less than great vision or with large hands, it can be hard to use. They don't give you good information, so I gave it 3 stars. The instructions need a large magnifying glass. Once you give it a power supply, it seems to work. The indicator shows which input is being used.

👤This switch is a great deal and it gets the job done. I've been using it for about a week to switch between a PC, Xbox Series X, and a cable box. The picture and sound are perfect. Pressing the button on the unit will switch it on. When the switch is on the floor behind the entertainment center, it's great because the remote won't work. The remote works reliably if the wire is brought to the front. UGreen supplied a piece of double sided tape to mount it. I had to provide my own power supply. Without power, the switch won't function. When the current input is turned off, the switch automatically changes to the next active input. The cable box is always on. When I turn off the consoles or PCs, the input goes to the TV signal. I have to use the remote to keep the monitor off of inactive sources. This won't be a problem for people who use a regular TV that gets turned off. I like to use the power save mode on my monitor instead of the power button. It's a great compact switch that hopefully lasts a long time.

11. NerdEthos Switcher Selector Supports 18 5Gbps

NerdEthos Switcher Selector Supports 18 5Gbps

The operation is the same as the switcher if the computer is connected to the LAN port. The package includes a 1.5A Adaptor, a 1usb 3.0 cable and a manual. 5 Input 1 Output switch. The NerdEthos 5x1 HDMI switch can connect up to 5 devices. It helps to resolve your issues. It supports switch between games and movies without interruption. The hub supports 4K@60Hz,1080P@60Hz,1080P@30 888-739-5110 You can enjoy a crystal-clear display with incredible fluency while you switch between the five devices. Does not support the idea of aPIP. The HDMI switcher 5 port works with all of the HDMI-integrated devices, such as Amazon Fire TV, Apple TV, STB/IPTV, LCD TV, DVD Player, PS3/PS4/PS5 and more. It supports audios that are compressed. The IR remote lets you swap among the channels up to 28 feet without having to leave your comfort zone. It will skip to the most recent source. The ITE high- performance chip supports 36bit deep color/high- performance 18Gbps data. The 5 Input 1 Output 2.0 switch has no lag, no loss of picture and sound quality, and it's high-definition.

Brand: Nerdethos

👤We ran out of HDMI ports on our TV so we bought a switch to expand them. Plug this switch into your TV and other devices into the ports 1 through 5. HDMI cables have wide ends, so it's easy to install. I had to use ports 1 - 3 - 5 because there wasn't enough room between them. This makes the unit a 3 port switch. There is a The lights should be large enough to see.

👤This was the perfect solution for me to setup an entertainment hub. I have a TV that is dedicated to entertainment with video game consoles, a/V receiver, and media server. My TV only has 2 HDMI ports and does not have enough HDMI inputs for the rest of the devices. The convenience of the whole process would be taken away if the TV were wall mounted and you had to switch between different sources constantly. When I found the switch, my problem was solved. I was able to connect up to five different sources to the input ports of this switch with a single HDMI output connected to my TV. I was able to connect 5 devices with only one HDMI port on my TV. The switch needs to be able to handle 4k signals for the PS and XBOX, that's what I needed. The switch has a remote that I can use to switch between connected devices and the one I want to see on the TV. I didn't know that the HDMI switch would automatically switch to the active source input without me having to manually select the input I wanted. I'm very happy with the purchase that addressed my needs. The build felt sturdy and robust. It requires a separate power input, but comes with an AC adaptor as well. I highly recommend this switch to anyone who is suffering from the lack of HDMI input ports on their TVs, monitors, or A/V receivers. It is possible to add additional functions and expand the hardware's capabilities.

👤This product is amazing. I usually have 4 to 5 consoles connected at a time, but my TV has 3 HDMI ports which is inconvenient. I no longer have to worry about connecting and detaching the consoles because of this product. Not to mention that some TVs have only one 4k port, limiting the number of consoles you can have connected to. In my case, I have the PS4 Pro and Xbox One S that support 4k and they were both recognized as 4k inputs on my TV showing a resolution of 2160p. You will need a 4k cable from the TV to the HDMI 5 switch hub for each console. The remote controller that comes with this product has a quick reaction time and it allows you to switch between consoles easily from the comfort of your seat. The power cable and output cable on the sides make it difficult to hide them in a clean setup. It would be nice to have these two ports on the back, as using an L shape HDMI could help with this issue. This is a must-have for anyone who has multiple 4K consoles plugged in into one TV.


What is the best product for home theater hdmi switcher?

Home theater hdmi switcher products from Fivehome. In this article about home theater hdmi switcher you can see why people choose the product. Tesmart and Cabledeconn are also good brands to look for when you are finding home theater hdmi switcher.

What are the best brands for home theater hdmi switcher?

Fivehome, Tesmart and Cabledeconn are some of the best brands that chosen by people for home theater hdmi switcher. Find the detail in this article. Vwrhar, Feelworld and Blackmagic Design are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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