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1. GMCELL Bluetooth Transmitter Streaming Headphones

GMCELL Bluetooth Transmitter Streaming Headphones

A 3.5mm AUX plug is all you need to add a wireless accessory to your car audio systems, home stereos, speakers, wired headphones and more. Plug and play, easy setup, one button operation. The latest version of the wireless communication standard has a number of improvements. CVC8.0 Noise Cancellation and DSP technologies eliminate echo and block out intrusive background noise. A built-in microphone and 140-mAh battery allow for continuous work and hands-free calls. The 3.5mm audio jack can be used to make it easy to connect your projector or TV to the internet.

Brand: Gmcell

👤This is for a video and electrical drum set. The delay is very long. It is like watching an old dubbed movie with auptitles where voices don't match the mouth because of the 2 seconds delay. The delay was so bad that you couldn't hear the sound even if you hit the drum. The volum was soft. I put it with a set of Bose headphones and an iPod Pros. This is great. I guess for music, but don't expect it to be loud, and forget about using it if the delay is an issue. It won't work for tv or Roku Sound. We all want to watch video with it.

👤I had an old iPod docking station that had an accessory for it. The first operational error I experienced was that the headphone jack didn't work. I didn't push completely in until I realized. Works well. I had no problem with volume controls, I threw the phone in another room door and went outside without dropping it. Will give a battery life update when I try it in my truck.

👤I recommend this one to anyone looking for a receiver. My Bose speaker was brought back to life by connecting it to the Aux input. My phone was able to recognize the name "C28" and was able to play my songs from the service. You can keep the device charged via microusb so that you don't have to worry about the battery dying. Great investment.

👤I think this is one of those things you pay for. Initially, the price was reasonable and it worked. It was easy to set up and connect when turned on. The unit provided good voice quality sound and I wasn't shopping for high fidelity. Until today. I shut it down at 11:00 PM after it worked for a day. I turned everything on this morning and everything started up. The audio circuit did not work. The unit doesn't have an audio signal. I had to replace the cables, the audio source and the TV cable. They are all working. The unit is the only thing left. I will look at another unit and spend more money. I noted in the review that the unit came with a charging point. I received a small box with the unit and the charging cord. There was no audio cords.

👤I was able to transmit my audio to my speaker across the room with the help of the bluetooth connection. The only downside was that there was no charging cable. I thought that anyusb cable should work. I had to try several cables before I found one that could charge it. It worked after that. You would have a limited capacity for a battery with that size. I left it plugged in to a port on the computer. If you plan on being mobile with this transmitter/receiver, you need to keep in mind that it is not a big deal.

👤I use sound quality in my car all the time and the battery life seems good. The range is very good, but sometimes it cuts in and out if there is a large metal object between you. When you first connect to it, it can sometimes be difficult to connect again, but after that it works well. If someone else connects to it, it will do this to them, and then do it to you again when you're not around. When you turn off your phone, the little icon at the top of the screen goes away, but in your settings it still shows as connected, and you will have toDisconnect to allow someone else to connect to it. When you turn it back on, it will connect automatically. When you turn it back on, you have to go into your settings and just tap on it to work again. If you answer a phone call, you will have to switch to a speaker so they can hear you, because it doesn't have a microphone. I only used the transmitter mode once to make sure it worked, and it seemed to work fine, although it took a bit before it connected to my headphones. Volume control is fine, but it is much quieter than I would like it to be. When I plug my phone into my car via a cable, the volume levels seem to be the same as the radio, but I have to turn the car volume up a lot to achieve the same level. It works amazingly even though it can be a bit quiet. The weird connection stuff is keeping this review from being a 5 star review.

2. Soundcore Cancelling Headphones Wireless Bluetooth

Soundcore Cancelling Headphones Wireless Bluetooth

Digital display allows you to see various operating states. Lying on the sofa can be used to remote control your home. The remote control can be used to receive and transmit information. It supports volume adjustment and signal switch. With a remote control. 20 million people love the sound. The Hi-Res audio is produced by oversized 40mm dynamic drivers. Life Q20 active noise canceling headphones reproduce music with extended high frequencies that reach up to 40 kHz for extraordinary clarity and detail. Their team of engineers conducted more than 100,000 tests in real-life scenarios to fine-tune Life Q20's 4 built-in ANC microphones and digital active noise cancellation algorithm. The hybrid active noise cancellation can detect and cancel out a wide range of low and mid-frequency noises, such as cars and airplane engines. BassUp technology conducts real-time analysis of the low frequencies to instantly strengthen the bass output. Double pressing the play button will amplify your listening experience. Up to 40 hours of playtime in wireless active noise cancellation mode is extended to 60 hours in standard music mode. A single charge will give you enough juice to listen to over 600 songs. Life Q20 active noise canceling headphones can be used for 5 minutes and 4 hours of listening.

Brand: Soundcore

👤I like and use a lot of Anker products, but sadly for a lot of aesthetic and clunky design reasons that don't have much to do with their intended function, these don't make the cut. Good ANC and pleasant sound quality are what they provide at their core. The pros and cons of using them on the first day are outlined. I would give them 3.5 stars, but since their core function is great, I'll give them 4 stars.

👤The Soundcore Life Q20 headphones are not what I was expecting. The sound, weight, build quality, and style of this pair of headphones are something to appreciate. If you're looking for a pair of headphones that sound good for a small price, look no further. I will show you all of the specifications of the headphones. The headphones have to offer. The first thing to notice about these headphones is that they have a microphone. They are low energy data transfer headphones. This pair of headphones has all the extras turned on and has a 30 hour battery life. If you have features turned off and don't need the volume very loud, you can get up to 60 hours. They have a bass boost function. The padding around your ear is called memory foam and it does not sit on your ear. They have a good sound. The bass is the most impressive part of the headphones. I really liked the sound from my testing, people who don't want bass may want to stay clear. They had auxilary cable, charging cable, and a carry pouch. Sound features are discussed. The sound of the box is normal. They have a bass up feature that will hit if you want more bass. They can drown out background noises with noise canceling. You can get up to 30 hours of battery life with bass up and noise canceling on. You can get up to 60 hours of battery if you don't use these features. The sound in normal mode is great and I have not needed the noise canceling feature yet. 40 hours out of these headphones was easy for me. The battery life will be affected by louder volumes. If you are an audiofile, you may have different opinions than I do, but I think these sound good. The headphones are light and adjust for different head sizes. I like that they don't feel cheap. The cushion around the ears is comfortable. They are big enough to go around my ears, which is something I like about them. These headphones are very comfortable. The Soundcore Life Q20 are a great pair of headphones. They provide the sound and I think a more expensive option would provide that sound. They have a good battery life. I would suggest this pair of headphones to anyone who is looking for an affordable pair of headphones.

👤I got these with a 20% discount from an email. Signing up with them will let you know if you can get a discount. They sound good and the NC seems effective. I tested against a pair of Sony wh-1000xm3 which are the regular best-buys/award winners and cost around 300 dollars. The Q20 stack up well. The Sonys are 7x the price and have a bit more depth. If you can get them for £40, it's brilliant. Controls are easy and there's a base-boost mode. If you're travelling, the pouch isn't protection and you may need to budget for a hard-shell as well. The battery seems to be working. Will update the NC on a plane. I bought a hard case for $6 and the photo is not in the pack. The case was terrible. Don't buy the 'Secret Rain' case. I used these on a couple of flights and the NC was effective, but not as good as the Sonys, so can't be sure. Even when taking off and engines are at full speed, the sound level was fine for watching downloaded tv. It is comfortable to wear as well as it is possible to breath a bit better than the Sonys. They were very good on the train. It's a shame that the previous model didn't have a hard-shell case, as the pouch provided is pointless and doesn't offer any protection. I contacted the company to see if they did the case as an accessory. May 2020 update. The battery life is still great and the connection is solid. The Sonys win hands down, a different league, for music in the house. These are amazing value for travelling for £40 and watching tv/movie.

3. New Apple AirPods Max Space

New Apple AirPods Max Space

The Apple-designed driver has high fidelity audio. You can listen to music when active noise cancellation is in place. You can use transparency mode to hear and interact with the world around you. Theater-like sound is provided by spatial audio with dynamic head tracking. Computational audio combines custom acoustic design with the Apple H1 chip. The canopy and ear cushions have an exceptional fit. It was a magical experience with effortless setup, on-head detection, and seamless switch between devices.

Brand: Apple

👤I paid almost $600 for a pair of headphones, but they do not have a charging port.

👤This was one of the worst purchases I made all year. I had to sell my computer to get rid of it. You have to use their narrative case. Don't buy.

👤Everyone wants to know the first thing. The pros are 1. Holy mother goose. The sound quality is amazing, it is like nothing I have ever heard before. The build quality is better than every headset I have ever used. This headset blows away the other ones I have had. The ear cups and head band are all metal. The headset is made from a single piece of aluminum. 3. Despite what other reviewers have said, I wore these for 7 hours straight and never had a problem with them being too tight. It does not heat up around your ears. 3. There is a battery life. I have not charged them yet, but after 20 hours they are at 30%. The controls are in perfect working order. The volume is a small knob on the right that adjusts the sound volume and pause and other functions, rather than messing with the touch type. 5. I went to the flight line at the army base near me and was by one of the blackhawk talking to my friend. I called someone and they couldn't hear me. You can hear your voice, not the muffled sound you get with noice cancelation. A 6. There is a connection. Everyone of my apple devices pairs with me. It was seamless. I can use my Mac Mini, Iphone 11, and iPad with no problems. I can connect to any device and go further than 30 ft. I have a quarter acre and I can go anywhere around my house without losing the signal. We go 1. The case is stupid, it looks like you are carrying a purse, but it doesn't protect the headset. There are cases on Amazon that will keep the I Pod Max asleep. There is no way to turn them off. After 15 minutes, they go into low power mode. You can put them in the case that it came with. You would think they would include a charging brick, but they only give you a Lighting cable that doesn't have a standardusb connection on one end. The cons are not a deal breaker. These headphones are so amazing that they would last a lifetime. I see reviews that are unhappy with the weight. Really? These things are not heavy. Every expensive head phone feels tight and makes your ears sweat. After awhile, you don't even notice the headphones. I know they are expensive. You get what you pay for. You are getting the best headphones you could ever imagine that will not fall apart, feel uncomfortable and give you an amazing sound quality in all areas. There is a I am not paid for this and I am not biased against Apple.

4. Soundcore Cancelling Headphones Comfortable Bluetooth

Soundcore Cancelling Headphones Comfortable Bluetooth

Life Q30's hybrid active noise cancellation is an advanced noise cancellation technology. The microphones pick up noise from the ambient sound and then filters it out to prevent it from interfering with your music. Life Q30 has 3 modes of noise cancellation, which include Transport, outdoor and indoor. Life Q30's 40mm drivers allow you to hear every detail of your favorite songs. The silk diaphragms reproduce thumping bass and crisp treble that extends up to 40kHz for better clarity. Life Q30 active noise cancelling headphones can play up to 40 hours of music. The playtime is extended to 60 hours in standard mode, while a short charge gives you 4 hours of listening. Life Q30 active noise cancelling headphones have memory foam padding to fit over your ears. They are comfortable for long listening sessions because of the lightweight build.

Brand: Soundcore

👤The prod doesn't work with Apple devices. The company did not mention this omission until the problem is disclosed on page 7 of the quick start guide.

👤The first review complains about the volume of the voice when changing modes. The volume of voice clips should be reduced by the latest firmware. The second review claims the headphones can't work with the operating system. The claim is wrong if they had a bad pair. The headphones work well with the operating system. The only way to pair them with an iPad is to use a normal Bluetooth device.

👤The mic problem was fixed by the support team from Anker. I was happy to have someone to work with because they take this stuff very seriously. The new headset seems to have a better mic than my original one. I was given some steps to take on my Windows 10 PC to help me get the most out of the device. I don't think the mic on the Q30 is as good as my Q20, but it's good enough that people can hear me and I'm no longer getting complaints from my co-workers. I'm going to upgrade my star rating because of that. Buy with confidence. ORIGINAL I own two Q10 sets, one Q20 set, and now one Q30 set of headphones. I jumped on the new model after seeing that several upgrades had been made, including a move from micro-usb to the newusb-c. This is not the case. Though they feel great, sound great, and will last for days, I think the call quality is what caused me to give them 3 stars out of 5. There are some real problems with the microphone. I was told by my co-workers that I sound like I'm in a box when using my Q30s. They're too quiet, "muffled," "weird," and "unnatural sounding" compared with the Q20. The quality of my mic is very important to me, as I use these for work and a lot of what I do involves videoconferencing. I went back to my Q20 for work. I don't know what to do with my Q30 yet.

👤I have replaced my speakers, power bricks, and battery banks with Anker products, but I can't recommend these headphones. I don't think build quality is that high. The sound is great, but too many major cons for me to keep and enjoy using them. Preorder discount is a pros. There is a sound. The sound is great. The bass and lows were good. The app. Soundcore is very easy to use. Can change settings in a second. It comes with a case. This should be a standard. This soft-shell case will provide enough protection in carry-ons or sliding around the backseat of a car, instead of tossing in a bag that just gets dirty. I might have gotten a dud. Double clicking the pause/play button will help those who bought these. Every time, I would have the Vol+/Vol- activated. The same thing would happen if I pressed pause. It is definitely an internal problem. There are buttons. I wish these had the same buttons as the Liberty Neos. The button presses are loud. There are pads. The pads are terrible. The best way to describe how they feel is to say that they need a new toilet seat. They are very hot and very warm. The pads on the headphones are not plush. The bus seats were worn down. The phone's soundLIP. The other reviewer has a video where they tilt their head back and forth. It looks ridiculous but that's what happens. These slip off my head as easily as they do on my wife's head, because I have a normal sized head as a 200lb man. They can slip off the back of your head if you look up quickly. If you need to tie your shoes, they will fall towards your forehead or even cover your eyes. I loosened them with the same results. There is a noise cancellation. Normal and transparency sound the same. The sound of air being sucked out of your ears is a noise cancellation. I felt the need to put NC as a con, but I might just prefer Passive NC. A new "power on" voice would be nice. It sounds too robotic. The Q30 box was damaged when my headphones were shipped in a thin bag. The headphones came inside the case. The pros outweigh the cons and I don't like the fact that they sound good. I'm returning these and waiting for a redesign. I wanted to try these out at the gym, but they are not meant for that.

5. Wireless Headphones Watching WHRF400R Transmitter

Wireless Headphones Watching WHRF400R Transmitter

The bundle pack includes HD. The BONUS Y-Adapter has a Stereo and 2 NeeGo Plugs. You can move freely up to 150 feet through the walls and ceiling with the headphones. Sony Technology produces high fidelity sound and booming bass. The 40mm drivers are durable and give clear Warm Sound, Dynamic Music, and Crisp Dialogue. The over ear pads are soft and lightweight and are ideal for watching movies, Binging TV, and playing video games.

Brand: Neego

👤I believe the product I received was a fake, made to look like a genuine Sony product. Absolutely horrible signal to noise. The true signal was unintelligible even with maximum input. I was surprised to find a genuine Sony product. I returned the garbage the next day. The outer wrapping was very suspect.

👤The new ear cups, smaller headband, and charging station are great. My husband and I purchased these after he broke his Sony headphones. We use these for viewing television because they make every word clear and easy to understand. British shows.

👤I've been wearing headphones for 15 years. This is the first one that provides the sound from bass to treble and the loudness levels that allow me to hear the TV clearly even without hearing aids. That is the first. The range is the best I have ever had. I didn't even think about the noise cancellation until my wife left in the morning. I didn't hear a word as she left, but I realized she had already left. The noise cancellation must have worked because she was always heard in the past.

👤The supplied batteries wouldn't hold a charge for more than a minute after a 24 hour charge. They would work with the new replacements. I learned that the headphones' batteries are proprietary to Sony after reading the owners manual. They can't be replaced with off-the-shelf batteries. You need to buy them from Sony when you need to replace them. The model number of the headphones wouldn't show up on Sony's website when I tried to find a supplier. I don't believe that the 'Sony' batteries are the only ones that can be used in these headphones. Does anyone think they could find replacements for these after a year or two? Part of the reason I returned them was built-in obsolescence.

👤It was a gift for my Dad, so I don't know if sound quality is up to snuff. It was a gift for all of us, so he wouldn't have to have the tv so loud, because he is hard of hearing. It was easy to set up and he seems to be happy with them.

👤They can't be connected to the TV without an accessory. The sound quality was not good. The quality of the headphones seems to have gone down. We own an older pair from Sony that we ordered from Amazon. I was disappointed that these were not the same quality.

👤I had to buy a cord with two ends that were not supplied with the headphones. Not happy.

👤The headphones fit well. Sound cancellation is very good. I bought them to use on my tv, but the tiv has a problem. I plugged them into my PC to listen to music and watch movies. They work well. I can enjoy without being bothered by anyone else. Volume control is hard to feel, but I have the ability to do it. Thanks.

👤"Like New" is what I bought those headphones for. They promised to deliver me Feb 2 - 4. 1. I received them on January 31, 2022. 2. They function very well and look new. 3. The battery is over a year old and probably out of warranty, so I couldn't evaluate it. It is a brand of Sony. I'm looking forward to using them for a long time.

6. Home Audio Power Amplifier System

Home Audio Power Amplifier System

2X40 WATT POWER: The dual channel stereo amplifier is perfect for your home theater system. 2x40 watt power can be used for multi speakers with 4 ohm impedance, enjoy high quality amplified audio. This personal digital amplifier box has a variety of external sources, including 3 pairs of audio input for a CD player, a microphone, and a headphone jack. Also has a recording output. The pager/mixing mode is used. The mini integrated indoor receiver has a pager and mixing switch. In pager mode, the signal from the microphone will be used for auto talkover. For a fun karaoke session, switch to mixing mode. Do not use harsh chemicals. There is ausb 2.0/sd card input. The sound amplification device has ausb/sd card input. You can play your favorite audio files from your computer's media library when you connect it to the amplifier. There are EQ controls. The professional compact bookshelf sound amplifier has buttons for power switch and mp3 controls. The controls for input, MIC, balance, bass, and master volume are knobs. The power on indicator for theusb reader function is 10%. Balance Control - Bass and Tone Control can be switched on with a AUX1/AUX2/CD/USB input. The dimensions of the four Push type Speaker L/R Terminals are:7.48''W x 2.72''H x 5.39''D.

Brand: Pyle

👤I bought this to power my electronics. I have a cabinet with speakers and an amplifier in it. I couldn't be happier that it does what I wanted. I bought this to hook up my echo dot so I could use it to play music. Whenever I want to listen to music outside, I just turn on the streaming service and leave the amplifier on. The Radio and the Bluetooth worked well.

👤I like the unit. From the beginning, I've found that my unit is malfunctioning. It worked well out of the box, but just stopped soon after. I unplugged everything to look at the unit. I turned it upside down and heard a noise inside. I hit the top with my open palm when I turned the unit right-side up. This happened twice. It's been reliable since then. I can only guess that something wasn't attached completely during the manufacturing process. As long as I don't move it, it seems to work well. I like the number of user-controllable features of the unit. They are quit handy.

👤My giant receiver and broken CD player were replaced by this. I wanted a small receiver that could play music from my phone. I needed a balance controller because I have 2 speakers in different areas. This works well. It cleared up my space in my cabinet and it sounds great. It can be beat for around $60.

👤I suggest that you check the description's bullet points to make sure that is important to you. It isn't important for my use-case. I thought it was a nice feature that could be useful in the future. I don't need to think about the future since it doesn't come with a wireless accessory. A small stereo amplifier has three line-in stereo inputs, a mic level input, and a front panel. The input was aux. I don't know if the front panel is stereo or mono. I don't need to find out since the back panel line-ins are all I need. I got a small amplifier that I needed. I was slightly disappointed that it wasn't included, but I didn't dig into the specifications.

👤It worked great for 6 weeks, but the remote only controls part of it. I wanted to work with the remote but not the remote controls. It makes a loud buzzing sound. After the return window closes. Live and learn.

👤I used this product to power two mini speakers that I found at a thrift show. The speakers are 8 Ohms each and they run this amplifier at 2x20 Watts. They cover Mids and highs well through this amplifier. I'm using the recording output to run a line output to an awesome sub that came with satellite speakers and great speakers. I picked up the speakers from big lots on the cheap, but I'm not using the treble speakers with this setup. I mix music and do a lot of do-it-yourself studio work, I have a good ear for sound, I work with sound equipment, and I am going to be using this setup for personal uses for quite a while, I am impressed... I'm most likely going to use the front jack for quick connection. The only controls I'm using are the selection knobs and the volume pot. Both work well, there are no scratches in the volume. I have a GEQ in my signal line that does the job for balancing frequencies, so I'm not using the bass/treble knobs. I don't use the mic input because it's unnecessary. The recording output works well for my uses. The output is unaffected by any of the knobs. The only negative thing I can say about this device is that the rear panel where all of the patching happens is really weak, it feels like there are screws missing on the top of the panel. The device is very good. The rear panel is very weak so be careful when plugging in and installing it. The Minimus 7 Realistic speakers are very good with this device. This will do the job if you have speakers with low power necessities. The features on this device have worked well for me and I would recommend it. When connecting and detaching components on the back panel, be careful.

7. Sony Lightweight Wireless Headphones Computer

Sony Lightweight Wireless Headphones Computer

Included are accessories. The microusb cable is 1.5m. The noise-reducing technology is designed to keep the wireless signal free of interference from other electronic devices so you can enjoy your favorite film soundtrack or game with clear sound. You can move from room to room without losing an audio connection with the enhanced range from the transmitter dock. 40mm driver units deliver broad balanced and accurate sound reproduction for an exceptional listening experience. The ear pads are made for long-wear and are great for relaxing on the sofa. The all-in-one audio set includes a charging dock and a wireless headset.

Brand: Sony

👤I connected this unit to my TV and it made a hissing noise every few seconds. I had to use an ancillary cable to connect it to my TV. It doesn't function well and doesn't provide the high quality sound promised in the product description.

👤The batteries for this headphones only lasted for 3 months and you will need to replace them for $65. The padding on the headphones doesn't go all the way across your head, which leads to a ridge in the middle of your head.

👤Wow! What can I say about these headphones? They are comfortable. The sound quality is amazing. The noise cancellation works well. My mother is hard of hearing and I bought these for her. They help her hear. They are saving me from headaches caused by a television. I can not say enough good things about these headphones.

👤I brought the headphones for a family member to replace their old wireless headset because I knew they wouldn't remember to plug it into ausb and it was easy to set up. If you have a family member who is hard of hearing, this is a great way to watch a movie with them.

👤My stepmother is 93 years old. I am handy at hooking up these types of products if I read all the instructions thoroughly. No sound comes out while all appears normal. The cradle is cheap and touchy. There is no way to get phone support. Even though it was purchased on Amazon, it is still advising to go to a Sony dealer. I can't get a few minutes of phone support for this product. It's not cost effective for them to give support.

👤The box had been opened. The English instructions were missing. The audio cord was missing. The battery was put in. The seller of the used item sent it to the buyer.

👤I thought this headset would help my mom hear the tv better, by using her hearing devices. It didn't help her the way I thought it would because it wasn't compatible with her devices. She had a hearing problem and it increased the volume.

👤It was not easy to setup, but finally it worked.

👤J'ai payé, le prix is ajustements et sont confortable.

👤Livraison rapid, et je l'ai acheter, ouverte, la moitié du prix. trs son et confortable pour les oreilles.

👤The product I received was faulty. When I opened the box, I found a different product, but I was willing to let it be, but when the battery bay was damaged, the earmuffs were shredded, and there was copper wiring sticking out, I was surprised. I bought this unit in a new condition and it was notgently used. It was unacceptable during the Pandemic. Filled by Amazon. For return, sent in.

👤Le son n'est pas. The son grinche quelque fois, est trs chaud en arrire des oreilles. Merci.

8. OneOdio Headphone Lightweight Headphones Monitoring

OneOdio Headphone Lightweight Headphones Monitoring

Life Q30 active noise cancelling headphones have memory foam padding to fit over your ears. They are comfortable for long listening sessions because of the lightweight build. The OneOdio Studio monitor headphones have a clear sound. Powerful bass, clear vocal, and crisp high tones form stereo sound with large, 50 millimeter speaker unit drivers. It's built to stay competitive. The ear cushions are made of soft padding. The headband is stretchable and can be adjusted to fit you. No more adaptive individuals. A long DJ-style cord is easy to reach from the TV to the chair. There is a 3.5mm plug included. You can plug in the mixer you want to use. The self-adjustable headband and 90 ear cups are ideal for mastering and mixing and can last for hours. All devices have an audio jack. The bass sound is good and the comfort is good. These are the headphones you've been looking for.

Brand: Oneodio

👤These headphones are very good for the price. The set was on my wishlist for a while and then Amazon told me they were on a sale for $28. I finally grabbed them. Over the years, I have spent a lot of money on headphones that I can get without a cable. I have a set of headphones that have 3.5mm input, but I rarely use them because I didn't notice much difference. I only listen to streaming music from Amazon Music because the Sony headphones support quality codecs to maximize the experience. The quality of sound is not always better than streaming music services. When Amazon Music HD came out, I immediately noticed a difference in my listening experience with the Sony headphones that were connected to 3.5mm vs the ones that were not. After Amazon Music HD came out, I broke my Sony headphones, which resulted in me spending a lot of time shopping for new headphones. I have a generous budget and am still shopping. I need something in the meantime. Enter OneOdio. I decided to try OneOdio after reading a lot of reviews. I was not sure how much to spend. The question was answered when this set went on sale. The headphones sound similar to my Sony headphones with the 3.5mm connection. I have listened to a lot of music on these and it all sounds great. I will probably keep these for a while, as I do more shopping, and possibly go further up the OneOdio product line. These would be a good purchase for someone who just wants the best bang for their buck. The headphones seem pretty durable and have all day comfort. They are light-weight but still strong. There are two jacks for different types of cables. I can actually have both connected at the same time. I can have one cable for music on my phone and the other for notifications on my computer, as well as meeting audio. If I really wanted to, I could listen to music from my phone quietly while listening to meeting audio, since the headphones just play both sources together.

👤This is not my first pair of headphones. If I were to describe all of the headphones I own, it would be boring. I consider myself an audio engineer. I don't like how my music sounds. With all the formality out the way, these headphones. I noticed that clarity and separation were present when I put them on. Not muffled or over powered, the Bass is very pronounced. The mids and highs are clear. "Slap Happy" is a good sample song for trying all the aspects. The horns, synthesizer, drums and lead guitar can be heard even tho the bass is showcased. Not sure? You can listen to a "3D surround" video on the internet. You will be amazed. You can't go wrong for the price. I'm going to buy another Pair in case the price goes up. Enjoy!

👤I was surprised at how good Powerbeats sounded when it came to the bass, I have Powerbeats Pro. The bass is very satisfying. The vocals and other instruments have good sound quality. These are not studio DJ headphones for nothing. I am almost certain that I have a keen ear for the sound of music, because I am from a family of musicians. I ordered the pink ones and have no regrets. If you have a wireless transmitter, these can also be used. If you are around touchy people, you might want to keep the headphones and bag out of their reach because the leather is hard to resist scratching. You will always have a smile on your face when you wear these. It makes your music come to life.

9. Echo Dot

Echo Dot

The most compact smart speaker that fits into small spaces is called Echo Dot. The speaker quality is better than the previous generation. Pair with a second echo dot. You can stream songs from Amazon Music, Apple Music, and others. Ready to help is when you ask the smart speaker to play music, answer questions, read the news, check the weather, set alarms, and more. Voice control your smart home and turn on lights, adjust thermostats, lock doors, and more. Start and end your day with routines. Call friends and family who have an Amazon device. Drop in on other rooms in your home or make an announcement to every room with a compatible device. With tens of thousands of skills and counting, it's easy to see why the speaker is always getting smarter. Amazon is not in the business of selling your personal information to other people. There are multiple layers of privacy controls.

Brand: Amazon

👤I don't like this little device. I used to like it. They were good, I bought them for every room in my house and office. Even though Amazon is accused of espionage, they decided to allow this thing to wake you up with a loud noise and bright yellow light. You will be told that you have a notification. It must be a good reason for Amazon to notify me of something at 2 am on a Tuesday so I can wake up the rest of the house. This little Alien Intelligence Robot without feet from hell will say Please rate the shorts your wife bought last week, we need your review. I don't give a flying poopsicle about the shorts and a bug 1 star rating because I don't want to hurt anyone's feelings. This has been going on for a while. It's enough to drive you mad because, you will contemplate unplugging the dirty little money suck and cutting your losses, but you will give the demon one more chance and she will allow you to sleep for a long time in which you will forgive her treachery. It gets even better when you hear the warnings in social media, television, and every news outlet in existence repeated to you as you climb into bed. As soon as you listen to the propaganda that says you will sleep now because 3 days may not be enough time to dig a deep enough hole to hide from impending doom, she lights up again. It's possible that the information could save one of our lives, but we wouldn't want anyone to not know at which precise moment the rain will fall, so I don't miss life before the artificial noises and warnings. You may say that this is a growing pain with the technology. With the amount of money I have invested in this conglomerate, I should expect a decent night's sleep. You can say in page 74 paragraph D of the updated and revised owner's pamphlet that there is a way to turn this "Feature" off, but I don't want to become better educated on the device, I just bought it. Most people like to not be disturbed for 6 hours. I regret buying all of these devices and not getting started on teenagers and the combo that don't mix. They always, always leave the device at top volume, so when you walk into the bathroom at dawn and whisper what time is it, you need to set an appointment for a blown eardrum and apologize to everyone for waking them up while the teen sleeps soundly through it all. Amazon has destroyed my sanity. Excellent execution of a weird goal.

👤I woke up for a few minutes, but wasn't really coherent, and it recorded several minutes of me babbling on about dropping my medication box all over the floor. It was sent out to my friends that had an Amazon device, there friends and family and god knows where else, apparently it had used my contacts to send that voice message to my friends, family and everyone in my contacts, it also somehow sent the voice message to my friends contacts and there After several of my friends called me to ask "What's going on, at 7am or so I was woken up by a long babbling message from you, one friend said his sister got it to, I turned off my Amazon Dot" I went into my Amazon account and found hundreds if not thousands of voice commands, messages, recordings and other things, I deleted them all and deregistered my devices that I no longer own. If you don't read all of the instructions, follow them and go to a non Amazon site for ideas, it's a very dangerous device. "What not to do" is what the previous user of the Amazon Echo Dot said.

10. Sony Wireless Theater Headphones Transmitter

Sony Wireless Theater Headphones Transmitter

You can use two headphones with the Oasis B. The Oasis B can stream audio to two devices at the same time. Stereos and soundbars connected through optical will need to use bypass mode. The ear pads and headband are comfortable. The headphones have a range of up to 150 ft. The noise reduction system reproduces a clearer sound. Voice mode gives clarity to the voice. The details with large driver units. The driver unit has a wide range. Automatic tuning for high quality transmission is built in. Simple setup. It's easy to charge. Listen for up to 20 hours of playtime. The box has a Sony WHRF400R Headphones, TMRRF400 Transmitter, AC Adaptor, Stereo Mini Cable, and a Rechargeable battery. Impedance is 32 ohm and Frequency Response is 10 Hz-22,000 Hz.

Brand: Sony

👤My 92 year old father in law loves them. He doesn't want to wear a hearing aid because of his hearing. We love them too. The TV has a volume of 70. Sound is clear. They are easy to use.

👤Sony has 2 wireless headphone systems that are called deferent names. Music for TV and the other. I bought the TV from Amazon. I found an offer for 30 bucks less. I got that. The battery wasn't holding its charge. Sony sent me another battery after I called Amazon. The first battery started working. It is possible that the battery needs 2 overnight charges to be right. I have a long history with Sony wireless head phones and I have several of them around the house, so if one goes there is another. Before the new battery came, I went back to Amazon for a second pair and found a deal that was half price. I noticed the second model. I got it after the new battery was installed and they worked great, I let the second pair charge for a night and they worked great. I said that both pair work great and that they should go for the best deal.

👤I bought this unit to replace the failing system from Sennheiser. If the sound is off for a few minutes, the Sony doesn't need to restart, and I can use it whenever I want. It comes back on as soon as the sound comes back. It's a trade-off I'll accept, but I don't like having to press the auto- tuning button at every start up. The sound quality isn't as good as the Sennheiser, but the positives make it worth it. The range seems a lot better, and the charging turns itself off.

👤It's not as convenient or comfortable as the previous Sony TV headphones that turned on automatically. Ear cushions get uncomfortable after a while. It is difficult to align the cradle with headphones. The buttons are hard to operate in dark environments. The sound is ok. The noise cancelling isn't very pronounced.

👤The instructions were the same as my old Steinheiser TR 135. I tried to listen to the TV but the batteries were completely charged. The base station has a green light that indicates it is receiving an audio signal from the TV but no static in the headphones. The green light on the headphones indicates it has power. I tried to swap out the batteries for dry cells, but nothing. I tired all the basestation audio channels. I plugged the old Steinheiser back into the TV and it worked. They sent me a pair of headphones. It makes you wonder about their control.

👤These work well. The battery life is great and they are light weight. I can walk a long way away while still listening to them, since my tv has a terrible sound. If I change the channel on them or move the receiver, the static usually clears up.

👤Over the years, I have used several of these. This one seems to be the same as all the others. I use it with a TV. It has a good sound. It's interface uses a private radio interface that works great and is very reliable. This unit stands out in the world of tiny components and cheap prices.

11. Sony Wireless Theater Headphones WHRF400

Sony Wireless Theater Headphones WHRF400

The 41899 provides 40 ms audio latency, which is significantly lower and better than the 200 ms of typical Bluetooth solutions on the market. The audio and visual will always be perfectly synchronized, no matter what you're watching. Hear the details of large driver units. Voice mode has clarity with vocal clarity. Up to 20 hours of play time. Ear pads and headband are comfortable. Simple setup. In the box was a Rechargeable battery, Stereo Mini Cable, AC Adaptor, and headphones.

Brand: Sony

👤I couldn't get it to work with the cable. The cable I needed was ordered separately by customer support. The point is not the cost. It would have saved me a lot of time and frustration trying to get the cable that came with the head phones to work. It didn't. I don't understand why they wouldn't include the cable in the user manual. Kind of stupid.

👤I bought another Sony headphones set for my husband when he was watching TV late at night. I bought this set for my husband and myself because they were worn out. They work well and we all have the same set. There is a buzzing sound from the TV when the TV is close to the wall. They work well and you can hear the programs.

👤My previous wireless headphones for watching TV were Sonys brand, but I am hearing impaired and have purchased this Sony brand. They are 14 years old and in dire need of new things. The set will not cost you. I have had them less than a month. The charging cradle has a red light that goes out in a few minutes and the headphones don't charge. There is no more than ten minutes play time. All connections are fine after we checked them.

👤I have had an older model of headphones for a long time. The quality was not as good as the previous model, but the problem was static in the headphones. I place the transmitter in the same location as the old headphones that I had no problems with. The static persisted when I tried to move the transmitter to other locations. I bought a second pair of headphones and a new pair of opera headphones after returning the headphones to Amazon. They work well with no interference and noise cancellation.

👤The RF 400s are different, but Sony tells buyers they are getting the original RF 400 quality. The new RF 400s are not as comfortable to use as the original RF 400s, but they are still easy to use and have large comfortable ear cups. The new versions of RF 300 are cheap.

👤These are the largest ear cups I have found. Both wired and wireless. Most headphones seem to be small for children. These cover my ears instead of sitting on them. Work with my tv and smart phones. I will recommend them to my friends and family.

👤My husband and I have bought a second set of this product. He said they are better than the old ones. He thought they were great but was surprised by the sound and quality. The report was in error, for those who asked about buying two sets of earphones, but were told they only worked with the stem. They work with the old stem. The old one is still connected to the TV, but we use the new ones to charge the headsets. Great product!

👤My husband is not a fan of hearing aids. He wears a head set. The headset is easy to use. The first time you use it, you need to put it on a 12 hour charge. I was very pleased with the purchase. I already have a replacement headset for this one.


What is the best product for home theater headphones hdmi?

Home theater headphones hdmi products from Gmcell. In this article about home theater headphones hdmi you can see why people choose the product. Soundcore and Apple are also good brands to look for when you are finding home theater headphones hdmi.

What are the best brands for home theater headphones hdmi?

Gmcell, Soundcore and Apple are some of the best brands that chosen by people for home theater headphones hdmi. Find the detail in this article. Neego, Pyle and Sony are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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