Best Home Theater In A Box Onkyo

Box 28 May 2022 10+ Comments Open

1. Legrand Management Structured Wall ENP0900 NA

Legrand Management Structured Wall ENP0900 NA

The specially designed lid allows you to safely charge your electronic devices on it. Storage and distribution of structured wiring and audio visual components is what this is designed for. Can be placed behind most TV wall-mounts. 3rd party structured wiring components and compatible with devices like Apple TV, Roku, Amazon Fire TV, network switches, and more. The trim ring hides the cut out of the wall. The tool-free cover has a low profile and is designed to flush the wall.

Brand: Legrand - Onq

👤The box is labeled. I assumed it came with the 5" mounting plate because it was shown in pictures and mentioned in add. This is a door and a box. Amazon sells the same thing with the mounting plate. You can't get the mounting plate separately on Amazon, so keep that in mind. The listing was misleading.

👤I used this to store my wall mounted tv. The mount I use allows me to put the extras and wires in the box. It worked well for that purpose. It's easy to install for a novice.

👤The new plastic must be the new description. The box was flimsy and flexible, if the hole is not cut just perfect the box will flex, causing the cover to snap in tight. I was afraid I was going to break the frame when I tightened it. After installing the first one, I'm sending the second one back because they would have gone back if the hole wasn't already in the wall.

👤This worked well as the box for the G1 and the trim plate can be removed making the TV flush.

👤The enclosure is nice and well placed in the wall. The internal mount for devices is not included in the "base" model, which is annoying because of how the pics are presented. A star was lost for that.

👤It was easy to install. I needed something to hold the box inside the wall when I was installing a frame for a SAMSUNG. I still think it's a lot for a plastic box, even though it worked out well and this is one of the cheaper ones.

👤It worked perfectly for a clean install. One box fits perfectly and the outlet is wired up.

👤A nice cardboard cover for pre construction is included with the large room inside for many items like a small PC. If you want a flush mount TV, this is the one to get, it's a bit larger than others, but if you have accessories that want to use theHDMI andusb ports, this is the one to get.

2. Datacomm Electronics 50 6623 WH KIT Organizer Solution

Datacomm Electronics 50 6623 WH KIT Organizer Solution

Ring Terminals, Speaker Terminals, and 5/16" Ring Terminals. The industry's thinnest mounts and tvs have low profile design. The power can be installed behind a wall mounted tv. The metal mounting Wings are attached to the top and bottom plates. The female end of the extension cord is in the wall.

Brand: Data Comm

👤Yesterday, I received and installed my conduit box. It's relatively easy to install, but before clicking "add to cart", you should invest in a stud finder. The locking brackets need space around the holes. If you cut the hole next to a stud, it won't lock in place. FireBLOCKS! The pieces are between the studs. Since you are probably hoisting your TV up on the wall, there is a good chance that you will run into someone trying to push your cables down the wall. Unless you know where they are, you will be upset when you cut two big holes in your wall and realize you have to cut another one to get your cables through the wall. I didn't have this problem but I can see how some people will get stuck dealing with it. In my photo, you can see where I put my box. The templates are good. It was difficult to install the bottom box. It took me a while to shave the wallboard. Push your electrical wire through the small, white box before pressing them into the connectors. Ooops. I sanded a small hole off the bottom so the main wire could fit without the other wires pulling out. It's easy to fix. I ran an extra pull line in the box for additional cables in the future but I now agree with others that you should just buy a second cable and run it at the same time. It will be difficult to pull wires through the holes in the cables in the future. I don't think there is a need for a second line, but if I do, I will have to pull the boxes out of the wall. The TV looks great on the wall with the boxes in place and the power cables zip-tied. It looks professional because there are no cables visible from the side. I didn't hurt myself, but my wife is happy with the results. This is a good product, but you need to plan. Check the wall for fireblocks. Make sure you have enough room for the locking clips.

👤You mounted your TV on the wall and saw all the cables, it wasn't perfect. This kit is the best and easiest decision I have ever made. It took me about an hour to install it. Before buying this product, you need to read a few notes. You need a tool to find them. 2. There are fireblocks. The horizontal and vertical studs are located in between each other. 3. You will cut inside the wall. 4. You will need a saw. 5. I used my stud finder to locate my two studs so I could install the tape measure in the middle. I used the stud finder to make sure there were no fireblocks between the studs. They give you a layout that you can trace on the wall with a pencil. This is probably the most important part of the installation so make sure to trace it correctly. You just grabbed your jab saw and started cutting. There is a I noticed after cutting that I have insulated walls and it was hard to fish down my cables, so I used this tip to my advantage. I fished the tape measure out of the water, then taped my cables to the tape measure, and everything came down very quickly. It is not safe and up to code to fish down your TV outlet source. The top receptacle has its own outlet. You can plug in your TV there. Even though there are two available plugs, I only plugged in my TV up there to be on the safe side. You just need to connect the two white receptacles on the top and bottom and the wire that comes with the top part to the white, black, and green wire, and you're good to go. You will have a nicer looking theatre.

3. Acoustic Audio AA5172 Theater Bluetooth

Acoustic Audio AA5172 Theater Bluetooth

There is a new type of wireless communication called the "bluetooth 5." The speaker system has a built in speaker, a built in receiver, and a power amplifier with 700 watt system power. A sound, a radio tuning device. Plug and play connections are easy, with standard RCA inputs connecting to most Audio sources, 6 independent RCA inputs for True surround, stereo, and RCA aux inputs, and an illuminated display with front panel controls. The speaker is powered and has the highest quality. There is a measurement of 3 X 6. There are 6 wired satellite speakers. There was a 7 inch X 4 inch piece. Each of the 2 fronts and 2 rear speakers has a 6 foot single RCA cable. Any Audio device with a standard 3. 5mm or 6 Channel audio output is required. For home entertainment, laptop or PC, DVD or mp3 player. The box has a powered subwoofer speaker, 5 passive wired satellite speakers, a full function remote, and 5mm to a RCA jack cable.

Brand: Acoustic Audio By Goldwood

👤I read a lot of reviews before buying this item, and I'm confused after opening it. Two words, "Fisher Price". If you don't know what that means, search it. I think they are a manufacturer of toys. This surround sound system is a toy. The speakers have no mounting holes or attachment, the flimsy "speaker wire" comes out of a tiny hole in the back of each speaker, and they are made of what looks like press wood. I bought the item to see if the reviews could possibly be accurate, and to save a few dollars. They did not have the courtesy to clean the thing up before shipping it out to a new customer, which was a waste of time and money. It was disgusting, with dust and food prints all over it. I can't imagine how someone could return something in such bad shape and be okay with it. Some people don't care and have no shame. We have the condition of the item. There were scratches on some of the speaker cones and corners looked like they had been mashed together by someone who had their eyes closed. The wires were wound around the speakers and stuffed into the damaged box, with bits of styrofoam stuck to the speakers. There is a The sound quality is important. I had to climb over the wires that were so short, plugged everything in and turned it on after I tried to place the speaker far away in the correct locations for a true surround sound. The TV speakers had the same sound as the "surround sound" system. Weak. Time and money are wasted. I will be returning this device after I have cleaned it and I think my days of shopping for this type of device on Amazon are over. Disgusted to go to the store.

👤The bad reviews should not be accepted over the good ones. I probably passed up good items because of this mistake. I go with the number of each. There is a trick to these speakers. It worked great with the music on the iPad. It is amazing even. It started to crackle with the tv and ps4 and then it started to play music. I was going to try this and keep the volume low and adjust the speakers. I did the center high, front middle and surround middle. While adjusting the sub. The sound is still great even though they don't crackle with the tv. Unless you want to mess with the different volumes, this is a steal for 90 bucks. That is more expensive, which is understandable. I bought some basic cords from Amazon instead of the cords that came with it. They are like thick rubber, so they might be more insulated. I think they are great. They are a little smaller than the picture. I hear that now, as speakers are now a days. The price is still amazing. The little speakers can't handle as much volume as the outside ones, so be careful with the volume adjustments.

4. Monoprice Channel Satellite Speakers Subwoofer

Monoprice Channel Satellite Speakers Subwoofer

Voice assistant input can be used to control your devices through the sound bar with a dedicated 3.5 aux or persistent Bluetooth connection. The Monoprice 5.1-channel Home Theater Speaker System is a must have. Four satellite speakers, a center channel speaker, and an 8" powered subwoofer are included in the speaker system. The speakers come with a black finish. The center speakers use two shielded mid-range cones, while the satellites use one cone and a dome tweeter. Don't let the small size fool you. The speakers can handle up to 125 watt of power from your home theater receiver. The amplifier that drives the downward firing cone is powered by a 60 watt (RMS) amplifier. It can be used with any amplifier, even older ones without dedicated subs. The subwoofer has volume balance controls and can handle frequencies between 50 and 250 Hz. There are four C brackets for mounting the satellite speakers to the wall in the box. A pair of plastic feet are included. You will need to provide your own hardware for mounting the C brackets to the wall.

Brand: Monoprice

👤The speakers sounded great for a while. Two months after owning the speakers, one of them sounds tinny and crackles when certain sounds are played through it. The speakers have not been used to play music or movies. Reached out to monoprice twice to find a replacement speaker, but have not heard back. I don't want to buy an entire new set of speakers and I don't want to introduce a speaker other than monoprice into my surround sound system as it will look silly. There is an update. Monoprice stated that they don't offer individual speakers for replacement after many attempts. Unless you want to start mixing different brand name speakers, you are out an entire system if one speaker goes bad. One speaker is bad after two months of use. Not happy.

👤We don't listen to the speakers very loud because they blew within 6 months. We live in an apartment so we're careful about being too loud. Even when it hasn't been used in a while, the sub still gets hot. I tried to contact Monoprice, but couldn't get anyone to respond. It was a major disappointment. The speakers are overpriced for the quality, even though you pay for them. They wouldn't replace the speakers. They wanted us to send the entire system back in at our own cost, then they would eventually get around to sending a replacement. I told them to forget about it because I could replace the speakers for less than shipping. I will never buy from Monoprice again.

👤This is the 3rd set of speakers I have purchased. One for my wife's office and one for a bonus room. The v2015 sets were the ones that were there. They went out of stock for a long time, but recently came back. I immediately ordered a set for my theater as I have been happy with the previous sets. More than happy. The drivers may be made of a different color material. The speakers in the box were separated from the black laminate. The new logo is not great at all, and it is not as pleasing with the grills off. The biggest change was the mounting screw, which has always been a threaded screw. I bought the 6 I needed for my mounting brackets before opening this box. The screw was changed to an M6. Another trip to the hardware store. There are some mounts that have built in threaded rods that will no longer work with these speakers. You can see the differences in the versions here. I'll give them time to break in, which is important with these speakers. The sound is as expected, but the quality of manufacture has suffered. I don't understand why Monoprice can't throw in a bag of the correct mounting screws since they are not the standard size.

👤I don't like the system. I am very impressed with Monoprice. The speakers did not work. I contacted the company and they were very responsive. I received a second sub that wouldn't power on unless you jiggled the power wire and held it in a certain position. They sent me another sub. Many people have said that the one that worked worked, but they don't expect much. In movies, there is no boom or punch. The other two subs are in my garage. The system is inexpensive and works well for a dorm room, apartment or an entry home theater system. I ordered this package again after my experience, but I think Monoprice is a good company.

5. Onkyo Bluetooth Receiver High Performance Weatherproof

Onkyo Bluetooth Receiver High Performance Weatherproof

Enhance your TV experience with rich, dynamic sound of the Onkyo 5.1 Channel Built In Surround Sound Multimedia Home Theater Speaker System. You can use your mobile device to stream music from a music player. You can choose from a wide variety of radio, talk and music with the built-in digital AM/AM Stereo Tuner. All Weather is the most powerful Speaker for outdoor use and it has a dome and a glass-filled cloth. 100ft cube cable high speed speaker wire is included.

Brand: Onkyo

6. Onkyo Channel Wireless Bluetooth Multimedia

Onkyo Channel Wireless Bluetooth Multimedia

Onkyo has a Home Theater Receiver. The Polk speakers are floor standing. The Polk Bookshelf Speaker is a pair. The Polk 2-Way Center Channel Speaker is from Polk. Polk 10-Inch Active Subwoofer.

Brand: Onkyo

👤Only one channel was functional after we purchased this. We have tried to contact the vendor several times, but have had no response. We should reach out to the vendor according to Amazon. Absolutely frustrating!

👤This system sounds great. It took a long time to receive all the items. To make sure everything was responded to quickly, the seller was contacted a lot. This is not a complete in the box system, but you know all items are seperate, so for the money time and patience for delivery, I recommend this set up speakers.

👤The system is great for the price. The family is happy, but we can finally stop watching TV with the caption turned off. The movies sound great. It was loud and clear. It took about 2 hours to set it up, the tower speakers were a little shorter than I expected, but I love them.

👤Don't be foolish and listen to other people. Sounds amazing. Even at less than 100%. Friends wish they had it. I don't think Amazon reviews are good. This is good music. The dead are blasted. And PHISh!

👤Customer service was even better than Stereo. The reciever was fixed quickly.

👤Setting up a system is easy.

7. Onkyo TX NR6050 7 2 Channel Receiver Cleaning

Onkyo TX NR6050 7 2 Channel Receiver Cleaning

If you press the personal preset button on the front panel for three seconds, your current settings can be saved. The front panel button or remote control can be used to call up up to three preset. Zone 2 is on the 7.2 Channel. The smart receiver has multi-room audio technologies. There are 6 inputs and 2 outputs. 4K Ultra HD, HLG, and Dolby Vision. Amplification with a high-current power transformer. The Jacky Microfiber Cloth is included.

Brand: Onkyo

👤Plug in your eARC. HDMI from receiver to TV. The sound comes from speakers that are 5.1.2 The menu is easy to use. You can download the Onkyo app on your phone to stream spotify. I have the best receiver I have ever owned. The prices have gone up due to supply chain issues. There was a supply shortage in January.

👤It works well if you use a radio, cd player, and a Roku stick. The sound quality is muddy and soft. You have to turn it up more for records than for radio. The sound of the Onkyo receiver is not as good as I expected, and I have other electronics in the living room. I couldn't get the device to work correctly. That's not a big deal for me. I couldn't find another model of the same one. The price they ask for is high in M HO. It should be less than $200.

👤The old Yamaha was better. It took a long time to research a decent priced model.

👤A little pricey. I love it after it was installed.

👤I don't pretend to be an audio engineer, but I enjoy great sounding music and my videos look great. I am very pleased with this receiver. The power of the unit was adequate for my family room, but it was easy to set up due to easy on screen instructions. I didn't get my Wacky Jacky cleaning cloth.

8. Onkyo TX NR696 Receiver Compatible Enabled

Onkyo TX NR696 Receiver Compatible Enabled

There is a soNOS COMPATIBLE. You can join your existing system or start a new one with this Onkyo receiver. The AVR can wake, change inputs, and play at the desired volume from the Sonos app. A smart appliance. This is the center of your entertainment system. You can stream from a number of music services as part of a multi-room system. Works with a lot of things. There is a search engine called the GOOGLE CHROME. Music can be played and controlled by voice with your smart speaker. You can control the way your apps play back on your phone, iPad, or laptop with the help of Chromecast. The DTS ATMOS. A virtual surround and height effect can be created with the help of the Dolby Atmos Height Virtualizer. Sound mapping in the formats provides effects to move from speaker to speaker. 5.1.2-ch. It is a CERTIFIED SELECT. Movie night can be taken to the next level. The reference volume level of a commercial theater in rooms where the viewing position is less than 10 feet from the screen is the same as it is in the rest of the building. Certified Select is a W/ ThX.

Brand: Onkyo

👤I was recommended a Denon and gave it a try. I didn't think the Denon packed enough punch. Dialogue and music were not as clear as they used to be. The speaker calibration was done when I hooked up the 888-276-5932. The sound of the two receivers differed. Everything sounds better on the Onkyo. After 15 years, the sound from my old Onkyo still works, but I've upgraded to a more convenient setup that uses HDMI. The mid range Denon receiver is not certified by the THX, but Onkyo's is. The best sound seems to come from every mode. Apparently, Onkyo addressed past issues with "refined HDMI grounds". I haven't had any issues with it yet. The picture looks great with the help of Dolby Vision. I have a PC that I am using to play a 4k blu ray player. I like the Onkyo remote. It's nice to have the ability to adjust tone and boost voice. I would like it to be back-lit. It seems that back-lighting is becoming less common. Maybe to make prices more competitive. There's nothing I don't like about this receiver at the moment. If there are any issues that come up, I will update. There was an update on 11/10/2018. I'm seeing video black outs on multiple HDMI ports. All three of my devices have the same issue with different devices, so far I've only used stream box, PC, and BD/DVD HDMI ports. The audio will continue playing even though the screen will go black. Sometimes I lose the signal completely and have to plug it back in. The 4K Fire Stick plugs directly into the port so there's no cable to question. If it happens once a day, it's still a problem. I'll be contacting customer service and hoping to find a fix rather than sending it in for repair. There was an update on 6/24. I'm happy to say that after a few updates, I'm no longer losing signal with HDMI. I haven't had to plug the receiver in when I switch devices. There were no cable or device changes. Sometimes there is a handshake issue that can be fixed with the remote, like when a device starts up in a game and then switches to a stream box. I gave it one more star for their efforts, but still not a solid 5 star because of the initial issues I had and minor problems that still exist. I don't regret buying the sound and features. A shaky start but I'm happy with the price.

👤My Pioneer burned out, so I had Onkyo receivers. State of the art electronics and great sound are what Onkyo gives great value for. I replaced my stereo two years ago. I bought another Japanese company's product because I had built my own receiver before I went to the world of audiovisual equipment. The last incarnation had funky software, but it sounded good. The internet interface was not bad, but the programmers were not good and that is what a director of software development would say. The hardware was willing, but it was not stable. The interface was terrible. The collection of great electronics has been sent packing. I am back to Onkyo with a gently used receiver for sale. Onkyo's software is perfect. The software works well. The interface is clean and the chip sets are very good. The sound is clean and crisp. All the chips used are of the highest quality. The implementation of the latest codexes is tied to first rate audio electronics, so I think that Onkyo's implementation of the latest codexes is more expensive than the other guys. I'd have been happy with the A/V, but now that streaming music is de rigeur, it has to be said that Onkyo's has a simple interface to navigate the internet using a handful of the more common audio streaming software. The unit works with Air Play, which makes it very easy to stream music. I can't remember the name of the portable equipment it works with, but it works with recorded sound. CDs have more glassworks in the treble than the midrange. I like jazz and opera because of their precise reproduction. It is relatively easy to adjust the output of one's music, even if it is for a different style of music. I wanted to see if I could use the subs. The Onkyo is great from vinyl to CD to streaming the operas from the Met. Traveling Wilburys sound like them. The video sound is perfect. The Onkyo supports all the latest codexes. It's very satisfactory to play a Lucasfilm movie using the settings. I have a vaulted ceiling in my room, so it's not much of an option. I like the sound of alternate types of audio delivery, but I feel like I'm missing the true Atmos experience. I don't care. I am very happy with the 7.2.1 setup. I was impressed when I emerged. I'm not trying to fill an auditorium and I'm sure this unit wouldn't be able to push that much air. Atmos is more of a tech spec than an actual must have. This is enough to give me a completely immerse experience that is truly amazing. I am sure there are drawbacks. I have not run across any. Give me a smooth interface and I am happy. I could not do without net-based music streaming. It's good for the one application I use, but it's much easier to stream my music via Air Play from my office. I am a thoroughly lazy sod. At some point I may add a portable speaker. Probably not. Is it a recommendation? I am very happy with this unit. I would only have to buy a bigger house if I had a bigger unit. Is that an audio engineer? Over the years, reading reviews of stereo equipment has been unreliable. The Onkyo will fill your ears with waves. Is the sound similar to being there? Be serious. Is it the same as being in a theater? Unless you bring in a pack of feckless teenagers wrestling and giggling as well as snuffling children. It's actually quite close. You are searching for great sounds at a reasonable price. I like it more than the other guys. Not a pioneer. Pioneer and Onkyo are the same people. Good luck. Good shopping. Have fun. If you watch a movie on an old CRT in shades of gray, you will begin to feel like you're in a movie theater, and I'll be happy to have a theater in my living room. Go away. There are things I have to do.

9. Onkyo TX SR605 Receiver Discontinued Manufacturer

Onkyo TX SR605 Receiver Discontinued Manufacturer

90 Watts/Channel at 8 There are many audio and video formats, including: DTS-ES, Neo:6, DTS 96/24, and Pro Logic Iix. Faroudja DCDi Edge Enhancement. Zone 2 and 12 V are powered. It's XM Ready with XMHD surround.

Brand: Onkyo

👤Onkyo have made a reliable receiver that does the job and doesn't quit. If you're reading this in 2020, you'll want to find a modern receiver with up to date options. The Optical port broke and there was a lot of heat. I bought this 13 years ago for $400 and it is still going strong. The remote still works. The plastic flap on the optical in/out port is the only thing that has broken. The cable can come loose without a flap if the port is used for optical signals. I have a 5.1 surround setup that works great for all my needs. At this point in 2020, it's looking a little old around the edges with new sound formats coming out and no wireless or Bluetooth technologies to show. I would be happy to buy another Onkyo receiver in the future if this proves that the product is reliable and great quality.

👤I bought this receiver in October of 2007. It was paid on Amazon. Since then, it has been plugged in. It seems to generate a lot of heat. The back of the cabinet is open, but it is in a generic TV stand. There is a The U.S. version is always on "standby" and generating heat. I just found out after 10 years that the manual recommends that the unit be unplugged if you don't use it for an extended period of time. My setup is basic: 2.1 with a powered 10 inch sub and a JBL speaker towers. Our TV and DVD player has a great sound. It is on a lot. The $13 generic replacement for the remote works well. Have not had any other issues so far. The Hawaiian heat has been on for almost 11 years.

👤The receiver does a great job. The 7 year old Denon 1601 quit working one night. It drives my 5.1 Polk system just as well as the older Denon. The features that set this unit apart are more important than the sound quality. Let's talk about the video first. The video processing will send the video feed to your TV through a single cable, which is nice. You can easily change between A/V sources. You just leave your TV on the input through which it is connected, and it will feed the TV whatever source you choose, and send the audio through the speakers. I used the HDMI output to connect my projector to it. I connected my DVD player to the HD-DVR using the two HDMI inputs. I connected my VCR to the audio via a pair of cables. The Onkyo passes anything it sends through the inputs to the output. If you use the HDMI inputs, you don't get any upconverting. You can feed it through the inputs. Feed it and it will give you a good output. I have set my DVD players to send it high definition. The component inputs are not the same as this. Even if you feed it a high-definition television, it will send those inputs out as 720p. You can use the inputs for the sources you want. If you have more than two sources, the Onkyo might not be the right one for you. I guess you could get a switch with high definition.

10. Onkyo TX SR494 Receiver Ultra Dolby

Onkyo TX SR494 Receiver Ultra Dolby

160 watt per channel. 4K/60p and HLG are supported. 5.1.2-ch audio and video. The Virtual:X and the Height Virtualizer are from the same company. The AccuReflex and AccuEQ have subwoofers.

Brand: Onkyo

👤When the PS4 Pro is connected to the TV, the option for 4K RGB is disabled, as you can see in the picture, and the frequencies for HDR are not the max, but when the PS4 Pro is connected directly to the TV. Check the message that says to check the TV settings. If you are going to use it for games, get something else. When I try a game, I get a warning that the game will play at 2K, but I don't see it because the TV isn't the receiver.

👤I have a set up in my home theater that is awesome. 2 front speakers, 2 ceiling pivot speakers, 2 rear surround speakers, 1 center channel, and 1 subwoofer are all expected to be upgraded soon. I've seen a lot of people flaunt their 2 and 3 thousand dollar setup but this receiver does exactly what it is intended to do and I have been buying Onkyo products for years and have not been disappointed yet. It can drive my speakers without being loud, and it can reproduce the sound of the movies in Dolby Atmos. My only regret is that I didn't get a 7. A receiver. I wanted to add 2 more speakers to the theater seating area. Maybe upgrade later. This is a great buy for anyone who wants a good Atmos setup in their home.

👤I had a 13 year old boy. I thought it would be a great upgrade since it supports all of the new sound formats. I was very excited when I got this. The result was disappointing. The sound was flat. The voice was muffled. I re-ran the setup again and the same thing happened. The Audyssey used on my old Onkyo is called AccurEQ. There was a manual setting on my old Onkyo, but it was not possible on this new one. Each time I ran the setup, there was a different one. It has a lot of bells and whistles, but I didn't like the lack of sound quality. I ended up spending over 2x as much as I would have spent on a Yamaha, but I'm very happy with the speaker calibration and the various profiles it offer out of the box, and there's also a graphical manual EQ. I didn't like this receiver. I wasn't happy with the sound quality.

👤Unless you have a lot of devices, this is all you need. I replaced an older unit with this one. The older unit had all the inputs that were never put to use. This is perfect for 4 devices. The sound quality from this unit is perfect once you start using it. It's better than the best movie theaters. The sound quality of the audio is not as good as it could be. The sound is the same as you get from the high end Onkyo units, even though it has the same 32 bit sound processor. I only use it for the two gaming consoles. I don't play music in the house. If you are looking for a high quality home theater sound system that is only going to be used as a home theater system with 4 or 5 devices, this is it. If your TV can pass HD sound, you will be able to hook up 5, 6 or 7 devices to this, depending on your TV's inputs. It does work very well with 4K upscaling. The HDMI pass through works perfectly, but the features are not real. The problem is that the standard is too new and not standard, so there are device conflicts. This is a great unit for anyone who doesn't have a lot of audio devices. Who does now?

11. Onkyo Bluetooth Receiver High Performance Resistant

Onkyo Bluetooth Receiver High Performance Resistant

Enhance your TV experience with rich, dynamic sound of the Onkyo 5.1 Channel Built In Surround Sound Multimedia Home Theater Speaker System. You can use your mobile device to stream music from a music player. You can choose from a wide variety of radio, talk and music with the built-in digital AM/AM Stereo Tuner. The in-ceiling speaker system has magnetic grilles and high sound quality to meet various custom installation requirements. 100ft cube cable high speed speaker wire is included.

Brand: Onkyo


What is the best product for home theater in a box onkyo?

Home theater in a box onkyo products from Legrand - Onq. In this article about home theater in a box onkyo you can see why people choose the product. Data Comm and Acoustic Audio By Goldwood are also good brands to look for when you are finding home theater in a box onkyo.

What are the best brands for home theater in a box onkyo?

Legrand - Onq, Data Comm and Acoustic Audio By Goldwood are some of the best brands that chosen by people for home theater in a box onkyo. Find the detail in this article.

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