Best Home Theater Keyboard and Mouse

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1. Logitech MK270 Wireless Keyboard Mouse

Logitech MK270 Wireless Keyboard Mouse

The bass reflex is via the slot port. You can take theusb receiver with you wherever you use your computer because it has a reliable wireless connection up to 33 ft. The design of the keyboard creates a comfortable typing experience thanks to the low-profile keys and standard layout with full-size F-keys, number pad, and arrow keys. This full-size wireless keyboard has a spill-resistant design and sturdy tilt legs. You can go months without the hassle of changing batteries with the long battery life combo. This wireless keyboard and mouse combo is easy to use, it has 8 multimedia hotkeys for instant access to the internet, email, play/pause, and volume so you can easily check out your favorite sites. The mouse is comfortable for both left- and right-handed users, and it has a smooth glyph control that makes it easy to navigate. This is the world's top-selling combo, and it's because it brings together familiar typing, wireless freedom, and long battery life. The Logitech MK540 combo features a full-size mouse with soft rubber grips, and a variety of shortcut keys.

Brand: Logitech

👤The unifying dongle has been dropped by Logitech. You get a single accessory that only works for the keyboard and mouse. The Set-Point software has been replaced with something called "Options". The download is three times the size of the old Set-Point software, and the first thing it does is ask you to create an account and share your history. No thank you! If you want to map the keyboard, you need to install the Set-Point package, because the "Options" software only controls the mouse. I uninstall the "Options" package because the mouse is a very basic mouse and can be controlled with Microsoft generic options. The battery monitor is the only function that you lose. I've always been a fan of the products from Logitech, but this change from the unifying dongle and the keyboard are making me rethink my opinion. The keyboard has a solid feel to it, but it constantly drops its keys. I can't recommend it since it's the primary function of the keyboard. The mouse that comes with this package is cheap. The package is not a bargain because of the 2 problems. I am very disappointed that the software is being dropped. That change alone makes me look for keyboard and mouse replacements. Not recommended!

👤I knocked a star off of my review after I returned the product. I couldn't work with the mouse and keyboard because of the lag that was present. I replaced it with a keyboard and mouse. There is an oblique review. * The keyboard stopped working when I got a couple of hours into work and this combo was working great until then. I disconnected the receiver and replaced the batteries before turning on the mouse and keyboard. The problem is the same. The keyboard is not responsive and the mouse works well. I started searching for another product on Amazon and thought maybe I should just get something at a higher price point. Someone wrote a review of a similar product and explained that they had the same issue but had the same place to put the receiver. I tried this and it seemed to fix the issue. I have a desk with a keyboard and mouse, but my laptop runs everything through it. The laptop was moved to the top of my desk. I'm only giving three stars because it's not ideal. I will be replacing this in the near future so I can have my desk arranged the way I want it to be. If you have a computer tower that's stored under your desk, you'll probably want to arrange your equipment in a way that allows theusb receiver to be within sight of the mouse and keyboard.

👤I like this keyboard. When the space bar, 7 key, and other keys stopped working, I was asked to do the same tasks over and over again by multiple technicians. I have talked with many technicians but they have not read what I have done with them. It has been over a week since it was approved for a warranty replacement and it seems like it is not coming anymore. They don't respond to my emails anymore. I have purchased many items from Logitech and thought they were a good company, but seeing their lack of warranty has made me rethink their products and customer service. Most of my friends and coworkers will be going somewhere else.

2. CORSAIR Wireless Mechanical Keyboard Lapboard

CORSAIR Wireless Mechanical Keyboard Lapboard

The Arteck HW197 Wireless Keyboard with Touch Pad has a welcome guide, a 24 months warranty and friendly customer service. The K63 Wireless Mechanical Keyboard and Gaming Lapboard has a full-sized cloth mouse pad and is ideal for gaming on the go. It's lightweight and portable for quick and easy travel. Windows 8 or 10 is required for wireless connection. The built-in wrist rest and memory foam cushion provide hours of comfort. The cloth surface mouse pad is easy to replace and the keyboard is easily snapped in and out of the lapboard. You can connect with ultra-fast 1ms 2.4 GHz gaming-optimized wireless technology, low latency Bluetooth wireless, or a wired connection. The battery lasts up to 15 hours.

Brand: Corsair

👤When I ordered a different item, I was sent this item by mistake, but I thought I'd leave a review. I held the keyboard in my hands for 1.5 minutes and it felt great. It was easy to clean after I put it back in its plastic wrap because the 5 spec of dust that collected on it was easy to clean. The cherry mx reds live up to their hype when I pressed a total of 5 keys on it. From my experience, it was not what I wanted.

👤I've had some bad wireless keyboards and I've never been so angry. Unless you're a couch PC user like me, stay away from this and just settle for a wired keyboard because that's what you're going to be getting anyways. If you buy this keyboard, you're throwing money away because you're going to need to buy another keyboard. The first month you use this, it might seem like a good keyboard, but it has a problem staying connected. If you plug it in to charge anywhere other than your computer, it's a disconnection, and if you turn it off again, it's a 50% chance it won't connect. I've tried to change the wireless receiver that came with it to aBluetooth one. It has the same problem every time, which means the keyboard itself. A lot of people have the same problem with Corsair products. The cheap stuff that Logitech makes connects reliably. This keyboard is not worth much. Don't sell products that don't work. Companies like this are the reason people don't trust anyone anymore.

👤It was worth every penny. I've been looking for something like this for the last couple years and they were all too clunky and unwieldy. I'm a slob who has been looking for a way to game kb/m from a distance while in bed. The byom(ouse) is fine, but this really hit all the checkmarks. I bought a 3 meter extension cable to reach my lump that is propped up against a wall of pillows. There is more than enough give to accommodate different relaxing/laying down configurations. If you're looking for a real wireless/couch/bed computer gaming experience but it's not close to the G502, the G602 is a good option. I'll probably pick up the Logitech G403 down the line because it looks like it might be a perfect wireless combo for this setup. Please leave a reply if you have any suggestions for a better gaming mouse. This is my endorsement. The keyboard is sturdy, it slides in nicely, there is enough space for a mouse, and the K63 is a solid keyboard. This is likely to be used in some quieter settings. The bottom of the thing is very comfortable and balances very well.

👤I was stuck between the two when I was looking for a lapboard. I was leaning towards the SOVA because of the option to use a corded mouse, but at the last minute I decided on the K63 because of the lack of chords. I don't regret anything. Going completely without tools was the way to go for me. The keys feel good. I only own one mechanical keyboard, but I prefer these. The bottom of the memory foam makes it feel like you have a pillow on your lap. The wrist rest on the lapboard and the one that comes to use if you want a normal keyboard do a good job to minimize wrist strain. I wish it had more color options than blue. The back light for the key is not good. If the keyboard is bright, it will light up. Not the biggest deal.

3. Wireless Keyboard Cimetech Ultra Thin Computer

Wireless Keyboard Cimetech Ultra Thin Computer

If you want a keyboard with illuminated keys, a wireless keyboard, and a battery, you should upgrade to the K830. The design is slim and comfortable. The keyboard has a tilt angle. A wireless mouse in a shape that is sweat-resistant would provide hours of work. The full size keyboard has a multi-media hot key and can be used for music, internet, email, volume, etc. The keyboard's noise reduced keys and silent click of the mice will allow you to do your job without missing a sound or disturbing your environment. You can go for months without having to change the batteries with the wireless keyboard mouse combo. Simply connect your portable keyboard and mouse with a singleusb receiver and enjoy a strong and reliable wireless connection up to 10 meters. The high priority is. The wireless mouse has 1600dpi in 3 levels. Depending on your activities, you can change the mouse's sensitivity to 800dpi for office, 1200dpi for 4K resolution monitor, or1600dpi for gaming at home. The polling rate is adjusted by pressing the right key and the wheel at the same time. A compatible wireless keyboard and mouse combo. The combo includes a full-size keyboard and a high sensitivity mouse. It works with your computer. It's compatible with Windows 7 and 8.

Brand: Cimetech

👤First impression is that it is pretty. I like the color of my cubicle. It matches the one I got here. The keyboard seems to work correctly. The keyboard is easy to use and I type most of the day at 75WPm. I like it better than the dell keyboard I've been using. The backspace key is too short for my short fingers, but I think I'm already adapting. I have to adjust to having the backspace key on the number keypad because I'm not used to it. The keys are discolored and textured. I will have to clean them frequently. The mouse works great and does not enter power saving mode too quickly, it takes several minutes of idling time to shut off. When it does, I can wake it up in a second. It's a good size for my small hands, and it has a very silent click. I'm happy with this set after just 2 days of use. If that is no longer the case, I will update.

👤I was having issues with my keyboard, I do medical record filing. The reviews gave me a good idea of what I was getting and I liked the looks of this one. It is more basic than my previous one, but I think that is what works for me. It took me a few days to get used to the key placement, but I am happy with it, I was hoping for more. The weight helps keep it from sliding. I feel like I am entering data more efficiently and not having to go back to correct mistakes because of keyboarding errors. Will see how things go as I continue.

👤I still love this wireless keyboard and mouse even though I have to shake it before I can use it. I like the color. My coworker likes the color. You have to like how the keyboard looks and feels to type on it. The keyboard is light-weight and has keys that press down. The keys are larger than the Fenifox version, which is the same. I think it uses a different type of wireless communication to connect. There are two things to note. The mouse will sleep to save battery life. All I have to do is click on the mouse. 2. The plastic is not as translucent as expected, but I like it more the more I look at it.

👤I was concerned about the value of the keyboard/mouse combination. I bought it for my laptop because I was so close to my computer that it was killing my back. This keyboard works perfectly with my MacBook. I love the number pad as well. That was a big selling point for me. The mouse works well and can be adjusted using normal system preferences. The keys are not as loud as I'm used to. I'm used to the command key being right next to the spacebar, but this one has the alt key and then the command key, and my other issue is that it takes AA batteries instead of being rechargeable. I need a 5-star review for both of these things. It arrived a day early despite the priority. Very happy.

4. Wireless Keyboard UHURU Computer Included

Wireless Keyboard UHURU Computer Included

You can connect with ultra-fast 1ms 2.4 GHz gaming-optimized wireless technology, low latency Bluetooth wireless, or a wired connection. The battery lasts up to 15 hours. The chip provides 33 feet of automatic connection for fast data transmission. The keyboard and mouse connections are unified into one port, plug and play. The mouse has a battery compartment. The full-size wireless keyboard and mouse has no input errors and is easy to use. The foldable stands have a comfortable angle. The frosted design of the optical mouse makes it better for your hand. The mouse has 13 buttons. Two side buttons make it easy to see the previous and next pages. It's efficient for your work. You can choose from 800/ 1200/1600. The keyboard has 13 keys that allow you to instantly access a lot of things. The Mac system doesn't work with the 13 Multimedia shortcuts. The wireless keyboard and mouse have long battery life and auto sleep mode. The batteries are included in the wireless keyboard and mouse combo. Pull off the small sticker in the battery compartment before use. Click any key to wake up in a few seconds. The mouse and keyboard combo is compatible with Windows 10, 11 and 8. You can support PC, laptop, Smart TV. The package contains a keyboard and mouse combo, mouse pad and user manual. They promised a 12 months warranty and friendly customer service.

Brand: Uhuru

👤When I type, I like to get a hit sound. I am used to that. I don't like quiet keyboards, you don't know if the key you pressed made it or not. I need to do my work quickly. If the keys are too tight, I have to hit hard to get that sound, and it hurts my hand. I've tried keyboards from both DELL and HP. They are not up to the mark. It is too soft. I found this one after a lot of research. This does a good job. This is a good thing. It makes the sound if you hit hard like me. It doesn't make sound if you are a soft typer. 2. The keys are not tight. It doesn't strain your hands. 3. Mouse shape is good for me. Both are bad. This is well made for medium sized hands. You don't want them to be round or weird. Both are not usable for a long time. 4. There is a little USB stick with the batteries. Plug and play. This is not new. Every manufacturer does it. 5. The Keayboard+Mouse combo is very attractive. I've bought several so far. The amount was from $22-$28. The one that comes with a mouse pad is cheaper, but not happy with the keyboard. 6. There have been no problems with the internet so far. The key strokes appear perfectly on the computer. There were no missing strokes. 7. White colored ones look like Apple. The white one has a gray accent. There are 8. Not draining my batteries. I believe it has smart energy management. There are 9. It works with both Windows and Macintosh. Nothing special was needed. Plug and play and it works. Lighted keys could have been better. It's easy in low light. May be the next model.

👤A keyboard and mouse combo. I feel like this is very responsive and I use it to game as well, and I don't have any issues with it. The mouse is very comfortable. The wireless receiver is used for both the mouse and keyboard. I thought it would be fast shipping and I would order it, but it is not as large as I thought. Comes with batteries.

👤I bought this unit in October of last year and have had no problems until recently, when it takes a while to appear on the screen, and the battery in the mouse is constantly being changed. As soon as I submitted my review, I received a replacement within a week, and I will see how this works if there are any problems. I use this with my desktop, prior to the problems with the mouse, I was completely satisfied with the keyboard and mouse. I've used the replacement mouse and it's extremely sensitive and unreliable, at times it will turn into two when I click on a tab, to move from one website to another instead of opening the site, this has happened many times. I've tried a different port, but the setting of the mouse on the computer hasn't changed. I was disappointed that I purchased this product based on the reviews which were mostly positive. Don't waste your money if you changed the rating from 4 stars to 1 stars.

5. Wireless Keyboard Full Size Stream Line JOYACCESS Pink

Wireless Keyboard Full Size Stream Line JOYACCESS Pink

A compatible wireless keyboard and mouse combo. The combo includes a full-size keyboard and a high sensitivity mouse. It works with your computer. It's compatible with Windows 7 and 8. The keyboard and mouse are stylish and compact. The center line gilding design adds a unique pink color to the home office life and the pearl white GXUV surface treatment technology is used to treat it. The keyboard and mouse set only use one nano receiver for saving the computer's port of entry. The JOYACCESS keyboard has all keys in a scissor-cross low profile structure. You can change the sensitivity of the mouse depending on your activities. For a 4K resolution monitor, the DPI 2000-2400 is used. The polling rate is adjusted by pressing the right key and the wheel at the same time. You can change it quicker in long segment and gaming. The mouse has a built-in noise-free switch. Convenient and fast operation -- type quickly with a numerical keypad and instantly access your music, internet, email, volume, and other media by multi-media hot keys. The keyboard and mouse combo only use one nano receiver for saving a computer or laptop port, not the fully compatible hot-keys. The mouse is in the storage near the battery compartment. The batteries are not included. It's compatible with Windows 2000 / ME / XP /Vista. Work well with Macbook, desktops, Chrome-book, PC, laptop, Computer Smart TV and more. The keyboard and mouse give a world of silence and a morden desktop is great for conference, board presentation, library, coffee shop, night work, travel, etc.

Brand: J Joyaccess

👤This is a quarter of the price of other set ups. I use my 2020 MacBook Air and have been very happy with the mouse and keyboard. It was easy to set up. It seems like the battery life is very long. It looks like a Mac product. I had an issue where the keyboard would start typing the wrong characters after I changed computers. The letters were okay. Things like # and others were messed up. They immediately offered a replacement or a refund after I wrote the company. The next one had the same problem as I asked for a replacement. They were very accommodating and offered to refund me. I had to change my keyboard preference from Japanese to US after doing more research. The issue was fixed. My bad. They said they would keep the extra keyboard, so I offered to send it back. If you start acting up, be aware of the keyboard language issue.

👤I was hesitant about buying this keyboard and mouse set because I am very picky about my computer input devices. I pulled the Trigger based on looks, as I wanted a white and silver set to blend in with a room that was almost all white. I decided to give it a try because there aren't many keyboards that are this color. I am glad I did. The keyboard is about 14 inches wide and 5 inches tall. The keyboard is slightly tilted due to the thickness from your table to the top of the keyboard being 1/3 of a millimeter. The mouse is 4.5" from top to bottom and 2.5" from side to side. The height is at the front tip of the mouse and at the bottom and middle. It is difficult to measure the height, as it is curved to fit the hand, but to me it is a flatter feel that the Microsoft mouse I was using before. I thought it would bother me, but it's not. I don't have a scale for actual weight, but the keyboard is light enough to carry with one hand, though not so light that it moves or slides around on my table. It seems well made, and does not feel cheap to me. The mouse is very light and slides around my table easily without a mousepad. There is no lag with the mouse. It is fast to move around the screen. I can't tell if the keyboard has a lag or not. Many people have said that it's quiet and some people have said it's noisy. It's more of a thunk but not quite. It's not completely quiet, but it's not annoying. It's a matter of tolerance for anyone. I made a video so you could hear the keyboard. The room is quiet so you can get a feel for how loud my phone is. If you want someone to talk in a normal volume, adjust your speakers and listen to the keys. I like this set. You only have one usb stick to use for both the mouse and keyboard, which is a pro. If you need both a keyboard and a mouse, this is a nice feature. I'm picky about my input devices. I like keys that are easy to push, but not so much that they are mushy. The keys are responsive and springy. I have muscle, tendon, and joint issues all over my body, so this is not unusual for me, and they are slightly hard to push down for me. I haven't noticed if the keyboard has fallen asleep. When I start using it, it always comes to my attention. The mouse will wake up if you press the scroll wheel or other button. A dead battery in the morning is better. Who remembers the on/off switch? The keyboard and mouse have batteries. There are two for keyboard and one for mouse. The base of the keyboard is either aluminum or silver. The buttons have dark gray letters and numbers. The function symbols like volume and mute are black. The mouse is mostly white with a silver border around the perimeter and a small center button that I can't figure out how to use. I use a Windows 10 PC and it works. I had no trouble setting it up. I just had it for a couple of days, but I'm happy that it's a keeper. The only thing missing is a side button that I could use to map a zoom in/out function to my mouse. I have had no other concerns. A good set for the money.

6. Logitech Wireless Keyboard Touchpad PC Connected

Logitech Wireless Keyboard Touchpad PC Connected

There are keyboard support for Windows 10, Windows 8, Windows 7, Windows Vista, or Windows XP. It works with all major brands of computers. The K400 Plus wireless touch TV keyboard is media-friendly and has integrated, comfortable control of your PC-to-TV entertainment. Plug-and-play: Simply plug the Unifying receiver into a port and the keyboard is ready to go; adjust controls using the Logitech Options Software to save preferred settings. The wireless TV keyboard has a long battery life of up to 18 months and an on/off button to help it go even longer. The Wireless Freedom keyboard has a range of up to 33 ft and a large touchpad for easy navigation. It is designed for use with Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 10 and later. The spill-resistant design and long- lasting keys keep you on track despite any accidents. If you want a keyboard with illuminated keys, a wireless keyboard, and a battery, you should upgrade to the K830.

Brand: Logitech

👤If you want to change the speed of the touchpad, just change your mouse settings, because it won't pick up the fact that it's a touchpad. If you want to enable "natural scrolling", you can run this in terminal. 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 If you want to pair other devices to the Logitech Universal Receiver, you can do this: 'rm -r'.

👤I have no PC connected to the internet. I bought it and it was on the way, so I decided to read all the horror stories here. I was ready to get angry, but I tried it anyways. I put the reciever into the plug and went into settings to set it up, but it already recognized me, and I was able to use the screen to navigate. Went into netflix, it let me scroll around with the touchpad, opened the search, went to type, then I jumped over to the web browser, typed into the search field, and left posts on forums, still no hassles. It allowed me to use the mouse to pick letters from the on screen keyboard that pops up, a million times easier than using the remote. I'm not planning on writing a 30 page thesis in Apps, but the auto suggest tosses up what I'm looking for after two letters have been put in, and the touchpad makes it easier to put those two letters in 10x's. The use of the web browser shines. The web browser is useless with a remote. A new thing. Are you getting a smart tv with a keyboard if you use it only for the web browser? Works well. Is it for apps? It's still better than the remote. No pc needs to be connected to work. The Page up/Page down keys can be used to change channels on the TV. I'll update this as I use it, I'm sure I'll find more uses.

👤I'm not a big TV watcher, but navigating around the apps on my smart TV with the arrow buttons on the remote was pretty annoying. I like to use the string arrow buttons on the remote to search for something. It was time for a keyboard for my TV. The keyboard was the right price and there were good reviews. When I received it, I plugged the little device into the TV, and then started looking for a switch for the keyboard. I noticed that it was already working. It's seriously. There was no setup. The mouse and keyboard worked immediately after plugging in the dongle. No software, no configuration, no effort. I was pleasantly surprised. I've been using it for a month now, and I can say that it always works. It is a pleasure to use something that works, works intuitively, and I don't have to think about it, because I've gotten used to the crappy Netflix and Amazon apps. I would like my technology to work as well as this keyboard.

👤The 'Professional' version is just a money grab. Older models are better. I've used the K400 and K400r for a long time. The K400r makes unnecessary changes like default F keys to Media buttons, which is something I don't like. You need software to change this behavior. The answer was the K400 Professional. The standard behavior for F keys made it look sharper than the other two models. The pro's end there. The K400r and the K400r have better sensitivity than the touchpad. The Page Up and Page Down keys are half the size to make room for a larger Shift key. The touchpad is the most frustrating part of the keyboard. The buttons are not as responsive as the older models. A simple drag and drop using the physical button will cause the touchpad to fail after a few seconds, and the button will start clicking random things. Don't forget about anything that requires double clicking and dragging anything with the touchpad. It doesn't do this. dragging this way does not work for me. It seems like the product was released in black and replaced with the default behavior, but also charged $40 and made it useless and inferior to the non-Professional version. Use the Setpoint software to flip the F buttons when you get a K400r.

7. Redragon S101 Keyboard Ergonomic Programmable

Redragon S101 Keyboard Ergonomic Programmable

The Logitech MK540 combo features a full-size mouse with soft rubber grips, and a variety of shortcut keys. There is a gaming keyboard and gaming mouse. The all-in-one PC gamer value kit is great for gaming. There are 7 different lighting modes and effects on the keyboard. The clear uniform backlighting WIN key can be disabled for gaming. The PC gaming keyboard has been designed to be a great typing tool for office work. The gaming keyboard is built to hold liquid spills. The wrist rest is integrated so you don't have to worry about it. The gaming keyboard has 25 conflict free keys and 10 dedicated multimedia keys. Quiet keys are designed for longevity and deliver precise feedback. It comes with a gold-plated corrosion freeusb connection and a full numeric keypad. The Redragon RED Backlit Gaming Mouse has a user-friendly 800/1600/2400/3200 DPI setting. There are 6 buttons. The High-Precision Sensor and the Gaming Grade Micro Switches give you an even greater edge over your competitors. There are keyboard support for Windows 10, Windows 8, Windows 7, Windows Vista, or Windows XP. It works with all major brands of computers.

Brand: Redragon

👤The computer I got from my job had broken feet and the previous guy had nastiness all over the keys. I decided I had waited too long to have them decide when to replace the stock keyboard with another one. I might as well make my own computer if I'm going to be staring at it for 8 hours. I dropped a couple of bucks and got a keyboard and mouse that is perfect for an office environment. Why? I forget I am trapped at a desk because my boring office has something unique to it. I am trapped at a desk with better peripherals than anyone else. It's not a big deal to you, but I think it's better to do the mundane tasks on a keyboard that visually distracts me with colorful bliss. The excitement I get from double clicking on the mouse gives me the feeling of dread that I had when I clicked the stock mouse. I'm sure I could use it to play games. I bought a gaming mouse and keyboard for my office computer. I'm awesome. It must be comfortable for people to sit there for hours and double-click to use the sword. Logic.

👤I was looking for a set that I could use to play games on my PS4 and this is what I got. I had to plug it in to work. There was no extra hub, no adaptor, and nothing else. It works out of the box. The mouse has a fabric wire which is nice to have, and the cords are long. I am very happy with my purchase, I really like this set. Awesome stuff.

👤I was expecting this combination to work out of the box. The keyboard does a good job of working for what I want it to do. The mouse... There is no spring back for the mouse buttons. I am not happy that this factory issue made it all the way to my doorstep. I may send this back. Poor quality control. The top and bottom pieces of the mouse body were not aligned correctly, and the mouse had been moved at the factory. I had the mouse repaired after I watched a video on YouTube about how to disassemble and reassemble the mouse. I will be covering this on my channel since I will be reviewing this combo set. Redragon makes it very clear that software is included with this package. It is definitely not. They hide the software from the end user. I plan to test the software links before sharing them here. If the package works out well over the long haul, I will raise the review one notch, but I can't give Redragon a 5 star rating because of the mouse issue and poor web site support. I was able to correct the issues with the first mouse and the software works just fine. I have bought this combination of mouse and keyboard 3 more times and have no issues. I've made this a standard setup on the 3 gaming systems I've built so far. The mouse on the website is called "Redragon M601-3 CENTROPHORUS 3200", which is odd. The Windows 10 version of the mouse works just fine. It is nice to be able to change the mouse parameters if necessary since I rarely run the software.

8. Rii Wireless Keyboard Touchpad&QWERTY Raspberry

Rii Wireless Keyboard Touchpad%EF%BC%86QWERTY Raspberry

The keyboard and mouse are compatible with Windows 2000/Vista/Win7/Win8/Linux. 3 in 1 multi-functional: a mini wireless keyboard, touchPad combo, and backlit with ausb interface. A single finger click as left mouse function two-finger click as the right mouse function double finger drag as the rolling screen is supported by the TouchPad. A built-in rechargeable battery. The mini wireless keyboard is a handle for a game player. There are two polorus on the keyboard. It also looks like a keyboard for PC or notebook. There is a wireless remote control. The keyboard can be used to connect to devices with a standardusb interface. It can be used as a remote replacement. Its range is up to 25 meters. A built-in high sensitive smart touchpad with a flip design. It's ideal for devices such as PC Laptop Pi and so on. If you want to use this keyboard with Amazon Fire TV 4K and Amazon Fire Stick, you need to prepare a Microusb host OTG cable. Up to 12 months warranty, so that your purchase has no worries.

Brand: Rii

👤I don't know why I didn't buy this. It is great! The computer stick is lightweight and soft to the touch, connected to my computer without having to do anything. I thought it would be hard to use the mouse and type with but it is as easy as can be. Don't hesitate. This product is a steal. I love it!

👤The keyboard is great. It's easy to use Windows Media Center to watch TV and movies. I use it in the living room to sit on the couch. The new version of the i8+ doesn't have the issue where when you wake up the keyboard, you have to wait 3 seconds for it to re- connect, which is annoying, but it's similar to the previous version. This version wakes up.

👤This controller is used to control a PC that has a server with stored media. This is a great solution for interacting with a PC on the couch. Everything you need for a simple installation is included. Since it's a non-IR wireless remote, you can put your PC/media server behind a closed media console and not have to look at it. It's easy to see the keys in the dark. It's just enough to see, but not blinding. I've been happy with the battery life of the TouchPad. I've used this for some gaming, but I wouldn't recommend it for anything other than turn based games because of the small keys and trackpad. This is perfect if you want to play from the couch.

👤It works perfectly for a home theater computer in the living room. The computer recognized it. The fact that it is rechargeable was a big plus, and it is nice and lightweight, something I was looking for. The buttons have a good feel to them and are placed well. The keys seem to work. The product was great and would buy again.

👤Absolutely love it! It was a Christmas present for my boyfriend and he loves it! Very responsive! You don't have to worry about changing batteries because it's very durable, fast, and beautifully made. Plug it into the charger and it will work again. The keyboard remote has a mouse that works exactly like a lap tops, and we love it! Double tap it, use two fingers and slide down on it, it will scroll down. This purchase was absolutely wonderful and I was very happy with it.

👤I bought one for my setup. The battery lasts at least a month in regular use. There are no range issues in the living room. I replaced my first unit because it was damaged by kids and I would do it again without thinking. I bought one for my nephew so he could drive his laptop when it's plugged in to the TV, but it made him happy, because it made him lazy, but it also made him happy.

👤It's about the size of a two-handed game controller. I wanted it to control the PC that I have attached to my TV to run things. It has no problems thus far. It does go to sleep after a minute or so of non-use, but a tap on the spacebar wakes it up, and at the same time either pauses or starts the video, which is generally why I wanted to wake it up. The keyboard is a bit larger than the old-time Blackberry, it is responsive, and feels good. There are auxiliary keys for things like volume control. It's fine for my purpose, which is about six feet line of sight. I've never tried it at other distances. Comments on battery life and overall durability will need to be waited on.

9. Mechanical Keyboard Keyboards Detachable Programmable

Mechanical Keyboard Keyboards Detachable Programmable

It's compatible with Windows 2000 / ME / XP /Vista. Work well with Macbook, desktops, Chrome-book, PC, laptop, Computer Smart TV and more. The keyboard and mouse give a world of silence and a morden desktop is great for conference, board presentation, library, coffee shop, night work, travel, etc. A cool and colorful game atmosphere is created by the combination of the keyboard and mouse with the 7 color effect gaming mouse. It's the best for pc games. The keys of the mechanical keyboard have individual switches with full n-key rollover, with all 104 keys having an all-metal panel and floating keys design. A gaming mouse with 6 Dots per inch levels can be adjusted to match the mouse speed in different game scenarios. The keyboard mouse combo has a keyboard with wrist rest and a smooth mouse. The keyboard and mouse are compatible with Windows 2000/Vista/Win7/Win8/Linux.

Brand: Havit

👤Wow. I didn't think you could get a premium mechanical keyboard with full RGB lighting for such a low price. You can change your lighting layout and it remembers it. The included palm rest is appreciated. I know there's some ambivalence about the included mouse, but if you have larger hands, it's pretty nice. If you hate the mouse, you can always invest in a different one later on, as the keyboard alone is worth the price. The blue switches in the keys are loud, but you can make them quieter by using clear o-rings. I can say with certainty that anyone looking for a cool keyboard will be blown away by this one. For more information, watch my video review.

👤I got a lot of requests from family to build a gaming PC for them, but on a limited budget, during this stay at home order. It is great to have a themed gaming accessory, but it is too expensive. I was a little skeptical of the brand, but after using it, I am now a believer. The packaging left me with a bitter taste. I am annoyed that I have to pull out the keyboard and mouse from the small side of the box. Everything is great. The top frame is made of aluminum. It can hardly flex and feels very durable. I believe braided cables should be the standard for PC peripherals. The palm rest is made of plastic. If you don't like the palm rest, you can always remove it, but it's fine if you play for a couple of hours. The mouse and the caps are made of the same material as the branded ones. This keyboard uses blue switches, and I love mechanical keyboards. The keys are very clicky, but a little softer than other blue switches. The key feels between the blue and brown switches. The response time for both the mouse and the keyboard in a fast paced game is outstanding. There was no lag or missed keys. The mouse has 6 different settings, but it doesn't have 1200dpi, which is the one I got used to. The 1600dpi setting doesn't feel a whole lot different and should be good for the majority. The keyboard and mouse combo is very good. Is it good for gaming? Oh yes. It is great. Is it good for casual use? Yes, of course. Is it reliable? Yes, a solid aluminum frame. Will I buy it again? Definitely. Highly recommended.

👤This was an amazing keyboard. The keys and switches are going bad from normal use, so I have to redo my review. I will be looking for products from other suppliers because I press keys half the time and they don't press at all. The keys on this keyboard are not mechanical, and I have owned several terrible keyboards to get me by. I can't recommend this product for long term use, so I have to update this review.

👤The mechanical keyboard and mouse are great. I was trying to not have a boring setup so I wanted as much color as I could get. The keyboard and mouse have cool lighting effects. You will fall in love with mechanical keyboards once you get used to them. It doesn't feel right when I use a normal keyboard after using this one. Every button on a mechanical keyboard has a satisfying click. There are two buttons on the mouse. There are two on top of the scroll wheel that control mouse light settings. I have never had a problem with my mouse or keyboard for 6 months or so, and it's smooth. 5 stars from me.

10. Wireless Keyboard Arteck Stainless TV Connected

Wireless Keyboard Arteck Stainless TV Connected

Up to 12 months warranty, so that your purchase has no worries. The setup is easy, just insert the receiver into the computer, smart TV or HTPC and use the keyboard and the trackpad. The wireless TV keyboard with touchpad allows you to easily control your TV connected computer with the media hot keys. 10 meters is 33 feet. In the largest room, you can enjoy trouble-free connection and the TV control with the keyboard on the couch. The range may be affected by the wireless environment. It works with Windows 10, 8, 7, Chrome OS, TV-connected computers, and other devices. The Arteck HW197 Wireless Keyboard with Touch Pad has a welcome guide, a 24 months warranty and friendly customer service.

Brand: Arteck

👤I bought this to use with my new build. The ticket would be this all in one wireless keyboard. Supposed to have a range of 33 feet, but it was only 3 feet. I had to turn it off and on again to get it to work because it would drop out when I was within 3 feet. I tried new batteries, but nothing helped. Returned and has already been paid back by Amazon. This was definitely a loser for me. I received an email from the company that offered a free replacement keyboard even though I had already received a refund for the faulty one. I thanked them for the offer, but I didn't want to get a free replacement because I already bought one from another company, and I didn't need another one. I received another email from them offering me a free blue tooth headphones if I removed my negative review. I told them that I was happy that they gave me a refund and that I didn't appreciate them trying to bribe me to remove my review. I told them to keep their headphones on. I told them that I didn't want them to contact me again and that I would update my review if they contacted me again. Since I'm updating my review, it's possible that they contacted me again. I suppose they're just trying to improve their business, however, it's obvious that they're not from the US, their written English is terrible, and perhaps they don't understand what I've been trying to get across. They offered me another free keyboard, which I don't need or want, after they said that. If you're thinking of buying Arteck's stuff, consider what I've written here. The people from Arteck don't give up easily. I received an email last night offering a replacement keyboard. They have a hard time reading and writing English. I don't think I'll reply to their offer. If I don't, they'll think I'm dead.

👤The direction of the two finger scroll on Mac is always in the natural direction, no matter what the computer settings are. The Arteck keyboard has a trackpad that only scrolls in the natural direction, even though it is set to the opposite scroll pattern. For someone who hates this scroll direction and has never used it on a trackpad, this is a real problem. It would have been great to know this before buying. Anyone who cares about this should be warned. The buttons for the trackpad are unreliable and cheap. The keyboard part is heavy metal and nice, but the built in trackpad is the reason I bought this. It is a deal breaker for me. If the company were to reach out and tell me how to fix the scroll issue - if it is possible - then it would be a much better review, but I don't think it is. I wanted to let you know.

👤I needed a simple key/mouse combo to connect to various devices, I'm a Pi enthusiast. It worked on the Raspberry Pi 3, no setup, just plug and play. So far, I'm very satisfied. It feels like a laptop keyboard. I can't report on battery life or durability as I just got it and was interested in working with the Pi.


What is the best product for home theater keyboard and mouse?

Home theater keyboard and mouse products from Logitech. In this article about home theater keyboard and mouse you can see why people choose the product. Corsair and Cimetech are also good brands to look for when you are finding home theater keyboard and mouse.

What are the best brands for home theater keyboard and mouse?

Logitech, Corsair and Cimetech are some of the best brands that chosen by people for home theater keyboard and mouse. Find the detail in this article. Uhuru, J Joyaccess and Redragon are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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