Best Home Theater Keystone Jacks

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1. Legrand HT2103WHV1 Home Theater Connection

Legrand HT2103WHV1 Home Theater Connection

Excess cable can be stored in-wall and there is slack for convenient access to the back of the TV. The media center can be moved closer to the wall. A 125V receptacle is included. The cable access strap is easy to use. The total outlet is 2. The easy extension of electrical wiring is supported by the other products in the family.

Brand: Legrand

👤There are wires behind my TV. I wanted something that was durable, usable, and good looking. I like that the unit is not square so that furniture can be closer to the wall. Since the three main ports are decora, they can be changed out to be whatever you want. You can change the location of the power outlet. The mechanism for holding the unit on the wall is good. I've taken it off a few times and I haven't had any issues with it. I put a piece of lath at the top and bottom of the hole so that I wouldn't damage the drywall if I tightened the screws too tight. That makes for a good installation. The brush insert was the only thing I kept. I added a keystone plate instead of an outlet and replaced the screw-back speaker plates with ones that have more terminals. I replaced the silver screws with white ones. I'm very happy with this unit, even though I only used the shell. It is holding up a lot of hardware.

👤This uses standard Decora inserts. To get the connections I wanted, I swapped my own keystone plates in. If you need to get more cables to your TV, there's an additional knockout on the top. I like that it allows me to expand in the future. I wish it had the brush. There is a The bad? The screws are made of silver. It's not a big deal if your TV is in front of it, but it looks cheap to have metal screws. The outlet box for power is an old style one that you can find at big box stores. I expected a more elegant solution. It did the job and was easy to hook up. I didn't know how it would fit in a wall. It's your wall, but it should fit.

👤I took the opportunity to run my surround and subwoofer wiring under the house while I was remodeling it, and this box fit the bill. The box is easy to install and can be tailored to your liking. I replaced that section with a Legrand On-Q decora 4-port keystone plate because I didn't need the front speakers. I ran a patch cord up to the TV and hardwired the receiver and PS3 to the other ports.

👤We hired a professional to hang the tv and hang the wall mount. The outlet has a lot of plugs and space. The TV is flush on the wall. Exactly what we wanted.

👤It's a good way to clean up the installation.

👤Excited to install. The product seems to fit my needs. Thank you.

👤Speaker wire coming out of the wall is much cleaner. The brush plate was swapped out for a cat 6 wall plate.

2. Legrand Q WP3476WH10 Keystone Punch Down

Legrand Q WP3476WH10 Keystone Punch Down

Heavy duty construction includes an impact-resistant and fire-retardant housing with gold- plated contacts, dual IDC covers, and a snap-in retaining clip for a secure connection. The Legrand Punch & Go tool and the Quick Connect CAT 6 RJ45 can be used to save up to 40% on installation time. Quick Connect can be terminated using any exisiting tool that uses the 110 style. The Cat 6 is an intrusion. Exceeds the performance specifications. Contractor packs of 50, or 100 are also available with the Keystone Jack. You can use part number WP3476WHxx to order. The cat 6 stone jack is a size 6. The opening size of the jack is 1.2” L x 0.7” W x 0.9” H. White, Blue, Black,Ivory, Brown, Green, Light Almond, Orange, Red, Yellow and Grey are available. The cat 6 stone jack is a size 6. The opening size of the jack is 1.2” L x 0.7” W x 0.9” H. White, Blue, Black,Ivory, Brown, Green, Light Almond, Orange, Red, Yellow and Grey are available.

Brand: Legrand - Onq

👤I assumed that the tools and the connectors listed on the same product actually worked together when I bought this product and the one with the part numbers. That is not the case. I put the house in a box until I need it, so I can't return it until a few days later. This tool is a waste of money because it does not fit Legrand's blue CAT6 connectors.

👤I was confused at the beginning, but I knew that it was for their own products. It is more affordable than other things, so please learn how to use it before making a bad review. I used already uncountable times, cut clean and is fairly simple to use, just make sure you have the tongue facing the front. I can recommend it. Again only use their keystone jacks.

👤The tool is easy to use. You can punch down and trim all eight wires at the same time by squeezing the handle of the keystone jack. It comes with a second set of blades.

👤Excellent quality and works well with keystone jacks. I haven't tried jacks of other brands. I have an entire system of legrand products and this is a perfect tool for my purpose.

👤This one was fairly easy to use, after purchasing several types of OnQ cat6 keystones. The description doesn't mention that a tool is required. I own a wiring kit, so it was not a problem for my install. If you don't know what a punch down tool is, you should pick another style of jack, which is typically described as tool less. If color is not important, you can get a keystone much cheaper if you shop around.

👤The way to end a cat is very fast. There is a cable. It took me half the time to wire my house with these ends. I had to do almost 15 inputs so I wish they were a little less expensive. There are 6 more to do.

👤When I get home after 12 hour shift, my feet ache because I wear lead. This has helped me a lot this week. The compression and massage are great. I told my colleagues to get one as well. The company is sending a replacement liner.

👤These worked well. The wiring diagram on the jacks was correct. The first time, wired up and worked.

3. Everest Media Solutions RJ45 Keystone

Everest Media Solutions RJ45 Keystone

Easy installation. Each speaker wire keystone port has a female to female connection. Push n' play is the same. There are no tools or additional hardware needed to install your surround sound speaker wires. The top-notch cable accessory is used for the CAT6 or CAT5E UTP Ethernet cables. The patch panels and wall plates are secured with keystone ports. High Performance can be used for 10 Gigabit up to 165 feet. Solid and stranded copper conductors are compatible. It was tested to 500 MHz. Durability is achieved by nickel and gold plated contacts. The keystone jack is made from high grade plastic and is strong against impact and damage. It is easy to use, just cut the cable jacket and separate the wires, put the cap on, and push the cables into the keystone. Wide Compatibility The jacks can be used with a punch down stand and a punch down tool. It is compatible with their speed termination tool. Various colors are available. keystone jacks come in a wide array of colors to accommodate different user preferences You can choose from black, blue, green, red, white, yellow, or orange. Great value. Each pack comes with 20 premium quality CAT6 connections that you can use for work, home, and business applications. The RJ45 is strong against impact and damage.

Brand: Everest Media Solutions

👤The wires exit left and right in the conventional orientation of the jacks. They fit in the holder. I will be using them again.

👤I used the fast jack with these. I was surprised by the ease with which these jacks acted. I wish there was a way to buy in major bulk. I thought these were great. Slim is versatile with all keystone plates. Will buy again and often.

👤I have installed network cable and jacks for a living since 1999 and the keystones fit trim plates just fine, the color is easy to see and the caps lock in like a pit bull.

👤I have only used them for a month and they have been great. I needed to run cat6 in my home and these are the things I needed. Would do it again. If I have any issues down the road, I will update.

👤Work with the tool. It was quick and easy to use. Excellent results. It's much easier to use than punching down each wire.

👤It was easy to use. I used my punch tool and keystone jacks.

👤Product quality is satisfactory. For the price and if used in non-critical applications, it will work well. Product dimensions are off compared to Panduit. The price/value combination is unbeatable.

👤It's easy to work with. There was no problem with these jacks.

👤It is very easy to install and it is also very good quality, I have bought these keystone for 3 years and always satisfied, it is small and perfect to be used in the unloaded patch panel. I have both white Color and blue ones.

👤It's so easy and it's not a problem after. It won't be going back to the old ways.

👤The keystone jack is the easiest one to use. I've worked with many people. The white color goes well in my rack. The price for keystone jacks is normal. The plastic held up well when I pushed the cables down. The locking cover is nice and doesn't hurt your fingers. It's nice to see a brand that offers lots of colors so the design stays the same and you have many options for color. It would be great to see this product at less than a dollar each and compete with the brands out there. It's a good alternative for other brands. The price will be a big factor.

4. Conwork Surround Distribution Couplers Subwoofer

Conwork Surround Distribution Couplers Subwoofer

The face plate is compatible at the moment. Conwork 2-Gang 5.1. The wall plate has 10 banana connections for 5 speakers, 1 RCA for the subs and a keystone for HD video. A screw type binding post with thumb screws can be used with banana plugs. The gold plated ones enhance transmission and are more durable. The female keystone can connect two cables and the F/F jack supports 4Kx2K (UHD) video. 3840x2160 and HD Installation of the audio video wall plate is done with a 2-gang low voltage mounting bracket and mounting screws. The package contains 1x 5.1 Home Theater Wall Plate, 1x 2-gang low voltage mounting brackets, and 1x keystone jacks. There is a limited lifetime warranty and product support.

Brand: Conwork

👤It is not very easy to install. It was supposed to have an HDMI port, but it didn't. It came with two ports. A little angry with that. I made it work. I didn't want to wait another week for a new item so I made do. I wouldn't get it again.

5. 10 Pack Cat6 Keystone Jack Compatible

10 Pack Cat6 Keystone Jack Compatible

Heavy duty construction includes an impact-resistant and fire-retardant housing with gold- plated contacts, dual IDC covers, and a snap-in retaining clip for a secure connection. The cat6 keystone jack supports T568A. T568B wiring. The color code is for ease of use. You can support either the Krone or 110 dual type terminated. Cat5e, Cat5 - Works For All Versions is a functional Jack. Gold plated contact points for superior performance and quality. Product support is provided by the manufacturer. 50 Pack is great for large environments that need high quality parts.

Brand: Verbex Telecom

👤The space on the Decora style plates is smaller than the inserts. I had originally planned for a 3 gang box with 3 inserts and 4 keystone ports. I would be able to have a wide range in the future. The 4 ethernet port keystones will not fit next to each other and will make the port next to them unusable. I had to change to a 3 slot insert because there were no ports side by side. I wish the description made it clear that they are too large. I had already opened the inserts and modified them to fit the plate cover, so I had to pay $6 for new inserts.

👤This is not the first rodeo I have had. I've done over 40 houses and have pro tools. I traced a problem with my 50 ft run. I left the Monorprice on one end after the first fail. The other end was redid with this. It failed. Another 50 ft of cable was run. One end has a new one. It failed. I put a generic one on the end. It was a success. None of the 5 I installed worked. There is no one. Either steer clear or waste time. Negative 5. I looked at my color codes over and over again.

👤The product is a Cat6 network coupler. The keystone jacks are the best value for what is available. The quality is good. These keystone jacks are from this seller. They did not cause failures after testing. * The fact that the item description mentions testing standards and a warranty is why I chose these. I prewired my entire home network with these keystone jacks and an Ideal brand punch tool. There are several ports of internet and tv in every room. The internet is faster than the internet. The difference in the install was made by using the Keystone Punch Down Stand and Leviton Palm Termination Tool. Leviton and after market 1,2 4, 6 and 12 keystone Wall Plates are compatible with these jacks. * The keystone jacks of most CAT 6 are larger than the jacks of most CAT 5. You may have trouble fitting them in. The Double Gang Wall plates of the Cable Matters are larger and work, but you have trouble fitting the wall plate on a low voltage work box in the wall. You can see pictures. This isn't the fault of the product.

👤I found keystone jacks to be easy to install using a punch-down tool. I ordered the jacks to make an internet kill switch. The black box was the finished product of the prototype, which used standard consumer-grade Cat6 cabling. I used 23 AWG Cat6 Riser cabling in the black box. A piece of plastic in the keystone jack will break off when using the punch-down tool, but this has only happened when I use the 23 AWG enterprise-grade Cat6 Riser cabling. Several punches were needed to get the Riser cabling snug and secure. I was not using a high-end punch down tool and the cabling used in the final product is very high-grade industrial cabling. If you need a few Cat6 keystone jacks, I would recommend buying this product. I will be buying more of these in the future.

6. Fosmon Surround Distribution Speakers Subwoofers

Fosmon Surround Distribution Speakers Subwoofers

Plug and play connections, 3.5 MM aux to a wire. The 3-Gang 7.2 surround sound distribution wall plate is compatible with 4K@60Hz and supports HDMI 2.0. The high-speed connecting devices are made of gold. The wall plate has a gold plated connection. The HDMI wall plate from Fosmon is a clean connection point for your audio/visual equipment. hiding cables in your walls is a way to remove cable clutter. All of your sound is included. This wall plate can be used to set up a surround sound system. This product has a limited lifetime warranty. Refer to the website for more information.

Brand: Fosmon

👤The plate was straight to the point and made my home theatre connections so easy to manage that I can just plug the receiver into the jacks. Behind the wall, cable management is done. I can't speak for the quality of the HDMI ports because I used this opening for a 6-port Keystone plate which I then used for the CAT6a network ports. I only mention it because there is a use case for someone to swap the included HDMI ports for something else that works better in their situation. As long as you have a standard Keystone plate, this can be done. A different plate can be installed just as quickly. The reason I removed a star from the review was because the jacks on the item were not good. After installing everything and mounting it to the wall, I was hit with a constant bass signal coming out of my woofer. I knew it wasn't coming from a specific source since my receiver was off. I removed the wall plate and found that the jack on the inside had broken and the plastic plug had been pushed through to the back. The signal pin was shorting the cable because of this. I moved the cable to the second jack and it broke the first one. I decided not to return the plate because I had some extra keystones and jacks that I just removed and put in this wall plate. There were no more breaking issues after that. If you buy this product, keep an eye on the sub jacks as the plastic looked brittle and could break over time.

👤3 of these were ordered. Two of the three have bad HDMI connections. I tried different cables and tried another outlet. After all of the work, I returned what I thought were faulty cables, but only one of my three actually function. I am going to swap the HDMI gang outlet for another brand because the speaker connections work on all three of them. A lot of work, a lot of problems, and a lot of wasted time. 1/3 of my order price was returned by the company because the gang outlet didn't work. I would try them again in the future. The stars were from 2 to 5. Customer support is great.

👤I like the fact that I can get a 7.2 wiring into one location. I don't need the HDMI because I wouldn't be using it in the walls. The option to include another four-set of post for the plate would be better. I was able to find an insert with eight posts and swap out the HDMI insert for it. This is a nice plate if I only did 7.2.

👤The wall plate cleaned up my cables. The wires and cables were fished out of my walls and put into a cabinet. I could have just bought a wall plate with a large hole in it to save a few bucks but the plate really adds that extra touch making it look very professional. The 6.1 configuration includes the Front Left, Front Right, Center, Surround Left, and Sub Woofer. You can also hook up 2 cables. The left, center, and right panel are released by the 6 screws on the wall plate. The front plate will be put back on after the panels are screwed to the low voltage 3 gang brackets. I used the PROS clean plate from the 3 gang low voltage brackets. The plugs glide in smoothly and are high quality. There is a The HDMI port supports both audio and video. The banana posts were loose upon arrival. It was easy to fix with a pair of pliers.

7. Cable Matters 25 Pack Keystone Punch Down

Cable Matters 25 Pack Keystone Punch Down

There is an IR remote control for the Steering Wheel Control. The Cat6 is a heavy duty keystone jack for patch panels, surface mount boxes, or wall plates. Future proof your network for 10-Gigabit Ethernet at a Cat5e price with this convenient and cost effective multi-pack punch down keystone. The snap-in retaining clip and gold plated contacts ensure a secure connection. The keystone jack punch-down stand is included in the 25-pack of Category 6 KJ modules. Heavy duty construction includes an impact-resistant and fire-retardant housing with gold- plated contacts, dual IDC covers, and a snap-in retaining clip for a secure connection.

Brand: Cable Matters

👤These are not for 6a but for the price they are great. They work well and I can get a great signal. For a simple item they are good to go, anyone talking about weak plastics is probably not very familiar with punch down tools. The pictures I saw were not very good, as the wires were crammed in there. I used a proper punchdown tool to map and label the wires, and took a single port and punched down over 30 wires. I used 2 pair green and white green and punched down the wires, then plugged my remotes in at the wall and punched again, but honestly, they should be fine. I tested the same one all the way and received a full signal on the port. Lesson is simple, make sure you know what you're doing before you write a review about a product that is considered disposables to most of us in the industry. Make sure to use a good quality punch down tool with a razor end option to cut the wires off of the sides. The insulated jacket is the only metal that can get through the punch down tool, so having them bite into the copper itself is a bad thing. Also note that they are for Cat6 not 6a so make sure you use the right tool for the job, otherwise reviews of poor quality pop up. I have used over 100 of these in industrial settings and have no issues and they have replaced Leviton versions that were badly installed by unskilled workers.

👤I have not tested these ports yet, but I am giving them a 3 star rating because the size makes them not fit in a 6 keystone insert. I am installing a small network in my home office that has 5 ports in it and 3 in the rest of the home. I would like to put these in a smaller space or even 3 high. That is not possible. Installation of Cat6 cable into the punch down is easy with 3 stars. I have never done this before and after a bit of practice, the job went quickly doing 16 cable ends and all wire tests showed green across the board. I expected a lot of errors, but they did well. It takes a bit of strength to get the punch down.

👤These fit perfectly in my cable. It fits in a 24 port 1U panel. jacks are too wide and push each other out of the way It's easy to punch cables into place, but it's a pain to remove, and it's very tight fit into the keystone panel.

👤Some Cat6 jacks can be too fat. If you're not trying to squeeze them into a 6 port decora insert where the keystone ports are very close to each other, these jacks will work just fine. I bought these for that purpose, but I didn't realize it. I used other branded Cat6 jacks to finish the job and will use them elsewhere. The punchdown tray is very useful.

8. Fosmon Five Speaker Theater Plate

Fosmon Five Speaker Theater Plate

A high quality gold plated copper connection is built with Remium built. It is easy to install and remove with no special tools required. There is a color code. Matching binding posts on the front and back. Standard size single gang boxes are not included. Also, note: The cover plate has a larger opening area and can only be used with the wall plate. A clean and tidy installation can be achieved by eliminating the mess of wiring along the baseboards.

Brand: Fosmon

👤I was thrilled to find a 5-pair faceplate that fits in a single gang. It is not deep enough and it is badly designed. At first glance, it looks like a banana plug in the front and a jack in the back. If you attach banana plugs to your in-wall wires, you can plug them into the back side of the jack, instead of trying to squeeze 10 wires into hard to reach side-holes without shorts. No chance. I discovered that if you put banana jacks into the back, they won't fit into the front because they were made too short. What a stupid design.

👤Do you want to remove this from the wall plate it came with? Maybe put it in an existing dual gang wall plate. Not going to happen. If you are going to make something like a wall plate connection panel, make sure it is compatible with all the other products on the market. I have never seen this incompatibility before with these brands. There are problems with fitting banana jacks due to the spacing, but I didn't get that far. It's not an acceptable or sensible approach by the manufacturer.

👤Here's the thing. If you're going to charge twice as much as Monoprice, you might try to raise the quality of what you sell. The barrels of these jacks are very thin. The edges of the barrels are left sharp. It's sure to cause a lot of trouble when they tighten them on bare wire. What more could anyone want than a few strands of severed wire straddling the posts and shorting your amplifier or receiver? If you're going to use "flex tips", you should buy a spare set because they won't last long. My advice? If you're buying more than one, go to Monoprice. The shipping will be covered by the difference in price.

👤The product is well-made. There is a standard horizontal spacing for dual banana plugs. Banana plugs are needed to be sure there is no contact between rows of terminals. The opening of the plate is not standard Decora. This was a problem for me when I wanted a double gang face plate. My hack was to cut off one edge on the face plates and join them together with a sliding compound. This worked well. Just score the plates with the power saw, then cut them all the way with a hack saw, and finish with a file. If you cut all the way with the power saw, you'll break the plate.

👤I needed this product to run wires through a wall. I was able to do it with only two gangs because of the four speaker single gang adapters that I had. There is one note for the person who is installing. The cover plate opening is longer than the standard two and a half inch. If you install this in a multi gang outlet box with multi gang cover plate, it mounts perfectly. You will need to use the cover plate that comes with this one as a template to cut the opening in the multi gang cover plate.

9. DiyTech Speaker Keystone Jack Theater

DiyTech Speaker Keystone Jack Theater

The sound is apocalyptic. Each speaker keystone jack accepts up to 12 AWG speaker wire to deliver that crisp high-fidelity surround sound experience for your home theater. Easy installation. Each speaker wire keystone port has a female to female connection. Push n' play is the same. There are no tools or additional hardware needed to install your surround sound speaker wires.

Brand: Diytech

👤The upper edge of the square hole is impeded by the buttons on the outward-facing side of the keystone insert. The buttons have to be compressed so that they clear the edge. The insert is put in place once they clear. You have to depress the buttons to clear the edge so you can remove the unit from the hole. The inserts fit flush with my keystone jacks, and the connectors securely gripped my speaker wires, even the small-gauge wire I used for the center channel speaker.

👤These are quite nice. The problem other people mentioned on their reviews was never mine. The springs are easy to push and go into the six gang Legrand keystone. If you pay attention to the direction of the keystone top, you will not have any problems. If you want to mess with the stranded wire, twist the wires before you insert them, and then just turn slowly and insert in the same direction you twisted them. The strands wouldn't come out. If you want to prove this, solder the tip of the wires. I am happy with the purchase. I also bought Legrand banana plug keystones, which will save you one gang for each speaker since both wires are on the same keystone! Thanks for reading.

👤These are terrible. The push buttons are so stiff my thumbs were hurting after installing just a few wires. I used a small flathead screwdriver. I used the screwdriver to pull the button out of the black side because it was a little loose. The red side was very hard to open. Push buttons can block the path when you push in at the right angle, so you may have to pull them out of the keystone brackets. I relented and installed banana plugs after I decided I wouldn't want to touch those buttons again. I wanted to save keystone space with these, but banana plugs are much better.

👤The quality is ok, but the idea is fantastic. I had wires that were almost no tension pulled out, they did not hold the wire very securely. Some of the ones in the bag are better than others. I don't know what the inside looks like, but they should add some ridges or something to help add drag to the wire. If you get one installed and it doesn't work, make sure the wire on the backside doesn't fall out. I will say that they look better now that they are all working. I wish they added almond and grey to their line. A lot of houses still use almond cover plates.

👤It works fine once installed, but not good for a static wiring cabinet. It takes a lot of force to open it. It takes a lot more effort to do the back in the air than it does in the keystone, and it can hurt your fingers. Does not have a good grip on the wire. It's easy to pull wires out. It's not a good idea to use wire holes to guide conductors into their holes. They can catch a few strands of wire which can come very close to shorting the other side. It's difficult to be sure you don't have a stray strand shorting the conductors because of the lack of an external barrier.

10. Cable Matters 50 Pack Keystone Punch Down

Cable Matters 50 Pack Keystone Punch Down

The package contains 25 x Cat6 90-degree jacks. Just use it without any concern. There is an 18 months warranty and lifetime support for the items. Cat 6 RJ45 Heavy duty keystone jacks fit patch panels, wall plates, or surface mount boxes with standard keystone blank openings. Cat 6 performance to Future proof your network; Backwards compatible to 10/100 Ethernet; and meets or exceeds Category 6 performance in compliance with the 568-C.2 standard. The keystone jack has a rating of Category 6 and supports T568A and T568B. The T568B wiring has color-coded termination blocks and can be used with impact tools. A keystone jack punch-down stand is included in a 50-pack of Category 6 KJ modules. Heavy duty construction includes an impact-resistant and fire-retardant housing with gold- plated contacts, dual IDC covers, and a snap-in retaining clip for a secure connection.

Brand: Cable Matters

👤I used most of the two 50 pack boxes that I ordered. They reported great results when I tested them with a good line tester. I used these with solid conductor wire. The punch-down stand helped me to hold the connecter in my hand and keep it stable when I was punching it down. The Krone type is the type of punch down tool that I would recommend. If you look at the images and the articles, you will see that the design is not the same as the one on the website. Here is what I did. I cut the cable to a little longer then the jack after pulling on the internal cord. The center core was cut so it fit inside the jack. Why? The core helps to keep the wires separated inside the jack. I put the jack into the stand and tried to keep the twists and separation so I could place the wires in the correct slot. I used the non-cut blade on the left to not press down on more then the intended wire, and it was facing inside the jack. I put the wires in place and put them down to the bottom of the slot. I used the cutting edge to lightly cut the edge off of the wire after reversing the blade. You are good to go if you put the dust cover on. It is probably not the most efficient process, but for me the extra steps made for great connections.

👤I have a lot of experience with network jacks. I've used thousands of jacks from all the brands. These Cable Matters jacks were a good way to cut costs. I thought I'd give them a try. Most jacks are $5-$7 a piece. I used about 200 of the Cable Matters jacks, and didn't have any issues with them. The punch tool hand helpers is well designed. They are tight when snapped into the patch panel, but will work. These are a must for a residential job. These are better than expected for a small commercial job. Would definitely recommend!

👤I've been using these for 3 years and have never had a test malfunction. I think they are worth it in the end, even though the price has gone up. The wires stick into the grooves so they don't pop out when punching them down. This brand holds the wire in better than other brands. I only use the Cat6, which works perfectly on Cat5e, whereas the Cat5e jacks are not compatible with Cat6.

👤Inexpensive but too wide for narrow-pitch keystone panels that are 24 position across in a 19" rack panel. It was my first install with this jack. For this, we need one star.

👤Spiffy! I have installed few keystone jacks in the past, but I really like them. The layout of the connection makes sight checking easy. Some jacks have more complicated connection schemes, but on these, the pairs are on the same side, not split side to side, and each pair is in the same order. I will definitely be using them again, they are the first product I've used. The punchdown stand is an excellent addition and makes the installation much easier. Individual packaging is not a problem for me. The job I'm doing with these is about 150 jacks, and opening all those packages takes a little bit of time. The packaging is a plus on smaller jobs. I will not ding the product for that.

11. Besmelody Speaker Snap Banana Keystone

Besmelody Speaker Snap Banana Keystone

The installation of a keystone jack with a flexible cable tail makes it easy to plug in an HDMI cable into the back of the wall plate. The gold plated keystone speaker binding post makes it easy to connect your home and office audiovisual devices. Accept bare wires or banana plugs. It's a standard opening for keystone jacks. It can be easily disconnected and relocated when you upgrade or redecorate. 10x Speaker Post is part of the package. 100% money back guarantee.

Brand: Besmelody

👤The Home Theater installation used these. The contractor and I had a misunderstanding. He thought the wires coming out of the keystone wall plate would look good. He later confessed that he forgot to price in the 'Trim Out' when he quoted it. I don't like to cause a fuss and ordering these to finish the job was the easiest solution. The Monoprice 6 Space Keystone Wallplate has these in it. They also accepted Banana Plugs from Monster. My only complaint is that it took a lot of work to distinguish the Red and Black stripes. I had to get it from a crowd. My wife and parents looked at all the items and there was still disagreement. I suggest that you pick a better red for the stickers. There was no downgrade on the stars since that could be fixed with a marker.

👤burrs prevented the banana jack from entering every receptacle. The burrs are from the drilled holes. Only two were burr free from the entire set. The fix was to drill through each and every one. The keystone wall plate was used to hold the inserts. A 5/32 drill bit will not enlarge the inside bore and will not change the fit of the banana jack. The fit was fine after that. I can't recommend this brand because of its poor quality. If you have a 5/32 drill bit, you can deburr them very easily, but it's up to you if you want to deal with this issue.

👤I like the product, but only for one thing. It doesn't have a slot in the back of the fitting that you can use a screwdriver to tighten the wires. You can't get a good grip with your fingers to tighten the wires because of the plastic fittings. They always have a flat slot so you can snug it down if you buy similar product. I'm happy.

👤The side that accepts the banana plug has burrs on it from the cross drill, which is easy to install in a keystone. I wouldn't recommend it for the price because you'll need to deburr each part.

👤These do the job well. The speaker wires were cut directly to the posts. I suppose I could use banana plugs on the outside but for the time being this will work.

👤It is less expensive than main stream name brands.

👤You will need to drill these out in order to push the banana plugs. The 20 mine had to be drilled out. You shouldn't have to do this because they work well.


What is the best product for home theater keystone jacks?

Home theater keystone jacks products from Legrand. In this article about home theater keystone jacks you can see why people choose the product. Legrand - Onq and Everest Media Solutions are also good brands to look for when you are finding home theater keystone jacks.

What are the best brands for home theater keystone jacks?

Legrand, Legrand - Onq and Everest Media Solutions are some of the best brands that chosen by people for home theater keystone jacks. Find the detail in this article. Conwork, Verbex Telecom and Fosmon are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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