Best Home Theater Led Strip Lighting

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1. Nexlux Backlight Lighting Controller Decoration

Nexlux Backlight Lighting Controller Decoration

There is a power source for theusb It's possible to reduce eye fatigue and bring you a vivid and immersive TV viewing with the help of theNexlux TV Backlight. After you download the app, you will be able to control the TV Backlight from Anywhere without a distance limit, and the Timer function on the app will save you time. The TV backlights are long enough to light up every side of the TV. Behind the TV, a light strip can be installed. The mini receiver can be hidden behind the TV. Buckle clips make sure the led strip is in the correct position on your TV. The strip light syncs to music and sound with a high-sensitive mic. You will be able to watch and play TV and gaming in an extremely dynamic and interactive way. It's ideal for party, romantic home theater, Halloween, Christmas holiday decoration because of the colorful lights. There are multiple applications. Any place could be used with theNexluxusbled strip lights. Can be powered by any device with a 5V port, such as your computer, desktop, car, or wall charging device. A great gift for friends and family. There are multiple applications. Any place could be used with theNexluxusbled strip lights. Can be powered by any device with a 5V port, such as your computer, desktop, car, or wall charging device. A great gift for friends and family.

Brand: Nexlux

👤The review was from 1 star to 5 stars. I was going to return this yesterday because the remote stopped working after 10 seconds of use. Thankfully I didn't go and process the return the same day, because this morning I woke up to a personalized email from the seller who explained why my remote may have stopped working. I needed to use the right type of port. I used the built-in PC case'susb ports to connect to the LEDs I bought for the back of my PC monitor. The right ones to use were not found in those ports. The remote worked without a problem when I switched to the ones built into my board. It worked perfectly with a regular phone charging port. If your remote doesn't work for the first 10 seconds, then use another port. Don't be like me and think that the product is faulty after trying it. P.S. If you are going to use these on your PC monitor, make sure to order a 10mm 4-pin connection. You will need to cut up the strips and peel back the rubbery top layer and sticky bottom layer before attaching them to the connectors.

👤I returned the brand I ordered from Amazon because I wanted the lighting with ausb. I could connect it to the TV port. This fit the bill. I adjusted it a couple of times and then I looked at the pictures I took for the review and adjusted it once more. There was no room for a 55 inch TV in my house, but it works well without looking off. I have not had an issue with the tape being sticky even with multiple readjustments. I would buy it again. Since I bought 2, I don't have to. I had to change the lights to fit around the entire TV. For full coverage of a 55 inch TV, it needs to be about 4 inches longer.

👤I bought this strip because it said it would work with 65" tv. I installed a 65" tv. There is not enough length to cover the outside of the tv. There are no backlighting on the corners of the tv due to the shortage. I don't think these lights are very bright. The tv was put back on the wall before the tape to mount came off. I used gorilla tape to keep them up. The remote works well and I like the ability to plug in a TV. I can't recommend for 65. Maybe 55. I changed my review from 2 to 4 stars. The issues were solved without any hassle after the seller contacted me.

👤The seller contacted me after I posted a bad review. My item was replaced. I had the same problem as the first one, with the lights frozen on one color and the remote not working. The remote started working again after a couple of days. I believe the problem with the remote is caused by pressing the buttons too fast. The remote will work if you pause between button presses. It needs to be addressed by the seller. The lights are great. It was bright and colorful. I think it makes watching TV better. I raised my review to 4 stars because of the attention the seller gave me. The lights are 4 stars, the remote is 1 star, and the customer service is 5 stars.

2. Upgraded】Nexillumi LED Strip Lights BackLight

Upgraded%E3%80%91Nexillumi LED Strip Lights BackLight

The artwork light is powered by an AC adapter. It's very easy to install with double-sided tapes or screws. The upgraded APP is called "illumi home" instead of the original happy lighting app, it also comes with an IR remote control. There are 16 million colors that create various ambiances. Changing colors of the led strips will make the experience of watching TV more wonderful. You can use the power bank for light strip easily indoors. This version is extremely low-heat, touchable and safe for children. It's better to intervene. Corner wires are easy to install, they bend at corners without additional wires. The kit comes with a light strip, a remote controller, and a 5V powered cable. 5m strips connected with wires as a whole. The IR remote has a dual control. Please turn on the App Permissions while using the "illumi home" App Control. Permission is needed for the music feature and the location feature. You can connect the light automatically when you download the APP. You can set alarms with the timer settings on the APP. If your product is having a manufacturer defect, just click on the Help with Order button. Their products will always be supported with e-mail or phone support, as well as their App is being upgraded to make it more user-friendly.

Brand: Nexillumi

👤Everyone who is interested in purchasing led lights needs to be aware of the security and privacy risks that they give away. The company that sells the lights on Amazon owns a 3rd party app that you need to download. The lights are meant for use with the app, which requires you to allow access to location at all times. Paper weights are used for the strip if you don't allow access to the lights. They will not work at all. There is no reason at all. Give the app access to your phone location. Are you shopping for groceries? The owners of the app based in China will know when your light control is on in your phone. Are you going to your parents house? The app will send it to China. Are you going to work? You understand the point. There is no reason for this company to have access to your gps coordinates. It's anyone's guess what they're doing with this information, because they haven't responded to my numerous emails asking for that information. Please be aware. They are likely to make money off of your data, which you paid for and downloaded onto your phone. This is a privacy risk and needs to be removed.

👤Great product. App control is not remote. It's possible to control with phone or voice. Different effects and colors. I like it. I will make a video.

👤It was perfect! The philips hue strips were difficult to apply. These seem to be more durable and flexible than the other ones. I highly recommend them. The app is very easy to use. Get this. No questions were asked.

👤I looked at the reviews and they said that the led kits app did not work on the phone. Some reviews said that the glue didn't stick, or they didn't work at all. The title of the product was "Updated Version". Everything works great with my galaxy s9. There were no connection issues. The app controlled them immediately after I plugged them in. The app works well. I have provided you with some examples to show you how functional it is. There are lots of colors and rainbow fading. If you decide to buy multiple sets of this, there is a group manager option. The light strips themselves. They are perfect for what I needed. I have them on a 65 inch and I could fit two of them on both sides. I put it in my tv'susb port so they are powered when the tv is on. A wire can't be seen, there is no mess of wires. The tape sticks very well and doesn't fall off. The back of your tv should be cleaned to make sure the strips stick and stay. This may have been a problem with the reviewers. The tv was brand new. The setup took less than a minute. They are bright in the dark. I provided a few pictures of the package and the tv. I'm giving it 5 stars so far. These are the best app controlled led's I could find on Amazon and they are the best price. I will update if there are flaws over time. Over time, if no updates are made, they have stood great. Hopefully this was helpful to some.

3. HRDJ Changing Bluetooth Controller 4x16 4FT

HRDJ Changing Bluetooth Controller 4x16 4FT

You can control 16 million colors with the app, and there are 28 dynamic modes. Music sync led lights: the lights strip has smart music mode, sensitivity microphone, lights color will change with the rhythm of the sound and music, which creates romance, relaxation, magical and interesting atmosphere for your party. The timing function is used. You wake up in romantic lighting every morning with the led lights bedroom with the smart app, pre-setting the appropriate time and suitable color to make it turn on/off automatically. The led can be easily cut along the cutting marks if the strips are cleaned and paste. It will be a lovely gift for your friends, the AC12-24V rate power is 36w, and there are multiple scenes available. It will be a lovely gift for your friends, the AC12-24V rate power is 36w, and there are multiple scenes available.

Brand: Hrdj

👤I love these lights and will be ordering another. The amount of light is large and the colors are great. Can change the beat of the music with the phone and can even set the lighting to go off. The crown mounding looks amazing. I would purchase again for our son's room and for under-cabinet lighting in our kitchen.

👤It's best to thoroughly clean the area you want to place these on. We didn't do that with the first strip and it started peeling off in certain areas. We had to glue them back up. They were installed an hour after we did the first one. We had them up for almost two weeks and they are still working. The ones that we didn't glue but cleaned the wall, still up, show no signs of falling off. The lights did not change even though we used construction glue on the other ones. I love that I can be in another room and the remote still works as I'm still aiming in that direction. I love the extra light it gives and it's great to have people over. They were easy to use. Very bright as well.

👤I needed more than the 32 feet from other products because I needed a room. It comes with four 16 feet bundles and a power adapter. I had no issues connecting all four bundles in serial to one power connection, even though some other products warned against it. I had to connect to the ceiling because I couldn't go around the wall on the roof. I had to order separate right-angle connections. I used my leftover strips to make the lights go down the corners, because I ordered 3-way T-connectors. I found a use for the extra feet of lights. I had to cut and add segments to each side of the room to fit the needed length of the room and the light performance was not affected by all those connections. I had to remove the foam from the tips to make room for the thin strip. The remote/ir-sensor is very sensitive since it can pick up remote commands from anywhere in the room, even if I'm not pointing the remote to the sensor. I think the ir bounces off the walls to get to the sensor. I plugged the power unit into a tp-link smartoutlet so I could ask alexa to turn on and off the lights. I did most of the work. If someone forgets to turn off the lights at night, I could schedule them to turn them off. I was surprised that the lights would come back to their previous state after I got power from the smart outlet, so I didn't have to use the remote to turn them on or off. I didn't use the app to control the lights. I didn't use the part of the strips that was glue as I felt that it would break down eventually. I bought a pack of mounting brackets that are non-waterproof.

4. COOLAPA Changing Control Bedroom Decoration

COOLAPA Changing Control Bedroom Decoration

There are multiple colors mode. You can adjust the brightness of the led lights with the help of the 5050 SMD. There are 28 dynamic modes, including quick, slow, jump and flash. The IR remote control is in a mode. The led strip has an IR remote control with 44 keys, and it is able to change the lights colors and rhythm with ease. An appropriate color can be found in any environment. There are multiple scenes. Led strip lights are not harmful to human eyes. It's used in doors and ceilings. Installation is easy. Thanks to its rear adhesion, led lights for bedroom can be firmly stuck on the dry and clean surface. You don't need to clean the surface of the object before installation to keep it clean. The package contains 2 x 10M Led Light Stippes, 1 x IR Receiver, 1 x Remote Control, and 1 x User Manual. The package contains 2 x 10M Led Light Stippes, 1 x IR Receiver, 1 x Remote Control, and 1 x User Manual.

Brand: Coolapa

👤I love it when a product works perfectly out of the box, for example, this strip light was hooked up to both reels and responded to every command from the remote almost instantaneous. The items were well protected and the performance for the price was amazing. The ability to design your own sequence was nice, but for lazy people like me, the dozens of built in sequence work just fine. A product that does exactly what it says and does it for a good price for quality equipment gets 5 stars from me.

👤Even though it doesn't work, it still looks good in my room because the Amazon delivery people left it on the porch. Will buy new ones to fix the broken ones. If it weren't for the package in the rain, I wouldn't enjoy it as much. This is not the fault of the store or the product. The lights look good in my room.

👤The mode on this is not close to white, it is very noticeable light turquoise color. I was hoping for a white light mode, but it wasn't there. It's not what disappointed me the most, it's the fact that the modes don't seem to be settable and dimming brightness doesn't work for them. I wanted to be able to set my own color modes and be able to change them at will. The light strip is dim, probably about 1/3 of the old strip I was replacing, which was a white-only strip. Dim seems to be the norm for this market segment, so I didn't take off stars for it. I only planned to take one roll, but I'm going to have to use both rolls in parallel for an application.

👤The control remoto has a cantidad de opciones. La fuente de Poder est. Son leds 5050, bastante brillantes, lo tienes. No es impermeable. No, he is not a pegarlas pero he is recomendable.

👤The two or three months that these will work inside of your home will feel like the best part. The wall is illuminated by the adhesion on it. The remote control works when it wants to and the brightness may be very dim. You'll shrug it off because it's cool. They will stop working out one day. Even though the remote control is plugged in and the battery is working, it just decided to not work because of stubbornness. You will want to pack it up, take it for a refund, and go on with your life. There is a very strong accusation. If you don't take proper precautions and research before putting it on your wall, you'll make bad decisions and realize that it will peel off your paint, or wherever you decided to place it. If you're a college student in a dorm or apartment, this could cause you to lose your security deposit, since your higher-up would have to pay out of pocket to fix this, so that their next inhabitant wouldn't have to deal with this. Pick another alternative if you don't like these.

5. Phopollo Bedroom Changing Decoracion Habitacion

Phopollo Bedroom Changing Decoracion Habitacion

It is safe to touch under 12volts. It's long enough to light the whole place up. 20 color options can be used to adjust brightness, choose colors and light modes. The strip lights can be cut off without damaging them. The led strip lights have a remote. If it doesn't light up, please check your connection. If it doesn't light up, please check your connection.

Brand: Phopollo

👤My daughter can make wholesome tic toc videos while having crazy lights in the background.

👤It is amazing. I ordered the 65ft pack because I was not sure how much I needed. The tape is heavy duty and easy to put up, all you have to do is peel the backing and stick. You can cut the excess off, but it won't go back. I was able to figure out where to place the ends because it has to be close to an outlet. 10/10 would recommend.

👤Before cutting, lights worked. The directions were followed exactly. Measuring, lining up, connecting, etc. Part of the section is plugged into the power source. The lights will not flicker like the blue in the picture when I press on other sections. A complete waste of time, money, and energy.

👤I was surprised at how small it was. Everything you need for installation is in the kit. It is easy to install if you prepare the area you plan on using the lights. They are on our porch. There is a video and pics included. It was installed on Saturday, October 3, 2020. The included remote control allows us to change the color settings. The remote is somewhat flimsy. This product is a good value and would recommend it.

👤Is it bad to say I hate these lights? They get a 5 star review. My fiancĂ©e loves them because they give bang for your buck. I don't like them. You walked into your room after the night shift at work. I have the disco. They are worth the price. They cover a large area. One strip did most of the work in my bedroom. I don't need a lamp to read when the lights are on. The product is good.

👤The LEDs were great, but after a while, the box that connected the power got hot, and I looked at the connector, it was melted. I have owned many different led brands and this has not happened. We are not working out of no.

👤I was very excited to have the led lights in my apartment. I cut the strips where I was told it would work. When I plugged in my lights, only one strip turned on. I am debating whether to exchange it for a new one, or just keep my purchase. I am so disappointed.

👤These are the best strip lights I've ever used. They are good for a whole bedroom. They gave a lot of options with the remote control. The only downside is that you need to point the remote at the IR receiver in order for it to pick up your signal. The light was easy to install, the 3m tape was a joy to work with, and I used Loctite blue tacky to mount the IR receiver and AC power conversion right to my wall.

6. Phopollo Lights Changing Flexible Controller

Phopollo Lights Changing Flexible Controller

The Lepro strip lights can be used in many places, from your living room, bedroom, dining room, kitchen, desk, cabinet, and even on your Christmas tree. It's suitable for holiday parties. There are 20 static colors, 8 dynamic modes and 6 DIY colors. The total length was separated into two rolls. There are 180 lamp beads. Installation of double side sticky is easy in a wide variety of locations. The lights should be cut to your desired length. It is safe to touch under 12volts. It is safe to touch under 12volts.

Brand: Phopollo

👤It is amazing. Our daughter got some for her birthday two weeks before Christmas from Walmart that were $20 for 4 feet strips and she had to but like 4, they didn't connect to each other. The price is the same at Walmart. My son will get one strip for Christmas. These were only $16 for 16.4 feet and work better, set up easier, and come with a connectors at the end if you want to attach more.

👤TRASH TRASH. The lights worked, but the remote was malfunctioning. The remote was sent to me with a dead battery and I had to replace it. That is not the issue. The lights don't respond to the remote that was sent. The remote that is for out DVD player is a completely different purchase. What kind of sense does that make? We have control over the lights, but they change every time we try to start, stop, pause or anything else. Maybe there is a solution that we are missing. This is dumb.

👤Muy producto en verdad.

👤I had to buy a whole nother kit because it didn't cover my room, but it's a great buy.

👤It works well. The glue is really good and I have had them up for a month. Highly recommended.

👤The only thing that would make these lights better is if it was one larger roll of lights that would allow you to continue around the room, it's very easy to hang them in two different directions, but two smaller wheels that need to connect to two different adapters would be better.

👤The kid's room needed some fun lighting. They look great and were easy to install. Some of the buttons on the remote don't work. I'm not sure if I received a used product or a faulty one. I can't return them because they are already installed. I guess I'll have to live with what I have, but it would have been nice if they worked like they were supposed to.

👤These lights are easy to use and work well. The TV remote can cause problems, it can change the color of the lights and interfere with your TV. I used it around my television. You'll be happy with these. Good customer service too. After hearing about my remote issues, they sent out another roll of lights.

7. Lepro 65 6ft LED Strip Lights

Lepro 65 6ft LED Strip Lights

Lepro strips have 30 LEDs per meter, while other strips only have 18. Lepro strips have a higher brightness than others. The primary colors of theRGB are Red, Green, Blue, and white, and there are 16 different colors to choose from. You can decorate your room with 6 colors, 8 modes, and a brightness that's variable. They use a strong 3M glue. Extra mounting brackets and fixing clips are now included. Don't worry about the strip falling down. The kit includes a 300 LEDs light strip, a 10m RGB strip, a 44 key IR remote control, and a 3A 12V power adapter. You don't need to spend a lot of money on accessories. The Lepro strip lights can be used in many places, from your living room, bedroom, dining room, kitchen, desk, cabinet, and even on your Christmas tree. It's suitable for holiday parties. The Lepro strip lights can be used in many places, from your living room, bedroom, dining room, kitchen, desk, cabinet, and even on your Christmas tree. It's suitable for holiday parties.

Brand: Lepro

👤It was a good way to lighten up a barracks room.

👤I had this product plugged in for 20 minutes and it wasn't next to anything, so please keep an eye on it. I was scared when I found out that this was burning in my room, I loved the lights, but I was smelling plastic burn. I was about to leave the store run.

👤After a few months, one half started to show only one color and the other half faded. The last half of the string went out. I think I can rate Half as good. You would think they would have lasted a long time. I was no longer able to return so it failed. Your guess is a good one.

👤It works great, bright, strong and easy to install. I was able to rap it around my room with a lot to spare. I have 8 feet ceilings which are pretty standard, but the power cord was not long enough. The power cord is only 5 feet long, but the outlet to the ceiling is 8 feet tall. I had to have it off the surge protectors. I hid it with a bookshelf, but buyers should be ware.

👤I am trying to figure out how to make double sided tape work. Help!

👤The color is very bright and came in 3 days, but I thought it wouldn't stick because of the double-sided tape, but it did. I haven't hung mine completely because I'm remodeling my room and I'm waiting until after we paint to do it, but by the time I do, it's already very bright and there is a lot more to be put up.

👤You have to make sure that you remove the glue right for everyone who says that it doesn't stick.

👤I received my order. Please advise what we can do to fix the light that is not working properly, you can see it on the pictures...

👤It came one day late but I like it and it was the best led lights I have ever seen.

👤It wasn't having many detailed reviews and a recent release made me unsure. The brand seemed legit. I went for it. The product is amazing and goes around my entire room, just make sure to stick the stick to the strip.

👤The light is bright. I clean my wall before I put 3M tape on it. I want to put the 2x25ft strip around my room. I put the strips together to avoid connecting the power source in the middle. There is no warning about this modification after I read the instruction. Before installation, all the LEDs should light up. After the installation is complete, the light is brighter than the one at the end. The product is not false because I modify it. I'm trying to find a power transformer in Amazon to separate the 2 strips.

8. Nexillumi LED Lights 60 75 Inch

Nexillumi LED Lights 60 75 Inch

The tv backlight adopts brighter units with purer colors, but the mixed white is much whiter the previous generation, and it's not gradient chasing effect lights. The TV has 5V/1A output, and the glue has been upgraded again. You can download theillumi home app from the Apple Store or the Google Play store. Please turn on the app's permission while using it. Permission is needed for the music feature and the location feature. You can use it indoors, just a 5v power bank for light strip. This version is extremely low-heat, touchable and safe for children. It's easier to install. Corner-friendly cords are easy to install, they don't break the strips. All in one kit includes a IR remote, 5V poweredusb cable, 16.4ft long, 13.2ft light strips, and red-back 3M tapes for attaching light strips to any place you want. It's easier to install. Corner-friendly cords are easy to install, they don't break the strips. All in one kit includes a IR remote, 5V poweredusb cable, 16.4ft long, 13.2ft light strips, and red-back 3M tapes for attaching light strips to any place you want.

Brand: Nexillumi

👤I've tried a lot of different brands of lights, and this is the 7th or 8th one that I have tried, and I have never been able to pair it with its own app. Until now! The "Happy Lighting" app is a joke, it tells you to download the app, but you need a magnifying glass to read the instructions, it is 0.2 pt in size. There is no button on the lights to hold down or to begin the pairing procedure, and nothing in the manual or box explains how to pair them. The lights are too big for my 55" TV and the corner cables are too long. Nobody needs that much to walk around a corner. Govee does it with a small low-profile cable that's all you need for a corner. Don't include the corner cables if they're going to be that big. I couldn't even set them up because their app is terrible, their manual is terrible, and the proportions of the strips and corner cables are terrible. 5 would not buy again from this brand.

👤The lights are of great quality. It is easy to install and use. The app works well. The remote works well too. It's nice to have both options. The biggest issue is that the lights will randomly flash or strobe while they are off. I have two brand new Sony TVs that have these installed. It is kind of annoying, but not sure how to stop it. Clearly not to do that.

👤Installation was easy. These fit a 65" television the same way they fit a 65" phone. The clips/adhesive was very convenient. The built-in flexible corners are great. These lights are very bright and it made bending them easy. As bright as I had hoped. The app works well and the remote and included IR receiver actually work. Other led lights' remotes are terrible. Sometimes the lights don't turn off with the tv. I'm trying to figure out if this was my fault, I'm really happy with this purchase. This is what I wanted the other light strips to be like. I'm happy with my purchase.

👤I just bought these lights and I love them. We made it work with a little macgyvering, but it was a little weird putting the TV on the back. It's just cool that this really upgraded our TV and music experience. Don't plug theusb into the tv, it's way too jicky. Plug it into an electric source instead. The romote only works if it can find the main piece in the back. If something is blocking it, it has trouble. So, download the app! Happylighting works great. It's so easy.

👤These lights come in a roll and do what they are intended to do. I understand why, but I found it hard to fold the corners down because they were too long and hard to hold down, and I had to use the glue to hold them down. I had the same problem with the IR controller as I had with the cable. This was a big deal for someone trying to minimize the cables sticking out, so I bought from a different brand. I don't think any of this would matter if my TV was bigger than 70".

9. LED Light Strip RGB Changing Phone Remote Bedroom

LED Light Strip RGB Changing Phone Remote Bedroom

If you still have a problem, please contact them, they will get it resolved within 24 hours. The Led Light Strip is not waterproof. APP and IR remote control. There are two ways to control the strip lights. The IR remote comes with 12 preset colors and 4 dynamic function keys that are simple to use. Two rolls of 25ft led strip lights are long enough to light a room. You can adjust the length of the strip as you please. You can cut the strip along the mark to get the length you want, but not the 4-pin led strip. If you need to, you can buy some. APP sync makes your phone a best sound source to control strip lights with the same beat. The delay from phone to light is very low. You can put the phone in a public place. Very easy installation. You can connect the parts to where you want. It's easy to stick on a dry surface with upgraded self-adhesive tape. You can finish in minutes if you follow the instructions on the manual. You should test the lights before they are installed. It's not waterproof and is only designed for indoor use. Non-waterproof Their professional and warm service team are always ready to provide 100% satisfaction service with quick response. TJOY has a standard warranty for the product. Their professional and warm service team are always ready to provide 100% satisfaction service with quick response. TJOY has a standard warranty for the product.

Brand: Tjoy

👤It took me 30 minutes to install it. It's easy to peel and stick to the wall. The code for the app is also available. It was still worth the money even though I couldn't sync music on the app. If I stuck to the ceiling I would have wrapped the entire room, but I decided to place some behind my bed frame and furniture. It is a great purchase.

👤I have bought many different ones and had issues with them, but I took a chance on these and was not disappointed. Stick to the wall. The price is great. When I got them from Walmart they were usually around $10 but for 50ft it was a good deal. The kids like them. Music must be downloaded to the phone before apps can work with it. Overall very happy. Going to buy more.

👤My oldest daughter received these as a Christmas gift. I thought it would be cool to have something that changes with the music in her room. The box was very small with a direction paper. It is not compatible with any popular music app. You have to download songs from a specific app for her to work on her phone. The colors are pretty, but I bought this product for the feature that was advertised.

👤The lights were easy to use. My daughter loves them and her room decor.

👤I was worried when I read the manual that it wouldn't adhere to my wall, but I have had no issues. It's easy to control from my phone. It's not a big deal that there isn't a way to connect another strip of lights to the end of the one. I may order more in the future since they don't wrap all the way around my room, but they look great regardless.

👤I bought this strip for holiday decoration. It comes in one set and doesn't require the purchase of other parts, which is convenient. It sticks to the wall. Repeatedly peeling off and sticking back. The control panel has buildin modes and the color combination is amazing. APP control is very easy.

👤The thing is great. The store page has an app that you can use to control the lights. It's true that the music has to be in your phone, so that's not supported. TheApollo Lighting app is not legit. It should not need to be turned on because it should. It requires microphone permission to play any music. The app needs both your location and microphone to work, as well as access to your phone storage. Imagine what they can do with that information. Did I mention that the company is based in China? Other led strips are likely to be by the same company and have the same issues. The company that made the app has made a dozen other led strip control apps. The products on Amazon look similar to this one. This is for the led strips, not the app. You have been warned.

10. Cozylady Compatible Bedroom Childrens Kitchen

Cozylady Compatible Bedroom Childrens Kitchen

If it doesn't light up, please check your connection. Strong self-adhesive helps you put up 65 foot of strip and includes securing clips to ensure a good night's sleep. The Smart Version of the light is made of Wifi. The Strip works with two assistants. Voice control you light up. Command the lighting to turn on/off. Use the app to explore the features like music sync and timer setting. You can use exclusive group control and IFTTT automation. The 68.6 feet of lighting is great for all rooms. It is easy to bring romance by rolling it around staircases, under counter, cabinet and everywhere. The Light for Children's Room Children will love the color changing lights. Colorful fairy lighting makes it a joy creator. The string light is fragile. If assistance is needed, please do not leave a message. Their support team is interested in providing you the best solution. The string light is fragile. If assistance is needed, please do not leave a message. Their support team is interested in providing you the best solution.

Brand: Cozylady

👤I can't stop playing with this. The light is bright. The response to music was amazing. The light movements are fun. It is easy to install. Light up my kitchen. It was fun. I had it up and running in a matter of seconds. I really like this. The music sync is great. There is a The company and customer service is amazing. They care a lot about how much you like their products. I am very impressed with the company and the lights.

👤We were thrilled to receive these lights and try them out. I can use them in my garden for festive events in the summer and fall, and I'm going to put them on my Christmas Tree this Holiday Season. This would be a great addition to any band that wants to make their show more entertaining. The lights respond to sound in a variety of ways. They are enjoyable to watch and enjoy. I liked these on my show.

👤I am very happy with my purchase. The lights are 20m long and have 600 LEDs. They have a very strong sticky backing tape that is peel and stick, so no tools are required for installation, which saves a lot of time. It was very easy to install. I love that these are easy to understand. You can choose to stay one color or change it. To use, the UL listed adapter is safe. Most lights don't offer the option to move with music. The price for these is well worth it because of the features they have. These were packaged well and have worked perfectly.

👤The project went better than expected. The product works well. One of the only 65 ft sets that danced to music, had a phone app, and could be controlled by the internet was this one. I didn't want the messy installation you see on the internet for my daughter's room. I went to the hardware store and bought a white vinyl siding. There are pictures of the install. The j-channel was hung with command hooks. It turned out perfect. There are lots of options on the remote. The lights are bright. The tape stuck to my vinyl. Their support got back to me in about 12 hours. You can cut the length of every 3 bulbs. The product was a positive experience. There are only two suggestions. I bought a 16ft 4 pin cable to connect the lights to the control unit and fixed the power cord issue. The app should be more full featured. You can set lights to any color but only one mode of transition in the app. This product is still very good.

👤The lights were packaged well. It is very easy to install and connect. There are many options to make the lights dance or change colors. You can set them to go off in an hour. They can be hidden until needed. It's perfect for any room of the house. The lights are dimmable. These are well worth the price paid. I am very satisfied with the lights.

11. Tenmiro Ultra Long Flexible Changing Decoration

Tenmiro Ultra Long Flexible Changing Decoration

Ultra Long Strip Lights are long enough to light the whole place up. You can adjust the length of led lights according to your liking. It's perfect for bedroom, living room, cabinet, party, Christmas, etc. Ultra bright and high-quality LEDs allow the lights to be very colorful and durable. The lights strip can be adjusted with a 44key IR remote to offer millions of colors and 8 lighting modes. A complete led light strip kit includes 2 reel of 32.8ft led light strips, an AC power accessory, a controller, a instruction manual, and more. It is easy to fit self-adhesive tape on any surface. It's possible to install anywhere you want. The cuttable and linkable are the lights that can be easily cut and linked with other lights. The led lights can be adjusted to have different lengths, while the arrows of the lights should be facing each other. If using Solderless Connecto, '+' should be faced to each other. TheGapless Solderless Connectors make the lights look better. Wide ApplicationRGB led strip lights is a suitable house ornament, transforms your home, for kitchen, ceiling, back of tv, desk, stairs, bar and more with color changing lights. Wide ApplicationRGB led strip lights is a suitable house ornament, transforms your home, for kitchen, ceiling, back of tv, desk, stairs, bar and more with color changing lights.

Brand: Tenmiro

👤The review was for the 68.6ft Led Strip Lights, Tenmiro Ultra- Long RGB Led Lights Strip 5050 LED Tape Lights Flexible Color Changing Led Lights with 44 Keys IR Remote for Bedroom, Kitchen, and Home Decor. The lights on the strip can be set in a variety of colors. The same color and pattern goes across all 4 strips when selecting a color or pattern. These are not individually addressable. If you want to have a different color of light chasing patterns, or a different color of lights, then you need to look at a different style of Strip. The lights are not waterproof. The lights were designed to be in an indoor configuration as the diodes for the LEDs are surface mounted and exposed to the environment with no protection on a carrier strip. Behind a TV, under inside cabinets, and accent lights would be a great place to put them. The strip is barely strong enough to hold it in place. If you want to have it mounted for a longer period of time, I would suggest looking into adding or replacing the glue that comes with the strips or using some mounting hardware. 3M makes great tapes for this purpose. The strip is a flexible circuit board that has components on it. Each carrier contains a separate set of red, green, or blue diodes. This configuration gives great color for the 3 primary colors, but giving combinations of colors like an orange, or a yellow, or a white is not as pure as what you might be expecting. The strips have cut areas so you can trim the length to your liking. Each section has 3 packages on it, giving an equivalent of 3 Red, 3 Green, and 3 Blue. There is no white light on this strip. Make sure you get the 4 conductor connections for the LEDs. If you can engineer in more power supplies, it is possible to buy extra connecting hardware to cut back in cut lengths, but I would suggest keeping the total length of one powered run as provided by the factory. The standard issue is a 12V 1.25A supply that should power 1 leg of 5M. You have to point the remote at the IR light that comes off the controller. You won't be able to control the lights if you don't have a clear line of sight between the controller and the remote. If you want to control it via radio signals, you should look for a replacement controller. The controller is not music sensitive. The four included rolls of lighting are powered by the Power supply. The power supply cord from the wall to the power brick is about 18 inches long, and the length from the power brick to the barrel is about 3 feet. This version did not have interchangeable power connections in case you wanted to install them in the UK, for example. Again, these strips function as they are supposed to. Make sure that these give you the light you need and only use them indoors in a humid environment.


What is the best product for home theater led strip lighting?

Home theater led strip lighting products from Nexlux. In this article about home theater led strip lighting you can see why people choose the product. Nexillumi and Hrdj are also good brands to look for when you are finding home theater led strip lighting.

What are the best brands for home theater led strip lighting?

Nexlux, Nexillumi and Hrdj are some of the best brands that chosen by people for home theater led strip lighting. Find the detail in this article. Coolapa, Phopollo and Phopollo are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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