Best Home Theater Lighting Battery Operated

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1. Cerdeco 91188TZ Brandon Outdoor Painted

Cerdeco 91188TZ Brandon Outdoor Painted

The limited edition of the Brandon collection is a modern outdoor wall sconce. Made of superior aluminum. Clear up and down organic glass. 1600 A light source. 20 Watts warm white light is the only thing that needs to be changed. Not dimmable. It is weather-proof and rust-resistant. Adapt to different things. It is hard-wired. There are 220v and 110v available. D:4" x H:13 One-year-warranty on light source and three-year-warranty on materials are offered by the manufacturer. One-year-warranty on light source and three-year-warranty on materials are offered by the manufacturer.

Brand: Cerdeco

👤This wall lamp has a great price-performance ratio. It is heavy and well constructed and throws the right amount of light. It's easy to install. Can recommend without reservations.

👤The light seems to be high quality. The installation was difficult because the hands are bigger than the space between the light and the side of the house, so it was hard to maneuver the tiny mounting screws.

👤This is a sealed unit. It's easy to keep clean. It is easy to install. Attach the cube with two screws. The light illuminates pools at the bottom and lights up the entrance. Very satisfied.

👤Very modern. I received a lot of praise for my light. It gives off a lot of light.

👤The lights didn't match my decor.

👤The clear part was scratched when it arrived. The color temp is not great.

👤This is in good condition. The front porch was enhanced by the use of the satin nickel. It works great so far when they link them up with a timer switch.

👤I have only one on in my house because I am in the process of painting it.

2. Brilliant Evolution Wireless Operated Activated

Brilliant Evolution Wireless Operated Activated

You can use smart home devices like Apple HomeKit or the Google Assistant to control your lights with your voice. 35 Lumens are long lasting and bright. 3000K white glow. It's perfect for stairs, hallways and closet lights. The motion sensor automatically turns on the light. Light goes off after 30 seconds of no movement. Only during darkness can it be activated. It can detect motion up to 10 feet away. In seconds, you can install Mounts with screws or heavy duty tape. The run time is 4 times longer than other stair lights. Operates on 3 AA batteries. Operates on 3 AA batteries.

Brand: Brilliant Evolution

👤Where have these lights been all my life? I own a historic BNB with steep stairs. There are no lights at the top or bottom of the stairway, and no electrical source to install wall lamps. I found an alternative that was easy to blend in with and these lights made it easy to do. They were very easy to install, although it seems like a lot when you only need to replace the cover, install the batteries and stick it on. The lights fit perfectly under the tread. The design is simple and barely noticeable, but you will notice it at night. A light that covers about 5 stairs is produced by the light. As you progress up the stairs, each light sensor creates a lighted path. I have had no issues with these for the past 5 months. I will be ordering more for other areas. 8 out of 10 guests ask where I got these lights.

👤Picked these up based on reviews. These were supposed to be a storage area under the staircase, around 7 ft X 7Ft and 8 ft high. The challenge with these Led's is that they are very directionless. When they came on, all the light was directed downwards with very little light across to the opposite side. We mounted them at 7.5 Ft and while it was a little better, most of the light was still directed downwards. The two Led's inside are positioned to reflect the light down, not down and across. The light does not come across as bright with this downward focus. The motion sensor seems to have a mind of its own. It wouldn't come on until you waved a hand under the sensor. There is a dark area. The battery cover is so smooth that a touch of my finger caused it to slide, causing the back cover and light to separate and fall. I intended for these to be mounted on the opposite walls but with the motion sensor acting up, I decided against keeping them and they are going back. The leds are more suited for a guide light in dark areas. You will need one every 5 feet with their light throw. If you plan to mount it high, I wouldn't recommend it.

👤The motion detector is the only issue with these lights. I was expecting them to detect motion from 3-4 feet away, like they did in the past, when I had them on the stairs. I might change their position to see if that helps. I like that they have AA batteries and they look good once lit. The sticky tape is very good. It was a pretty good deal.

👤The battery life on this model is much better than the typical 4xAAA model. The LEDs is a bit warmer than most of them. Good light... It lights up the entire 3 feet depth of the kitchen cabinets I use. The pro tip is to point the part inside. It doesn't shine into your eyes and directs the light towards the back. This one doesn't use magnets to attach the device. The device with batteries comes off when you slide it to the left. It is very easy to attach anddetach. AA batteries have more power than typicalAAA batteries. There is a Thus 3xAA. The power is at 1.2/ 1.5 volts. In exchange for a slightly thicker profile, this is a definite winner.

3. FLYDEER Aluminium Lighting Bedroom Corridor

FLYDEER Aluminium Lighting Bedroom Corridor

1. Modern Simple Design is made of high quality aluminum with elegant arcs, surface paint treatment, not easy to oxidation, don't fade. A fashion wall light can increase your home security. 2. The lamp beads have a voltage of 85 and a size of 220 x 90 x 50mm. This wall lamp uses high-quality LEDs chip, 8 lamp beads, and has a long life, no need to replace the bulbs. 3. Warm lighting is warm light, no flash, soft and uniform light, eye protection, keep your rooms look warm and comfortable. 4. Before installing the lamps, the wall should be drilled. You can check the last product picture for installation reference. The grade is waterproof. It is suitable for living room, bedroom, hall, porch, studio, cafe, garden, yard, indoor and outdoor decoration. Installation instructions are included. 5. IC card constant current driver has short circuit protection, intelligent control circuit, overload protection and current stable. 5. IC card constant current driver has short circuit protection, intelligent control circuit, overload protection and current stable.

Brand: Flydeer

👤The pics they show to market are not accurate. It's small. There is 6. We're moving so we can do it. Cute. Way pretty. The light is great. But...tiny. It wouldn't cover an electrical box. I had a small wiring hole to work with. The pics flanking the entry door have to be 18.

👤I should have read the description better. This light is bright. It's ok. I guess. I'm not happy with it all. It's smaller than a bottle. My coffee mug is bigger than this light. If you're looking for something larger, this isn't it. There is no cord. This is a bare wire. It comes with nothing to help you wire it up other than the instructions, so be sure to know how to access the wires in your walls. My husband is handy and had no real issues with this, but he wasn't expecting it to be this way. This thing is bright. If you look at it, you're going to spend the next two hours in your house. We meant it to add a little "cozy" lighting to our room, but it looks ok from across the room, and pity the poor person sitting beneath it who is crying that their eyes are melting. I'm telling you that this silly little light has half the power of the sun. We aren't returning it because we went through all the hassles to get it. It's rarely turned on. Maybe when I need to find a needle in thick berber carpet, or a contact lens on a piece of glass, or I just want to get a severe migraines, then I may use it. It stays off if that's the only thing. I think it's well made and looks good. They could do better.

👤The pro: That design is very attractive. However... They don't give off enough light. Even though it is a movie room, you want to be able to see when you are looking for something or want to read something. My electrician told me that these are great if you don't care about the wattage. We will have overhead can lights added to our room. If I had to order them again. I would get brighter when needed.

👤This accent light is really cool. The design on the wall is better than the pictures. The white is on the cooler side. I would have liked a warmer color. There was no light fixture alternative with a warmer light. My electrician had no problem putting these up. The base was slightly smaller than my existing hole in the wall, but the shell of the light fixture covered up the slight difference in size. My electrician was able to install the wiring despite it being for European. I'm very excited about this light fixture. I had two on either side of my sofa and it adds a contemporary artistic element to the room. It's not meant to light the room or serve as a task light. It's an accent light and it does a great job.

4. Battery Powered Cinematic Cinema Letters

Battery Powered Cinematic Cinema Letters

Brightens up any room. There are 32 whiteLED back lights. This led letter light box can be placed anywhere you want to express yourself with words, characters or symbols. A good party accessory. The marquee light box has 200 tiles that make it easy to tailor it for any occasion or celebration. The light up message board is fun for weddings, parties or movie nights. It is possible to make it custom. The Cinema light box with letters, number and icon tiles make it easy to create greetings, phrases and other word combinations to surprise friends and family. Also, note: Remove the film before using it. Light weight and portable. The light letter box is battery orusb powered and can be plugged into any outlet, making it easy to take with you. The design is vintage. The light up word box has a vintage design.

Brand: Brooklyn Lighting Company

👤I thought it would be bigger and hold more letters. I bought the smaller version of the larger version and it was disappointing that the word Christmas was not fit on one line. The letters are easy to slide off as you can barely move them. We couldn't say Merry Christmas since it required three "r's", which was disappointing, since there were only two letters "r's". It is bright and fun and I like that you can plug it in so you don't have to replace batteries. It would have been better if it was like the one pictured, and there should have been more of the letters that are used more frequently in common words and phrases. If you want something that you can spell bigger words on one line, then spend a little more and get the bigger size.

👤The product has a lot of tiles. Love the option of a battery.

👤I have had no electrical issues with it, and I love the extra letters they give you to complete your message. I wish my patrons would stop using it at my hole, it gets in the way of my pricing menu, but the manufacturers are not to blame.

👤The sign is cute but the cord is too short to hang it on the wall. Since I have a high wall, I have to use the battery operated option. It takes 6 AA batteries and even that doesn't give you much life, the light has dulled down, and I don't use it that often. I will probably buy some batteries. It is a nice sign.

👤It is very easy to use. I own a smaller version from a different vendor. I only had it for a week, but I am very pleased with it.

👤There is a lot of letters in the unit, it is battery orusb powered. My daughter loved it when she received it for Christmas. Put something on the board and hang it on the wall.

👤I love it! It is perfect for my classroom. It is either a battery operated or ausb device. I plug it into my computer when I'm away so it shuts off when I return. It is easy to see in the classroom. There are letters and other things like a soccer ball and a house. My 12 year old son loves it. I can fit 8 letters across one row.

👤My brother gave this to me because he thought it was fun and neat. I have a similar one that is multi purpose.

5. Alotm Aluminum Lighting Fixtures Restaurant

Alotm Aluminum Lighting Fixtures Restaurant

Modern and fashion design is ideal for interior house use. The power is 4*1W. L141*W141*H45mm is the size of the input and is not battery powered. Warm white/yellow and cool white have no UV or IR radiation. The aluminum body is durable and shining. They can't be the main light source for the decoration of wall, so please notice. They can't be the main light source for the decoration of wall, so please notice.

Brand: Alotm

👤The light was installed in my stairwell. It was difficult to mount the light since there were no mounting holes or bolts. It looks great once it gets up.

👤These were installed for theatre room lights. They are great!

6. Stepless JACKYLED Material Lighting Stairway

Stepless JACKYLED Material Lighting Stairway

There are three different color temperature settings for thejacyled led wall sconce. It's a perfect solution for those who want the best interior lighting. The remote control can change colors from 3000k to 6500k in less than an hour. The light will be turned into night light mode if you press the off button long. The fluorescent coating on the remote control buttons make them easier to find. It is easy to hardwire to the wall. Do it yourself or have it done by an electrician. The modern wall lamp is made of pure aluminum and acrylic. The mounting base and plate are both rustproof. The wall lamp is perfect for the living room, bedroom, stair, balcony, patio, and hallway. 2x wall sconces, 2x accessories, 2x remote controllers, and 1x glove are included. They want to make your shopping experience pleasant by providing the highest standard of customer service. If you need assistance, please contact them directly. 2x wall sconces, 2x accessories, 2x remote controllers, and 1x glove are included. They want to make your shopping experience pleasant by providing the highest standard of customer service. If you need assistance, please contact them directly.

Brand: Jackyled

👤We did not use them because they were not dimmable and they were light-weight, easy to install and offer 3 different lighting temperatures. You have to flip the light on and off multiple times in order to see the different colors. We would prefer a product that you could set the color temperature once and then turn it off and on, and it would always be the same color until we change it. These did not work for us and we will return them.

👤It was difficult to install for a single woman. I'm returning the item.

👤The accent lights are modern. This is an equivalent of a 25 W candelabra light bulb. It's amazing how you can dim the light without a dimmer. You can dim and change the light's color with the included remote control.

👤The plug-in model of the Sconce is what I had to purchase. It has many of the attributes of the hard-wired sconce, but it lacks some of the features of the other kind. It doesn't have the dimmable remote control which can change the light temperature. I was able to purchase an auxiliary remote control which allowed me to turn on the light from anywhere in my apartment. The units are sleek and modern. They are attractive.

👤They are easy to install. But... The electrical box in the wall is not completely covered by the back piece. Measure before you buy. The subdued lighting is nice and I remember they are led. They are so inexpensive that I will keep them.

👤We needed 6 sconces so we bought three 2-packs for the top of stairs, bottom of stairs, and pair on far wall. They said they were easy to install. The instructions in the box made it easy for us to program the remotes ourselves. They're dimmable and you can control the light temperature. The door at the top of the stairs has a dim warm light so it doesn't blind you. The bottom of the stairs and the kids play area are set for bright daylight, and the pair on the tv wall are currently bright and warm. We are using remotes. The stairs are mounted at the top of the stairs. Controls stairs and is near a wall. The far wall is kept downstairs. We are very happy with the function and flexibility of these lights and I will update if anything changes.

👤I absolutely love them! I was worried that they wouldn't match the other lighting fixture I have, but they are a basic shape and can match almost anything. One light comes on warm and the other cool when we flip the switch off on the sconces, it doesn't save our previous setting and one light comes on warm and the other cool. When we use the remote to turn it on and off, it saves the setting we had before. It's easy to see in the dark with a gentle glow behind me if you adjust the brightness and temp of the lights, and if I need to find something, the higher brightness makes it easy to see without having to turn on all the lights. One of the remotes in this set was only used for a day or two, however, I dropped it on the carpet and it stopped working, luckily there is another remote that works great, but I guess these remotes are a bit delicate, so don't drop them! If you don't want to flip the switch, you should save your setting. Installation was easy and the value for the money is amazing, I would buy again if the time came. These are gorgeous and work great.

7. BlissLights Sky Lite Projector Ambiance

BlissLights Sky Lite Projector Ambiance

The sky lite projects a field of stars against a blue cloud. Sky lite has a direct diode Laser, precision glass optics, and hologram technologies. The Sky lite is a great gift for adults and kids because of its soothing effects. The Sky lite is an instant game-changer for any room in the house, it can be used to create a relaxing spa environment, accent your home theater, or enjoy dining under the stars. Simple button controls make it easy to cycle through light effects. This version has a green and blue rotating stars. Simple button controls make it easy to cycle through light effects. This version has a green and blue rotating stars.

Brand: Blisslights

👤I rarely leave reviews, but I wanted to share my excitement in the hopes that someone else would. I don't think I've been so happy with a purchase for a long time. When I partner this projector with my sound machine that plays crickets, it takes me to another place of altered consciousness. This little machine reminds me of the beauty and wonder of the world that I find so important in this crazy, chaotic, increasingly violent world. It makes me happy. I have the blue/blue. I'm glad I chose that instead of the green. I hope this lasts a long time. Thank you so much for the machine!

👤I really, really want a projector with more than just a rotating disk, so until that day comes, I'm willing to pay for this light show, and a worthy light show it is, because I really, really want a projector with more than just a rotating This is the best drunk Amazon purchase I've ever made. I wish I lived in a state where I didn't have to worry about drugs. I have had it for a few months and have not had a complaint. The stars are bright. It shuts down after 4 hours and doesn't make any noise. So far, so good. It's worth the investment if you can see a light show in your living area.

👤It comes with two projector lens, but only the small one has a protective film, so the large one was scratched out of the box. We were able to ignore it since it didn't change the function. The stand cannot be adjusted, so we realized the limitations of placement. We were able to ignore this. It has only been 5 days since this purchase, and it is already making noise. The whole point was to give the room a nice vibe in the night time, but we don't get the sound of a lawn mower on the night stand. I paid for what I did. I want my money back.

👤I've never been so excited in my life. I broke into a big smile when I hit the power button. I am in love with you and will recommend you to my friends. I'm never leaving my room.

👤I am addicted to this thing. I will bring it with me if I spend a lot of time in a room. It is great for watching tv or enjoying a bath. It is quite relaxing. It's easy to use and small, my only complaint is the placement of the buttons: whenever I pick up the unit or try to adjust it, I inevitably push one and have to figure out which one it was and then cycle through them again to get to where I was. As time goes on, I wish the stars were blue or white instead of green. It is still enjoyable, even though some of the seller's images make them look more along this spectrum. I am tempted to get one for every room for the price. Place candles or other warm, soft light near the wall and center the projector on it. It looks like a nebula, because it creates some pretty purple and magenta colors.

8. Lighting Fixture Plaster Conservatory Dimmable

Lighting Fixture Plaster Conservatory Dimmable

The lamp is made of plaster. The gypsum material is pollution-free and it makes the wall light feel softer, smoother, and more durable. The wall mounted light is supplied with a low energy light bulb and no battery. This is easy to install and requires no complex installation. Not a battery, not a plug. Can be mounted vertically or horizontally. Under the guidance of the electrician, please install. Modern design. It can be used in a variety of places, including living rooms, bedrooms, children's rooms, restaurants, kitchens, stairs, corridors, hallway, and other wall lamps and bedside wall lamps. They are very compatible with classical furniture decoration and modern style decoration. ChangM is always behind its products. If you have any problems with the product, please don't hesitate to contact them. ChangM is always behind its products. If you have any problems with the product, please don't hesitate to contact them.

Brand: Changm

👤The theater room is almost done, and I added some lights last night. I painted them with black spray paint because I wanted them to be black. I replaced the stock bulbs with dimmable G9 bulbs and they turned out great.

👤I needed a horizontal fixture for a small space. I think it's overpriced, but it fits my needs. It is 7 7/8" wide and 5 1/8" tall. It's easy to install. Light is bright. It is a bit brittle because it is plaster. The wall I was installing the fixture on was not straight. The fixture got pulled to the wall tightly as I tightened one of the screws. It's in my basement and I'm not worried about it.

👤The light is bright and stylish.

👤Money was well spent. These look great. We haven't painted yet so don't worry.

👤We were skeptical when we ordered them, as we were worried about how the light would look on the wall. They look great now that they are up there. We have plaster walls that blend into the background when not in use, and they throw a nice soft light up and down the wall when in use. They look very smart on the wall. The price was reasonable for the quality of the product.

👤We bought this pack of lights to replace two old ones. They look clean and modern, and they put out a lot of light. They were easy to install. The fixture cracked as he tightened the final screw, and a few chunks broke off. He had to glue the pieces back on after removing the fixture. It's really bad. Guys. The fixture are made of plaster. Even when you're handling them gently, they're incredibly delicate and fragile. Be aware of that. The cracks are on the top of the fixture, so they won't be seen. We would have sent it back.

👤I bought four of them for illumination. I was looking for illumination both up and down to provide both direct and indirect lighting. Even though they're clearly designed to be wall-mounted, I'm very happy with the result. We found the direct light to have too much glare using a room-temperature 60w-equivalent led. I trimmed rice paper to shape to fix this. I added a dimmer to the circuit. The result is more attractive. There are some build issues. Some of the mounting over the metal backplates was a little tight. You should know that the fixture is unfinished and not treated. I would not recommend this fixture for areas where it might be exposed to greasy fumes or other airborne, sticky particles unless you plan to seal its surface. It would be a great base for an art project if this is unfinished plaster.

👤The wall light was very easy to install. You can smudge the white housing with the white glove. It installs fast and looks great. As I installed bedroom lights, I provided enough light for bed side reading. The product is great. Others were priced much higher. I would recommend it.

9. Brilliant Evolution Wireless Control Lighting

Brilliant Evolution Wireless Control Lighting

We are a US based company with real local support, designed and supported in California. They provide a 1-year warranty, so if you ever have any issues, feel free to reach out to them. Shop with confidence. Installation of your new Brilliant Evolution lights with either heavy duty tape or screws is included. These battery operated wireless puck lights are perfect for any room in your house, including your kitchen, bathroom, pantry, closet, office, garage, and bedroom. The wireless remote can be used to turn the lights on and off, adjust the brightness to any level, or set the auto-off timer. The lights can be turned off in 15 minutes, 30 minutes or 60 minutes. The product is touch sensitive so you can turn the lights on and off by simply touching the lens. The 55 lumens are long lasting and bright. There is no need for LEDs to be replaced. The 100 hour battery run time is 4 times longer than other puck lights. Operates on three AA batteries. The 100 hour battery run time is 4 times longer than other puck lights. Operates on three AA batteries.

Brand: Brilliant Evolution

👤The way I feel about my kitchen, life and bedroom closet have changed because of these lights. They are an affordable, life-changing force to be reckoned with. I live in a house that has a "quirky" vintage kitchen with a light in it, but my wife thinks horrible overhead ceiling lights are not appropriate to use for lighting. I don't want to see shadows of rotting fly carcasses projected onto my possessions while I'm trying to eat my Dinty Moore over the sink. The only functional lighting in the kitchen is the hood-fan lights above the electric coil stove, which I'm told is catching on. I turned my black hole of a kitchen into a living-beyond-my-means, upper-lower-middle-class coffee snob's wet dream, for 35 bucks per six pack. The beauty of my Chemex Hand-Blown series pourover, Baratza Virtuoso conical burr grinder, imported Hario coffee scale, and Bonavita digitally-controlled water kettle are lost to the shadows of unappreciative dank corners. Without my new lights, it might as well be a coffee shop. Nobody could tell. I put them under the cabinets, behind the weird overhang in the corner above my various coffee-snob paraphernalia, and over the garbage can and decorative hand-painted owl key-hanger. They give the kitchen an air of Modern Family. I put one over the basement stairs so that I can see my cast-iron collection in the correct 3000 Kelvin twinkle, and one in my bedroom closet, so I no longer have to look for one of the two shirts that I wear. They have screws, but they screw that. They come with sticky pads from 3M that prevent one from having to waste the battery on one's drill in order to destroy the landlord's property. They are like the dickens. Quite convenient. Did I mention how bright they are? Our kitchen now has 12,000 gigabytes of light, thanks to the new LED pucks. The International Space Station has astronauts on it. It's great to know that NASA will help us if our lights go out. The remote control makes it easy to dim and toggling the lights in a silent house, like a child with a telekinesis device. pew! On! Off! Dimmmmmm, briiiGGHHTT off! Off off off! It's on! It's on! PEW, etc. It's a convenient feature. They make this old shitkitchen feel more modern and expensive, and they're cheap and don't require any wiring or hole-drilling, so I'm never going to do that. They're remote controlled, dimmable, and very bright. You can click them individually when you need to find that last can of Dinty Moore. They are powered by batteries and die. The reviewers thought that the three little cylinders inside them were Wireless Electricity Receivers from a world where the inventor of the electric motor died penniless and heartbroken. They're weak-ass batteries. I would urge you to purchase a load of Eneloop or equivalent NiMH rechargeable AAs because 1. The batteries these pucks come with are not good. Why don't we save the planet and junk? Don't expect batteries to be magic. I recommend these lights for spicing up a dumbly-lit existence and room because I love them with my whole being. They make me feel a bit better off when I'm standing in my kitchen and eating a cold drink out of a can, with the lights on. This must be how snobs feel.

10. Licperron Industrial Fixtures Restaurant Lighting

Licperron Industrial Fixtures Restaurant Lighting

The whole sconces are approved by the U.S. government. The Licperron industrial sconces come with a US professional metal bracket, which makes them easy to fit in your electrical box. Their high-quality industrial sconces are made of good quality metal materials, rust-proof, durable and more decorative. Please check their pictures to get more information. This is a note. The bulbs are included in the package, so you can buy them separately. There is attention. The bulbs are very vintage and decorative. Industrial wall sconces are great for a lot of things. The tube bulb is a bit special and can be broken during transportation. They will give you the best solution if you received the faulty bulbs. The tube bulb is a bit special and can be broken during transportation. They will give you the best solution if you received the faulty bulbs.

Brand: Licperron

👤This light is unique. I like the steampunk look of the sconces I replaced in my bedroom. One of my bulbs was broken. This is common because there is a document with the light that tells you if you get a broken bulb. There was no way to contact them. I tried to get feedback from the vendor but never heard back. I found better replacement bulbs on Amazon, so it really didn't matter. The original bulbs are not LEDs. I found some better looking bulbs on Amazon. The product is called "B07V49D2HV" and it is available on the Amazon website. The combination looks great! It was a bit difficult to install. If you have replaced a wall lamp before you can manage it, you should be able to. If you're nervous, hire a handyman. The light is tall so there is a lot of room on the wall. Measure before you order. It is a dexterity test to get the bulb installed once you assemble the cage. A little patience pays off. I love the look of the product and I am happy with it. I did not like the lack of response from the company, however it forced me to find more interesting bulbs. The cost of the new bulbs doubled the cost of the project. Click on the button to help.

👤The lights are great, but the bulbs are not bright enough for me. I replaced them with 7 watt led equivalent and it was perfect!

👤They were easy to set up. I didn't use the included wall screws. I think they are backups for those with nonstandard fixture mounts. I have 8 and they look good. I purchased a led bulb on the right side of the picture, while the included one was on the left.

👤The product was scratched. I reached out to the vendor and they didn't reply. When I opened the product, I couldn't return them, so I had to pay the electrician to put them in. The product looks nice and is perfect for my train theme room. The scratches are a tad bit noticeable but they are worth the money. Still cute. The bulb blew out when I turned one on. Can't find a replacement. Lowered to 3 stars. The second bulb blew out.

👤Over the course of my life, I have installed probably 100 light fixture. We just bought a farmhouse style vintage lighting fixture and are tearing out all the lighting in our house. I was very interested in the look of the light fixture and decided to use it in my theater room as lighting. The electrical outlet is not covered by the base of the fixture. If it were a half inch to a quarter of an inch wider. I don't know if I received a used fixture, but the bases in the box we received were really bad. Everything was brand new inside. I don't think I received a new set. I could be wrong. That was another dealbreaker for me. The light fixture did not give off a lot of light when lit up. It looks great and it comes with long tube bulbs to complete the look. I don't recommend these because we round up returning them.

11. LEONLITE Dimmable Outdoor Aluminum Waterproof

LEONLITE Dimmable Outdoor Aluminum Waterproof

The user-friendly design of the step light improves personal safety at night. The step light uses AC 120V power, so you don't need a transformer. This step light is compatible with 4.33inch(L) 2.2inch(W)2.8inch(H) j-box and has a 100% to 5% dimming capacity. Installation is easy because of the included complete accessories and 6.8inch power cord. It works with the standard United States junction box. The quality is assured thanks to the certification. The aluminum shell is more resistant to damage than plastic shells. The temperature range from -4F to 104F makes this step light a great choice for indoor and outdoor environments. You can add a layer of sealant to the step light after it's installed for better waterproof performance. The step light has a lifespan of 30,000hrs and a 5-year warranty. You can add a layer of sealant to the step light after it's installed for better waterproof performance. The step light has a lifespan of 30,000hrs and a 5-year warranty.

Brand: Leonlite

👤These are not a good product. The light clips on to the mount. The clips had to be bend to hold the lights in place. It is easy for the lights to come off if you bumped them. Customer service is provided. I ordered six packs of lights, which came in two three packs. One of the packs did not have the mounting brackets. The lights can't be mounted without the brackets. I contacted customer service and asked for three brackets. They said they would make and exception to their 3 day policy for issues with orders. The process to get the brackets was very difficult. They wanted pictures and video of the opened box. There is a problem with the fact that you cannot attach pictures to a message in the Amazon messenger box. I just ordered three more lights. Unless you have a tight budget, I would look for a better product.

👤I bought these path lights to replace the failing path lights in my driveway. 19 lights are listed at a price. I was worried about investing in so many since I didn't know the quality of the lights. These are the most amazing lights I've ever installed. The lights are a high quality product that I feel completely justify the price, well packaged, easy to install and the result is simply mind blowing! My driveway is now lit up like a resort entrance and there are no dark spots in it. If you find the lights too bright, they are also dimmable. You have the option to tone it down. I highly recommend this product to anyone who is looking for quality, ease of installation and brightness.

👤My deck steps have 18 of these. The quality of the lights was really good. They were easy to install, and I have no experience with electrical instillation. I bought an outside dimmer and they work great with my dimmer. Customer support is the most positive experience I have had. Yari came back to me very quickly and told me that the missing plates were in the other pack, so I was able to get what I wanted.

👤These exceeded my expectations. It was a great fit and finish. They look sweet and they promote safety in my stairway, which is a super dark one.

👤The illumination is bright. The design of the mounting is worthless. The clips won't work in the home theater application. Instructions don't say how far between the mounting brackets and the wall surface. I might have to drill holes to use a standard screw attachment. I would pick another model after this experience.

👤The stairs and bedroom hallways have dimmable lights. They are all connected to a single smart switch and schedule that dims from dusk to dawn. It has eliminated the need for multiple 3 way switches in the house. My family and houseguests like simplicity.

👤The light is metal and fits into an outlet box. I think you could get away with one every five if you put one of these every three steps. You can put them above the floor.


What is the best product for home theater lighting battery operated?

Home theater lighting battery operated products from Cerdeco. In this article about home theater lighting battery operated you can see why people choose the product. Brilliant Evolution and Flydeer are also good brands to look for when you are finding home theater lighting battery operated.

What are the best brands for home theater lighting battery operated?

Cerdeco, Brilliant Evolution and Flydeer are some of the best brands that chosen by people for home theater lighting battery operated. Find the detail in this article. Brooklyn Lighting Company, Alotm and Jackyled are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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