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1. SEOL LIGHT Vintage Crystal Branches Chandeliers

SEOL LIGHT Vintage Crystal Branches Chandeliers

Size:31.5W*11.8H inch, color: black, and material:metal painted and K9 Crystal. The style is mixture of vintage, rustic and classic. Individual assembly is needed for a quality problem. One years guarantee for high quality. 5 x E12/40W/Incandescent,LED,CFL,Halogen Bulbs are Highly Recommended. 5 x E12/40W/Incandescent,LED,CFL,Halogen Bulbs are Highly Recommended.

Brand: Seol

👤We are getting a lot of praise. I painted it grey and distressing it to make it look more rustic. It catches the natural light and we like it as much as we do. If it had been offered in different colors, it would have saved me some time.

👤I decided that we needed to remove the ceiling fan in our bedroom and replace it with something smaller and more interesting. I chose the French Bordello light fixture. It's great to keep the romance going with a nice decor. The fixture was wrapped so well that it could have survived a fall. It took a long time to unwrap the individual pieces. This fixture had "limbs" on it. They gave the hardware very generously. Extra nuts and washers, glass gems, and pins were also included. There was a tool to help with the work. The whole fixture took 25 minutes to assemble. I did not choose standard candelabra bulbs. Hudson has tube-shaped LEDs. These are 40 watt equivalents in warm white. 400 is the number of lights that each one is capable of. The fixture is pretty striking to look at. The only change I made was to add a fender washer behind the nut on the base. This may help spread out the weight. The new light fixture doesn't line up with the boxes according to some. The fixture and its hardware are all metric, which is a problem in most US homes. I attached the threads from the two corner holes on the mounting bar to the bottom of the box. I didn't have to modify my fixture box while still having the metric mounting screws in the right locations. I really like this light fixture.

👤The large is larger than the small. If it is a small room, try the large. The black arms are sparkling in the snow. Everyone loves these. I like them on a dimmer switch. They completely renovated my home office, bedroom, living room and entrance hall. I started with one, but now have four, two small and two large. My electrician said they were more difficult to install, but he asked where I found them, and told others to order from Amazon, a compliment that these were special. The lights from the TV or other places in the room make them sparkle even when they are turned off. Black makes a more modern statement than gold. Highly recommended.

👤It was easy to install, but the brackets did not fit our electric box. Had to replace the hanging brackets. The installation was easy after a trip to the store. 4 stars on installation. I painted the fixture because it was black. I knew it was necessary before I bought it. It looks great on metal with chalk paint. Sending a photo separately. It can't be on this review. Sorry.

👤This was by far the most challenging I have ever done. I'm thankful for small hands a lot. You need 2 people and a little patience. I am happy with the look of the frosted LEDs I used. The light is pretty, but not as bright without the dimmer feature. The mounting screws were difficult to get into the correct position, and I forgot to tighten the bolt, so one of the covers isn't on as securely as it should be. This may be a mistake too. The light reminds me of branches covered in snow and ice, very pretty effect. There are 2 pub tables that can be used separately for casual events and pushed together for more formal dinners in my dining room. I wanted a chandelier look without it hanging too low and this light was perfect.

2. Vintage Ceiling Chandelier Farmhouse Kitchen

Vintage Ceiling Chandelier Farmhouse Kitchen

Close to ceiling lighting design. A flush mount chandelier light with a rustic and elegant look is also a modern beautiful decoration. The flush mount design of the indoor ceiling fixture creates a modern look. The ceiling chandelier light metal has a top plate of 4.72 inch and a fixture light total height of 5.51 inch. It was wide 14.96. The base type is E26 60 watt is a dimmable purchase dimmer and bul. The light fixture is black. A flush mount light is a nice antique lighting decoration gift for a house remodel, housewarming, birthday, weddings, party, holiday decoration or other special events. There is a light fixture application. The light fixture can be used for bedroom, beauty salon, dining room, living room, study room, bathroom, bookcase, hallway, balcony, porch, gazebo, bedroom and many more. If you have a question, please contact them and they will reply as soon as possible. If you have a question, please contact them and they will reply as soon as possible.

Brand: Zglaojt

👤This light is beautiful. I wanted to install in my home. The light fixture is being assembled. You have to connect four different units to become one. There are no hard stops to hold the attached elements in place while you complete the other side elements. As you attempt to assemble each section of the fixture, it blends, flexes and contorts. The completed sections loosen themselves in the process of being tightened. The assembly process for this fixture is very complex. The patience of Saint Jude and Job would be tested by this fixture. If you get this fixture assembled, you need to connect the four bulb leads to your ceiling wiring. The fixture is loosened by its weight. The design of this fixture is beautiful, but it's execution is terrible. This fixture is hard to assemble. It is difficult to connect this fixture to the ceiling. This fixture is not very complicated in order to work. This is a nice looking fixture, but for all the installation hassles, it's not that pretty. Your reward for assembling this fixture will be nothing more than a world class migraines. If you wrestle this fixture into submission so it is assembled on your ceiling, it will be a mess. The light is a collection of parts that are not a full lighting solution. It would have been nice if it had been given the time to be properly engineer it for ease of installation. The light is more puzzle than useful. The fixture is cruel and easy to install. I want you to avoid this light and save yourself. Don't get sucked in by the simplistic design of this product. The light is more like a cube. This is a lighting solution that is also a brain teaser. If you are a busy person, pass this light by. This light will add to your life's frustration. I give it 5 stars for its brightness, because if you get 4 bulbs to work, it would be bright. Everything else about this light is rubbish.

👤The light fix works great in the kitchen, it provides a lot of light and beautifully reflects off the ceiling. The 40w 2200 edison bulbs provided the perfect amount of light.

👤The lamp was easy to install. It's important to strip the wires a little more to get a good grip. You will need different caps as the ones that came with it are woefully inadequate, however I did not find this to be a problem. The instructions are self explanatory. Make sure to check the fixture for two different sizes. The sizes should be the same. I decided to get a smaller round bulb as it is too bright for the small room it is in.

👤I was surprised to find that I would be assembling them myself. You have to figure out how to put the 5 pieces together. The price should have been much lower since I was doing all the work. It is smaller than the pictures show. It works well in my kitchen.

3. Hykolity Ceiling Incandescent Equivalent Bathrooom

Hykolity Ceiling Incandescent Equivalent Bathrooom

The low profile design of their flush mount ceiling light is perfect for low ceilings and no glare. It's perfect for kitchens, closets, stairwells, basement, bathroom, dinning room, bedroom,office,washrooms and so on. The 20W unit is listed to avoid electrical shock and fire hazard, so it is safe to use. Colorado Changing Tachycardia(CCT) - You can preset the light color temperature on the ceiling lights. The Triac dimming is compatible with most modern dimmers. Smooth and flicker-free dimming can be achieved with a built inLED driver. 5 year warranty is based in the USA and offers high quality products at affordable prices and professional after-sales support. 5 year warranty is based in the USA and offers high quality products at affordable prices and professional after-sales support.

Brand: Hykolity

👤It was meant to put both in the same room but decided not to after seeing how bright they are. The low profile still looks nice. It was a dream to install. It was amazing to have the hanger to help. The options for different temperatures were great. One of the best lighting purchases I've ever made. Highly recommended!

👤I docked 1 star because the brackets are too short. If the ceiling fixture box is flush with the surface, the short screws should work. The screws are too short if the fixture box is flush with the floor. I had longer screws for the fixture I was replacing. It seems silly to not provide longer screws for this. To avoid more customer frustration, cents for longer screws. This isn't a problem with the fixture, but something to be aware of. I was replacing a single fixture in my master closet, which used traditional lightbulbs in a frosted fixture, which got too hot with LEDs, causing issues and premature failures. The bulbs below the ceiling would illuminate a larger area with less shadows. The light is more like a can ceiling light because it does not project out the sides. It was not an issue in my installation. There is a note of interest. Will update later if there are any operational issues.

👤I decided to install a dimmer because I like it as it is, but first thing in the morning might be a bit much. I'll find out. I like the color choices, they allow me to pick the hue according to my personal preferences as well as the location of the house. Installation was easy, instructions were good, and the hanging design for wiring install is very useful. The features and quality are worth the extra money, even if it is a tad more than other lights. There are only a few styles of ceiling lights available, so I found this one that wasn't gaudy, wasn't a plastic mount, and low profile was perfect to replace the old style mushroom $5 contractor lights. Absolutely recommend these.

👤2 pack of hykolity led with flush mount brushed nickel finish. The product photos show the correct dimensions. It's 1.38' thick. The technical dimensions farther down are incorrect for the brushed nickel version. I used three lights. The two-part corner cabinet doors extended after the upper cabinets were renovated. It is not practical to change the electrical boxes for the lights. The lights were easy to install and fit into the small boxes. They install with less height than the ceiling, so my corner cabinet doors pass under them. The brushed nickel finish is great for kitchen appliances. I like the 3000K light color temperature, but it's easy to change to a whiter color with a switch. The brightness is good. I usually turn them on with the dimmer lever at 60 percent brightness, because I have them on a single dimmer switch. Many reviews here say you can change the brightness with the switch, which is hidden when the cover is installed. The switch doesn't change the color of the light, but it does change the brightness. If you want the light to be less bright, use a wall dimmer switch that is compatible withLED lights.

4. ASGYISA Fixture, Chandelier, Lighting Suitable

ASGYISA Fixture%EF%BC%8C Chandelier%EF%BC%8C Lighting Suitable

The industrial chandelier is suitable for modern and retro home decoration. The farmhouse-inspired design of the Black Chandelier injects an airy modern twist on farmhouse design while lasting elegance. Dining room lighting fixture hangings make a statement in any interior design without occupying floor space. The lamp height is 6.29 inches. The base type is E26, not including the bulb. Up to 60 watt. The retro ceiling lights are perfect for kitchens, dining rooms, foyer, corridors, bedrooms, cafes, dining rooms and any space you like. The perfect shopping experience is provided for each customer. If you have any questions or problems after you receive the product or installation, please don't hesitate to contact them. The perfect shopping experience is provided for each customer. If you have any questions or problems after you receive the product or installation, please don't hesitate to contact them.

Brand: Asgyisa

👤I like the way the light looks and it doesn't take up a lot of overhead room because my ceilings are on the lower side. The 60 watt led Edison daylight bulbs put out a lot of light. The arms can be positioned as you please. I used the stock photo to keep the parallel lines clean. The light is not assembled, each piece must be screwed in individually. There will be two sets of two at each height, with the shortest needing to be screwed in place first, so on, so forth. The directions are very easy to understand. I gave 4 stars instead of 5 because there were no words or details. I was hoping for a light that was more ready to go than the one I have, it's more expensive and I have to do all the work.

👤The light fixture looks great in my dining area, and the price was great, so I gave this 5 stars. I saw a lot of people talking about how difficult it was to assemble when I read the reviews. I watched the assembly video on Amazon and wondered how hard it could be. The reviews were correct. The fixture comes with the most confusing directions and the video helps a little, but since the parts aren't labeled nor are the holes on the base it made for a fun time of trial and error. You have to wire each light. To connect all the wires, you'll want to use wire cutter and electrical tape. I was able to do it despite not being an electrician. Good luck on the assembly if you purchase this. I like putting things together, but this one was frustrating.

👤I followed the instructions to assemble the fixture. Installation went well. I put 60 watt Edison white bulbs in and they were too bright. It looks perfect after changing them to 40 watt golden color bulbs. The old traditional chandelier didn't highlight the flaws in the ceiling like this fixture did. I had to paint the ceiling. It was worth it. The fixture is close to the ceiling and lights the area up nicely.

👤Was what I was looking for. My kitchen is being renovated. It took a little while to put it all together. I used six. 40 watt daylight lightbulbs are very good.

👤We need a light fixture for our dining room. This one was very cute. The husband didn't put it up until 3 months after it was delivered. We realized a piece was missing when he was assembling. The seller was so quick to respond to the situation that he sent a replacement for the entire fixture. Would definitely buy it.

👤The white picture on the website was perfect for my kitchen. The product I received was far smaller than what was depicted in the photographs. It was very difficult to assemble because the poles were constantly changing position on the ceiling and there was no way to tighten them up. I put the lightbulbs in the picture in order to make them look similar. The lightbulbs don't have much light. I replace them with similar lights that put out more light. The lights burned out in less than a month. The package said they were the correct wattage. I went back to the original lightbulbs, however they had the same problem with the light bulbs. The product is not very good. The pole arms come apart when you try to remove the lightbulbs. I had to replace this product after two months because it was not worth the money.

5. Kira Home 2 Light Tiffany Ceiling

Kira Home 2 Light Tiffany Ceiling

The design is classic and vintage. The Tiffany shade and smooth black finish of the semi flush is stunning. This piece is gorgeous and will illuminate your home. DIMENSIONS The ceiling light is 5.75" (H) x 16" (D), the shade is 3.25" (H) x 16" (D), and the canopy is 1" (H) x 7" (D). Dimmer compatible. For dry locations, UL is listed for your safety. It can use up to 60W traditional incandescent medium base bulbs. The bulbs are sold separately. It's perfect for severe setTINGS. You can place this fixture in different areas of your home. It's perfect for the dining room, living room, bedroom, hallway, entryway, foyer or entry. They are a US based company with real local support, designed and supported in California. They provide a 1-year warranty, so if you ever have any issues, feel free to reach out to them. Shop with confidence. They are a US based company with real local support, designed and supported in California. They provide a 1-year warranty, so if you ever have any issues, feel free to reach out to them. Shop with confidence.

Brand: Kira Home

👤The light in my Arizona room is pretty decent. A 45 watt equivalent clear led bulb will give off a calming warm light. For me, the stained glass details are more important than the lighting. It is better used as accent lighting. Even though the light isn't on, the lamp looks great. Installation was easy, even a guy like me who has never installed electrical in his life can get the lights to work. If you have ugly popcorn ceilings, the lights will highlight them.

👤The munting assembly was completely missing when the item arrived. They forgot to ship the parts to me so I had to call them. The cheap and poor quality of the glass and hardware caught my attention. The shade is flimsy and distorts, and the build quality is poor. The shade exerts pressure on the outer rim once it is installed due to the grip and pressure. Looking at how warped this thing is really makes me angry. If you have standards, I wouldn't recommend this product. I would send the box back. It looks nice in their add, but it's not that nice.

👤The glass is too thick for the lights to illuminate it. It's attractive and I would recommend a room with another light source as this is a good source of indirect light. You won't light a room up with this.

👤The shade is pretty and we chose it because of that. The fitting hardware is cheap and shoddy and there are weak clips on the side to hold on the shade. The shade isn't stable and is not secure. I wouldn't recommend it.

👤The shade that comes with the design allows for flush mounting. The shade was able to fit because of the large screw in the brackets. I used a larger screw to set the brackets. 2. The size of the brackets was smaller. The shade is too big to hold even with my larger screw and the shade is pushed flush with the ceiling. The space between the fixture and ceiling was the best I could get. Not my definition of "Flush", but good enough. You can see that the colors are different when you zoom into the picture. The red parts of the insect. The pieces are clear and good enough for the price.

👤The Kira Home Mateo 16 watt ceiling light is beautiful, but the shade of the light is dark enough to dim the light of the two 60 watt equivalent bulbs. I needed a new fixture in my small living room, and while it matches my decor perfectly, it doesn't liven the room up as well as I would have liked. It's well made, the shade clips easily to the fixture, and it's close enough to the ceiling to hide the bulbs. Despite the dim light and the relatively high price, I would still buy it again for the Tiffany style shade.

👤The lamp looks great! The shade is made of lead and glass. It feels flimsy and thin compared to the more substantial base they should charge another few dollars for. The main disc and bulb holders are light and bend easily. You should not need to change bulbs once mounted. A more solid base would be appreciated. This is a great looking piece that is perfect for a period. Customer service is excellent, they contacted them about the installation and they returned email the same day.

6. Hamilyeah Industrial Lighting Hardwired Bathroom

Hamilyeah Industrial Lighting Hardwired Bathroom

The pilsen light fixture with half cylinder shade made of brushed gold metal cover deliver a vintage retro vibe. The contemporary design is ideal for commercial areas. The gold wall sconce lighting are made of premium metal and finished in an anti-corrosion shade. No need to think about oxidation and colour fading issues. Their priority is your safety. All of their lighting is safe to operate and use. The wall lighting is equipped with a quality heat-resistant sockets which protects the bulb and maximizes the bulb lifespan. There is no need to change bulbs frequently. All E26 bulbs are compatible. The bulbs shown in the photos are not included. The dimmable sconce lights are easy to install. 1. The wires need to be connected 2. The wall has a mounting plate. You can do it yourself, but make sure to use your full electrical knowledge. The package includes all the mounting installation kits. Before you install the wall lamp, please power off. Ensuring every customer is happy is their biggest priority. They provide professional after-sale service to make their customers happy. The 1 year warranty will let you shop with confidence. You can ask questions and shop. They are always happy to help. Ensuring every customer is happy is their biggest priority. They provide professional after-sale service to make their customers happy. The 1 year warranty will let you shop with confidence. You can ask questions and shop. They are always happy to help.

Brand: Hamilyeah

👤These are very sturdy and well-made, and are an amazing value. It's very easy to install and hold on the wall. The finish looks more expensive than it is.

👤Awesome product. It looks great in the basement.

7. Bling Changing Lighting Temperature Lighting ETL

Bling Changing Lighting Temperature Lighting ETL

The up/down wall source is a GU10 6W spot light,warm white 3000k daylight 6000k with multi colour changing options, lamps is made of 5pcs Philips RGB chips and 6pcs warm white leds and 6pcs cool white. There is a spectrum of vibrant and pastel colors. It is easy to installREMOTE CONTROL. You can control the wall light from up to 96 feet away with the Pack included RF Remote. Smooth touch dimmer or on/off remotely. lamp change is easy to mount via their user manual. Multiple light sources are symmetrically. Multiple wall lights can be controlled at the same time using the same remote. Every moment, smart technology allows you to create a nice atmosphere. The robust outdoor of fixture is designed to survive the GU10 bulbs up to 72mm in length,GU10 body use flame retardant long-term heat resistance. The robust outdoor of fixture is designed to survive the GU10 bulbs up to 72mm in length,GU10 body use flame retardant long-term heat resistance.

Brand: Bling

👤The lights are bright. The white is bright and the colors are vibrant. You can see video and pictures. You can use the phone app to schedule on/off times, but you need a separate controller to control colors and timers to turn off light. The controller requires a 2.4 GHz signal. It may take a while, but it is worth it. You can check out my photos. I change the color to match my moods.

👤The lights are pretty nice. I bought more expensive lights and they failed after 9 months. I am not sure how long these will last. They seem to be pretty well made. If you follow the directions, the remote will work. Just like any other light, mounting is easy. I almost guarantee the directions were not read when I saw some complaints about the remote not working.

👤The lights look good at night. I didn't think they were plastic, but they look nice. I had a misunderstanding with my order and was sent lights that looked used and missing parts. They sent me new ones after I reached out to them. The remote was difficult. We got. I like the look at night. The lights are simple but nice.

👤After many attempts and searches, it works very well. There is a The lights are bright. Neighborhood comments on them. I bought the front and back of the house.

👤There are no instructions to install batteries. The remote has a small slot in it. You can use a knife in the slot to open the remote. I put all three lights on the same spot. It was very easy to pair up.

👤I can't stop it from blinking. It won't stick to a solid light.

👤I like this product and can install it.

8. Cerdeco 37858TZ Brandon 2 Light Outdoor

Cerdeco 37858TZ Brandon 2 Light Outdoor

The wall sconces lighting fixture are easy to assemble and install. Installation by a license electrician is suggested for easy to assemble and quick to install for immediate lighting. The industrial looking above the living room, bedroom, fireplace, next to the TV, on the dining room wall, beside the Vanity mirror, also for staircase, foyer, bar, restaurant, café, hotel and office is perfect. The Brandon collection includes outdoor wall lamps. matt black is made of superior aluminum. It is weather-proof and rust-resistant. Adapt to the weather. It is hard-wired. There are 220v and 110v available. The lamp's size is D:4" x H:12.6". The size of the base is L. There is a listed. The American IncandesCENT LUMINAIR standard. The manufacturer has a 2-year warranty. 2*E26/E27 bulbs are not included. The outdoor and indoor wall sconce is perfect. Use as hotels, department stores, courtyards, doorways and porches lighting. 2*E26/E27 bulbs are not included. The outdoor and indoor wall sconce is perfect. Use as hotels, department stores, courtyards, doorways and porches lighting.

Brand: Cerdeco

👤We can't say anything else. These lights exceeded our expectations. We paid a high price for these lights and they are worth it. The material is heavy duty and good for weathering. We had 3 lights done in an hour and no issues. The look is clean. Would definitely recommend!

👤This light is amazing. The light pattern is very pleasing and the fact that you can put 2 bulbs in the same spot increases the function of the light. If you set the light to sunset to sunrise, it will come on automatically. The construction is very well sealed against the weather. Highly recommended.

👤I like the clean lines and feel they finished off my patio perfectly. I love the fact that I can keep the top and bottom completely sealed. I've had lamps that are open in the past that attracted insects and spider webs. I know these glass caps will stay nice and clean. I had a small glitch during the install, but I contacted customer support and they answered within minutes. Providing pictures as well as a detailed explanation. A+ product and service.

👤They look modern, well constructed, and give a nice dramatic light. I used 2x 60W soft white lights. The photo is not great. You understand the idea.

👤A very reasonable price point has a high end look. It's easy to install. The perimeter of the box was sealed with silicone. 10 were installed in one day.

👤This fixture was purchased to replace a fixture that looked like a stagecoach. The simple design of this fixture looks better on a contemporary house. I didn't need to bend the fixture to make it fit or have it line up correctly because the tolerances and operation of the top and bottom end caps were all very good. Also packaged well but without a lot of waste. A nice fixture.

👤This was easy to install. The product is our home and wiring. The product didn't address the difficulty in installation. Excellent quality at a reasonable price. I love getting a deal. A style issue is brightness. This light is either up or down. It casts a beam against the house and up the wall. It is not a wide light. The design goal is not that. If you are looking for a lamp that will cast a bright wide area of light this is not the style you are looking for. There are three of these in front of my house, each holding two sixty watt LEDs. They are bright and nice. I use home automation to turn mine off and on and they come on at 50 percent dim due to the bright light and the look I am trying to achieve. They were in perfect condition when they arrived. These are big events that will make a statement during the day. A lot of these are built with LEDs. This was not a good idea for me because the bulbs are not dimmable and the color temp is preset. Chosing my own bulbs eliminated the concern. I don't have a useless fixture if the bulbs fail.

9. Recessed Lighting Downlight Ceiling Dimmable

Recessed Lighting Downlight Ceiling Dimmable

The difference between a normal ceiling light and a RGBW ceiling light is huge. The spotlight has 12 types of static colors. Normal lighting, mood lighting, decorative lighting, party lighting and etc. There are dimensions. The mounting depth of the LEDs is 1.9in. The outer diameter is less than 5in. The ceiling cutout is less than 3in. It is easy to install. Send the light into the hole. Multiple ceiling lights can be controlled by one remote control. You can change the color of the ceiling lights with a remote control. It will be convenient to lie on the sofa or bed. You can use the timing function in the remote to wake up before the ceiling lights go off. The function of memory. If you don't cut off the light bulb's power, it will remenber the last color of color you set. Refer to the user manual for more details. It is wonderful. The Energy Saving Bulb is a 10 watt led light bulb. 80 light quality for vivid colors and full brightness after power up. The Energy Saving Bulb is a 10 watt led light bulb. 80 light quality for vivid colors and full brightness after power up.

Brand: Changm

👤I am an electrician and mechanical engineer who uses these all of the time. They are the best value for a 4” light on Amazon. I have used one to back up a television for a customer, and I use them under homes, under cabinets, and in ceilings. They have recently upgraded the connections for the lights that make them more secure and easier to connect the wiring. I have been ordering them for 3 years and have not had a failure. 16 gauge wire can be used to install these. I like using the 2 wire thermostat wiring. They are responsive and bright, but could be a little brighter in the white setting. They can be washed out by other lights in a bright room, but when the light is not as bright, they are a killer color wash. There is a If there was a controller that could sync all of the lights at the same time, I would pay for it. They are all individually controlled by the remote, so it can be hard to sync them up.

👤If you block the signal, you can offset them and create color patterns. Attached is a video. I would like to sync them all back up just before the power goes off. I used 100ft of stranded direct burial to install. It is good enough for my needs. Doesn't have all the bells and whistles of more expensive models. There was no easy connection. There are small boxes. I don't think they are equivalent to the EU even though they say they are, it's just a matter of low voltage. It won't fit under a ceiling joist like a competitor model because of the bumps on the top. One remote press is not enough to change all lights. I had to walk around the room and press it four times to get all the lights to turn on the same color. White is the most bright of all the colors. Red is the second-brightest color. It is not possible to dim colors and not compatible with a dimmer switch. Cheap in price is a pros. I can program the IR to my universal TV remote. The price is a great value. I like the color of white. It remembers the last setting it was on when you turn off the light.

👤These lights are amazing. They come with remotes with batteries already installed. The template is perfect for cutting holes. You don't need to install junction boxes for each light. If you ever need to replace the wires outside the junction boxes, they have screw connections inside plastic splices to make it easier. They would be better if they had quick connections. Wire is hard to work with because they don't use much current. I would buy extras so you can replace them when they burn out. The remotes work well. You can change the colors of the lights. To change it all at once, point close to one light. The dimmer works well. I like the lights. Spring clips secure the lights in place.

10. EuSolis Industrial Spotlight Lighting Fixtures

EuSolis Industrial Spotlight Lighting Fixtures

This bright spot can be used as a ceiling light or wall light. The iron has a button for better control of shine and safety. Base diameter: 4.33in(11 cm). The package does not contain the light bulb because it is fragile. The E26 power outlet can be used with the 40w edison. This bright spot can be used as a ceiling light or wall light. The iron has a button for better control of shine and safety. Suggested Room Fit: 10 m2. If the product is damaged when you receive it, please ask for a confirmation and feel free to contact them. They can replace it for free or give a refund. If the product is damaged when you receive it, please ask for a confirmation and feel free to contact them. They can replace it for free or give a refund.

Brand: Hobaca

👤I purchased them and they look great. My satisfaction level is a 5. I believe they need modification to run safely in the states. The wires are too thin and won't run anything larger than a 60 watt equivalent led bulb. On the package, it says so. I ran a new stranded romex to the base after changing the bulb sockets. Do not buy this if you don't understand what I said. If you do, it was easy and worth it because of the cool looking ones. The wires are the only ones that are high quality and built like tanks.

👤The ratings title makes no sense. Is it sheerness? It makes sense, but is it a light? It defies physics for a light to be thick. Installation was easy and light is a good value, giving a theatre flourish to our living space.

👤I used to work in the lighting department and wanted some light fixture to remind me of those days and to be used in my home studio. The quality and overall style of the fixture is very impressive.

👤Every living room has an eye-catcher.

👤I bought two and love them. I don't think they will take a lot of up and down, but it's great for the price and they look really nice.

👤The light was broken in mine. Hardware or instructions are not included. It would be a good light if it made it to your house in one piece.

👤The device didn't have any mounting screws.

👤Unfortunately, I will be returning two of these lights, as they do not work at all. I am concerned that these may start an electrical fire that is as bad as they are.

👤I bought this at a greatly reduced price on Amazon Warehouse because it's box was damaged and I thought it was worth a chance. This is a lot larger than I expected and looks fantastic, it's a real eye opener and will be a talking point. If I had paid full price, this light would have been spot on for style and quality.

👤It might not be pro-level construction, but you get what you pay for. It does look very stylish and is quite eye-catching once installed, but it really needs 2 people. I would buy another one.

👤It is not of the same quality as a professional version, but it is great for the money.

👤The lampe ist es bei dem Loft-Stil. Wer regelmig die Lampe neu ausrichten mchte ist hier falsch. Weniger auffllt, ist es beim Korpus der Lampe. Man die Lampe ist ausrichten, hat man etwas das Gefhl. Ich dies in erstmaligen Ausrichten, aber I am so klar. Bin somit the Ergebnis. Weil das Material doch etwas dicker ist. Ihren Bewertung bei Ihrer Kaufentscheidung geholfen? Ihren hilft ist Sie, weiss, das doch.

👤Ihren Geld wert ist das 'Strahler'. Sie sehen 100% professionell aus. "Normale" ist erst "Normale"LED-birnen, um die Spot- und Floodstrahler umgerstet. Sie beeindrucken. Gre. Sie is in jede Richtung. There is a Produkt. Ihren Antikschrnke damit meine.

11. Alotm Aluminum Lighting Fixtures Restaurant

Alotm Aluminum Lighting Fixtures Restaurant

Modern and fashion design is ideal for interior house use. The power is 4*1W. L141*W141*H45mm is the size of the input and is not battery powered. Warm white/yellow and cool white have no UV or IR radiation. The aluminum body is durable and shining. They can't be the main light source for the decoration of wall, so please notice. They can't be the main light source for the decoration of wall, so please notice.

Brand: Alotm

👤The light was installed in my stairwell. It was difficult to mount the light since there were no mounting holes or bolts. It looks great once it gets up.

👤These were installed for theatre room lights. They are great!


What is the best product for home theater lighting ceiling?

Home theater lighting ceiling products from Seol. In this article about home theater lighting ceiling you can see why people choose the product. Zglaojt and Hykolity are also good brands to look for when you are finding home theater lighting ceiling.

What are the best brands for home theater lighting ceiling?

Seol, Zglaojt and Hykolity are some of the best brands that chosen by people for home theater lighting ceiling. Find the detail in this article. Asgyisa, Kira Home and Hamilyeah are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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