Best Home Theater Lighting Floor

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1. CO Z Industrial Adjustable Standing Reading

CO Z Industrial Adjustable Standing Reading

The style is vintage. The industrial light fixture was created using the characteristics of modern minimalists with a rustic and vintage appeal. The metal construction isdurable. The lamppost and lamp shade are finished in aged bronze with gold highlights, which are hand-painted by experienced artisans, for both elegance andDurability. It is possible to adjust it fully. The height should be adjusted between 55'' and 65''. The lamp head should be 90 for uplight or downlight. The industrial look can be completed with an Edison bulb. The quality and safety of the certificate is proven. It is compatible with the E26 Socket type A bulbs. The power cord is 5 feet. The lamp head has a switch on it. The Vonluce artistic standing lamp has a 3 year warranty and is made from high quality materials. The Vonluce artistic standing lamp has a 3 year warranty and is made from high quality materials.

Brand: Vonluce

👤The lamp was packaged well and easy to assemble. The photos on Amazon are not what they appear to be. They do not show an electrical cord. I thought the cord would be the same as any other floor lamp. The reason I bought this light was because it didn't show cords hanging in the air. After putting the lamp together, the electrical cord starts halfway down the lamp on one of the poles, instead of being threaded through the pole and coming out at the base of the lamp. It's really ridiculous. I thought the lamp shade would be deeper. Not worth 69 for me.

👤The design of my lamp seemed to be faulty because the shade couldn't be secured to the lamp and kept falling off. Not good! After I returned the lamp, the company gave me a full refund and sent me a replacement lamp for free. The second lamp is perfect. It is lovely and secure. In these challenging times, the gesture that this company made to correct a problem with their product has made me believe in humankind. The company behind the lamp is behind their products. Excellent!

👤unpacking the lamp was the most difficult thing to do. It was the easiest lamp assembly I have ever done. I was surprised by how much light the 60 watt bulb generated. The plastic pieces that were complained about are adequate for their purpose. They can be omitted if you don't like them. The wiring doesn't go through the base. The lamp's design makes the wiring look like it is part of the effect, and the base is more stable since there is no wiring under it. The 5' cord was not a problem since I used a surge protector. I am happy with the purchase.

👤Love the look. I thought it would adjust to a higher height, but it doesn't. It's unstable and leans a little. I used a wrench at the bottom to make it more stable, but it wiggles and leans. I would return it for another one, but I wanted the look. We're stuck. I put it over plants to give them a grow light. I wouldn't get it if you have children or a dog. The base is solid so it can hold up. I put it behind a big pot so my dog can't reach it. It works and looks great.

👤It's a good lamp. I would like the adjustment knobs to work better for the price. It is not ideal. Box and styrofoam were destroyed in shipping, but they were still effective at protecting the lamp. The cord does come down from the middle of the picture, but that's standard for this style of lamp. I would not use a room light to light a room, but as a light for reading in a chair it's fine.

👤The manufacturer is unresponsive to warranty questions. There's an Amazon warranty support team that can help with issues like this, but they were unresponsive. They agreed to issue me a refund after a number of conversations with Amazon customer service. After a couple months of use, the lamp went limp and couldn't support itself. The lamp head is not protected from sagging because the tensioner knob doesn't create enough grip.

2. ASURION Year Improvement Protection 20 29 99

ASURION Year Improvement Protection 20 29 99

The largest single source for residential and commercial lighting is offered by Progress Lighting. You don't pay any additional cost for repairs, parts, labor or shipping. There is coverage. The plan begins on the day of purchase. Power surge and normal use of portable products caused spills and cracked screens. After the manufacturer's warranty, malfunctioning are covered. Product eligibility Products purchased in the last 30 days are covered by the plans. You can file a claim online or by phone. Within minutes most claims are approved. They will give you an Amazon gift card for the purchase price of your product. They can replace or repair it.

Brand: Asurion

👤You pay money for an extended warranty. There were 16 items on my order. I get a separate email with the list. I received another email that said 'Asurion 4year Home Improvement Protection Plan $20-299.99'. Nothing else. What do you know about the warranty? How do you know which item is for which protection plan? Where do you file it if the item breaks, since the email subject lines say "your Amazon purchase is protected"? I have 50 line items that all look the same in my personal folder file. Is it possible to put it all on the same email? Anything that can be used to identify the order. You can do better.

👤You would think that the email they send would show this important piece of information. It should start when the manufacturer's warranty ends, not from the date of purchase. I'm going to try to return it.

👤I will report this to the fraud department because it added itself to my orders. I don't know what it is.

👤It's not worth my time to figure it out, but it's annoying that it got added to my cart, and that it's hard to figure out what it's supposed to do. There needs to be more clear documentation about what it is for and how it should be used.

👤I contacted Asurion multiple times but my claim is not on their website. You will never collect from this plan. Asurion doesn't have to pay out.

👤Every once in a while, I have to make a claim on an warranty policy, but it's usually not because of something. I purchased a warranty on a coffee system. I purchased a two year warranty. The Ninja started flooding the countertop with water on the 20th month of the policy. As usual, I lubricated the rubber with restaurant-grade lubricant after cleaning it, and checked the gasket on the water tank to make sure it was in place. I learned a trick in the restaurant business 20 years ago. The counter continued to flood. Not every week but 2 or 3 times per week. I contacted Asurion after I realized I had purchased an Asurion warranty on the beast. The process was easy to follow. They approved my claim within 24 hours. I received an email from Asurion telling me I would get a credit on my Amazon account within 48 hours after I dropped the box off. I received another email saying my credit was complete. I entered the gift card number I received on Amazon and was able to start shopping immediately. Why are you still unsure about the Asurion warranty? If you're making a purchase that's valuable, you don't need a slow, sluggish manufacturer warranty.

👤I don't know how many I've bought over the years, but I can say that I've never had to use one of them. It always seems like a small price to pay if I really like breaks. If you're willing to go through the hassle of making a claim, the warranty will work as long as your item doesn't break due to your own tampering. If you bought it accidentally, you can return it for a full refund by going to your orders page. If you end up returning the item you bought, you can get a refund. I wish someone would have told me this, I never bothered to return one of the warranties I bought. I reply to the email with a label of what I bought it for, because they don't tell you what the warranty is for. If I ever need to use the warranty, I'll be able to search my inbox and know which one covers what, otherwise you'll have to dig through your orders page. I don't think anyone is. I get the reply because it's one of those email addresses that doesn't get replies.

3. XIHOME Industrial Adjustable Gooseneck Lighting

XIHOME Industrial Adjustable Gooseneck Lighting

The style is style. A vintage industrial floor lamp and a gooseneck tripod are examples of old fashioned design. The lamp stand can be adjusted. The cord is long. Not included are the BULBS. E26 bulb base has max 60 watt capacity. They recommend ASIN: B07PHWJBTQ if you want to add a vintage bulb. Quality: Excellent. Industrial of authentic iron and painted by all black, unique shape without compromising on style! There is a guarantee. The satisfaction of their customers is important to them. They will respond to you as soon as possible if you have any problems with their products. There is a buyer's back story. The theater room has perfect lamps. There is a buyer's back story. The theater room has perfect lamps.

Brand: Xihome

👤I ordered the lamp set to have some nice retro studio lamps. I saw several that I liked but they were either heavy and expensive or cheap, but the reviews were not great. I saw this set of two and thought they were perfect. I researched the lights online and found a few good ones. I took a chance and ordered from Amazon. I'm glad I took the chance. These were well-packaged and arrived quickly. There were no missing parts or defects. The assembly was very easy, just pull the light fixture out of one box and the stand out of the other. Attach lamp to stand, extend stand to your height. Between 3 feet and 6 feet the height is infinite. I have mine set at about 6 feet and they could have gone higher. The poles are made of metal, the lamp housings are made of metal, and the hardware is made of metal. The construction is nice and the finish is black. There are plastic parts that don't need to be tightened down to death when adjusting height and tighten down. You should be good to go if you tighten snug. There is nothing to freak out over, but remember these are single column with a tripod at the base. They could be a bit tipsy. They will not get bumped if they are set out in a corner behind furniture. You can set them and forget them. They could get bumped and tipped if they are put in a traffic area. To be aware of it is nothing to be scared of. Light output is the degree of light you want them to put out. I wanted warm accent lighting so I used the Edison style bulbs. If you want primary lighting, I would recommend the LEDs. These are standard bulb bases. You should be able to put the power cords in most of the room. Standard 2-prong plugs are used for the U.S. wall outlet. The light housing has cords attached to it. I used black wire zip ties to keep the cords from going down the poles. I left the zip ties loose so I could adjust the lamp height. I used a switched wall outlet for my setup. I plugged in the extension cord to get the couch back to the wall. I plugged a dimmer switch into that so I could use dimmable bulbs. I plugged a 1-to-2 plug into the dimmer. I plugged the lamps into that and then switched on the foot switches. When you use the wall switch, both lamps switch on to the level of brightness set by the dimmer. I'm very happy to get these lamps. They look great and provide the look and feel I wanted for my movie room. I recommend them.

👤The items were packaged well and undamaged. It was very simple to set up. It took more time to find the right bulb. The grocery store only sells spotlights, which are too big to fit in regular halogen bulbs. I went to the local store to find what I needed. The stand isn't very stable, so be careful of over extending the legs and place the stand in a non-traffic area. They're made more for style because they won't light up a large room with only a 60W bulb. These lamps look nice and do make a wonderful decorative impact in the room, but a more sturdy stand and higher bulb wattage would have earned this item 5 stars.

4. Lightess Dimmable Bedroom Lighting Fixtures

Lightess Dimmable Bedroom Lighting Fixtures

Dimmable Sconce: Black up down wall lamp has a dimmable switch that allows you to adjust the brightness to your liking. If there is no dimmable switch, it will appear with the full brightness level. The hallway lamp is made of aluminum and has a hight of 20CM/7.87inch. The 12CM is 4 inches. More bright and stylish with a 10CM/3.93inch, AC 85-265V, 1200lm, and 3000K warm white. The indoor wall mounted light is made of aluminum. You can choose a colour to match your interior decoration. Simple and sleek design makes your room look better. It's ideal for bedrooms, living rooms, hallway, children's rooms, stairwell, restaurants, kitchen, corridors, conservatory, and other wall lamps and bedside wall lamps. Installation is easy without a complex installation. Can be mounted vertically or horizontally. Under the guidance of the electrician, please install. Installation is easy without a complex installation. Can be mounted vertically or horizontally. Under the guidance of the electrician, please install.

Brand: Lightess

👤I bought this to replace an unattractive wall light. The design is simple and modern. It is not the standard black, white and green wire color. They have a diagram of the load, neutral, and ground so it was easy to figure it out. The wires are connected to a plastic block. It could be mounted in a way that's more suited to my wall design, but it's something to be aware of. It is very cone and splash, so don't expect it to have a flood, the light outlook is very directed up and down, so either a small space to see the ground or have multiple lights there is overlap is best.

👤It had no power switch so it had to be returned. Excellent quality. I would have liked it to work out. Go for it if you have a switch to link it to. I am not an electrician so I couldn't install one.

👤It's a nice fixture, but it's not shown in any of the pictures how bright the LEDs are if it's mounted above the eye level. Prepare to be blinded because there is nothing to diffuse the light. The wire colors didn't match the standard black and white and the wiring connector wasn't a fan of mine. Not an issue for me, but it could be for other people.

👤The light was damaged when we got it but not so much that we could not glue it, the electrical hook ups were tiny and miserable to install, and now it acts like it has a short in it, you have to tap it to get it to come one. It looks nice, but it feels cheap. It doesn't have motion detection.

👤The low light is perfect. Do not expect bright light, that is not what this is for. This is a light. We bought a few. They were easy to install, like any other wired lights. The wire colors are not the standard white/red/black. You will be fine if you follow the instructions. You need a level to make sure they are installed straight. We used our own connection hardware. Very happy with the purchase.

👤Love, love, love the consecrations. An electrician will be needed to install them. The light diffuses up and down and creates a warm look. If you want to get a cooler feel in the room, you need to ask the electrician if he will put in a bathtub. A, GONNELLA.

👤These lights are gorgeous. I am so happy I bought them, they look even better once connected and the dimmer gives the room that elegant touch. The style lights will enhance any room in my opinion.

👤I was hesitant about buying this light fixture because it was so inexpensive, but I was pleasantly surprised to find that it was good quality and made a nice update to my bathroom.

5. Lemonbest Landscape Decorative Spotlight Lighting

Lemonbest Landscape Decorative Spotlight Lighting

The cast aluminum has a glass lens. If you need the spike, this is the round base design. Excellent performance under all weather conditions, water-resistant IP65 Yard Patio Path Wall Spotlight Lamp. The 85% is energy-saving and environment friendly. Warm white; completely sealed and has a 180 degrees up/down swivel brackets. It is easy to install for indoor spot lighting or outdoor lawn, outer wall, garden, Path, patio, villas, hotels, etc. The Epistar COB light has a US standard plug that can be used to extend and connect to your home power. There is no power switch. The Epistar COB light has a US standard plug that can be used to extend and connect to your home power. There is no power switch.

Brand: Lemonbest

👤I wanted an outdoor light to illuminate the flag. I usually read the reviews. This light isn't what I was expecting. It is light weight and inexpensive. The 3-prong plug is not what it seems. I was very surprised to find only two conductors and no ground wire when I tried to hard wire the device to the junction box. I don't think Amazon should sell this light.

👤I wanted the lights to be on the front of my home. I bought similar ones from Home Depot and they were too bright. I researched a bunch of lighting systems, which needed a transformer, and would have to run cables underground into my home. I already had a power outlet on the front of my house that is controlled by an interior switch, so I split it out to an outdoor surge protector to control as many of these as I want. I've had them for several months, and it's rained, it's snowed, and some animals have dug one of them up. There have been no issues so far. I would definitely recommend them.

👤The PROS are. It is a landscape light that can be used with lighting upwards of distance. The light is bright and energy efficient. The cord is very solid and clearly designed for outdoor use, but only if you are trying to use it as a landscape light, which I am. The cord is used for other purposes than intended, such as illuminating art indoors. This isn't a problem in landscape lighting. It can be too bright if you are using it to illuminate art indoors, for example, how far away it is from your piece, etc. I have a close one. I used a light pink gel cut to fit the top of my bulb to make the lighting of my canvas softer. I would need to get a switch to turn off my light. I want the light on all the time as it illuminates the dark part of my home, and also acts as a beautiful sort of night light, too.

👤The spotlight was easy to install. It moves up, down and to either side. It is brighter than I anticipated. We use a timer to light our entryway at night. The cord is small. You'll probably need an extension cord and a way to switch it off. The painted aluminum housing should hold up well, but it is not waterproof, and some customers are using it for garden or landscape lighting. For long periods of outdoor use, the manufacturer recommends putting a clear plastic cover on the light and securing it with a rubber band. That's not a full statement! If you install it under an overhang, you should be fine.

👤I had a problem with the litter. It's not a joke, but this sounds weird for a lamp purchase. The cats were not able to see the litter box in the dark. It's located at the base of a stairway in a dark area with no light during the day. I tried a night light and it didn't work. The night lights were not bright enough. I was looking for something that would light up the area and make the cats more comfortable when using the litter box. This product caught my attention for a number of reasons. It has the right amount of brightness, low power consumption, and is supposed to have a long product life. I plan to get more of them and use them elsewhere in the house, barn and garage, because I am so impressed with this product and its price. I recommend this product for anyone who needs more than a night light. The light does not have a switch. It turns on when you plug it in. If you want a sensor or timer for this light, you have to get them separately. The light is designed for dark areas.

6. Cerdeco 37858TZ Brandon 2 Light Outdoor

Cerdeco 37858TZ Brandon 2 Light Outdoor

The wall sconces lighting fixture are easy to assemble and install. Installation by a license electrician is suggested for easy to assemble and quick to install for immediate lighting. The industrial looking above the living room, bedroom, fireplace, next to the TV, on the dining room wall, beside the Vanity mirror, also for staircase, foyer, bar, restaurant, café, hotel and office is perfect. The Brandon collection includes outdoor wall lamps. matt black is made of superior aluminum. It is weather-proof and rust-resistant. Adapt to the weather. It is hard-wired. There are 220v and 110v available. The lamp's size is D:4" x H:12.6". The size of the base is L. There is a listed. The American IncandesCENT LUMINAIR standard. The manufacturer has a 2-year warranty. 2*E26/E27 bulbs are not included. The outdoor and indoor wall sconce is perfect. Use as hotels, department stores, courtyards, doorways and porches lighting. 2*E26/E27 bulbs are not included. The outdoor and indoor wall sconce is perfect. Use as hotels, department stores, courtyards, doorways and porches lighting.

Brand: Cerdeco

👤We can't say anything else. These lights exceeded our expectations. We paid a high price for these lights and they are worth it. The material is heavy duty and good for weathering. We had 3 lights done in an hour and no issues. The look is clean. Would definitely recommend!

👤This light is amazing. The light pattern is very pleasing and the fact that you can put 2 bulbs in the same spot increases the function of the light. If you set the light to sunset to sunrise, it will come on automatically. The construction is very well sealed against the weather. Highly recommended.

👤I like the clean lines and feel they finished off my patio perfectly. I love the fact that I can keep the top and bottom completely sealed. I've had lamps that are open in the past that attracted insects and spider webs. I know these glass caps will stay nice and clean. I had a small glitch during the install, but I contacted customer support and they answered within minutes. Providing pictures as well as a detailed explanation. A+ product and service.

👤They look modern, well constructed, and give a nice dramatic light. I used 2x 60W soft white lights. The photo is not great. You understand the idea.

👤A very reasonable price point has a high end look. It's easy to install. The perimeter of the box was sealed with silicone. 10 were installed in one day.

👤This fixture was purchased to replace a fixture that looked like a stagecoach. The simple design of this fixture looks better on a contemporary house. I didn't need to bend the fixture to make it fit or have it line up correctly because the tolerances and operation of the top and bottom end caps were all very good. Also packaged well but without a lot of waste. A nice fixture.

👤This was easy to install. The product is our home and wiring. The product didn't address the difficulty in installation. Excellent quality at a reasonable price. I love getting a deal. A style issue is brightness. This light is either up or down. It casts a beam against the house and up the wall. It is not a wide light. The design goal is not that. If you are looking for a lamp that will cast a bright wide area of light this is not the style you are looking for. There are three of these in front of my house, each holding two sixty watt LEDs. They are bright and nice. I use home automation to turn mine off and on and they come on at 50 percent dim due to the bright light and the look I am trying to achieve. They were in perfect condition when they arrived. These are big events that will make a statement during the day. A lot of these are built with LEDs. This was not a good idea for me because the bulbs are not dimmable and the color temp is preset. Chosing my own bulbs eliminated the concern. I don't have a useless fixture if the bulbs fail.

7. Alotm Aluminum Lighting Fixtures Restaurant

Alotm Aluminum Lighting Fixtures Restaurant

Modern and fashion design is ideal for interior house use. The power is 4*1W. L141*W141*H45mm is the size of the input and is not battery powered. Warm white/yellow and cool white have no UV or IR radiation. The aluminum body is durable and shining. They can't be the main light source for the decoration of wall, so please notice. They can't be the main light source for the decoration of wall, so please notice.

Brand: Alotm

👤The light was installed in my stairwell. It was difficult to mount the light since there were no mounting holes or bolts. It looks great once it gets up.

👤These were installed for theatre room lights. They are great!

8. Licperron Industrial Fixtures Restaurant Lighting

Licperron Industrial Fixtures Restaurant Lighting

The whole sconces are approved by the U.S. government. The Licperron industrial sconces come with a US professional metal bracket, which makes them easy to fit in your electrical box. Their high-quality industrial sconces are made of good quality metal materials, rust-proof, durable and more decorative. Please check their pictures to get more information. This is a note. The bulbs are included in the package, so you can buy them separately. There is attention. The bulbs are very vintage and decorative. Industrial wall sconces are great for a lot of things. The tube bulb is a bit special and can be broken during transportation. They will give you the best solution if you received the faulty bulbs. The tube bulb is a bit special and can be broken during transportation. They will give you the best solution if you received the faulty bulbs.

Brand: Licperron

👤This light is unique. I like the steampunk look of the sconces I replaced in my bedroom. One of my bulbs was broken. This is common because there is a document with the light that tells you if you get a broken bulb. There was no way to contact them. I tried to get feedback from the vendor but never heard back. I found better replacement bulbs on Amazon, so it really didn't matter. The original bulbs are not LEDs. I found some better looking bulbs on Amazon. The product is called "B07V49D2HV" and it is available on the Amazon website. The combination looks great! It was a bit difficult to install. If you have replaced a wall lamp before you can manage it, you should be able to. If you're nervous, hire a handyman. The light is tall so there is a lot of room on the wall. Measure before you order. It is a dexterity test to get the bulb installed once you assemble the cage. A little patience pays off. I love the look of the product and I am happy with it. I did not like the lack of response from the company, however it forced me to find more interesting bulbs. The cost of the new bulbs doubled the cost of the project. Click on the button to help.

👤The lights are great, but the bulbs are not bright enough for me. I replaced them with 7 watt led equivalent and it was perfect!

👤They were easy to set up. I didn't use the included wall screws. I think they are backups for those with nonstandard fixture mounts. I have 8 and they look good. I purchased a led bulb on the right side of the picture, while the included one was on the left.

👤The product was scratched. I reached out to the vendor and they didn't reply. When I opened the product, I couldn't return them, so I had to pay the electrician to put them in. The product looks nice and is perfect for my train theme room. The scratches are a tad bit noticeable but they are worth the money. Still cute. The bulb blew out when I turned one on. Can't find a replacement. Lowered to 3 stars. The second bulb blew out.

👤Over the course of my life, I have installed probably 100 light fixture. We just bought a farmhouse style vintage lighting fixture and are tearing out all the lighting in our house. I was very interested in the look of the light fixture and decided to use it in my theater room as lighting. The electrical outlet is not covered by the base of the fixture. If it were a half inch to a quarter of an inch wider. I don't know if I received a used fixture, but the bases in the box we received were really bad. Everything was brand new inside. I don't think I received a new set. I could be wrong. That was another dealbreaker for me. The light fixture did not give off a lot of light when lit up. It looks great and it comes with long tube bulbs to complete the look. I don't recommend these because we round up returning them.

9. Vintage Fixtures Industrial Suitable Included

Vintage Fixtures Industrial Suitable Included

For indoor and outdoor use. All E26 base bulbs are compatible. This wall sconce is perfect for many styles of decor. The surface is anti-rust treatment and thus rust resistant, thanks to a fixed wall-mounted design with a metal body in an antique bronze finish. An elegant clear glass lamp shade will give you plenty of lighting in your room to make it look better. The wall lights use high-quality metal and glass as the main material which makes them sturdy and anti-rust. Two free T10 40 watt bulbs are included as a bonus with these vintage indoor wall lights. Free but high-quality! Stable illumination is provided by the E26 T10 bulb. No lead, mercury, or dazzling eye protection. Their wall sconces are built in a high quality ceramic E26 sockets with heat dissipation and compatible with all USA standard E26 medium base bulbs, so they are sure to be safe for you and your family. The dimmable bulb and compatible dimmer switch make it possible to adjust the brightness of the wall sconces up to your mood. The wall sconces lighting fixture are easy to assemble and install. Installation by a license electrician is suggested for easy to assemble and quick to install for immediate lighting. The industrial looking above the living room, bedroom, fireplace, next to the TV, on the dining room wall, beside the Vanity mirror, also for staircase, foyer, bar, restaurant, café, hotel and office is perfect. The wall sconces lighting fixture are easy to assemble and install. Installation by a license electrician is suggested for easy to assemble and quick to install for immediate lighting. The industrial looking above the living room, bedroom, fireplace, next to the TV, on the dining room wall, beside the Vanity mirror, also for staircase, foyer, bar, restaurant, café, hotel and office is perfect.

Brand: Eurus Home

👤It's easy to install and it's high quality. The light is from the exposed bulb. The lights look great in every room. I received many nice comments. The style is similar to Restoration Hardware. A high end look at a great price. Highly recommended!

👤I love the lights. It's hard to see through the glass when it's clean. The lights are gorgeous and it came with them. It's a good deal that you're getting 2 games. They look expensive and look like they're from the same place. If the price was just for one, I would have left a 4 star rating, but because of the price, it's worth it.

👤I wanted something that was sturdy for use on my stairway. Our new home is going to be a great addition to these. I am excited to see them installed.

👤The items arrived quickly and were easy to install. It was installed in the foyer area.

👤I love my new lights. They look great. Highly recommended.

👤They looked great and were easy to install.

👤It turned out to be a bit more dim than expected. They are easy to put up.

👤The duo de murales are in France. Dans le délai estimé, emballage trs scuritaire, qui est un murales sont vitrées.

👤Will try to paint to fix the scratches on the sconces.

👤The ensemble is called the Belle. Aclairage.

10. Lighting Fixture Acrylic Bedroom Conservatory

Lighting Fixture Acrylic Bedroom Conservatory

There is a 10-year limited warranty. The size was made of high quality. The lamp holder and light shell are made of high quality pure aluminum. It will produce a soft and romantic light in the room. Installation is easy with Wall/Surface mounted, wired. Can be mounted vertically or horizontally. Under the guidance of the electrician, please install. Soft and warm lighting tones give a bright atmosphere. Low power consumption and no harmful chemicals. It's perfect for living room, kitchen,dining room,bedroom,stair,balcony,path,patio and hallway lighting. ChangM is always behind its products. If you have any problems with the product, please don't hesitate to contact them. ChangM is always behind its products. If you have any problems with the product, please don't hesitate to contact them.

Brand: Changm

👤There is a few seconds delay when you flip the switch before the light turns on.

👤The wall light was a replacement for the stairway light. It is an attractive piece and once installed, it lights the stairway up well so it is a good light. I am not a professional electrician, but I am a capable electrician with a good number of lighting installs in my experience so my thoughts are not those of someone frustrated by a lack of skill or knowledge. This is a piece of junk. I've never seen wires of that size on a lighting fixture. Even though I treated it very carefully, the plug broke. Due to the extremely light gauge wires, it was very difficult for me to create my own connector. The ground wire was yellow with a green stripe, instead of black and white, and the live and neutral wires were blue and brown. If you are going to sell this product in the US, use American standards. The only helpful thing in the instructions was that blue wire was live and brown was neutral. They were useless if they weren't. I got it in, be all that as it may. I like the look and function. I would have returned the item if I had bought it at a local store. I went ahead with the install since returning an internet purchased item is less convenient. Many home owners would find this more difficult to install than another light fixture. I don't think purchasing this light is a good idea.

👤The three fixtures look great and a ganga deal! I was going to buy three of the sconce that I had used before in a different house, and I thought that one was a good buy for $70 per fixture because it was very distinctive looking and gave off a good bright light. I saw the 3-pack and decided to go this route. The pack cost about $15 per fixture. My husband installed them. They give off a bright light that lights our stairwell. It doesn't look feminine or masculine but is elegant. It will look good several years from now, but it will be trapped in time soon.

👤Changing the fixture is an early step in my project. I pried the fixture that had a chain on it and replaced it with this. I like the white light on the hallway. The front is made of metal and feels real. I can't see cheap plastic. I like the light a lot and have no complaints about it. The light takes a full second to come on after you flip the switch. Not a big deal. Otherwise, very nice.

👤We were very pleased with the lights in our bathroom renovation. They are light and bright. It was easy to install.

👤I bought this light because it is a very unique light with a cool factor. My husband is building a new guest room for me and I bought it to go inside a closet. I liked this much better than the ugly, ugly "boob lights" that go on ceilings. He is putting the light on the wall instead of the ceiling because it was easier. He put it horizontally. It won't matter if it's on the wall or the ceiling since there are 10 ft ceilings. I would like it to be a little brighter. I didn't expect it to be since it is a wall light and not a closet light. It's not intended to be bright. It does the job and is brighter than most sconces. I'm going to smile every time I walk into that closet. I would definitely buy wall sconces if I had a place to put them in our house. These are a good value. I bought a used light instead of a brand new one since it looked brand new and could have gone anywhere in the house. I highly recommend this light as a wall light and I also recommend thinking outside the box and trying it out. When the room and closet are finished, I may add a photo.

11. Changing Colorful Atmosphere Decoration Lighting

Changing Colorful Atmosphere Decoration Lighting

Classic Modern Decoration2 packs H40.9" x 5" Cylinder floor lamp. 60 lamp beads are energy saving. The light is a stereo light. The light can be made more uniform and gentle by the PP material. The light show is in the care of the eye. The design is simple and elegant. You can change lighting effects at will. Their colors will change with the rhythm of the music, so switch to the music mode. At any time, you can have the atmosphere space you want. In the Halloween, Christmas, Party, Watching TV, listening to music, playing games, taking exercise or relaxing. 16 million colors are available for you to choose from. You can do it yourself with the smart APP. Control its brightness. It's the best companion for your living room, bedroom, reading room, baby room, gaming room, video room, gym, etc. You can enjoy the high class atmosphere at home. This floor lamp has a beautiful remote control and also aBluetooth APP control. You can quickly and easily control it. You can turn on your preset colors and brightness with the Timing ON or off function. The main material is made of high quality plastic, which is resistant to sunlight aging, and is not easy to yellow after long-term use. The base is very heavy and difficult to fall down. The top is very light, so it's safe for babies and pets. This item requires assembly. Refer to the instruction manual or video. The main material is made of high quality plastic, which is resistant to sunlight aging, and is not easy to yellow after long-term use. The base is very heavy and difficult to fall down. The top is very light, so it's safe for babies and pets. This item requires assembly. Refer to the instruction manual or video.

Brand: Marlrin

👤My room has an awesome futuristic aesthetic thanks to these led floor lamps. I wanted to light the area around my bookshelves to match the lighting around my tv and computer, and these are perfect. The assembly process of the lights was very easy and fast, and they worked perfectly when I compiled them. When I finished building them, they were sturdy and have a weighted base. I don't have to worry about them tipping over if a fan blew on them. I like how many different pre-built modes on the remote are really intuitive and exciting. I like chase and sweet. I have never seen anything like this on any other lighting. The lights can be changed in the app. There are more modes to use in the app than on the remote. The lights can be used to see music on my phone and have a mic in my room, so that they can match the sounds in my room.

👤This is a piece of garbage. It does not have a power source to plug into an outlet. The only thing you get is a cable. You need a power source that is your own to plug theusb into. There is no mention of that in the product info. You can see pictures of it in a wall. That is false advertising. I have to give a negative star.

👤You have to build these from scratch.

👤The color chancing setting is great. It took some time but it was worth it after you plug them in. Both light up the room.

👤I didn't know what to expect when I ordered this item. I was taken aback by the thought of having to assemble it myself. I was curious to see what the product was all about, so I began assembling it. It was easy to assemble. The instructions were mostly self-explanatory and I didn't read them. It took about 15 minutes. I used clear tape to reinforce the paper build and simple assembly because it feels fragile and easy to damage. I plugged it up and it amazed me and my wife. My kids were amazed and asked for some. I will be buying more of these soon. I will use them for my DJ light show display. I recommend this product. It is great for the price.

👤I got these for my sister who loves colorful lights and they are much bigger than I thought. It is a do it yourself project. It gave her something to do and she felt accomplished for. Nice product!

👤I thought the package was small because there were two lamps in it. There are two lamps. The instructions for setting up were not very clear. The second lamp was easy to assemble once I figured it out. The color range is cool and they are very bright. If instructions were more clear, I would give them 5 stars.

👤It is not hard to put this together. Each light has an outlet. My son likes the different colors. The remote works for both of the rooms. It's pretty neat!


What is the best product for home theater lighting floor?

Home theater lighting floor products from Vonluce. In this article about home theater lighting floor you can see why people choose the product. Asurion and Xihome are also good brands to look for when you are finding home theater lighting floor.

What are the best brands for home theater lighting floor?

Vonluce, Asurion and Xihome are some of the best brands that chosen by people for home theater lighting floor. Find the detail in this article. Lightess, Lemonbest and Cerdeco are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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