Best Home Theater Lighting for Tv

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1. ZUUKOO LIGHT Backlight Lighting Decoration

ZUUKOO LIGHT Backlight Lighting Decoration

Ambient lighting adds depth of color to your home theater, creating a more impressive entertainment system. Enhance your gaming, movie, and musical experiences with vibrant lighting, 16 million colors, and 19 dynamic modes. The smart light bars can respond and move to the beat of your music, movie, and gaming audio for an experience like no other. It's perfect for gaming, home theater, music, etc. You can create a atmosphere with 16 million colors and 19 preset Dynamic Modes. Each dynamic mode displays different colors and light effects, helping you fully immerse yourself in gaming worlds. Music function, multi-dynamic modes, and timing functions can be enjoyed through the "HappyLighting" APP. Adding these features to your home theater can make it more impressive. ZUUKOO LIGHT flow light bar can be installed in a variety of ways: lay flat, stand vertically, or mount behind a TV using the included brackets. The smart lights are easy to use. ZUUKOO LIGHT flow light bar can be installed in a variety of ways: lay flat, stand vertically, or mount behind a TV using the included brackets. The smart lights are easy to use.

Brand: Zuukoo Light

👤The idea of lighting that changes colors is great. There were two major issues with this product. 1. The bars are connected to one outlet so if you need to separate them, you'll have to space them out. I don't know if you want to add an extension cord to your collection of wires, but the wire wasn't long enough to fit on either side of my TV. 2. The gradual aspect of the color change setting is rough and delayed, like a toy with light up rainbow colors, as a matter of fact when you change it to many setting which fades or gradual changes, it isn't smooth. It's just cheap looking. The price is alright if you don't mind either of these things. The product is fun.

👤There are fun and unique lighting effects. I need to add more light to my desk. It's very easy to assemble and can be used to stick onto a surface. Simple buttons to cycle through various modes or use the built in mic. You can download an app for more control. Permissions are required to find and connect to the wireless network. The lights respond quickly to changes. You can change the intensity, choose custom colors or use different lighting effects. When I am gaming, my room lights up.

👤These are fun and colorful. They are so light weight that if you leave them freestanding you can't mess with them or they will fall over. They have different options for setting up. You don't get to choose the colors to go along with the music. There are a lot of options for different light and color displays. I am pleased so far, even though I am still learning how everything works. I am impressed with how bright they are. I am going to use them on my nativity display.

👤Wow! The light bars produce a lot of colorful light. They look bright and nice. They come with stands that can be used to place them vertically or horizontally. The feature that makes the lights go is amazing. When there is a party at my house, I will probably set them up. Everything needed for setup was included in the box. One of the bars does not make a humming sound, but my one does. I am not sure if it is a defect on my part. These are great for the price and I am happy with them.

👤The bars get three stars because you can't control the color of the bars. There is no way to change the color of the light bars. They make a humming noise while on. You will hear this if you have a quiet room or are close to the lights. The app made the setup easy. There are over 200 preset/modes in the app. It is to be expected that they look a little tacky for $30. I am sure I can find a place to put these lights. 3 stars.

👤The colors are really vivid and bright, which is something I like about them. Their default settings are enough to make it work. This is a better option than putting an open led strip on a desk. The first Oder has some noise but the second is better. It is still multi color mode that is not configured. There is no place in the app for configuring still but mixed colors because they have a good collection of rotating colors.

2. Power Practical Lights Living Bedroom

Power Practical Lights Living Bedroom

The TV lights help relieve eyestrain and headaches. The wireless remote can be used to adjust the TV backlight colors and brightness settings. This strip of TV lights is easy to install and use for gaming and home theater spaces. The 78 inch strip lights have a 3M remote. Cool stuff. There are 10 levels of brightness and 1 fade mode for Your Room. Cool stuff. There are 10 levels of brightness and 1 fade mode for Your Room.

Brand: Power Practical

👤The quality, size and features are great. The color bias light I have is perfect for my TV. I don't have any issues with compatibility, lights turn on and off with TV, and I have a backusb port. You can make a smaller square for larger TVs if you want full coverage, but the size is good and covers most of the back of the TV. It took about 5 minutes to install, just peel and stick. The remote is very easy to use and the light remembers the last setting until you change it. The ability to change color and brightness using the RF remote control is my favorite feature. Highly recommended.

👤These are the setup that I just got. Very nice looking. There isn't a perfect white. The leds on the right of the TV are green if I only set to pure white. The left and top are both white. The leds will never go white on the right side. Right side of strip turns off when turning on blue. The right side of purple was red. A bad strip. The company just got a hold of me and is sending out a replacement for my 65"LG. Great company when they care about their customers. Much respect. Will talk about how replacement lights work. There was a new Slapped new on. It works well. Thank you for taking care of me. Thanks a lot. Stars have been updated from 2 to 5.

👤Installation was easy and I'm happy with the result. I got the large size and it went around 85% of the back of my 55" TV. I put the lights close to the edges of the sound bar because I didn't need light on the bottom. The remote works. There were no issues with responsiveness. To clear up a previous review. Next time you turn your TV on, your previous settings are retained. There are 14 colors, 4 modes, and transition speed adjustment. It was sweet! Hope the pictures do justice. I love this thing. Will be giving this as a Christmas gift for my brothers. Thumbs up!

👤I bought a large for 50" and a medium for 40", they both wrapped around the TVs. There are many colors to choose from. After you turn the TV off, it will come back on for about 2 minutes and stay on for about 1 minute, and then you can turn it off. It's not really a big deal. The light works well on the m series. If you buy this to make your picture better on your TV, it will save you money. It's just something to make the room look nice.

👤I was very excited to have this on my TV. I have seen these TVs installed. They make a difference. It was easy to install since my tv is on a wall mount. I didn't test it out first because I made a mistake. As it instructs you to do. I plugged it in and mapped it out. The first 4 lights were the only ones that worked. There was a small tear in the tape circuit after the 4th light. I am contacting Power Partical to see what they can do to help. If they try to blame me, I will be very sad. I will update my review once I have an issue solved. Wow! Power Practical is sending me a new one without argument. I sent them an email with the problem description and order number and they responded to me the next day with a shipment confirmation for the replacement. That is a great example of great customer service. I will post an update. Got the replacement quickly. This one works so well that it makes a huge difference. Thanks so much Power Practical for making this easy.

3. Tenmiro Ultra Long Flexible Changing Decoration

Tenmiro Ultra Long Flexible Changing Decoration

Ultra Long Strip Lights are long enough to light the whole place up. You can adjust the length of led lights according to your liking. It's perfect for bedroom, living room, cabinet, party, Christmas, etc. Ultra bright and high-quality LEDs allow the lights to be very colorful and durable. The lights strip can be adjusted with a 44key IR remote to offer millions of colors and 8 lighting modes. A complete led light strip kit includes 2 reel of 32.8ft led light strips, an AC power accessory, a controller, a instruction manual, and more. It is easy to fit self-adhesive tape on any surface. It's possible to install anywhere you want. The cuttable and linkable are the lights that can be easily cut and linked with other lights. The led lights can be adjusted to have different lengths, while the arrows of the lights should be facing each other. If using Solderless Connecto, '+' should be faced to each other. TheGapless Solderless Connectors make the lights look better. Wide ApplicationRGB led strip lights is a suitable house ornament, transforms your home, for kitchen, ceiling, back of tv, desk, stairs, bar and more with color changing lights. Wide ApplicationRGB led strip lights is a suitable house ornament, transforms your home, for kitchen, ceiling, back of tv, desk, stairs, bar and more with color changing lights.

Brand: Tenmiro

👤The review was for the 68.6ft Led Strip Lights, Tenmiro Ultra- Long RGB Led Lights Strip 5050 LED Tape Lights Flexible Color Changing Led Lights with 44 Keys IR Remote for Bedroom, Kitchen, and Home Decor. The lights on the strip can be set in a variety of colors. The same color and pattern goes across all 4 strips when selecting a color or pattern. These are not individually addressable. If you want to have a different color of light chasing patterns, or a different color of lights, then you need to look at a different style of Strip. The lights are not waterproof. The lights were designed to be in an indoor configuration as the diodes for the LEDs are surface mounted and exposed to the environment with no protection on a carrier strip. Behind a TV, under inside cabinets, and accent lights would be a great place to put them. The strip is barely strong enough to hold it in place. If you want to have it mounted for a longer period of time, I would suggest looking into adding or replacing the glue that comes with the strips or using some mounting hardware. 3M makes great tapes for this purpose. The strip is a flexible circuit board that has components on it. Each carrier contains a separate set of red, green, or blue diodes. This configuration gives great color for the 3 primary colors, but giving combinations of colors like an orange, or a yellow, or a white is not as pure as what you might be expecting. The strips have cut areas so you can trim the length to your liking. Each section has 3 packages on it, giving an equivalent of 3 Red, 3 Green, and 3 Blue. There is no white light on this strip. Make sure you get the 4 conductor connections for the LEDs. If you can engineer in more power supplies, it is possible to buy extra connecting hardware to cut back in cut lengths, but I would suggest keeping the total length of one powered run as provided by the factory. The standard issue is a 12V 1.25A supply that should power 1 leg of 5M. You have to point the remote at the IR light that comes off the controller. You won't be able to control the lights if you don't have a clear line of sight between the controller and the remote. If you want to control it via radio signals, you should look for a replacement controller. The controller is not music sensitive. The four included rolls of lighting are powered by the Power supply. The power supply cord from the wall to the power brick is about 18 inches long, and the length from the power brick to the barrel is about 3 feet. This version did not have interchangeable power connections in case you wanted to install them in the UK, for example. Again, these strips function as they are supposed to. Make sure that these give you the light you need and only use them indoors in a humid environment.

4. Luminoodle TV Bias Lighting Backlight

Luminoodle TV Bias Lighting Backlight

Any place could be used with thebassonusbled strip lights. The low-heat 5V power makes decoration safer. Come with hightlight 5050 LEDs. It's a perfect choice for Halloween, Christmas and house parties. Increasing the ambient light in a room will prevent headaches and eye dryness by preventing their eyes from straining to adjust between a bright screen and dark room. In a dark area, eyes see black as gray and colors are washed out. The Luminoodle improves the room's color and contrast. BEAUTIFUL GLOWHigh quality, true white LEDs turn any TV room into a home theater area, adding a comforting glow to the room. The 78 inch (2m) light strip with 3M glue plugs into your TV'susb port. 5W (5V, 1A) is the input. Please check the output of the device. Power Practical has a one year warranty on all products. Power Practical has a one year warranty on all products.

Brand: Power Practical

👤An ideal installation requires the correct length of lightstrip. More on this topic can be found here. The lights have a strong strip of glue on them. If your initial layout is too long and overlaps, you can't remove the strip to redo it because the strength of the strip will make it impossible. If you attempt to remove the strip by pulling it off, you could damage it. Don't peel the backing off the strip just yet, it's a suggestion. Instead, use masking tape or painters tape to temporarily attach the light strip to the back of the TV, then move it in or out from the edges to make it around the entire perimeter without coming up short. Where to put the strip, how far in from the outer edge, is the best place? Installation instructions say to install the light strips within 4 inches of the edge of the screen, but many agree that is not true. I put them in from the edge of my TV but I was a couple inches short. I was able to make it all the way around my 65” TV by placing the outer edge of the light strip in 3” from each other. You will be happier with the installation and end result if you practice testing it. The kit was not long enough to surround the entire perimeter of the TV. They were either short or long. I read the description for every kit to avoid that issue. There are many choices for the kit. If you look at the various images to the left of the listing, you will see that the screen size listed is for 41”-59” TV, which seems to indicate it would be too small for my 65” TV. Attached is a photo of confusion. I wanted to make sure that the kit would fit around the entire perimeter. Should I pick my kit based on the diagram showing the TV screen sizes and corresponding kit or should I choose based on the size option available to me? I ordered the X- Large for 41-59. If you order larger, you will need a longer strip of lights on the back of your TV. The TV mount is fully adjusted. When I placed the light strip very close to the outer edge of the TV and the wall, the lighting was brighter but the spots on the wall were dimmer. When the TV was pulled further away from the wall, the light had a chance to shine into the sky. The light strip was moved further away from the outer edge of the TV to eliminate the bright spots and produce a more even glow. I was able to turn up the brightness using the remote. Very pleased with the result.

👤I have been using the product for a week now and I am very pleased with the performance. I attached a short video that I hope will show how well the product works. The price seems to go up and down. I picked this product up on 6/27 for $14.99 and it is currently selling for $19.99. A lot of Amazon items do that. The review can help you make a decision on your purchase. If you have a question, leave a comment. I didn't receive this product in exchange for a review because it was reviewed by an actual buyer. admiralsolo

5. ETopxizu Waterproof Flexible Changing Controller

ETopxizu Waterproof Flexible Changing Controller

Cool stuff. There are 10 levels of brightness and 1 fade mode for Your Room. The kit comes with a complete set with a remote control and a 12V power supply. Remove the cover of the tape on the strips and stick it on anywhere that is clean, dry and flat in your house. Multi-color change, the band contains 5050 SMD 300 RGBLED lights, which can light up in 16 different colors, can be easily controlled via the supplied remote control. It can be used indoors only, low power consumption, super-bright but running at a low temperature. If the power adapter does not work, please contact them for a free replacement. Make sure the load and power lines are connected before the power is turned on. If the power adapter does not work, please contact them for a free replacement. Make sure the load and power lines are connected before the power is turned on.

Brand: Etopxizu

👤It's easy to apply to walls. It's difficult to stay attached to the Connectors are fragile. If you want these on your wall close to your ceiling, the cord will be too heavy and cannot be supported, so it will fall down. I have tried duck tape, double sided stick ons, and other things. I can't keep the lights on for long because they give me headaches. Sometimes glitch and colors are mixed onto the wrong buttons. A review that a buyer should be informed about.

👤I was building my kids a bed and wanted lights under it.

👤The kids are loving them. The colors work well. We ordered 3 more sets for the other bedrooms. I wish you could connect these end to end because we ordered more, but we are unable to because one set isn't enough, and the colors don't match up with the remote buttons. If you are using more than one set of two strands, make sure to pay attention before sticking them up.

👤I was looking for this type of light and it seemed like most of the ones I found were for using with ausb port and I wanted them to plug in. The rope lighting was too heavy for where I wanted to use it. I thought this type of lighting would be great for the evenings when we are sitting outside. I wanted something where I could choose the color light I wanted for the mood I was trying to set for that evening, because the camper's bright lights attract mosquitos and bugs. You can cut it to the size you need on the cutting marks on the light strip, or you can leave it as is. The marks are labeled. The lights are easy to use because they come neatly on a roll. There are 150 lights in the strip. It is very easy to install. It is a stick. The area should be cleaned the first. They are waterproof. It comes with a remote that allows you to put it up higher. The remote has a number of functions. The main colors are red, green, blue and white, but there are different colors that you can choose from. It is light. I will add more pictures when we go camping.

👤My daughter wanted a glow in her room. We had a plan for how we wanted this to be in her room. We ran them across her walls after being sure they worked. She turned off her lights. Oh wow. It was bright to dim and every color in between. These things are great. They need to add a female attachment.

👤These are not waterproof because they are not coated like the others, so the electronics are exposed. If you only want colored lighting it is not a problem because they are not a true white. I prefer the coated strips because they don't come in contact with the electrical components and can be used outside as well. These are for indoors. The power supply seems to be under rated for the output. The power supply gets warm even if you just power one of the two strips. This type of lightning is great, but you need to consider where you will be using it.

6. Backlight Bluetooth Controlled Lighting Changing

Backlight Bluetooth Controlled Lighting Changing

100% satisfaction. They promise that this is a high-end product and made of premium quality components. They can promise a 3-month free replacement or refund and a 2-year after-sell service for quality-related issues. They will assist you immediately if you order under your order ID. APP+Remote+Lucky The cover of the 70 to 82inch TV can be controlled with the app. You can control tv lights with the "Lotus Lantern" App, and you can also control tv back up with the "Lotus Lantern" App. You can adjust the tv lights with the IR remote control. You can turn on/off the tv light strip, change color modes and use the mic in the control box. sync with MusicTv has a highly sensitive microphone, spectrum with light and colors that adjust automatically, and a base sound. The light strips will show you how bias lighting affects the color of a song. You can create a romantic atmosphere for events. You could freely choose 16 millions vivid colors and 29 dynamic modes such as flash, rotate, fades, depending on mood to suitable for various occasions. The light brightness can be adjusted from 1% to 100%. You can build your own movie theater. You can set a timer for your tv lights and schedule them to switch on/off via the APP. The tv lights bias lighting is powered by ausb. The light strip will work with most TVs. The power is MAX. Make sure the TVusb port supports the required voltage. The user doesn't have to set lighting each time they turn the TV Backlight on because the built-in memory function stores your previous settings. Reducing the TV light contrast between bright TV and dark room will reduce eye fatigue and prevent headaches. This TV backlight strip is a perfect home decoration item. It is suitable for bedroom, festivals, Christmas, Halloween, tv backlight, parties, living room, kitchen, table, stairs, make its looks colorful. You will get a response within 24 hours. All costs for the replacement of the TV light are covered by the kit. This TV backlight strip is a perfect home decoration item. It is suitable for bedroom, festivals, Christmas, Halloween, tv backlight, parties, living room, kitchen, table, stairs, make its looks colorful. You will get a response within 24 hours. All costs for the replacement of the TV light are covered by the kit.

Brand: Hamlite

👤After looking at a bunch of images with customers using these, I felt like it was something that college kids would put in their dorm rooms, but it was also a cliché concept. I admit that it's helpful, I got one for myself. The description was correct because I have an 86" TV and probably had 2' leftover. The dark blacks on my TV made me buy this. It's in a room that can get very dark and the TV's weakness is obvious when the scenes are supposed to be black. My options were to either turn on the ceiling lights or mount the LEDs. I wouldn't do normal use in a black room, but the attached picture shows that the LEDs get very bright. The wall behind the TV is no longer pitch black, so the horrible black levels on the TV are less obvious. I thought the LEDs would distract me. It helps with eye fatigue when watching at night since scene transitions seem less harsh. They are useful once you get over their initial novelty. I would recommend them for $42. The only downfall is that they need to be plugged into a wall outlet since a port on theusb port can't power a strip this long. The remote works well enough to turn them on/off, just need to use it.

👤The best thing about these is how bright they are. Amazingly bright. No problem covering the surrounding area. Installation was easy and took less than 10 minutes for a 85 inch tv. The easy turns didn't work for me, but the glue was strong and made setting and fixing easy. Will have to wait a few weeks to see how well it stays as the back of the QLED TVs are not flat so we will see. The remote control is hidden behind the TV and it is amazing. The fade is choppy. It's a little too choppy for my taste and I might have to stick with solid colors. It could be that it is too long to be smooth. I don't know. I am satisfied with my purchase so far and will update if there is a change in the near future.

👤I took away one star because I really wanted that star for watching horror movies and the red is more bright dark- pink red than deep blood red, which I prefer and had on my old light strip, but at least that is what I got. It is easy to install with the strip on the product. The colors are bright and cut down on eye strain. I put some Gorilla tape in a few places to make sure. It doesn't cut on and off with the tv, and I wish this did, too. The tv will turn itself back on a minute or two after I cut off my tv. I installed the light strip and it doesn't work when I don't turn on the light strip. The tv is cut on in the living room while you get into bed. I don't know if I would buy this one again, but I am happy with what I get from it, and I will keep using it.

7. Upgraded】Nexillumi LED Strip Lights BackLight

Upgraded%E3%80%91Nexillumi LED Strip Lights BackLight

The artwork light is powered by an AC adapter. It's very easy to install with double-sided tapes or screws. The upgraded APP is called "illumi home" instead of the original happy lighting app, it also comes with an IR remote control. There are 16 million colors that create various ambiances. Changing colors of the led strips will make the experience of watching TV more wonderful. You can use the power bank for light strip easily indoors. This version is extremely low-heat, touchable and safe for children. It's better to intervene. Corner wires are easy to install, they bend at corners without additional wires. The kit comes with a light strip, a remote controller, and a 5V powered cable. 5m strips connected with wires as a whole. The IR remote has a dual control. Please turn on the App Permissions while using the "illumi home" App Control. Permission is needed for the music feature and the location feature. You can connect the light automatically when you download the APP. You can set alarms with the timer settings on the APP. If your product is having a manufacturer defect, just click on the Help with Order button. Their products will always be supported with e-mail or phone support, as well as their App is being upgraded to make it more user-friendly.

Brand: Nexillumi

👤Everyone who is interested in purchasing led lights needs to be aware of the security and privacy risks that they give away. The company that sells the lights on Amazon owns a 3rd party app that you need to download. The lights are meant for use with the app, which requires you to allow access to location at all times. Paper weights are used for the strip if you don't allow access to the lights. They will not work at all. There is no reason at all. Give the app access to your phone location. Are you shopping for groceries? The owners of the app based in China will know when your light control is on in your phone. Are you going to your parents house? The app will send it to China. Are you going to work? You understand the point. There is no reason for this company to have access to your gps coordinates. It's anyone's guess what they're doing with this information, because they haven't responded to my numerous emails asking for that information. Please be aware. They are likely to make money off of your data, which you paid for and downloaded onto your phone. This is a privacy risk and needs to be removed.

👤Great product. App control is not remote. It's possible to control with phone or voice. Different effects and colors. I like it. I will make a video.

👤It was perfect! The philips hue strips were difficult to apply. These seem to be more durable and flexible than the other ones. I highly recommend them. The app is very easy to use. Get this. No questions were asked.

👤I looked at the reviews and they said that the led kits app did not work on the phone. Some reviews said that the glue didn't stick, or they didn't work at all. The title of the product was "Updated Version". Everything works great with my galaxy s9. There were no connection issues. The app controlled them immediately after I plugged them in. The app works well. I have provided you with some examples to show you how functional it is. There are lots of colors and rainbow fading. If you decide to buy multiple sets of this, there is a group manager option. The light strips themselves. They are perfect for what I needed. I have them on a 65 inch and I could fit two of them on both sides. I put it in my tv'susb port so they are powered when the tv is on. A wire can't be seen, there is no mess of wires. The tape sticks very well and doesn't fall off. The back of your tv should be cleaned to make sure the strips stick and stay. This may have been a problem with the reviewers. The tv was brand new. The setup took less than a minute. They are bright in the dark. I provided a few pictures of the package and the tv. I'm giving it 5 stars so far. These are the best app controlled led's I could find on Amazon and they are the best price. I will update if there are flaws over time. Over time, if no updates are made, they have stood great. Hopefully this was helpful to some.

8. Backlight Changing Lighting Computer Supports

Backlight Changing Lighting Computer Supports

The power of the TV backlight can be controlled via the Amazon, Google Assistant. You can control the TV lights with simple voice instructions. The sound of voice and beat of music can be heard through the built-in high sensitivity microphone, which creates romance, relaxation,magical and interesting atmosphere for your party. The color changing mode can be adjusted via the APP or remote. The smart wifi control is through the app. Even when you're away from home, the TV backlight can be controlled with a wireless connection. The "Smart Life" APP can control 16 million changing colors and 6500K brightness of tv lights, and you can do your own multi-scene modes. Most TV models can be turned on/off with the help of a 5Vusb port, but few will sense the current of the port even when tv is off. If the TV Backlight blinks in white when first powered, it means that you're ready to connect, and you can long-press the white button until the strip light blinks again. If you don't want to use app, you can use remote directly when led light strip stops blinking.

Brand: Eppiebasic

👤The lights were bought a month ago. I turned my tv off and went to sleep after I liked them and wanted them on. I woke up to the lights on again. I turned off my phone in the app. They were on again when I woke up at 3am. I went in and shut them off. They were on again when I woke up this morning. If I can't figure out how to turn them off all night, they will go in the trash. They are in my bedroom so it is very inconvenient to wake up multiple times a night. Is anyone else having this issue? They are great except for that.

👤This light strip was installed. I didn't want to use the app at all. It worked after being fired up and blinking white for a while. I used the remote to set my color and brightness. I had to press hard with my finger to get the remote to respond because the buttons were not sensitive. The lights blinked for three minutes before I could regain control after I turned on the TV. I had to set my color and brightness again after they stayed white. It wouldn't save my setting. The lights would blink for three minutes after I tried to reset them. Again, back to white. I don't want to use the little user guide they give you, it has little information other than how to control the app and how to lad it. There is no website information for customer support. I thought it would get me to the website. You have to load the app in order to get help. The link site is only for the people who run the cloud server for the manufacturer, not the manufacturer themselves. Don't. Unless you plan to add another app to your phone, buy this product. This is going somewhere else. I can find a strip that is more user friendly.

👤This looked great in my son's room. We ended up with a lot of left over lighting because his tv is big. The lights can be changed to multiple colors and strobes with the remote. The light dancing to the music on the tv was a neat feature. They look cool in a child's bedroom. My son liked the look it gave. It stick on as long as there is a place to be found. We had to clean the tv. It plugs into any port plug. It's important that you have places where it can reach a plug or a power bank.

👤I replaced a 65” with a 77” that had remote only lights. Installation and setup is easy. They turn off and on the TV with me. You can set the brightness from 0-100% when you choose a white or a specific color. The app crashes randomly, but is easy to use. I am running theiOSBeta. It could be my issue. It is easy to find preset color schemes. I don't use the remote at all. Either use the app or the voice assistant. The remote is similar to my previous ones. If you plan to use a remote, make sure the IR eye is visible. I would like music listening and preset settings to allow for brightness control. Maybe they do. I can't find it. The lights are dimmer when doing music monitoring. The first TV had to be replaced because it was Defective. They stuck the second time. So far.

9. SolarLang Backlight Suitable Dynamic Lighting

SolarLang Backlight Suitable Dynamic Lighting

TV lights with remote control provide 16 static colors, 4 dynamic modes, and 10 levels of brightness adjustment. The light behind the TV can be changed to match the mood of the movie. It is easy to use and safe. All-in-one kit with remote control, power transformer, and RGB strip. No other accessories are needed. Compared with traditional lighting,LED lighting is more energy efficient and consumes less power. There was no lead or mercury. There was no UV or IR radiation. It can be on bright TV and dark switch between rooms if you want to reduce eye strain. It's widely used for home decoration, hotels, clubs, shopping mall, architectural lighting, boutique atmosphere lighting, emergency lighting, security lighting, advertisement sign lighting, decorative lights for holiday, event, show exhibition, and border. The after-sales service isWorry-free. They offer a 90-day 100% satisfaction guarantee and a 1 year warranty. They will respond to your questions as quickly as possible and provide you with the best and most suitable solution if you contact them. The after-sales service isWorry-free. They offer a 90-day 100% satisfaction guarantee and a 1 year warranty. They will respond to your questions as quickly as possible and provide you with the best and most suitable solution if you contact them.

Brand: Inshareplus

👤I have enjoyed it so far. I have a 70in tv. If you really want it to shine, you should get a bigger length than the one it's intended for. I purchased the 70in one. It would look better if I'd bought it for 75inches. I could wrap it further around the edge of the tv to make the back lights pop. It's really cool. It sets the mood and doesn't distract from what you're watching. It's very easy to install. It's just 4 strips with lights that attach to the tv.

👤These were purchased for two different tvs. One remote operates both TV light strips. This makes unhappy kids unhappy. We don't know how to prevent it. They adhere well. It's perfect for a TV of 20 inches. 6ft is great for 32, but this length has a few sections each about 4 inches in length, either no lights or gray wire. Functions are good.

👤One of my favorite purchases. When we watch TV, our kids don't like it dark. I bought these because of that. We loved them. It's easy to understand and install. Lots of options and great colors.

👤These are perfect! You can turn them on and off easily. The glue works well.

👤The lights are bright and easy to set up, but the settings are poor. The package has a strong plastic smell when you open it. I own many strips and have never had one like this before. Okay, let it go. At least the strip has at least some glue on it. It has a remote for different settings. Smooth does the Strobe effect, flash does Strobe, Strobe does nothing, and fade is actually Fade. It doesn't stay on the setting you choose. I keep it on Fade because I can see the Strobe effect. It might be good for you if you only want one color. I bought this one because the brand I bought from Amazon doesn't carry it anymore. They're okay, but you have to shop around.

👤I'm satisfied with the purchase. The green is exactly what I wanted. The brightness is low. The computer monitor is brighter than the light in the picture. I was hoping the light would balance out the monitor's brightness, but maybe that was too much. The monitor and lights are both at 60% brightness.

👤The Solar back light was installed in July of 2020. The company replaced it after a few months. The second one was installed on April 18th. When it stopped working, that lasted a couple of months. I gave up after throwing my hands up. I have to get help lifting the TV off the table, laying the TV face down on my bed and taping the lights to the back of the set in order to install it. I need help getting the TV back in place. You don't want to do that more than once. How do I get something that will last?

👤I decided to use them under a shelf after seeing them in person. Happy about the light variations. Great. It's hard to open the remote. After a few weeks, the lights were stuck on one color and the remote wouldn't change. The remote opened, but there was no change to the batteries. I unplugged them to turn off the light. How can I turn them on again if the remote doesn't work? It was very disappointing.

10. Philips Hue Gradient LightStrip Assistant

Philips Hue Gradient LightStrip Assistant

You can keep the stars on or off, use the handheld remote to project the moon, or both in a variety of changing colors, patterns, movements, and timer. You can connect this skylight with a power bank or car charge, it's easy to carry it out. The battery for the remote is not included. ) ThePhilips Hue Play lightstrip is a lightstrip that blends multiple colors of light at the same time. A seamless blend of multiple colors of light at the same time in a single light is a limitless POSSIBILITIES. Inform your employer about your entertainment. The Hue Play smart lightstrip reacts to content on the entire screen in real time, creating a captivating television viewing and gaming experience. True innovation. The only smart lighting brand that can easily sync with movies and video games is the one from Philips. The complete package. Installation is easy with the mounting brackets and three sizes of the strip light. The complete package. Installation is easy with the mounting brackets and three sizes of the strip light.

Brand: Philips Hue

👤The product was missing when the order arrived. Instead it was replaced by a cheap strip that was bent and covered in dried up glue. The other components were just random junk that had nothing to do with lightstrips. The buyer should beware.

👤It is not possible to find the $229 HDMI box with the $279 light strip. You can pay a premium, but should you?

👤I will keep it short. You know what they are if you're looking for them. As far as the buyer... I would think it was Brand New if I didn't see the seal broken. It was in perfect condition. The lights were exactly as advertised. I'm using this with a 100 inch screen. It would be better if it were a 77-87 inch. It does a nice job. The sync box is a bit hit and miss, but with phone use it's fine. All in all... It's a keeper. There is no so much for movies. Now gaming is a whole new level. I've added more playbars to the bottom.

👤After dealing with a lot of trouble, I was finally able to get my hands on this thing. The video attached speaks for itself, it's a test video from YouTube that was played on my shield.

👤It's really easy to install the plastic guides on the TV. You just snap in the lights, which is much easier to install than other lights I've purchased, because you don't have to use glue on the light strip to stick them on. I wish they had a way to illuminate my TV. These go across the top and down the left and right side. If you have a TV on a stand, this is fine. My TV is mounted with nothing below, so there is no light shining down on the big open wall or floor. It would be difficult to install across the bottom, as my TV mount is located there. I bought some floor hue lights and put them on the TV. These are great. I've had cheap light strips on the back of my TVs for years, and they feel high quality, and are easy to install and use with the hue play and apple app. My wife was impressed when I watched a movie. It's similar to surround sound, but for light. I tried putting extra hue lights behind the couch, next to my sonos surround sounds, but I realized you don't see things behind you. Your focus is ahead of you, and it's about 145 degrees. The bars on the floor work well.

👤The experience is enjoyable. I use a PC and have a 77 inch screen, but I can't speak to the HDMI box. I was surprised at how accurate the light representation is. I've tested a number of light show programs to see if they can accurately change the colors in the exact same spot on the screen. I was worried because it only has 7 light zones. I've never noticed that it wasn't in sync with what was displayed. It has only been off a few times, most recently with a spinning color wheel test image. You will never see it miss even if you look for it, it is only by a little. I don't have to take my TV off the mount. It doesn't cover the bottom of the screen, which is the area that is as competent as the strip. I bought the Gradient Ambient Light Strip thinking it would do the job since it is basically the same product only without a Diffuser, but it turned out to be the only disappointing product I have purchased. The light strip doesn't work well with sync. Depending on how you set it up, it can display the wrong side of the screen, or even have one zone that doesn't work at all, even if it's off. I was not happy about the fact that one strip cost me 200 dollars. They finally got back to me with a simple "we are aware of the problem" after days of talking to customer support on Facebook of all the hated places. The Hue Play Bars work well but it can be difficult to place their location in the app to get them to display colors properly. The review is about the Gradient Lightstrip and not the company. If you can live with no lights on the bottom, fighting to get a solution that works better than the rest of the screen, or it isn't an issue for you, it's a must buy. It's bright in the daytime, even if you don't have blinds, and it shines across my entire wall, up into the ceiling, and off the side, if you close the blinds. The light can be so bright that it can be hard to concentrate on the actual content. The music sync feature needs some work. It's hard to tell what part of the music is responding to a light, and with multiple lights it's hard to tell what part of the music is not responding to.

11. Nexlux Backlight Lighting Controller Decoration

Nexlux Backlight Lighting Controller Decoration

There is a power source for theusb It's possible to reduce eye fatigue and bring you a vivid and immersive TV viewing with the help of theNexlux TV Backlight. After you download the app, you will be able to control the TV Backlight from Anywhere without a distance limit, and the Timer function on the app will save you time. The TV backlights are long enough to light up every side of the TV. Behind the TV, a light strip can be installed. The mini receiver can be hidden behind the TV. Buckle clips make sure the led strip is in the correct position on your TV. The strip light syncs to music and sound with a high-sensitive mic. You will be able to watch and play TV and gaming in an extremely dynamic and interactive way. It's ideal for party, romantic home theater, Halloween, Christmas holiday decoration because of the colorful lights. There are multiple applications. Any place could be used with theNexluxusbled strip lights. Can be powered by any device with a 5V port, such as your computer, desktop, car, or wall charging device. A great gift for friends and family. There are multiple applications. Any place could be used with theNexluxusbled strip lights. Can be powered by any device with a 5V port, such as your computer, desktop, car, or wall charging device. A great gift for friends and family.

Brand: Nexlux

👤The review was from 1 star to 5 stars. I was going to return this yesterday because the remote stopped working after 10 seconds of use. Thankfully I didn't go and process the return the same day, because this morning I woke up to a personalized email from the seller who explained why my remote may have stopped working. I needed to use the right type of port. I used the built-in PC case'susb ports to connect to the LEDs I bought for the back of my PC monitor. The right ones to use were not found in those ports. The remote worked without a problem when I switched to the ones built into my board. It worked perfectly with a regular phone charging port. If your remote doesn't work for the first 10 seconds, then use another port. Don't be like me and think that the product is faulty after trying it. P.S. If you are going to use these on your PC monitor, make sure to order a 10mm 4-pin connection. You will need to cut up the strips and peel back the rubbery top layer and sticky bottom layer before attaching them to the connectors.

👤I returned the brand I ordered from Amazon because I wanted the lighting with ausb. I could connect it to the TV port. This fit the bill. I adjusted it a couple of times and then I looked at the pictures I took for the review and adjusted it once more. There was no room for a 55 inch TV in my house, but it works well without looking off. I have not had an issue with the tape being sticky even with multiple readjustments. I would buy it again. Since I bought 2, I don't have to. I had to change the lights to fit around the entire TV. For full coverage of a 55 inch TV, it needs to be about 4 inches longer.

👤I bought this strip because it said it would work with 65" tv. I installed a 65" tv. There is not enough length to cover the outside of the tv. There are no backlighting on the corners of the tv due to the shortage. I don't think these lights are very bright. The tv was put back on the wall before the tape to mount came off. I used gorilla tape to keep them up. The remote works well and I like the ability to plug in a TV. I can't recommend for 65. Maybe 55. I changed my review from 2 to 4 stars. The issues were solved without any hassle after the seller contacted me.

👤The seller contacted me after I posted a bad review. My item was replaced. I had the same problem as the first one, with the lights frozen on one color and the remote not working. The remote started working again after a couple of days. I believe the problem with the remote is caused by pressing the buttons too fast. The remote will work if you pause between button presses. It needs to be addressed by the seller. The lights are great. It was bright and colorful. I think it makes watching TV better. I raised my review to 4 stars because of the attention the seller gave me. The lights are 4 stars, the remote is 1 star, and the customer service is 5 stars.


What is the best product for home theater lighting for tv?

Home theater lighting for tv products from Zuukoo Light. In this article about home theater lighting for tv you can see why people choose the product. Power Practical and Tenmiro are also good brands to look for when you are finding home theater lighting for tv.

What are the best brands for home theater lighting for tv?

Zuukoo Light, Power Practical and Tenmiro are some of the best brands that chosen by people for home theater lighting for tv. Find the detail in this article. Etopxizu, Hamlite and Nexillumi are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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