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1. Licperron Industrial Fixtures Restaurant Lighting

Licperron Industrial Fixtures Restaurant Lighting

The whole sconces are approved by the U.S. government. The Licperron industrial sconces come with a US professional metal bracket, which makes them easy to fit in your electrical box. Their high-quality industrial sconces are made of good quality metal materials, rust-proof, durable and more decorative. Please check their pictures to get more information. This is a note. The bulbs are included in the package, so you can buy them separately. There is attention. The bulbs are very vintage and decorative. Industrial wall sconces are great for a lot of things. The tube bulb is a bit special and can be broken during transportation. They will give you the best solution if you received the faulty bulbs. The tube bulb is a bit special and can be broken during transportation. They will give you the best solution if you received the faulty bulbs.

Brand: Licperron

👤This light is unique. I like the steampunk look of the sconces I replaced in my bedroom. One of my bulbs was broken. This is common because there is a document with the light that tells you if you get a broken bulb. There was no way to contact them. I tried to get feedback from the vendor but never heard back. I found better replacement bulbs on Amazon, so it really didn't matter. The original bulbs are not LEDs. I found some better looking bulbs on Amazon. The product is called "B07V49D2HV" and it is available on the Amazon website. The combination looks great! It was a bit difficult to install. If you have replaced a wall lamp before you can manage it, you should be able to. If you're nervous, hire a handyman. The light is tall so there is a lot of room on the wall. Measure before you order. It is a dexterity test to get the bulb installed once you assemble the cage. A little patience pays off. I love the look of the product and I am happy with it. I did not like the lack of response from the company, however it forced me to find more interesting bulbs. The cost of the new bulbs doubled the cost of the project. Click on the button to help.

👤The lights are great, but the bulbs are not bright enough for me. I replaced them with 7 watt led equivalent and it was perfect!

👤They were easy to set up. I didn't use the included wall screws. I think they are backups for those with nonstandard fixture mounts. I have 8 and they look good. I purchased a led bulb on the right side of the picture, while the included one was on the left.

👤The product was scratched. I reached out to the vendor and they didn't reply. When I opened the product, I couldn't return them, so I had to pay the electrician to put them in. The product looks nice and is perfect for my train theme room. The scratches are a tad bit noticeable but they are worth the money. Still cute. The bulb blew out when I turned one on. Can't find a replacement. Lowered to 3 stars. The second bulb blew out.

👤Over the course of my life, I have installed probably 100 light fixture. We just bought a farmhouse style vintage lighting fixture and are tearing out all the lighting in our house. I was very interested in the look of the light fixture and decided to use it in my theater room as lighting. The electrical outlet is not covered by the base of the fixture. If it were a half inch to a quarter of an inch wider. I don't know if I received a used fixture, but the bases in the box we received were really bad. Everything was brand new inside. I don't think I received a new set. I could be wrong. That was another dealbreaker for me. The light fixture did not give off a lot of light when lit up. It looks great and it comes with long tube bulbs to complete the look. I don't recommend these because we round up returning them.

2. Star Projector Rossetta Bedroom Bluetooth

Star Projector Rossetta Bedroom Bluetooth

The star projector in the bedroom has been upgraded to a 3 in 1 version with a white noise machine and a speaker. It now has a dual projection lens that can project the northern lights effect with 16 colors and lively star lights skies to create a relaxing atmosphere with soothing music. The living room can be transformed into a romantic gateway with peaceful moving lights. The built-in music speaker has a Sound Activated feature that will amplify your music and make it sound better. You can connect via the internet to play music from the projector and watch as the stars and the Aurora lights move rhythmically to the beat of the music. White noise sound machine. The night lights for kids room come with 8 different white noise sounds that can help you and your kids fall asleep more easily. The soothing sounds are twinkle little stars, summer night, stream, ocean waves, birds chirp, rain, and campfire. The white noise machine is a great way to relax and fight off insomnia, and the kids night light projector is great for entertainment. There is remote control and auto off timer. The star projector has a remote control that can turn on/off the northern lights and the night sky, adjust brightness, change the lighting mode, speed, music, and volume. The star projector has an auto-off timer which you can turn off after a couple of hours. It's not necessary to worry about leaving it on when trying to sleep. If the timer isn't set, it will be off after 4 hours, but can be turned back on if you want to keep using it. At Rossetta, they value their customers and always try to provide them with the best kind of service, and customer health and safety assurance. The star projector night lights are FCC certified. It's perfect for decorating bedroom, kids room, game room, home theatre, ceiling, window, show, Christmas decorations, party decorations, wedding, birthday and anniversary. It is a great gift for family and kids.

Brand: Rossetta

👤I have had the Music Aurora Projector galaxy light for a few weeks now and have been really impressed with it and the decoration on the front porch. The projector, remote control, and user manual are inside the box. The package does not have an AC adaptor. I had one from my phone, so I keep that in mind when setting it up. The set-up is easy if you connect the cable to the port and the power transformer. There are two lighting effects that the projector projects. You can choose from the projector or remote control which mode you want. You can play your music while projecting the lights with the projector and speaker, and you can also use your phone to do so. I like the white noise music that comes with it. It's easier to fall asleep when the lights are dim. I usually use it in my bedroom, but sometimes I put it in the living room to watch movies. It makes the atmosphere really cool. I wish it had a stand that would allow the projector to be set in different angles. I had to play with it to make sure the ceiling was lit up. To highlight the main quality, I created a list. The design is small and easy to set up and use, and it comes with a remote control to adjust the mode and brightness. It's better than the pictures show. It's hard to remember when you see it in motion and cover your entire ceiling. This will be great for Halloween and I'll use it for Christmas when setting up the tree.

👤I was shocked to see a star projector. It is beautiful and romantic. It is suitable for listening to music and watching the light change with the rhythm of the music when you are with your partner. One can enjoy the sky. Light! By the way. The facility is portable. It doesn't take up a lot of space. I like it.

👤I bought this for my son because he asked for a white noise machine to help him sleep and he loves stars. This fit the bill for me. It's beautiful, but there are a couple of major issues that I am considering returning. 1. The volume control on the remote is malfunctioning. It has to be adjusted manually on the unit. 2. The auto shut off isn't an issue, but when my son goes to turn it on if he wakes up, the loud voice for the music/sound has to announce that it's on. My son was scared in the middle of the night. If this can be turned off, someone needs to reach out to me. The lights are bright and the remote works well to control them. I would be happy with this machine if it didn't need to do what I need overnight.

👤I've been wanting one of these lights for a long time, I've seen them in ads and by people on the internet. This one has green star dots. They can run together or separately. If you want to place it more in the center of the room, I recommend you use it in a smaller room. It is relaxing to watch. The remote can be used regardless of the setup. The remote sensor is facing away from our bed because of the layout of where I had to place it. The remote still works if it's pointed at the machine. The machine has basic settings but the remote offers more. The machine has soothing noises with volume control. I like this because we often turn our TV on while we sleep. You can play music or listen to an audio book with it. Without the lights on, these work with us. They can be connected to the lights with a button on the remote. Those prone to seizures should be aware that fast music can cause them to change quickly.

3. SUNNIOR Aluminum Adjustable Brightness Anywhere

SUNNIOR Aluminum Adjustable Brightness Anywhere

The surface of the wall lamp has a shielding film that can be turned off. The lamps are powered by batteries. The long working life of aluminum sconces lights is more impressive than other materials. You can choose according to your needs. There is a motion sensor. The wall light will turn on in the dark and off in the daytime. It's easy to install. Installation is easy using 2-sided tape or a mounting screw. There is a wide application. Modern wall sconces are suitable for bedroom, living room, corridor, stairwell, hallway, wardrobe. There is a wide application. Modern wall sconces are suitable for bedroom, living room, corridor, stairwell, hallway, wardrobe.

Brand: Sunnior

👤The old PIR nightlight in my bedroom was damaged and I bought this to replace it. The old one did not detect visible light and would turn on whenever it detected the heat of a person. When I installed the Sunnior lamp, I was a bit worried that the PIR wouldn't work. All was well when I darkened the room. A note when the instruction sheet is reprinted might save someone else from this problem. I mounted the unit to the bookcase using 3M Command hook-and-loop fasteners instead of drilling into the furniture. These have a release feature. The main lamp was very good and the two down-pointing leds were useful. I can't comment on the longevity of the batteries or the unit itself, but my initial impression is that it is an attractive and useful lamp. I am very pleased with it after using it for a few days. It is exactly what I wanted, and it is brighter than the one it replaced.

👤It's not practical to get an electrician to add an outlet or install lights in a hall or a closet, and the motion sensor is terrific because there's no fumbling around. The wall light is very modern and sleek, runs on three batteries, and has a bright light that is activated by motion. There is a There are a lot of brands and lights in the market, and the prices are all over the place. If you want a light that looks elegant and fine than the average plastic ones at a really great price, stick with Amazon. You will go wrong.

👤If you plan on never removing the light, or at least not without also removing a section of wall paint the same size as the light, you should not use the tape provided to stick to the wall. The upstairs hallway has no electric outlet, so this seemed like a great idea for a night light. Works well... The cats are setting it off every 10 minutes in the middle of the night. Even on the lowest setting, it illuminates all the way into my room. I should have realized the cat mom problems.

👤The first one wouldn't turn on. Took a chance and ordered a second one. The second one turned on but the motion sensor wouldn't work, so it would stay dark until the button was pressed. Get a 1 star review if you fool me twice. This product is not useful.

👤We installed this at the top of our stairs. We used double sided tape. It is amazing. Daylight dawning can be seen in the second photo. The stairs won't light up once the sun is up. It was helpful for us to descend the stairs when the house was dark. I love it!

👤So far, so great... I didn't want this light fixture to be any higher than the finish clock in my foyer, which is the topmost focal point of the room, because the manufacturer says the best results are at 6 to 7 feet from the ground. I need to be able to clobber the off switch at the bottom of the light fixture when I don't want the motion sensor to light up during religious ceremonies. The mount is fastened to the wall almost 2 inches below the ground, so I chose 5 ft 10 inches for the top of the light fixture. I am very pleased with the range of the motion detector of this little rig - based on my measurements, it would seem I am getting light triggered within the manufacturer's stated 3 meter range, and even then some. And yes... If there is enough light already within a reasonable area, the light on this fixture won't start. I know other reviewers have had negative things to say about this feature, but personally I don't see an issue, and I am delighted that this thing saves battery power for only when light is needed. This thing looks great on the wall.

4. Pathway Staircase Corridor Lighting Decor´╝łBlack

Pathway Staircase Corridor Lighting Decor%EF%BC%88Black

Easy. USA standard installation back plate is required. It was easy to put it on the box. You can connect to the wire directly. It is compatible to AC85V-265V,50/60HZ. The lighting is suitable for indoor living room, hallways, staircase, bedroom, living room, restaurants, hotels, balcony, corridor, company office and so on. The more durable the chips, the better. Hight quality COB chips. 10 watt light. An extra long life for your light is ensured by the Warm White-3000K. The material is made of advanced aluminum casting shell, it is easy to clean. Friendly warranty and service. Aipsun Team always provide the best quality product. They will try their best to improve your shopping experience if you have a problem with it. Friendly warranty and service. Aipsun Team always provide the best quality product. They will try their best to improve your shopping experience if you have a problem with it.

Brand: Aipsun

👤I bought these for a client. The design and quality of the shell is great. The light inside is not very bright. The lights response is taking a long time. It takes a while for the light to turn on when I turn on the switch. This is a common occurrence. The delay is large. I reached out to customer service. I need more of them and they look great. My client is not happy with how long it takes for the lights to turn on and will not use them if there is no solution.

👤It is slightly smaller than in the pictures.

👤The box lights were purchased to install on the headboard. One of the lights went off after a week of use. The light is on but not as bright as a candle. The entire unit is trash because there is no way to change the bulb. If they contact me, they will update. Customer service immediately sent me a new unit. If you have an issue with the light, you can count on the sellers customer service.

👤My bedroom has modern and stylish wall sconces. They did what I intended and weren't bad to install. I am very happy if they last a while.

👤If you mount your wall insert horizontally, you can install nice lights and good quality. The screws don't line up for the base plate when I install the blue wall boxes from Home Depot.

👤We just installed these and they are the same as what we were told. Our bedroom is bright and modern and they are perfect for it.

👤The lamp is not too expensive. Very sleek and stylish.

👤It was the perfect size for my bed.

5. Hamlite Backlight Lighting Theater Easy Bending

Hamlite Backlight Lighting Theater Easy Bending

A special music mode has a built-in high sensitivity mic, spectrum with light and colors adjusting automatically, and a light source that syncs with music. Slow, relaxing tunes and dance music can be found in the strip light. A white backLED strip covers every side of the TV without dark area, and offers color-changing ambience lighting behind the TV. RF remotes offer 18 colors, 10 dynamic modes, 10 speed and brightness levels, and can be used in your home theater and gaming room. Super Bright and Release Eye-Strain: powered by theusb, brightness is twice that of others', prevents eye strain caused by strong contrast between light screen and dark room, relieves headaches and eyes dry. Special easy-bending design. The light strip is designed like a W shape, it bends to fit corners, and the glue is enhanced. Attach it under the kitchen island, sofa, bed, desk. The installation is the plan the route, clean surface, attach the strip and plug it in. You will be offered friendly customer support in hours if you contact them for help with the TV backlight kit.

Brand: Hamlite

👤It looks cool and adds a wow factor when you turn on your TV in a dark room. You get 4 pieces of strip which allow you to go along both sides of the strip and along the top. The kit was easy to install and the remote works well from across the room. The family likes the ability to change the background color when they are watching something. It does not need to be plugged into a wall. Plug it into one of the TV'sUSB ports and you're good to go. I used regular tape to position the strips. I kept it this way for a few days to make sure we would keep them on the TV. I put the strips in place permanently after I got approval from the rest of the family. If you found the review useful, please click the button below. Thanks.

👤I bought 2 different strips that were supposed to back up a 46" TV and a DeepDream version. The Homee strip has cable sections between it's 4 strips that allow you to turn corners more easily. The light quality was more distinct than the deepdream version. It had a remote that could be used to change colors. The RF sensor needs to be peaking out from behind the TV. I didn't have a problem with that. The strobe feature was a big issue. I didn't know why you would need that and it didn't work well when I was testing it on an outlet. I attached it to the TV and tried it again. Big mistake! I tried the strobe again and it blew out theusb on my TV. It would have been terrible if it blew out the strip because I already attached it. I tried plugging in my laptop. It still worked. The TVusb was a problem. It no longer has any power or read anything. I had to manually power on/off my cable box since it was always live, even though I was forced to connect to it. I'm not going to be able to have it turn on/off with the TV. Lesson learned, don't use the bristle FEATURE if you want the TV to work. I would have given this a 5 star rating, light quality was good, but the strobe button ruined it.

👤I love this product. It wouldn't work on the back of the TV. The TV would show a code on the screen that said the port was over capacity and that the TV would have to be reset. The written instructions didn't work if I tried to turn down the brightness. It wasn't that big of a deal since I wanted to run the lights more often. I used a 6 port electrical outlet with built inusb ports to plug the lights into. I cleaned the back of the TV. Next, wipe it down with a clean cloth and then wipe it all down with rubbing alcohol. I used Scotch tape to lay it all out and then peeled off the red backing to expose the tape underneath it. I had to keep it untwisted because my wife helped by holding it up in the air. It turned out very well, as you can see in the one picture of the back of my TV. I couldn't get the corners to be flat. I'm happy with them. I hope these will last for a long time. They are enjoyable to look at. It will be a conversation piece.

6. LEONLITE Dimmable Outdoor Aluminum Waterproof

LEONLITE Dimmable Outdoor Aluminum Waterproof

The user-friendly design of the step light improves personal safety at night. The step light uses AC 120V power, so you don't need a transformer. This step light is compatible with 4.33inch(L) 2.2inch(W)2.8inch(H) j-box and has a 100% to 5% dimming capacity. Installation is easy because of the included complete accessories and 6.8inch power cord. It works with the standard United States junction box. The quality is assured thanks to the certification. The aluminum shell is more resistant to damage than plastic shells. The temperature range from -4F to 104F makes this step light a great choice for indoor and outdoor environments. You can add a layer of sealant to the step light after it's installed for better waterproof performance. The step light has a lifespan of 30,000hrs and a 5-year warranty. You can add a layer of sealant to the step light after it's installed for better waterproof performance. The step light has a lifespan of 30,000hrs and a 5-year warranty.

Brand: Leonlite

👤These are not a good product. The light clips on to the mount. The clips had to be bend to hold the lights in place. It is easy for the lights to come off if you bumped them. Customer service is provided. I ordered six packs of lights, which came in two three packs. One of the packs did not have the mounting brackets. The lights can't be mounted without the brackets. I contacted customer service and asked for three brackets. They said they would make and exception to their 3 day policy for issues with orders. The process to get the brackets was very difficult. They wanted pictures and video of the opened box. There is a problem with the fact that you cannot attach pictures to a message in the Amazon messenger box. I just ordered three more lights. Unless you have a tight budget, I would look for a better product.

👤I bought these path lights to replace the failing path lights in my driveway. 19 lights are listed at a price. I was worried about investing in so many since I didn't know the quality of the lights. These are the most amazing lights I've ever installed. The lights are a high quality product that I feel completely justify the price, well packaged, easy to install and the result is simply mind blowing! My driveway is now lit up like a resort entrance and there are no dark spots in it. If you find the lights too bright, they are also dimmable. You have the option to tone it down. I highly recommend this product to anyone who is looking for quality, ease of installation and brightness.

👤My deck steps have 18 of these. The quality of the lights was really good. They were easy to install, and I have no experience with electrical instillation. I bought an outside dimmer and they work great with my dimmer. Customer support is the most positive experience I have had. Yari came back to me very quickly and told me that the missing plates were in the other pack, so I was able to get what I wanted.

👤These exceeded my expectations. It was a great fit and finish. They look sweet and they promote safety in my stairway, which is a super dark one.

👤The illumination is bright. The design of the mounting is worthless. The clips won't work in the home theater application. Instructions don't say how far between the mounting brackets and the wall surface. I might have to drill holes to use a standard screw attachment. I would pick another model after this experience.

👤The stairs and bedroom hallways have dimmable lights. They are all connected to a single smart switch and schedule that dims from dusk to dawn. It has eliminated the need for multiple 3 way switches in the house. My family and houseguests like simplicity.

👤The light is metal and fits into an outlet box. I think you could get away with one every five if you put one of these every three steps. You can put them above the floor.

7. Ourleeme Triangle Aluminum Decorative Lighting

Ourleeme Triangle Aluminum Decorative Lighting

The 5W triangle led wall lamp has a color temp of 6000-6500K and is made of aluminum. The finished surface is textured and fashionable. The modern triangle style is perfect for home decoration. A beautiful up/down light effect is produced on exterior walls. Installation is easy and safe. The screw set makes it easy to install the light. The light should be installed according to the usage. The stylish and uniqueLED wall lights are safe for use as they don't have harmful chemicals. The wall lamp has a long life and low power consumption. 5W, 400LM. The size is 23.5*11.7*3 cm and 9.2*4.6*1.2. Modern minimalist triangle design is great for living room, TV background, showcase, bedroom, dinning room, restaurant, bar, cafe, hotel, corridor, etc. It's widely used in indoor and outdoor lighting. Modern minimalist triangle design is great for living room, TV background, showcase, bedroom, dinning room, restaurant, bar, cafe, hotel, corridor, etc. It's widely used in indoor and outdoor lighting.

Brand: Ourleeme

👤It is necessary to have direct wired into the switch or wall. Can't use if you don't hire an electrician.

👤You will need to know how to install the hard wired wall lamp if you want to enjoy it. It's pretty and adds a nice vibe to the space. The colors add to my space.

👤Installation sur un mur de pierre. Joli! Merci.

👤If it was ready to use, I like it.

8. Pre Cut Changing Backlights Lighting Decoration

Pre Cut Changing Backlights Lighting Decoration

Behind TV lighting is multi-color with the remote control. Perfect lighting solution for home, motor, cabinet, closet, corner, holidays, Christmas decoration. Easy InstallationLED TV backlight can be cut with scissors to fit the desired size of your TV. Flexible strips bend to your desired positions if you use the 3m adhesive. TV Backlight adds a subtle backlight to your monitor, TV, desktop, PC, reducing the eyestrain caused by differences in picture brightness from scene to scene in movies, shows and games. Optimal viewing experienceLED Strips light, color and brightness of the LEDs are carefully calibrate, colors more vibrant, remote controller help to get the most comfortable brightness The life expectancy is over 5000 hours. The light bars have "+RGB" marks on both sides, so make sure they are connected in the same direction. 3 months free replacement and 12 months warranty. The light bars have "+RGB" marks on both sides, so make sure they are connected in the same direction. 3 months free replacement and 12 months warranty.

Brand: Houhui

👤I put the lights on the tv after I received the item. I was impressed with the bendable connections. I started using the controller to turn on the lights, flip through the colors, and change the speeds. The controller and lights are not working. It produces a different color light when pressing one color. If I press the green button, I will see a red light. The buttons give the wrong color light. I can't contact the seller because the item is discontinued, it's really disappointing. It was charming.

👤This is an example of "you get what you pay for", and I think what you get here is pretty good, limited only by what you're not paying for. I paid for an IR receiver, not an RF receiver, but that's what I wanted. The customer support offered to replace the kit if the solution didn't work after I misinterpreted the installation instructions. I plugged them in wrong. If you have problems with some strips not lighting up properly, try plugging the other end in.

👤Not happy with the product but don't want to have to pay $12. If you pay $12 you get what you pay for, but I will do a review for those of you who are first time buyers. It doesn't support power from the USB ports on TVs that are older. I couldn't use the LEDs behind the TV because I have a floating TV, so I had to plug my cube into the wall outlet. The power out connection stopped working after I plugged in and unplugged the LEDs only 3 times, trying to get them into the position of my liking. I don't have to use tape to keep the power cord from shorting out. I know how to install LEDs but this is the first time someone will have to do it because they thought it was a great idea for their TV set up. If the instruction manual is hard to read, confusing, and blurry, how is a consumer going to use this product? I have subtracted 3 stars for the reasons above. I will consider updating this review if the manufacturer helps resolve the issue I have. The abundance of hardware makes it easy to place the light stripping in other places that the seller is marketing the LEDs for. Extra hardware and wire clips make it easier to work with things that are low-pro. The light produced is very good. The small chip inside the power cord was programmed to create hundreds of color combinations and effects at the touch of a button.

👤I have always loved the synergy that happens when you pair a well choreographed light show with music and have spent a lot of time and money looking for the same magic you can find on a packed dance floor at 4 am in a more convenient package. It became a more grown up version of the dream with a sound system and a good visualizer on the tv in my bedroom, where a water bottle can be had for free. I have been looking for a while for a solution that would allow me to play music at a volume that was too sensitive to the music at the soundbar, but I have thrown the idea away because it would result in lights that were constantly changing color. I tried covering the sound input box on my LEDs with tape, but had no luck. Most of the time, the lights were dancing in a mad rhythm of their own, which was unrelated to the music, because of the lag time between the input and the lights. I am glad I kept searching because these lights stand out above the others. There is no lag between the sound and the lights. I downloaded a music analyzation program in an app that was plug and play, and I thought they were running out of it. The music is important and the lights handle that well. The sensitivity is adjusted. You can change the sensitivity by hitting the brightness selection buttons. It is very cool. I can set them so they will respond to the bass or the song's rhythm. Some songs need to have emphasis placed just on the major beat of the track and others need to have richness that lights changing colors or pulse to all the unique rhythms of a song can bring. My last point... They have four different music settings, which is a first for me. You can use the lights to pulse to the beat or change colors to the beat in a variety of styles that can bring out the choppy, fine tuning rhythm of a trap song or the flowing melodies of Vivaldi. I will be getting more of these lights soon. I have dealt with this issue on nearly every light strip I have tried out and I was prepared with a roll of double sided gorilla tape that keeps them nice and straight along the corners of my desk. I would highly recommend these if you don't know which one to get.

9. Pauwer Industrial Sconces Vintage Fixtures

Pauwer Industrial Sconces Vintage Fixtures

The Pauwer industrial wall light fixture is back size 5.12" and has a length of 17.32". The test bulb is included in the package. You can find the bulb type "Edison T300 bulb" on the internet. Adding industrial decor to your home is possible with this wall lighting with high quality steel construction andrust-proof black finish. Quality Garanteed is only used indoors. The E26 Base has a Max 60w Bulb. All mounting hardware is included for easy installation. The living room/dining room/bedroom wall has a perfect industrial look above the fireplace, next to the TV, and beside the Vanity mirror. All mounting hardware is included for easy installation. The living room/dining room/bedroom wall has a perfect industrial look above the fireplace, next to the TV, and beside the Vanity mirror.

Brand: Pauwer

👤These look great. Good quality. The price is great. I upgraded to the more efficient LEDs for a little more light output. Win.

👤The neutral is that the included bulbs are fairly dim. They are not led, which makes them great to look at, but not very bright. There could be more detail in the instructions. The domed acorn style nuts that are on the ends of the bars were broken off. The pieces were loose in the bag and can't be fixed. I had to use a pigtail because of the short wire leads. You may have enough wire in the box. I did not. The lights are solid and with an led swap, should be able to give off some decent light while maintaining the look.

👤We wanted to create the right atmosphere in our theater room. The light did that. We didn't read all the way at the bottom. The top description said no bulbs. We bought more bulbs from Amazon. The light bulb didn't work after we installed it. The new bulbs were a little brighter than the ones included. We changed all of the bulbs we bought. Overall, we love them!

👤I don't usually install wall lights this way. The fixture isn't designed to fit the electrical box used for wall lights. The fixture is designed to hold a wire from the wall. There is a helpful video on the internet.

👤It is easy to put together a nice fixture. It is a pain to install since it is not for electrical boxes. The electrical wires are too short to reach the box, so you can just attach the bar. It was not safe to pull the wires out of the box. The wires need to be a couple of inches longer.

👤The install was a bit challenging and we had a contractor install it. The back plate is bent a bit. The bulbs are too dim for our needs and we are not able to find them. We broke one bulb because it was too long. They look nice installed and are a great alternative for the sloped closet ceiling.

👤I was a little bit hesitant about ordering these lights because of the affordable price tag. I couldn't find decent lights cheaper than $60 per light when I was pricing out wall sconces for my theater room. I figured it was worth a try. If I didn't like them, I could always return them. We worked well for what I was looking for. The vintage lights I purchased look amazing. These were what I 888-276-5932s were supposed to be. It is made of metal and plastic. The quality is good, the price is great, and the look is exactly what I was looking for. There are Home Run in my theater room.

👤The box is attractive, but the mounting holes do not line up well with standard boxes in the US, and the cables are too short to actually reach the box making it a fire hazard. The bulbs are dimmable. Don't use the wire harness provided. It's difficult to mount.

10. AOZBZ Triangle Theater Hallway Multicolor

AOZBZ Triangle Theater Hallway Multicolor

The lighting effect is called the "nano leaf lighting effect", it is a combination of up and down lighting and 4 lights on the same side. Black and white surface and triangle-shaped wall lamp can be used as a pretty good decoration even during the daytime, increases simple and modern style of your house. The Mini wall Sconce light is made of premium aluminum and will look great in your room or mirror. It's good for living rooms, bedrooms, children's rooms, kitchens, stairs, corridors, and more. It can be used on many occasions, such as wedding, birthday, dance party, Christmas, anniversaries of important events and so on. They offer a friendly after sale service and a 100% Money Back or Free Exchange Guarantee. If you have a question, please contact them. They offer a friendly after sale service and a 100% Money Back or Free Exchange Guarantee. If you have a question, please contact them.

Brand: Aozbz

👤I believe the photo posted with this listing was photoshopped or that I received a faulty device because despite my best efforts, I was unable to duplicate the crossed mixed colors as shown.

11. Lighting Fixture Plaster Conservatory Dimmable

Lighting Fixture Plaster Conservatory Dimmable

The lamp is made of plaster. The gypsum material is pollution-free and it makes the wall light feel softer, smoother, and more durable. The wall mounted light is supplied with a low energy light bulb and no battery. This is easy to install and requires no complex installation. Not a battery, not a plug. Can be mounted vertically or horizontally. Under the guidance of the electrician, please install. Modern design. It can be used in a variety of places, including living rooms, bedrooms, children's rooms, restaurants, kitchens, stairs, corridors, hallway, and other wall lamps and bedside wall lamps. They are very compatible with classical furniture decoration and modern style decoration. ChangM is always behind its products. If you have any problems with the product, please don't hesitate to contact them. ChangM is always behind its products. If you have any problems with the product, please don't hesitate to contact them.

Brand: Changm

👤The theater room is almost done, and I added some lights last night. I painted them with black spray paint because I wanted them to be black. I replaced the stock bulbs with dimmable G9 bulbs and they turned out great.

👤I needed a horizontal fixture for a small space. I think it's overpriced, but it fits my needs. It is 7 7/8" wide and 5 1/8" tall. It's easy to install. Light is bright. It is a bit brittle because it is plaster. The wall I was installing the fixture on was not straight. The fixture got pulled to the wall tightly as I tightened one of the screws. It's in my basement and I'm not worried about it.

👤The light is bright and stylish.

👤Money was well spent. These look great. We haven't painted yet so don't worry.

👤We were skeptical when we ordered them, as we were worried about how the light would look on the wall. They look great now that they are up there. We have plaster walls that blend into the background when not in use, and they throw a nice soft light up and down the wall when in use. They look very smart on the wall. The price was reasonable for the quality of the product.

👤We bought this pack of lights to replace two old ones. They look clean and modern, and they put out a lot of light. They were easy to install. The fixture cracked as he tightened the final screw, and a few chunks broke off. He had to glue the pieces back on after removing the fixture. It's really bad. Guys. The fixture are made of plaster. Even when you're handling them gently, they're incredibly delicate and fragile. Be aware of that. The cracks are on the top of the fixture, so they won't be seen. We would have sent it back.

👤I bought four of them for illumination. I was looking for illumination both up and down to provide both direct and indirect lighting. Even though they're clearly designed to be wall-mounted, I'm very happy with the result. We found the direct light to have too much glare using a room-temperature 60w-equivalent led. I trimmed rice paper to shape to fix this. I added a dimmer to the circuit. The result is more attractive. There are some build issues. Some of the mounting over the metal backplates was a little tight. You should know that the fixture is unfinished and not treated. I would not recommend this fixture for areas where it might be exposed to greasy fumes or other airborne, sticky particles unless you plan to seal its surface. It would be a great base for an art project if this is unfinished plaster.

👤The wall light was very easy to install. You can smudge the white housing with the white glove. It installs fast and looks great. As I installed bedroom lights, I provided enough light for bed side reading. The product is great. Others were priced much higher. I would recommend it.


What is the best product for home theater lighting led?

Home theater lighting led products from Licperron. In this article about home theater lighting led you can see why people choose the product. Rossetta and Sunnior are also good brands to look for when you are finding home theater lighting led.

What are the best brands for home theater lighting led?

Licperron, Rossetta and Sunnior are some of the best brands that chosen by people for home theater lighting led. Find the detail in this article. Aipsun, Hamlite and Leonlite are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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