Best Home Theater Lights Battery Operated

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1. VIBELITE Battery Operated Utility Wireless

VIBELITE Battery Operated Utility Wireless

It's easy to use 2 COB panels on each switch forWardrobe, Camping, Kitchen, Garage, Attic, Night Reading and more. It's perfect to keep the house dark. It's easy to install. It comes with a magnetic base and a 3M metal plate. It can be attached to any flat surface. It can be detached to be used in another location. The batteries are not included. MULTI-FUNCTIONAL. It's easy to mount anywhere in the house. You can use it in the closet, stairs, wardrobe, cabinet, attics, garage, or anywhere. Package content There is a pack of closet lights. A user manual and a set of installation screws. 12 MONTHS PROMISE Backed by the VIBELITE customer satisfaction. They will replace a faulty product if you don't like it. If you have a problem, contact them. 12 MONTHS PROMISE Backed by the VIBELITE customer satisfaction. They will replace a faulty product if you don't like it. If you have a problem, contact them.

Brand: Vibelite

👤The product is great for a quick look but not long term. The whole kitchen nut is lit up. I left it on for 45 minutes and then realized it was gone. Within 30 minutes it died after I replaced it with new batteries. I tested it again about an hour later and it was still light. The batteries did not die completely. The batteries come with screws and magnets. The stickers don't stick long. The lights are on the same areas. I have to limit my usage but I will keep them.

👤Wow! These little lights are very powerful. The lights were bright. I bought them because a few switches in my apartment no longer work and we have been using lamps with extension cords which can be a hazard. We can't get anyone to fix them until the stay at home order is lifted. I might not bother calling management to fix the lighting fixture now that I've placed these lights. I will save money on my electric bill. I might purchase more and use them instead of using the ceiling lights. I'm using rechargeable batteries instead of normal aaa batteries to save on batteries.

👤There is no lights in my closet. I want a lighting system that is as close as possible to a built-in lighting system that is powered by 120V. I decided to try VIBELITE because it has the advantage of being very bright but has some disadvantages, such as the use ofAAA batteries that do not last long and the switch on the unit is not convenient when I install two lights. Here is my solution which has a lot of advantages. I put two VIBELITE Closet Lights on each side of the closet, which produced the best illumination. I used three D-batteries to increase the battery life and placed the cover of one of the battery holders on the battery to show it. The light units were connected to the external batteries with two quick 2-pin plugs. The wall switch I installed was a 1-Gang Blue Plastic Old Work Wall Electrical Box from Lowe's and matches other wall switches in the house to control the lights. The solution keeps the advantages of VIBELITE and removes the disadvantages.

👤The light is so bright that it lights up my entire 8x12 shed. I've found 1000 different uses for the lights A+, but I can't speak to longevity.

👤The unit was broken. It fell onto a hardwood floor from about 3 feet up as I tried to pry it from the original box that the set of four was tightly squeezed into. I put in a new set of batteries and it didn't work. I tried to flip the switch off, but I couldn't because the batteries were still in place. No chance. Maybe I should have expected that. The concept is cute, but it has limited practical value since the bright light shines directly into your sightline, even if it's positioned on a wall at a reasonable height. I would just as soon use one of the more since they're not attractive enough to use in a nice wardrobe or something like that, but they could be used as overhead shelf lights in a utility closet or storage closet. Cute, but impractical, and ugly for any area of high visibility.

2. FLYDEER Aluminium Lighting Bedroom Corridor

FLYDEER Aluminium Lighting Bedroom Corridor

1. Modern Simple Design is made of high quality aluminum with elegant arcs, surface paint treatment, not easy to oxidation, don't fade. A fashion wall light can increase your home security. 2. The lamp beads have a voltage of 85 and a size of 220 x 90 x 50mm. This wall lamp uses high-quality LEDs chip, 8 lamp beads, and has a long life, no need to replace the bulbs. 3. Warm lighting is warm light, no flash, soft and uniform light, eye protection, keep your rooms look warm and comfortable. 4. Before installing the lamps, the wall should be drilled. You can check the last product picture for installation reference. The grade is waterproof. It is suitable for living room, bedroom, hall, porch, studio, cafe, garden, yard, indoor and outdoor decoration. Installation instructions are included. 5. IC card constant current driver has short circuit protection, intelligent control circuit, overload protection and current stable. 5. IC card constant current driver has short circuit protection, intelligent control circuit, overload protection and current stable.

Brand: Flydeer

👤The pics they show to market are not accurate. It's small. There is 6. We're moving so we can do it. Cute. Way pretty. The light is great. But...tiny. It wouldn't cover an electrical box. I had a small wiring hole to work with. The pics flanking the entry door have to be 18.

👤I should have read the description better. This light is bright. It's ok. I guess. I'm not happy with it all. It's smaller than a bottle. My coffee mug is bigger than this light. If you're looking for something larger, this isn't it. There is no cord. This is a bare wire. It comes with nothing to help you wire it up other than the instructions, so be sure to know how to access the wires in your walls. My husband is handy and had no real issues with this, but he wasn't expecting it to be this way. This thing is bright. If you look at it, you're going to spend the next two hours in your house. We meant it to add a little "cozy" lighting to our room, but it looks ok from across the room, and pity the poor person sitting beneath it who is crying that their eyes are melting. I'm telling you that this silly little light has half the power of the sun. We aren't returning it because we went through all the hassles to get it. It's rarely turned on. Maybe when I need to find a needle in thick berber carpet, or a contact lens on a piece of glass, or I just want to get a severe migraines, then I may use it. It stays off if that's the only thing. I think it's well made and looks good. They could do better.

👤The pro: That design is very attractive. However... They don't give off enough light. Even though it is a movie room, you want to be able to see when you are looking for something or want to read something. My electrician told me that these are great if you don't care about the wattage. We will have overhead can lights added to our room. If I had to order them again. I would get brighter when needed.

👤This accent light is really cool. The design on the wall is better than the pictures. The white is on the cooler side. I would have liked a warmer color. There was no light fixture alternative with a warmer light. My electrician had no problem putting these up. The base was slightly smaller than my existing hole in the wall, but the shell of the light fixture covered up the slight difference in size. My electrician was able to install the wiring despite it being for European. I'm very excited about this light fixture. I had two on either side of my sofa and it adds a contemporary artistic element to the room. It's not meant to light the room or serve as a task light. It's an accent light and it does a great job.

3. Lemonbest Lighting Spotlight Decorative Bathroom

Lemonbest Lighting Spotlight Decorative Bathroom

6 watt cuboid led wall spotlight, aluminum alloy shell, sturdy and durable. 6PCS bright color led beads are used to produce a beautiful up and down light effect on exterior walls, fashion and luxury. Modern coffered design is great for living room light, TV background, showcase, Vanity light, bedroom, dinning room, restaurant, hotel, bar, cafe, corridor, hallway light, etc. It's widely used in indoor and outdoor lighting. This light is not waterproof. The light needs to be hardwired. There was no power plug or battery needed. 18 months worry-free warranty guarantee ensures long- lasting enjoyment of your purchase. If you have any questions, please contact the seller. 18 months worry-free warranty guarantee ensures long- lasting enjoyment of your purchase. If you have any questions, please contact the seller.

Brand: Lemonbest

👤I want my money back because it sucks that you have to connect everything into your wires in your wall and it is very small and no remote control.

👤Don't waste your money on this... It is a scam.

👤It looks good, it's easy to install, and you have no idea what you're doing. It's easy to wire a 120v house plug, so you can plug it in and out as you please. It will be harder to mount the wall between the studs.

👤The design and overall look are great. Disappointed by the small amount of light it gives.

👤The light is bright. It is almost too bright to see. I modified it so I could keep it, but buyer beware if you put it indoors, it's bright!

👤No tiene es el embalaje, no tienes a lampara por metal, no tienes a simple caja. La lampara tiene una calidad.

4. SUNNIOR Aluminum Adjustable Brightness Anywhere

SUNNIOR Aluminum Adjustable Brightness Anywhere

The surface of the wall lamp has a shielding film that can be turned off. The lamps are powered by batteries. The long working life of aluminum sconces lights is more impressive than other materials. You can choose according to your needs. There is a motion sensor. The wall light will turn on in the dark and off in the daytime. It's easy to install. Installation is easy using 2-sided tape or a mounting screw. There is a wide application. Modern wall sconces are suitable for bedroom, living room, corridor, stairwell, hallway, wardrobe. There is a wide application. Modern wall sconces are suitable for bedroom, living room, corridor, stairwell, hallway, wardrobe.

Brand: Sunnior

👤The old PIR nightlight in my bedroom was damaged and I bought this to replace it. The old one did not detect visible light and would turn on whenever it detected the heat of a person. When I installed the Sunnior lamp, I was a bit worried that the PIR wouldn't work. All was well when I darkened the room. A note when the instruction sheet is reprinted might save someone else from this problem. I mounted the unit to the bookcase using 3M Command hook-and-loop fasteners instead of drilling into the furniture. These have a release feature. The main lamp was very good and the two down-pointing leds were useful. I can't comment on the longevity of the batteries or the unit itself, but my initial impression is that it is an attractive and useful lamp. I am very pleased with it after using it for a few days. It is exactly what I wanted, and it is brighter than the one it replaced.

👤It's not practical to get an electrician to add an outlet or install lights in a hall or a closet, and the motion sensor is terrific because there's no fumbling around. The wall light is very modern and sleek, runs on three batteries, and has a bright light that is activated by motion. There is a There are a lot of brands and lights in the market, and the prices are all over the place. If you want a light that looks elegant and fine than the average plastic ones at a really great price, stick with Amazon. You will go wrong.

👤If you plan on never removing the light, or at least not without also removing a section of wall paint the same size as the light, you should not use the tape provided to stick to the wall. The upstairs hallway has no electric outlet, so this seemed like a great idea for a night light. Works well... The cats are setting it off every 10 minutes in the middle of the night. Even on the lowest setting, it illuminates all the way into my room. I should have realized the cat mom problems.

👤The first one wouldn't turn on. Took a chance and ordered a second one. The second one turned on but the motion sensor wouldn't work, so it would stay dark until the button was pressed. Get a 1 star review if you fool me twice. This product is not useful.

👤We installed this at the top of our stairs. We used double sided tape. It is amazing. Daylight dawning can be seen in the second photo. The stairs won't light up once the sun is up. It was helpful for us to descend the stairs when the house was dark. I love it!

👤So far, so great... I didn't want this light fixture to be any higher than the finish clock in my foyer, which is the topmost focal point of the room, because the manufacturer says the best results are at 6 to 7 feet from the ground. I need to be able to clobber the off switch at the bottom of the light fixture when I don't want the motion sensor to light up during religious ceremonies. The mount is fastened to the wall almost 2 inches below the ground, so I chose 5 ft 10 inches for the top of the light fixture. I am very pleased with the range of the motion detector of this little rig - based on my measurements, it would seem I am getting light triggered within the manufacturer's stated 3 meter range, and even then some. And yes... If there is enough light already within a reasonable area, the light on this fixture won't start. I know other reviewers have had negative things to say about this feature, but personally I don't see an issue, and I am delighted that this thing saves battery power for only when light is needed. This thing looks great on the wall.

5. Battery Powered Wireless Cabinets Counters Cordless

Battery Powered Wireless Cabinets Counters Cordless

SUPER BRIGHT The new light technology can produce 50 lm soft light. Light protection at night and in dark places. It's not hard to install, no hard-charging. Press the center switch to turn it on/off, and you can stick on anywhere you want. The batteries are powered by power. No wires are required, powered by 3 PCS batteries. Environmental protection and energy saving! There is a size for any location. In the dark or in a camper, bring your light. The small size is about 3 inches wide. 9 inch is perfect for a closet, under cabinet, hallway, stairs, car, sheds and storage room. The Dream Master customer satisfaction guarantee is 12 months. They will replace a faulty product if you don't like it. If you have a problem, contact them. The Dream Master customer satisfaction guarantee is 12 months. They will replace a faulty product if you don't like it. If you have a problem, contact them.

Brand: Dream Master

👤It's easy to install. If you want under cabinet lighting, this is a great solution. There is no blue light in my picture, it's just a blue light in my picture.

👤These little lights are amazing. I bought them and I am so happy. I put two in the lower cabinets because the overhead light doesn't get back to where it was. These were great for dark cabinets. They are incredibly easy to install. If you know the price of name brand batteries, we bought a large pack of Amazon Basics AA batteries which was cheap. They adhere well to wood, walls, and even bricks. We will be using them around our apartment.

👤These are for my pop up camper. My camper trailer battery is not charged often. I wanted to get these for lights until I get it fixed. I only used 4 of them and the camper was lit up just like the normal 4 lights on the ceiling. I thought I would use the other one for a kitchen light. These are small lights. I don't mind waiting for the camper battery to be fixed because it works well. I can stick here and there for the house if I buy more. They all take two batteries. I'm not sure how long they last since I only took them camping once. There is a I believe that it is worth it.

👤The product is perfect for dark areas such as closets, food pantry, garage, under cabinets and so on. These require batteries, however they last longer than expected. The entire circle of glue should be on contact with the surface. I would recommend this product.

👤I wanted to light up some dark areas in my fish house. The Ice Castle has a tongue and grooves interior, so running additional wiring is a big job. The push lights work great in the dark and don't require wiring. I'm not a fan of the "cool" white light, so I might look for the same ones in a warm white. I should be able to pop these off the stuck base and put the warm white ones on if I can find them by the same maker. I'll use the bright white ones on the outside over the cranks if I need to set up in the dark. They're worth it all. It's very simple and handy to fix the dark areas in my fish house.

👤I put these in my bed as I keep a lot of junk there. It makes searching easier. We had a power cut. In the middle of summer, power goes out for 9 hours. I put one in the hallway. I could get to the bathroom. Next night there will be another power failure. This time it was 13 hours without power. I put one in the kitchen and one in the bedroom. These are the smallest things I've ever purchased. You're all set with 3AAA batteries. I don't keep the batteries on constantly, so I just use them as needed.

6. Stick Anywhere Wireless Battery Operated Bathroom

Stick Anywhere Wireless Battery Operated Bathroom

The Vonluce artistic standing lamp has a 3 year warranty and is made from high quality materials. The IDEALSTAIR LIGHT provides the right amount of lighting to guide you. When light sensor detect darkness enough, the motion sensor will light up. The motion sensor will detect motion at a detection angle of 120 degrees and a range of 10 feet, it will switch on automatically and lightens your way for a total of 20 seconds. 3*AAA batteries provide soft illumination for up to a year by using high efficiency energy saving SMD replace normal LEDs. Easy installation. Installation is easy, no hard-wiring to the wall. You can keep on wherever you please with double-sided pads or screws on the wall. 6xMotion sensor stair lights, 12x screws, 6x pads, and a User Manual are what you get. 6xMotion sensor stair lights, 12x screws, 6x pads, and a User Manual are what you get.

Brand: Innofox

👤I've lived in an RV for 25 years. A Toyota Dolphin with 400 watt solar on roof, a custom surfboard rack system and only 50k original miles is not a story. I think so. I make MacGyver look like a girl. I don't mean that I don't have a sense of style or taste. If you want to make your own motion sensor lights, you can buy some micro switches on Amazon, a good butane soldering rig, some small gauge wire, a set of mini screw drivers, and have fun putting them in your RV's cabinets. Attach the micro switch to the ground wire between the battery negative side and the chip in the light. It is easy to peezy. When you open the cabinet at night, you will feel cool and clever because the little light fires up the perfect amount of light. The motion sensor lights are one led chip, which is exactly what you need. Others are too bright. You wake up at 3am and open the door to the head, and you get a light under the cabinet fire that is soft enough to see the window shade. It hurts to see 300 lumens of white light at 3am. Point them away from you to eliminate glare. If you want to solve a problem you don't deserve, these lil lights are the perfect amount of light to help you out and make you feel smart. If you need 20' of 4gauge 2wire for your new 2k watt inverter, you can buy a set of jumper cables on Amazon for half the price. You are welcome.

👤These work are very good. I ordered 2 more sets and I recommend them to anyone who has a picture included.

👤My kids tend to find their way into my bedroom several times a week, so I put these on the stairs to make sure they don't fall. These were useful. During the day, I put the batteries on the charge and then put them back in the units for the night, but only once every couple of weeks.

👤The company reached out to me disappointed that my mother had issues with a couple of the lights and they offered to send another set at no charge so she would be pleased. It was a pleasant surprise and I am happy that they follow up with their customers to make sure they are happy. Excellent. The second set should stick better. I bought my parents a gift for their 80th birthday and they said they fell off the wall because of the sticky substance. I recommended they put the screws into the wall because they didn't want to do that. It sounds like screws are a better option than the sticky pads. They said they are bright and light the stairs.

👤I used command strips to place them at intervals along my stairs to the second floor of my place so that I didn't have to reach for the actual light switch to be able to go up and down the stairs. They trip on fairly frequently. I try not to move too fast if it is dark because the last one seems to be hard to come on if you move too fast. I haven't had to change the batts out yet because I have had them for 7 months. If you have kids and a partner that is tripping the motion sensor, take that judgement with a grain of salt. I put one in my garage because it doesn't really do enough to make that one super effective as far as illumination goes, but it wasn't designed for that. It is enough. The product was great from my experience.

7. Phenas Creative Waterproof Aluminum Bathroom

Phenas Creative Waterproof Aluminum Bathroom

TheSlim Waist Wall Sconce is 20*10*8 cm. The outlook design is unique. A wall light is a perfect decoration for your home. It is easy to install a wall. There are 2 sizes, 2 color temperatures of the light and 4 kinds of lamp body color matching. The waterproof is Superior. A waterproof rubber ring can be used. Both indoor and outdoor can provide better security. The total 10W of Superior LED Chips and Driver is 2x5W high quality LEDs. Light beam uniform, Soft. Up to 50,000h of life is low energy consumption. The 85-265V wide voltage design of the intelligent IC chip suits different voltage environments. The aluminum alloy wall lamp body is not easy to oxidize and is resistant to corroding. There are many applications for indoor and outdoor lighting, perfect for villa, resort, bathroom, bedroom, entrance, corridor, porch, stairs and other places. They offer a warranty of 1 year and a full refund. There are many applications for indoor and outdoor lighting, perfect for villa, resort, bathroom, bedroom, entrance, corridor, porch, stairs and other places. They offer a warranty of 1 year and a full refund.

Brand: Phenas

👤The wiring color code is not US and the mounting plate does not fit an electrical box.

👤I am very happy with the lights. They look great on the side of the garage doors.

8. Beams MB500A WHT 04 00 Stair Night Light

Beams MB500A WHT 04 00 Stair Night Light

The 100 hour battery run time is 4 times longer than other puck lights. Operates on three AA batteries. Continuous safety lighting is provided by the dusk-to-dawn glow. It has been shown that amber light is less disruptive to sleep. The light is only on in darkness to help prolong the life of the battery. Installation of a wireless network takes less than 5 minutes with the included mounting hardware. The set of batteries is designed to provide approximately 6 months of light on each set. In areas like stairways, hallways, entryways, and closets, it is possible to instantly increase safety. In areas like stairways, hallways, entryways, and closets, it is possible to instantly increase safety.

Brand: Mr. Beams

👤It is difficult to find a battery powered light. Everything is powered by the sun. The solar powered lights are not very good in areas that don't get a lot of sunlight, and the devices are usually not very good quality, with low quality batteries that fail within a week or two. Standard batteries last much longer than battery powered lights. This light is not motion activated, which I find to be desirable. A path for travel should be light in the dusk-to-dawn light, similar to a lighthouse. Imagine a lighthouse that only lit when a ship approaches the hazard. The item is well-made and I didn't expect much from it. The plastic housing is thicker than most other lights and feels solid with the two batteries installed. The small amber light easily meets the lighthouse test because it has more than enough light. This light is made up of two parts, the light and battery Pod, which slide into a taco-like case. The case color can be changed quickly with spray paint, without concern for over spray on the lens. I can't comment on the battery life after receiving this product. The product seems promising.

👤After dark, the last step at the bottom of my main hall stairs is a hazard. My family has had to catch themselves from falling on that step multiple times, thinking we've reached the hall floor. I twisted my ankle on Monday night and it's possible that I have a broken foot or bruised thigh. Enough! I wanted a light that was warm and didn't distract people from where the floor is. I wanted something that used batteries, not solar power or hard wired, and went on automatically at night. The light is what I wanted. I got the 4 pack for another light at the top of the stairs, if I wanted to use them elsewhere or as a backup in case one broke. They arrived within 2 days and took less than 3 minutes to set up. I can't review the battery life or the quality of the tape yet because I'm using a Command strip instead of the double-sided strip that came with the light. The light has a small screw for the center hole in the holding brackets to be more secure. I put the light under the last step because the steps are carpeted. The floor is illuminated by the light for about half of the step. If I wanted the whole area illuminated, I would add a second light on the other side or under the step, but my goal was to illuminate the location of the floor just beyond the step. The floor under the edge of the last step on the second floor was clearly visible when I looked over after dark. It was perfect. The second light will be under the upper landing. These lights are meant to illuminate a single step, not a whole stairway or multiple steps. If you want larger, brighter lights that serve that purpose, you should consider your needs before ordering. I have had these for about a year and a half. They work well. I put a second one at the top of the landing. I think I've changed the batteries 3 times. I use batteries. I used some leftover Command strips that I had and they haven't come off since, because the tape they came with didn't last.

9. Olafus Wireless Spotlight Operated Paintings

Olafus Wireless Spotlight Operated Paintings

Spot Light is easy to use. A warm white light, perfect for ceiling spotlights, is used for artwork. The Timer and Dimmer come with 2 remote controls: ON/OFF and Dimmer. The light head can be adjusted to meet all lighting direction needs. Attach these led accent lights to any clean and smooth surface with sticky back tape or screws. The life of the new batteries will be shortened by mixing old and new batteries. The spotlight may malfunction if the battery is not new. The light may not work when the battery is in. The remote control will work if you press the button on the light. It's time to replace the battery if your light is off. There are 4 warm whiteLED spotlights, 2 remote controllers, and a user manual. There are 4 warm whiteLED spotlights, 2 remote controllers, and a user manual.

Brand: Olafus

👤There were 4 battery operated accent lights with 2 remotes. The lights used batteries. They are used to light art. The lights started to dim and flicker after a week of use. All 12 AA batteries were replaced within 10 days. Minimum distance from the light for the remote is under 1 foot.

👤When we have guests, I use the lights to highlight the pictures. I used them before the Pandemic hit and they worked well. When I used them again, all the batteries were dead. I don't think the batteries could be used in that way. It must not be turned off completely. I will need to remove the batteries after each use.

👤We needed to light some art in a dark area. The light is very bright for some spots, but the dim-able feature lets you adjust it to fit the individual areas needs. The second set was ordered to be used on other art. The value is great.

👤You will need to replace batteries every 16 hours. This is so weak and powerless that it will not work in 16 hours. There are new equipment and batteries. This company needs to reset it's product. I'm returning everything they gave me. The garbage creates such waste that the lighting is useless. The product looked great on the first day.

👤These are great! I used them to highlight certain things in a haunted house. You can hang them or they can be on the ground. The heads can move in a variety of directions and the batteries are not plugged in.

👤I needed these to illuminate a merchandise display in a dim room. The light is bright. It's easy to place my products. The lights were on for six hours. I can't speak to how that works because I didn't use the remote.

👤I tried again to find a battery powered spot to put on the ceiling. These are great! Very bright. Here's how I know. I put the new ones over the old ones because I didn't clean the ceiling well enough. All of them fell off the ceiling and crashed into the floor. None of them were crooks. I was amazed. I will be interested to see how long the battery life is for these.

👤The lights can be used for a picture. I tried to use them for additional lighting in a room, but I didn't think they were bright enough. I think they are perfect to use as a spotlight. It has screws or command glue for attachment. The remote function was great.

👤They were stuck on the ceiling. The firm. It's very easy to operate and adjust the light settings, and you can choose a timer. Would be highly recommended.

👤The self glue doesn't hold it to the surface. They look nice and have a good light, but be prepared for frequently changing the batteries, I am pleased with my purchase as a picture light, but be prepared for frequently changing the batteries. They need to replace every few days.

10. LITENERGY Projector Lighting Control Ambiance

LITENERGY Projector Lighting Control Ambiance

The star, cloud and full moon mode in one projector projects amazing stars and a full moon behind a cloud onto a wall or ceiling. The features can be worked together or independently. It is possible to transform your room into a undiscovered universe. The galaxy projector is portable and recharged by a battery and comes with a cord that you can use wherever you want. It can be used for 3 hours when the moon nebula night lamp is fully charged. It's easy to use, it has a remote control that allows you to operate from anywhere in the room, so you don't have to get up. It can save a lot of space on your desk. The star projector needs to be placed vertically with the base. 7 different colors, including red, green, blue, yellow, cyan, purple and mixing of colors, are included in the Night Light and 9 Lighting Modes. The brightness of these color is adjusted, you can dim, brighten, change colors by clicking the button or using remote control to get enjoyable and comfortable effects. The galaxy light projector is a perfect gift for family and children. Perfects for romantic mood light, night lamp, and bedside lamp. The galaxy light projector is a perfect gift for family and children. Perfects for romantic mood light, night lamp, and bedside lamp.

Brand: Litenergy

👤I ordered one for my daughter's room. It was great. It shut off for about 2 minutes. It was dead. Nothing worked when I left it to charge. I ordered a replacement thinking it was a mistake. Nope! The second one died after 10 minutes.

👤After a week, stopped working. My son doesn't want to sleep without it. It will come on for a short time and stop. I have a crying 3 year old who wants his light.

👤After about 2 months of use, this thing is still going strong. Would definitely recommend. Can't comment on longevity, just set up the projector today. If it stops working, will update. My son is afraid of the dark so he usually has a cheap dome light that shows stars or fish shapes to light his room while he sleeps. I have a problem with those that stop working quickly, whether the lights burn out or the motor stops working, you have an unhappy kid in the middle of the night. I was tired of the same old song and dance so I got this on a good prime day deal. For a few bucks more, I'm very impressed. The first look is clear and bright. I like the moon the most. There are 9 different colors for the "clouds", which are swirls of light using red, green, and blue colors. The green star/dot lights are there. There is a super cool moon. The cloud colors are not moving. Press the cloud button to turn them off and hold the button to adjust the brightness. The mode button can be used to change between the 9 color modes. My 4 year old son likes the part where the cloud colors flash back and forth quickly. It has a mode where it slowly transitions between all the colors. The green stars/dots only have a button for off/on and not for brightness adjustment. This is a perfect 5/5 stars, but they are very bright. They do move in a circle, but unlike dome projectors, they only move a small part and not the whole top, so there is no noise. I'm hopeful that the motor won't burn out. I like the moon the most. The moon button adjusts the brightness by turning or off. The construction seems good. You don't have to spend money on those AAs if you have a built in battery and a built in charging port. If this doesn't die on me in a few months, I would buy this again.

👤I have 3 different brands of these for each of my boys rooms, the cheapest is the favorite. I spent $60 on one and $50 on the other. If you are looking for a planet night light, save money and go for this one. Hold the power button down for 5 seconds when the controller starts working.

👤I was sad to say that this projector was a big disappointment. The lack of brightness could be due to the fact that the lens were faulty. They were dirty and had small flaws that may have affected the overall appearance. I'm not keeping this one. If you want a quality projector, you will have to pay more.

11. Wireless Spotlight Operated Dimmable Lighting

Wireless Spotlight Operated Dimmable Lighting

The further back you put it, the wider the angle of light. You can highlight a picture, a dart board, or something else you want to light up. It's suitable for art, painting, picture, statue and other things. 3x AA batteries are not included in wireless and battery operated. The lights are long lasting. You don't have to install new wiring or install lighting to replace the battery. The spotlight can be turned on/off with the remote controller or manually with the dome button. The time-representatives are dumb. You can press the "+" or "-" button to adjust the brightness according to your lighting needs. The auto shut off keeps the batteries from draining. Even if you are far away, the remote works perfectly and the button on it allows you to control it with a finger. There areOTATABLE ANGLES. The horizontal and vertical rotation can be adjusted. The lights heads can be left to right or up and down to meet your lighting needs. It is very easy to use. 2 pack lights come with free Hook and loop tape and screws, which are easy to install. You can use strong 3MM tape or mount with screws or hook and loop tapes, stick the light on any clean and smooth surface. They will do their best to take your satisfaction in the highest priority. If there are problems with the product in the future. They will reply to you within 24 hours. They will do their best to take your satisfaction in the highest priority. If there are problems with the product in the future. They will reply to you within 24 hours.

Brand: Amries

👤This light was what I was looking for, it was small, decent light projection onto artwork, and nice looking. The light is going to turn off after a time-out, there is no way to keep it on. The maximum time is 2 hours. I want to be able to turn it on and off at the same time. No go. The light won't turn back on if you press the 120 minutes button after 2 hours. Nothing happens if you press the on/off switch or one of the timer buttons. I'm not sure how long you have to wait. This is a major flaw in the concept of saving battery. I want to see a light on my artwork while I watch TV or read.

👤Exactly what I was looking for. The artwork is mounted to the ceiling. One remote works as many lights as you have, or at least one works on both of mine. Command strips are super lightweight and can be mounted without holes. Love them.

👤They were given for our travel trailer. Our bed is on one side and the couch on the other side. It was easy to put up.

👤You need to turn the plastic clips on the mounting brackets in order to install and replace the batteries. The one light that arrived had all the clips broken and the other light had batteries broken as well. Returned the product because it was a shipping issue. I had to change the batteries first because one light clip broke off making it useless and the other light clips had stress marks so I thought the batteries would snap off again. The conjugates are not close to what the images show. Even though it's $18, it's a cheap design with better products in the same price range. These are very cheap.

👤The price was very high. I took a chance on this product. I was blown out of the water. It is a very well made light. Both are well built. I added a couple of screws to be safe, they were easy to install with double sided tape. They are mounted over our bunk. The light switch on the remote is very handy. The different levels of lighting are appreciated. My wife uses her tablets at a lower setting than I do. Each takes AA batteries and we have run ours for about 6 hours without any sign of the batteries going down. I would buy more if I needed them.

👤I wanted the remote to handle both lights well. It is possible to find the right angle. I had 3M tape, but they kept falling off with the stickers. You will need to drill on the wall to keep them in place because they are too heavy. One of them broke when it fell.

👤The lights work. If you need to use the screw holes to secure the base plate, the mounting design is terrible. If the screws are not flush with the plate, it is impossible to affix the light to the mounting plate. The install would be easy if the base of the light was made to match the screw holes on the base plate. I had to break the mounting tabs on the plate near the screw holes to attach the light to the plate.


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