Best Home Theater Lights Wall Battery Operated

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1. Olafus Wireless Spotlight Operated Paintings

Olafus Wireless Spotlight Operated Paintings

Spot Light is easy to use. A warm white light, perfect for ceiling spotlights, is used for artwork. The Timer and Dimmer come with 2 remote controls: ON/OFF and Dimmer. The light head can be adjusted to meet all lighting direction needs. Attach these led accent lights to any clean and smooth surface with sticky back tape or screws. The life of the new batteries will be shortened by mixing old and new batteries. The spotlight may malfunction if the battery is not new. The light may not work when the battery is in. The remote control will work if you press the button on the light. It's time to replace the battery if your light is off. There are 4 warm whiteLED spotlights, 2 remote controllers, and a user manual. There are 4 warm whiteLED spotlights, 2 remote controllers, and a user manual.

Brand: Olafus

👤There were 4 battery operated accent lights with 2 remotes. The lights used batteries. They are used to light art. The lights started to dim and flicker after a week of use. All 12 AA batteries were replaced within 10 days. Minimum distance from the light for the remote is under 1 foot.

👤When we have guests, I use the lights to highlight the pictures. I used them before the Pandemic hit and they worked well. When I used them again, all the batteries were dead. I don't think the batteries could be used in that way. It must not be turned off completely. I will need to remove the batteries after each use.

👤We needed to light some art in a dark area. The light is very bright for some spots, but the dim-able feature lets you adjust it to fit the individual areas needs. The second set was ordered to be used on other art. The value is great.

👤You will need to replace batteries every 16 hours. This is so weak and powerless that it will not work in 16 hours. There are new equipment and batteries. This company needs to reset it's product. I'm returning everything they gave me. The garbage creates such waste that the lighting is useless. The product looked great on the first day.

👤These are great! I used them to highlight certain things in a haunted house. You can hang them or they can be on the ground. The heads can move in a variety of directions and the batteries are not plugged in.

👤I needed these to illuminate a merchandise display in a dim room. The light is bright. It's easy to place my products. The lights were on for six hours. I can't speak to how that works because I didn't use the remote.

👤I tried again to find a battery powered spot to put on the ceiling. These are great! Very bright. Here's how I know. I put the new ones over the old ones because I didn't clean the ceiling well enough. All of them fell off the ceiling and crashed into the floor. None of them were crooks. I was amazed. I will be interested to see how long the battery life is for these.

👤The lights can be used for a picture. I tried to use them for additional lighting in a room, but I didn't think they were bright enough. I think they are perfect to use as a spotlight. It has screws or command glue for attachment. The remote function was great.

👤They were stuck on the ceiling. The firm. It's very easy to operate and adjust the light settings, and you can choose a timer. Would be highly recommended.

👤The self glue doesn't hold it to the surface. They look nice and have a good light, but be prepared for frequently changing the batteries, I am pleased with my purchase as a picture light, but be prepared for frequently changing the batteries. They need to replace every few days.

2. Licperron Adjustable Industrial Vintage Bedroom

Licperron Adjustable Industrial Vintage Bedroom

Not battery operated. The sconces wall decor set is inspired by simple yet functional antique lighting from the Industrial revolution era. The set of two wall sconces can be adjusted up or down according to your needs. Their wall mounted light uses a standard bulb base that is compatible with all kinds of lamps. There is a wide application. The industrial wall sconces set of two are great for your bedroom, living room, porch, cafes, entrance, garage, restaurant, office, etc. They are committed to providing the best service status and high quality. They will try to help you if you have any questions. They are committed to providing the best service status and high quality. They will try to help you if you have any questions.

Brand: Licperron

👤I used these for accent lighting. They are easy to install. I added an in-line dimmer switch because the light bulbs I used were very bright. My wife loves them because they add an antique look to the bedroom.

👤The worst thing about this fixture is that you have to remove 8 screws to change the bulb. Hopefully we won't need to change the bulbs often. These are a great addition to our basement.

👤These lights are difficult to install because the threaded post that connects the light to the wall plate is too short. I bought a lot of lights for our home remodel and am currently working on the bedroom that I purchased them for. The average person would probably have a major issue if my husband could rig something up to get them installed. You don't want these lights if you're not used to doing home remodels and light installations. It is a shame because they are cute.

👤These lights are very cute. They are easy to install. I had to buy a new mounting plate because the one that came with it didn't work for me. The holes didn't line up no matter how hard I tried. I got them in. The whole cage had to come off to get the bulbs in. The result is adorable and I was going for it.

👤The metal feels substantial. It doesn't feel like it's in danger like some other inexpensive fixture I have purchased. The angle adjustment feature is nice. The eight nuts holding the cage to the neck plate must be removed in order to install larger bulbs. I used a 9/32 sockets. The photo I attached shows it is possible. There were no screws included in my order to attach it to the wall box. I can deal with it for $10 each. I am happy.

👤Can't beat this deal. I painted them brown and gray to make them look vintage. The mounting was designed for a ceiling box, but mine were 2x4 rectangular outlet boxes. I made it work. The wire cages are held to the mount by 8 nuts. It takes some fiddling to get the 8 cage wires aligned back up with the holes.

👤The fixture is easy to install for anyone with electrical experience. If you need help, call a knowledgeable friend or electrician. The style of bulb installed into the fixture makes it look even better. The cost of the light fixture is more than the cost of the bulbs, but they look great and add a Network control. The base of the bulb is black. Changing the bulb is annoying, but we don't plan to change bulbs very often. There are brass push switches on the fixture. These are not included and were not wired to a separate switch. The brass switches were easy to install and add a touch of class to the room.

👤These are what my wife wanted. I built a desk in the alcove of the dog window, but it was too dark for her to work there. The perfect amount of light is added by these sconces.

3. LANFU Sconce Waterproof Modern Outdoor

LANFU Sconce Waterproof Modern Outdoor

The Modern Outdoor Wall Sconce is made of aluminum. The dimensions are 4.75"*4.35"*12" inches. The back plate was 4.75” The wall lamp is embedded. Replacing 60 watt fixture with 12 watt fixture will reduce your electricity running cost by up to 80%. 12 leds are included. The average lifespan is 25,000 hours. It's a good idea to eliminate the need to replace your bulbs frequently. It is weather resistant and rust resistant. The led light fixture is protected against all weather elements. InDOOR or OUTDOOR. The wall light can illuminate a room. It is suitable for porch, patio, garden, corridor, balconies, terraces, garage door, villa, open field, entryway, indoor and outdoor dual-use. The black aluminum housing makes the garden, path, terrace or house wall feel modern. Attach the mounting plate to the J-box with screws, connect wires, and install the fixture. Attach the mounting plate to the J-box with screws, connect wires, and install the fixture.

Brand: Lanfu

👤One quit working in 2 months and no response from the company. I wouldn't order them again. I am ordering ones with light bulbs. Great look! A small one. It puts out good light.

👤The lights are up and look great, but there is a big problem. I've installed 15 or more outdoor wall or ceiling hung lights in my years, but none as difficult or poorly engineered as this product. The light must be attached to the wall mount that is supposed to connect to the electrical box. There are no holes or slots in the wall mount that will line up with a standard US electrical box. The titanium drill bit is required to drill two holes in each wall mount. The mount will be crooked if the holes are not perfectly aligned across from each other. The light base slips over the two ears on the wall mount once the wall mount is successfully attached. Two screws hold the light to the mount. Good luck getting the screws into the holes. The light is only 2 inches from the wall and the holes are 6 inches from the top or bottom of the light. It's hard to get your hand into this small space. You need a magnetized screw driver to keep the screw on the screwdriver as you try to hit a small hole. If your electrical box is less than 1/32 of an inch in diameter, you will need to install a shim between the box and the mount. A recess. You can't push the light base far enough to show the hole for the attaching screw. The manufacturer tried to install one of their products. The Chinese failed to steal US technology.

👤The top section went out due to water intrusion. These are not waterproof. The company doesn't honor the warranty either.

👤Not a big deal. You have to read the wiring. Light wires are black, white and cooper. These come in a green and yellow color. I think blue. I was confused, but with a little reading you can figure it out.

👤I was a little disappointed in the size of it, but once my husband put it up, I was happy with it. I didn't have any regrets. This new addition to our home is wonderful. We bought a new home in Florida and we live on a curb with no street lights. The light fixture gives the house a warm feel and it makes the house feel inviting. It proposes a lot of light. I have to have it on because I will get lost in my own yard. It has given me the option to rate it's motion detection capability, which is odd since it's off once it's off... It is off. I have never had it turn on. That would be nice. The wires are different colors, but once you get used to them, they are the same as any other light fixture. I recommend! I might buy it for my backyard light. It is so chic!

4. Stepless JACKYLED Material Lighting Stairway

Stepless JACKYLED Material Lighting Stairway

There are three different color temperature settings for thejacyled led wall sconce. It's a perfect solution for those who want the best interior lighting. The remote control can change colors from 3000k to 6500k in less than an hour. The light will be turned into night light mode if you press the off button long. The fluorescent coating on the remote control buttons make them easier to find. It is easy to hardwire to the wall. Do it yourself or have it done by an electrician. The modern wall lamp is made of pure aluminum and acrylic. The mounting base and plate are both rustproof. The wall lamp is perfect for the living room, bedroom, stair, balcony, patio, and hallway. 2x wall sconces, 2x accessories, 2x remote controllers, and 1x glove are included. They want to make your shopping experience pleasant by providing the highest standard of customer service. If you need assistance, please contact them directly. 2x wall sconces, 2x accessories, 2x remote controllers, and 1x glove are included. They want to make your shopping experience pleasant by providing the highest standard of customer service. If you need assistance, please contact them directly.

Brand: Jackyled

👤We did not use them because they were not dimmable and they were light-weight, easy to install and offer 3 different lighting temperatures. You have to flip the light on and off multiple times in order to see the different colors. We would prefer a product that you could set the color temperature once and then turn it off and on, and it would always be the same color until we change it. These did not work for us and we will return them.

👤It was difficult to install for a single woman. I'm returning the item.

👤The accent lights are modern. This is an equivalent of a 25 W candelabra light bulb. It's amazing how you can dim the light without a dimmer. You can dim and change the light's color with the included remote control.

👤The plug-in model of the Sconce is what I had to purchase. It has many of the attributes of the hard-wired sconce, but it lacks some of the features of the other kind. It doesn't have the dimmable remote control which can change the light temperature. I was able to purchase an auxiliary remote control which allowed me to turn on the light from anywhere in my apartment. The units are sleek and modern. They are attractive.

👤They are easy to install. But... The electrical box in the wall is not completely covered by the back piece. Measure before you buy. The subdued lighting is nice and I remember they are led. They are so inexpensive that I will keep them.

👤We needed 6 sconces so we bought three 2-packs for the top of stairs, bottom of stairs, and pair on far wall. They said they were easy to install. The instructions in the box made it easy for us to program the remotes ourselves. They're dimmable and you can control the light temperature. The door at the top of the stairs has a dim warm light so it doesn't blind you. The bottom of the stairs and the kids play area are set for bright daylight, and the pair on the tv wall are currently bright and warm. We are using remotes. The stairs are mounted at the top of the stairs. Controls stairs and is near a wall. The far wall is kept downstairs. We are very happy with the function and flexibility of these lights and I will update if anything changes.

👤I absolutely love them! I was worried that they wouldn't match the other lighting fixture I have, but they are a basic shape and can match almost anything. One light comes on warm and the other cool when we flip the switch off on the sconces, it doesn't save our previous setting and one light comes on warm and the other cool. When we use the remote to turn it on and off, it saves the setting we had before. It's easy to see in the dark with a gentle glow behind me if you adjust the brightness and temp of the lights, and if I need to find something, the higher brightness makes it easy to see without having to turn on all the lights. One of the remotes in this set was only used for a day or two, however, I dropped it on the carpet and it stopped working, luckily there is another remote that works great, but I guess these remotes are a bit delicate, so don't drop them! If you don't want to flip the switch, you should save your setting. Installation was easy and the value for the money is amazing, I would buy again if the time came. These are gorgeous and work great.

5. Wall Sconces Stepless Bluetooth Hardwired

Wall Sconces Stepless Bluetooth Hardwired

The upgrade style light has stepless brightness adjustment and multi-color temperature adjustment. The color temperature can be between 3000K and 6000K. The Newest Wall Sconces have both warm white and cold white, and you can choose which color you like. Light brightness and color can be adjusted to make your night more comfortable. It's a perfect solution for those who want the best interior lighting. You can solve all of your problems by using smart wi-fi control, no longer have to worry about getting out of bed or sofa to turn on or off a lamp. You can use your phone link to control lights, brightness, and turn on/off the wall lamp. The newest wall lamp only supports one control. If you want to use the internet for voice control, you need a gateway. You can search B09CD9HKX5 directly. This led wall scupl is made of high-quality Acrylic with elegant arcs, low energy consumption, no battery,durable and long lasting. The geometric style makes the space more modern and stylish. It's perfect for the living room, bedroom, bathroom, study,porch,balcony,patio,cafe and hallway lighting. Don't worry about the installation because they have the detailed operating instructions. If you have some wiring basics, it's easy to connect to the junction box or the wall. If you have a problem with how to connect two wall sconces, please follow their installation video or contact them. If you're worried about what gift to send to your family or friends, it's a good idea to choose a perfect gift. This geometric design Acrylic product is great for your family and friends. If you're worried about what gift to send to your family or friends, it's a good idea to choose a perfect gift. This geometric design Acrylic product is great for your family and friends.

Brand: Angdarun

👤Good quality and good value. I can install them when I watch the video. I was pleasantly surprised by the multi-color and stepless dimmable wall sconces. They look great, not at all glare. We used warm white and cool white for our daily life. It was used for Halloween, Christmas, and other occasions. It's amazing when we can control them with our phone. If you want to sleep but don't want to turn off the lights so quickly, this is a good choice. Highly recommended!

👤If you purchase, you will not be disappointed. It was smaller than originally thought.

👤The package contained two wall scones. Both were installed in a single circuit and a single switch. The first one works but the second one doesn't, so only one works closest to the switch. I reached out to the seller and they agreed that it doesn't work. When I reported this to Amazon customer service, they disconnected my call. This is the first time I've ever seen the worst customer service from Amazon.

👤If you put these in an electrical box, they don't cover the hole, but you have to let them have access to your phone for them to work, but once they are set, I love them.

6. Globe Electric 51432 McKay Sconce

Globe Electric 51432 McKay Sconce

We are committed to providing the best service status and high quality. They will try to help you if you have any questions. Clean lines with a black finish are perfect for adding a sleek urban element to your outdoor living space. It is suitable for any environment. This piece is weather resistant and can be placed outside or inside for a trend-setting look. 17W Dimmable Integrated Led - 520 lumens - 3000 kelvin - 80 CRI - 15, 000 hour lifespan All mounting hardware is easy to install. The McKay Wall Light is energy efficient and looks great. The McKay Wall Light is energy efficient and looks great.

Brand: Globe Electric

👤The designers don't think about the practical side of their product. If you don't watch out the glass cylinder is loose, it will fall out and break, so you need to change a bulb. To put the new bulb back together, you need to hold the bottom plate and glass cylinder in place and start threading the tiny screws, which are difficult to start, poorly cut threading holes are very stiff. I don't know many people that can do this and would suggest using masking tape to hold the bottom in place while trying to reassemble. The light looks good but it shouldn't take much to change it.

👤If modern is what you want then look no further. These lights are great and change the appearance of the house during daytime and night time. The light at night makes the house numbers look better in person. They were smaller than I thought they would be. Would have been better if they were bigger. I did a complete garage makeover with lights, garage door hardware, and faux garage windows for under $200 bucks. The before and after pictures are attached.

👤Great price for beautiful lights. N.

👤I had been looking for something that would look good, since my house didn't have any lights installed in the garage. I found these lights on a different site and they were nearly double the price. They were found here after a quick search. I was looking for more light and they put it out. They put out a warm color temp in the second picture.

👤We had to replace all 4 after just over a year. The glass was cloudy. I expected them to hold up better because they were under cover. I liked the style and price, but would not recommend it. These were bought for our front porch. The brackets to hang them were too short. The frame bends when you tighten them from the side. I made a work around with some wooden shims. Overall pleased. We noticed that the screws on the sides were not holding up. It's not good if you have these out in the weather. I hope they will hold up over the winter.

👤I was hoping that we would get lucky with good lights. Should have listened to the advice of others. The squares and the rectangles don't match up. The lights we ordered are not level. These lights are so low quality that they make a lot of noise. There was constant buzzing. The electrician was not happy with the quality of the buzzing noise.

👤I like the style of the lamp. The construction is not the best, but it looks good. The only thing that I don't like is the way the bottom of the light bulb comes out, and the whole glass comes with it. You have to be careful when changing the light bulb.

👤I bought 6 of them for the house. They look great. I'm afraid they will rust out quickly. I've had them for a few months and I can see rust at the seams and water behind the reflective material. The quality is concerning. I think I'll fix the rust before it gets bad. Not what you would expect from a brand new light. They're great if you can install them where the weather isn't great.

7. Westek Battery Operated Wall Sconces

Westek Battery Operated Wall Sconces

Life time tech support and a 12 month warranty are included in the price. If you have a question about the touch light, please email them. The package includes 6 x push lights, 2 x remote controls, 6 x Adhesive Tapes, 2 x screws for each tap light, and a User Manual. There is no power in your home so you can add light to the spaces. There are 2 plastic battery operated sconces with a black finish. If you forget to turn off the lights, the battery operated wall lights have an automatic 4-hour battery saver timer. The battery light has two brightness settings. The battery powered wall lights can be used to illuminate a reading light beside your bed, or an attractive accent light in dark areas of your home. You can use the 180 degree pivot to get the perfect angle by installing with the cordless sconces facing upwards or downwards. No wiring or electricians are required for an easy wireless install. The wall light can be attached to most surfaces using mounting brackets and screws. 3 AA batteries are not included. The battery wall lights have a stylish plastic finish and are ideal for apartments, dorms, bedrooms, bathrooms, hallways, and areas without power supply. The battery wall lights have a stylish plastic finish and are ideal for apartments, dorms, bedrooms, bathrooms, hallways, and areas without power supply.

Brand: Westek

👤I didn't want to put permanent lights in the bay window. The perfect solution is these. There are two different settings for the light. It's easy to install and weightless. 3 AA batteries are required for each.

👤These were bought to light up a hallway with no plugs for night lights. At night, use them for the kids. They should stay on for 4 hours and then go to sleep. Light can either be bright or dim. I loved them so much that I bought a second set in Bronze for above my small bar area. I highly recommend Bar on AMAZON. They last at least 2 and 3 weeks before needing to be changed. They are easy to install and take down. You don't have to guess where to put the screws when hanging them with a template. Go to the wall as well.

👤The look of the sconces is great, but they use a lot of power. They don't last as long as the description says. We don't have to buy new batteries. I suggest you invest in some so you don't waste money on batteries. It's worth it. I like these more than the battery life aspect. It was an alternative to hardwiring our wall.

👤We were looking for a battery-powered sconces. Our den needed some light and something extra on this wall. The 3M Command picture frame hanging straps were used instead of the screws. We got them straight with some measuring and a level. You would never know they were plastic from looking at them. There is a button on the black base. The price for the pair is cheaper than having an electrician install something.

👤They were easy to install and I got them for my daughter who is getting a puppy house for Christmas.

👤All plastic. $2 is a lot of plastic junk. Not going to put them up. I can see if someone is in the position of needing this type of fixture for certain places, without electricity in the home, but buyers think they are getting value for their money. I could find these at the dollar store. Put those dollars towards a better light and pay a little more.

👤It's easy to install. The settings allow a good range of light. It's perfect for the bedroom.

👤The sconces don't work with batteries. I tried throwing away AAs when the AA batteries didn't work, and they worked. The Energizer batteries did not work. The seller told me that a few people seem to have success with the batteries, but most don't. If you use these sconces every day, you should be prepared for a lot of throw-away batteries. The lights are very dim. It's not as bright as your average night light. I'm disappointed and have already started the return process.

👤It was easy to install and give off more light than expected. It can be expected that you will look a little bit cheap. I think I would pay a bit more for nicer.

8. Leagway Aluminum Vestibule Decoration AC85 265V

Leagway Aluminum Vestibule Decoration AC85 265V

Environmental protection, energy power saving, and low power consumption are some of the benefits of "super bright" and "ery-glazed" It can be wall light or ceiling light to make the hallway, corridor, bar and cafe house warm and colorful. It is easy to install. Modern hollow design is easy to install and use. It's suitable for living room, party, KTV, bar, home indoor bedroom, kitchen, restaurant, coffee shop, or any other lighting occasions and decoration. Ultra brightLED is constructed to high quality aluminum with extended reliability. Ultra brightLED is constructed to high quality aluminum with extended reliability.

Brand: Leagway

👤We finally got the lights in our hallway. I deducted one star because the three of them are dimmer than the one we had before. I can live with them because they're so cool. I'll probably replace them with more mainstream lighting if they fail, but I'm going to enjoy them while I can!

👤I was very excited about this fixture, I got mine today. It gets here because it is low wattage, stylish, and convenient. It's the size of a large salt shaker. I have to get a plate to mount it to, make sure it will allow the wires to pass, and install it. I thought it was the same size as a light fixture. It's cool, don't get me wrong, but it won't be unpack and install like I had hoped. I will update my review with a picture once I have it. It's not a normal size. After installation there are more details. Thank you for the fast shipping.

👤A nice pattern is thrown on the wall by this light. It has to be hard wired. I didn't know that it doesn't mount to a junction box. I drilled a hole into the cover, mounted the light on to it, and screwed the cover onto the cieling. It looks good once you get it.

👤Since I live in an apartment, I can't do that since it has to be hard wired into the wall to other wires, after finding a video of how it's supposed to work. It's going back.

👤When I opened the box, I was surprised at how small the light was. I didn't want to pay for installation because I didn't think it would be able to produce enough lighting. I returned it. The size caught me off guard, as I was intrigued by the design and many possibilities. If I had a way to test the lighting capacity without installation or prior to installation, I would have kept them. I wanted to get more if they would suffice.

👤I wanted to install my sconces in place where I had them, but I was not able to because of the box I was in.

👤You have to be an electrician in order to use this item. I thought it would come with plugs.

👤The light fixture was not able to function with line or low voltage connections. Installation was challenging because the fixture did not fit over a standard junction box. The fixture looked nice, but it wasn't able to function and didn't want to ask for a replacement.

👤The light was used in a hallway. The bright white was ordered instead of the warm white. After reading the reviews, we thought ours was better than what was described. We were happy with it. It is cool. Have been praised for it. It isn't install ready. We bought a plate for the back of the light to cover the box at the hardware store. A light fixture is being replaced. Thankfully my husband works with electrical. You might want to think about that before buying. I am sorry for my poor photo.

9. Hamilyeah Industrial Lighting Hardwired Bathroom

Hamilyeah Industrial Lighting Hardwired Bathroom

The pilsen light fixture with half cylinder shade made of brushed gold metal cover deliver a vintage retro vibe. The contemporary design is ideal for commercial areas. The gold wall sconce lighting are made of premium metal and finished in an anti-corrosion shade. No need to think about oxidation and colour fading issues. Their priority is your safety. All of their lighting is safe to operate and use. The wall lighting is equipped with a quality heat-resistant sockets which protects the bulb and maximizes the bulb lifespan. There is no need to change bulbs frequently. All E26 bulbs are compatible. The bulbs shown in the photos are not included. The dimmable sconce lights are easy to install. 1. The wires need to be connected 2. The wall has a mounting plate. You can do it yourself, but make sure to use your full electrical knowledge. The package includes all the mounting installation kits. Before you install the wall lamp, please power off. Ensuring every customer is happy is their biggest priority. They provide professional after-sale service to make their customers happy. The 1 year warranty will let you shop with confidence. You can ask questions and shop. They are always happy to help. Ensuring every customer is happy is their biggest priority. They provide professional after-sale service to make their customers happy. The 1 year warranty will let you shop with confidence. You can ask questions and shop. They are always happy to help.

Brand: Hamilyeah

👤These are very sturdy and well-made, and are an amazing value. It's very easy to install and hold on the wall. The finish looks more expensive than it is.

👤Awesome product. It looks great in the basement.

10. KAYYELAMP Multi Function Luminaire Staircase Laundry Easy

KAYYELAMP Multi Function Luminaire Staircase Laundry Easy

The battery-operated wireless wall light is a practical and functional indoor lighting solution to illuminate spaces in your home where there is no power supply. Method 1: Hammer the nail into the wall and hang it through the hole above the lamp. The second method is to drill a hole and bring the necessary screws. Installation instructions can be seen in the picture. It is an ideal bedroom wall sconce for reading light, as well as for your living room, office, bathroom, hallways, corridors, closets and other dark areas. The long- lasting lights are powered by 3 AA batteries with a 100 hour run time, batteries not included. The electronic battery is not included in the remote control. Soft glow creates an ambient and warm glow in your home, making it a perfect decorative accent and reading light. It's perfect for the bar, kitchen, loft, dining room, study, bedroom and more. Soft glow creates an ambient and warm glow in your home, making it a perfect decorative accent and reading light. It's perfect for the bar, kitchen, loft, dining room, study, bedroom and more.

Brand: Kayyelamp

👤Have been using for almost a month and have been happy. It is easy to install with good directions. The lights and remote are excellent. There was an area of the kitchen that lacked proper lighting. Highly recommended. The creators of the lights were most helpful in helping me make my mind up to purchase, when I directly e-mailed them with questions.

👤These lights are wonderful. They were mounted to the top of the bookcases. We could not use hardwired lighting. The remote can be used to dim the lighting.

👤I thought these looked great online, but you can't tell from the pictures. The quality of these scones is higher than I expected. It is easy to install. All around happy with these.

👤This product is an alternative to installing a traditional sconce. I had to take it down and change the screws because the instructions were not clear and the pictures were not clear. The light is dim and not bright enough to illuminate an area. The light is not bright enough to make a difference in the kitchen.

👤They were easy to install and I like them a lot. They look great, we replaced them easily. The lights are more decorative than they are bright.

👤One of the remotes doesn't work on either lamp.

👤I thought it was small and not bright.

11. Wireless Spotlight Operated Dimmable Lighting

Wireless Spotlight Operated Dimmable Lighting

The further back you put it, the wider the angle of light. You can highlight a picture, a dart board, or something else you want to light up. It's suitable for art, painting, picture, statue and other things. 3x AA batteries are not included in wireless and battery operated. The lights are long lasting. You don't have to install new wiring or install lighting to replace the battery. The spotlight can be turned on/off with the remote controller or manually with the dome button. The time-representatives are dumb. You can press the "+" or "-" button to adjust the brightness according to your lighting needs. The auto shut off keeps the batteries from draining. Even if you are far away, the remote works perfectly and the button on it allows you to control it with a finger. There areOTATABLE ANGLES. The horizontal and vertical rotation can be adjusted. The lights heads can be left to right or up and down to meet your lighting needs. It is very easy to use. 2 pack lights come with free Hook and loop tape and screws, which are easy to install. You can use strong 3MM tape or mount with screws or hook and loop tapes, stick the light on any clean and smooth surface. They will do their best to take your satisfaction in the highest priority. If there are problems with the product in the future. They will reply to you within 24 hours. They will do their best to take your satisfaction in the highest priority. If there are problems with the product in the future. They will reply to you within 24 hours.

Brand: Amries

👤This light was what I was looking for, it was small, decent light projection onto artwork, and nice looking. The light is going to turn off after a time-out, there is no way to keep it on. The maximum time is 2 hours. I want to be able to turn it on and off at the same time. No go. The light won't turn back on if you press the 120 minutes button after 2 hours. Nothing happens if you press the on/off switch or one of the timer buttons. I'm not sure how long you have to wait. This is a major flaw in the concept of saving battery. I want to see a light on my artwork while I watch TV or read.

👤Exactly what I was looking for. The artwork is mounted to the ceiling. One remote works as many lights as you have, or at least one works on both of mine. Command strips are super lightweight and can be mounted without holes. Love them.

👤They were given for our travel trailer. Our bed is on one side and the couch on the other side. It was easy to put up.

👤You need to turn the plastic clips on the mounting brackets in order to install and replace the batteries. The one light that arrived had all the clips broken and the other light had batteries broken as well. Returned the product because it was a shipping issue. I had to change the batteries first because one light clip broke off making it useless and the other light clips had stress marks so I thought the batteries would snap off again. The conjugates are not close to what the images show. Even though it's $18, it's a cheap design with better products in the same price range. These are very cheap.

👤The price was very high. I took a chance on this product. I was blown out of the water. It is a very well made light. Both are well built. I added a couple of screws to be safe, they were easy to install with double sided tape. They are mounted over our bunk. The light switch on the remote is very handy. The different levels of lighting are appreciated. My wife uses her tablets at a lower setting than I do. Each takes AA batteries and we have run ours for about 6 hours without any sign of the batteries going down. I would buy more if I needed them.

👤I wanted the remote to handle both lights well. It is possible to find the right angle. I had 3M tape, but they kept falling off with the stickers. You will need to drill on the wall to keep them in place because they are too heavy. One of them broke when it fell.

👤The lights work. If you need to use the screw holes to secure the base plate, the mounting design is terrible. If the screws are not flush with the plate, it is impossible to affix the light to the mounting plate. The install would be easy if the base of the light was made to match the screw holes on the base plate. I had to break the mounting tabs on the plate near the screw holes to attach the light to the plate.


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