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1. My Cinema Lightbox Marquee Personalize

My Cinema Lightbox Marquee Personalize

There are EQ controls. The buttons for the power switch are responsive and crisp. It has controls for the master volume, bass, and treble. The mini marquee lightbox is great for your home or office and is a great gift. There are 100 tiles that slide into the lightbox. A battery operated (6xAAA not included) or a whiteusb cable. You can store your letters in the back of the lightbox. A5 size 8x6 / 20 cmx15 cm; wall mount holes, white shell, fits 8 tiles across.

Brand: My Cinema Lightbox

👤I would have taken a picture of the mess I created if I had not had an explosion all over my hands. The sign that I purchased instructed me that I could use ausb to power the product but also batteries. I purchased brand new batteries based on the specifications of the lightbox, and after turning it on, had all the batteries in place. I hear a noise. I'm trying to find the source because it surely couldn't be a new product. The power source is hot when I grab the product. I feel damp. I was horrified by hot and DAMP. I can see that the liquid is grey. It was difficult to open the battery cover. All six brand new batteries have exploded. A pool of grey liquid covered the batteries and sign. I am in a hurry to clean up the explosion while also trying to clean up my battery coated hands as I pry the exploded batteries out of their container. I spent 25 dollars on a sign that I can't use batteries to power, but I also spent money on batteries to try and power the thing. I wanted to use it for a project where it wasn't connected to a power bank or outlet to power, but there is the option to power it with theusb option. I'm not sure if anyone else has had the same issue, but if you want to use it, use theusb.

👤Does what it says. The right size for a child's room. I was surprised that the setting is not adjusted, and only works with ausb, not a wall sockets, since I clearly didn't read the fine print. The letters are easy to fall out of. The kid loves the extra set of colored letters.

👤I was happy when I bought it. The power goes out of the light after a month. I tried to switch batteries to see if that was the problem. It makes the product look cheap and the light is cute.

👤It looks the same as the photo. The size is correct. I don't have a problem with it, but it feels a bit overpriced. It doesn't feel like a $20 product.

👤It is small. It is what I wanted, but I have lost letters already, and it is so annoying to not use it. It is already missing pieces.

👤This is the perfect lightbox size. It can fit in a space and still have room for words or phrases. It's white all around and I like that. I bought a teen bedroom for my birthday, but am getting ready to ask for one again. It would look great on my cart. I was worried about the size as a few reviews say it's small. It was bigger than I anticipated and perfect in my mind. We have a few of the larger lightboxes in our home, and this one is my favorite.

👤It is smaller than I expected, and you can plug into ausb or batteries. It can be fun to put it in a high traffic area of your house and have people change their minds.

2. Open Road Brands Movie Tickets

Open Road Brands Movie Tickets

If you have any issues with their metal sign, please feel free to contact them. This unique wall decor is an official product of Open Road Brands. This sign is a nod to the great American cinema. The vintage design of this wall art makes it a great addition to any room. This lightweight decor is made of tin and features drilled holes for easy display. This sign can be displayed in your theater room, playroom, or man cave for a touch of old-fashioned cinematic charm. The size is 22.5" W X 7.43" H X 0.125"

Brand: Open Road Brands

👤I had to make something up because there was nothing on the back to hang the sign.

👤I should have taken note of the small size. It's still cute.

👤It's easy to hang, bright colors. There is a sign on the stairway to the home theater. Fun stuff for a boring corner.

👤Our theater room decor is good.

👤There is a cute sign in my movie room. It was a little bigger than expected. That's my fault.

👤It was a great movie themed event.

3. My Cinema Lightbox Color Changing Personalized

My Cinema Lightbox Color Changing Personalized

Environmentally friendly. Only a low 3 Watt input is used. It is safe to touch with low heat emission. My Cinema Lightbox is a marquee with changeable letters, numbers, and characters, built in letter storage in the back of the light box. There are 3 modes, 2 types ofLED, and a freeze on any color option. There are many color options to choose from. Birthdays, graduation, Mother's Day, baby shower, and more are all occasions where this gift is perfect. It's great for friends, family, colleagues, kids, teens, and students. The battery compartment is powered by a 6x AA battery or ausb powered battery. The A4 size has wall mounting holes. It's perfect for home, decor, wedding decor, milestone announcements, photoshoots, and just about anything; from the original lightbox brand My Cinema Lightbox!

Brand: My Cinema Lightbox

👤The light box is a present for my granddaughter. The pros outweigh the cons. There are pros and cons. It does what it is supposed to do. The lights glow nicely, the colors blend from one to another smoothly, and you can lock in on any color background you want. There are enough letters and characters in the starter kit to do whatever you want, and you can order extras from the website. I would suggest using rubber bands to group the unused letters so they don't get all messed up. There are some things that are CONS: The box is not very good. I was expecting something heavier and more durable, but I am waiting for something to break. The battery and storage compartments are very difficult to open, as I am waiting for something to break, rendering one or both of the compartments useless. I was disappointed to see that the box only serves as a power cord, and that it is useless unless the box can be used next to a standard electric outlet.

👤It shows that you can turn it pink. That is not the case? It looks like it has white, then you click the button again and it colors. It doesn't stay just a solid color. I need it for what I need it for. You can put the letters in the back of the box. The only plug to the wall is theusb port.

👤It's called TLDR. This product is bad because it isn't for a standard outlet and you can buy something else from a different vendor. It's cool. That is not in the product description. The cord is 6 inches long, and if you have any usb outlets around your house, it is blessed. Prepare yourself with extensions. 2. You should be able to push a button and have the colors change. No, my friend. This thing is cheap because it is basic and barely works. If you want a color change, you should be prepared to spend 30 minutes reading instructions and 30 more crying because you can't comprehend them. I tried to make the best of it, but who ever made this doesn't understand how English is spoken, so you'll be forced to buy extra letters/numbers/whatever if you ever want to say anything on this sign

👤I didn't realize that the batteries I ordered were 6 aa and theusb connection didn't fit. I thought it ran on electricity.

👤Considering the cost, I was disappointed in this. If you tilt the cinema box a bit, the letters fall out of it, and the colors are not what you would expect. If you want to hang it on the wall, you have to either use 6 AA batteries or they give you a very shortusb cable. I wish I hadn't bought this because it will stay in my closet.

👤This was purchased for our 13 year old and she loves it. It was a fun idea. It's fully changeable. Extra tabs allow you to make your own symbols or extra letters. The box is light. Comes with a wall accessory.

4. Pooqla Marquee Alphabet Wedding Decoration

Pooqla Marquee Alphabet Wedding Decoration

Light up your favorite words with marquee letter alphabets. There are 27 alphabetic characterLED lights, such as for arbitrary combination into I love U, Home, MARRY ME, U&M, JOY etc. It can be hung on walls, mantels, or placed on top of a reception table without batteries, but only if you include 2 AA batteries. Their illuminated marquee lights are portable and can be hung on walls and take 2x AA batteries so they don't need to be plugged into an electrical outlet. The long-term use of the FashionLED subtitles lamp is not hot. Get the best effect. The long-term use of the FashionLED subtitles lamp is not hot. Get the best effect.

Brand: Pooqla

👤Not a single letter worked. It must have been a mistake. How annoying.

👤I decorated for a wedding and bought these letters. They seem like they will last. I expected them to be a little bit smaller. We made them work.

👤It's just plastic. It's cheap, but it's cute. My daughter made me a cubby shelf with an S on it. The battery life on it is amazing. The battery lasts over 2 weeks when I have it on for 12 hours a day. If I put in fresh batteries, it will get brighter as it dims. Would recommend.

👤These things are bright. I really like them. I decided to give the company a break even though one of my letters came with a crack. It probably would have ended up in a landfill. I just had to put in some batteries and hook them up with some nails.

👤This is good for a kid's room. My son wanted a lamp that was not pink and glitter, but one that was similar to the one my daughter has. He wanted a smallish look. He is a rough and creative 7 year old and has already sent it down our stairs. I am happy that it survived, but not that I would recommend that.

👤It doesn't light up after trying 6 different batteries. It is a cheap piece of plastic.

👤I need to buy batteries for safety checks before I go shopping.

👤It worked for my wedding. I put them on my registration with pictures of me and my husband. It turned out great.

👤These look nice lit up.

👤It arrived quickly but looks cheap. Not a great product was sold by the good seller.

5. Foaky Alphabet Birthday Christmas Decoration

Foaky Alphabet Birthday Christmas Decoration

Light up your favorite words with letter alphabets. Their illuminated lights are portable and can be hung on walls and take 2x AA batteries so they don't need to be plugged into an electrical outlet. It can be hung on walls, mantels, or placed on top of a reception table without batteries, but only if you include 2 AA batteries. The long-term use of the FashionLED subtitles lamp is not hot. Get the best effect. There are 27 alphabetic characterLED lights that can be used for arbitrary combination into I Love U, Home, Marry Me, U&M, etc.

Brand: Foaky

👤The on/off button should be on the bottom, not on the backside. When the letters are hung up, there is no way to turn on the lights unless you take them off. It would be better if there was a remote. They're fine if you leave them on a table or shelf. If hung up, it was just a pain.

👤The letter is used. It had scratches all over it. It looks like it was in a room waiting to be sold. I need the item for my birthday. If you are looking for good quality, I would recommend going somewhere else.

👤I lit this up for my daughter's 21st birthday, but the 2 didn't work. It was broken beyond compare, so I tried to fix it. I was very disappointed and dissatisfied. I tried it before the day I needed it. Live and learn.

👤It turned on and was cute, but it has a loose wire. I left the back latch open so it wouldn't stay turned on. If I close the door? The light goes off. As if the wire inside is pressed on. So what? If I want the door to be on, I have to leave it out of the back. I can't hang the pictures on the wall if I want to turn it on. Great size, cute. I don't think the plastic bulbs will break. There is a chance of a low quality wiring job. I can't use it for anything since I can't close the compartment.

👤You get what you pay for. The on/off switch does not work after I threw the box away. The batteries have to be removed to turn the light off. This is not a new product, with the amount of scratches and smudges on the letter, it is obvious. Very disappointed. I threw it away.

👤It goes great with my room design and it is cute and light, but it is not metal like the ones I bought before. It looks like metal.

👤I would love to have every light bulb working, but I am not able to enjoy it. I received this product and put new batteries in it, and it is a bad product. No matter how much I paid, I would appreciate a working product. The price is the main reason for this review.

👤I bought 5 of them. The letters are not straight and lean forward at an angle. It looks tacky to use them on a table. The other 3 letters are larger than the "C" and "O". I'm not happy with these letters. I'm going to get a refund.

👤This item has different bulbs than the other two letters I bought from the same company. There are white bulbs in this letter and two clear ones in the other two. No one could contact the seller. It's obviously different, so I'm disappointed. I'm not sure if to order another one.

👤Was not disappointed with the product.

6. My Cinema Lightbox Color Changing Personalized

My Cinema Lightbox Color Changing Personalized

The light box has a 2m cable and 160 letters. pls check the size carefully and take a measurement with a similar article before purchasing The retro-cinema inspiredLED message board is the ideal medium to convey your motivational quote, express your feelings or simply a beautiful addition as light up signs for bedroom. Surprise your loved ones. The Light up letter board is a stunning gift. It's ideal for teen girl gifts, birthday gifts for teen girls, and teen room decor. Your message with color back lighting. The Letter Lights Decor comes with three different lighting options: Classic White, RGB Color- Changing and the most popular of them all, the RGB Color. You can change the Marquee Letters depending on your mood. Attach the letter light to the wall or place it at your desk with a table top or wall mount. The unused letters can be stored in the back of the Marquee box to avoidcluttering your room. The dimensions and scope of the sign are as follows: 8 x 6 x 15 cm, including 100 letters, numbers, characters, and symbols, and a battery powered 6xAAA not included.

Brand: My Cinema Lightbox

👤I have a plant stand in my living room. It comes with a lot of letters and is very cute. I expected that because it is a mini version. It can be plugged in or used with batteries, and it has worked perfectly. When you click the side button, it turns white. When you click the side button again, it starts cycling through colors. You can pause on a particular color by clicking the button a third time. I don't mind waiting for the cycle to choose another color, it doesn't take long.

👤This is a cute item. The box was unable to turn on the light function after theusb slot fell into it. The box cannot be solved without it being dismantled. I received a response from the seller. They sent a replacement after they decided it couldn't be fixed. I'm glad we bought the lightbox. The item is not very durable, but we appreciated the seller's prompt attention and easy resolution.

👤I can no longer use theusb port because it fell inside the box. It happened outside of the window. I didn't plug it in but left it plugged in. I can't see how I can contact the seller, it's kind of cheap. Cute idea, but...

👤I bought this for my daughter in May. She was excited for this decoration to be in her room. I took the box out of her room and put it back together. The other part of the box was pushed down when I put theusb cord in it. I am too scared to use batteries as there is a part that is freely bouncing around inside. Poor quality materials.

👤It is a good gift, it is pretty and bright, but the only problem is that it is smaller than I expected, and it was for my 15 year old sister, so she had no complaints, really good.

👤This is a very nice product for the money, and I bought it to replace a bigger light box that wore out. The colors are vibrant and the alternating mode is very nice. There is a small glitch that anyone who buys this can fix. The two batteries on the right side will not sit evenly in the battery holder. If you put the batteries in back first, the front will stick up, making it nearly impossible to put the cover back on. I had to force everything down as hard as I could, slide the cover into the slots and use a hammer to bang the two small clips on the back of the cover in place. Changing the batteries will always be a pain in the butt, unless you use theusb cord. I was glad I got it.

👤A popular gift. I shouldn't have been surprised, but it is mini. Make sure you check the size before buying.

👤I bought this for my classroom. The size did not come with theusb cord that it said was included. The button on the side won't turn it off. I can't use batteries for it because I have to switch it off. I am not happy with this item.

7. Putuo Decor Theater Vintage Aluminum

Putuo Decor Theater Vintage Aluminum

If you have any questions, please contact them. Thanks. The metal sign is made of 0.036" aluminum with rounded corners and can be used indoors and outdoors. The wonderful sign is a wonderful piece to add to your home theater, cinema or family room. Vintage design makes the space feel bigger. It can be mounted with double-sided foam tape, command strips, or nails. A perfect gift is guaranteed to bring a smile to everyone. The original Putuo Decor design print has an excellent appearance.

Brand: Putuo Decor

👤This was purchased for a party. I was amazed by the quality of the sign. It is heavy metal with bright colors. The birthday girl loved it.

👤It looks perfect above my DVD cabinet. So happy with it!

8. ADVPRO Personalized Theater Cinema St6s43 Ph2 Tm Rb

ADVPRO Personalized Theater Cinema St6s43 Ph2 Tm Rb

If you're looking to add a little brightness to your home or business, a neon sign may be just the thing. These decorations stand out no matter where you put them. You will say goodbye to dull walls and hello to the good times with ADVpro light signs. The ON/OFF switch function can be provided with a 5.5 ft/ 1.6m wire. Plugs from the US to USA and CA, and from the UK to UK, are plugged into the EU. No noxious gas or mercury are needed for maintenance. It's safe to use or touch if there's little heat emitted. The latest 3D, Surface and Line engraving technologies are used to carve ADVpro signs. The laser engraving method only provides a 2D surface effect.

Brand: Advpro

👤I ordered with lots of time to spare because of the reviews that said there were delays. Within two weeks of placing my order, I received my sign. It's an excellent sign. It's the perfect gift for a friend that has a basement that looks like a movie theater. I can't wait to give her this. There is a Well packed, zero damage, vivid colors with clean edges. It was easy to get back into the package that was shipped to me. I plugged it in to make sure it worked, but now it will be sent to another state.

👤I was skeptical when I first read the reviews. It was made in and shipped from China. Don't expect this to arrive in two days. It is well worth the wait. The engraving is really nice and the clear acrylic is protected by protective sheets between the two sheets. The wait is worth it. Happy!

👤My son just finished his home theater and he is going to be so happy when he sees this under the tree. I can tell him that it is an awesome piece of work and that I made it for him. I will have pictures after Christmas.

👤It is pretty cool. I gave it to my husband because he loves it. A good one.

👤The sign is 24x16 It looks great. It was well packaged for shipping. We have had it for about a month and so far it is working great. It is so worth the wait because it ships from outside the U.S., but there is a downside. It's an awesome sign.

👤This turned out well. Better than expected. The husband loves it. Birthday gift. It was bright and legible. It arrived early.

👤This sign looks great. Don't delay--order yours today!

👤This got here very quickly, because it came from China. I love it because it is bright and beautiful.

👤I had a good experience with this seller. They got back to me immediately after my order was placed, asking what I wanted on the sign. They backed up the voice mail with an e-mail. I gave them the information they needed and it arrived. It looked better than I anticipated.

9. Novelty Place Designer Marquee Lights

Novelty Place Designer Marquee Lights

It's suitable for home, birthday party, bars, wedding, cafes decorated. The lights give a bright eye catching glow and add a wonderful atmosphere to any room. The star marquee lamp is very cute and is inspired by old school marquee signs. It catches the eyes of anyone who walks by. The battery powered lights emit barely any heat. You wouldn't need to worry about fire hazard from your decorative lights when you're not around. The marquee lamps are the best way to liven up the party no matter what the occasion is. The long lasting features energy efficient LEDs to guarantee 100 hours of continuous use with just 2x fresh AA batteries. They stand behind their products. All items sold by Novelty Place have a 3-MONTH replacement warranty.

Brand: Novelty Place

👤I bought 2 of these and they were sealed in plastic, but there was a lot of loose dirt inside the plastic. I used cotton balls and q-tips to get around the bulbs. I don't think I should have to clean the dirt off of a new product. They are nice and bright.

👤I used this for my daughter's first birthday party. The table has a star and moon on it. It made a big difference to the table. The batteries are easy to put in. I loved it!

👤It is bright but not cheap, but it is great for its price. The lights are dim but they glow in the dark all night long. I have not had any lights go out.

👤It looks cheap. It looks good when lit. The box was damaged. It was dirty and dusty and was in a plastic bag.

👤The batteries were dull and out after a couple hours. I also bought a cloud and 3 letters. Very poor quality.

👤The perfect finish for my party decor.

👤Neither of them worked out of the box. I tried two different sets of batteries to make sure that wasn't the problem. Very disappointed.

👤It was really nice size. It is not small, which is great for my use. Will look great as part of our centerpiece.

👤The local churches were holding a event at the Christmas-Lights-On fair. Duncurin and his spouse offered to help set up the nativity scene as they were short on numbers. The lanterns reviewed in the recent issue of the magazine were ideal for adorning the stable. The front needed a Bethlehem Star. I saw a light up star on Amazon and it was delivered the next day. It is easy to mount on the front of the stable. The front of the star is lit by the lights that are supplied but not supplied with two batteries. The light is not bright enough to make much of a difference in full sun, but as the day wore on and the sun came up, the lights came into their own and gave us the extra touch that we were looking for. I had made a shooting star element from foam board adorned with a blue and white strip light but it was thought to be tooblingy for Bethlehem and we went with just the star. The event came together nicely and the costumes that people wore as Mary, Joseph, and Wise Men were very popular and so many had pictures taken of them on their mobiles that will form a focal part of their Christmas. The picture of our stable and the Star of Wonder is attached. Wishing you a Merry Christmas.

👤This light is what I have been looking for. My husband who has dementia struggles to find our en suite at night and is constantly trying to get into the fitted wardrobe. He didn't want a bright light, so I was looking for a light to guide him. It is not possible to use a touch light. There was no electricity in the bathroom. This light has something with it. The battery is right. A small glow can be provided by not being too bright. Very pleased with the light.

10. BONNYCO Pink Light Box

BONNYCO Pink Light Box

A marquee light box with pink and color letters and 180 emojis. You can fit up to 10 letters in a row. Unlike others with just a few. Their pink cinematic light box is an original gift for girls and women. A gift for a girl's birthday and Christmas. There are two markers and 30 parent cards. With this led light sign, you can write your messages on transparent cards with red and blue markers. A fun and original gift to encourage creativity. Birthdays and Christmas are ideal times to give light up letters. It is very easy to use. 6 x AA batteries are not included, but the led message board works with the included 59.05. You can decorate your birthday party, baby shower, wedding, anniversary or any other event by putting the cards in. The led letter board is perfect for girls bedroom decor. Don't let your letters go to waste. The pink letter box has two nice envelopes to keep your cards safe. You won't lose them or scratch them if you keep them randomly stored. The cinema light box has a pretty packaging. The light box is also used as a toy. FEMININE ATMOSPHERE. A pink lightbox with a dim led light is a great way to give a feminine look to your room, office, business or any other place that you want to decorate. The light box with letters and emojis is a great way to personalize your message. Gifts for wives and girlfriends.

Brand: Bonnyco

👤I'm my name is me. 5 tonos de colores are different. Estoy encantada.

👤The lightbox has lots of letters in pretty colors, and it also has cute emojis. The light is blinding. The light is so bright that you can't see it. It's cute even without the light. Still a little disappointed.

👤This is a cute lightbox, I bought it for my daughter. I love the pastel letters and numbers, it comes with tons of blank ones and pens to make your own, so fun! It is very bright, so that might be something to think about. It is cute even turned off. Very happy with the purchase.

👤My daughter will receive it as a Christmas gift. It looks cute. I have not used it yet, so I only gave it 3 stars.

👤The kids love a bunch of emojis and it's easy to set up.

👤This was given to our 10 year granddaughter. She loves it! I liked the fact that there were lots of letters.

👤Will come back. The colored set of letters were not a complete alphabet. It was very strange. A different set will be ordered. Would not recommend it.

👤I bought this for my granddaughter. She loves changing her signs and it is very easy to use. She is having a lot of fun with it.

👤I got a light box for my dressing room because I am an actress. I think it is gorgeous. It adds a beautiful touch to my room. I am not sure how durable the letters are, I dropped one on a rug and it collected all the fluff on the back, so when I tried to wipe it clean on my tracksuit it had lots of scratch marks on it. They had about 3 of the same letters. It was a shame that one was ruined immediately. I wish it was charged. It takes 6 batteries to work, but a standard pack of batteries only has 4 in a pack, so it's a bit much. The letters were not the same shade of pink. I did not mind that. It is good to know. I am very happy with my purchase. I have only had it for 3 days, so I am not sure if it is genuine.

👤It is easy to use and a good item. Excellent colour. The delivery was prompt and I was happy with it. Only 2 of these are available and you can't purchase extra letter sets without buying a whole other box. I wanted to write my business name with all of the letters matching, but I didn't have enough letters. If they sold pink letters separately, I would buy them.

👤Not opened for my daughter's birthday, but it looks fantastic, she's going to love it, and the package is very feminine and fast.

👤I was a bit worried about the weight of the gift but it was heavy and made of good quality and the birthday girl loved it.

👤This was ordered for my daughter's birthday. It was delivered a day late but she was told a package would arrive soon. She loves the light box because it has a lot of different coloured letters and numbers. We use batteries with it, but it also comes with a cable to plug in. Sha has used it to count down days. The product is very good and would recommend it to others. Thank you for a great product.

11. SUOMEI Changing Cinematic Magnetic Personalized

SUOMEI Changing Cinematic Magnetic Personalized

The Cinema Light Box can be powered by batteries or by usb cable with plug. Personalize and create your own messages. It's a good sign to use to advertise your latest sale or product. It can be used for birthdays, anniversaries, weddings, movie nights, parties, celebrations, crafts and inspiring quotes. You can use it as a fun lamp, or send messages to your friends and family. Changeable lighting with remote control. The light box has 13 different colors and shade choices, which can be set to jump or fade. When it turns off in a blue light, it will still be blue when it turns on again. The cinematic lightbox can be used on a table, desk or wall mount, and it can be stuck to your fridge with magnetism. REMOTE DISTANCE: The remote control has an effective distance of 5 meters. The light box has a 2m cable and 160 letters. pls check the size carefully and take a measurement with a similar article before purchasing

Brand: Gemaxvoled

👤It is perfect for my window ledge. I love that it comes with a bunch of things. The only problem I have is that the letters slide off easily and a few times while moving it.

👤I was not sure what I was going to write about. I bought this for my niece. She loved it when she opened it. She was excited to use it and thought it was cool. I bought the batteries so we could use them. The screws on the back of the battery door were difficult to remove. My niece had an issue getting the batteries to stay in after we removed them. 6 AA batteries are in this box. I had trouble keeping the batteries from popping out. I put the cover on and put the screws back in. It lit up when it was turned on. We heard a few pops and some sizzling as my niece separated all of the letters and emojis. The batteries were put in about 5 to 20 minutes later. I told her to give it to me immediately. I put it in the sink and opened it up. The brand new batteries were leaking something that I can only describe as spit. The box was very hot. I took the batteries out. I realized that one of the batteries was going in the wrong direction. I'm aware that I'm responsible for that, but I have an issue with the box still working even though I had the batteries in the wrong box. When the batteries are not placed correctly, I have never had an item to turn on. The end battery was against the spring. I was there to help my niece, and that box should never have been turned on. The box was very hot and could have caught on fire. Very dangerous.

👤This is a back lighting for photographing. I'm able to slide in a 35 or 16mm strip with a slight modification to the mounting of the plastic number holders. The light is bright enough but not too bright to be glaring, so I can easily photograph the microfilm. I can get a full frame of photos with the macro setting on my Panasonic FZ-18. It is easy to read when it is displayed on my computer. The entire reel is able to be viewed if the individual jpgs are put into a slideshow. I've tried other backlights, but they were too bright and caused glare. This light is moderate and perfect for this application. A dollar store has a micro cable for a buck.

👤I purchased this with the intention of writing a nice quote on it for my significant other, but the lights on it are very bright, which I have no issue with. It comes with a lot of letters and it also comes with an app. This is a cute decoration. I would love to get one of the bigger ones. I recommend this a lot.

👤I like this product. I am buying two more. One for my stepdaughter and one for another room. It is very easy to use. Plug it in or use 6 AA batteries. It has a remote that is easy to use. There are 10 different colors and multiple different settings to choose from. Many people have asked me to send them to the link so they can buy it, because I get so many nice comments on this. It is a little cheap and you just have to be careful with it but the pieces pop right back in. It is cute and fun. I change the message on a daily basis. I wish it came with more letters. You can buy a bigger size.


What is the best product for home theater marquee sign?

Home theater marquee sign products from My Cinema Lightbox. In this article about home theater marquee sign you can see why people choose the product. Open Road Brands and Pooqla are also good brands to look for when you are finding home theater marquee sign.

What are the best brands for home theater marquee sign?

My Cinema Lightbox, Open Road Brands and Pooqla are some of the best brands that chosen by people for home theater marquee sign. Find the detail in this article. Foaky, Putuo Decor and Advpro are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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