Best Home Theater Popcorn Machine with Stand

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1. Nostalgia PC530CTRR Concession Measuring Mobility

Nostalgia PC530CTRR Concession Measuring Mobility

There is a film on the side of the board that protects it from being scratched. Movie theater-style popcorn can be popped up to 10 cups per batches to keep popcorn buckets full. Nostalgia popcorn kits are perfect for use. Theater hot air and kettle kit-kpk400, ppb 600-reusable popcorn bowls, and PCSp5-pre-measured coconut oil popcorn kit are included. 5-OZ. The kettle holds 2. A dual-hinged lid and built-in stirring system make it easy to empty popcorn. A lighted interior creates a fun and pleasant room and a clear view popping chamber allows you to watch your popcorn pop. It has never been easier to serve popcorn with a tilt door. There is a see-through storage compartment located in the base of the unit that can be used to store popcorn, oils, seasonings, candy or other serving accessories. The cart can be wheeled wherever it's needed with the convenient pull handle.

Brand: Nostalgia

👤I bought this popcorn machine at the end of July for my husband's birthday. The machine was delivered quickly. It took 3 days from when I bought it to when it arrived at our house. Every Saturday night, our family eats pizza and watches a movie. The popcorn tasted good. It took my husband and I some time to put it together. We have to make many changes in order to get the screws through the holes. The instructions that came with it were very bad. The machine is made from thin pieces of plastic which makes it a little flimsy. It is difficult to clean because of the tight spaces between the metal pieces and the clear plastic. A picture of my husband and son has been attached as a height reference. The machine is at my husband's chest height. We use this machine at least 2 times a week to make popcorn.

👤We wanted to sell popcorn at the event so we bought the popcorn machine. I didn't expect it to be as small as it is, so I should have checked the dimensions more closely. This cart can pop 1/2 of a typical popcorn maker. The machine worked well and we didn't have any problems, but it was a lot of work trying to keep up with orders with such a small machine.

👤It is plastic and that makes it not durable. It serves a purpose and I like popping popcorn. Would I recommend it? I would rather have something that is more durable than aluminum. I thought it was aluminum. Not worth the price. It should be $60-65. You should spend more money to get better. It is like an easy bake oven toy for kids. It is hard to put together. It took me a long time.

👤The reason I give this three stars is that the machine is built out of cheap plastic pieces that will bend and break if you are not careful. The kids get a kick out of it when they make popcorn. It looks good for family movie nights. The assembly took 1.5 hours. There is a box list in the box and no extra packaging was done to hide it. The carrier threw it around a bit but it was so damaged it was not worth it.

👤The instructions were not really good. I like how you can leave it on the counter top and keep it on the wheels.

👤The temperature it cooks the popcorn at is too high which makes the popcorn tough and sticky. Cleaning the heating vessel can be difficult. It had so many parts that it took a while to put it together. You can make more if you cook stove top popcorn. This thing can cook half a bag of kernels.

👤The item was advertised as having glass, but it is not. I opened the box to make sure nothing was broken when I bought this item as a Christmas gift. I spent a lot of money to get the glass. I will be doing an updated review as soon as Christmas Day arrives but I could have spent more money on a product that was tempered glass. If you advertise the product on the description page, it should be nostalgia. It is false advertising if it is not.

2. 82515 Theater Popcorn Machine Nonstick

82515 Theater Popcorn Machine Nonstick

No installation or assembly is required. A family movie night. The Theater Popcorn Machine is a great way to snack on your favorite shows. The FRESHEATER POPCORN: Cabinet holds up to 4 quarts of popped popcorn, with a tilt door for easy serving. The person is crazy. The motorized stirring rod can be used to get larger pops. The kettle tilts for easy popcorn removal. The magnetic kettle cover sticks out of the way. Countertop design. The popcorn cabinet has a small footprint and is theater style. The dimensions are 10.87 (W) x 10.27 (D) x 17.72 (H) inches.

Brand: West Bend

👤This looks cute but not easy to make or clean up. My first burn. I used 2 scoops of coconut oil and 4 ounces of kernels. It made a good amount for a few people. It is messy to get the popcorn out. You have to dump the whole machine or scoop it out. The tray isn'tremovable so it's a pain. Everything is made of plastic. The kids enjoy looking at it. There are many other popcorn makers that are easier to use and clean up. The price was not bad, so maybe keep it. I can't leave it on the counter because it's too tall to fit under my cabinets.

👤Don't purchase this product without ordering the Great Northern popcorn as well. When using the Great Northern, I tried the Orville Reddenbocker, but it wasn't as good as the Snappy one. The model fits under the cabinet so that it doesn't block access to the cabinet above it. I can leave it on the counter and eat popcorn whenever I want. I'd love to purchase this model if it had an interior light and heat light. Great purchase.

👤The popcorn pot was peeling off. It was easy to clean. The coating began peeling off less than a month after I bought it.

👤My kids were given this for Christmas. One time, it worked. The heating element went bad on the first day we used it.

👤The product was given 4 stars by me. I love it so far. It's a seemingly good product and I've used it twice. I got a few unpopped kernels, but not the microwave bags. I used Orville Redenbacher oil. It gave off the smell of popcorn. It tasted great with butter and salt. The housing unit is made out of a thin plastic and I'm afraid one of my kids will knock something into it and break the doors. If the unit was made of a thicker plastic, I would give it 5 stars. I chuckled at the paper-thin plastic kernels-catcher, but it could easily get lost or damaged. Overall, a good product for $50. It was easy to purchase the $8 4-yr protection. You can register your product on Amazon. Save the protection email.

👤I like it. The popcorn tastes like it was ordered from the concession stand at the movie theater.

👤It's easy to assemble and the right size for our end table in the living room. It was a Christmas gift for my husband. He bragged to the kids that they want to use it and now we are planning movie nights for them. A great product for a few people. My husband said it was like the movie theater in your own home.

👤I like my popcorn machine. It was easy to set up. It is easy to clean because a lot of the parts come off. It pops great.

👤Future ftes en famille, Utilisation personnelle. On l'aime beaucoup et facile.

👤We love it! It's easy to set up and clean, and it always produces great popcorn. It's small, which saves on space, but it makes it a little awkward to scoop the popcorn. As soon as you open the door, popcorn spills out. You have to be careful to avoid burning your hand because the kettle sits right above the popcorn.

3. Popcorn Machine 4 Vintage Professional Nonstick

Popcorn Machine 4 Vintage Professional Nonstick

The product is made of metal, steel and glass. The dimensions are 26” L x 18” W x 60” H. The machine is 17.1”L x 14.1”W x 24”H. It was approved. The windows and door are heat resistant to keep you and your family safe. Lighted interior for easy viewing. Popcorn maker theater style. A 4-ounces kettle pops up to 6 serving of popcorn in minutes, which is up to 99% blasting rate. Stir Crazy stir rod technology ensures a larger yield of popped popcorn. Two switches can control light and stirring. You can enjoy popcorn in minutes. It's easy to clean, with a popcorn tray and a kettle. PACKAGE COMBINATION AND CUSTOMER HELP: The machine comes with 3 measuring spoons, 10 bags, and a plastic popcorn tray. They offer the best quality products. Please contact them if you have any questions.

Brand: Cornrush

👤I have been wanting a popcorn popper for a long time. I had to get it when I saw this one. It is easy to setup and it tastes great. The popcorn popper is a must have.

👤My kids were supposed to get this as a Christmas gift. I gave it to them early on a Friday night movie night. They screamed when they opened it. My husband was able to put it together quickly. The machine is not industrial grade. It is what we needed for our family. We can make enough popcorn for everyone after just two cycles, and it fits perfectly on my countertop, without taking up too much space. We tried coconut oil, but I would recommend trying an actual popcorn oil. It made the popcorn a little chewy.

👤Get in my tummy! I feel like a popcorn master with this machine. It is easy to use and clean. It's plastic, but you think it's glass. We thought it was larger than it was, but it is, but does what we need and the amount! This makes a decent amount of popcorn for our movie nights. I was impressed with the accessories. It's like watching a movie at home.

👤This was a great addition to the movie. We eat microwave popcorn a lot and wanted to make our own. This is perfect. It is easy to assemble. Good size. Not too big or too small. Comes with everything you need. The process was made simpler by having measuring cups. We can make our own popcorn and enjoy the movie.

👤This popcorn maker is very good. It is simple and easy to use. It was very easy to put together. It was easy to make several batches of popcorn. The popcorn pops in the pot and does the job in about 2 minutes. The popcorn maker looks good on my kids. It is easy to use and clean.

👤I love this popper. It is easy to clean. It works so far. I decided not to return it because it didn't have an effect on the function, even though the door cracked. I love it and my kids. I have used it many times. A cup of kernels can be used to make a couple of drinks. We have only tried one brand of popcorn, and my son did complain that they seemed a little soft, but I don't know if that's the brand or if that's how popcorn is popped when we just got the machine. If you have kids who are entertained by things like this, it is a nice little machine, and I think it is adorable when it pops.

👤I kept the door since it was still usable after it was cracked. My kids love popcorn because it tastes like popcorn in a movie theater. I need a replacement kettle because the rotating rod that moves the popcorn around the kettle is no longer scape it, I took the rod out and moved the sides so it won't scape it anymore, but I'm not sure if I can get one.

4. Great Northern Popcorn Matinee Movie

Great Northern Popcorn Matinee Movie

There is a hidden cord storage on the bottom of the unit, and the cool-touch handles keep hands safe from burns. There is a fresh flavor of popcorn. The popcorn maker has a heated deck to keep the popcorn fresh, an old maids drawer to collect the reject popcorn, and an 8oz kettle that makes about 6 gallons of popcorn. The design is grotesque. The Matinee style popcorn maker has an attractive design that captures the nostalgic vintage charm of antique machines. It brings the feeling of a movie theater to your home or event. Countertop model. The popcorn maker is portable and can fit on any countertop. The 850W machine makes serving popcorn in the break room easier than ever. The machine is easy to use and it makes popping popcorn fast and easy. The 3-switch design allows you to use different things at once. There are product details. The material is metal, steel, and glass. The dimensions are: (L) 14.2” x (W) 13.6” x (H) 22.8” 25 Popcorn bags, measuring cups, and Scoop are included. 850W, 120V, 7A, 60Hz. It is necessary for a minor assembly. Red is the color.

Brand: Great Northern Popcorn Company

👤It was difficult for me to afford this purchase because I live on a fixed income. I was able to place the order after saving for six months. I was told it would take at least seven days to arrive. It took three. I was excited but took the time to read and follow the instructions, which was something I had never done before. When it didn't work, imagine my disappointment. It only popped about one fourth of the kernels I put in, and those that did pop were oily and tough. I called the company. The young lady I spoke to was very pleasant and knowledgeable. It took over three weeks of frustration and over the phone problems to get it to work. I remembered a review where the reviewer adjusted the thermostat and his machine worked perfectly. I learned how to adjust the thermostat and adjusted mine 40 degrees lower. My machine now pops popcorn that is hot, crisp, and delicious. I can't give it a perfect score because it works fine now. I had to repair it myself because the company was still so ignorant of the problem. The company's customer service was outstanding but it took over three weeks to get used to.

👤We bought this popcorn machine in February. I wrote this review nearly five years ago. Since then, we have enjoyed family movie nights with popcorn from this machine. The machine is easy to use and does a great job of popping popcorn. I noticed rust on the metal roof of the machine and on some of the screws in the popping kettle a year ago. It has deteriorated rapidly over the past year and I was worried that the screws would break, so I was wiping out rust from the bottom of the machine before each use. When I was looking into buying a new unit, I realized it was a 5 year guarantee, so I sent the manufacturer a photo of the problem and my receipt from Amazon. Within half an hour of my e-mail, they said that they would send me a new unit for free and that they had addressed the issue with some older units. No questions were asked. The new popper arrived a week ago. Even if I have the same issue again, I'll have had 10 years of popcorn from my original purchase, and I'm fine with that.

👤I teach high school math. I have five classes of math this year. Each quarter, I throw popcorn parties to the classes with the highest test scores. I had a small kettle popper, but it took me a long time to get the amount I needed for the class. I decided to upgrade. I wanted the largest popper, but my bank account said that the 8 oz would be good enough. This thing is awesome. The batches were large enough to get ahead of the curve, even though I still popped the whole period. I was able to make enough for everyone to have their refill when the next class arrived, and still have enough for everyone. I popped for all of my classes today to get a good report from my sub. My machine got some work done on its birthday. Don't leave the warmer on. The bottom metal piece burned when I left mine on, as per the instructions. I have attached pictures. A little disappointed about that on opening day. Next time, I will not worry about the warmer. It was easy to clean up. It's a plus when you have glass sides. I was not happy that the popcorn was wedged between the metal frame and glass sides, but I was able to remove it using a tooth pick. It was cleaned up like new after the burn. I am very happy with my purchase and hope it lasts me for a long time. It's funny. A kettle made of 8oz is a different kettle. Most kernels popped if I dumped the kettle too early. I bought a generic brand of kernels from Walmart, but I found that my new bag from Sams club popped better than the generic brand I had previously purchased. How well your popcorn turns out will be dictated by your ingredients.

5. Nostalgia CCP510BK Professional Kettle 53 Tall Black

Nostalgia CCP510BK Professional Kettle 53 Tall Black

This unit pops up to 32 cups of popcorn per batches to keep popcorn buckets full. The Theater Hot Air & Kettle Kit is a perfect popcorn kit. Popcorn Oil and Seasoning Packs, Reusable Popcorn Bowls, and the Pre-Measured Coconut Oil Popcorn Kit are available. The kettle has a dual-hinged lid that can easily empty popcorn and a built-in stirring system. The kettle can be removed for easy cleaning. Tempered glass windows are scratch and heat resistant to keep you and your family safe. Lighted interior creates a fun and pleasant room, and allows you to watch popcorn. TILT SERVING DOOR is a tilt-out door that makes it easy to scoop and serve popcorn. Popcorn serving accessories can be stored in the base of the unit.

Brand: Nostalgia

👤Wow! I am very disappointed in the customer service from this manufacturer. We had this for 1.5 years and the warming bulb stopped working. It is a standard appliance bulb. Right, no big deal? The thing shattered when I tried to remove it. Not all of the time. The case wouldn't budge. I heard a crack as I was twisting. I removed the top of the unit to see why I couldn't open the bulb sockets. The reason? The base of the bulb had been put in place. Why? Why would that be done? I can't use the warming bulb because the ceramic case cracked. I contacted customer service and they said I could buy another one for $25, but they fell back on the out of warranty excuse. They said that I broke it and they couldn't do anything about it. Guess I will fix it myself with a $5 part from Lowe's. The machine makes popcorn. This product is not good for quality control. I bought the popcorn maker with my own money, because I didn't get paid for the review.

👤The machine I bought for my new business was thought to be the same size as another machine. That machine was 8 ounces. This thing is large enough to hold a popcorn. The PLEXI GLASS is not real. If you need a high price toy for your kids, buy this. It is very unhappy waste of money.

👤It works well for the entire office. The popped corn brings out a lot of un-popped kernels, but it does have a catch tray for them, and it could be related to the corn I have not the popper. The pot stopped working and it was not used for a while. If we have to throw out the entire machine, we are investigating if we can just replace the kettle.

👤The popcorn kettle gets stuck when it's full.

👤The item was rusted and scratched when it was in the box. They got back to me and said I had to return it. I wanted replacement parts, but they said no. I wouldn't hold out for a manufacturer's warranty on this product.

👤We eat a lot of popcorn. I bought this for my family and they used it daily for a couple months. The heating element went after a little while. I had to contact the company multiple times to get the parts that fell under their one year warranty replaced.

👤This thing is great for popcorn. I highly recommend it. My machine had a flaw. The popcorn cooking pot had one of its gears come off. I found the gear, but I couldn't find the piece that holds it on the drive shaft. I used a piece of metal wire to hold the gear on. It seems to work for now. I would like the instructions to show a schematic or a list of replacement parts so that I can order the piece that holds the gear on to the drive shaft. The Great Northern Popcorn, 6-Ounce Portion Packs are a must have for this popcorn machine. They make great tasting popcorn and are easy to use.

6. Popcorn Scoop Dredge Bundle CUSINIUM

Popcorn Scoop Dredge Bundle CUSINIUM

The patent number is D935,776 S and it is perfect for use in home and office. You can add storage throughout the home by using the kitchen, coffee table, dinning table, office pantry, entertainment room, breakroom, bathroom, and any countertops. You don't need to worry about serving snacks, just use a 9 oz dredge shaker to serve. It can be used as a french fry scooper or popcorn machine scoop. The dredge works for salt & pepper, cheese, sugar, any spices and seasonings. The easy-to-use design of the popcorn speed scoop made sure no popcorn got on the floor. Add spices and serve in no time with specialized tools bought together as a bundle.

Brand: Cusinium

👤Adding the popcorn scoop to my freeze drying tools made packing easier. I have used it a couple of times, and am very happy I bought it. It makes filling mylar bags quick and easy.

👤The reason I gave this 4 instead of 5 stars is because after a few uses the handle got loose and I had to tighten it. It was easy to do and I wanted to note it. I hadn't considered that it lightly scratches the bottom of my popcorn maker. To metal.

👤It was kind of clumsy. I scoop up the popcorn from the machine with buckets or bags. It's hard to get all the popcorn to fit in the bag.

👤It's perfect in my popcorn maker. I was worried that it would be too big. It is correct. The quality of the salt shaker is good. Awesome purchase.

👤This scoop is large. I use it for my popcorn machine. I would recommend it to owners of larger popcorn machines because it looks great.

👤The machine that I bought came with a small scooper, so I used it to scoop up popcorn. The dredge works great for my popcorn salt.

👤The popcorn scoop and dredge were used to make movie night feel like an authentic night out at the movies. The popcorn scoop set I bought works well with my popcorn machine and fits perfectly in the popcorn bags I ordered. The look and practicality of the set are what my guests love. This set is recommended by me.

👤I love it! It's used for shoestring fries on our food truck. It makes bagging fries much simpler. It doesn't seem to attract a lot of build up of grease or seasonings when wipes down.

👤The container works well for popcorn salt. I don't like the scoop. It's not great for popcorn. The sides are too small for popcorn. The larger end scoop would work better.

👤Scoop works well, but you don't have to shake it a lot. There are a lot of holes.

7. 6100 Great Northern Popcorn Foundation

6100 Great Northern Popcorn Foundation

The heated warming deck has a 860- watt difference. The model with the 3 position control switch is the best. The whisper quiet motor is exclusive. Glass walls for safety. The doors are high impact. 850 watt is top quality and certified.

Brand: Great Northern Popcorn Company

👤Customer Service was poor and evasive and there was no replacement parts. If you want an item like this for your home theater or children's event, spend the extra money and get American made. I lost because it was a gamble. The first two days were off. Someone knew it was covered in shipping tape when it arrived on my door step. I told myself that I should just send it back. I was surprised that it was insulated with packing material and that there was no damage to it. The door did not open when it was closed, which kept it closed. I was able to find no damage after inspecting it carefully. To keep this short, I sent an email to the manufacturer asking for help with the door, but they suggested I send it back to Amazon. I found out that my machine was the one for the 6oz. They agreed to having to send emails twice. They didn't have any doors for a while. I will wait. I used tape to keep it closed for the first time and then made a contraption that lifted the door and sent it to the magnet. I had moved on until the 4th time I used it, when the kettle turned and the corn got jammed. I was confronted with smoke and burnt popcorn. I did a thorough cleaning to make sure I didn't have this again. Next time I stood there, it did the same thing. I dumped the kettle because I didn't want it to burn. I began shopping for a computer that was made in the U.S.A. and had good customer service and a supply of parts. I'm looking at the place that is sold at Home Depot. It is not my custom to write reviews, but I did and I felt I should warn others.

👤Six months in. I have not had any issues with this popper, which is used almost every weekend. The best way to clean the kettle is to add a bit of hot water to the kitchen sink, swirl the water around for a short time, and then empty the kettle. Most of the residuals are left behind. I do that every third pop. I've been wanting a popcorn machine for a long time, but I'm not sure if I'll get it because the models I've seen in the stores are usually small and look like toys. That won't be found with this popcorn machine. It's what I would call a home theater. It is large enough to make popcorn for a party or movie night, but not as large as the cinema. The door to my popper was damaged. I contacted Great Northern and they gave me a replacement door made of glass instead of plexiglass. I think they have excellent customer service. Does this thing make a good popcorn? It does! I had popcorn in less than five minutes. It looked like the real thing and it was fresh tasting. This was the best popcorn I have ever tasted. It was so soft that it could melt in your mouth. It beats microwave popcorn, hot air popcorn and stove top popcorn. What are the drawbacks? It took forever the first time I cleaned it. It doesn't clean as well as people say. It is not difficult. It is taking a bit of time. It was a big help to put a cup of water in the kettle. Clean up has improved with some practice and thought, but it is still the biggest problem with one of these. There were a lot of kernels in the reject tray. I think I'm getting an excessive amount because I'm using a smaller package of Great Northern than the kettle holds. The kettle will do 8 and I am only using the 6oz size. The smaller amount causes more popcorn to shoot out when the lid is open.

8. Great Northern Popcorn Matinee Movie

Great Northern Popcorn Matinee Movie

850 watt is top quality and certified. The 850W theater style popcorn maker has an 8oz kettle that makes about 3 gallons of popcorn, a heated deck to keep this snack fresh, and an old maids drawer that collects the reject kernels for easy clean up. The Matinee style popcorn popper has an attractive design that captures the vintage charm of antique machines. It brings the feeling of a movie theater to your home or event. The mobile cart has a working shelf, a storage cabinet, and 2 bicycle style tires. The ready to assemble design of the cart makes it easier to transport. The machine is easy to use and makes popping popcorn fast and easy. The 3-switch design allows you to use different things at the same time. The product is made of metal, steel and glass. The machine top is 14.2 x 13.6 x 22.8 inches. The machine is 21 L x16.5 W x 53 H. Measuring cups, popcorn bags, and a popcorn scoop are included. The ETL was approved. Assembly is required. The components include a popcorn machine, cart, kettle, glass doors, and 50 popcorn bags.

Brand: Great Northern Popcorn Company

👤After much research, we decided this was the best option for the price and would fit our needs perfectly. This is used occasionally for home use at parties we host. The package arrived within 3 days and we had a big party the next day. The box was broken in places and we could hear something was broken inside. The warming light was the only thing in the box that didn't have any type of protection. We took everything else out and noticed that there was a small scratch on two of the legs. It would have been difficult to send the machine back. It was more for aesthetic purposes and didn't compromise the weight of the machine. Instructions were clear and everything went smoothly. We noticed there were two screws and two bolts missing when we put the storage bin together, it would not hold the weight of the machine. We get to the last part of putting this thing together, but we find 2 missing screws. We were a bit frustrated. We were able to use the extra screws and bolts my husband had, but that's not the point. I will update this review after I hear from Great Northern Popcorn. We loved the popcorn. The prepacked GNW brand tastes like popcorn. The butter is fresh and not too salty. It's very easy to use. The popcorn machine was well worth the money, and we have no regrets about buying it. We will definitely use it. If it weren't for the missing pieces, we would have given 5 stars.

👤The popper was delivered with the cart. I am disabled and don't always have the best mobility. Assembly was very easy. Put the wheels under the handle if you read this before buying. The legs were put on backwards. The wheels were facing the same way. You can put the legs on backwards. Ours was in perfect condition. Some have experienced broken glass, dents, scratches, and other things here. It was packed well. We used the Great Northern Popcorn Company for 3 batches. We may have had a number of unpopped kernels after the 3rd batches. Almost all had popped. The popcorn came out with the right amount of butter and salt. I'm very happy with this popper. If things change, I will update in the future.

👤We went to the movies once a week. The days of those days are over. We watch movies in the entertainment room a few times a week. I decided to buy a popcorn machine. It's amazing and we've used it many times. The popcorn tastes like theater popcorn. My kids love it. The popcorn we bought has the oil and butter flavor which is easy to make. Once it's done, we add more butter flavoring. I wipe the inside down with dry paper towels to get rid of any leftover glass. I think this helps the flavor of the popcorn, as I'm sure over time it will affect the taste of the popcorn. The product is great so far.

9. Movie Night Popcorn Superior Red

Movie Night Popcorn Superior Red

The components include a popcorn machine, cart, kettle, glass doors, and 50 popcorn bags. There is a fresh flavor of popcorn. The popcorn maker has a heated deck to keep the popcorn fresh, an old maids drawer to collect the reject popcorn, and an 8oz kettle that makes about 3 gallons of popcorn. The design is grotesque. The Movie Night style popcorn maker has an attractive design that captures the nostalgic vintage charm of antique machines. It brings the feeling of a movie theater to your home or event. There is a mobile phone. The included serving cart has two bicycle style tires for smooth mobility. It has a working shelf, a push handle, a storage cabinet for supplies, and a height adjustment for stability. The machine is easy to use and it makes popping popcorn fast and easy. The 3-switch design allows you to use different things at once. The product is made of metal, steel and glass. The dimensions are 26” L x 18” W x 60” H. The machine is 17.1”L x 14.1”W x 24”H. It was approved.

Brand: Superior Popcorn Company

👤I wanted to clear up some of the myths about the item. The popcorn is a great conversation piece. Very strong construction. The glass door will last longer than the plastic one. There is a The wheels give it a nice look. It is hard to clean since it is small and has lots of corners. If you don't clean it carefully, the metal edges can cut you. You will end up with lots of un-popped kernels if you don't pre heat it. Un-popped kernels sometimes fly out through the slit on the glass door, which is too short. The first batches come out quickly, the second batches take a bit longer. My family loves it and they can't get enough popcorn, so I recommended that you buy it. If you don't clean it with warm water it will accumulate gunk, so it's a good idea to do so. I have popped 20 batches so far without a problem.

👤It's a pain to put together. It was well packaged. It took more time to take it out of the package than it did to put it together. It works well. It adds a nice nostalgia feel and the popcorn tastes better than movie theater popcorn. It is a hit with the kids and adults for our outdoor movie nights.

👤I ordered this popcorn machine with a cart because I loved it so much and wanted to use it in my bar area. The first one did not have a heating bulb, so this one may keep popcorn heated longer. I believe the door was designed to let the steam escape so the popcorn wouldn't get wet. The 3-buttons are better than the 2-button machines as the middle button helps with popping almost 100% of the kernels, as well as the fact that 1/2 cup of kernels is used. There are two more The whole unit was well packaged and not damaged. There are 3 more The heating bulb is nice. There are four I was pleasantly surprised to see the metal door stamped with the Superior logo, it looks very nice. I chose this unit because it has an enclosed cart where you can keep items when not in use. I thought the areas for storage had been opened up. 6) The popper unit is attached to the cart with 4 latches so the top won't fall off. The popper unit can be used without the cart if it's easily retracted. I was a bit disappointed in the dimensions. The enclosed popper area is not listed in the dimensions of the popcorn maker. The top is 17x14 The inside has dimensions of 15x12 (2 inches less in each direction). There are two more It would be nice if the top lit up when you turned the light on, but only the buttons lit up. There are 3 more It's easy to figure out how the parts should fit together after studying the assembly directions. There are four The metal folding door was bent a bit but still in working order. The plastic measuring cups were included so they were appreciated. There are other notes. The heating element for the bottom deck is located near the back left corner, which gets over 90 degrees in less than 5 minutes, but the rest of the deck gets only 70 degrees. I haven't tested it yet, but I think the whole deck will get hot. If you want popcorn to say warm, move it to the back left, where the heating bulb is located. Cleaning is easy. I use a paper towel to wipe the inside of the kettle after it cools, and it seems to work. The cart's handle was reversed so that the door that opens to the left will not block me from using the shelf on the right side. I'm very pleased with the unit and it works well.

10. Maxi Matic EPM 250 Tabletop Popcorn Machine

Maxi Matic EPM 250 Tabletop Popcorn Machine

The dimensions of the sign are as follows: A4 size, including 100 letters, numbers, characters, and symbols, battery powered, or 888-282-0465 The popcorn popper is powered by 300 watt and can make up to 1 gallon of popcorn per batches. 2.5 ounces. The kettle has a warming light and a stirring system. Convenient popcorn tray. The windows and door are made of plastic. Warming light to keep popcorn hot.

Brand: Elite Gourmet

👤Popcorn is easy to use and tastes great. It pops with butter and movie salt. This is a perfect size for me and my kids. They love doing it on their own.

👤This product was dangerous. It smelled like burning plastic when I turned it in. I went to read a bit about it to see if it was just because it was new. There was a review and photo of melted plastic. No thank you! Normally, I wouldn't comment on sellers, but this is a product page. Avoid Appliance Direct. When they were told about the issue. I was asked to pay for my own shipping. They kept almost $25 for shipping andstocking of a DEFECTIVE item after I got a return label. They said the item was too new and not all opened to be a problem. It's true! I didn't open all of it. Absolutely terrible seller.

👤I like the popcorn machine. The downfall is that it is smaller than expected. You can only pop for three people at a time. It gets hot. So be patient. I'm a woman if you have big hands. You will get burned. I returned it because I don't think it's big enough. The popcorn machine's handle is inside, instead of on the outside. That handle is really hot, so that's how you burn your hand.

👤The best thing I have bought all year. I use it four times a week. It makes the house smell like a movie theater.

👤When we watch movies, I bring the popcorn maker to school. Popcorn is far superior to microwave popcorn in that it fills the room and hallway with an attractive aroma. Everyone can make their own treat on movie days if they buy seasoning shakers on Amazon. I cannot recommend this contraption enough.

👤I gave this to my father because he is a big fan of popcorn. He tore the wrapping paper off and tore the box open to make popcorn. He loved it! He said it tasted great, but he wished it was bigger. Absolutely recommend this product.

👤I am a single guy that loves popcorn. All this talk of how harmful microwave popcorn is is scaring me and theater style/machine popped popcorn always tasted the best to me, so I searched and found this MaxiMatic popper! I am satisfied with the price, even though it is not perfect. The Great Northern 2.5 oz popcorn packs would make sense to purchase as well. If you let the oil heat up and sizzle a little before you add the seeds, it will pop more corn. It will not pop all the seeds but it will pop a little more than a standard microwave popcorn bag. The machines come with a big tray that catches popped corn. It's not that difficult to clean, just boil some water with Dawn soap inside a metal container and you're good to go. I just give it the occasional windex to clean the parts. This is a cute popper! It's enough to satisfy my popcorn needs. After 1.5 years of use, my popper is still strong. The metal lever that rotates the popcorn would get jammed and stop rotating once the container filled with popcorn because the inside of the metal container gets oil. I discovered a way to make a huge difference by spraying a non-stick cooking spray inside the container before adding the cooking oil. Since I started using the non-stick spray, I have gotten more popcorn from my packs. It slowly removes the old oil build up.

11. Nostalgia PC25RW Concession Measuring Mobility

Nostalgia PC25RW Concession Measuring Mobility

The NACho AveRAGE SNACK TRAY. The food trays are great for more than just food. These trays can be used to serve snacks, fries, sandwiches, desserts and more. Every meal can be made easy with disposable containers. Popcorn is available at the movie theater. This cart can pop up to 10 cups of movie theater-style popcorn per batches to keep popcorn buckets full. There are novelty popcorn kits. Theater Hot Air & Kettle Kit-KPK400, PPB600-Reusable Popcorn Bowls, PCSP5-Pre-Measured Coconut Oil Popcorn Kit are perfect for use with all Nostalgia Popcorn Kits. There is a maximum of 2.5OZ. KETTLE: The kettle has a dual-hinged lid that can easily empty popcorn and a built-in kernels stirring system. The INTERIOR is light. Lighted interior makes it fun and pleasant to watch popcorn. Popcorn serving has never been easier with a tilt door. You can store your popcorn, oils, seasonings, candy or other serving accessories in the see-through storage compartment located in the base of the unit. The cart can be wheeled wherever it's needed with the convenient pull handle.

Brand: Nostalgia

👤The setup was easy and the directions were clear, it was the perfect touch for our movie night birthday gathering.

👤It's not as easy as throwing a popcorn bag in the microwave or using a pot on a stove, but the thing adds a lot of excitement to a movie night. As a parent, that's no small part of our job: creating magic for our children as they grow up. It is well worth the price.

👤A burnt mess was caused by a faulty motor. They were told to call back in 30 minutes because of the volume of calls. We tried Amazon support and they didn't help us either, even though they advertised on their support page that you can get help from Amazon. There are replacement parts and manual. 90 day coverage is free. I don't recommend the product.

👤If you want my opinion, do not buy this. The cheapest popcorn maker I have ever seen is this one. I bought this for the company I work for and I am embarrassed to bring it. I made the mistake opening and putting it together late and couldn't return it, but if it wasn't past the 30 day maker I would return it. If you want to use the movie theater room for a regular weekend use, you should not do it. The legs are made of metal and the rest are plastic. It is loud when you turn it on and it is very loud when you make popcorn. I thought there should have been a metal tray in the second picture, but it is not the case. It would be terrible to clean a lip like that. Don't buy, save your money, shop around and find a better one for less than this junk. If you have a question, email me.

👤This machine does not blow 10 cups. I measured how much corn came out after I sat here and followed the directions. It is less than a bag of popcorn. It takes about 5 rounds of popping to get as much corn as shown in the photo. It's enough for a family of 4. If you add more corn and oil to the recipe, the popped corn will push a lot of the unpopped kernels out. There are 4.5 cups of corn and tons of unpopped kernels. I put a can of soda in the machine so you can see how small the inside is. Look at all the kernels. The area to get to the kettle is small, so you can't clean it without removing it. Due to the limited space, you can't get your hands on it. There is a If you want this machine, you should save your money and buy a counter top popper.

👤We have used this machine a number of times, but the tin basket that holds the seeds and oil does not heat up. I reached out to the seller to explain my situation and they will not do anything for me because it is past 30 days. Absolutely ridiculous! Don't waste your money on this unit.


What is the best product for home theater popcorn machine with stand?

Home theater popcorn machine with stand products from Nostalgia. In this article about home theater popcorn machine with stand you can see why people choose the product. West Bend and Cornrush are also good brands to look for when you are finding home theater popcorn machine with stand.

What are the best brands for home theater popcorn machine with stand?

Nostalgia, West Bend and Cornrush are some of the best brands that chosen by people for home theater popcorn machine with stand. Find the detail in this article. Great Northern Popcorn Company, Cusinium and Superior Popcorn Company are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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