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1. Epson 3 Chip Projector Brightness Speaker

Epson 3 Chip Projector Brightness Speaker

It's perfect for home theater and business use. Up to 200" screen in low light conditions. The Ceiling Mount is sold separately. 3,300 lumens of color and white brightness is ideal for displaying large-group presentations, spreadsheets and videos, even in well-lit rooms. Crisp image quality is perfect for displaying presentations, video and more. The True 3-chip 3lcd technology displays 100% of the rgb color signal for every frame, providing outstanding color accuracy while maintaining excellent color brightness, without any distracting "rainbowing" or "color brightness" issues seen with other projection technologies. You can connect streaming devices, including fire TV, Apple TV, Roku and Chromecast, with the Versatile Connection, which has an HDMI port. The speaker is easy to setup for video and audio. A built-in picture skew sensor automatically analyzes the picture and instantly corrects the keystone to help square the image. Dynamic contrast ratio up to 15,000:1 provides crisp, rich detail for graphs, images and videos.

Brand: Epson

👤Not even thinking to check if there is an external jack for speakers when you put the projector up. You can't plug in external speakers.

👤The projector is not good. It feels like a solid machine because of the excellent styling. The controls and features are easy to understand, it has good color fidelity, and it has a nice slide door to manually screen out the projector light. The image quality is not good. I compared this projector to a ViewSonic PJD5155 3300 LumensA HDMI Projector. It was not even close. I placed them side by side about six feet from the screen to make sure they were sharp. The ViewSonic is better in image quality and sharpness, and the audio is slightly better, at the same price. The ViewSonic looks clunky compared to the sleek Epson, but this is all about image quality. If you're going to use 14 pt. text in your presentation, don't get the VS250. The ViewSonic PJD5155 is the same price.

👤I am happy with this projector. I tried an Optoma projector at the same price. There was no comparison. This is a sharp and focused Epson. There are a lot of picture adjustments to make. The colors are great. I have it on the wall in my bedroom. I think it is about 9 feet wide. I have a stereo receiver and I have the audio from my player. There is just a stereo sound. The speaker is working. I would recommend using a stereo. Also, note: The projector doesn't have an audio out for headphones or a stereo. You have to connect your audio to the receiver and projector at the same time. If you want a movie theater experience, I would recommend doing it that way. If you are not picky, the speaker on the projector is fine. I am very happy with this product.

👤I will write this review if I can help someone understand how to play movies on their phone. I wanted the kids to be able to have friends over to watch movies outdoors and that's why I bought this projector. I thought I could use my phone to play video games and movies if I connected a lightening adaptor. I was able to project my phone screen through the projector but I couldn't see a movie because the screen would go blank. I went to an apple store to talk to the store about the reviews that said it could be an ios issue. I was told that movies can be projected through Apple TV, but they will never be projected from an apple device. I bought an Apple TV and a 4K HDMI cord, set it up for a projector in 10 minutes, and was able to watch a show without any issues.

👤I received a free replacement lamp fromEpson after I called them. It works great again. The lamp's warranty had expired, but they sent me one free of charge, which was nice. It no longer works after 8 months. I only used the projector for a short time. I'll call to see if it's under warranty. I bought a projector to use in my bedroom. subtitles are easy to read and the image is good. The text is a little smaller due to the resolution, but I don't notice it. The color is nice. I keep it in eco mode. I don't have a problem with the color or brightness. The image is roughly 90 inches using a 16:9 ratio and I have an 11 ft projector. The projector always projects at a 4:1:1 ratio, but it projects black bars when it's in the 16:9 format. I would prefer if it didn't operate this way, but they aren't that noticeable. There is no audio out. It has built in speakers, which is ok, but you need to buy an audio equipment to use it. The prices of the extracts are $20. I think you can buy a wireless accessory. The image is not as good as a 4K tv image, but I think it is great for a budget projector. I bought it and have no regrets.

2. Epson Projector Brightness Streaming Theater

Epson Projector Brightness Streaming Theater

Stunning picture quality provides stunning detailed1080p images and fast data processing that is perfect for fast-action sports, gaming and more. Ultra bright images deliver outstanding-quality images in a variety of lighting conditions. The best-in-class color brightness is advanced 3LCD technology. This technology allows for excellent color accuracy while maintaining excellent color brightness, without the issues ofrainbowing or color brightness seen with other projection technologies. You can connect your cable/satellite box, gaming console, or streaming device with two HDMI ports. The setup is easy for HD entertainment right out of the box. The picture skew sensor automatically analyzes the picture and instantly corrects the keystone for a square image. Up to 16,000:1 for rich detail in dark scenes.

Brand: Epson

👤I had a projector from Wal-mart and built a stand to project it onto the ceiling above my bed. I decided to invest in this after the bulb started to go bad. It is a great projector. It is very bright. I assumed I could make it darker with the settings because I bought it because of the high count. It is still very bright even at its lowest point. There is a That's my problem. Would be happy to recommend.

👤I started off with a cheaper projector to see if it was worth the money. It was all down hill from there once I hooked it all up. It's awesome to be able to watch anything on a 100" screen. The room needed to be almost dark to enjoy anything because the projector's output was very low. We can have a lot of light in the bar with the new projector. It's bright and provides a clear image. I spent a lot of time looking at different options for a projector. Not looking to break the bank and keep it under $1,000, this projector will provide you with what you are looking for. It has the longest bulb life as well as the highest output. The image is remarkable even in ECO mode, where it cuts back on power to extend the bulb life. The only mistake I made was not going with a 120"-135" screen. I'm looking to upgrade now. Buy a projector. You will not be disappointed.

👤We needed a hidden television for our open concept living area and this projector was what we needed. It is being used with a firestick and a soundbar.

👤I have had this projector for over a month and it has not caused me any problems. I settled for the 1:16,000 instead of going for the high contrast ratios because I was happy with the 3400 lumens. I don't notice it as a disadvantage in my living room. The fan makes noise, but if you can connect a good speaker, you can hear the projector noise. Is this projector a good choice? Yes. It is a good one that does not break the bank but still gives good results.

👤The Miracast feature requires an Apple TV for use. I can't use the Miracast feature because I don't have one. The iProjection app can only cast pictures and websites for me, not web videos. Is it really the case that I can't play videos on my Macbook or Macbook Pro with the Home Cinema without other devices? I'm missing some features.

👤The picture was decent but the fan was loud and it only worked one day. I got a refund after Amazon offered to replace me. There is a piece of junk.

👤I bought a newer model of the Epison in 4 weeks and love the picture quality and easy set up. The model was still working well, but now it's a back up. I will never go back to a box TV. My picture is 14' across the bottom and 166" diagonal. There is a rear jack for external speakers or head phones on these models. The quality of the picture is amazing on my wall. The model will not shut off using my new Fire Stick or older Fire Sticks.

3. Epson Projector Brightness Streaming Theater

Epson Projector Brightness Streaming Theater

The lifespan of a lamp can be as high as 120,000h with the use of an advanced German bulb. A lifetime technical support is offered by ONOAYO outdoor movie projector. There are instructional videos on the internet. The remote can be replaced for free. They will offer you the most satisfying solution if you have any questions. Stunning picture quality provides stunning, detailed1080p images and fast data processing that is perfect for fast-action sports, gaming and more. Ultra bright images deliver outstanding-quality images in a variety of lighting conditions. The best-in-class color brightness is advanced 3LCD technology. This technology allows for excellent color accuracy while maintaining excellent color brightness, without the issues ofrainbowing or color brightness seen with other projection technologies. You can connect your cable box, gaming console, or streaming device with alldigital HDMI. The setup is easy for HD entertainment right out of the box. The picture skew sensor automatically analyzes the picture and instantly corrects the keystone for a square image. Up to 16,000:1 for rich detail in dark scenes.

Brand: Epson

👤I tried to save money by buying 2 budget projectors $200 below, but they were just ok. The 3.5mm audio jack buzzes, no physical buttons for volume, is recommended. Although the Jifar and Wiimius have 3300 lumens, the 880 has more colors, 50 degrees horizontal and vertical keystone adjustments, and is 5 times brighter. Does not come with a case. The contrast ratio of 16k:1 does not meet the standard for high definition.

👤This projector is mounted in our living room, as is my third projector, all of which were mounted in our living room. We had an off-brand projector and there was no comparison to the Home Cinema 880. The first projector we used was great, but this one is even better, with full HD. The stick we are using is almost exclusively a ROKU stick. Even in the daytime, a bright picture works. It's not a fix-all and you'll still need to mount properly. Quiet in Eco mode. The projector is louder in normal mode than in Eco mode. Almost all universal projector mounts are compatible with the 3-hole mounting. It's important. I had to return one mount and order a different one because I have vaulted ceilings that will not allow your screen to be too high off the ground. I can't think of a Cons that I can think of.

👤I love this thing. It has been used for six months. Plug in my Firestick and stream away. There are two tips, though. There is a small air filter inside a hatch that I didn't notice. It will be cleaned regularly now. 2. Before mounting the image to a ceiling mount, you need to figure out how to inverted it. It was difficult to navigate the menus.

👤The PowerLite 3010 projector had been used for almost 10 years. Since we'll be moving to another house within a year and don't know what kind of space we'll have there for a home theater, we decided to get the least expensive projector we could find. The 3010, which was a bargain in 2012 at $1,400, seems to be the entry-level equivalent of the 880 at $600. My five-star rating is based on the value for the price, not the price of the projector. The 3010 is a lot heavier than the 880. The team that installed the 3010 used a universal ceiling mount, which made it easy to swap out the projectors. The 3010 uses four bolts, while the 880 uses three. Make sure your mount works if you're replacing a projector. The zoom range is longer on the 880. We have a 120" projection screen, which is about 12' from the projector. The maximum image size of the 3010 was 120". The image would have covered a 150" screen if I had turned on the 880. It took me a while to adjust the zoom and keystoning. The 3010's fan seems louder than the 880's. I was aware of it for the first couple weeks, but I didn't recall being aware of the 3010's fan. The projector mode is set to ECO, which makes the fan quieter. The 3010's brightness was 2200, while the 880's was 3300. The catch is here. In Bright Cinema mode, the image can be seen in a well-lit room even during the day. The fan is very loud, almost as loud as our microwave oven. It's not usable for us. The 3010's brightness is beautiful in a darkened room, but washed out in a fully lit room. The color is beautiful. I think the image is sharper than the 3010's. It's not so much as to distract me at a 12' viewing distance. I couldn't see what was on the screen. If you're worried about 3D, the 880 doesn't do it. We have a number of 3D discs, including a couple of spectacular ones. The price of a 3D projector would have added several hundred dollars to our budget. We would have gotten a 4K projector with that, but our system is wired with a different type of cable, which doesn't support 4K. In our next house, we'll probably upgrade to a 4K projector that includes 3D, and of course we'll need to have our system wired with HDMI 2.1 cabling.

4. Epson Cinema PRO UHD 3 Chip Projector

Epson Cinema PRO UHD 3 Chip Projector

The built-in two speakers give a superior audio experience. 4K PRO-UHD (1) Projection technology is a new type of 4K home theater experience, utilizing advanced technologies for resolution Enhancement, color and image processing. The projector's design displays 100 percent of the color signal for every frame, without anyrainbow effect or color brightness issues. 4K resolution processing uses a technology that controls three individual, high-definition LCD chips to parallel process millions of pixels. 100 percent of the source information for the full 10-bit HDR is faithfully reproduced for an amazing visual performance. Digital video processing helps eliminate banding, blocking and other compression artifacts from the final visual performance. The contrast ratio is up to 40, 000 and the brightness is 2, 900 Lumens. It is possible to support both 4K and 2K content at a full 60 Hz.

Brand: Epson

👤I have been very pleased with my new 3700. I have a 150" wall screen in my great room and it has not had any issues. I use it for sports, news, movies, and 3d. I've been reluctant to make the jump to 4K because I don't want to hurt my health. It takes a lot of work to update your components to 4K. 4K projectors are expensive. 3. I don't think 4K projectors are bright enough for my room. 4. Depending on how good a job the upscaler does, I may or may not get good results for most of my material. 5. I need to make sure I have 3d support in any new projector because I have a lot of 3d now. I was interested when I saw the new entrant. It is the same size, lens, bulb, and supports all previous features as my 3700. They added the 4K/HDR support by using a native 4K panel instead of converting each 4K pixel into two 2K frames. This is an excellent compromise that will solve a lot of the issues for me. The price is the same as the previous model, it is a native1080p projector, and it is just as bright. The question is how good is 4K using pixel shifting. Human beings can't tell the difference according to most side by side reviews. I decided that this and other home improvements were in order because I have been working from home. I upgraded the audio and video equipment last month. I installed a new mount, ran a new 8K cable through the ceiling, and replaced the 3700 with the 3800. Can 4K alone justify the upgrade for a 3700? I have a 150" screen and I only sit 15' away so 4K should make a difference in my viewing experience. I used both Amazon Prime 4K material and the new Ultra High Definition (UHD) material. You can find a list of excellent material by searching for "4K demo" on Amazon Prime. Amazon has a movie called "The Living Sea" in 4K. I used the 4K Amazon Prime app to freeze test frames and then switched sources to my FireTV stick freezing the same frames. One of the best test frames was a sunrise just coming over the horizon, with the ocean below, clouds above, and a mountain range behind it. The 2 were compared at night and day. The 4K had fine detail in the mountain range, ocean and clouds not present in the1080p version, and the HDR bought out highlights in the clouds and water that were completely washed out in the non-HDR version. I got great results with "The Last Reef", using both the DVD and the HD material. The answer for me is yes. You can tell the difference on a large screen, it looks like 4K to me. The pictures I included show how much light I have in the room during the day, and then two pictures of a really small section of a freeze frame from the movie "The Living Sea". The sun is above the ocean. One of the pictures is 4K and the other is1080P. It's easy to tell which is which. If you look closely, you can see the structure in the1080P picture, but it's barely noticeable in the 4K picture. Some have commented on the inability to focus across the entire screen. I had to work on the projector position a bit as I had a similar experience, but after I pointed the projector slightly up and used lens shift to bring the image down I was able to get a uniform focus at all sections of the screen. The missing lines are due to my black velvet screen masking, so I added a picture of the Panel Alignment pattern to show it is sharp. I might have gotten lucky with mine. After adjusting, I have had no issues with focus or blur. I was very happy with my purchase of the 3800.

5. Epson VS335W WXGA LCD Projector

Epson VS335W WXGA LCD Projector

3 x brighter colors with white brightness The Simple Setup Suite has a digital connection. The PC-free slide shows something. Plug in and play. 3-chip technology for lens and zoom control. 3-chip technology for lens and zoom control.

Brand: Epson

👤This projector is awesome! You can't beat the price. I refurbished it and it came in new condition and has not failed yet. I almost pulled the Trigger on a brand that had slightly higher output, but I'm glad I didn't as this thing impresses every time I use it. The difference in clarity when looking at other projectors is because of the 3 lcd output. I purchased an outdoor 120" gray screen kit from "Carl's Screens" and it looks amazing. I've used chromecast, firestick and minix andorid box with it and no issues. If you're complaining about sound output, there's an easy solution, use a firestick or a box and pair a speaker with a device.

👤I bought the projector for my church. We use it to show movies in our fellowship hall. We put it on the wall about 12' away. Even with the fluorescent overhead lights on, it provides a clear, crisp, focused picture. The remote control has a good range and we are able to control the projector from a distance. The projector has been a great way for us to show video in our fellowship hall. It is a certified refurbished product, but it looks new and works great, and in the few months we have used it, we have not had a problem.

👤The projector was almost exactly what I expected. The noise when the whole screen changes colors or brightness is the only thing that would get me. The fan noise is reduced on eco. I wish there was a way to lighten the picture. It's bright in my room.

👤The sound is disappointing because the audio ports don't work. I'm still under warranty, so hopefully the seller can address this. When I try to gain access to this, it says that the window and support for this product has closed. It has not been 90 days. Is it because it's out of stock? There is false advertising. It was too expensive for it to not work when I was certain it would work.

👤Excellent clarity from a PC. It was very easy to set up.

👤The little thing works great. We are already impressed after we got it. It's a great place to watch a movie under the stars. Thanks!

👤It has been an excellent projector. It's easy to use and project a bright picture. I had some difficulty figuring out which video file type worked when I used the PC Free feature to play videos from a thumb drive. The videos should be in.avi format. I tried a lot of different things. I stumbled upon something that worked before I discovered more than one format. I'm not a video expert, so I can't dictate the specifics, but the following works: Download and install AnyVideoConverter. To copy the file to a thumb drive, you need to convert the video to the Nintendo Wii AVI Movie format. Attach the thumb drive to the printer. You should be able to play the file from the thumb drive if it shows up.

6. Epson Home Cinema 3700 Projector

Epson Home Cinema 3700 Projector

The projector has a bright color and white brightness that is ideal for a variety of lighting conditions. For movies, games, and more, you can get a full HD performance. The dynamic contrast ratio is up to 70,000:1 for deep black levels. Project a 115" image from just 10' away, plus or minus 60 vertical and plus or minus 24 horizontal lens shift. zoom allows for easy setup. Super-resolution with Detail Enhancement is a feature of the image enhancement technology. Super-resolution with Detail Enhancement is a feature of the image enhancement technology.

Brand: Epson

👤I bought this projector because my other one works well. I use them both to watch tv. The speaker went out on this model at the 2-year mark. The picture was out less than a week later. The speakers are not set to be very loud, but the projector does get used for a long time. I had problems before the warranty expired. I will contact the company today to see what they will do about it. If you purchase this item, you may want to purchase an extended warranty.

👤It is a light cannon, good color saturation, good lens shift range, and not so good. The 3D has notable ghosting and motion artifacts, regardless of what glasses I used, and regardless of projector settings. Most online user reviews complain of unresolvable and unacceptable 3D crosstalk, despite the professional magazine reviews claiming excellent 3D performance and virtually no ghosting. The reviews are correct. The crosstalk makes details look blurry. DLP is the way to go if you want to see 3D. Zero crosstalk is inherent in the image chip because of the speed of the DLP pixels. The contrast is lacking. In dark scenes, the dynamic iris can give you better blacks. Dark areas in bright scenes look washed out, as the iris cannot help you there, and the native contrast of the LCD and optics limits performance. I was able to get a nice pop in Dynamic Cinema mode after calibrating. Almost all white levels are clipped on a 255-step contrast test panel, regardless of where you set the contrast, if you turn the super white function off. You need to have the white feature on. This was true for both Cinema modes. If you want 3D, go with DLP. Nothing else can do it better. There is a The projector looks good after it's been adjusted, but it leaves you wanting for more contrast.

👤Fantastic projector. The image enhancement tools really make a difference and make a good quality feed look like more. I made a homemade 100" screen for my home theater application. I've been impressed with its performance during daylight. The product is great for the price. I don't understand people trying to buy 80" type 4K screens. You won't be able to tell the difference if you're not watching high quality 4K video, which is hard to come by currently.

👤I have had a projector since December and I can't say enough good things about it. This is my first projector. I researched the projector before I used it. I compared it to the 5030ub and without them side by side you couldn't tell a difference to justify the $600 extra. It's portable and nice to take outside without lugging around more speakers. They are loud on their own. This is the way to go if you want a nice theater without breaking the bank.

👤I had a BenQ W1200 for a long time. I was very impressed with this device. It's possible to watch during the daytime with the blinds pulled. It's great that there is contrast. Most of the features are useless, but that's normal for projectors. No one uses the check boxes that manufacturers pack in. The screen edges are adjusted in a way that I really like. It has a mode where you can move each corner on your own. Wow! It was a huge time saver. I mounted this to a drop-arm that was already on the ceiling and it was off by an inch or two because of the sideways shifting of the image. I had to move the whole thing. The zoom is strong.

7. Epson EF 100 Streaming Projector Android

Epson EF 100 Streaming Projector Android

Scan the on-screen QR Code on your phone or tablet to setup fast Wireless. Imagine a bright and colorful image up to 150 inches on virtually any wall or dedicated screen, even when the lights are on. A built-in tv with a simple-to-use remote and voice search is included. You can watch all of your favorite channels on streaming services. Live TV can be streamed with apps. The integrated audio system has a high-quality bass-reflex speaker. The standard 3. 5mm stereo output connection with preset tone controls is included in the EF-100. The modern and clean design of the Epson EF-100 is available in white and silver, or black and copper, and it is perfect for any d├ęcor. Epison Microwave Array Projection Technology is a multi-array laser technology that produces an exceptional level of brightness while significantly enhancing the black density. The result is a bright and clear image that is far beyond most projectors in this class. 3LCD technology displays 100% of the color signal for every frame. This technology allows for excellent color accuracy while maintaining excellent brightness, without the issues ofrainbowing or color brightness seen with other projection technologies. Capable of displaying high-definition content at an exceptional 2,000 lumens of brightness for both color and white content. This provides for an exceptional viewing experience and sets a new standard in this class of projection. There are three

Brand: Epson

👤The projector is very stylish. The quality of the projector was not what I was expecting and it was made by a less expensive company. You're paying for the design.

👤The price for the spec should be around $500. When you receive your device, make sure it's loud. I got 2 and returned them both. One is making a lot of noise. I got a Benq TK800M instead. Benq makes a lot of noise due to the shifting. You can switch to silence mode, which will make the picture look better with 4k input. The image quality will not be different. It's a good buy if the price drops to $500. Trust me, 720P is not worth it. Any projector that has a high resolution will kill this. The speaker is large. It is good for small space.

👤The remote is built in a speaker, but it's great, but at a lower resolution. I got the Epiq Vision with built in Yamaha speaker, great remote, self focus, and firestick compatible. It has 1000 lumens and is a better laser projector than 2000.

👤Photos with a soda can. Excellent for color, lamp life and portable. It's not an ideal home theater projector. It's the same thing. The color is better than any other projector I own. If you want to use a home theater projector in a partially lit room, there are better options for dark rooms. The included TV stick is easy to use. The sound is good for the size. Sometimes there is a delay between the picture and sound of the speaker. The color is amazing. Does not come with a case. The light source is a laser, not a lamp. The display has a 3LCD screen. This will last a long time. The lamp life is more than a regular lamp. I have a lot of experience with projectors, and as a teacher I often need to bring my own in order to have a working setup. I have been transporting projectors for a while. This one is portable and weighs about 6 pounds. It is only 10 cm tall by 21 cm wide. If you plan to haul this around a lot, you will need a case. It should have had a case at this price point, but I would prefer a hard sided version. The back has a number of things on it, including an HDMI 2.0, a miniusb connection, and a headphones jack. It only has one input which is annoying. There is no optical zoom. There was no keystone correction. It was easy to setup. You need to pair the remote for the first time. If you are using the streaming dongle on another device, you only need the second remote. Powerpoint presentations can be seen with the projector 20 feet away from the screen, as far back as I can get it in a daylit room. The room is bright enough that the students can see their papers and take notes. I rarely use the school's 1500-lumen projectors because the lights have to be off for the student to see the projections, and that leads to trouble. The projector has 2000 lumens and this makes a big difference in visibility in a partially lit room. If you want to get loud sound in a room with more than 20 people, you need to hook it up to some speakers. Do not expect sound that is good enough for a movie experience, the built in speakers are only adequate enough to hear, not to have "surround sound". There is a fraction of a second delay if you hook it up to the internet. This is a good choice for a portable projector in a partially daylit room. The fan is not loud. I wouldn't recommend this for home theater use. It has a noticeable screen door effect, where the picture has little black squares around each pixel, which is much more noticable in the dark. This is obvious if you are close to the screen. Blacks are more towards grey than they are towards white. If you can't get the project to be straight on with the wall or screen, you can use a zoom lens. It isn't as smooth looking as a DLP projector, which has a better response time. The native resolution is just a bit better than the HD version, but it's still cheap at 900 dollars. The answer to having a movie like experience without a big television is to use projectors. They are great for dorm rooms because they are easy to store and move and less fragile than a television. It's a good one for that because it's small and sturdy and it's not possible to make the room completely dark. If you want to see movies in the dark, choose something else, there are DLP projectors that will serve your purpose better.

8. Epson Projector Streaming Enhancement Interpolation

Epson Projector Streaming Enhancement Interpolation

The operating distance is 19.0 feet. For an amazing Full HD picture, you can get an immersive viewing experience for TV shows, sporting events, gaming and movies. The images are smooth and crisp. The built-in Android TV interface has a simple-to-use remote and voice search. You can watch your favorite streaming channels without an external player. The best-in-class color brightness is advanced 3LCD technology. This technology allows for excellent color accuracy while maintaining excellent color brightness, without the issues ofrainbowing or color brightness seen with other projection technologies. The picture has a brightness of white and color. The setup is easy, with a built-in 10 W speaker and easy setup for HD entertainment. The built-in vertical lens shift can be used to change the position of the image.

Brand: Epson

👤After a few weeks with the projector, I decided to return it. The connection is not working. One option is to connect an external speaker to the projector via the OS that powers the stick included with the projector, and the other option is to connect the projector to the speaker via the OS that powers the stick included with the projector. Both options result in considerable lag, regardless of the app being used or the speaker being used for output. If you can't hear the built-in speaker behind the fan, or you have to use an external audio jack, you're stuck with unusable bluetooth. The point of having a smart projector is being defeated by all those options. If you want the projector to be permanently installed somewhere where it isvisibile, you have to remove the back cover, which is not great if you want to have cables/sticks poking out. The difference between this projector and one of the tried-and-trusted offerings from BenQ was the fact that with this one we would be a single cable, neat set-up. The limitation of this projector is the built-in Android TV stick, which sucks. At the best of times, I dislike android. I think that the stick that comes with the projector will be hard for even the most ardent apologist for the company to like. The App Store selection is not good. The majority of apps malfunction. The stick can't handle a bluetooth connection. I understand that if Epson can't invest in its own smart platform, they should partner with a stick manufacturer like Roku. I think the cheaper option was the one with the phone. You get what you pay for. The belly of the projector can only hold the Android Stick that comes with it. They would have had a more successful product if they had shipped it with a hole in it so you could fill it with your own smart stick. Loudness is listed as a third factor. This thing is loud. It gets better with the "Cinema" setting. There is no hiding that it is loud. Unless you are able to create 100% darkness, the "bright" setting is very important. If issue #1 had not been a deal-breaker, I would have been able to live with the sub-par platform and loud fan. My search for a smart projector continues. I want a projector that can reliably access the apps of major movie and TV vendors and output the audio via Airplay in synchronized fashion. You would have thought it would be easy in 2020, since I'm happy to pay a thousand bucks for it. I am yet to see any company manage that. I had spoken too soon about the bluetooth connection. This is a first impressions review and I may change it after more weeks of use. The projector is good. I think it's a good idea. The image quality is comparable to the BenQ. The BenQ might win on the deep blacks. The 2250 has a useful throw ratio with lots of zoom and vertical lens shift. The BenQ projectors want to get onto the couch with you. This one wants to sit behind you. If you plan to move it daily, it is not as convenient as a short throw. It is great for a semi-permanent installation. The lens shift is very useful. It is small. It fits inside the Kallax cube with enough room for air movement. It has USABLE smarts. It has a built in TV stick. You can't replace the stick with a Roku because the space is tailored for that stick. It is not great. It is ok. It's a privacy concern and should be avoided where possible, but at least, this projector works mostly in English and there are plenty of English-language apps available. There is no AppleTV+ app yet. Other apps don't freeze very often. All of them work, the internet works reliably, and there's also the fact that the wireless connection seems ok. This allows you to achieve one-cable functions. Plug it into the power cord and you are good to go. The reliance on the tv stick is one of the annoyances that I am giving it 4 starts instead of 5. It would have been better if the slot was large enough for a Fire stick. We don't want to give our personal information to a website that wants to make money. It is relatively noisy. The fan is sent to overdrive when it is out of the box. The fan is loud and you can hear a sound. There are three looks. It is not as sleek as the E series, but it is still compact. A great projector that is smart enough to work on its own without external sticks and boxes, and that is small enough not to offend in your living room, is what this is.

9. Optoma HD39HDR Brightness Projector Operation

Optoma HD39HDR Brightness Projector Operation

It's a HDR comparison. brigher whites and deeper black levels can be achieved with the use of 4K technology. Fast response time. Enhanced gaming mode has a response time of 8.4ms. A high brightness of 4,000 lux and a 6-segment color wheel produce accurate color with sRGB and REC.709. Clear, detailed images are rendered from high definition content without downscaling or compression. Extreme connection: You can connect to gaming consoles, media players, and other HDMI devices with dual HDMI inputs. Easy installation. Flexible placement in any environment is possible with a vertical keystone correction and a 1.3X zoom. An average of 4 hours of viewing time every day is provided by the long lamp life.

Brand: Optoma

👤The projector is mostly quiet and looks good, but don't be fooled by the 15,000 hour lamp life claim. A year and a month after purchase, the lamp stopped working. And guess what. The lamp is waranties for 90 days. If it had been on for a full year, it would have come in under 9000 hours. If they have to back that up with a warranty, they might as well say it lasts for a while. I bought 3 years of extended warranty through Asurion because I thought the bulbs were a weak point. There is a short story. Do not waste your money on it. After jumping through hoops for about 5 hours, my persistance paid off. They sent me a lable to get my projector fixed. A week and 3 days later, I received a note saying that the customer must replace the bulb. Guess what. They don't cover the bulbs. Isn't that great? From my mistake, learn. While the picture quality is good, you are buying from a company that won't stand behind their claims. You should not pay the extra 50 dollars for a 3 year cleaning contract that takes years of your life due to the stress of just trying to get your warranty honored. Optoma and Asurion are both bad for business and have bad publicity.

👤The Optoma GT1080 I had before is no longer valid. It's even quieter. When scenes are switched between light and dark, they are spectacular. It doesn't lose color, it's not too dark, and it's not grainy. I got a 65" curved TV when my projector died. The price was the same. I'll take this projector any day of the week, even though the TV was beautiful. I returned the TV after the projector arrived. Go for it if you think you might want it. You will not be disappointed.

👤I've tried several projectors, but this was what I was after. The lights are on in the room. I put this up in my garage, where I had 4 shop lights and a light from the door. You can still see the picture. If you can turn the light off above the screen, it would be better. The picture is great. I have a surround sound system. I can't say if the sound is good. I changed my fan to Eco+ and it was almost completely silent, despite the fact that the fan was a little noisy in bright mode. I keep it in Eco+ because it is still very bright, and I can't tell much difference in the picture. It is really good, but not 4K quality. You can see the pictures in the dark and on a paused screen, but first you have to see the quality on the screen. There is no lag in sports. The photos and video are in eco+.

👤I replaced the item with my Optoma HD 27-E and it worked fine. The screen flickered like the bulb was going out. I went online to replace my projector and got a message from Optoma that they couldn't return. Someone off shore gave me the same advice I received from Amazon. I was transferred after requesting to speak to a Manager. I told the Manager what my issue was and she said she would help me. She said that she would replace my projector immediately and that I should receive it within two days, which I did. I asked her why she told the offshore reps that there was nothing they could do for me, after I told them that the Amazon website said free returns. She said that she would bring the misunderstanding to their attention. If you know you are within your rights, ask the person at the top for help. The projector is beautiful and there are no flickers so far. I hope this will help other people with the same problem.

10. Epson EpiqVision Brightness Compatible Playstation

Epson EpiqVision Brightness Compatible Playstation

The picture quality can be up to 150" for an amazing Full-HD picture. It is easy to start streaming your favorite content with the built-in HDMI port on your preferred streaming solution. One speaker for high frequencies and a bass-reflex speaker dedicated to low frequencies are included in the internal configuration. The EpiqVision EF11 Mini Laser Projector has a clean, compact and modern design that allows you to take it virtually anywhere. The technology is called the MicroLaserArray Technology. The multi-array laser diode technology produces an exceptional level of brightness. Automatic scene-based color correction produces a clear and natural picture regardless of the content being played. The projector design displays 100% of the color signal. This technology allows for outstanding color accuracy while maintaining excellent color brightness, without the issues ofrainbowing or color brightness seen with other projection technologies.

Brand: Epson

👤It will last 20000 hours, which is around 10 years with normal usage. - The fan is quieter and it doesn't heat up as much. - There is a small screendoor effect. It has accurate cornerstone adjustments. It is small and portable. Good internal speakers. There are some limitations to this game, it's not good for gaming and it has limited contrast.

👤I needed a screen that could be projected up on the ceiling so that I could play video games while lying down on my bed, and the Epson EF12 has a lot of attractive features for that: short throw ratio of 1.00:1, very quiet fan noise, compact and aesthetically pleasing looks, There is one major flaw in the way that Epson has done things for the young person with a small apartment. I won't be able to make that leap of faith because the response is too slow. One of the rare projectors that recommends vertical mount on the wall is the EF12, so it's a shame. If it didn't have that terrible input lag, I believe this could have been the go-to projector for a long time.

👤This projector is not a home theater level projector, so I'm not going to talk about it in this review. It is a little slow to start, around 30 seconds. Being said this sucker is no slouch, it's bright. Multiple professional reviews have tested it at 700 lumens. Even on the bedroom ceiling, it produces an excellent picture. It has great colors out of the box. I bought this because it's possible to project onto the ceiling. It's difficult to find a projector that doesn't have all the connections on the back side. The connections are all on the side. I was able to place it on the carpeted floor. The built in speakers are pretty good, but a bit too boomy for my liking. The vocals improved when I turned off the bass setting. They are firing into the floor. I would connect it to a larger speaker for use outdoors. I will connect it to a receiver for a small setup. I like playing video games on a 100" screen while laying in bed with my wife. It has a little lag, but know what you're getting into and just enjoy it. If you have an AC power quick setup projector, it's a portable. It's not bad at all, it's perfectly compatible with many games. The built in tv and chromecast is the icing on the cake. Not needing anything other than ac power to start projecting is very easy. We successfully installed Disney+ and used our phone to cast Amazon on it. I can't comment on that because we don't have a service like that. The remote control has soft click buttons.

👤Wowwwww. Wow! I returned my tv to Amazon the same day I bought it. It was terrible. I bought it. I was certain that I would return this as well. It's mind-blowing. Our place is bright. It works in bright light, but it makes you think at night. I am so happy with this purchase!

11. Epson Cinema Brightness Speakers Projector

Epson Cinema Brightness Speakers Projector

There is a Widescreen Full HD1080p entertainment up to 300 inches life sized images, 25x larger than a 60 inches flat panel, on virtually any blank wall or screen. The projector has 3,100 Lumens of color and white brightness. 2x HDMI ports and 1x MHL to connect your cable/satellite box. Disc player, gaming console or streaming device. Innovative 3LCD technology has no rainbow effect. The operating distance is 19.0 feet. The operating distance is 19.0 feet.

Brand: Epson

👤I was worried about getting this, instead of a more expensive projector. My viewing room is a wall of windows that overlook the sunny California sky. To get a sense, you can see a picture of my room without any lights on. I registered 2000 lux coming in through the windows at 11 am and 600 lux hitting the screen at a 90-degree angle to the windows. This is about 6 times brighter than a typical living room in the evening with all the lights on, and 25% brighter than a standard office with all the lights on. My use case is that. There is a lot of ambient light. This unit does a great job. The color balance doesn't wash out colors like my other DLP does. It does a good job of doing business presentations. I haven't tried it on a dark movie scene yet, but I can say it washes a bit grey on blacks. I find that acceptable in exchange for the bright picture in my room, though I can understand if someone with a perfect dark room would prefer a better picture. As to what to do. Very cheap. The VIVO 100" screen, 1.1 gain, is available for $79 on Amazon. I bought a Bluesky HD1080p 3D HDMI Audio Extractor Splitter to split the audio from the rest of the signal and skip the speakers on the projector. This was $21. I haven't used the projector yet, but I assume the speakers are useless. Listening to the fan isn't that bad. I can hear it, but not over a normal level of TV audio, so I don't worry. The last photo is below. This is a 30 degree angle from the center. It looks washed out in the photo, but it is a great picture. It's fine to watch a basketball game in broad daylight in what is the worst ambient light situation I can think of, other than sitting outside in the sun. I prefer my 65" TV over the one I have, because I don't feel like I'm missing anything. I had to read 300 reviews and 40 articles before I took the plunge because I was agonized over this decision. For the price point, I'm very pleased with this setup for my room. This review will help you out.

👤The projector was great. I found a projector that worked for 3 months, after decades of wanting a projector and researching for weeks. It was installed on the ceiling at the beginning of April, but is dead before the end of June. I will have to install a bulb in a refurbished projector if I call for tech support from Epson. The projector will be shipped to me without notice, but I will have to sign for it at home.

👤There are a lot of great things going for this unit, and only one negative, but it's a big one. It is easy to set up a good picture and bright in the right circumstances. This unit has two modes, one of which is "ECO power-saving" mode. The bulb is powered by regular power and it is a great picture. The cooling fan kicks up to the noise level of a VACUUM cleaner. If you want reasonable quiet in the room, you will be forced to run the unit in ECO mode and use the dimmer light output. It's too bad, and worth taking two stars off of a 5-star unit.


What is the best product for home theater projector 4k epson?

Home theater projector 4k epson products from Epson. In this article about home theater projector 4k epson you can see why people choose the product. [brand2] and [brand3] are also good brands to look for when you are finding home theater projector 4k epson.

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