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1. Projector Outdoor Display Compatible Smartphone

Projector Outdoor Display Compatible Smartphone

The JIFAR H6 is the Brightest native 1080P projector on the market. native resolution 1920*1080 will bring you 10 times more details than the standard projector, it's the most cost-effective projector. WiFi projector enables sync of screen with breathtaking internet. lag free online and video streaming is possible with ultra-fast 5G. The screen sharing function allows you to watch your favorite shows on your mobile device. The projector has a chip that can connect your speaker to the projector. You will experience all kinds of movie, music and game with your family or friends, with a wide range of 6 to 450 inches at home with the H6 projector. Hifi Stereo speakers and multi- function inputs are built in. Both HiFi are dual. Stereo speakers provide a great sound experience without external speakers, it is adjusted separately, more practical, convenient and user-friendly. You can use your phone to connect the projector to the HDMI adapter. H6 Projector provides a 6-month back and 2-year repair. Feel free to contact them if you have any problems. H6 Projector provides a 6-month back and 2-year repair. Feel free to contact them if you have any problems.

Brand: Jifar

👤I bought this projector because it advertised so much. I want to set up something outside so the kids can have their friends over for a movie night. I need a bright picture so that it won't be dark. I was forced to use a wall in my house to test out my screen because I haven't received it yet. I was amazed at how bright the image was. The picture quality on my wall was amazing, and the speakers were loud enough that I will not need amplification. I am very excited to set this up outside this summer and I would definitely buy it again.

👤We replaced our old projector with a new one. The picture quality and features of this unit are very good. We use this outdoors to watch movies and have s'mores over a fire pit, as well as a 200 inch diagonal fabric screen. It's a family fun thing that has become more important during this situation. I was surprised that the projector does not get hot during use. I can put it in its case immediately after use, without worry about the heat damaging the unit or its case. Great value!

👤I am very pleased with my first projector purchase. I used it for the first time in my backyard last night and was impressed with the quality of the speaker and the clarity of the picture. I need to get familiar with the device after my first use. It took me a while to get the picture on my screen, but it was fine after that. It's a great buy and an alternative to the movie theatre during this crisis.

👤I was hesitant to order this because I wanted a 4K projector. I wanted a projector with good picture quality. I had to settle for this because of cost. I am happy that I did. The picture quality and brightness is comparable to name brand projectors. This is a projector that can be plugged in. I connected my phone to the internet. The picture was clear and natural light came in and I positioned it in the church's multi-purpose hall. It's hard to believe that this projector is comparable to the expensive name brand projectors, because of its quality and different ways you can use it. I will order another projector for myself if it holds up in the next few weeks. The delivery of the projector was very fast. The bag that comes with it is professional looking and high quality. Save money and buy this projector instead of the expensive ones.

👤Not enabled is the word. Completely false product! I couldn't get our iPad to play anything, so I got my phone to play. I couldn't get the sound to play through my speakers without a cord. The picture quality was nice, but I was not happy that the product was not as described and we could not use surround sound speakers that we wanted. The cords are a trip hazard, so we have to figure out another solution to pair our speakers for outdoor movies. The name and description of the product are disappointing.

2. Projector Two Way Bluetooth Outdoor Compatible

Projector Two Way Bluetooth Outdoor Compatible

The Dxyiitoo projector supports the "Airplay" function and the "Screen Mirroring" function when connected to a phone. When using the "Airplay" function on your phone, you can play freely. You won't miss any screen operations when using the "Screen Mirroring". It supports both data cable and light connection. The Dxyiitoo projector is compatible with 4K and native 1920x1080p resolution. The screen display supports up to 300 inches, which makes it possible for you to see more clearly. The projector has an efficient heat dissipation system, which greatly reduces fan noise. Excellent sound quality without external speakers can be provided by an advanced built-in dual-speaker system. You can easily connect various speakers with the help of the new wireless technology. If you want to use another speaker, you can connect via the internet. Wide compatibility and application. The projector can be connected to a variety of media devices, including TV boxes, DVD players, smartphones, tablets, and HDMI-enabled devices. The projector has a life of 100,000 hours and is suitable for home theater, Christmas parties, small meetings, activities, yoga, games, and other scenes. 100,000 hours of lamp bead life can be used for a long time if you adopt brand-new technology and intelligent ecological technology. Technical support and reliable customer service are what they have. 3 years after-sales service is provided. The projector has a life of 100,000 hours and is suitable for home theater, Christmas parties, small meetings, activities, yoga, games, and other scenes. 100,000 hours of lamp bead life can be used for a long time if you adopt brand-new technology and intelligent ecological technology. Technical support and reliable customer service are what they have. 3 years after-sales service is provided.

Brand: Dxyiitoo

👤I was very impressed with the quality of the video and the brightness of the product, I always wanted one. I had no experience with it. The image was not bright enough, but it was ok. I decided to try it. The remote control is very easy to use and the instructions are very simple, but if you want you could add another sound bar or speakers.

👤I already had my expectations in check since it is a low budget projector, but it did impress me. There is a good quality user manual, a good quality remote control, and a lens wiping cloth. The picture quality is not perfect, but it is still very good for its price. It is bright. I have no problems with my headset or speakers. The throw ratio is about 100 inch from the nearest point. There is a The 4K FireTV stick worked well. It scales down 4k videos to 24hz and plays without any issues. The fan noise is loud. I would try not to put it too close to where I sit. I'm quite happy with my purchase.

👤Really blew me away. I was expecting the project to only be for projecting movies in the bedroom. It works well in the living room for sharing a movie. I don't have a screen or projector, but I can see the picture on the wall and it is bright. I have a resolution of 720p for the movie. The fan and the ports are aligned on the left and right side, so you can stand the projector and project on the ceiling, it really gives lots of fun, but it sounds silly, but I think my favorite part is the fan and the ports are aligned on the left and right side

👤It is easy to connect and use the different connections that impressed me. There are many different functions to use. It is a great little item that delivers. The sound is great, the Firestick was easy to hook up, and the speakers were easy to connect to. The speakers are loud and sound good. The projector is great.

👤I have tried it several times this month and it has not been an issue. It's convenient for travel and light. You can come with a stand. You can set it up and use it in less than a minute. If traveling, the separate screen for it would probably be useful. It's pretty easy to set up and pair with a phone. The device is not too hot. It has a built-in speaker when you need it.

👤This is a nice product. It is easy to connect a speaker and a screen. The device and theater experience are recommended.

👤You can mount the projector on the tripod in the box to adjust the angle, it's very easy to use. The picture is clear even though the wall of my house is not pure white and I don't have a curtain. There is a noise which can be ignored.

3. Bluetooth Projector Supported Portable Compatible

Bluetooth Projector Supported Portable Compatible

The Dxyiitoo projector supports the "Airplay" and "Screen Mirroring" functions. You can connect to your phone via the internet. When using the "Airplay" function on your phone, you can play freely. You won't miss any screen operations when using the "Screen Mirroring" function. 8000 lm and a 250 inch screen. The 8000 lumens and 8000:1 contrast ratio provide clearer, brighter, and more colorful images with delicate and wonderful image quality. The screen display supports up to 250 inches, which will keep your viewing distance to a minimum. You can play the disc without a DVD player if you have an upgraded projector. The large screen allows you and your family to enjoy a great home theater experience. Direct play of CD, DVD, CD-R/RW, DVD -R/+R, DVD+RW/-RW, VCD, SVCD is supported. Clear well-balanced sound quality and a truly amazing sound experience can be found in the built-in dual stereo speakers with the SRS. You can connect your speaker to the wireless network at any time. The projector is more durable and quieter than previous models thanks to advanced fan cooling technology. Every customer is offered a 100% satisfaction service. You can make it a Christmas gift for parents. If you have any problems with operations or quality, please contact them to get a reply from their professional technical department. Every customer is offered a 100% satisfaction service. You can make it a Christmas gift for parents. If you have any problems with operations or quality, please contact them to get a reply from their professional technical department.

Brand: Dxyiitoo

👤I wanted to have an indoor movie night because I didn't want to go to the movie theatres in public. I was a bit worried about the set up. The image on my screen is clear, strong, and vibrant. The set up was easy and no one complained about the quality. The built in DVD player is the best feature that I liked so I am not limited to my phones or computer downloads. I can have HD movies on the wall with the DVD player. If you are looking for a good grade projector for general home or office use, this might be the one for you. The image quality is good for money. If the review and photos were helpful to you, then you should consider this product.

👤This saved the weekend when I went camping this weekend. The other people had a projector with plans to use it to stream. The projector was a paper weight. We were able to save the weekend and play DVD's to keep the kids entertained, because this projector plays DVD's along with the ability to stream. The picture quality was good. This projector has a built in DVD player and is a good projector for camping.

👤The best projector so far is this one. The zoom option is great for my 120 inch screen. There was no issue with adjusting my speaker's volume settings. Kids can play the DVD player. There are cartoon collections outside. Would recommend to others.

👤The baby is very good, the picture quality is clear, and I originally bought it for training, but I found that the effect of watching movies is very good. The sound quality is very good. When the lights are turned off, the effect is very good. It feels like being in a movie theater. It's not cool to watch a movie in 3D. It is worth it. There are a lot of things you can do. You can use it for training in the company and then take it home at night. A lot of money can be made watching a movie. It is easy to carry. Everyone should start!

👤I'm in love. I bought a projector at Walmart and it was blurry on one side, but nothing could be done to fix it. I thought that was the way projectors work. This one was clear. I project onto my ceiling so I can sleep. I plug in the roku stick and it's been working great. I'm very happy!

👤I bought it a week ago. So far, it's doing well. I like how it looks. My cat and I like it. It had a nice bag for the projector which would be easy to carry.

👤This product will give you a different experience. If you use this product with your girlfriend or wife, you will have more experience. I don't recommend using it during the day because it will affect your presentation. The effect will be better at night. You can use a mobile phone to connect, even if you use the product's own cable. It's very convenient.

4. TMY Projector Supported Projection Compatible

TMY Projector Supported Projection Compatible

The CO2 cylinders are not compatible with the Terra model machines. They have upgraded this home projector to meet your needs better. The light source is featured with a Full HD resolution. The newest 3LCD color calibrating and adjusting technology works to restore more intricate color details than other mini projectors, which presents their customers a real, dynamic and color vibrant HD projection image quality. The projector has a viewing size from 32” to 220” with a projection distance between 1.5 and 6m. It can be set up at your own discretion, and it can play films, videos, games, photos, parties, and TV programs. No dark area will appear on the edge of the screen as a result of the newest improved uniform illumination method. This HD projector with 100 inch projection screen is tailored to meet their customer's requirements. Compared with other projectors, you are able to set up your own home theater and watch movies, TV shows, photos, slides, and play video games. This portable, foldable, anti-wrinkle and easy to wash 100 inch projection screen is larger than others, which means larger viewing angle and more picture details. This projector has an extensive connection opportunity, with built-in HDMI, VGA, AV, and a host of other inputs, it's the perfect solution for a wide variety of inputs. The projector is easy to use and has a real value. They know that you are suffering from the noise of other projectors. They used premium quality materials to build the cooling system for this projector, which will allow for a stunning watching and listening experience. A speaker system with dual built-in speakers has excellent sound quality without connecting to an external speaker. The keystone correction function and easy to adjust focus are also included.

Brand: Tmy

👤I have never used a projector. I have owned one in the past. Take my full review into account. I wanted a second one for traveling, but the sub $90 deal made me buy it. It arrived in a box in 3 days with prime shipping. They must have all of the orders filled through them. It was packaged in a way that made it look like a black box. The projector is secured. All in all, all very pleased with shipping 5/5 anything under 5 days now a days is the norm, and they are keeping it up. Solid! The foam box was taken out by me. Wow, it feels like premium quality weight. There is a white plastic exterior. A nice slick top plastic piece with knobs that adjust picture quality. The remote is not the best, but it is still usable. There is a manual set of buttons on top. I am happy to see an included cable. Overall, it was a good one. I have to mention the ports. The card reader is Native. First, viewing! The screen! It's a simple screen that says that on the bag. It has a bag that is simple to use and a bag that is made of plastic. Excellent! The knob is in perfect focus. It runs a native 720 but I threw at it. The speakers have a better sound and the display is brighter. When I bought my first one, I wish this was still around. Do not wait! Do not double guess! Get it!

👤There is an update on 9-21. I received an email from someone claiming to work for this company asking for my personal information and payment details so they could reimburse me for taking the review down. Please! Stay away from my warning. This is not okay. The unit arrived well packed, with a generous sized screen, easy instructions for setup, and most of the cables you would need to setup and have it running out of the box. This is where the negative notes end. The unit has a number of settings. All of them have little to no effect on the picture. The speaker built into the unit is a fancy touch, but it has the audio quality of a 1980's era walkie talkie from Caldoors. Unless the video you are playing has a dark scene, the picture is usually washed out. The focus ring is either broken or poorly designed. It's almost like there is something locked in place that won't allow the focus ring to turn properly if you hold the projector upside down. I don't expect my screen to look like the main theater at an AMC but I should be able to read the menu and playlist on VLC with the focus ring turned as best as I can under the circumstances. It's not worth the cost. The remote does not come with the batteries, so you will need to supply them.

👤The projector is good for the price. I paid a fee. For night-time viewing with no grand expectations, you will be pleased, because a $20 coupon was available for some reason. The wife and kids were impressed by it. They've watched a few hours on it. We have an Apple TV. Also, note the following. If you are the kind of person that will worry about non-premium features, then you may need to step up to at least 6x the price to avoid triggering your nerves. Don't buy it with the wrong expectations. I was surprised that it was similar to a half-decent little portableusb speaker, since I expected garbage sound quality from the internal speaker. The internal speaker didn't get any negative comments from the initial audience, which is a pleasant bonus. It's great to be able to throw up a movie. The focus and keystone are there. There is a mechanical keystone. You shift a roller and it tilts one of the lenses inside, which is probably all-plastic internal components made with the kind of manufacturing tolerances you'd expect at this price point. The mechanical keystone means you can quickly see the image on the wall. When keystone is used, the image cannot be uniformly focused. keystone requires you to focus the center of the image and tolerate some focus flaws at the top and bottom of the frame. The mechanical roller is the focus. You may need to tolerate some minor focus imperfections even at a perfectly level projection angle. I don't use a keystone on my image and the extremities are not as crisp as the rest of the image. It's minor and doesn't affect the experience of watching tv/movies. My wife didn't care when I pointed it out. Nobody cares. If you buy this expecting optics developed in a Swiss engineering lab with professional grade tolerances, you should probably take another look at the price. It's not like a product. There is no mechanical zoom. The projector is mounted on a wall in a room that is 11 feet from the projection wall. Our image has a diagonal of 106 inches. The digital "zoom" function in the menus may be at the cost of some fidelity. It's good to have that feature in a pinch. We aren't using it. At 11 feet out, the brightness is good for watching at night. That is all we want. The wife and kids were happy. You will probably not want to use it with the lights on, and it will not be in any daylight, so don't buy it to replace an all-purpose TV. Don't compare your TV to another TV, it will be less uniform and contrast will be worse. You can see a range of lighter and darker areas if you project a black screen. Nobody in my house cared. I was happy to have saved money. To get a projector that will work with a lot of ambient light and produce a uniform brightness, you need to jump a long way up the price ladder. The projector is very solid for the money. I haven't tried out the included basic projection screen. There are eight metal eyelets around it, one in each corner and one half-way along each side. You can mount it on a wall without drilling with the help of 8 plastic hooks and double-sided tape. There is a black outer border. It seems fine. Nice touch, adds to the good value of this product. The remote is working. They have all the cables you need. They all work. The included manual is very clear and covers a lot of what you might want to know. You can contact them by email. I can't say how responsive they are because I haven't done that yet. Fan noise is not a cause for special praise or complaint, as it is comparable to other projectors of this size. We're happy with it. I can't say anything about the fidelity of the color. I'm not color blind. I can only say that you can see vibrant colors, there is some image configurability in the menus, and nobody had a bad thing to say about the colors. If you started testing it's color space you would find a lot of limitations, but nobody cares. I asked my teenage son what he thought of the color, and he said "I don't think any of us have a problem with the projector dad." It's great. TMY is incentivizing reviews on Amazon by giving a gift. There is a little card in the box. It says happy with the purchase. Share your experience by leaving an honest review and it will show a picture of five stars. They are not asking people to leave a five star review to get a reward. They are very clear about it. They are not happy with the purchase. Please give us a chance before you leave a 1-2 star review on Amazon or return the product, and then they ask you to contact them directly to get a solution/replacement/refund etc. I think it's fair. Not much different to what hotels do to get online reviews. I left a review before I saw this card. If people reading the reviews want to know about potential influence, I mention it. I only had the projector for a couple of days so I can't comment on longevity. They claim to offer a 3 year warranty. If it bombs out, I will update my review. It works and it's mind-bending value. How can you make a product like this for less than $100 and have Amazon take their cut? It would take that amount of cash to take the family out for dinner and a movie. I hope it lasts. So far, I'm very happy.

5. Projector Bluetooth Compatible PowerPoint Presentation

Projector Bluetooth Compatible PowerPoint Presentation

We stand behind their products. All items sold by Novelty Place have a 3-MONTH replacement warranty. There are resolutions in the full HD format. The Fangor-504 Projector has a native resolution of 1920*1080 and a contrast ratio of 10000:1. The best video experience is ensured by combining an innovative high-refraction 6 layers glassed lens. The internet is wireless. The latest function is compatible with both systems. You don't need to convert cable to connect your device to the portable home projector, you can connect it to the internet once a month. BluetoOth and round speaker. The build-in stereo surround speaker and HD projector restored every detail sound effect to let you enjoy the pleasure sounds in different scenes. You can connect your ideal speaker to the internet with the help of a wireless device. This outdoor movie projector has a variety of ports, which allow you to use it with a variety of devices. Due to a copyright issue, videos like Amazon prime video and Hulu must be played by connecting with a high-definition television. Angor is always dedicated to provide excellent home wifi projectors and no-complaints customer service. They will give you a money back and new replacement guarantee within 6 months if you have missed any parts or received a broken item, and they will also give you professional technical support for 2 years.

Brand: Fangor

👤The seller will give me a $20 gift card if I change my comment to 5 stars or if I remove my comment. I think my comment was helpful. Buying a projector is an investment and it is important to find what you are looking for. I have changed my rating to a one star because of this disturbing business practice. Shame on you. I have sensitive ears. The projector is great, except for the deafening fan noise. Do not connect to your computer if you are having issues with it. It is not an input device. I had to turn it off because it sounded like a plane was taking off, as I was trying to fix the problem. If you have a big place, the projector will be far from your head. It's not worth it if not. The projector has a sleep timer and I liked it. The picture on my capsule is not as bright as the projector is. You trade brightness for a quiet fan. Would recommend this to people that don't mind the noise.

👤The only thing that can't be changed is the HDMI port, although I know of no device that allows this. It is compatible with both Amazon Fire TV Stick and Roku. I don't own a Roku stick, but I can see that it uses the opposite side for power and can work in the provided slot. There isn't enough space for a power cord to be inserted into the Fire Stick, so it won't work. I didn't test if the device could be put in this slot. The projector is a good one, but there is only one small issue and two batteries are not included.

👤You remember when your mother told you, "If it sounds too good to be true, it probably is?" If someone tells you that you can buy a projector that will work on a screen in the sun for $189 you should buy it. It can't be used in a dark room. At the time of my purchase, the description in the text and graphic indicated that the projector was a 6500-lumen model. The church auditorium has a projector that is ten times brighter. Unless you are a single guy with no social life and want to watch movies on a big screen in your dark living room, this projector is useless. You might be able to show a powerpoint in a dark room. You get what you pay for. If you spend a bit of money, you can buy a name brand projector with some real power. The auditorium needs about 3000 lumens or better. The auditorium has a bright and readable light source. The misleading graphic and product description need to be removed. The instructions for the projector state that the projector will intermittently cut off, but that this is a protective feature and not a problem. It's a translation: You can't file a lawsuit over a projector that stops on you in the middle of a presentation.

6. Projector Video Projector Multimedia Compatible Smartphone

Projector Video Projector Multimedia Compatible Smartphone

The Superior Home Theater Projector is in use. A mini projector with a 2000:1 contrast ratio and support for1080p resolution brings you a 35% brighter image than similar projectors in the market. It gives you a premium home cinema experience with a bigger screen and clearer image. The mini projector has a projection screen size of 170 inches and a projection distance of 1m to 5m. External speakers can be connected to the built-in speakers to meet your higher quality sound needs. Low noise and long lamp. The projector is quieter and more durable than previous models thanks to advanced fan cooling technology. You can use it for more than 15 years because the cooling system cools the lamp's heat efficiently. The portable movie projector is portable and can be used for multiple purposes. It can be easily connected to other devices to play games. There is an extra HDMI adapter needed when connecting with a phone. Due to copyright issues, projectors with mirrored are not compatible with streaming services. Every customer is guaranteed a 2 year satisfaction guarantee. Please contact them if you have any problems with using it. They have a 2 year warranty. It is not recommended for business presentations. You can enjoy the outdoors in the dark.

Brand: Auking

👤If you're expecting a $65 off-brand projector to be cinema quality sharp and bright enough to easily watch in a room with the lights on, you're not being realistic. What is this little unit? It's a great projector for a movie night for a group of people at an amazing price, but you'll need to make sure you have a dark room and a projector in case you're having an outdoor viewing party. If you get close enough, you can see the picures. The description says it's in high definition. Right? It does not mean that the internal display is 1920x1080, it is just that it can play high definition content from a microSD card or ausb drive. Does that mean it's not worth the price? Absolutely it is. You can find a projector with a high definition display for less than $300. It means that you need to chill out and accept that your projector won't be as sharp as the ones at the movie theater. Did you think it would happen? I don't know who you are. I like to get movies on bluray after I've seen them in the theater because even the theater ones are not as sharp as a bluray on a decent TV. It is on a large screen. If you pick this up you can get a projector screen for $20 on Amazon and have your own home cinema for less than a hundred dollars. This thing is easy to use, reliable, sharp, and bright enough to be seen in a dark room. The cheap and long life light bulb prevents you from buying expensive halogen bulbs, and it has a tripod thread on the bottom for easy mounting.

👤I used the video projector to project a game in a Cervell style and let everyone participate, thanks to the excellent brightness, having a lot of fun. I put it through a test to see some movies by connecting it to the PC and it still looked good, even under stress. I am really satisfied with the purchase and the projector looks good in materials. Excellent delivery times and great product are recommended for the quality and price ratio.

👤The update works perfectly and has been used many times. We upgraded our screen because we were loaning it out so much. The fire stick is working well after being hooked up. It's worth every penny. Great little projector. I have used it about 20 times. The kids love it, it's perfect for outdoor movies. I have been telling everyone in my neighborhood about this machine. It is so easy to use. The picture quality is great.

👤For an update, read to the end. The deal is likely to be true. I need to be a contortionist to use the remote, so I can't say anything about the picture quality or features. It's difficult to aim at the sensor when it's mounted high on the wall. Who had a bright idea was it to 1. The machine has a sensor on it. Make the signal so weak. It is practically useless. I know this because my children like to link their Roku to mine and change the channel on me, so I know our remote works anywhere in the house. I used to get quality products from Amazon, but not anymore. I have learned my lesson. There will be no more purchases from me. I'm sick of wasting money on useless products. It is difficult for me to return things because of my work hours and there is no place to send returns to. There is an update. The company apologized and sent a new remote, but it didn't make a difference. I had to be a contortionist to get it at the right angle. They tried to guilt me into changing my review. She needed that job and if I didn't change my review she would be fired. She told me they would give me a partial refund. More manipulation is good. I never saw a dime returned. They tried to get me to change my review, but never heard back from Amazon. There is a large orange tint in the middle of the picture after only 7 months. I have to get my son to help me get to the root of the problem. It looks like the lens are burning. I'm going to buy a new one. Not from this company. There are shady business practices.

7. Bluetooth Projector Brightness Business Compatible

Bluetooth Projector Brightness Business Compatible

The projector with native 1920*1080 resolution, 9800L Brightness and high dynamic contrast ratio of 10000:1, provides sharp and detailed images from HD content without downscaling or compression, ensuring the best video experience. The connection is convenient. This projector has an upgraded function that makes it easier to connect it to your devices. Dxyiitoo projector can mirror movies, videos, apps, games, photos on your mobile device to a big screen, without the need to buy extra cables. If you hang the projector on the ceiling, you can easily adjust the screen size from 100% to 75% with the zoom function. 450" screen and wide compatibility. The recommended viewing distance for the video projector is 10 feet, and the projection size is from 39" to 450" The phone projector has a number of ports, including 2*HDMI ports, 2*USB ports, and avi port, which can be used to connect to a variety of devices. The Dxyiitoo projector can connect to your speaker through the latest technology. The Dxyiitoo projector has built-in Hifi stereo speakers and a SSR audio system. Lifetime Professional Technical Support is a 3-year repair. Dxyiitoo offers one-year return, 3-year repair and lifetime technical support. You can learn how to operate it visually from the instructive videos. It is possible to replace parts like remote control for free. Let them know when there are problems and they will buy the phone projector. They will give you the most satisfied solution. Lifetime Professional Technical Support is a 3-year repair. Dxyiitoo offers one-year return, 3-year repair and lifetime technical support. You can learn how to operate it visually from the instructive videos. It is possible to replace parts like remote control for free. Let them know when there are problems and they will buy the phone projector. They will give you the most satisfied solution.

Brand: Dxyiitoo

👤The first projector out the box, no video, no light, no picture, and it wouldn't work, so you should not waste your money, and the second projector out the box, no video, no light, no picture, and it wouldn't work, so you should The picture could have been better. Returned for a different brand.

👤I tried every way I could to see the projector, but it only showed at the top and middle and the bottom was blurry. Not a great projector. Don't buy a better one.

👤I am very pleased with my order. The projector looks sturdy. The output is amazing. The project has a bright lamp which makes it look nice. The contrast is large and provides clear and vivid pictures. I like the native resolution feature. If budget allows, I would recommend buying this one because it is different from the "1080 support" low end projectors.

👤We have a projector on our driveway that has a 120" screen and a speaker with an Amazon Fire Stick. After it gets dark, it's wonderful. You need a table with a 4' tall top to setup it. You need at least 15 feet between the projector and screen. The projector is made for large screens. I have it on a table with power and an extension cord. This will work well in a room, but you need at least a 15' throw.

👤This projector is the worst I have ever used. The picture quality was terrible. It was blurry at any distance on any surface, whether it was a screen or a wall, and trying to focus didn't help. The image would get a bit clearer but still blurry in the center and the outer edges would never come in to focus.

👤It is good for the movie and tv show. I like it!

👤The projector is good. You can achieve what you want. This product can be used in your hall. It's very affordable.

👤No issues! The quality, brightness, and remote control were great.

👤J'ai installe ce projecteur pour remplacer un Epson. Ce modle a d tre. Ceci affaiblissant bcp l'intensité lumineuse est plus prs de 1800-2000 lumen Max. L'ajustement du mode parallélogramme is restreint. Parcontre il est bruyant. It was facile. Ne recommande pas pour des fans.

👤Good unit. The only thing that is annoying is that my speaker kicks out when I pair it with it. I have to play it over and over again. It doesn't remember anything that was with it. Otherwise good.

👤The picture was easy to set up and I was happy the first night would have four stars. The sound stopped for the second night in a row. There was nothing from the projector or speaker. It should be returned for a refund. I will not be ordering this exact one again.

👤The product is a great buy for the price, but it isn't very good, but hope it lasts long enough.

👤It's easy to install, but not so impressive. The perspective adjustment is the most important and missing.

8. Projector FANGOR Bluetooth Compatible 120Screen

Projector FANGOR Bluetooth Compatible 120Screen

The FANGOR F405 projector has a real 1920*1080 resolution and supports to play 4K video. The projection size is 60 to 250 and the contrast ratio is 10000. Compared to other mini projectors, the brightness is increased by 80%. You will be able to experience the home theater experience with this projector. You can use a wireless connection to connect your phone to a screen that is mirrored through a wired connection. The projector can be connected to a speaker or headset through the build-in 5.0 chip, which also supports transfer audio. A dual stereo sound and cooling system. This video projector build-in 5W dual stereo speakers offer a high sound effects quality which will make your listening experience better. It has an innovative cooling system to prevent overheating, as well as noise-canceling technology, to ensure that the projector remains within safe limits. It is suitable for various occasions. The wide range of compatibility for F405 is due to the numerous interface, including HDMI, VGA, AV, 888-282-0465 is 888-282-0465 is 888-282-0465 The TV projector can be connected to boxes and sticks. There are boxes and sticks for TV. 90 days is a refund and 3 years is a warranty. If you have any questions or problems, please don't hesitate to contact them, their customer service team will respond within 24 hours. 90 days is a refund and 3 years is a warranty. If you have any questions or problems, please don't hesitate to contact them, their customer service team will respond within 24 hours.

Brand: Fangor

👤The built in speakers and sound passthrough are very quiet, and will not work in an environment with background noise. Miracast is only available on the phone or tablets, so only that can make it work. I bought this to show a movie to a group of kids outside. If you have worked with a projector before, setup was easy. The picture quality was good. The sound of the movie was so quiet that I couldn't hear anything. I had it set up with a player that was connected via HDMI, and it was very quiet. The ad said it was only a 10w speaker, so no big deal. I found a speaker that I knew was good, and it was very quiet, even turned up full blast. I thought it was the movie, so I changed it to a loud space opera that I knew had good sound, and was forwarded to a gunfight. It's still too quiet. I used an audio cable of the same size to see if it fixed the issue. Same issue. I borrowed a big Monster brand PA speaker system from work to see if it worked. No chance. Maybe it's the HDMI cable. I used the MiraCast from the manual to connect my cell phone. I had a good image but a quiet sound. I thought I could use my cell phone to connect to the speaker and make a loud noise. It almost blew me out of my shoes. That means that the only way this is usable is to keep a cell phone tethered to the system all the time, and that doesn't work for me at all. If you want to listen to the sound with headphones, or if you are inside in a quiet environment, this does work. It would be good for a video game setup for kids, but not for a movie system outside.

👤I love the fangor f405 that I have ordered. I recommend it for the price and the picture is very bright and clear, I hope this helps many of you.

👤The projector and screen are great. You can adjust the size of your video depending on how far away you are from the projector. The picture quality on our iPad is amazing. It will be great for a movie night at home or a summer movie night outside. The football parties in the garage will love watching the big game on Monday night. We put hooks on the back of our wood ceiling beams to hang it because there are four rivets on the top and bottom of it. The projector is lightweight and easy to move, and the screen can be folded or rolled for easy storage when we aren't using it. It will be a great thing to have.

👤Everything is great about this and you can get it! It's worth a lot. If you get 3M hooks that you put pictures up with, then you can do your own stand, but you won't need it. One of the best purchases I've ever made. I give it 4 stars and a half and half for the hooks, but the machine is definitely 5 star quality. The picture quality is great and clear.

9. BIGASUO Projector Bluetooth Compatible Supported

BIGASUO Projector Bluetooth Compatible Supported

PWR+ has a 30 day return and 24 month exchange warranty. Customer support experts. The Bigasuo Pro302 projector is a home video projector and also a DVD player. Their exclusive patent allows you to directly play movie from your favorite discs and enjoy it on the big screen. Save money on a DVD player. One projector, happy! This projector has a native resolution of 1280 x 720 and a contrast ratio of 8000:1. The picture reproduction is higher and the color level is richer with high-quality coated lens. The ability to decode high-definition display screen creates a better picture quality and gives you a shock. The projector has built-in 2 powerful speakers that give a HIFI sound effect while watching a movie in a Max 200 inches screen. The extra Bluetooth function is not supported to connect with your phone via the internet. Relax in a private space, enlarge your happiness with their projector, just enjoy it! The movie projector with multiple inputs can connect to most devices, like laptops, PCs, and PS4 The equipped DVD function supports to play CD, DVD, CD-R/RW, DVD -R/+R, DVD+RW/-RW, VCD, SVCD. Not supported by the discs. Considering the requirements of customers, Bigasuo offered a free bag and tripod, which is good for storing and carrying. They are also giving a 90 day refund or replacement service. Please don't hesitate to contact them if you have any problems during use.

Brand: Bigasuo

👤We were so excited to finally get out our family Easter present and have our first outdoor movie of the year. We had an older model projector that required a laptop, external speaker, and DVD player to achieve what we were able to do with this one projector system. I like the internal speaker system and the built-in DVD player. The compactness will allow us to setup movie nights with ease and less stress since we won't be hauling so much equipment outside. The picture is perfect for outdoor movies. A great purchase and investment for family fun.

👤The picture is great no matter the size or setting, the speaker is great on it's own but you can add speakers if you want a more cinematic experience, all functions work perfectly, and the portible kit makes it perfect to move around different areas. We're obsessed!

👤I bought a projector. The projector is better than the two I returned. The user manual is easy to use. The projector is very light and has good picture quality. The remote control is easy to use. I feel like I am in a movie theater when I connect the projector to my Bose speaker. A projector with a DVD player is a smart idea. I really like this projector.

👤It was great for our outdoor movie night because we received this in less than 24 hours. The picture quality was great and the function was great for streaming the movie. Highly recommended!

👤The Bigasuo projector was the best choice I could have made when I decided to have an outdoor theatre setup. The sound of the brand I bought was so bad that I returned it. The Bigasuo can be connected to an existing speaker or sound system. A great projector, simple to operate, clear picture, and minimal fan sound. It's much easier to centering and distance when you have a tripod. AmazonBasics 60-Inch Tripod with Bag is available at The projector has a receiver in the bottom. It has a built in DVD player which makes it easier to watch a dvd if you don't use a fire stick or other streaming device. This is a great deal.

👤The projector is not good and falls short. It is the only one with a DVD player. Let's get into it. Under the best conditions it is watchable but it is very dark opaque and sometimes blurry. There are things that come in clear like well lit outside shots or well lit scenes. The outdoor scenes are dominated by red and brown. The darks are too dark and the lights are not bright if you adjust the brightness and contrast. It looks bad in one setting and good in another. Skin tones are warm in the outdoors but messy indoors. A lot of things have been washed out. Everything is muddy in low light situations. It's best in the dark. That has a 4k streaming stick and it displays high definition. No doubt. The biggest disappointment is when you jump into the DVD player. It's 480p. That's 480p. It looks worse. Muddy was washed out over saturated and pixelated. It's like watching a bootleg. The sound coming out of the speaker is cheap and hollow in a pinch. Sometimes the BT is easy to hook up. Good surround sound is what it puts out. Get a good speaker. The keystone isn't enough. Put the projector on a tripod. The focus is similar to a lot of the lower end projectors. There is a blurry picture in one area and a clear picture in another. If you want to save money, you should buy a separate DVD player and connect it to your projector. The build quality is ok, the options are ok, but the picture quality on the DVD feature is worse than the picture on the remote. Many of the reviews showing pictures that look better than they really are because the camera they are using is correct. I would not buy it again or recommend it because it has a DVD player and a stream of 720p. There is an update. The adjustment I found can improve the picture but only slightly. If you hit the setup button on the remote, you can adjust the video on the DVD. There is more contrast brightness saturation and hue adjustment. You can only get it when you use the DVD. The settings make a bigger difference. There is a permanent warning on the top of the screen that says " device not support" The performance is low and unrefined for money. You can tell which ones are in ambient light and which ones are in the dark by looking at my pics. If you have a power flicker, the projector will turn on and stay on until you come home. It happened to me twice. I leave it unplugged when not in use because it's not a fire hazard.

10. Portable Projector 1080P Theater Video

Portable Projector 1080P Theater Video

This mini home projector supports Full HD1080P resolution projection, 8500 lux brightness and 5000:1 contrast ratio, it provides clear viewing experience and can bring you the ultimate outdoor home theater movie, game, picture screening. You can give yourself a real, dynamic and color Vibrant HD projection image quality. The movie projector can projection 30-150 inches display with a projection distance of 3.3ft to 16.4ft, with 15keystone correction and built-in 3W speakers, provides a great auditory sense experience. Correcting the keystone and adjusting the focus will give you the best viewing angle and viewing size. The portable projector can be used in your living room, yard, garage, room, etc. You can set up your own home theater, watch movies, watch TV shows, show photos, and play video games. It's a nice evening with family and friends. The projector has a multi-media connection port. /HDMI Audio/input. You can easily transmit audio, picture and video from your computer to the outdoor projector. You deserve it, it's simple and convenient. Fullja aim to provide customer best shopping experience and after-sales service. Fullja provide a 90 day money back guarantee and lifetime professional customer service. If you have a question, don't hesitate to contact service and they will provide you with a solution. Fullja aim to provide customer best shopping experience and after-sales service. Fullja provide a 90 day money back guarantee and lifetime professional customer service. If you have a question, don't hesitate to contact service and they will provide you with a solution.

Brand: Fullja

👤The scream display was set up with an off white sheet over the windows in the front of the house. When you are setting up to view your show, there are different selections that are available. It was a lot better to have an external speaker. The quality of the video was very good and we're hoping to use it to have a few people watch a show outside in the summer. It comes with all the cables we needed for an easy set up.

👤I've been using this projector for a week now and it's fantastic. It can help us deal with the damage that screens do. Protect our eyes. I can watch movies at home with my girlfriend and feel like I'm in the cinema. The epidemic is so serious that we prefer to stay at home. It's great.

👤The projector is small and light. There is a clear picture. I replaced another one that I had. I use it to watch sports and movies outside. Great price!

👤The price was reasonable and the performance was excellent. The display is clear, the size of the projector is good to carry with, and it is easy to set up. The projector is great for the party.

👤My kid loves to watch Disney movies. It looks good even with the texture of our walls. The image is over 6 feet wide and you can see a lot of details.

👤I returned my projector because it doesn't work, it didn't show a display, and the audio didn't work either, so I was very dissatisfied.

👤I have a few cheap projectors like this one, so it's pretty much the same as the rest. It's a strong suite here. The picture is not as good as the expensive projectors, but it is close and you can tell the difference with a good screen. I don't think it's bright enough for a black screen, with the white and gray screens it looks nice. A 100 inch picture is projected at 12 feet. The 15 degree keystone is not something you should rely on as it results in 2 blurry corners. The picture can be mounted in a variety of ways, including on rear-projection screens. If you have a thick felt border on your screen, it can be annoying to see the volume control indicator popup when the picture size is reduced to 75%. The speaker has a hard time with what is loud because it's a fan. If you're going to use the sound bar for movie night, I recommend getting one. This one will turn off and on with the supplied remote control and do so reliably, unlike some of it's competitors. The batteries can get very hot if the springs that hold the (-) side of the 2AAA's are thin. If the sound was louder, I would give this a 4 stars. If you found this review helpful, please click here. Thanks a lot.

👤The projector is decent for most of the time. If you have basic background knowledge with input and output buttons, it was very easy to set up. The black cord has a double end. The projector's lense is covered by a lid but it is easy to remove. When you hear a noise that sounds like a fan and a light comes on, you have turned it on. It hurt my eyes when I was in the area for a long time. I wear glasses. If you have sensitive eyes, keep that in mind. I had trouble finding a good place to prop up the projector for prime viewing, so I highly recommend having a place preprepared for you to have your screening area. The sound was the biggest problem I could not figure out. I couldn't hear anything coming from my computer or projector. It's pretty good, I'm still trying to work the sound. The remote requires AA batteries, one last thing to note.

11. Upgrade 3500Lumens Projector Supported Smartphone

Upgrade 3500Lumens Projector Supported Smartphone

The power bank supply is listed. The mini portable projector is powered by a power adapter that does not have a built-in battery, but it can be powered by a mobile phone, car, or power pack that supports 5V/ 2.5A. It's important to watch movies. 1. You can buy a projector to use outside on clear nights to break up the monotony of watching TV. 2. It has a speaker that is made into the projector and is quiet enough for indoors, but it can be connected to external speakers using the ear phones connection on the side. 3. It's perfect for use in the living room or the back yard. You are able to use your TV Sticker to display what you are watching on your phone, YouTube or straight up movies. 2. It's easy to adjust the contrast and connect multiple devices to it. It can be connected to your phone, PS3 or Wii to play games. Gets an A+ for value. If you are into HD and top quality, you may want to spend more money on a projector. It's not the best projector for sports. Unless you have a 4,000 sq foot home with a movie theater room, you should just buy this. It's great! It's easy to operate. Light is on and off in the photos. The display is over 180 inches. This projector has a projection distance between 4.9ft and 16.4ft and a watching size from 32” to 176” The recommended viewing distance is about 6.5 feet. The lowest price in the first month of this new arrival is $ 56. They offer a 3-year 100% Money Back Guarantee and professional customer service. If you have a problem, please contact their customer service.

Brand: Projector

👤I was excited about the projector that got good reviews. This is a good projector. Here's the negative: 1. It is not very bright. If you need to operate in a semi- or well-lit environment, this projector is not for you. 2. It can't zoom. If you need a specific size of projection, you need to position it at a certain distance from the screen. 3. The focus depth range is not big. You can find distances with no focus. 4. keystone correction is small. If you are not close to a couple degrees of straight on your projection area, you will see distortion. The projector isn't for me at the end of the day. They tried to bribe me with a $30 Amazon gift card to change my review after reading it. Beware!

👤I have a projector that I use for my Halloween projections, which I display in a window overlooking our neighborhood. I set up the projector and began projecting, but within 5 minutes a dark spot appeared in the center and spread quickly. If the bulb becomes overheated, turn it off for 3 hours, then try again. I did it anyway and it happened even though it was 3 hours too late. Within 5 minutes. I reached out to the manufacturer, but they didn't reply. I returned the product for a full refund. Would not recommend this product.

👤My sister recommended this brand to me and I bought it. My sister bought the same a month ago and it worked great. She said that it would change your life. It did not fail to impress. Everything was described. I knew what I needed to do to connect my speaker to my computer. It was easy to set up. It has the ability to support a variety of devices. The compatibility is easy. I bought a VGA conversion for $25 to connect different devices. Within minutes, I connected my speakers to my tv. The set up took a long time to complete.

👤The price point and value is 5/5, the quality is 4.55 and the recommendation is 5/5. I can play holiday videos on my porch. The video is bright and HD, but clear for being that way. It is easy to hook this up and play video games outside by adding a device for casting or hooking up directly via HDMI. It has a speaker built in, but it isn't that great of an output at 2 watt. The audio can be played anywhere I want it to be played. The interface and navigation of the projector are easy to use. The 3 year warranty allows me to test the claim on the bulb's longevity. I am surprised and pleased with the quality and would recommend it.

👤It was easy to set up and make for a fun movie night. I was able to project the video onto the wall because it was clear. The projection size that this little machine can output is amazing. A movie is being watched in a small size. It's very portable because of its zie. I'm looking forward to doing some backyard movie nights once summer comes around again. I was able to connect this to my laptop and firestick, so I had lots of shoe options. This purchase was very sastified.


What is the best product for home theater projector dxyiitoo?

Home theater projector dxyiitoo products from Jifar. In this article about home theater projector dxyiitoo you can see why people choose the product. Dxyiitoo and Tmy are also good brands to look for when you are finding home theater projector dxyiitoo.

What are the best brands for home theater projector dxyiitoo?

Jifar, Dxyiitoo and Tmy are some of the best brands that chosen by people for home theater projector dxyiitoo. Find the detail in this article. Fangor, Auking and Fangor are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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